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t.v. are soon going to get these ten episodes that are looked at and attempted obstruction and begin to reenact all of these this is going to provide filler for our political debate up until the next election and i find it fascinating because there is nothing we do as you just said we don't know a lot but both sides have a lot to rage about and because the attorney general and the deputy attorney general seemingly admitted to having a different view of legality than muller did in certain cases that's going to open up a debate that is deliberated in congress and deliberated in civil society but the other dimension of this is this is largely going on in a way as one of your previous commenters said in a way that the american public seems to be somewhat disinterested in we're all interested in it but it is not yet there is no evidence that this is moving voters in their views one way or another so it's a fascinating soap opera we've got another chapter in this right now william barr
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the attorney general is is in fact spinning this he had a choice of just giving the report without comment to congress and he chose not to do that so he's trying to interpret for the media and for the public certain elements of this but the bottom line is we're going to be debating every detail of what we read in this to this report for a long time but the key thing is the president in my view is beyond any serious legal jeopardy this report despite the debate puts him out of legal jeopardy ok until we get more details from the actual report we go on what william has told us that it strike you that he sounded more like a personal lawyer for the president or more like sort of white house counsel rather than attorney general of the united states. i think he's walking between those two fairly well i think he's attempting to sound judicious and objective he's a professional at the same time he's offering interpretations that
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a typical attorney general that we've seen in the past would not have done he would not have yielded such conclusions he would have left those conclusions open to to congress and to others to interpret as they will and let them all or report stand on its own but but i don't think i would put him in the box of being a complete flack because he would have redacted more i think he would have made greater efforts so we need to look at all sides of this and i and i think that while he's going to be accused by many democrats and nancy pelosi and others of acting like the president's attorney or spin master i don't think that's entirely true because you could have imagined a case where he actually did much more to play in that role so i think he's triangulating and walking a line between these which which shows there is some sensitivity he did give a briefing to the white house before he gave a briefing to the congress so some people can make that claim i just don't think it's as deep as some are suggesting ok we'll talk to you again in the coming out
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saying so joining us now my pleasure. still ahead for you on this news hour a mockery of justice there is condemnation of a mass trial in bahrain of so-called terrorists also a new number one danger zone for journalists to work and we're going to look at where exactly that is and then in sport one of the stars of the n.b.a. season put on a match winning display in the playoffs the details with a little later. we're moving to other news in the u.n. envoy for libya is warning of a broader escalation in fighting in the south. says there is deadlock between the warring sides south of the capital tripoli fighters loyal to the un recognized government have launched a new campaign in the south against the warlord after germany is calling for an emergency un security council meeting about the battle for control of tripoli more
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with libya correspondent mahmud include of the well head who is in tripoli. military sources with. the government say that they have taken control of the military that's around seven hundred kilometers to the cells from the capital tripoli but he says that they're not staying inside the base could be because they're worried that have to the planes might try to target them this. hint military bases. that have to forces control months a goal since have to launch a military offensive to take control of locations in the south of libya in mid january the government forces say that the are planning to take control to proceed and take control of more strategic locations controlled by have to his
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forces and the south of libya it seems that have to. lots of the challenges in several parts of libya as you know that has opened a front in tripoli two weeks ago and now the question now how can have to manage these. fronts in several parts of libya. a special representative of russia's president has met sudan's military rulers protests though condemned the foreign interference as they continue to press for the immediate return of civilian rule following the overthrow of president omar bashir a high level delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates flew to khartoum for talks on tuesday reports that bashir is in sudan's most notorious jail though isn't calming the protesters and bad demanding proof of his arrest i'm involved has more from him. sudan's former president is reported to have been moved from house arrest to a maximum security prison there were protesters on camp two mistreats welcomed the
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news. but their demands scold much further we are so much happy to hear that the president has been moved to a prison that is still not sure what it will be i don't want to see that we want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region what he would have been brought to the. brazen it would be to the now we have no very. information and those people have been brought to the. prisons wednesday the military council announced a series of measures including vieira stuff and. bess and along with a number of other high and i can officially of the former regime but the council's spokesman hasn't confirmed that the whereabouts of the deposed president. arrests are underway up symbols of the eyes did regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been
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placed in custody until night or the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. the council welcomed the cease fire offer from one faction of the sudan people's liberation movement the group has been fighting at bashir is government into southern regions. meanwhile the two main bodies behind the protest so than professional association and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change say they have submitted a paper with old maps for change including the creation of a civilian presidential council with military representation toward the country along with a civilian cabinet made of independent technocrats but testers say they fear what may happen if the various parties fail to agree on a plan you know that disagreements will mean failure and an opportunity for the military to stay in power how many are dizzy or cut on. in peru thousands of
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mourners have held a wake for the former president alan garcia he shot himself as police investigating an infamous corruption scandal arrived to arrest him as has our report from lima. the last act in the life of peter's former precedent began with the police raid of his home in an affluent area of the capital lima they were there to arrest him in connection with a long running investigation into corruption during his time in office in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at some point police apparently allowed alan garcia to make a private phone call from his home a short time later was heard was long live on garcia was in critical condition and doctors fought to save his life he was revived three times before dying from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head earlier produced public prosecutor had issued a detention order in connection with corruption charges over his relationship with a giant construction company in latin america called on there but it alan garcia
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and nine associates were accused of receiving illegal payments and money laundering the sixty nine year old former president was already the subject of a travel ban on tuesday in his last ever interview he repeatedly denied the charges dismissing them as speculation adding that he never sold himself and that is proven your h.r. so what i can accept and which i reject completely having been head of state two times is that there are these baseless speculations. and i saw himself as a victim last november he entered the two way embassy in lima seeking asylum he spent two weeks there until the food away and government rejected his request saying there was no evidence of political persecution that seal supporters clashed with police here at the hospital where the former president has died his political allies say that this is and to take his life was one of dignity. i mean. he
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has shown dignity by not allowing the government and the public prosecutor's office which is full of people with hatred to trample over him. and get served two terms as the president to do with his death he becomes the face of a corruption scandal which has not touched almost every corner political life in that in america. well as money on his report mentioned many politicians in latin america are linked to what's known as the or direct bribery scandal the brazilian multinational admits killed in a cash for contracts corruption scandal affecting more than half of all countries in latin america or directors accused of bankrolling election campaigns and boosting careers of politicians in return for lucrative construction projects the scandal has brought down politicians in brazil ecuador and colombia or direct admits paying almost thirty million dollars in bribes and that's just in peru over the past fifty years. fifteen years i should actually say let's get an update now
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from sanchez she's in lima for it's money from you well i guess public reaction to the death of mr garcia. will come out we are at the people's house this is the headquarters of the up at a party the party that was doing many decades by former president alan garcia and since very early today we've seen a lot of people queuing up to come here the wake is taking place here people here this is the effect of bringing flowers to pay their respects to their former leader . now there's been of course divided reaction there was a eighty percent of proof this approved of. so a lot of people with a divided reaction here from political allies here saying of blaming for his suicide on the press for releasing information and blaming the suicide on public prosecutors for releasing information saying that this was not
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evidence and that they wanted to show us if he was already. guilty of all the crimes that he was investigated for but at the same time there's been people who've been fierce critics on air including saying that he was a coward for. not facing justice and taking the position of taking his life to all the people saying well that they send their condolences to his family but that they are sure that there was something kind and that they are sure that our legacy robbed to this government and that he should have face justice so a very divided reaction in in the state marianna i gave a very brief basic outline of the other great scandal just before we spoke to you where is that investigation now. well the never have the or the carwash investigation needs if it was walking i should say that it's now
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running just three days before two days ago the public prosecutor's released the crucial information where the personal secretary of a legacy and he's never. had apparently received four million dollars during his tenure during his last government government and that they released the tension order for nine people related to r.c. at that time but also there's been a republican who is now in preliminary detention he's been in the past three days in the hospital he's eighty years old with heart problems and today prosecutors are asking the judge if they may if they if they have information from the doctors that he's not well that he should take this risk in house arrest and that's what the judge will decide today whether bit of a local chines he continues to be in this preliminary detention or goes home under
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house arrest so what i can say is that here in peru the investigation the carwash investigation is taking place at the highest level come out money and son just with the update from lima thank you. the united nations human rights chief says a mass trial in behind failed to comply with international standards on fairness honesty international says tuesday's hearing was quote a mockery of justice one hundred thirty nine people were jailed for plotting to form a so-called behind hezbollah with links to iran's revolutionary guard or one that had this is citizenship revoked the shia majority in bahrain has been revolting for years against the island's sunni muslim monarchy whole ravine the ravine the sun the as a spokeswoman for the u.n. high commissioner for human rights and told us it's difficult to conduct any sort of mass trial fairly. and said it very very it's very difficult to have full respect for the due process rights and for them to be calling quality of our air
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defense and the prosecution have equal resources. to present the case. we have heard that you know many of these people who they were represent and only some of them are not that there are genes a great. many of them are actually shot in absentia meaning that they were not present in the court to deliberate they sort of really. what have you even sense is that this is a mass shadow using a very broad and very counterterrorist law that many many. many years the government not to you and not only illegal convicted and sentenced to somewhere between three interests and i think. most of them all and their nationality looked and it's not this time this has happened in a hurry that since two thousand and seven hundred eighty eight women had their
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nationality. well look at press freedom now and turkmenistan has been ranked the most dangerous country in the world for journalists this is in the annual report from reporters without borders on the annual state of press freedom worldwide let's have a little bit of detail to stan it actually took north korea spot at the bottom of the table for the first time in three years the most dangerous countries in the middle east no surprise in syria and yemen dozens of journalists are detained in bahrain and egypt and saudi arabia censorship is increased since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi ethiopia has the biggest improvement in the table though since prime minister ahmed introduced reforms there the right here with the united states that's fallen it's classified problematic for journalists the european union in the balkans have also fallen in the rankings and at the top we've got norway as the safest place in the world for journalists rebecca vincent is the u.k. bureau director from reporters without borders who spoke to us early and says the
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level of press freedom in various countries declined in twenty sixteen and hasn't recovered. language plays a really important role and we've seen that not just this year but really starting around two thousand and sixteen when the global scored to terry to chartley and it still hasn't recovered we saw an increase in this use of hostile language this sort of bashing language from people like donald trump but also there are others around the world i mean there's a man in the czech republic we've got to touch in the philippines both in our own now in brazil too many kind of leaders following the strongman model and they do bear responsibility when when they use hateful rhetoric actually they bear some responsibility for climate and that then actually allows for real life violence to ethiopia had a remarkable increase this year up forty places from the year before and not due to a change in government often that's the case in our index when we see remarkable improvements of countries it's due to a change at the very top of government and really a political will to address these problems so ethiopia did that in this in in two
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thousand and eighteen which is what the two thousand one thousand index looks at by the end of the year they had no journalists and joe and i want to highlight gambia as well which which had an increase of thirty places also due to political changes at the top. what's coming up for you on this news on was a no go in nicaragua why an anniversary protests didn't go down well with at least . the music of dissent in ukraine why voters rejected president petro poroshenko first time around and spoke with lee at the tennis world number one out on court and monte carlo. hello spring weather is still with us means brain off and sundry and sometimes
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heavy and he's the latest potential says to running through western iraq now stop particularly active we could see a few showers as far north as terror on the far side says kuwait city and certainly seen rain to the west of that this usually being the source so from lebanon north was through northern syria country northern iraq and turkey has been wet as advise young too so that's the area probably to watch and the wet is what they're up to be occasional thunderstorms to the south so that twenty eight in baghdad twenty four in kabul now a dry country afghanistan at least from the point of view of what comes down from the sky for the arabian place or maybe some tail end charlie showers likely in the east and saudi bahrain possibly in qatar in the next day or so or more especially i think sunday and monday supply is a time to watch and down in yemen and the southwest decided imagines here generating sunders tolls usually this time off year in southern africa the showers haven't gone away we've seen some quite big ones recently in crossing
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a tall but some allow in mozambique and that certainly is the weakness are from zimbabwe and towards sore lanka where we'll see a share or two in the next day or so but mostly it's a drive picture. my main criticism every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the dangers are real because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how that is adonal tough to raise them
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a makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using levers for thing and caning. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are the top stories the much anticipated robert muller report investigating russian involvement in the twenty six a us presidential election has been released to u.s. congress it says while links were identified between individuals with ties to the
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russian government and those associated with donald trump's campaign it's not enough to support criminal charges in response trump has said this should never happen to another president. of the headlines the u.n. envoy for libya as well. of a broader escalation in the fighting in the south. and i said there was deadlock between the warring sides outside tripoli and fighters loyal to the un recognized government of launched a new campaign in the region against ward connerly for after. and thousands of mourners have gathered to pay their respects to peruse former president alan garcia who died on wednesday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police were preparing to arrest him over a massive corruption scam. let us go back to developments in the report as we say it's been delivered to congress this hour lines are coming out on it now mike hanna is on capitol hill to take us through some of them i'm just looking at the news wires alone mike and there is so much coming out of this what's the most
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important things you've seen and heard so far. indeed years four hundred forty eight pages of the long awaited report i've skimmed through it very very briefly looking at one thing the amount of censorship that has taken place largely it does appear to be very specific in terms of those reductions carried out by the attorney general most of them appear to be connected to what are described as ongoing cases ongoing investigations but what immediately strikes one going through this report is the divergence between the attorney general's interpretation of the report and the intentions of the report's writers robert mueller the attorney general stated specifically that now we know he said there is no collusion that is not what the report says it says that it found extensive evidence of connections between members of campaign and the russian efforts to derail the twenty sixteen elections what did
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does say is that it does not find any clear evidence of the legal action being carried out the other piece in the report that immediately springs to mind. is a balance focus on the ten if specific investigations that he took with regard to president trump's alleged obstruction of justice now this is what he actually says in the report that at the same time. we are able to exonerate the president from he finds no clear evidence of wrongdoing or of illegal action but he states absolutely specifically this does not represent an exoneration of president trump's actions with regard to the obstruction of justice already in a very brief look at this report it is very clear that there is a massive difference between the attorney general's interpretation of third as he's
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outlined in a speech earlier on a news conference earlier on in the day and the intent of the special counsel robert miller it's for the specific reason that we are now going to have the chorus increasing from members of congress for robert mueller himself to come to congress and publicly testify about his writing of the document and the conclusions that he came to i must stress as well in looking at the document that robert miller making very clear that there were certain procedural elements restraining him in terms of what he does making very clear that if you was not able to reach a clear conclusion then he would not do so he would leave that to the department of justice what is also very clear in this document is that there are a large number of ongoing investigations some of which it would appear despite the censorship despite the redactions do include members of the campaign and
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could include close members of president trump's family so very clearly the news lines emerging from this will be taking a look at them in the hours to come we'll have reports throughout the day my colleagues looking at the report in depth taking a deep dive and they'll bring this all together as the day goes on but very clearly there's a lot to digest here but once again i keep on stating do not rely on the attorney generals interpreted. of the contents of this report because even a very brief look at it shows that the attorney general is taking to put it mildly a benevolent view of the special counsel's opinion of president trump's action and that of his campaign mike hanna there on capitol hill the latest lines coming out of the redacted robert muller reports now to alan fischer at the white house how is the president reacting allan. well he's been there when did warriors event in the
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white house in the last hour so this is for people who've been injured while fighting for u.s. armed forces he said he was having a good day he said no collusion nor obstruction and he said the whole thing was a hoax and no president should face this again but there is a feeling on the campus here at the white house everyone knows that there is a bust of winston churchill sitting in the oval office and only since just behind him just across from from donald trump let me use a quote from winston churchill to kind of sum up the mood here this is not the end but is perhaps the beginning of the end this is still going to go on for some time i don't know trump quickly putting out a tweet game of thrones themed saying that this was game over as far as the radical left democrats and haters what can sound the white house put out a tweet saying that there was no instruction no collusion this is
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a good day for donald trump essentially and now we've had from his legal team they've described this as a total victory and proves there was no criminal wrongdoing hold that thought just for a second no criminal wrongdoing is what is going to be argued about over the coming days was there criminal wrongdoing or was there wrongdoing that could not lead to a conviction in a court are those the same things it's a very fine argument but sadly we know that there are going to be people who will be making the argument that there was criminal wrongdoing he just went convinced that they would get a conviction therefore is it criminal wrongdoing we could get into a very circular argument here but what we do know is that democrats on the house are already saying they want to hear from robert miller they're going to ask him to come and sit in front of committees and be grilled publicly about his report we're also going to hear from attorney general bill barr certainly the senate and the house have asked for him to sit in front of him. committees to nancy pelosi said
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she was very disappointed by bill barr saying that essentially what he did was put a partisan spin on the public will view the miller report by holding this news conference well before this document was actually handed over to either the house or to the senate alan you said earlier we're going to be quoting you here buckle up this isn't over and clearly you've just outlined what happens in the immediate term but is this still a long term issue as we view everything through the twenty twenty election prison now. well there are two schools of thought one is that donald trump will continue to hammer this all the way through to twenty twenty he will say that people tried to steal the election from him that they tried to subvert the vote of the american people that this was unelected people trying to undermine the will of the american people and therefore they should continue to support him if he will fundraise on
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the back of that there are others who would say that the democrats really need to let this go no because if they continue to push this on twenty twenty people are going to be bored they need to concentrate on the real issues that impact people they're going to talk about health care they've got to talk about education they've got to talk about employment they could well be going into an election cycle where the economy is doing very well or if you believe other economists could well be heading towards a recession so they've got to talk about issues that impact people who may have paid a bit of attention to what's going on and robert with robert millet they may be aware that a few people are in donald trump are going to spend time in prison but they don't really care because it doesn't matter to them at the end of the day they still have to get up in the morning pull on their choices and go to work and so this is going to be a very fine balance for the democrats to walk whether or not they continue to hammer this all the way to twenty twenty or they talk about real issues i suspect that at
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the end of the day after all the bluster and the four hundred pages have been gone through and we've read reams and reams and reams of tweets and in the days to come when we read reams and reams of opinion pieces if you believe donald trump did wrong you will still believe donald trump did wrong if you believe he's a good guy and a good president and people try to undermine him then you will still believe that this isn't going to move the needle very much at all thank you that's alan fischer at the white house in a washington new center now steve clemons who was with smith a bit early editor at large for the hill. what i'm going to do steve that she's read you a few. of the lines which i'm seeing and they will discuss the common thread things like the report says there is some evidence that donald trump knew about mike flynn's call with the russian ambassador but the evidence was inconclusive that donald trump's written answers were considered to be inadequate and they considered a subpoena but decided not to pursue it and i could go on and on it seems to me that there is a lot of not enough evidence and we heard william barr so it's early it's perhaps
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not as conclusive as he might like to paint it it's more that there was not enough evidence to prove it why it was the. that is exactly right and that is what jerry navl or the chairman of the house judiciary committee is going to become the lead next investigator he's going to go into each one of those episodes and litigate that he's going to subpoena people he's going to bring them in and he's going to drill down and you're going to see an alternative investigation say we're dissatisfied with the conclusions that the attorney general has drawn from this report and that the obscurity and the kind of you know shroud that continues to be over some of the president's behaviors and remember many of the president's behaviors we've seen play out in public over tweets in his firings of people in his harassment of people like rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general and before him attorney the former attorney general jeff sessions
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a lot of this is happened in open view so much of the american public will not be satisfied with the moment just as allen said and i think that what will what will happen is every one of those you know not enough information or not enough evidence is going to give a new track for jerry nadler and house democrats are going to remember the house democrats in the democratic party have their base too just like donald trump has his base and they're going to want to see this story continue to play on among us the same thing to you that i asked to alan is this still an issue see the president would like to say right no collision no obstruction case closed game over i think is how he tweeted earlier today but i just get the feeling this will go on and on. look right now i think there are two questions is there legal liability for the president at this point facing impeachment and potential removal of office in my
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humble opinion no i don't believe the president is in jeopardy on those fronts any more that's different than what the southern district of new york may be doing with members of the trump family or donald trump himself later that's an entirely different question but the political liability remains huge for the president and his party that if they continue and the republicans continue to defend very shady moments and and behavior that we're going to see explicated in the moeller report and if they defend those episodes there's a potential political price they do so there they do have liability and i think that's why you're going to see the democratic leadership continue to pound in redefining the non-defined parts of the mother report the i think you may have mentioned this already but i would like to go to it the. fine at some stage his report is in these handed it in it will now go to congress the pressure to get him
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to actually talk to us about that. well i think there would be. interested in telling the results i think i think i don't know him well but i know him casually his a very steady sober guy and we saw i think an example of remarkable steadiness and resilience despite the storm that the president continued to direct his way over this twenty two month period and i think we're going to see that same robert muller with no fear and no favor just like media essentially tell it as he saw it explain why he came to the conclusions he did or the why he didn't take the actions he did now it will be up to members of congress to decide whether they agree with that or not but i think mahler is fully prepared to testify and i think gary nabel again whom i've mentioned before as chairman of the house judiciary committee will be eager to have muller there if for nothing
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else for the american public to see a demonstration of object of distance from the you know the crimes that were potentially being looked at and how to do it so i have no doubt that mower will testify it won't happen tomorrow and there will be a process but the administration will not be able to block that i think they'll have to take time to digest the report which none of us have had an opportunity to do yet and then after that i think you'll see the judiciary committee organize itself in such a way that it that it tries to get at some of the conclusions or non conclusions that muller drew let me just read you something save to page two hundred ninety of the miller report i'm reliably told where president donald trump told the then attorney general jeff sessions oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency i am exploitive delays at this is when he was told that a special counsel was going to be appointed so way back then he was very very
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devout it is but has now i mean got to the point was not yet released that let everyone see no collusion i mean i guess that's not surprising from this president he does talk a big game there but wow that's quite a turnaround. well i mean we know from steve bannon the president's former one of the president's former top advisers that the debate around komi firing komi what komi firing might trigger. was anticipated by people like dan and bennett argued against the firing of former f.b.i. director james comey and that that ban in predicted that this could be the end of the presidency there and so it created an enormous amount of anxiety but anyone that's a look at this and we've seen you know the harassment of jeff sessions over him redacting himself on the russia investigation various dimensions of what looked like to many potential collusion with roger stone and wiki leaks there were so many things and as trey gowdy a former leading house g.o.p. member once said miss leigh i wish the president would act like he wasn't guilty so
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there's been lots of acts that look guilty even in the public eye but there were there was material that we didn't know going on in the motor investigation and i think in you know in that in that case the president right now is pulling something out of you know the book he said on negotiating a deal which is once you have been in a position where you know go overboard and demand and be quite flamboyant your position the complete other restraint is negotiating reality right now ok thanks for staying with us we're going to talk to you more in the coming hours because there's so much i played coming out of the report at the moment steve clemons is in washington. self. interesting.
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up to. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each and the but it got together because you have a lot of people that are evaluated on political issues. people believe tell the real story so i'll just men be used to deal with the reason we don't feel in people . across the board.
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time to talk sport with lia thank you come all right well we'll start with the most lucrative deal in n.f.l. history seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson has signed a contract extension worth a record thirty five million dollars a year it's a four year one hundred forty million dollars contract over all these also receiving a sixty five million dollars signing bonus wilson is thirty years old and has led the seattle seahawks to the playoffs in six of his seven seasons winning the super bowl in two thousand and fourteen the deal keeps him there until two thousand and twenty three but he says he wants a save in longer. and i want to be a seahawks for life so that was kind of my mentality and the guys that i've always
12:42 am
admired in sports. you know the guys that played there that you know those locations for fifteen twenty years guys like derek jeter you know i want to be like that such into the n.b.a. and younus on to was and signed form for milwaukee the bucs thrash the detroit pistons to take it to mel reed in the opening round of the playoffs somehow melich reports but i think at this particular point that there are high hopes in milwaukee that janet and ted to compose will lead the bucs to a first championship for half a century just one bandage to defeat he was in top form in game two against the detroit pistons franchise. the greek international has been one of the standout plays this season thought thank you and he was at his best in the third quarter of this game in which he scored thirteen points to put the contest out to detroit's three. i think the bucs taking a twenty three point lead into the fourth and tend to cooper himself would eventually finish with twenty six points if i thought i
12:43 am
right now this fourth quarter even by twelve rebounds and two blocks as milwaukee won it one hundred twenty to ninety nine i know they gone come out there and try to load as much pull guys the pay. me but just had had patience and just had the know they got a surprise you got just how will. this series now moves to detroit with intent to compile showing no signs of letting up was so hale malik al-jazeera. the king of clay rafael nadal made light work of grigor dimitrov in their third round match at the monte carlo masters on thursday the spaniard who's won this title eleven times already east to a straight sets victory world number one novak djokovic cruised through his last sixteen clash with american taylor fritz dropped in just three games joke of it taking it six three six love as he looks for his third title at this tournament.
12:44 am
next up for djokovic medvedev the russian progressed to his first quarter final at the masters one thousand tournaments with a three sets victory over it's the final success medvedev taking it six four in the decider. pakistan have dropped star bowler mohammad amir from their squad for this year's world cup which begins in may the pace the pacemen helps pakistan when the twenty seven hundred champions trophy in england which will also host this year's spectacle however since then he's not been in great form in this last one hundred and one overs he's taken just five wickets it's a blow for amir who had been rebuilding his career since returning from a spot fixing ban in two thousand and fifteen. liverpool forward mohammed sala is one of several athletes to make this year's time one hundred most influential people's list was also one of six to have his own cover and the article comedian john all over wrote about saddam hussein that he is a better human being than he is a football player and he's one of the best football players in the world le bron
12:45 am
james the only osaka alex morgan caster semenya and tiger woods also made the cut. have was on the score sheet for liverpool against porto on wednesday to help send them through to the semifinals of the champions league where they will face barcelona while the other match up sees tottenham up against. the focus on thursday shifts to the quarter finals of the europa league arsenal are in the driving seat for their second leg in naples they lead not only to nil from the first game in london but not only boss carlo and chalabi is confident they can turn things around on home around on home soil later he's done what up it was the home interest but right now with the last a telling club still in europe and let's hope it will still be the case some friday if by friday we're out it won't be because we didn't try i believe napoli will play a great match on thursday will it be enough i think it's possible i think we can make it and finally
12:46 am
a substitution gone wrong that no one saw coming especially swedish player at math yes i was gone he was making his way on the field to take over from a teammate but a high five ended up with him getting poked in the eye this field time didn't last long after he too needed a substitute of his own. for a guy wolf back to you c'mon thank you for that leah. the mother reports lots more information to come with back in a few moments with more from washing see. the current president and a popular comedian a heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan
12:47 am
yet promising a change the comedian won the biggest share of the bunch in the first round who will lead the country after this historic connection ukraine votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. joy bring in my maybe use my leave of children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the high. of america's love affair with weapons fact that their osama makes the report they spend their money to shoot and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and we pointed out a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it
12:48 am
united nations peacekeepers have to blow it i'm tired no. we are challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. the week began with views on the ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one call to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government. that is the u.s. attorney general saying the moller report found no evidence of collusion with
12:49 am
moscow's interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election. going to come out santa maria here in doha with the world news from mountains here also ahead fighting for control of tripoli as fast as forces try to take the libyan capital he loses ground in the south. we want the president to be visible but not only him actually but the whole region protesters in sudan saying the arrest of the president is enough they want the entire administration gone and civilian rule right now. it's cold at night and hot in the day it's really difficult to live in a tent and losing everything they own millions of flood survivors in iran don't know how they will recover and rebuild.
12:50 am
so an edited version of special counsel robert mehlis report on russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election has been in the past out delivered to congress but already we have heard from the attorney general william barr who is a don't trump appointee he has responsibility if you investigate and he is held firm in his interpretation that there was no collusion said among other things that president trump's personal lawyer was allowed to read the sense that copy of robert mullets report earlier this week it's like a video will that sense that for a moment there but the president did not invoke executive privilege to keep more of the report secret even though he had the right thing for eternity and also said he has no objection to robert mueller testifying before congress about the report and that in addition to today's edited version he will make a full on the edited version available to both republican and democrat leaders on congressional committees here is some of what the attorney general had to say. as you will see the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did
12:51 am
not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities i am sure that all americans share my concern about the efforts of the russian government to interfere in our presidential election as the special counsel report makes clear the russian government sought to interfere in our election process but thanks to the special counsel's thorough investigation we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign or the knowing assistance of any other american for that matter that is something that all americans can and should be frightful to have confirmed here that same covering events alan fischer at the white house will be with him
12:52 am
shortly first to capitol hill and mike hanna there is so or much information might coming out of this report right now just on the news wires i'd say what's the most important takeaway you've things i thought. well let's just pick up on what the attorney general william barr has just said that now we know there was no collusion on page thirty three of the robert miller report he speaks about a body called the internet research agency a russian based body which sought to influence the two thousand and sixteen election and robert muller says first on multiple occasions members and surrogates of the trump campaign promoted typically by linking retorting or similar methods of repos sting or anti clinton content clearly if there was no knowledge there was certainly the intent to use the material collected by russian sources to influence the election by the tramp campaign as stated specifically by robert muller the
12:53 am
miller report also looks at ten specific instances of where president trump may have committed obstruction of justice now this is what the attorney general said about those instances the report recounts ten episodes involving the president and discusses potential legal theories for connecting those activities to the elements of an obstruction offense after carefully reviewing the facts and legal theories outlined in the report and in consultation with the office of legal counsel and other department lawyers the deputy attorney general and i concluded that the evidence developed by the special counsel is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. well and this is what the robert muller report says on the issue if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit
12:54 am
obstruction of justice we would so state based on the effects on the clickable legal standards we are unable to reach that judgment accordingly it continues while this report. does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him those are the words of robert miller completely at odds with the statement made by the attorney general earlier in the day come on thank you mike hanna there on capitol hill now to alan fischer at the white house for some reaction from the president i'm intrigued allan when you see in the mahler report page two ninety where he told the then attorney general jeff sessions that this is the end of my presidency the start of the special counsel's work now completely different story exactly right his mood has been reflected in that in his dealings with some wounded warriors here at the white house just in the last odors so one of his few public events today we're also
12:55 am
going to see him leaving for his easter break in florida but when he went in to speak to the wounded warriors he told them that he was having a good day and he insisted that the russian investigation was still in his eyes a waste of time. and said in front of my friends it should never happen to another president again this hoax should never happen to another president again thank you . you know we also knew that his legal team were preparing a rebuttal over the weekend it was around one hundred fifty pages of course we find out from the attorney general that they were given a sneak preview of what was going to be sent to congress to give them time to adopt that draft we're told it's been boiled down to thirty pages and just in the last few minutes we're hearing from his legal team saying they're not sure whether
12:56 am
they're going to issue that rebuttal atoll i suspect what they're going to do is to wait to see how this plays out in the media and whether or not the feel the need to essentially put a wall between some of the allegations in the report and the president certainly. don't trump was very confident he told everyone all his supporters on twitter to follow the bar news conference on to some people would call them right wing t.v. stations believing that they would support donald trump and then immediately after the news conference within a minute or so he put out this tweet which said that to all the haters and the radical left democrats will here in the run up to the twenty twenty election game over many people are saying it's game of thrones themed so you can see that he's really pushing the message that he has no collusion a new obstruction just one thing come all reading bits of the report. and the bit
12:57 am
you talk about with him saying that he wanted to fire robert mueller is how much reporting in this that the journalists got right during the last two years so often denied by the white house so often decried this fake news by donald trump but a lot of the stuff that came out in places like the new york times and the washington post absolutely bang on the newest they were getting it right and you can see why don't trump got more and more angry with. excuse me ok i'll leave you there allan thank you so much alan fischer. a lot of the white house there well ok steve clemons now editor at large of the hill he's joining us today as we wade through all of this see there's just so much information so i think it's probably better if we go a little bit more big picture and the feeling i'm getting from all of this is that while donald trump and william would like to push this no collusion line over and
12:58 am
over again what the report seems to be showing is that there was and i see this line over and over again not enough evidence we suspected this there was this but there was not enough evidence is that your read on this. well i am so jealous that you have the actual report and i can't wait to dive into the jealous because seriously way congress a really heavy document and some of the commentary i've seen on twitter is saying this is a you know compared to maybe the starr report in the past or other things or the nine eleven commission this is heavy heavy legal stuff as well. you know we're all going to take a long babs and read this letter. and drop a page of the times but look i mean the way congress works and given you know the divided government that we have where the house of representatives is controlled by a party that is not supportive of this president they're going to they're going to drill down into every one of those lines that you just said of not having enough
12:59 am
evidence and they're going to turn themselves into the investigators they're going to say that robert muller not coming to a conclusion and not exonerating the president on obstruction of justice and looking at his behavior and what alan just said the tendency of the white house to deny the reality of the reporting and much of the stuff that we saw play out in open you know open areas where there was so much of this that we've all seen that i think you know the game over doesn't work and you're going to see. house investigations and house testimony from various players in this who are defined in the report i mean one of the you know the reporting we've seen the last couple of days has been fascinating because people who cooperated from the white house and were told to cooperate with the investigation with robert miller's team are now fearful that the president is going to come after them so there's lots of this that will continue to play out in every one of those lines that says there was not enough information for us to draw
1:00 am
a conclusion they're going to go further and really grill people and make this spectacle go on and on and on and create the conditions that make it look like the president may have in fact that struck to justice this report that has come out today it is as we keep saying heavily redacted it is edited there is was going to do it apparently it's actually color coded all the way through and the fact that there is an edited version that will go to bipartisan congressional leaders on different committees we're told that would seem to be quite important probably more for the democrats isn't it as far as actually wanting to take this any further. i think it's extremely important because we have people like senator mark warner. and you know who's a democrat chairman of the house intelligence committee you know who's been very cautious and very careful of drawing all the lines on on russian conclusion i think that the findings that muller is saying clearly that there was
1:01 am
no evidence of collusion i think they're going to want to know as they already have access to cables.


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