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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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killed during the protests they include the continuing to weak sit in at the army headquarters and how to. accountability is one of the top demands of protesters here these people in the city believe those targeted and killed by the former government to be much higher and they're chanting how much of the much has blood work they want those responsible for the killings to not only be removed from power but to be held accountable for the crimes they committed. leaders of the military council which is ruling sudan and to the transitional government is formed says anyone who committed crimes over the past thirty years will be held to account and the brothers of the ousted president are among his allies already arrested and. arrests are underway of symbols of the eyes did regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now i are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. her name has been says she waited nearly thirty years to seek justice for the death of her son and with gone she hopes that justice will
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come sooner rather than return people morgan on to the iran. still ahead this half hour an arrest warrant is issued for the libyan world honey for have to as the u.n. warned fighting between his forces and government troops could escalate further. but recent flooding in iran estimated to have affected ten million people report from a village in nuristan province as volunteers try to help blanco's rebuild their lives . how it was still got plenty of hot sun starting to send from southern parts of australia largely clear skies as you can see some wet weather just making its way across that's going to filter its way into south australia over the next day or two
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is that cloud of gray this cold front slice troops nineteen celsius the for perth a little hate adelaide gets up to thirty once again there's a twenty two for melbourne still not quite as warm as it has been here recently still plenty warm enough for the middle part of april twenty four surface sydney and also for brisbane as we go on into saturday similar temperatures here type warmer there for melbourne still hot enough in adelaide to thirty degrees celsius and temperatures still struggling there for perth but at least it should be lucky five and dry with a good deal of sunshine and plenty of sunshine to domy saillant for a time we got cloud of rain moving through the tasman just jumping across the dish the southern parts of new zealand will see some clouds and rain as we go on a friday that slides his way through saturday was like a pretty wet day then for the south island further northeast a font of robert temperatures getting up to three pleasant twenty degrees celsius the all clear missing temperatures around the twenty degree mark into japan is right making its way east.
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the current president and a popular comedian are heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan yet promising a change the comedian won the biggest share of the points in the first round who will lead the country after this historic election ukraine votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. in australia a big locked up than ever before but what's driving this alarming development one on one east meets two x. inmates live blog behind bars on zero zero.
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and one of the top stories here now. the miller report arrest against the russian involvement in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election has been released it says donald trump did not collude with russia but stopped short of clearing him of the charge that he tried to obstruct justice. huge crowds are gathered outside sudan's military headquarters in khartoum demanding the immediate return to a civilian government. the u.n. envoy for libya is warning of a broader escalation in fighting in the south a sunset i may says there is deadlock between warring sides south of the capital tripoli fighters loyal to the u.n. recognize government of launched a new campaign against warlord holly for have to in the south as his forces try to take control of tripoli the government has also issued a warrant or have to arrest. meanwhile france has rejected accusations that it's been supporting all of her life or have to and insists that it backs the un recognized government in tripoli went after her head has more forces loyal to the
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world lord holy for have to manage it to recapture the. seventy seven hundred kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli that's after forces loyal to the you could notice the government briefly took control of intent in tripoli the government forces managed to push have to his forces back beyond the disused to tripoli international airport and meanwhile have those warplanes targeted government forces locations one being for the fighters one of them is in critical condition on the political level there is also a development on the political level as the interior minister. knows the government fed him better other stated that the ministry of interior is suspending all relations with france in terms of security and training get fields that's because
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as he says france is a major supporter of. the warlord khalifa haftar also in tripoli the military the military general prosecutor issued an arrest warrant against several officers in the east including the warlords or have to himself for their involvement as the rest warrants has for their involvement in targeting civilian areas in tripoli including the only disc the only operational airport in the city in may to get airport and also it is eventually areas in tripoli city center which killed several innocent civilians. floods have devastated large parts of iran affecting ten million people someone described water levels rose so quickly they lost everything so much from the reports from. the river near this village had been rising all night people here say the floods came around sunrise they
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scrambled to higher ground with no time to save anything but themselves now they're scrambling for handouts. for those who've lost everything even a pair of shoes is precious. these women say younger stronger people take everything leaving nothing for the weak. generations of people have been living in their own tell for one hundred years and moving closer to the water even the oldest say they've never seen floods so bad the rains were a reminder the path of the river is older than anything else here a few weeks ago all this was underwater now half the houses will never be rebuilt and. we must move somewhere else in the past the river was not this big but now it has come to the village the government won't give permission to build houses anymore. around four hundred people live in this village and it took the river only a few hours to swallow up half of it no one here could tell us how long it might
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take to recover after the water level went down the villagers were able to come back to their homes and start the enormous task of cleaning up this mound of mud that was at one point actually inside this house and if you come into the house you can get a sense of how bad the situation actually was when the flooding was happening this brown line running across the wall almost to the ceiling that's how high the water level got inside this house. volunteers have come to help but some houses are too far gone others completely washed away. one woman a widow said it took years to make a home of her own she still owes half of what she borrowed. build a house in which she can no longer live. bring us beings but we just want a house we bring water food and everything but we don't have a house so this things can not replace our home they gave me a ten bates not safe to live in a tent. all over the country many people are having similar experiences survivors
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living among the debris of the things they've lost so. it's cold at night and hot in the day it's really difficult to live in a tent. for now people are getting help but say what they need most are new places to live so they can start living by the road in tents overlooking broken homes and the river that broke them same old zero zero untold village in lauriston province iran. the storm has swept across central and western india claiming almost fifty lives high winds with dust lightning and torrential rain of told through the states of mind you pradesh. and raw just on prime minister narendra modi has announced relief measures for victims' families. police have fired tear gas to disperse stone throwing protesters in indian administered kashmir as millions vote in the second
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phase of india's mammoth election there was a massive security lockdown as kashmiri separatist leaders called for a boycott of the vote based voting stations in the regional capital srinagar appeared deserted with more police paramilitary soldiers and election staff than voters. sixteen thousand workers at what was india's second largest airline hoping to save their jobs jet airways has grounded all flights because it's run out of money faster meal reports from new delhi. they're fighting for their livelihoods these jet airways employees haven't been paid in months some not since last august and been taking a toll on them and their families education of children suffering parents is you know they can get off the way it was because all the introduces and things i. thought that we might retire from here you see here is my son is also in jail is
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also flying as a pilot so if i point out that it really really got into this situation i wouldn't have brought him in this close once considered india's premier private airline it suffered financial difficulties for years coming close to collapse in two thousand and thirteen until the hot air waves bought a twenty four percent stake in fusing you cash and life into the airline but new low cost domestic carriers have continued to eat into jet airways market share and profits formally announce the first and jets founder nourished go well was forced to step down from the board in march after being criticised for continuing to spend on planes and premier landing slots as the airline's debts were piling up. for passengers in india the grounding of jet is expected to lead to higher airfares but aviation analysts say that will be temporary and then there is one of the. growing . demand of the most. in some. not experiencing that
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kind of growth so i don't see that more than four to six months. later. the capacity gap. but that's little comfort for the tens of thousands of jet employees who stuck with the company despite working on paid from the day i've joined so many of us the airline has given everything to us and savvy on things a lot of things it seems which peter you don't know what happened it's been very uncertain. yes i like these to mean the same because better about the standards because it is the former governor many hope their years of service in what was connolly considered a dream job will not have to be anyone with a flight bookie receive a cancellation email early on thursday the airline will now have to wait for the outcome of a round of bidding by potential buyers or may tempt to get an idea of what the future may be in the meantime jet airways employees can only wait and hope the airline will take off again. al-jazeera new delhi.
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and as president and his rival probably have both claimed victory in wednesday's election the final results will be known until next month or thirties have appealed for calm after some supporters of called for a macho nature contest biggest mosque on friday when day with force. it appears there will be no change of tennant for now at the presidential palace in the indonesian capital jakarta based on provisional results joko widodo has won another five years in office but that's not how his challenger sees it. today i. have been declared as the president and vice president of indonesia for the period of twenty nineteen to twenty twenty four by sixty two
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percent votes based on the internal real count. disputes the unofficial results that showed joko widodo winning by a large margin the former army general says there were many discrepancies in the electoral process before the election he alleged there were irregularities involving more than seventeen million voters invalid to resort to people power if the problems amounted to cheating there is a sense of history repeating itself here when. the two thousand and fourteen election he said he'd been cheated and took the case to the constitutional court which ruled against him there's no sign he's going to give up easily this time either. formed alliances with conservative muslim groups who've shown they can get big numbers on to the streets they say they are considering coming out again for not to protest but to celebrate what they say is a victory for their candidates the security forces say they won't allow anyone to disrupt the official vote counting process. tommy. not tolerate and we will
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crackdown on all efforts to disrupt public order and unconstitutional actions that undermine the democratic process. official results won't be known until may twenty second they're expected to confirm as president of indonesia and again confined. to run iraq in the two man race. thousands of mourners have gathered to pay their respects to peruse former president along garcia garcia died on wednesday after shooting himself as police were preparing to arrest him for in a sanchez has more from. were at the people's party this is the headquarters of the party the party that was led by former president alan garcia and the wake is taking place there's been hundreds of people queuing up the place is so full that they have closed the door for now until people start leaving they've been singing the
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parties and and hugging among each other a lot of people affected bringing flowers putting flowers on the coffin and now there's been a lot of divided reaction in the country with political allies blaming. on on members of the press has been releasing information about his involvement or his alleged involvement in the bribery scandal the bribery scandal also blaming it. on public prosecutors are saying that the prosecutors were showing. all the elements that they were releasing the information released as evidence before before meeting defend himself so at the same time there's been fierce critics critics even on air saying that he's been a coward to take his life before facing justice others who said that who are saying that they want to send their condolences to the families. garcia but that at the
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same time they believe that garcia robbed during his government there and that he should have face justice. a polar bear has been found prowling for food in russia's far east hundreds of kilometers away from its natural habitat but it isn't a come to care for an insecure was stunned when they saw the exhausted looking animal come on shore for a cheese plan to sedate the bear before transporting him back north as ordered just speculate he could have drifted south on an ice floe before swimming to the nearest piece of land polar bears dependence on sea ice makes them highly vulnerable to global warming the activist group greenpeace says as more ice melts the bears are forced to look for new ways to survive and many choose to travel closer to human habitats. it was good and bad news for the new zealand environment what bird experts describe as the world's fattest parents may be making a big comeback the kakapo is one of these events critically endangered native birds
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they can't fly and domestic cats are blamed for almost wiping them out only one hundred forty seven survived but a record number of chicks have been hatched autumn seventy of them experts hope it will bring the couple back from the brink but a new report using government statistics paints an alarming picture for much of the country's biodiversity it says intensive farming and urban development putting around eighty percent of new zealand's birds at risk a rise in dairy herds is also contributing to increasingly polluted waterways. one of the top stories on our syria the miller report investigating russian involvement in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election has been released it says donald trump did not collude with russia but stops short of clearing him of the charge that he tried to obstruct justice the edited report also says trump tried multiple times championed an
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investigation into his campaign's links with russia. attorney general william barr is facing criticism for his handling of the report he received a copy of it last month and made his own conclusion the tramp had not obstructed justice the report recounts ten episodes involving the president and discusses potential legal theories for connecting those activities to the elements of an obstruction offense after carefully reviewing the facts and legal theories outlined in the report and in consultation with the office of legal counsel and other department lawyers the deputy attorney general and i concluded that the evidence developed by the special counsel is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense huge crowds have gathered outside sudan's military headquarters in khartoum one week since there were throw of president omar bashir protesters continue to demand for the regime change and the
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immediate return to a civilian government a special representative of russia's president has also met sudan's military rulers the u.n. envoy for libya has warned of a broader escalation of violence as rival forces battle for control of the capital tripoli. says that there is a deadlock between the un recognized government and forces loyal to the warlord holly for have to. fighters loyal to the government of launched a new offensive against have to in the south and the government has also issued a warrant for the warlords arrest. a storm has swept across central and western india claiming almost fifty lives high winds with dust lightning and trench all rain of tall through four states prime minister narendra modi has announced relief measures victims' families. those that i'm set next stop what i want east investigates why more australian women are behind bars than ever before more news
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for you straight after that thanks for watching i feel. the week began with views of a ninety day truce in the tip for tat us china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. in australia more women are in prison than ever before most of them have been physically or sexually abused with many turning to drugs before forming into a lot of crime. one i want to east investigates why so many women are going to prison in australia and maids to women who know exactly what it's like inside. ok i've been to prison four times i was in prison for drug dealing. the hardest
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thing about staying out of prison is dealing with the isolation the judgment. the stigma. before her world came crashing down putting her on a path to prison fran was busy juggling work and family in sydney i had the perfect life. i had. four children i had. had a nine to five job we had a little house not far from the school. and i thought i was just woman in the world. things to charing. my son passed away when he was nineteen we were holding each other up from the death of innocence. and then my husband was darn nice tweezed. son
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thank passed away and we buried him with my son. and it was actually one of my. kids' friends. introduced me to us not long after them passed away i. think so and i was just following it and i was an absolute mess and the more i took on this the more i wanted to tell you guys. soon took over a lot. of friends would come out with all three of money and then i'd get it and then we. do feel it all you know and in essence that made me drugs. i was the drugs for that but i would say yeah and then of course stuff that
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they frayed and. it got my friends told their friends and then their friends told other friends and friends told other friends and before. my half was like simple station it was it was absolutely and i was getting more and more sick. it was aiding me from the inside out literally and sepsis in my in my blood several months in your arms but i think from that was from the sepsis. yeah the poison on my whole blood because. it was literally toxic and i mean we've reached. i would be wondering today that i'm either going to die or i'm going to be arrested monday and i want to be arrested you know and each time. i knew one of those would happen. and i was praying that it would just happen soon. fran was convicted of drug supply and
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sentenced to three years in prison when i came out i had no. change of underwear. but that was basically. where i'm leaving now is not something i am absolutely desperate. today friends going to make gloria lama from the women's justice network she's helping her find some way to live. to see. you looking well to go in and to. see with how things all about. our knowledge and see. if something was up with. clear. thinking or. said to mr bush are you ram's toshiyuki the very week of catherine rice
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works for an ngo the provide short term accommodation to single women over forty five oh this. is a kitchen here we provide a microwave and reach because you know we've got the kitchen downstairs and the. boss or you know. does he do for. the you name it. i don't. know. but actually it is. quite small so we don't start out and i do have a pet going to. yeah because. we actually have a people question smith said it's not really suitable for me. because it's so small and i sort of got really excited and i said i have a little dog and she said we can have dogs here. and i just saw her.
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fran it would be lovely to be able to help her she's a person that's in housing they'd it's really sad and you want to help everybody but do you have any other any sort of accommodation that you know you know it's really difficult for people live friend to feel right excite you you need help saying everybody just somewhere that they can put their head down every now and they'll say i'm for most people coming out of prison that doesn't happen but. i've been to prison five times i've been to prison for breaking into driving while disqualified driving under the influence of ice and escape place custody the hardest thing about coming out of prison being homeless and the stigma. it's a big day for becky she's just got her out of jail and the mother is here to grace
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or. form so it's all true but i'm sure that's ok let's move. on to the next i do i would like to with amazing. things in the love of the. little girl which was for everybody. but yeah. we got there some. not so great this one was so so excited i nanny so i'm going to be lighter in the wake. of the song only song number one start. i've got some money. some papers my release papers and fifty dollars but yeah that's it yeah that's only coming out right. not
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much bikies to six months in prison for resisting arrest. driving while i'm qualified and stealing petrol anywhere on the map now and will be a new beginning a new beginning. and i've been inside for six months now sorry it's great to be here that's fabulous like i'm seeing the top but i mean that it really and it's so good to have my mom yes thank you i want to travel. the world and. to manage it how do you feel today i feel really excited i guess is a little bit of anxiousness there but. you know it's new beginnings for you and and for us as a family so yeah. every time i get out. there and try to get accommodation spoil me because i can go high into dad's because that that's where a lot but it's broke his yass really say that. to the point definitely last four
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years. before that really since i was sixteen they're sad and when i drink i have diminished capacity so i might really poor choices take that i get drunk on hang out with people that are in austin and i get on the os and i don't sleep for days and then i'm a drunk again and. it makes me and i stealing cars and. really dangerous behavior. this allows to tell you i have to talk to you on the phone while you're at work that the impact for myself a big he's prison terms has been the toyman cost and heartache. but mostly it's been the heartache around it you know having to. talk about the with your friends you know i'm going to visit my daughter in prison to say it's a real shame. and. leaving her. when
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you leave you know it's it was really hard i'm never going back to prison i have had enough i've i've definitely growing from this experience and i. just i'm not going back i can't i cannot go back it's just there is. the light and it's not going back. two weeks later becky and her mum moved into a new. bank and i had just moved into a new place on the south coast of new south wales. and i guess if i didn't think she'd turn over a new leaf and was ready to make some positive changes in her off i wouldn't have done. this in discover this is what this was when but he was using because she was such an opportunist thief she would i would hard things like my car keys my
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wallet my phone laptop under my pillow whenever you know i went to bed. i have had a very tense relationship with my mom in the past but i am reviewing that. mom has given me more than a few chances i have let her down more than a few times more. in. a few days ago now stalled so precious and irreplaceable things from the house that i was looking after. and for me it really gutted me that particular time should start on lots of things before in the past but that particular it was mother's day and we'd been out for a lovely lunch but that not the norm in of to work she came back to the house and and took those things and with it my trust. she stole the trust that other people hurting me and that was really really tough and i went into a bit of a spiral myself at that point. you. have done
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a lot of personal growth. my self-esteem was shocking i can and i'm pretty good now . i was six when i was actually be used effect that had on my life. was like devastating. my dad wanted to buy me my mom's flat out and i did not believe me which was really hard and then my parents actually got divorced not long after that i don't even know if the abuse affected me as much as not being believed. i went from happy go to a really i started to compulsively i know up to a little fact. i just saw everyone loved me because they had to love me. i feel a lot of regret and chime around that i didn't believe becky when she told me she was.


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