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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and king in the country mr adam thank you very much. new statistics on the war in yemen show the number of people killed in the last three years is seven times higher than widely thought a u.s. based nonpartisan organization which analyzes data on violence worldwide has now recorded more than seventy thousand yemenis killed since twenty sixteen the armed conflict location and event dates of projects as the dead include more than seven thousand civilians going to zation accuses the coalition and its allies of directly targeting and killing almost five thousand civilians and the statisticians say that the armed group is responsible for killing one thousand three hundred people ten thousand yemenis have reportedly been killed in the last five months cease fires brokered by the un have helped to cut the casualty rate but there is still heavy fighting let's bring in indra carbone ian brighton in the u.k. he's an analyst at the armed conflict location and event data project which published the stats mr company why
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a certain areas getting worse when it comes to the level of violence and the consequences of that. so the violence in yemen has overall decreased since the beginning of twenty nineteen mostly due to a decrease in violence in the province of data which have become the flashpoint of the major offensive last year. they'd agree with has managed to actually stop violence or to prevent violence from escalating in their region but what we've seen is actually an escalation of violence he now to regions in the north in that is in a valley as well and this was mostly due to the fact that the who thiis have actually engaged in repression of local tribal actors for instance in.
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but also there has been every escalation of frozen military offensives in in many areas so what we've seen is actually air. geography of the violence who's responsible for the highest number of directly targeted casualties. based on our data with identify the saudi led coalition air strikes been responsible for the vast majority of the fatalities in yemen we are talking of around five thousand civilian fatalities recorded between twenty sixteen and twenty nine thousand on li as other organizations we partner with like the yemen project and show the numbers are likely to be higher if we also include twenty fifteen where actually qualified for air strikes have been in the most intense
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period particularly at the beginning in the very first few months this doesn't obscure the fact that of course every single warring party in these war of engaged in different forms of violence against civilians the who these of course the militias that are supported by by different. international sponsors as well as of course the yemeni army so in this sense the saudi led coalition has definitely be the. responsible for the vast majority of the civilian fatalities. every single worry impiety share of these these responsibility just before christmas last year we reported extensively on the peace talks the peace process embryonic that clearly was taking place in sweden what's happened to that.
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so as i said before. the store called magri meant has managed to actually impose a cease fire in data which has been successful to some extent in reducing the amount of violence and and casualties seen in the province or in the cd in particular. however there are many aspects the degree met has been not successful first of all there have been several ceasefire violations either in forms of shelling by both warring parties both warring parties are actually reporting that the opponent has been responsible for initiating these ceasefire violations all the. elements included in the agreement. have also stalled if we look at the prisoners xchange. there has there hasn't been any yet there has been no agreement on tires on the creation of
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a joint committee for four. of four for the negotiation of an agreement there. and about the. creation of a joint security committee for hard data there are now claims by particularly by the u.s. . envoy that the talks are you know in advance stage however this hasn't resulted in any. in any effective i've come mostly because both parties have interpreted the creation of local security forces under your many love in different ways and this has been the major obstacle to actually creating the joint security committed a supposed to actually supervise a cease fire and to end to transition in whole data mr gerberding thank you. plenty more grand still to cover for you here on the news hour including peru in mourning as the former president's alan garcia commits suicide to avoid arrest. no
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collusion no obstruction. also heard the report whips up a political storm as it reveals president donald trump tried to obstruct the investigation. and in the sports the san jose sharks try to stay alive in the n.h.l. playoffs details with santa later in this hour. the presidents of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government following weeks of protests over ethnic killings more than one hundred sixty people in a felony village were killed last month by suspected gunman from the rival doggone ethnic group demonstrators angry at the government for failing to stop such killings as well as the poor economy and the presence of foreign forces nicholas park is live for us in neighboring senegal's capital dhaka nick did this come as
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a particular surprise. well peter not really because on wednesday there was an unprecedented move. a motion of no confidence put forward in the national assembly against him from both members of the ruling party members of his own political party and members of the opposition calling for his resignation and the resignation of his government and that was supposed to be voted in today on friday and his resignation came on thursday night and that peter on april fifth we saw massive protests i mean thousands of people on the streets of by michel we hadn't seen so many people on the streets protesting since one nine hundred ninety one when people were protesting for democracy and these were people from various walks of life you had people who were close to the religious. the religious leaders you had the poll community had members of the opposition each. and launching the resignation of of my god he
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crystallizes all that is going wrong right now in mali some people were protesting because the cost of living has gone up by twenty percent others are protesting because the government isn't doing enough to protect the whole community. group weeks ago remember peter they were attacked in a brutal attack by their own neighbors on hunter is that killed one hundred sixty seven people and then there's the issue of the lack of political dialogue in august peter there was an election that brought you brian who of our car came back into office and those election results were contested by all of those that took part in those election and you would have thought that an election would bring back some sort of stability into the country it did exactly the opposite since then there's been a real political instability adding to that is the deterioration of the security
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situation in mali we were just there just two weeks a. go in northern mali with the canadian and dutch troops both of them are pulling out of the un peacekeeping force and there's a lot of questions that the un also has to answer three weeks ago when there was that that brutal killing of a whole nomadic herders the u.n. peacekeepers came on the ground seven hours after the attack it despite the poll villagers alerting security forces ten minutes after the attack started so there is a lot of pressure on the government on the president mubarak and my guess was just the he just crystallized all of those grievances and he was the man to fall now the president has promised that he will bring in a new government in the days to come but i would not share peter of that's going to actually. help or actually. you know address the grievances that so many millions
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have in regards to the situation of their country peter thanks very much. ok let's cross to mali and bring in the political analyst. so the government has quit who will replace them. exactly to syria would rebirth. but is more me yet. we don't know exactly what we were president but i mean is there but there is a name coming out so often. oh absolutely. i try ministry all sorted out it see and. implemented minister. corner by the real problem is is this situation really a lot of president to cut him down to sort of the action in the country i don't know i can see but you know the prime minister was due quite by the entire political class and the reduced leader in additional to some of. the organisation
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or the president you know regained certainly political thought really at the end recorded on pot and they were doing it that there would demand there's an issue not the prime minister will be satisfied so to say that it was did though this huge mission in the country i don't i don't operate on so i must it must be said that the departure of the prime minister will have consequences for the ongoing peace process in the council ok just allow me to interrupt you there for the next couple of seconds i don't know if you heard the conversation that we were just having with our correspondent there nick can't making the point there are so many pressure points on the old government whatever. political the new administration has how do they calm down the tensions in a way that the preceeding administration clearly didn't. so two to
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two to come down the situation the president must go. so. much open the government to the entire political class event the opposition leaders join this government to calm down the situation because you know. it will probably be something like that going to come out again if the president decides to go with the own party so calm down the situation people are saying the president needs to call every single person we can to help mali to regain regain also set of stability so. it's it's pretty bold to put a president to call and ask the opposition leader to join him to really really really. to stabilize the country ok we'll have a conversation an interesting thank you very much. u.s. president donald trump is declaring quotes total victory after the release of the
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sensitive reports into alleged russian collusion in the u.s. election has democrats already planning their next move with amazing shuttles from monday also want to see the full unedited version of the report serious roles in jordan as the story. donald trump's two thousand and sixteen campaign team was dogged by charges it was working with russia to throw the election his way but when robert muller was chosen to investigate those allegations this was trump's reaction oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency now bowlers investigation is done and the four hundred forty eight page report with many sections blacked out is now public the special counsel's conclusion stated at least three times accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him as far as the u.s.
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attorney general is concerned trump is not in legal jeopardy bill barr says just because muller's report is filled with details about contacts between the campaign and russian officials doesn't mean anyone committed a crime we collect this information we use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision the report confirms what the u.s. intelligence community believes russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton russ upon tax with members of trump's inner circle were many including with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul bana fort both kohen and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however mohler and his avesta gator say they're. there's not enough proof of a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had called that it's
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after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment but muller it bits he never compelled trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and to the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalyn george al-jazeera washington but all of that does not mean that donald trump is totally in the clear there are still questions over whether mr trump committed an obstruction of justice alan fischer as that aspect of the story from the white house. president trump went ahead with a planned event at the white house enjoying according to aides the best piece is his election i'm having a good day q who's called. no collusion no obstruction. the
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best pieces his election are just his supporters to watch the attorney general's news conference and within minutes of it ending tweeted out the message he's been repeating for twenty two months no collusion no obstruction the president might hope that it's game over but it's not the white house and its republican allies will keep pushing the message that it's time to move on and things well but only to the next stage of an inquiry which has cast a shadow over washington for the last twenty two months democrats want robert mueller and attorney general bill barr to give evidence to congress it is clear the special counsel's office conducted incredibly thorough investigation in order to preserve the evidence for future investigators their special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now was to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. congress must get the full and redacted report along with the underlying evidence uncovered by special counsel
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muller but the leader of the republicans in the senate sees no prospect of impeachment of the president well the speaker's gone out of her way to discourage that kind of talk. but far be it for me to predict what the house may do but the speaker's indicator her total lack of enthusiasm for that particular route one area democrats might push on is that miller could not decide if the president committed obstruction of justice leaving it open for congress but one of his fiercest defenders says that is no instance the intent matters and the president's intention here was not to with was not to do that and so intent matters and i know you want to cherry pick one line here one line there because the big lie that you've left it's over folks but it's not just democrats pushing for fresh investigations the trump reelection campaign calling for an investigation into those behind what it describes as a politically motivated shop. for p.b.s.
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the controversy around it isn't over alan fischer i'll just say that the white house. to please stay with us here on the news always standing by to bring you go very latest world weather but also coming up kicking up a stink in karachi pakistanis say they've had enough of the growing piles of rubbish. and the king of clay looking unstoppable action from the want to call a monster is coming up in the schools news what's on it in fifteen minutes. when i being easter it's a long holiday weekend in most of europe and there's been a cloud in the sky indeed it feels warm for many for overlay the temperature background the colors themselves give you
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a bit of warmth towards orange where in the twenty's now this is doesn't normal situation usually in north central europe this this time of the year it's quite cold so people often fly sides and they fly size to places like spain or portugal. to tia that may not have been the best plan to do this weekend that indeed if you are going to spain and portugal well this is what's going to greet you a massive cloud circulating around the area of low pressure i think you know what that tends to mean you don't tend to see blue sky indeed on the costa blanca the white is in the clouds not in the sand that is if you currently inside spain and stars are going to go away any time quickly the rain falling on the crowd is quite substantial valencia in line forty fifty sixty maybe even a bit of backwash has come down towards the this is the costa del sol down here and even that's not going to see very much in the way of sunshine i'm afraid because for the rest of this wayne weekend the circulation is going to continue the green
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is rain it's still there and it's bedsides unfortunately temperatures remain quite often in the low teens. sponsored by can't our employees. how have you changed since you were seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one years each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight hours south africa part one on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is appetite in the twenty first century with exclusive interviews
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has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground it takes to bring you more award winning documentaries i'm going out and denied me on air and online. welcome back you're watching news coming to you live from al-jazeera headquarters here in doha mining's piece of your top stories thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters in sudan's capital khartoum on thursday night they held the biggest rally since the overthrow of president omar al bashir last week the demonstrators are demanding an end to military rule. more than ten
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thousand people have been killed in yemen over the last five months that brings the war's total death toll to more than seventy thousand since twenty sixteen according to data collected by the armed conflict location of ben data project donald trump is to clear. total victory after the release of a sensitive. report into allegations of russian collusion house democrats say they want to see the full edited version of the report. supporters of the former peruvian president alan garcia paid tribute to him after he committed suicide as he was facing arrest to garcia had plenty of loyal followers but many detractors as well as mariana sanchez from lima. was paid tribute with tears and slogans for more than thirty years ellen going to see a live at the party now his followers raised the party symbol as a final goodbye to him. thousands of peruvians lined up early thursday to celebrate
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the life of their former leader the role i feel such great pain because so many pushed him this far and he didn't want to allow anyone to see him handcuffed. although he was fired been proven politics able to dazzle followers f.c.s. tarnished reputation dates back to his first government in the late one nine hundred eighty s. when hyperinflation reached epic levels hundreds of surrender prisoners were massacred in several jails after his first time enough ace alan garcia fled to colombia in one thousand nine hundred two and then lived in fronts hiding from corruption charges he returned and won the presidency again in two thousand and six but ended as one of proust most repudiated politicians was there and i guess it was seven years politician now was particularly allies are blaming the press and public prosecutors for things that. journalists following part of the money trail and that
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in america's worst corruption scandal revealed that during a government brazilian construction giant old david h. paid at least twenty four million dollars in bribes and prosecutors question him for months. a lot of alan was a victim of a long campaign of insults that were already killing him little by little and then ordering his arrest without any proof for sure just to humiliate him they wanted to see him handcuffed was however critics say yes yes our lives are now trying to make peruvians believe that his death is a result of a political persecution. it is outrageous that goes he has followers are using is to side it is unfair with the prosecutor because they were following the due process if i linger c.i. in the face of the process decided to take such a drastic decision that is his own responsibility. the recent opinion poll says more than seventy percent of peruvians believe get to see i was guilty of
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corruption despite his passing the law allows prosecutors to continue investigating him and they will following the trail of millions of dollars all they were paid to get construction concessions during second government and whose accounts the money and the ban. a journalist been shot dead during a night of unrest in the city of london derry and northern ireland the police have launched a murder inquiry into what they're calling a terrorist incident lara mckee was killed by a gunman who opened fire as she was reporting on some riots the police believe the dissident republican group the new ira is probably responsible. ukraine's president has appeal to voters to forgive his mistakes as he trails in the opinion polls ahead of the election runoff on sunday now those polls predict petro poroshenko will lose his bid for reelection. she had her share of i once
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again ask you to forgive me but we did not work out hurts the most yes i know how hard it is for each of you to forgive my mistakes and believe again i want you to know yes this is my fault yes i want to finish the job and continue work i have already done so i ask for your support on april twenty first and i will accept any decision of yours since the will of the people is most important well mr poroshenko challenger is a comedian and actor zelinsky his only experience of politics is playing the president on t.v. correspondents robin for stay or go has been to his hometown. this is the righ crooked home in english a city built on iron ore and steel production. and birthplace of a man who is promising to reshape ukraine's political landscape the law to made a zillion ski. zielinski plays
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a humble history teacher who becomes ukraine's president in the hit comedy t.v. series servant of the people the real zelinsky has no political experience but ever since announcing he wanted the top job he's been favorite to win i asked a local historian what can tell us about the zielinski. this is a city of mentally iran and steal the kind of character that will never let you down here locals who know him say success inspired zelinsky and his comedy troupe. you always wanted what was best not just for him but for his friends his family would never read just good people like him. this is the apartment block zielinski grew up in and his parents still live here now it's clear he's come from humble beginnings rather like the character in his t.v.
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show but there is one big difference the real since he is a very powerful business associate who's helped him get to where he is now. he called one of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs owns the t.v. station that hosts zelinsky shows the oligarch lives abroad and is wanted on embezzlement charges ukraine's incumbent president petro poroshenko accuses me of being called a puppet. many men here have died in the fighting against russian backed separatists a former governor of the region. financed the war effort and he's still respected for that. usually when you go in with give me a visit if it wasn't because the russians would have been here when the war started it was called a more ski he stood at the helm of the ne progress region without taking a dime the war drags on and pensions here are barely enough to live on good mostly
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i have not been to enough and would not start when not in america i was also shot mind and did anything bad happened there will be all right the people of could have unique appear ready to pin their hopes on one of their own robin versity walker al jazeera t.v. the. uganda's top court has upheld a lower removing the presidential age limit it could lead to a sixth term of presidency for seventy now without the age cap of seventy five years the seventy four year old president can run again he one hundred fifty three years ago the opposition says the change is unconstitutional seventy came to power in one thousand nine hundred six after a guerilla war the two term limit was scrapped back in two thousand and five. dozens of cuban doctors working in kenya been moved to safety after two of their colleagues were kidnapped a week ago the gunman based in neighboring somalia suspected of the attack in which
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a police guard was killed the kenyan government has ruled out paying a ransom katherine sawyer has more now from the kenyan city of mandela. right on this street. people. very busy people. and those we've talked to. say. something that is called money and. then they realized something was wrong when they saw this man coming out of the shooting. into their vehicle and drove. about two kilometers away the police and the military all trying to rescue. this. and. trying to negotiate a release security has been. there before.
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and no one has claimed responsibility and the government has. a serious talks in areas along the border. between union forces and the national. the. citizens and. we're talking about a very. seven hundred. or a very difficult to secure in proximity haven't seen a major incident in the last. something like this happens people. with. needs to act as quickly as possible to make sure to come back safe and.
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sound like the. european paula. immediately repeal new laws which punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning for nice as its primary aim is to is for crime prevention rather than punishment strongly condemned the cold retrograde islamic laws which also punish convicted thieves with amputation the ban the grading punishments it's not simply about european i want to underline this point that's many of us raised this out as universal cherished by people of all backgrounds and of all say it's all around the words rising piles of refuse in pakistan's largest city are causing increasing alarm and new homes and industrial developments in caracas are expected to make the environmental crisis even worse as the story. stays home.
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and also some of it sporting. maybe was protective clothing. to take baghdad fortress from take sewage to keep it flowing to be very honest being a pakistani we should for the head to shame because we don't have any civic sense left when we look back forty years back there was a lot of civics and you couldn't find his garbage around in the streets but with the population explosion the only area in which pakistan has progressed and all the other better meters an s.t.d. is going down not far away the garbage dump ridden compound the race piles up several stories high and where did the city's ever growing children sort out anything of value and stray dogs for leftovers but red money still.


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