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tv   Australia Criminalising Women  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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to be to message people based on their past their religion their it group and the board to belong to the lack of data protection laws in india means that such methods are not strictly illegal but she was disturbed by the kind of an ethical micro-targeting he witnessed the problem arises when you start using the exact same of the liberty dollar to basically create a divided society and the people what started happening is that there is a very concerted effort to create a divide between hindus and muslims to create a divide between groups really specific kind of messaging they're going to get across they want to get across the messaging that muslims will overtake the population number for this group but the thing is just because the messaging goes to such a small subset of people who didn't know what i am going to believe that such a good thing is if you can profile people and i'm going to fight what kind of message in there likely to believe you can skew the perception of reality list better fix it as best for messaging campaign it doesn't happen instantly one piece
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of news that's going to convince you of something but if you're bombarded with news point to do specific directions for months on end it does start to feel. these messages star get minority religious groups or individual politicians journalists and activists. but the problem of fake news it's not limited to whatsapp. its parent company facebook has nearly treat hundred million users in india and that's by default plays host to an organized ecosystem for disseminating misinformation. in two thousand eighteen a b.b.c. analysis of some three thousand facebook pages from in town found a pretty dominant trite wing narrative a nationalist ideology aligned with the b two b. on sites spreading fake names at the heart of the spoken ice ecosystem up artists and influences like because spine day i started. in which i mean. which
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is one point six which is world's biggest fan. and i've got more features which i don't want to the name because we will again we've got to get more than six. with facebook now cracking down on pages that shame misleading information because scare full not to reveal too much but with his boss reach he can often show that certain posts. while some experts insist he's part of the b.g. . he denies it i don't have any such formal rule in the party but people nor means since i've been in war since last week. so it's like ad hoc if you have to get a broadcast from others or a call from somebody in the party or the system most this is how we need to do and then i said. to achieve this he has an army of volunteers at his disposal mostly they're all the stewards so i normally see them for
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a six month see how sensibility and home they're willing to help the cause if they're willing to help they're willing to learn also. something to make graphics out of so i give them either from my pocket one or two thousand rupees something for the internet i asked some of my corporate friend to help give them a job. not create any content himself he has been accused of sharing misleading information and the dude is that idling why is. unison there. just to. make sure there's credible these laws. in a now deleted post which we were able to pull up with the help of a web tool called wayback machine because she had a claim that the number of running refugees living in india had risen to one hundred ten million people. in fact the official figure is close to forty thousand
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but because the right angles are a refugee group that are largely muslim this fed into the preexisting bias in indian society against muslims so therefore this post was shared over twenty one thousand times before it was officially taken off. facebook proving its credibility in its largest market is crucial two weeks before the election began facebook banned hundreds of pages linked to the idea of the congress and the beach. but the volume of misinformation on social media networks is so high that technology companies just cannot keep up this explosion has led to the birth of over half a dozen fact checking networks like news founded by products and for two years now since i am a small team have consistently debunked fake news in a nonpartizan way owning them more than a few enemies along the way. to make an office because we have
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a shoestring budget so. you know people if anything funny. or on safety. it's a few days after indian air force planes hit a target inside pakistani territory and pretty extreme is neck deep in verifying false claims circulating on social media about the attack. twenty six said. that it would i think. devastation cause who are after the. beings open to be found videos of. play that. and seeing that this is on the. news following the money has become increasingly important one way of doing this is to. track how much individual pages are spending on facebook ads. from five to now
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they've put how many course are part of him and give up one point one one point zero prose then in one week they have forced their butter for filler. there's actually accelerating the amount as the elections approach one one thing that we need to do is that we need to go to some of the smaller pages which are not you know which they think they're not being sort of monitored and we want to see if there's any and that has book has approved which has an element of misinformation. news recently established that seventy percent of the money spent on political ads in a particular week had come from pro b.g.p. pages nonetheless it's clear that not everyone is ideologically motivated the ones that are running the website making money the financial motivation is greater in my belief for example there's this guy his name is that we should measure and he used to create probably more. videos and he saw that the bias to pull here so he jumped
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to the other side and started and i believe if there were different political circumstances in the country and if we had to create different kind of content to make the same amount of money they would. rise amongst a handful of known fake news creators in india is wildly popular website by really in india often carries blatantly false stories with a decidedly anti b.g.p. stance the website was recently suspended but as this one was being made its associated page was still active on facebook and had over a million foreigner was he agreed to meet us in new delhi and was confrontational from the start there no point going to his party were made and it is a. public whereas you can get a good little other side but i don't know part of the bus by those who are there or what. oh. was that even you i would wager
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a new money this business model i'm going to. miss more than me he proudly posts pictures on social media with several leaders from the opposition congress including with the party's president raul gandhi but denies any formal association then i bring up allegations that he deliberately creates fake content up. to see if he took the website. up was a good example the of ignored by the op. so i do in may two thousand and eighteen one of his posts went viral on facebook it claimed that former indian prime minister manmohan singh who belongs to the congress party had been declared the first of fifty most honest leaders in the world in an american survey. many beatrice i make many.
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people are. sort of a manic. many are people who have side but a liar. wish i thought it would have you again it doesn't work this doesn't work that if. i may go manic. i'll tell you about america. how much like a big shake peddlers of misinformation continue to operate with impunity in india the easier we'll ability of datasets with personal information ensures that their content is talking to their audiences who are already primed to believe it to be over six hundred million indians are connected to the internet as politicians started this rapidly growing constitution see the country's laws have not kept pace successive governments have failed to bring in
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a personal data protection law believe us draft of this law will now only be discussed in parliament after the ongoing polls. houses of kilometers from new delhi in the french city of toulouse security analyst baptist roberts has given indians yet another reason to demand more stringent protection laws. better known through his twitter pseudonym eliot alderson he describes himself as the worst nightmare of the beach. present in your own. retuning. to finish the open. question a year ago that the prime minister's. was sending users personal details without their consent to an american behavioral anality company called clever tap this included specific such as age profession and other voter id
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details. could quickly. overall get really. sick. don't. give up on the play just one more. signal to. be called by a new class specific. to push me. and do very. shortly after baptist revelations the b.g.p. confirmed directly to him that clever tap was using the data from the app for. the company remains elusive about the nature of this analysis all our emails and calls to them went unanswered. their website provides
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a few clues. liverpool would all approach is to make relationship marketing. simple and easy for marketers for example little fee. in a campaign. should receive the message when you know what what the why is that the message should go to and what the actual message is being automating all three of these. baptist such behavioral analysis raises a few important questions after pill for. you to do. because he's known for. his information and i think falls under the present or not just. don't know kind of the
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question was. depressed. there is a sure loser protest from a professor who control criminals here so if you first get by me to not hold on to the all one quick point on i mean down the other to challenge you on the whole crippen don't don't think this is a child in your who will one day i will feel sure if krypton dong dong in a prison in this he's going to give out. it's nearly impossible to quantify the damage that such social media manipulation may inflict on india's democratic process but if we are to protect and preserve our constitutional right to freely elected does without fia all favor then my fellow citizens will have to demand accountability from those who lead us and from those
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who mislead us.
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the dreams have turned out to be disappointing and. that. if anyone called me to say he each. had advised him to call three young north africans tell the story of how europe is all they hoped it would be. the founders are worlds. to it's only. for drug seeking to get clean one rehab has been raising serious questions.
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based therapy a so-called treatment that is a walk on no pay. investigates how people. are having exploitation added to that was. recovering from rehab. the special counsel's report states that is quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government the u.s. attorney general says the mother investigation clears president trump of collusion but the political storm continues.
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hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up molly's prime minister quits along with his government following widespread protests for weeks after a massacre of one hundred sixty people in ethnic politics. who want the president to be in prison but not only him actually but the holy jing protesters in saddam say the arrest of the president is not enough and demand the military led administration be replaced by civilian rule plus the un's envoy to libya warns of intensified violence as fighting spreads from the capital to the south of the country. a censored version of the model report into russian interference into the twenty sixteen election won by donald trump has been released with a reaction split along party lines trumps a legal team declared total victory after the investigation found no evidence of collusion but democrats say he still has serious questions to answer of obstruction
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of justice allegations as a result in jordan reports that. donald trump's two thousand and sixteen campaign team was dogged by charges it was working with russia to throw the election his way but when robert muller was chosen to investigate those allegations this. was trump's reaction oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency now bowler's investigation is done and the four hundred forty eight page report with many sections blacked out is now public the special counsel's conclusion stated at least three times accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him as far as the u.s. attorney general is concerned trump is not in legal jeopardy bill barr says just because muller's report is filled with details about contacts between the campaign
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and russian officials doesn't mean anyone committed a crime we collect this information we use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision the report confirms what the u.s. intelligence community believes russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton russ upon tax with members of trump's inner circle where betty including with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul man a fort both kohen and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however mohler and his investigators say there's not enough proof of a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had called wouldn't after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable
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legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment but muller at mit's he never compel trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalind al-jazeera washington. and while president trump may be declaring total victory democrats want mother around trump's attorney general to testify before congress they also want to see the full on a diversion of the report and i'm fisher has more from the white house. president trump went ahead with a planned event at the white house enjoying according to aides the best piece is his election i'm having a good day q who's called. no collusion no obstruction. the best pieces his election he did earlier urged his supporters to watch the attorney general's news conference and within minutes of it ending tweeted out the message
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he's been repeating for twenty two months no collusion no obstruction the president might hope that it's game over but it's not the white house and its republican allies will keep pushing the message that it's time to move on and things well but only to the next stage of an inquiry which has cast a shadow over washington for the last twenty two months democrats want robert mueller and attorney general bill barr to give evidence to congress it is clear the special counsel's office conducted an incredibly thorough investigation in order to preserve the evidence for future investigators their special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now was the congress to hold the president accountable for his actions congress must get the full and redacted report along with the underlying evidence uncovered by special counsel muller but the leader of the republicans in the senate sees no prospect of impeachment of the president well the speaker's gone out of her way to discourage that kind of talk. but far be it from me to predict what the house may do
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but the speakers indicated her total lack of enthusiasm for that particular route one area democrats might push on is that miller could not decide if the president committed obstruction of justice leaving it open for congress but one of his fiercest defenders says not i think it is known since the intent matters and the president's intention here was not said it was not to do that and so intent matters and i know you want to cherry pick one line here or one line there because the big lie that you've left. it's over folks but it's not just democrats pushing for fresh investigations the trump reelection campaign calling for an investigation into those behind what it describes as a politically motivated shop. for p.b.s. the controversy around isn't over alan fischer i'll just eat up the white house president trump is now in florida fascinating malani i will spend easter weekend at
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his mar-a lago resort he refused to answer questions from journalists as he left the white house or panels as much from reaction from west palm beach in florida close to trump's result. president trump flew here to florida for the holiday weekend he didn't speak to reporters when he left the white house but he was tweeting on board air force one saying that he could if he had wanted to have fired robert mahler months and even years ago and shut down the entire investigation on the grounds of executive privilege but president trump said he just simply chose not to do so he issued another tweet that criticized former president barack obama for not doing anything about the. interference in the twenty sixteen presidential campaign and election by russia. that was detailed in the mall
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a report. the president then began his one of his favorite pastimes which is watching the conservative fox news television channel in the sense of the live tweeting large chunks of commentary from the fox news personalities praising the president and heaping scorn on his enemies the president's inclination and that of his staff and spokespeople of course is to say that the entire affair is over now with the issuance of the moola report but democrats are not saying that they are saying that turney gen william barr misrepresented parts of the report and gave it a positive spin in the president's favor they're calling for robert muller to appear in person to give testimony on capitol hill the chairman of the house judiciary committee a democrat said that he phoned some disturbing evidence in the mohler report of possible obstruction of justice so the affair itself is not over congress will
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continue to investigate and with mother's testimony don't be surprised if there are a few more surprises for bruce fein is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general he says the president trumbo an apology for if there's one thing that the mall report shows and i've read most of the four hundred forty eight pages there clearly was smoke there and it wasn't fake smoke all timidly there wasn't a fire that satisfied legal standards but there was a whole volume mountains of evidence that were incriminating even if not dispositive of proof of guilt and remember that is what caused trey gowdy he's a very conservative republican a congressman of south carolina before he retired say mr trump if you're innocent why do you act like a guilty person and i think it's also true that many of those who refused mr trump's orders to do wrong also thought that he was involved in some kind of wrongdoing otherwise they wouldn't have bought. at executing his orders so it's not
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a vindication of the personality of mr trump it's a vindication of the system and i think if anything mr trump owes mr moeller an apology for suggesting that he just concocted all of this four hundred forty eight pages you know there's real evidence there and i do think that all of the things that are very ugly if you will about how trump comported himself will be campaign issues i just don't think that they have the legal strength to force or to compel or invite the democrats to continue to hold hearings on this i think it will something we'll hear on the stump. mali's government has resigned after protests over a mass killing last month the deaths of more than one hundred sixty herdsman brought tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets demonstrators accuse the government of not doing enough to stop the violence there as nicolas hogg who is a neighbor in senegal says the resignations pose big challenges for mali's president. the prime ministers to me luby my guy did not give
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a reason for his resignation but it really comes as no surprise because just days ago on wednesday the national assembly and members of the ruling party and the opposition in an unprecedented move put out a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and against his government and that was supposed to be voted in on friday the resignation came on thursday night it also comes on the heels of massive protests on april fifth thousands of malia's took to the streets asking for the prime minister's resignation and calling for foreign troops to leave the country there's thirteen thousand un peacekeeping troops as well as french troops france being the former colonial powers they're trying to fight out rebel groups active in the north of the country but just three weeks ago this insurgency turned into an ethnic conflict with poll villagers being targeted by their own neighbors poser
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a semi nomadic group some of their neighbors accuse them of supporting some of these insurgent group of the north but the main reason why the prime minister is resigning is because many millions are unhappy about the fact that the cost of living has risen by twenty percent promises made by president. was reelected not just have not been kept the schools have not opened since september the justice system is paralyzed it seems all of the government institutions have not been functioning adding to that is the deteriorate. the security situation in mali so the president has announced that he will choose a new prime minister and you government in the days to come. huge crowds continue to gather in sudan outside the military headquarters the site of a mass city and over the last two weeks protesters want the immediate return of civilian rule following the overthrow of president omar.


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