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tv   India Fake News and Agitprop  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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government controls all media journalists or press and the internet is highly censored essentially leaving a media blackout rules. syria remains another danger zone for journalists but reporters without borders says journalists worldwide are up against an intense climate of fear and danger to press freedom campaigners say bahrain egypt and saudi arabia stepped up repression of the media censorship has increased in the saudi kingdom since the murder of jamal khashoggi last october journalists in egypt can't do their job without fear of imprisonment al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has spent more than two years in jail without trial al-jazeera denies the gyptian government accusations of broadcasting false news to spread chaos the world's biggest jailer of journalists is turkey i called the fake is the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of the us president donald trump has often
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had a rocky relationship with the media a b.b.c. cameraman was attached to the trump support rally in texas a couple of months ago and bomb threats have been sent to media outlets for the first year the united states slipped into the orange which is the problematic category of countries it was also in two thousand and eighteen for the first time ever on the short list of deadliest countries for journalists in the world and that was following the massacre in the capital because that news room in maryland mexico remains one of the boards deadliest countries for journalists at least ten were murdered there last year some of the thousands who have lost their lives in gang violence. paul says one of the price is in tears here since becoming prime minister and here. introduced widespread reforms including releasing prisoners and dropping charges against media outlets the feeling of safety and security the ethiopian journalist has improved to the envy of many of their
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colleagues worldwide. al-jazeera. front runner to become ukraine's next president in sunday's second round runoff against incumbent. the actor and comedian has a multi-million dollar t.v. production company i mean first he walker went to cement his hometown to find out more about the man who has any experience of politics is playing president on television. this is wreak cook at home in english a city built on iron ore and steel production. and birthplace of a man who is promising to reshape ukraine's political landscape the law to made a zillion ski. zielinski place a humble history teacher who becomes ukraine's president in the hit comedy t.v.
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series servant of the people the real zelinsky has no political experience but ever since announcing he wanted the top job he's been favorite to win i asked a local historian what could he can tell us about the zielinski. war this is a city of manly iran and steal the kind of character that will never let you down here locals who know him say success inspired selenski and his comedy troupe. he always wanted what was best not just for him but for his friends his family would never reach just good people like him. this is the apartment block zielinski grew up in and his parents still live here now it's clear he's come from humble beginnings rather like the character in his t.v. show but there is one big difference the real civilians he is
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a very powerful business associate who's helped him get to where is now. one of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs owns the t.v. station that hosts zelinsky shows. the oligarchy lives abroad and is wanted on embezzlement charges ukraine's incumbent president petro poroshenko accuses linsky of being called a puppet many men here have died in the fighting against russian backed separatists a former governor of the region. financed the war effort and he's still respected for that. usually when you go in with if it wasn't because the russians would have been here when the war started it was called a more ski he stood at the helm of the need programme region without taking a dime the war drags on and pensions here are barely enough to live on good washing it's yours we've got nothing to lose enough and we've known him from the start when
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up in america there was also shot mine and did anything bad happened there will be all right the people of reviewed week appear ready to pin their hopes on one of their own robin versity walker al jazeera t.v. the. climate activists in the u.k. say they'll stage a protest at heathrow airport on friday the extinction rebellion group has been causing major disruption in london blocking roads and gluing themselves to trains that they say want to highlight the urgency of the need to address climate change thousands of police officers have been deployed in the capital making hundreds of arrests. we want to new zealand there's some good and bad environmental news but experts describe it as the world's fattest parents may be raking a big comeback a cup of cocoa is one of new zealand's critically endangered native birds they can't fly and domestic cats blame for almost wiping them out only hundred forty seven survive but
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a record number of chicks have been hatched well them seventy of them experts hope the new chicks will bring a couple back from the brink. but a new report using government statistics paints a picture for much of the country's biodiversity it says intensive farming and development putting around eighty percent of new zealand's birds at risk a rise in dairy heads is also contributing to increasingly waterways two thirds of the country's ecosystems are close to collapse. so the head of the program. in sports the footballer who lasted only a few seconds because of a freak injury. business updates. were going places together.
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business updates. were going places together.
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actually in sports. thank you lorne the u.k. footballers union is calling for all professional players to boycott social media on friday to protest against racial abuse the professional footballers' association launch the hash tag enough campaign calling on players to stop using twitter facebook and instagram this follows a string of global high profile racist abuse cases both on and off the pitch england defender danny rose recently said he can't wait to finish his career because of racism he's one of the players backing the boycott rowe says i don't want any future players to go through what i've been through in my career collectively we are not simply willing to stand by while too little is done by football authorities and social media companies to protect players from this
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disgusting abuse manchester united defender chris smalling is also going to boycott he says the time has come for twitter instagram and facebook to consider regulating their channels taking responsibility for protecting the mental health of users regardless of age race sex or and come also in football the semi final lineup is complete in the europa league arsenal came through what looked to be a tricky night against napoli with a one zero win in the second leg alexander luck as that's first half free kick given the gunners a three nil victory on aggregate chelsea make it two english teams in the semifinals they survived a second half fight back from slavia prague to take the thai five three frankfurt overturn the deficit against been a few to go through on away goals rule in all spanish the linz here wrapped up comfortable aggregate win over. and that all means
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a semi final draw looks like this arsenal will play valencia and it's frankfurt up against chelsea the first legs are on may second. the manager of world heavyweight champion anthony joshua says u.s. boxing needs to be tougher on doping and hearn is searching for a new opponent to face joshua at madison square garden in june after general miller was denied a license for the fight miller had an adverse finding and a drug test sample last month but says he will appeal the decision although miller was caught her and says the u.s. system is flawed the problem in america who is there's no governing body there's no national party for american but she does individual state commissions and they don't even taste so american far as unless they sign up to a voter program are only getting testy on fun in britain at least the british boxing board of control have that relationship with you can't wear british did fight is randomly tested even outside of the fights or in
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camp or out of camp that's the only why you want to catch people who are cheated is random testing. in tennis the king of clay shows no sign of being distro and in monaco rafael nadal made light work of grigor dimitrov in their third round match at the monte carlo masters on thursday the spaniard who has won this title eleven times already he's two a straight sets victory of six four six one at all extending his winning streak at this term in a terminal tournament rather to seventeen matches and sets up a quarter final with argentina's. yeah he's playing great he had some great victories here he will be a way to become to this not so i hold i hope to be ready to to keep playing well let's see i know i'm going to be a tough one but i'm quite the finals and that's great news after after the injury to be back on. to play this level of tennis is agreement. world number one novak
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djokovic cruised through his last sixteen clash with american taylor fritz dropping just three games djokovic taking it six three six love as he looks for his third title at the start. next up for djokovic it's deniel medvedev the russian progress to his quarter first quarter final at the masters one thousand tournaments with a recent victory over the final six a pass medvedev taking it six four in the decider. there's a big upset on thursday the world number three alexanders bearer of crashed out he was beaten by the italian thirteenth seed fabio fognini in straight sets seven six six one except when he plays at crewe aisha's born a shortage. pakistan of drop star bowler mohammad amir from their squad for this year's world cup which begins next month the pacemen helped pakistan win the twenty seventeen champions trophy in england which will also host this year's spectacle however since then he's not been in great form and has lost one hundred in one
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overs he's taken just five wickets. seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson has signed the most lucrative deal and f.l. history his four year one hundred forty million dollars contract extension is worth a record thirty five million dollars a season at thirty wilson has led seattle to the playoffs in six of his seven seasons winning the super bowl also in two thousand and fourteen the deal keeps him there until two thousand and twenty three but i want to be a seal for life so that was kind of my mentality and the guys that i've always admired in sports. you know the guys that play there the you know those locations twenty years guys like derek jeter you know i want to be like that. finally a substitution gone wrong that no one saw coming especially swedish player meant to us i was gone he was making his way on the field to take over from a teammate but a high five ended up with him getting poked in the eye as field time didn't last long after he too needed
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a substitute. back to lauren in london. thank you very much indeed and that's it for me for this news hour but i'll be back in a minute with another full roundup of the day's news thanks so much for watching and have at our web site a time. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. that if anyone called me to say he'd leave egypt i'd advise him not to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be.
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out is there a world welcome to italy. every your. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is a was a no pay fault lines investigates how people reeling from drug use or having
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exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. a report into interference in the u.s. election finds don't trump did not collude with russia but it raises questions about whether he obstructed justice the president says he's been exonerated but the report reveals he feared the special counsel probe could mean the end of his presidency.
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your intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. united behind one mission with thousands of sudanese protesters continue their call for a new civilian government. and fighting for their jobs employees demand answers after india's second largest airline is grounded by a funding shortfall. fearing his presidency was doomed furious donald trump demanded that robert miller be fired before the special counsel pushed further in his investigation into the twenty sixteen presidential election that's one of the findings in mona's report which has finally been released to the public although some parts have been censored it's clear trump of colluding with russia during the campaign but has raised serious questions about whether he obstructed justice or we live in washington in a moment but first this report by alan fischer. president trump went ahead with
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a planned event at the white house enjoying according to aides the best piece is his election i'm having to take you who's called. no collusion no obstruction. the bestie since his election he did earlier just his supporters to watch the attorney general's news conference and within minutes of it ending tweeted out the message he's been repeating for twenty two months no collusion no obstruction the president might hope that it's game over but it's not the white house and its republican allies will keep pushing the message that it's time to move on and things well but only to the next stage of an inquiry which has cast a shadow over washington for the last twenty two months democrats want robert mueller and attorney general bill barr to give evidence to congress it is clear the special counsel's office conducted an incredibly thorough investigation in order to preserve the evidence for future investigators the special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now was to congress to
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hold the president accountable for his actions congress must get the full and redacted report along with the underlying evidence uncovered by special counsel muller but the leader of the republicans in the senate sees no prospect of impeachment of the president well the speaker's gone out of her way to discourage that kind of talk. but far be it from me to predict what the house may do but the speakers indicated her total lack of enthusiasm for that particular route one area democrats might push on is that miller could not decide if the president committed obstruction of justice leaving it open for congress but one of his fiercest defenders says that is no it's the intent matter and the president's intention here was not to was not to do that and so intent matters and i know you want to cherry pick one line here or one line there because the big lie that you've left five for two years it's over folks but it's not just democrats pushing for
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fresh investigations the trump reelection campaign calling for an investigation into those behind what it describes as a politically motivated shop. for. the controversy around isn't over all in fisher i'll just see that the white house. jordan is live from washington d.c. for say it does seem that the report's ready kill there was no evidence of collusion with russia it's less clear they will not issue of obstruction of justice. well the big question that members of congress are raising is that how could the special counsel robert mueller come to that conclusion given the breadth and scope of evidence that he presented looking into repeated consisted ongoing contacts between members of the president's inner circle as well as members of his campaign team in two thousand and sixteen without actually sitting down with the president himself
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in person and interview we count one of the most surprising parts of this report is that robert mueller said that even though he had the legal authority to require the president to sit down for an in person interview he didn't do so essentially in the interest of time that it will prolong the investigation and that basically there was there was he was probably not going to get any much further without having sat down with him but that's already not sitting well with members of congress certainly one of the standards that lawyers like to use is if the material that we have gathered if the evidence we have gathered isn't enough to persuade a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that we're not going to bring the case but given that the president himself only answered some written questions but did not actually submit to an in person interview with the special counsel and his team certainly daubers of congress are going to want to know well why did that happen and is this
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something that we need to be taking up ourselves and as you may they'll be asking memo to himself about this when if he does indeed testify. well the. chairman of the house judiciary committee has already sent a letter to robert mueller copying bill barr the attorney general saying that he wants muller to testify by no later than may twenty third just about a month or so from now and it would frankly be. shocking if muller did not appear in fact bar was asked about whether muller should go before congress if of congress want to talk to him and at least on thursday morning bill barr said that he didn't have a problem with that that it would be that he would be fine with muller explaining how he put this report together but the other big problem lord is that there's all of this. supporting information that we in the general public don't have access to
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and only some of that information which is bad redacted is going to be shared with members of congress and so there is another area where bevers of congress are arguing that all of that needs to be put out in the public view so that the determination can be once and for all was something illegal done during the two thousand six hundred campaign or is it as the attorney general was arguing on thursday boarding that as far as he could tell after reviewing the report that there wasn't any reason to bring charges against anyone it including the president himself wasn't john thank you very much. there is reynolds is in west palm beach just went on a chump's malanga resort is the president heading that moment said he's pretty pleased with this but the controversy isn't going away as we suggested. well that's right and i think lauren you you get
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a sense of that from the president's latest tweet which apparently he made in mid air on air force one saying i had the right to end the whole witch hunt if i wanted i could have fired everyone and clued in mahler if i wanted i chose not to i had the right to use executive privilege he said i didn't he said ending with an exclamation point of the president's mood is described as happy and buoyant as far as he is concerned and as far as his. associates and aides are concerned they want to give the impression that this whole thing is entirely over but as both you and jordan have alluded to democrats are not about to let it all go they have been harshly critical of barr and while the. house judiciary committee. chairman jerrold nadler said that he saw in the report very disturbing evidence
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that the president had indeed obstructed justice you'll recall that mahler did not reach a conclusion per se on whether the justice had been obstructed or not so certainly it's not going to go away the president will try to make it appear as though this was all a waste of time but i think that the democrats are certainly going to continue to pursue it whether it goes to impeachment or not and we heard from. in alan's story there are reference to the fact that house speaker nancy pelosi has been very lukewarm to say the least about the prospect of impeachment but again pending robert muller's personal testimony before congress which seems certain there's more to come thank you very much. thank you.
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it's been a week since sudan's military overthrew president omar bashir who ruled the country for thirty years but protests continue as the military council here shiites with political parties on how to form a transitional government the demonstrators want an independent government and there's even more reports accountability it's nearly thirty years since hannan has and buried her son. was sentenced to death after a military trial which lasted just one day the government accused him of being a currency trader after finding foreign bagnolet in his family home his mother says the money was left to him by his father who died and that her son was a victim of the new regime then. you. know who they say hadn't been open before then they arrested him and told me the day after he was executed they said that they've killed someone from a powerful family to show that they can get anyone who opposes them i want justice now and i want to clear my son's name he was not a currency dealer they killed him unfairly i want justice for my son's blood.
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majidi my job was among the first to be executed by the military after all model bashir met the military coup in one nine hundred eighty nine and he became president. bush's reign lasted for nearly thirty years before he was ousted by the military last thursday four months of mass protests accuse him of mismanaging the economy and corruption as well as targeting dissidents through the feared national security agency and militias loyal to the ruling party thousands of sudanese have been killed during the bush years through including doctor by because of that had been for providing medical aid to protesters in january she'll be citing them i know my son was a doctor and was carrying an all to work their regimes militias targeted him intentionally they didn't want anyone to provide medical aid to protesters and now i want justice for my son he didn't deserve to die for doing his job the doctor was one of more than fifty sudanese killed during the protests they include the
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continuing to weak sit in at the army headquarters and how to. accountability is one of the top demands of protesters here these people in the city believe those targeted and killed by the former government to be much harder and they're chanting how much of their much as blood work they want those responsible for the killings to not only be removed from power but to be held accountable for the crimes they committed. leaders of the military council which is ruling sudan and to the transitional government is formed says anyone who committed crimes over the past thirty years will be held to account and the brothers of the ousted president are among his allies already arrested. arrests are underway of symbols of the us did regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now i are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. her name has and says she waited nearly thirty years to seek justice for the death of her son.


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