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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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possible impeachment proceedings but what you can probably rule out is it getting through the senate while it's still republican controlled and the republicans that are saying let's move on alan fischer at the white house thank you i guess joining us this hour is melanie sloan a former federal prosecutor and a partner at some of strategies of public affairs from she's in washington. a so much to discuss melanie tell me what you you know your gut feeling is having heard from bilbo and then actually seen all the stuff which is coming out from this now the president says it's a big win but there's still plenty of questions to be answered. there are and it's clearly not the big win that either the president or his attorney general have tried to spin it to be mean it was quite shocking that bar went out there this morning and gave this press conference spinning their report for everybody before any of the reporters had had it or the american public had had a chance to look at it and now once we've seen it and it is more than four hundred pages so people are still digesting it it's clear that he was putting the most
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positive spin on everything and it wasn't accurate for example if there's a lot of reason to believe that the president was involved in obstruction of justice it's simply that mr moller did not believe he could prove obstruction of justice but that's an entirely different matter than whether or not he engaged in the kind of obstruction that could be an impeachable offense so how important is it then that we hear from himself because up until this point it was all about well bill everything we've heard about this has been from bill byron his interpretation which it was again today but now the reports out there what about the man who actually wrote it. i think we're going to see if it hasn't happened already this morning. bob muller being asked to testify he was asked at the press conference whether bob muller i'm sorry mr barr was asked this morning in the press conference whether he would object to muller testifying and he said no and i am sure that at least in the house the judiciary committee will seize on that and ask for
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a mr moller to appear so that they can hear from him directly barr is expected to testify next week before the senate and the house but given that he is clearly prepared to spin the moller report for the benefit of the president and he made some other very concerning statements when he testified a week ago suggesting that there had been some spying on the campaign which was an inaccurate representation i don't think that the democrats in particular are going to be very anxious to give bar too much more of a platform without also at least having bob muller there to say what the report really says how do you feel with your legal household that the whole judicial system has come out of this the fact that there is well there was an attorney general jeff sessions of your own recuse himself there is an attorney general now who today appeared to be acting more like the president's personal lawyer than the attorney general what's your take on all of the. it's really harmful
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to the belief that the justice department sits and decides things fairly and accurately i think mr barr has impugned his own reputation today with his performance he was also sharing this report with the president and the president's personal lawyers ahead of time ahead of the time that he was willing to give it to congress so he's helping the president at every point and he is spinning it in a way that the report in a way that's not accurate and this in fact hurts the department of justice and it hurts the credibility of the department long term melanie sloan it's been a pleasure talking to you thanks for joining us thanks. let's move on to other news huge crowds gathering in sudan outside the military headquarters where a sit in has been staged for the last two weeks protesters are demanding the immediate return of civilian rule following the overthrow of president omar al bashir who for special representative of russia's president has met sudan's military rulers that's after a high level visit from
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a delegation from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates earlier this week mama dollars at the protest he sent us this update from cutter and. i am at the fringe of this morrow test of the sit in and you can see behind me the headquarters of the military and the crowds decided today to show how many people they can still bring to the streets because yesterday they have summited a list of demands to the military council including the creation of a civilian government and i civilian the presidential council instead of the military council wants to. put them in the prison of the. last government but. we are here. one won't. on one unity we are here to see the trades are trying. to shore the word we are not resisting here. we need to pull. into the prison we need to.
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reach. some of them they are not in the prison. they have called it the march of the millions. every single component of the city's professional and unprofessional society offered to him to do this march and that the message is united and the gist of it is that the sudanese protesters tabulate from the history of sudan they have ceded to evolution is stolen in the past by the military and today they want to make sure that they don't leave the streets until they see the full. with all these revolutions until they see a complete change happening in this country here's what we've got coming up for you on this news the un's envoy for libya warns of a widening conflagration as fighting spreads from the capital to the south of the country. and india's biggest private airline shuts down thousands of employees are
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in limbo and sport one of the stars of the n.b.a. season puts in a match winning display in the playoffs is here with you to tell us a little later. so you stories from libya now where the u.n. envoy is warning of a broader escalation in the fighting in the south and i also says there is deadlock between warring sides south of the capital tripoli fighters loyal to the u.n. recognized government have launched a new campaign in the south against warlord khalifa haftar germany is also calling for an emergency un security council meeting about the battle for control of tripoli more from tripoli with mahmud up the. forces loyal to the world lord holy for have to manage it to recapture. seventy seven hundred kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli that's after forces loyal to the you could
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notice the government briefly took control of inherent air bases in tripoli the government forces managed to push have this forces back beyond the disused to tripoli international airport and meanwhile have those warplanes targeted government forces locations one being for the fighters one of them is in critical condition on the political level there is also a development on the political level as the interior minister. the government fed him. stated that the ministry of interior is suspending all relations with france in terms of security and training get fields that's because as he says france is a major supporter of. the warlords have to also in tripoli the military journal the military general prosecutor issued an arrest warrant against
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several officers in the east including the warlord have to himself for their involvement as the rest warrants has for their involvement in targeting civilian areas in tripoli including the only this is the only operational airport in the city i'm a to get airport and also there is eventually areas in tripoli city center which killed several innocent civilians. now turkmenistan has been named the most dangerous country in the world for journalists to do their job with norway ranks the safest the campaign group reporters without borders has published its annual league table of press freedom worldwide laura birdman it's been taking a look. for the first time in three years north korea has been replaced as the world's most dangerous country for journalists tech manison now tops the world rankings president kirchner and girly brought him up madoff has run the former soviet republic for twelve years without its critics described as an iron fist. the
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government controls all media journalists or press and the internet is highly censored essentially leaving a media black hole. syria remains another danger zone for journalists but reporters without borders says journalists worldwide are up against an intense climate of fear and danger to press freedom campaigners say bahrain egypt and saudi arabia stepped up repression of the media censorship has increased in the saudi kingdom since the murder of jamal khashoggi last october journalists in egypt can't do their job without fear of imprisonment al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has spent more than two years in jail without trial al-jazeera denies egyptian government accusations of broadcasting false news to spread chaos in the world's biggest chain of journalists turkey i called the fake jews the enemy of the people
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and they are they are the enemy of the us president donald trump has often had a rocky relationship with the media a b.b.c. cameraman was attached to the trump support rally in texas a couple of months ago and bomb threats have been sent to media outlets for the first year the united states slipped into the aren't which is the problematic category of countries it was also in two thousand and eighteen for the first time ever. the short list of deadliest countries for journalists in the world and that was following the massacre in the capital because that news room in maryland mexico remains one of the boards deadliest countries but journalists at least ten were murdered there last year some of the thousands who have lost their lives in gang violence. paul says one of the price is ethiopia since becoming prime minister here. introduced widespread reforms including releasing prisoners and dropping charges against media outlets the feeling of safety and security for
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ethiopian journalists has improved to the envy of many of their colleagues worldwide. out is there a more united nations human rights chief has set a mass trial in bahrain failed to comply with international standards on samus amnesty international says choosers hearing was a mockery of justice as one hundred thirty nine people were jailed for plotting to form a so-called behind hezbollah with links to iran's revolutionary guard all but one of them had their citizenship revoked. indonesia's president and his arrival. have both claimed victory in wednesday's election the final results will be known of next month meanwhile authorities of appeal for calm after some supporters of so called for a march near jakarta's biggest mosque on friday a support from when hey. it appears there will be no change of tenant for now at the presidential palace in the indonesian capital jakarta based on
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provisional results joko widodo has won another five years in office but that's not how his challenger sees it. today i. have been declared as the president and vice president of indonesia for the period of twenty nineteen to twenty twenty four by sixty two percent votes based on the internal real count. disputes the unofficial results that showed joko widodo winning by a large margin the former army general says there were many discrepancies in the electoral process before the election he alleged there were irregularities involving more than seventeen million voters and vowed to resort to people power if the problems amounted to cheating there is a sense of history repeating itself here when. the two thousand and fourteen election he said he'd been cheated and took the case to the constitutional court
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which ruled against him there's no sign he's going to give up easily this time either. formed alliances with conservative muslim groups who've shown they can get big numbers onto the streets they say they are considering coming out again for not to protest but to celebrate what they say is a victory for their candidates the security forces say they won't allow anyone to disrupt the official vote counting process. tommy we do not tolerate and we will crack down on all efforts that will disrupt public order and unconstitutional actions that undermine the democratic process. official results won't be known until may twenty second that are expected to confirm joko widodo as president of indonesia and again confined. to runner up in the two man race wayne hay al-jazeera jakarta. sixteen thousand was india's second largest airline are hoping to save their jobs jet airways has grounded all flights because of money reports now from
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new delhi. they're fighting for their livelihoods airways employees haven't been paid in months some not since last august and been taking a toll on them and their families education of children suffering parents says is not. the way it was because all the. things are. bad from here. here is my son. so if i. brought him in. once considered india's premier private airline it suffered financial difficulties for years coming close to collapse in two thousand and thirteen until the airways bought a twenty four percent stake in fusing you cash and life into the airline but new low cost domestic carriers have continued to eat into jet airways market share and
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profits for. the first jets founder was forced to step down from the board in march after being criticized for continuing to spend on planes and premier landing slots as the airline debts were piling up. for passengers in india the grounding of jet is expected to lead to higher airfares but aviation analysts say that will be temporary. then there's one other fool growing. then of the most. in some form of. not experiencing that kind of growth so i don't want to do that more than four to six months. will be required to want to begin pursuit to get. but that's little comfort to the tens of thousands of jet employees who stuck with the company despite working on paid on the day i've joined so many of them has given everything to us and savion things a lot of things it seems are which peter you don't know what happened it's been
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very subtle marchesa and you still remain the same because of these times because it is true that the many hope their years of service and what was connolly considered a dream job would not have been in vain anyone with a flight book he received a cancellation email early on thursday the airline will now have to wait for the outcome of a round of bidding by potential buyers on may tenth to get an idea of what the future may be in the meantime jet airways employees can only wait and hope the airline will take off again says jimmy all al-jazeera new delhi. thousands of mourners have gathered to pay their respects to peruse former president alan garcia . who died on wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound just as police were preparing to arrest him he was being investigated over a massive corruption scandal but amazon has more now from late. at the people's party this is the headquarters of the party the party that was led by former
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president. and the way this taking place there's been hundreds of people queuing up the place is so full that they have to close the door for now until people start leaving they've been singing the party's anthem and hugging among each other a lot of people affected bringing flowers putting flowers on the coffin and now there's been a lot of divided reaction in the country with political allies. blaming. on members of the press has been releasing information about his involvement or his alleged involvement in the bribery scandal the other bit bribery scandal also blaming. on public prosecutors are saying that the prosecutors were showing. all the elements that they were releasing the information released that asked evidence before is before meeting defend himself so at the same time there's been fierce critics critics even on air saying that he's been
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a coward to take his life before facing justice others who said that who are saying that they want to send their condolences to the families of garcia but that at the same time they believe that garcia robbed during his government and that he should have face justice in the news ahead a u.n. report highlights the plight of foreign children stuck in a syrian refugee camp. it's cold at night and hot in the day it's really difficult to live in a tent when losing everything they own the millions of flood survivors in iran who don't know how they will recover and rebuild. and sport is coming up with me as well the tennis world number one is out on court monte carlo mastiffs.
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hello spring weather is still with us means brain often sung green sometimes heavy and he's delayed his potential sister running through western iraq now stop particularly active we could see a few shots as far north as to run his kuwait city as it was seen rain to the west this usually. being the source so from lebanon north was through northern syria catching on the rock in turkey's been well as to so that's the area probably to watch in the wet is what about the be occasional thunderstorms to the south of that twenty eight in baghdad twenty four in kabul now a dry country afghanistan at least from the point of view of what comes down from the sky for the raven place or maybe some thailand charlie showers are likely in the east and sadi bahrain possibly in qatar in the next day or so more especially i think sunday and monday is the time to watch and then in yemen and the southwest
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decided imagines here are generating zones towards usual this time of year in southern africa the showers haven't gone away we've seen some quite big was recently president tom but some allow in mozambique and that certainly is the we are from zimbabwe and towards sort lanka where we'll see a share or two in the next day or so but mostly it's a dry picture. in australia more women are being locked up than ever before what's driving this alarming development what i want to mates to do x. in my live blog behind bars on al-jazeera. al jazeera. every year.
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for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is all work and no play. faultlines investigates how people reeling from drug use are having exploitation added to that was. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. here on the news here at al-jazeera these are out top stories the mother report
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investigating russian involvement in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election has been released it's found numerous contacts between individuals tied to the russian government and members of president trump's campaign but it says the evidence didn't reach the levels of a crime. huge crowds have gathered again in sudan outside the military headquarters where a sit in has been staged for the last two weeks protesters are demanding the immediate return of civilian rule following the overthrow of president. and the un envoy for libya is warning of a broader escalation in fighting in the south side of my also says there is deadlock between the warring sides south of tripoli fighters loyal to the us recognize government of the new campaign in the south against warlord after. now a senior u.n. official has urged countries to help thousands of children stuck in a whole camp in north eastern syria after fleeing i saw the u.n. says the children should be treated as victims and solutions must be decided in
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their best interest regardless of age or gender according to unicef the camp is about three thousand children of foreign fighters from forty three countries well the senior official we just mentioned there is and he is joining us on skype from geneva now assistant secretary general of the regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria crisis thanks for making the time for us today just tell us more about these particular children we often focus on children in war and their suffering but these specific foreign children. these children have arrived in a hole in the northeast syria and have been jewed really an extremely difficult time because they were in an area where there was heavy bombardment it was really a conflict taking place of the right sided traumatized psychosocial issues of course with what they have experienced too but also these children are really in an extremely vulnerable situation because the solution must be found to live there and
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this is where our call today we really want to draw attention to this thousands of children who are actually have a foreign father or a mother who may have been nor is as mean involved with i still looked at these children i really children at five years old and most of them are really minority they're living into an extreme situation or they were asking really for a solution a way forward special attention solution must be. based on the vested interest that i mean nation of these children why does the right thing for them to help them have a better future to get through education to get them to school to get them to some sort of no monthly why this extremely difficult situation what would be your suggestion when you talk about asking countries to help and find a solution is it about the country way about the child's parent came from or is it about anyone stepping in and and taking in the children as refugees. well you know clearly there is no sponsibility of the country of the nationality where this
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country comes from and this case will have. your grandparents on an extended family member or a solution within the country that has to be found best of their leaving the children in a common situation some of them aren't. really on their own and that makes them particularly vulnerable but also some of them may have a father or mother in place but it's pollution can be fine with nationality with governments of these countries to have them move forward it's an extraordinary situation where what we're seeing in the northeast syria and it requires a solution that many actors join hands to make it happen any hotel or service cannot go there can you tell us more about all contact that the state of that. vulnerability that people face there. well the whole country the north northeast of syria is
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a camp until december there are about ten thousand people and today there is more than seventy five thousand people that have a rise in the last one hundred days or so so for the last three months we have been receiving on a daily basis thousands of people so it was almost like we had to build a city overnight to receive that mean claims of shelter water how many of the people of the rise there arrived in a very poor condition already actually more than one hundred forty died either on the way or upon arrival in france with with malnutrition with diarrhea so the conditions are really quite. our humanitarian response to work around the clock to provide assistance to field to bring them what needed to be done to help them but of course finding the remains an issue resources to be able to continue the services to people who arrive next orders which ration. says thank you for joining us today to talk about a very important situation in syria at the camp thank you. to. we're
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staying in syria and fuel shortages are bringing life to all for many people living in the government controlled areas u.s. sanctions are being blamed for the crisis but that's doing little to stop the growing criticism as more now from beirut. the queues for petrol are kilometers long and often it's not available in areas under the syrian government's control the authorities are rationing subsidized fuel last week it was twenty liters every two days now the cap is twenty liters every five days the government says it's short of oil and fuel because of western sanctions on syria and tighter u.s. sanctions on its ally iran. it has been six months since iranian oil tankers last arrived at syria's port
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officials say they are being prevented from passing through this ways canal the canals controlled by egypt and it denies that accusation but iran like syria is a target of u.s. sanctioned aimed at reducing its influence in the region damascus to say they are facing an economic war the oil industry used to provide twenty five percent of the government's revenues before the war it used to export half of its production the sector has since suffered losses the government lost control of its main oil and gas fields the bulk are in the north east an area under the control of the u.s. backed kurdish led syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. controlled region is bordered to the north by turkey and to the east by iraqi kurds they aren't friendly neighbors that is why unofficial trade with the syrian government particularly in oil has been vital for the economy but there are reports from damascus that the u.s. is pressuring its allies to stop the train. eight. this year the government gets
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one third of its own. by the as the f. in the us pressured the as the. government areas the. pressure it's even denies having business dealings with the government. before the war was able to meet its fuel needs now officials say the amount of oil produced in government areas is short of what it needs by almost one hundred forty thousand barrels a day it's a serious challenge for the government as economic hardships have been feeding into public discontent. affecting ten million people some of describe how water levels rose so quickly they just lost everything and. they're now doing what they can to help. the river near this village had been rising all night people here say the floods
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came around sunrise he scrambled to higher ground with no time to save anything but themselves now they're scrambling for handouts. for those who've lost everything even a pair of shoes is precious. these women say younger stronger people take everything leaving nothing for the weak. generations of people have been living in for one hundred years and moving closer to the water even the oldest say they've never seen floods so bad the rains were a reminder the path of the river is older than anything else here a few weeks ago all this was underwater now half the houses will never be rebuilt and. we must move somewhere else in the past the river was not this big but now it has come to the village the government won't give permission to build houses anymore. around four hundred people live in this village and it took the river only a few hours to swallow up half of it no one here could tell us how long it might
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take to. cover after the water level went down the villagers were able to come back to their homes and start the enormous task of cleaning up this mound of mud that was at one point actually inside this house and if you come into the house you can get a sense of how bad the situation actually was when the flooding was happening this brown line running across the wall almost to the ceiling that's how high the water level got inside this house. volunteers have come to help but some houses are too far gone others completely washed away. one woman a widow said it took years to make a home of her own she still owes half of what she borrowed to build a house in which she can no longer live. bring us things but we just want a house they bring water food and everything but we don't have a house so this things can not replace our home they gave me a tent pates not safe to live in a tent. all over the country many people are having similar experiences survivors
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living among the debris of the things they've lost so. it's cold at night and hot in the day it's really difficult to live in a tent. for now people are getting help but say what they need most are new places to live so they can stop living by the road in tents overlooking broken homes and the river that broke them same bus robbie old zero zero untold village in lauriston province iran. the pakistani prime minister has reshuffled his cabinet less than a year after taking office imran khan announced ten appointments including a new finance minister reshuffle comes as he faces criticism against his government's economic policies as well as increased tension with neighboring india . north korea's leader is to meet russia's president later this month the kremlin announcement just hours after a test launch of what the north calls a new tactical guided weapon and the nortons demanding the u.s.
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secretary of state is kept out of any future denuclearization talks all the details now with rob mcbride reporting from south korea this seems to be a timely reminder from north korea of its military strength photos released by state run media show kim jong un visiting an airbase on choose day his first military drill inspection since last november and then wednesday he reportedly attended a weapons test. described as a tactical weapon it's far less provocative than the ballistic missiles north korea tested more than a year ago but seems intended to show its frustration at the failure to win sanctions relief at the hands.


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