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tv   Australia Criminalising Women  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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it by the piece in a quick and easy way once you've downloaded the app you click into it tells you what you can do and say or why you might be stopped and searched when you can on the road or when you're in a vehicle and we've got a section for the top of the sea as well because a lot of reporters and stuff like this use when the filming stuff yourself into if you lost. what you have to do is just upload your experience and that consists of basically put in your age in the authenticity of your sex and then just like you to put in the offices badge number he stopped and searched you and this stuff inside that number if you get one or so after that you just basically break how you feel you were treated by the offices and there's like a set criteria of questions here such as how badly do you think the reason was for the stop and search and how much respect do you feel you were showing this stuff to say. and what are you doing with this the at the top of your notation well mike
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using the g.p.s. . said what you still without a story just upload it one hundred percent known in the city to the database and show experience that. apps were good and now working with four hundred schools across the u.k. . one of the first to enroll was east london central foundation girls school that people have shown how designing mobile phone apps can help young people to identify and solve everyday problems. and apps is. a funny phone that does one thing and one thing only really really well why is it good to be able to solve problems because you're going to face the every day an accident teaches you how to think of a problem in a. by not taking us in oh my god this going to go could be wrong if you don't know
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this council but. creativity magination absolutely has no limits so long as your ideas are being can do anything with. knowledge is like a good deed after using the good of everyone knew each other is what's the point of having if you want to be selfish. drivers who doesn't but is is a very one hundred mark in its own clock with interest if you time and day as usual and they all see why it's your choice record your reasons why you need to wake up. some young people find it hard to wake up in the morning so the girls who have designed the buzz of bodies. said this is a step by step process set up. say say it time you can choose to repeat it on the day so maybe on weekdays and weekends you can label the alarm. and then you set a recording so anything that you'd like to do your reason to wake up after that you
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can choose your puzzle buddy so this is anyone from your contact list. and you write a message. so. you're happy with the message you pressed save and it is a real love and you are to go. for the course organizes the pupils enthusiasm and success show how mobile phone apps can help solve problems not just in london but across the world. micro technology is a great way to empower young people throughout the world and all is actually about to. become the problem solvers and they can do that. so let's look back at what the life of design is from across the series have achieved . in africa life i was visited kenya i met was a farmer in rural uganda. and you
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pick a kid. and then they say i'm going to school. because. we've seen the chaos. the challenge was to see if a life could help william far more efficiently. it seemed life ops invited to help william live three hundred kilometers east in nairobi kenya as capital. new startup company has been going for just over a year kenyan film director tony who helped come up with a life outside filmed new developing his life. a mobile application for small scale farmers like window.
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look was totally and. william didn't know how much he speciality vegetables could fetch at the biggest local markets. a minimum of. thirty two shootings. in the south some of which has a loophole that could be part of the questioning to tunnel. up our city. says something to him. says a good to very sad as it is a. news team came up with an app that would help share information and costs like transports. it was well received. in the smiles on most days is simply. the smile on the other hand is what gives you the belief but. his company b.t.r. is still looking for an investor to help take his life forward.
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still in africa life apps also travels and i may be. local software design adult and sets off on a voyage of discovery in his own home life. is a challenge was to design a life app to help to him by people. with my current did you ever. hear it was our. last dalton and his colleague mick azziz plenty off types to work out how a life might be able to help these highly independence nomads. illumine from the book you need to go to school. to him a familiar with technology but most condrey or rights and then get down on the on the one on the we get on the one idea and among. the none of you will know when you're dealing yet a. third. is the truth
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we. have been the whole life basically then a brainwave if literacy was a problem how about an app that translates text into speech. using simple software downloaded from the internet it's. the initial. i love my voice. so i think that is super new very useful for them so we going. to stick it in. my video. i don't want the other well the nobody ever that i want to. you know if they don't. know. what we're going to want to know one thing that i'm going to get.
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out of the book i wish i hope. take some time and this is good to meet you thank. you. dalton is now working on developing his app with him accents and will return to the north in the future. in asia life to india by the challenge to design an op was taken up by a software hot shot such. based in the capital delhi such ins goal is to use apps to help the less fortunate. my quest is to find on so to
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help people one living at the bottom of the economic freedom. it's such a long held ambition to help india's millions of beleaguered small scale farmers. so he undertook a two thousand kilometer journey to see for himself how he could help farmers like . taking in virtually my london late to my lord here. in the new beginning of the day with then and they were done in a monday and. the statement is it's stories like this that make such indeterminacy use these technological skills to help small scale farmers. if you want to do something for them you want to find something for them can i come to again yeah and sure what i can with out son out of going to foster i will stop watch it so he's done me good thank you thank you. back in delhi
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saatchi and his team came up with a life which would allow farmers to spread their ideas by simply making a voice recording and uploading it's using the app so. you could share it with the whole community. yeah. could you. could a beautiful scene turn it. from here i want to develop this obligation make it more robust and they get through the pilots those trials and make it something you know which can be adopted nationwide. so long way to go it's just the beginning of the project. and. from rural india to the dramatic setting or brazil's rio de janeiro. here the life apps challenge was eagerly accepted by software design
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a petrol. elephant is a match i just wish those. to push out of to move to meeting to decide all the little schools of. the sago. pedro's challenge was to come up with a life that could help the millions who live in the real favelas or shantytowns. i suppose. has intervened. considering. the dog dies of old when is it. for me to see but you can imagine it's a good thing. to see how. pedre realised that choosing a single life was going to be tough. it was just lovely it's the last but a chance in
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a life yes. they simply do that she came on the kids there's no one is really. together with these colleagues pedre final. settled on one daring idea. to specific question you can finally finish perfect so i just got a blockbuster they can go but you can bullshit us not because of the sort of country jeff you come i give it to them if you can i think it's your. life is a smartphone game that allows players to plant seeds in a virtual garden and watch the virtual plants grow for every virtual plants is a real one planted in the favelas community vegetable garden. so because of. the visions and the demands of. the single truth they will see that they form. our. pedre believes his life could change how people think about technology and life in the favelas the entire bush trash farmers are partially the genius of carry some
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weight back on of us along with us to push through to. us always them from would cause each you see sick you how it should be this here you go. yes it's to make money yes oh nice to play games but that's not the i mean he said this young people have a lot of talent and given the right they can help solve the problems that are happening they're not always given the option to say it's important. to believe in their ideas they do believe that they can actually be their proposal is to solve their own problems and to create something that will actually help them and their community. or the life of designers in. brazil south africa india. and kenya researching the need for
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a life revealed new realities in their own countries. designers led about the lives of those who are missing. it's own development. made some new friends and shared some inspiring moment. noni and when you can offer us a. clue no is sound in the light in a movie a biggie. up
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to. the foreign minister. that's. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each other and leave out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did a political issue. with the people we lived to tell the real stories just men didn't used to do the work in depth in the museum we don't feel inferior to a good audience across the globe. their dreams have turned out to be disappointment. that if anyone called me to say he'd leave each
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of them had advised him not to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is known all they hoped it would be. al-jazeera worlds welcome to it to me. this special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government the u.s. attorney general says the miller investigation clears the president the report says don't trump fear it would spell the end of his presidency.
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joe harbor went on to all santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera the un's envoy for libya warns of a widening conflagration it's five hundred spreads from the capital to the south of the country. who want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the whole region protesters in sudan saying the arrest of the president isn't enough they want the entire administration gone and civilian rule has stalled right now. but a new number one danger zone for journalists to work and we're looking at press freedom with reporters without borders. so the sensitive version of special counsel robert mellows report on russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election has been released four hundred forty eight pages detailing the entire two
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year investigation it has found among other things numerous contacts between individuals tied to the russian government and members of president trump's campaign but it says the evidence did not reach the level of a crime report says donald trump jr had direct contact with wiki leaks before it released the hacked democrat e-mails and when trump was told the special counsel had been appointed the president told the van attorney general jeff sessions this is the end of my presidency gone from later on to the white house lawyer don began to fire robert mala. refuse so here is just some of what the attorney general had to say. as you will see the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities i am sure that all americans share my concern about the efforts of the russian
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government to interfere in our presidential election as the special counsel report makes clear the russian government sought to interfere in our election process but thanks to the special counsel's thorough investigation we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign or the knowing assistance of any other american for that matter that is something that all americans can and should be frightful to have confirmed. ok so here's the team covering events alan fischer or is that the white house and we'll be with you shortly on i want to start with mike hanna though up on capitol hill mike. is it a case from all the various bits and pieces that we're seeing come out of the report that it was no collusion or maybe just not enough evidence. well it's made
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very clear that collusion is a term that has been used by trump and the attorney general what the special counsel was looking for is evidence of a conspiracy now we heard the attorney general saying we now know there was no coordination between members of the trump campaign and a russian operatives that is not what the special counsel said what the special counsel said is that there is not sufficient proof of such coordination or conspiracy between the trunk campaign and russian operatives that's a very different glimpse and certainly something that as the country's leading law enforcement official the attorney general should be well aware but robert mueller making very clear that he cannot find enough evidence on the obstruction of justice charges for example to find president trump guilty at the same time he says there is not enough evidence to exonerate him so basically that book is still open what
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has been clear in the course of the day is the why kassam between what the attorney general says is his interpretation and what robert miller the special counsel actually says. the reporters out there now obviously elements in the hands of congress perhaps most importantly what actually happens with it from the. what what happens now is that congress has already sent an official letter asking robert mueller to appear before it this is coming from the house judiciary committee and also from the senate to at this particular stage so congress is continuing to insist that it received the full report the attorney general has said that he will provide a list. sensitive version to the selected members of congress leaving out to you all including the redactions concerning grand jury investigations now congress is not going to accept this they know that the grand jury investigations compose
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a large part of robert miller's report but importantly to note to bed robert muller himself says that it may be up to congress to decide on whether or not president trump is indeed guilty i thought struction of justice that's robert miller's words so clearly he will be willing to come before congress congress has asked him to appear before may the twenty third mike hanna is on capitol hill thank you his alan fischer at the white house now allan how has the occupant of sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue reacted today. well he obviously seems to think he is having a good day he told all his followers on twitter to follow deputy attorney general bar's news conference on to right wing t.v. stations rather than the official news feed of the justice department he immediately tweeted out something that said game over as far as he was concerned
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because he says the report phoned no collusion and ignore obstruction and then he had a public event he was a wounded warriors event in the white house he didn't speak very long but he did say that he was having a good day and that the whole russian investigation was a hoax i said in front of my friends it should never happen to another president again this hoax should never happen to another president again thank you . so the president being quite brief affair there was an interesting thing which came out of the report allan donald trump telling his then attorney general jeff sessions when he heard that a special counsel is going to be appointed court this is the end of my presidency. quite the turnaround for him in. well it's an interesting turn of phrase and a number of people have pointed out is the been reading it online and on twitter
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it's not the sort of thing you see if you didn't think you did anything wrong that we know that his attorneys have been planning to issue a rebuttal it was one hundred fifty pages of the weekend according to some reports we know there were they they were then given a sneak preview all of the report attorney general bill barr told us about that in the last couple of hours and were no told that rebuttal had been whittled down to thirty pages but just in the last. one of donald trump's personal attorneys a said they're not entirely sure whether they're going to issue that rebuttal the lovely slee see how the media reports this and whether or not they think that donald trump is leaking support because of this it's interesting that the reelection campaign has already issued a statement it says it's time to investigate the liars who instigated this sham investigation into president trump motivated by political retribution and based on no evidence whatsoever other senior republicans and essentially saying look it's
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time to move on wishful thinking i think on their part because we know that democrats in the house and in the senate are calling first of all for a bill bart to give evidence and there are congresswoman and congress men who are saying that bill barr has been incredibly partisan one of the loudest voices about that is nancy pelosi who is this democratic speaker in the house she is believe she says that bill bought essential he set the table for public opinion by holding a news conference before he sent the report to congress and there are others to say that they want to hear from robert miller and bill barr was asked would you have any objections to robert miller giving evidence to various congressional committees and he said no why did they ask bill barr because well robert mueller is a department of justice employee for the time being so he has got to give the old clear and there's a saying to. come out one of the things that strikes me in reading the report is
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how often journalists were right when they said things like a guy and was told to fire. robert miller and refused. don't trump said that was fake news when donald trump announced he thought this was the end of his presidency when jeff sessions wouldn't recuse himself he said that was fake news and interestingly enough one little nugget that came out remember when james komi was fired cedar sunder said in the briefing room not far from where i'm standing that one of the reasons they fired him was because he liked support among ordinary f.b.i. staff and she told robert miller's investigators that wasn't based on anything it was essentially made up and in the past in another time that would probably have led to a resignation now don fisher at the white house thank you and back now with steve clemons in our washington news and he is the editor at large of the hill has been with us as we've digested everything that's coming out and it's kind of pretty thick and fast can i go back to maybe something first of all that allan mentioned
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about robert mueller himself what do you think is the likelihood of us hearing from him one day because i feel now that the report is actually out there it almost supersedes what bilbo was saying we can now read most of the reports for us selves . well i think that's right but there are a lot of open questions in this report there are areas where muller felt that he did not have enough information or evidence to understand the president's intent which was a key part of a stab wishing you know a sense of guilt about obstruction of justice but let me read to you one line on page two hundred fifteen which has come to me it's a zinger line from muller he says the conclusion that congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balance and the principle that no person is above the law with this line muller is essentially punting to congress
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and implicitly saying you may find that there is an obstruction of justice and what we've had here you may find you may have and he is basically inviting congress to participate in the next chapters of this report and i think they'll be no doubt that he appears before may twenty third in house member gerry natters house judiciary committee which will take this further so the headline as donald trump would like us to believe is no collusion no obstruction it's all game over but if you believe the devil's in the details it all seems to show that there was a lot of. questionable stuff going on a lot of stuff that still needs to be answered from that whole election period i think the key line is going to be what this guilt look like what those obstruction look like and this story is not done. all right steve clemons joining us from washington thank you so much for your time today to other news and huge crowds
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