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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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fool of a pentagon for a guy like arnie want us any self south of us me all to care i feel hurt that of course there are closer to the two i'm not. this early life was spent miles from anywhere on a farm in the north of the country. but the be plausibly. a condo but so with but they'll be cases for those free thank you if you did also the correct me they will spill those it's all right crispy you. are you there's no place. i didn't. i've been to give us a like a call food last year and brought along for granted for a collector who report that. but by a frugal record our terms. which deal with. venom was only eight years old when his father was killed in
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a car crash it was all the dossier he had a hard. time each. summer. in the dry heat they did he would lead to anything else i don't think i finally got a dog. does not give those to kill a man i don't mean little incident she said do. a bloody look at it for the next me do you have only given me. only you know the notion of police from washington to make them proud. they sold the farm and moved to the city. was. at fourteen he was at an afrikaans peking secondary school. because of the language barrier not many black people trust god for. when he was seven schools had not yet been
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integrated starts with continuous flow. you know sisters and there's clearly a lot of flesh and school and and school they took years to oppose it so sad does not used to purchase the next who was her adroit son who called the muslim a school yes. well it was only fellini the mocking was coco no way she would meet sydney and apprentice one of those good news for star. actress to fit back with me . go back a little on a screen. do it on a screen as it is and look at his blasphemies i could be nice to get it he shuffled off me. a twenty one villain was a university in johannesburg but playing rugby had already become his priority
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aspect for a spell with the i'm not a what a close call there's a lot a lot of fun for a tackles the hill. was . all going to. be on one side of the course of the room of c.n.n. you see a doctor still almost done with the vote was he who can who has always promoted the war does that over the course only look. was that he but the sort i don't feel i please him to stop on solid stuff. i get clear of a taxi but i could if you know it's been up for myself through an economic and then back is the over this team's obvious almost but i would devote. more. it was november the first two thousand and ten when he heard the news that he had been selected for the squad respawn on for quite
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a bit of the sea and when i need to throw it's almost us and was by did a piece i could deal with no malice i mean high fives in less money for one through which was for free trade. he wanted but of two in front of loan and two in front of it along for the i know from the off spring look dude sure i could later look for an offer and all proof if they're going to come. the to my base the conservation i was a key base the from the from all that. audio felt and as i said there were many ways that is what opus thought and eloquent for that one alike and that's the lead. for the better or for appropriate of. before and so i should all get a full i didn't mention
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a successful. xandra township in the north of johannesburg has been home to france his whole life. i'm living here no i'm staying here now that i know this yeah we did seven up the first interview if as serious of of ops seven hobbs we've got it here when i was seven. you. know much like the mighty. by then we were living i think we live in a fast living here i created in my father my mother my sister my cousins can you know save living in a small crowded place. you know when it's hard to you know. it's not just an environment it's very neat. but
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a bit. chest automan you know and so far and free you know i've tried to. place to him already as much as possible. when he was fourteen his passion was saka. who end up ok the professional people worse for financially because. from side in when young. people will see excuse to read up. about bill. t.v. when. he did get on t.v. but not as a soccer player. it's up. after
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the. ladies beat which you can look at your particular. side. for me it was exciting because i was doing something that i love and in this period it was nice because well it does challenging because you have to wake up in the morning saying. i phone call between a lot i want to. be . his soap opera has come to an end and france is out of work. i mean the kids but costing egypt. maybe your neck i lead up which you need to know and again.
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at twenty one he was just as frustrated. still is not doing enough for to. a four may she need opportunity with you for now on flow from god through. you i know. i'm going to want to. be people the living logs out of life. and going to about it doing them food to. get by i'm just planting for. the twenty eight just a little doing something he never thought he would do i'm fit to get what you do fer that b.p. . or believe a lot of you need to do for you. get more money you must. you must
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do. my duty as i do you i have to be quick because of my sisters that we haven't had to see that many how to coop for my five what if amy was off my fight isis or. i may believe i believe. shop i will study by this for me assuming you see these behave you. have been provided to. i do people what you do to change your for the best. i do p.g.d. live. if i. were rich. i guess when you're twenty eight you feel that you should achieve something there is an expectation to have either achieved
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a certain level in your life or to be going somewhere. with what you want to do. grew up in an affluent liberal household in johannesburg it's going to be as you keep i don't know how did it clear that and i'm. so glad you've got so much in. motion the moment the baiji and the one dog and the one catch you look up to him. and take off his name's tom tom your. stumping up is you know markets just very just a pain in the neck that every week my fourteen shit starts to produce off works. this. is self portrait of an animal which is done and well past almost.
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by twenty one she was into music and the man. said you know. do you have boyfriends you know. do you. like i think i was a very unhappy and i wasn't happy when i was a boss t. so it was a big escapism to go out and just behave as insane me as i could by such i think that night he was very nice and i think that's that's the sweet sad yeah that's that's bad that's not just that's what i was i was going to have a sense of work kind of man you would be understood yeah i'm probably somebody who's not threatened by me a lot of people are threatened by me so far as i'm concerned by your kids probably i mean your face i mean accused of being in your face very often.
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and when she met. sounds life changed dramatically on many channels internets. it was interesting i got on some really bad blind dates some really awful ones and i wasn't like overly keen to meet him put it that way and eventually after about two months of emailing i decided ok whatever let's go for drink so i went and i told him before i got this just a drink i'm not feeling so well you know and by the time i had a drink and he got a really well i was like he was like oh do you want to go somewhere as a casual as a god but you said you're sick i'm like no no i'm feeling fine i'm feeling absolutely fine i don't even met somebody who i got on with as quickly as i got on with him. it's just nice to know that no matter what happens in the day i can come home and he's here you know and the fact that for me device i can ask him the fact that if i have a terrible fight with somebody he'll back me up you know and it's clear that unconditional. effort to teach turkish. you know through the.
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heal our patients noisy forgiving. when it comes to me teaching me turkish what's the most complicated thing you can say to her. and his dad was it was it what he or most of the thing is of your listeners in this day be all muslims to these do speaking and i say. that's about all you know if i don't speak english i'm pretty screwed. to see this day starts and sweater at five am. and the lives they make me feel. they're being as blakely as muslim youth rupie.
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yeah i get one i'm going to give him that i mean this i think the future is bright . she lives in threes. small rooms with her family. when she was a little girl the home was a shack in a squatter camp. and you don't know why it was. dumped out. to cleanse our pleasure of a lot of it was zero risk. lonnie told us off and it was just. so it played nice as a woman. twenty one she didn't have a job and helped around the house to keep busy. there's a. school to see. i was in the mines good to see that i don't see
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my way so tina limited to sales i'm going to do it and going to see just how fluke . not embassy across town every morning to get to the office for eight o'clock. i decided to myself so cold till we came to school for the computer and administrate so i did that cause. seven months. and then i post that calls. just to get one on each end and hope for the helps by the way. she'd been working as an office cleaner when she was offered the job as a receptionist. and the time they told me i was going by the same time was
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good. i didn't have any idea how to week in day office and what i mean i didn't mean to go to school for. most of the people to what degree increase what i have. but. i'm like you would bend even to date. she's been there for three years and her salary supports the household my fist pay. lots of hundreds lots of what. and i didn't run to the woods before you begin need to bung me mames. i enjoy bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons factories of
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their osama makes the report they stand there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you have to speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. major. new road spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they tell of this was not to live up to the letters now. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian record holders syria fluent in world news. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. that i am defending one called me to say he'd leave egypt i'd advise him not to
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come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be. al-jazeera world welcome to italy. hello again peter don't be here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera thousands of protesters a still gathered outside the military headquarters. waters in sudan's capital it's after the biggest rally since the overthrow of president omar al bashir last week the protesters want a civilian led transition and they're expected to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country's morgan has more from khartoum. people have been gathering in front of the army headquarters since wednesday
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evening that's because of the march that was held yesterday it's called a million people's march thousands and thousands in front of the army headquarters and political parties know that there's gathering in front of the headquarters is their main card that they have against the military council so that power is handed over to an independent transitional government we've seen the sudanese professional association butting out a notice late last night that people should continue gathering and protesting in front of the army headquarters and hold friday prayers there today friday protests are underway for the ninth successive week in algeria the long term president lizzie's beautifully clear was a studio earlier this month protesters continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to beautifully and delays to the presidential elections until july donald trump is declaring chords total victory after the release of a censored version of robert muller as reported to russian collusion allegations house democrats say they want to see the full on edited version and they're
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planning a meeting judgement for monday. whatever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that. more than ten thousand people have been killed in yemen over the past five months that brings the war's total death toll to over seventy thousand since twenty sixteen according to data collated by the armed conflict location and event data project mali's president has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and the entire government it comes after weeks of mass protests over the killing one hundred sixty four lonny villages the government's been accused of not doing enough to stop the ethnic violence act now to twenty eight up south africa i'll have the news in
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a little under thirty minutes see that. in the same yeah that film was made a springbok got married and moved to durban with his bride michelinie. only a border. you know author like him. you know it's a type of. leaf there are videos there were hopes last one. i could be. that i've given the hooker of europe actually did my chicago that are so . bad that there's nobody that it's beacon
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week. and it's a long paper fourth of all it's off the mark right. both of them and nicotine were brought up with traditional values. you. hold on to the. don't you love. if you can my view of what i hear just once thought i might do night i showed little kids you saw what. did it feel like you been foam. and i and i know what can media look like. here. i remember you were a virgin or twenty one you know both on that at that at that i didn't think.
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the other thought the other party ought not to anyone say it the cellar live on i could do it and it had by walk to come across i say i mean somebody solid done to self the duncans awful i think that i could see a rugby lover. no worse a. mere say is the. real the stand that. is living a sense that she would rather you did something safer than i i think almost all fully electron for i was enough i left without a quest. then say it's funded by the book. and. you get a lot more bonnie at it off than might the kike in this over it's like i'm doing. her.
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thing. it's all about. france a seven month old daughter solomin lives with her mother not far from him and alex . often to see each other. two weeks on left on two weeks how do you manage times finance the i.q. sometimes especially in terms of. need and they piece known when there's no new piece is a issue but it's my space that tried to help me. we've made peace on him some.
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someone. it's nice when i. asked for no it's not that. he said daddy. care and i like it now and he's a pre-treating the same as i will be poured funny show series and such i go to school for five what if you mean you know hoards you know you go and buy clothes out of his home one can no. day and. then you are not to repeat. only one. was. a twenty one france and never had a job. situation i want them all back. in the one fruit cup and two. i want to get i can spy on it when they were talking about
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people moving food and. we are like nick what about. a moment you feel a sin if it's a lesson from the last of last week. now france has a new girlfriend to the who works for the n c and every now and then she likes to eat out. boy was. if you need to spot. last year the sword my genius like it was to ts northwick you know. you would know any savings to give you seventy two didn't give bite you didn't win last year because of the us legal. system. this.
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that. you want to produce you don't want it looks nice and. then you know that he has a child. i know it has a child he told me. but so far it doesn't affect i want to. drive our turtle. yeah. yeah. but not maybe after. school. or why do you why do you walk up and then your place. it will be a close. to create there when god not. using my new pool party. was
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going out to fast by me. i think you have to be willing to. do in chaperoned. by where you live calls on. i think you mean me make it does part of growing up. so that's a new job that's coming up and then there's also. new data for macros so it's conceivable that to save it or not that i can do at the age of twenty eight katter's got his career on track with a job as a market analyst. is days it's not about as fun i've got a whole lot more focused. store need to be more focused on a lot that i need to get done and stonie to. to push harder. he discovered snowboarding at twenty one and became hooked which did not amused his father. he's always kind of medically sacrificed quite
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a bit for me to go to school good school not just any school so he's always kind of i like to sort of remind me about it you know it's now and then when i step out of line is like hey remember i did this for you in a circle and at least return the favor in some sort of way. no he works full time but still squeezes him quite a lot of fun or my friends are living alone we get together every monday we go each other's flats cook and drink rum and have a merry good time tonight it's cats turn to cook is preparing the food at the flat he shares with his friend nick. minix point out that you were cooking on the gas was all but there was no flame are you kidding me. whenever and when we're standing in a room full of gas that's totally. i just know a lot of cigarette up here you can have friends when ever you want by being just
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what you are don't bother but the brother bugs you just love him and. when he started it's john's cat was cut loose from his upbringing and sweater. it's been a very core group of friends the past couple years hasn't changed much changed the lead singer from desmond tutu's craig who shane's brother also in the band with them. knickers and a straight a designer so if it works and event management. sets standards and he has experience in the ad industry. tonight the dinner is being held after hours at angie's cafe around the corner from where they all live. oh i'm pretty bummed about this actually. ok let's have a look at all the chicken pieces on top are perfect and read to be eaten but every
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layer of chicken out on the bottom is completely wrong still. that's up thirteen percent up the temperature and we're just going to eat the millers only for now we'll see how the chicken is in an hour. at least for now we got that and we got so this was going to work at that. wow the whole bottom layer of the chickens roll sorry guys so in this for now when you all get drunk later you can have chicken. liver here is the worst food i could. who doesn't know. what you think the difference is between black and white. and the same skin.
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color that could say this is going to cape town two years ago a whole bunch of friends and i we were trying to go into a place and even asses laden but i was allowed in because it reached a quota of nonwhite people in the club which i find quite weird. i always had this thought to live in south africa everyone must possess some sort of piece of racism in them and that's sort of how we all function you know. but that's going to take a long time for that to go away. i mean racism on all fronts tiffany's and. in south africa. but also served a little. more. thoughtful look at me that's all being self would be as well. were for it but want to be at the black the mark.
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of. most of the problems that we do to help you cause i do provide. yourself people know that we keep being if people like great opportunity so see we then. i think it didn't bear to. not much i guess i'm i feel like his vision. with his life is kind of fading into oblivion unfortunately people have taken over a majority forgotten about what he stood for. i've been here almost ten years. please no change is no different you have to wait we have to jump there want to be. we don't have street. lights. with. those for those come for us to go to the suburbs
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you can be huge one he doesn't bring up all those people who voted for him. so are they voting and sorry i can't. even my temper see there was fourteen she was unhappy about the condition and. ems and something i timed. the name forgotten about me to follow him down and pointless and. most of. the phone fellas talking. but she still lives in the same place. now with her son enjoyable. while i don't then i think. that i found. that is not your problem at all then i would like. we don't do anything.
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that involves we live and. i don't care. what. your. business. but. i don't get. into his don't find a. good woman must but i have a little. before . this nation would say you've been in cam.
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and i did as a receptionist in the morning my company. and. i don't like friends i don't need friends in my life. this is my real real friend. whatever. but then i can when the. door. right and didn't. spend money is the. just got. some off one of his time a brief. about new stuff. between
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all those dream vision. smoking said the retire the smoking all those things. to be quite ever so much on the end about i did the same time. that's what i believe my being. a lover of art to good use she got a diploma and became a lecturer in graphic design all right so now i'm going to get onto the sphere right if i'm going to paint a sphere and try to blend it sort of looks around i be afraid of your paint brushes get them dirty. so you all need water ok i enjoy teaching and i enjoy young people because i can identify with where they're coming from i can you know
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it's not long ago that i was exactly where they are a lot of people forget that we knew that age things a little bit different you know and. you've got to you're make some leeway for that . seeing them go from like being just passing students to like getting you know really good marks or winning something. is really great i like to see them succeed i get what i want to do is take a big flat brush the blending brush and i just started doing the fish and what i started doing was trying to get the three dimensionality. you guys have more time than i have i promise you. why do you have no time tell me. multiple times are you going to go into industry with a them on things and deadlines like this is the time now advice to you to practice that technique because when you're not there you don't have time to practice you kind of have to deliver i want to get back into the arts and i want to get back
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into that really seriously i hope to not work full time as a lecturer like i'm doing now and eventually work part time as a veteran and demarche as well there's nothing better than starting a project and finishing the project and having that sense of achievement i'm not quite sure which way they go now but this is what they're like when you're finished . yeah that's right. yeah and they sold her early so i guess that's a good thing that's success right now. unfortunately my mom. shands mother has long been a patron of the. shining not mine. tonight she is preparing for friday night supper. time to. tell the world.
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what sort of religion are you i would cherish how much you. can work things you have to do if you're jewish you have to do every man is a man. every year you have. you are carrying taps from the waist. i thought i would drift she's off to show you know i suspect a lot as a clerical a boy. and if you knew i was jewish state or a i knew he was muslim straightaway i mean i'm actually an atheist and i theist you but that's not what i am and he is a very secular muslim. i think that's one of the reasons we adopt to be honest it wasn't because you want to upset people it was just easier i think my mom takes it as a personal affront that we never told her but it wasn't about her at all it was just easier at the time. like. i brought a sign as
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a moment's. notice and i remember when i read some in a very liberal record i'm not surprised i married was i'm surprised i'm married. if that wasn't my intention ever. in another unexpected twist. my having to leave the country. very much involved in southwest africa as you know. my husband being foreign really struggled to get a visa for him to stay in this country but i mean really really struggled took us literally ten months. of constant fighting i ventured to be got a visa which allows him to be in the country basically do nothing you can't work you can't open a bank account blah blah blah blah blah here's a guy with degrees he wants to invest in the country he wants to make business what can you do you can't do anything else to go to namibia and do it there.
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the room. we always reach we can't change duty to getting past unfortunately it's what i do but each now you can change the mistakes to be in seeing past you know the only school for you always. and we four do best you know i. don't know if we. take counsel from a four by eight more that out of off the. bullshit or going in your liver for beatin the truckers wife and walk. over toward any right off. the far right on the shoulder. from the
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right from the can i don't that icky. because of oil by a nice wide open border. and . i'm fully. owned over a.z. all of the piss you know what i've always leaving the fields and i. wonder all the time that. colonists are no time to sort. them toil as i'm told. most of the time in the kind of thing little slips like that. some things never change. it's exactly the same. way that i remembered when i
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left the are people just walking the streets getting drunk with cyber very long way to. anyone i've been close to it we should be. there is so much more study should be done that needs to be improved do you feel a need to be part of that process i'd like to be are that person serious. even if it's a tiny small bit i mean i think everyone can be part of the process but what do you think the overall. first on and. profit so it's a. very it feels like a whole another world. how we can apply this how we going to say that this is where everything happens on a sunday on see myself in someone's dad and i'm happy about where i am now because i see we have going. how have you changed since you were severed.
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charging the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history as dramatic social and political twenty eight south africa part two. zero.
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a lot of the heaviest showers in brazil are in the northeast along the amazon and madison and running inland it's sort of the area which is where they are welcome is now dry in rio and sao paolo mostly further south as well occasional showers and knows this is what you might expect in this town the other heavy showers have moved also with the sun listed in ecuador the still running up into what increasingly into colombia venezuela panama and more recently reasonable string running into guatemala and el salvador and if you look above my head here that white street has a cold front that's inducing showers here in mexico they've been quite big recently there in the forecast say sr out the yucatan peninsula and increasingly western cuba your foreign friday becomes a wet day pretty big thunderstorms to that it will sweep slowly eastwards the saturday leaving dry behind but inducing showers ahead in jamaica the bahamas and down towards honduras as well with mexico the whole yucatan peninsula looking drive on this type of out front i just showed you is currently in the southern states of
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the u.s. has developed in the last twenty four hours this mass here and it's moving east was induced were two tornadoes certainly big thunderstorms with hail and that's its position during friday. the weather sponsored by catherine is. in syria citizens are collecting evidence you know your particular shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution on al jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to see.
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if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. no collusion no obstruction. the mother report whips up a political storm and raises concerns of russian interference in the twenty sixth
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election was adequately addressed. the. stepping up the pressure sudanese protesters and opposition leaders plan to name an alternate transitional council to take over from the military. the entire government of mali has resigned a month after the massacre of one hundred sixty below which provokes an outcry over into ethnic killings. and then for the latest from the n.b.a. playoffs as golden state bounced back against the l.a. clippers and the san antonio spurs turn that down for now that they can take the lead in the first round the. democrats are still deciding where they'll take it the kremlin says there's nothing that warrants its attention nearly twenty four hours after the release of the censored robert muller report into allegations of russian interference in the u.s.
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election the storm may be building in the past hour president trump has taken to twitter calling the document the crazy mullah report and labeled the whole thing a hoax we have several aspects of the story we're covering today but will start this news hour with coverage from our correspondent in washington. donald trump's two thousand and sixteen campaign team was dogged by charges it was working with russia to throw the election his way but when robert mueller was chosen to investigate those allegations this was trump's reaction oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency now bowler's investigation is done and the four hundred forty eight page report with many sections blacked out is now public the special counsel's conclusion stated at least three times accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed
9:51 pm
a crime it also does not exonerate him as far as the u.s. attorney general is concerned trump is not illegal jeopardy bill barr says just because muller's report is filled with details about contacts between the campaign and russian officials. doesn't mean anyone committed a crime we collect this information we use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision the report confirms what the u.s. intelligence community believes russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton ross upon tax with members of trump's inner circle were betty including with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul band of fort both cullen and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however mohler and his avesta gaiters say there's not enough proof of
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a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had called that it's after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment but muller at mit's he never compel trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalind al-jazeera washington live now to washington and like to help it so kimberly it's the day after the night before what are the democrats saying today. that well as you reported that house judiciary committee is set to subpoena for the full report nancy pelosi the house speaker not happy in fact
9:53 pm
sending a letter late on thursday evening here in washington to the democrats in the house of representatives saying that it was unacceptable not only of the timing of the. department of justice in terms of turning over this report but the fact that it was a she called it selectively redacted so that is why they are pressing for the full report we do know that there is a conference call that is scheduled for monday to discuss next steps but there is a need for the democrats to read the four hundred forty eight page report something that they planned to do over the weekend but it's already clear that the not only the house judiciary committee but the broader democratic party that controls the house of representatives intends to press further that there is a feeling that the report has in effect punted this to congress to conduct its oversight responsibility something that the speaker of the house nancy pelosi underscored as she visited ireland in a broader trip to the united kingdom take a listen whenever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of
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the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that so can really all the republicans planning to come to the democratic investigations. absolutely they've already started they've started with their own fresh attacks on the investigation that democrats say they plan to potentially do moving forward they are pointing out they believe that muller's refusal to prosecute the president is in fact vindication of the president and this is nothing more in their view than the ongoing sort of refusal to accept the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. election by the democratic party they also say that they plan their own
9:55 pm
investigations into whether or not there was political bias throughout the investigation for robert muller's team in terms of the f.b.i. other intelligence agencies and that perhaps they were trying to destroy donald trump's presidency what the ordinary public here in the united states can conclude from all of this is a lot more of the same much of what we've seen in the last two years doesn't appear that is going to let up well the democratic party says that they are not at this moment pressing for impeachment of donald trump they are also not ruling it out kimberly thanks very much joining us live from west palm beach in florida is our correspondent rob reynolds rob the president's on twitter was she saying. that's right as you can probably see behind me peter it's not a great day for golf so president front is. in now on his second favorite or other favorite pastime tweeting he seemed to in a series of tweets he seemed to indirectly acknowledge some of the embarrassing and
9:56 pm
damaging statements that were made in the moment when the report saying statements are made about me by certain people in the crazy moeller report which are full fabricated and totally untrue it in refers apparently to white house staffers and others who may have taken notes during conversations with the president in the white house saying that you should be ware of people who take notes because these notes are fabricated. and only made made to make other people look good and for you to make trump look bad he refers to these statements with a common goal garrity that most people usually not the president but many people use to indicate when something is a lie he then says this was an illegally started hoax that should never have happened then that raises some interesting questions peter about whether there will
9:57 pm
be retribution sots against law enforcement against members of congress. the press and others now that the president is claiming vindication from the mall or report do you think the idea of vengeance is maybe running through his mind at this point. i think it is the president already called for adam schiff one of his outspoken critics and the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee to resign there isn't an investigation underway by the justice department's. special. investigator. invested in inspector general i should say into the origins of the entire probe of president yesterday spoke about how it was president obama's fault that the
9:58 pm
russians got involved in the presidential campaign of two thousand and sixteen as detailed in the russian report and of course sees the rail repeatedly against what he sees as his enemies in the press so exactly what form this vengeance might take is unknown but i think that that is something that's on president trumps mind this morning. let's bring in jenny xeno in new rochelle in new york she's a professor at the iona colleagues so basically robert muller has said congress you guys over to you shortly. yeah absolutely you know there are added the here which is that the justice department has a rule that a sitting president cannot be indicted so the nuance here if the really important what what tom miller is special prosecutor says in the report that we got yesterday is that since he could not indict a sitting president it would not be fair to indict the president or accuse him of
9:59 pm
something like obstruction so as you determine if he's going to come to congress to deal with the evidence of obstruction what will and so the idea that the president and his team are going around saying you know there's nothing to see in the mole or he was completely vindicated or exonerated is absolutely not the case as we know now from reading the vote were ok the concept of collusion as a criminal offense doesn't exist anyway in u.s. federal law so maybe people might say robert mueller got that wrong from the get go but what he does say very clearly was there were there was a big russian campaign involved in the u.s. presidential campaign. yes and so the president and his team have been talking about no collusion no collusion and as the special prosecutor says very clearly that is a sort of made up word there is nothing about collusion in the u.s.
10:00 pm
law the charge would be conspiracy and he did not find enough evidence to charge the campaign or campaign fairly it with conspiracy with russia but what he does lay out very very clearly number one is attempts by the russian security officials to penetrate election systems in the embedded states three specific instances in which they were successful in florida illinois and then a computer election manufacturer in florida there is others those are disregard. the second part of what he lays out are communications between the trump team and russian officials conspiracy no they were asking please would you penetrate that what they were viewing is through you know the catering and they were benefiting from the russian interference and so that is very clear and very damning in damaging in that report although it does not rise to the level of the prosecutor by a lation a conspiracy in term.


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