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with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul bene fort both cullen and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however muller and his investigator say there's not enough proof of a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment but muller it bits never compel trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalind al-jazeera washington. questions remain about whether trump obstructed
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justice though alan fischer has they says from the white house. president trump went ahead with a planned event at the white house enjoying according to aides the best piece is his election i'm having to take you who's called. no collusion no obstruction. the best pieces his election he did earlier urged his supporters to watch the attorney general's news conference and within minutes of it ending tweeted out the message he's been repeating for twenty two months no collusion no obstruction the president might hope that it's game over but it's not the white house and its republican allies will keep pushing the message that it's time to move on and things well but only to the next stage of an inquiry which has cast a shadow over washington for the last twenty two months democrats want robert mueller and attorney general bill barr to give evidence to congress it is clear the special counsel's office conducted an incredibly thorough investigation in order to
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preserve the evidence for future investigators the special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now was to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions congress must get the full and redacted report along with the underlying evidence uncovered by special counsel muller but the leader of the republicans in the senate sees no prospect of impeachment of the president well the speaker's gone out of her way to discourage that kind of talk. but far be it for me to predict what the house may do but the speaker's indicator her total lack of enthusiasm for that particular route one area democrats might push on is that miller could not decide if the president committed obstruction of justice leaving it open for congress but one of his fiercest defenders says that is no instance the intent matters and the president's intention here was not to with was not to do that and so intent matters and i know
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you want to cherry pick one line here one line there because the big lie that you've left five it's over folks but it's not just democrats pushing for fresh investigations the trump reelection campaign calling for an investigation into those behind what it describes as a politically motivated shop. for p.b.s. the controversy around it isn't over alan fischer i'll just see that the white house. well still ahead on al-jazeera supporters of the opposition candidates in indonesia's presidential election are out on the streets as a folk out is underway. peru in mourning off to former president commits suicide to avoid arrest.
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now or into a holiday weekend for a good part of europe traditionally these things are cold and wet but the most is actually warm and dry but there's a very obvious exception there that cloud over iberia of a spade in particular is can make a huge difference it's raining now max it's going to be thirteen in madrid is showing the costa del sol there will be no saul but it's nice and warm in paris and in london and the sun is out despite what should be a cold easterly breeze not similar or down. down to two wars greece in fact greece and turkey are also two cool areas so conversely europe is not one of you is upside down that's true icing as we run for friday into saturday this bit of rain and a circulation in the black save it i'm afraid that spain is most disappointing that green blob represents yet more writes also in madrid would love a bit as precious little sunshine but as you can see for a good part the rest of europe there is now for drop out of europe this side of the military is all foreign central east and that obviously the cloud that's in spain
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extends into morocco and algeria so a bit of a disappointment maybe a robot is probably going to be ok nineteen degrees an onshore breeze could be better than about the same analogy is an equally lot of tired could do better a few showers around possibly sundry. the weather sponsored by cattle and. how if you changed since you were seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one years each story reflecting a history of the mattick social and political change twenty eight hours south africa part one on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines people in sudan of staged the biggest rally since the overthrow president on one of bashir last week hundreds of thousands of demonstrators massed in the capital the man. to military who the. president has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government comes after weeks of mass protests over the killing of one hundred sixty full on the villages the government has been accused of not doing enough to stop the violence. u.s. president donald trump is declaring total victory after the release of a sense of version of robert while those who are the two russian collusion both house democrats say they want to see the full text. bruce fein is
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a former united states associate deputy attorney general he thinks the report is more likely to affect trump's reelection campaign next year and have any legal creations. as appear legal matter for lawyers no it doesn't get him off the hook it's true that the house judiciary committee could say well even if mr moller could make up his mind we will and based upon our examination inferences about corrupt intent we will conclude that mr trump committed obstruction of justice which was an article of impeachment against both clinton and nixon and move forward i don't think it's very likely to happen for the reason that i think the american people place a lot more confidence in mr muller's judgment and you're not going to throw out a president based upon an inconclusive decision then you will the house judiciary committee and i believe that's already been indicative of why the majority leader mr stanley who are issued
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a statement says we're not going to do impeachment it's going to take too long it's too complicated will take us beyond two thousand and twenty we will use this information quite legitimately in the campaign of two thousand and twenty but as a matter of law in the judiciary committee going forward i think this is over. the u.n. envoy for libya is warning violence could intensify fighters loyal to the un recognized government have launched a new campaign in the south against warlord. the un security council has met in emergency sessions in new york to discuss the battle for control of tripoli but it failed to agree on a draft resolution for a cease fire. we need to have this resolution urgently we need we need to send this very very strong message to the population that is desperate and when you hear now grad rockets falling into civilian quarters we need to strong strong voice from from new york uganda's top court has upheld
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a law removing the presidential age limit it could lead to a sixth term president you are the most severely without the age cap of seventy five years the seventy four year old president can run again it was he won rather a fifth term three years ago the opposition says the changes unconstitutional so when he came to power in one thousand nine hundred six after a guerrilla war. the challenger to indonesia's presidency says he'll take legal action if he's not declared the winner of wednesday's election. supporters are holding a rally to bank they can do this is votes being counted the final results won't be known until next month when a has more from jakarta. supporters all probable. they had planned to stage. after friday prayers but after some fairly stern words from the security forces about not interfering in the democratic process they sided to gather outside his home in the capital. he and his supporters claim that he is
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the rightful president of indonesia wednesday's election but all the provisional results say that the incumbent. won the election by a fairly comfortable margin again alleging that there was cheating in this election and if he is not announced as the official winner by the election commission on may twenty second then he will take the case to the constitutional court remember he said that after the two thousand and fourteen election as well which he lost he said there was cheating that time as well he took the case to the court the court ruled against him. supporters of former peruvian president alan garcia paid tribute to him after he committed suicide while facing arrest had plenty of loyal followers many detractors too many other such as reports from lima. paying
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tribute to. more than thirty years and then go to see a live happy party now his followers raced the party symbol as a final goodbye to. thousands of peruvians lined up early thursday to celebrate the life of their former leader. i feel such great pain because so many pushed him this far and he didn't want to allow anyone to see him handcuffed. although he was fired been proven politics able to dazzle followers f.c.s. tarnished reputation dates back to his first government in the late one nine hundred eighty s. when hyperinflation reached epic levels hundreds of surrender prisoners were massacred in several jails after his first time enough face alan garcia fled to colombia in one thousand nine hundred two and then lived in fronts hiding from corruption charges he returned and won the presidency again in two thousand and six but ended as one of proust most repudiated politicians was there and i guess
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sadness politicians now it's political allies are blaming the press and public prosecutors for things that. journalists following part of the money trail and that in america's worst corruption scandal revealed that during garcia's government brazilian construction giant old david h. paid at least twenty four million dollars in bribes and prosecutors question him for months more to a lot of allen was a victim of a long campaign of insults that were already killing him little by little and then ordering his arrest without any proof for sure just to humiliate him they wanted to see him handcuffed was however critics say that c.s.i. lies are now trying to make prove you believe that his death is a result of a political persecution. money. it is outrageous that goes he has followers are using is to side it is unfair with the prosecutor because they were following the due process if i longer see in the face of the process decided to take such
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a drastic decision that is his own responsibility the fact the recent opinion poll says more than seventy percent of peruvians believe garcia was guilty of corruption despite his passing the law allows prosecutors to continue investigating him and they will following the trail of millions of dollars all they were paid to get construction concessions during second government and whose accounts the money end up in my d.m.'s i'm just i'm just happy to. ukraine's president has appealed to voters to forgive his mistakes as he trails in opinion polls ahead of sunday's election runoff those polls predict petro poroshenko will lose his bid for reelection shooter sheriff i once again ask you to forgive me bitch of what we did not work out hurts the most yes narrative but i know how hard it is for each of you to forgive my mistakes and believe again i want you to know yes this is my
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fault the machine us should i want to finish the job and continue work i've already done so i ask for your support on april twenty first and i will accept any decision of yours since the will of the people is most important one of those journalists is been shot dead in what police say is a terrorism related incidents in the city of london there in northern ireland police of launched a murder inquiry after lyra mchugh was killed by a gunman who opened fire as she was reporting on riots northern irish police believe the dissident republican group the new ira is probably responsible the european parliament has condemned brunei for introducing laws which polish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning and urged to repeal the laws which had been condemned around the world when they were introduced earlier this month the e.u. has been asked to consider freezing assets and imposing visa bans on the southeast
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asian nation for nigh says its main aim is prevention rather than punishment the ban the grading punishments it's not simply about european values i want to underline this point that many of us raised this are universal values cherished by people of all backgrounds and of all faiths all around the words. french fire investigators suspect an electrical short circuit caused the inferno are not down cathedral in paris president emanuel my corners all of firefighters for their bravery as well as the fire brigades chaplain who rushed into the burning cathedral on monday to save ancient artifacts more than one hundred million dollars for reconstruction has been pledged so far. musicians iraq's national symphony the symphony rather orchestra a loss in the pay dispute with the government they haven't seen the paycheck so far this year some have left but those who haven't say it will continue to perform
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despite the olds with such a labor pool it's. a ballet studio with peeling floors of the layer of dust and ramshackle chairs is the rehearsal space for the iraqi national symphony orchestra somehow the musicians maintain their focus seemingly oblivious to the inevitable power cuts that have become common in iraq since last year the orchestra has been involved in what the conductor calls oh war with the ministry of culture the staff hasn't been paid so far this year and spent most of twenty eighteen without a paycheck until they were eventually paid in what the fans of. the staff of the ministry of culture acts as if they are living in another world they are disregarding the fact that the musicians haven't been paid we have suffered and we are still suffering there are one hundred ten musicians and support staff with the
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iraqi national symphony orchestra their average salary is eight hundred dollars a month since the pay dispute began last year ten members have left. for years the conductor says the government has attempted to slash the annual one point four million dollars budget of the orchestra then in two thousand and eighteen an anti-corruption law was implemented it banned staff from working a state job and also getting paid to work with the orchestra since the one nine hundred seventy s. members had been granted a waiver i mean the government should be you know supporting us like because we are to be the you know cultural you know front of the whole country i mean we're the only symphony orchestra in the country and we were one of the. symphony orchestras that were established in the middle east still but you know of course they wouldn't consider that this is really devastating. the ministry of culture says it's at the
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bottom when it comes to federal funding and is struggling to pay for its entire portfolio but reaching an accurate it will agreement with the musicians. novela the ministry of culture needs to have an inclusive vision for the future of their i.q. symphony orchestra we need to overcome the outstanding issue you know dr rise up with a new talent to generation that embraces art and music by all iraqis. the orchestra has continued to perform this year what i can to be completely honest with you were to find we're playing against all. the musicians say their passion is fueling them but they know they can't live on that alone natasha olds is iraq baghdad.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now people in sudan live stage their biggest rally since the overthrow of president last week tens of thousands of demonstrators massed in the capital khartoum demanding an end to military will have morgan has more from the call to. people have been gathering in front of the army headquarters since wednesday evening that's because of the march that was held yesterday it's called the million people's march thousands and thousands of the army headquarters and political parties know that there's gathering in front of the headquarters is their main card that they have against the military council so that power is handed over to an independent transitional government we've seen the sudanese professional association putting out a notice late last night that people should continue gathering and protesting in front of the army headquarters and whole friday prayers there today marley's president has exempted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire
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government it comes after weeks of mass protests over the killing of one hundred sixty full army villages. u.s. president donald trump is declaring total victory after the release of a sense of version of robert muller's report into russian collusion but house democrats say they want to see the full edited text the u.n. envoy for libya is warning fighting for control of tripoli could intensify after an emergency session of the u.n. security council failed to agree on a draft resolution see as far as well as the battle surrounding the caps or five as loyal to the u.n. recognize governments of launched a new campaign against all of the for half of those forces in southern libya. a journalist has been shot dead of what police say is a terrorism related incident in the city of london very in northern ireland police have launched a murder inquiry after lyra mccue was killed by
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a gunman. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the us china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one call to we bring you the stories that is shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. i am for me ok today is checking in on three stories we're following here on the stream april is the best a month of a young american woman whose family say she's been detained by the government since she was fifteen i find out what impact that campaign is having also take a look at a political crisis you probably haven't heard about why young democracy in mongolia may be a road i really could be a lot i'll be looking for your comments on twitter and of course in our live you
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tube chat there be lots of talk about today so we want to hear from you we'll start with a topic that already has our community talking muslim american politician or have recent comments by u.s. president donald trump put her life in danger stay tuned. just wanted to see how the. congressmen omar's presence in the u.s. congress to this hugely important and influential especially for most americans like me who work in the government she's. gone totally against trans accusation of her being anti-semitic or intake you know mr she threw her actions in congress i mean she's supportive of the nine eleven victims attack planned and that alone proves that she is not only a muslim but also an american and she shouldn't be defined by your religion in this country. since she took office u.s. congresswoman oman has faced
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a barrage of criticism from president donald trump his supporters and the right wing media now many are asking how things attacks put her in danger last week tweeted a video that was taken out of context to imply that she was trivializing. eleventh attacks on the world trade center in new york and the pentagon in washington d.c. if that with another tweet calling out of control and alleging that she had made anti semitic and anti u.s. comments the white house press secretary has defended the president and trump said he didn't regret his comments so what is the impact of these comments when joining us to talk about this from vancouver canada dalia mogahed head is the director of research at the institute for social policy and understanding and from new york journalist niddah khan welcome both of you to the stream i want to start with our community because people have so much to say about this topic in particular so this is a tweet from tar who says that it is unfair and outrageous for the u.s.
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president to marginalize representative omar and to tweet a video that combined repetition of a quote from her speech with the footage of devastation that occurred on line eleven it could make her vulnerable before we get too deep into the workings behind the. why do you think that representative omar's a target to begin with. well thank you for having me i think that she is a target to begin with because of her unapologetic stance as a progressive as a woman of color and as a visible muslim she is not afraid to speak her mind she is not afraid to challenge people she is not afraid to make people uncomfortable in the best possible way and so from the perspective of those attacking her she doesn't know her place she's acting like an equal instead of what they think she should do which is to act like
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a grateful guest. needed there was so much excitement when this new intake of congressmen came in to washington d.c. could you anticipate the kind of backlash that. has been getting did you worry or when he celebrated wow diversity coming to congress a while i was definitely celebrating along with many other american muslims and muslims around the world and i would say a lot of young progressives as well because this was a huge feed in and of itself to see people like. and alexander equality of cortez and also on the presley who all four of these women who are women of color we should also point out have been the targets of intense scrutiny and intense attacks both from the right wing and even from the left from the democratic side as well because they are representing the progressive agenda they are pushing for things like climate change like an end to so many wars going on
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a livable wage you name it like a lot of social issues that go against the grain and actually challenge the status quo so because of that you're seeing people who are so uncomfortable by them and have just made it their duty to just continuously vilified dehumanize and attack them in any way possible and what they've done to is just absolutely barbara hands and bow and disgusting and i think many good people from around the country and around the world have just been disgusted by what's happened to and it's very dangerous because she even said herself that ever since president trump pin that tweet to his twitter page the death threats against her increased exponentially what so you mentioned the challenging the status quo we got a tweet from someone in europe and they agree completely with you richard says no more fulfills five criteria for trump eight one is that she's a woman she's a muslim she has dark skin she's smart she rocks the boat and she like see the other representatives from new york are serious threats to the status quo but this
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next week here is one that we hope you can. focus on because word does as that these comments have led to rising islamophobia hate crimes death threats not only against representative omar and american muslims in general but many us politicians haven't done enough to defend her and then they are part of the problem what has the impact been has it been something that's tangible can you've seen what the impact of it. will impact on her life is very tangible i mean let's not forget that a man who was actually arrested for attempting to kill her i mean there her death threats that she is facing are very real and then for the president to tweet something so outrageous so incite full of violence so irresponsible lesson twenty four hours after the surete sed it it is it's almost unbelievable so the impact on ill hand is very tangible but i think it goes even
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wider than that it's an impact on muslim americans overall because these attacks and these. these accusations against a hand don't come from nowhere they're not they're not coming from you know they're not random they are invoking anti muslim tropes buehler and deep rooted anti muslim tropes around the idea that muslims are inherently anti american or anti semitic which are simply not true they are. false troops built on misinformation impure occleve falls and the fact that they're so there's such a large group of people in the united states that believe them in some way make it so much easier for these attacks to take root and and pogo vulnerable people into possibly even violence but it's a wider than just
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a fringe that will take a while and say it's also about bullying kids in school it's it's about. my corrections it's about discrimination in the workplace and i just want to make sure to emphasize that the attacks on no one on more are based in anti muslim stereotypes that can be impure a cliche known to be falls. i want to show you. something here for represent to tafe though how to omagh and she's reacting to the tweet that the president put out that we were talking about just a little while ago she says we are all americans assessing doldrum life has to stop and then hey this is really important since a presence tweet i've experienced an increase in direct threats on my life many directly referencing or applying to the president's video so bearing that in mind
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the president knows this that minister knows this and then present trump was asta about the backlash and also about the potential danger in maybe putting the congresswoman in and this was his response. termino maher sent out a release last night saying that your tweet from a couple of days ago has led to direct threats on her life any second thoughts about that tweet and the way it was produced and put together no not at all look she's been very disrespectful to this country she's been very disrespectful frankly to israel she is somebody that. doesn't really understand i think life real life what it's all of it's unfortunate she's got a a way about her that's very very bad i think for a country i think she's extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. a festival of health that of us is the calander of all the cultural he knows apple death threats about
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a comment. why. well i like i said earlier i'm slowly disgusting but not surprising because remember this is the same man who stood on the national stage and called for the children quote unquote total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the country and it's important to remember that all of this stuff like dolly was saying does not exist in a vacuum and there is a long history of the right wing joining up this stuff we've seen them do it time and again and especially during election time i've talked about this a lot that during two thousand and ten during the midterm elections they used the whole ground zero mosque fiasco to rile up their base to people to get people out to the polls and participate in the election and sadly it worked for them then it worked in two thousand and sixteen and we're going to see it again in two thousand and twenty and it's important also to remember that these aren't just words and rhetoric there are actual policies that get implemented behind this so for instance with the muslim ban and i want to say that it was wonderful and beautiful to see so
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many people standing in solidarity with the muslim community when that ban was first proposed the first iteration but what happened is is that people tend to be oftentimes emotional and episodic and when that initial outrage dies down that's when the real danger and damage takes place and you saw that with what was the third iteration of the ban which was then upheld by the highest court in the land by the supreme court and it effectively banned millions of muslims from entering the country and i asked the question where is the outrage so you see this infringement of people's rights and infringement of who's allowed into the country a rise in hate crimes and a very dangerous situation all around and you're just going to see more and more of that as the twenty twenty election comes up and fortunate where we are and know that i wanted to end this segment at the end with a comment that we got from a reporter this is from slate columnist who has written extensively on that you can see this on my laptop here is there was a man this fly in and he explains why people are so angry have
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a listen. so for me i think one of the reasons why i get so defensive when it comes to the attacks against of the head omar is because i recognize them i think any muslim in america will recognize the way that she's been treated and held to a double standard and having her american is questioned just by default because she identifies as muslim in public so i think one of the reasons why i take it so personally and why others are taking it so personally is because we we've been through it we know what it's like. we survived now that daddy i see you nodding thank you so much for joining us we know we will have you back on the string as we get ever closer to elections in the u.s. in twenty twenty and now we move to mongolia where political crisis is cause and many in the country to slowly lose faith in their government. amendments and the national security council to act on thought this question when it comes to them.


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