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if possible to make sure that the doctor's come back safe and to start the day of the meeting like. the european parliament says urging brunei to immediately repeal new laws which punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning for nice as its primary aim is to is for crime prevention rather than punishment strongly condemned what they called retrograde islamic laws which also punish convicted thieves with amputation the ban the grading punishments it's not simply about european values i want to underline this point that many of you raised these are universal values cherished by people of all backgrounds and of all faiths all around the words. rising piles of rescue some pakistan's largest city a coursing increasing alarm and new homes and industrial developments in caracas are expected to make the environmental crisis even worse as the story.
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stays home to some of karachi's richest people and also some of its footage many was her take. as david moved plastic bags and fortress from takes to keep it flowing to be very honest being a pakistani we should put our head to shame because we don't have any civic sense left when we look pakistan forty years back there was a lot of civics and you couldn't find his garbage around in the streets but meet the population explosion the only area in which pakistan has progressed and all the other better meters an s.t.d. is going down not far away that garbage is dumped ridden destroyed compound their way spies are several stories high and where did we were after cities ever growing children start out anything of value and stray dogs search for leftovers but read money still to be made there are also criminals looking to take anything of value
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here the problem is that the. political value garbage is taken away by the mafia and it is being disposed of in effect for use and all to rebel treatment. so what whatever garbage is left is not sufficient to produce electricity or to produce anything else they're ways just taken by truck to open spaces that in turning large stretches into or dumps or land phase these people live near one and have become accustomed to the health hazard and the stench like this ice cream cellar. but added that concern. who among. the government has forgotten as and is least interested in collecting. history now is piled up everywhere literally we are living in it kids get sick it's hot springs
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the sewage smell is. this may look like solid grown. and it has even claimed the lives of some children every day. billion liters of sewage flows through these makeshift slammed into the arabian sea because of neglect by. august on and now confronted with an ecological today doctor and the government in islamabad and knocking. green and clean. the government said it had a plan but for no the situation is getting worse. do the government have failed despite of having so governing that programs for more than ten years they have framed this issue well maybe even soon to be prime minister had announced a huge bailout package for the problems for the for the crowd. that was one hundred
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sixty two billion rupees we are installing. plants and at the same time. including the solid management system via double fissures in major city kid in our neighbor to coal and i losing the battle against in creating waves that are . still to come for you here on al-jazeera sent to the latest sports they also managed six a step closer to history as the gunners reach the semifinals of the europa league.
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welcome back musicians as iraq's national symphony orchestra a locked in a paid dispute with the government they haven't seen a paycheck so far this year some of left but those who haven't say they'll continue to perform despite the olds that's going to a story. a ballet studio with peeling floors the player of dust and ramshackle chairs is the rehearsal space for the iraqi national symphony orchestra some how the musicians maintain their focus seemingly oblivious to the inevitable power cuts that have become common in iraq since last year the orchestra has been involved in what the conductor calls a war with the ministry of culture the staff hasn't been paid so far this year and spent most of twenty eighteen without a paycheck until they were eventually paid in what the fans at the catholic end of the staff of the ministry of culture acts as if they are living in another world
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and they are disregarding the fact that the musicians haven't been paid we have suffered and we are still suffering. there are one hundred ten musicians and support staff with the iraqi national symphony orchestra their average salary is eight hundred dollars a month since the pay dispute began last year ten members have left. for years the conductor says the government has attempted to slash the annual one point four million dollars budget of the orchestra then in two thousand and eighteen an anti-corruption law was implemented it banned staff from working a state job and also getting paid to work with the orchestra since the one nine hundred seventy s. members had been granted a waiver i mean the government should be you know supporting us like because we are to be the you know cultural you know front of the whole country i mean we're the only symphony orchestra in the country and we were one of the first symphony
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orchestras that were established in the middle east still but you know of course they wouldn't consider that this is really devastating. the ministry of culture says it's at the bottom when it comes to federal funding and is struggling to pay for its entire portfolio while reaching an equitable agreement with the musicians and novela the ministry of culture needs to have an inclusive vision for the future of their i.q. symphony orchestra we need to overcome the outstanding issue you know dr rise up with a new talent to generation that embraces art and music by all your archy's. in. the orchestra has continued to perform this year what are kind of flaunt to be completely honest with you were defined were playing against all. the musicians say their passion is fueling them but they know they can't live on that alone
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natasha getting old does iraq baghdad. time to sports news thank you very much a p taylor the golden state warriors are back to winning ways in the n.b.a. playoffs the reigning champions thrashed the l.a. clippers one hundred thirty to one hundred five on thursday to take a two one lead in their first round series san antonio also one are proving to be one of the surprise packages of the postseason so how malik has the. job i do roger san antonio looks like they can make a real impact in the n.b.a. playoffs. while the team like to stop our spurs sides going by the likes of derek white who scored thirty six points in this game and to moderates and proving they're more than capable of stepping up. despite being up against the western conference a second seed denver you have one of the season's best players nicklaus jock itch
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a no stage the dispose looked like a team that finished five places below them in the regular season. there was little between the teams until the final quarter that's when sun until you took control of the game. was dros that would end of twenty five points his performance helped them go on to win it one eight hundred to one await. the spurs now leave the series two one and take a step closer to championship number six so while malik al-jazeera. the results of philadelphia seventy six is have also taken a two one series lead thirty one points from bensimon helping them at the brooklyn nets one hundred thirty one two hundred fifteen. you name rare has taken a step closer to becoming the most successful manager in europe a league history three time winner has guided arsenal to the semifinals of the competition span it is currently level with giovanni trapattoni who has won the
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tournament in its previous form the us fuck up on thursday his side progressed with a one nil when away to napoli at xander like i said his first free kick giving the gunners a three nil victory on aggregate. pretty proud of my of the players to be a power of or work because. if you think we show. the play you have the hobby to play the much as i can good teams are very good players are going good on the front line here and show big personality are chelsea made it to english teams in the semifinals they survived a second the hard fight a back up from flavia prior to take the tie five three crunk four to overturn the deficit against benfica to go through on the way goals rules and the all spanish
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tie violence yet wraps up a comfortable aggregate win over ferrel. and that all means the semifinal draw looks like this arsenal play valencia and it's frankfurt up against chelsea the first legs are all made the second the u.k. footballers union is staging a one day boycott of social media to protest against racial abuse the professional footballers association launched a hash tag enough campaign calling on players to stop using twitter facebook and instagram this follows a string of global high profile racist abuse cases that both on on and off the pitch high profile players such as magister united's chris smalling and danny rose of tottenham are backing the initiative. in the n.h.l. playoffs san jose survive the real scared to keep their first round series alive against the vegas golden knights the sharks have lost three consecutive games to vegas and were on the first of being eliminated thomas her scored two goals while
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goalie martin jones made thirty saves in game five helping the two five to win that to cut the golden knights lead to three two heading into game six and last week. the carline are hurricanes opposed to the two one win against reigning champ is the washington capitals to level the series two all. scored it just seventeen seconds and that was the brass that kept things tied with thirty eight. the king of clay shows no sign of being disloyal and in monaco rafael nadal made light work of grigor dimitrov in the third round match at the monte carlo losses on thursday the spaniard did so in straight sets victory six four six one of the outstanding his winning streak at this storm and seventeen matches and sets up a quarterfinal with argentina's hutto in yeah. that's it for me some of
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things from much torture later i'm sure lots more news from if you want to own the website address as about al jazeera dot com sam is in the chair on the other side of the break i will see you in the coming hours here. thanks for watching. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of
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northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. to. talk to local. farmers. if. their dreams have turned out to be disappointing tonight america. that if anyone
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called me to say he'd leave each of them had advised him not to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be. al-jazeera won't welcome to its name. tens of thousands rally in sudan demanding civilian rule a punishment for a regime accused of decades of corruption and murder. and sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up disturbing new numbers from
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the war in yemen death toll reaches at least seventy thousand number in what's being reported a. month after the massacre of more than one hundred fifty mahdi herders the country's entire government resigns houston failing to protect citizens. kicking up a stink in karachi pakistan they say they've had enough of growing piles of rubbish . thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters in sudan's capital after the biggest rally since the overthrow of president bashir this week the protesters want a civilian transition they're expected to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council promises of reforms of done little to satisfy people's demands so how did you get here by the end of last year protests started over the rising cost of bread but some came
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but soon came all the demands are going to bashir stepped down more than one thousand protesters were detained by government forces in february sudan's national security and intelligence services said bush it would step down but the president was defiant declaring a national state of emergency by april thousands of dead. and straight is reached the military headquarters police said they would support a peaceful transition of power on april the eleventh the military announced bushehr of being ousted in and arrested but that still hasn't appease fro testers and get the latest from him or more inches live from us in the cartoon so first of all who are let's start with today their work calls for a massive protest is that shaping up. yes indeed sammy it's friday prayers it's time for friday prayers here and how tim and thousands are in front of the army headquarters battling
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a temperature of more than forty degrees to pray together and for is their demands for power to be handed over to an independent civilian government we've seen them since wednesday making their way not just from various parts of the term but from other states as well to the army headquarters yesterday the sudanese professional association which has been leading the calls for protests for the past four months announced the march of yesterday as the million march and tens of thousands rallied in front of the army headquarters and they're saying they will not move until a new government is from that is independent from the military council and of course the council said that it's up to political parties but people in the protests are saying that they don't want to lose their revolution they feel like it's the it's not yet time to declare victory they've been asking for government but above that they've been asking for accountability for the crimes committed by the regime over the past thirty years. it's nearly thirty years since hannan has been buried her son much to my job was sentenced to death after a military trial which lasted just one day the government accused him of being
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a currency trader after finding foreign bank notes in his family home his mother says the money was left to him by his father who died and that her son was a victim of the new regime then. they arrested him and told me the day after he was executed they said that they've killed someone from a powerful family to show that they can get anyone who opposes them i want justice now and i want to cure my son's name he was not a currency dealer they killed him unfairly i want justice for my son's blood. majidi my job was among the first to be executed by the military after i wanted bashir amid the military coup in one nine hundred eighty nine and he became president. bush's reign lasted for nearly thirty years before he was ousted by the military last thursday four months of mass protests accuse him of mismanaging the economy and corruption as well as targeting dissidents through the feared national
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security agency and militias loyal to the ruling party thousands of sudanese have been killed during this year's rule including doctor by because i have been humming for providing medical aid to protesters in january she ok so i. know my son was a doctor and was carrying an out his work there is militias targeted him intentionally they didn't want anyone to provide medical aid to protesters and now i want justice for my son he didn't deserve to die for doing his job. the doctor was one of more than fifty sudanese killed during the protests they include the continuing to weeks attend at the army headquarters and how to accountability is one of the top demands of protesters here these people in the city believe those targeted and killed by the former government to be much are and they're chanting how much of the much as bloody war they want those responsible for the killings to not only be removed from power but to be held accountable for the crimes they committed. leaders of the military council which is ruling sudan and to the
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transitional government is formed says anyone who committed crimes over the past thirty years will be held to account and the brothers of the ousted president are among our allies already arrested. arrests are underway observables of the eyes to the regime in addition to others who are believed to be linked to corruption cases the most prominent of those who have been placed in custody until now they are the brothers of the former head of this corrupt regime abdullah and. has him says she waited nearly thirty years to seek justice for the death of her son and will be gone she hopes that justice will come sooner rather than later. so protesters in front of the army headquarters are waiting for a transitional government to be formed so that just this can be achieved but at the moment political parties are differing on how that government should look like the military council wants to be the one supervising it and running for two years while some political parties want one year transitional period for the government the
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sudanese professional association which is spearheading the calls for protests are saying that the transitional period should go for more than for no more than four years and they said that on sunday they will be announcing the names of their nominees for that cap and it's we're yet to see an agreement from all political parties but at the moment as it stands sammy there are still protesters waiting for a transitional government and waiting for justice all right here morgan that thanks for that. friday protests are underway for the ninth successive wakin algeria thousands in the capital algiers chanted down with the system long term president abilities with the flick i was ousted earlier this month protesters continued to demand change because of the interim government's links to beautifully and there lies the presidential elections until july the use of one they'll joins me on set he's a professor of political science and culture university good to have you with us here the protesters were successful in bringing beautifully out can they bring the
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next set of goals to fruition now or are they running out of steam i don't think so obviously the beautiful and the second the demand was for the three b.'s to go but are you as one of the bees the president of the constitutional council has gone the protest was a see. movement about the moment they think they have the upper hand and that's why they're continuing to pour first and this is the ninth friday in a load of gold on the streets how important is it for the protest the opposition to now have a unified leadership with a clear path forward if they are to prevail. i don't think so at the moment too of the moment they have been successful they thought that if the street or the protesters would have a leadership of the beast little chip might be inflated obviously there are certain
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names who could potentially lead this protest the overall agreement was but a moment almost no question does it become necessary what do they need to do now in order to take themselves to the next stage. keep going to the streets because for the time billion the demonstrations have been successful to a certain extent in a number of forms they have other goals and they they think that by putting extra pressure on the auto duties they will get to the military on the side they will achieve or that they need to have a you know if unified leadership the the regime the elements of the regime which they try to push i have someone to talk to the military backed authorities in theory yes but the protesters are saying we don't need this at this stage because if if we do have certain people to talk
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a little ship this might be infiltrated one and how do we agree on who would lead us so that would create a number of problems but the what they want at the moment is to achieve their objectives on which everybody seems to agree and the second thing that may be all the people from the past who have not been involved with. and who have not been involved in the muscles or in the financial struggles who could potentially be acceptable to the people of. the people call them. the powers behind the scenes. do you think they really want a transition in july elections or is this really about grinding down the protest movement by the time we get to july i think what the authorities all approved to do is this presidential election on the fourth of july to show
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the outside world and also the domestic audience that we played by the book the constitution and we are trying to give many guns as possible but these elections will be free on the other hand the protesters in this come not be done until the current arrangements we have different municipalities about up to about forty eight when you see polities as of tomorrow not go into. these elections group of judges all three judges are saying that we're not going to to do that either so it seems that a presidential elections on the fourth of july is impossible for the time being or i thank you so much for your analysis of the use of thank you. new statistics on the war in yemen show the number of people killed in the last three years is seven times higher than widely thought a u.s. based nonpartizan organization which analyzes darter on violence worldwide has
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recorded more than seventy thousand yemenis killed since two thousand and sixteen the armed conflict location and event are to project says the dead include more than seven thousand civilians the organization accuses the saudi lo coalition and its allies of directly targeting and killing almost five thousand civilians and the statisticians say the houthi armed group is responsible for killing one thousand three hundred civilians ten thousand yemenis are reportedly been killed in the last five months cease fires brokered by the un have helped to cut the casualty rate and heavy fighting continues hundred carb only as an analyst at the armed conflict location and event delta project which published the statistics the violence in yemen has overall decreased since the beginning of twenty nineteen mostly due to a decrease in violence.


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