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tv   Canadas Dark Secret  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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in sudan up until the end of the month to form a government or it will lose its or it will suspend its membership in the african union meanwhile the political parties are different on how the transitional government should be formed and what it should look like some political parties want a transitional period of up to one year while others including the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protests for the past four months say that the transitional period should be up to four years and should include a presidential independent council a legislative assembly and a cabinet made up of members from technocrats basically people who they say will be qualified to run the country for the four years while it takes time to get rid of elements from the former government and the former ruling party the military council is also opposing the fact that this council should be independent it says that it wants to be the one supervising the affairs of the cabinet something nearly all political parties have rejected to meanwhile we've seen thousands of people continue to protest in front of the army headquarters they've been
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a flow of people since wednesday night yesterday there were tens of thousands and even today there is still a lot of people the professional association is saying that they will hold friday prayers in front of the army headquarters and political parties and the association agree that seem to agree on the fact that these people in front of the army headquarters are the only pressure of pressuring card they have to force the military council into handing over power to independent civilian government we've spoken to people at the protestors and families and they're saying that alongside their demand for an independent government they're also demanding justice for the crimes committed during the thirty years of bashir is era still to come here on al-jazeera a month after the massacre of more than one hundred fifty mali herders the country's entire government resigns accused of struggling to protect its citizens.
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how the rain is still falling heavily in the middle of southern china it looks like it's all gone further east but it regenerates of itself to the west of that so the picture the forecast picture for saturday shows it extending through and on to the west through for japan to the east towards taiwan and maybe stretches far as shanghai and the separate little finger developing rain in sichuan of course it's snow that's hard to chengdu could really a wet place hong kong will become a wet place if not start a saturday and by saturday night and there's your picture for sunday again pretty widespread spring rains they will be flooding as a result of this to the west we see pretty big showers recently in the northeast of india but it's now looking fairly dry throughout most of india that greyness there's a hint the cowboys sharkey's the big showers in back this aren't but basically
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we're looking at rising temperatures again not push up to forty one there will be a few places and by the profession back towards russia stand there will be in the middle forty's as for rain where you see just the occasional east of hard and further south in carolyn's for lanka this i think is where we see significant rain we've seen in the last week or so but the next week is certainly the next couple of days big showers seem likely insert longer. on line. when you didn't care for them not to do this or if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue react talking about a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the first and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the here twitter and you could be on the street join the conversation
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on mt is iraq. welcome back you're watching else zero live from these are your top stories donald trump is attacking what he calls the crazy orton says the whole thing is a hoax after thursday's release of the sense of proportion to alleged russian interference in trump's election democrats are expected to discuss on monday their next move. thousands of protesters ago but outside the military headquarters in sudan's capital after the biggest running since the overthrow of president omar bashir last week they demanding a civilian led transition and their expected spain eighteen on sunday to take charge of the country. friday protests underway for
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a nine successive week in algeria let's show you some live pictures of algeria's that they're chanting down with the system the long term president. abdel aziz beautifully was ousted earlier this month protests continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to him and delays to presidential elections until july your support joins us again onset he's a professor of political science at castle university what are the key choices for the opposition here going forward. position for the time being is simply to occupy the street for jesus and put more pressure on the table to suit the fall it is the civilian government in all of the military. chief of staff. to put more pressure on the president and his own to the interim president and his entourage to decide like what exactly what he did with former president would flicker have they got to be united and are they actually united i mean the potus is
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for the time being united about one thing which is to get the lid off the system the thousands and millions of protesters all over the country are so you in the same thing but they don't think that brought us to united in terms of who is going to lead i believe this is one of the reasons that we have not seen in the specific leadership for the protesters that a few names thrown in but not one specific name is enjoys the unity of the protesters given the past of the country the history of the country this process has been relatively speaking you know quite quick since since the world started looking in on these these past couple of months but do those opposition figures to the protesters have a common front do they have a one man one woman a group of men and women behind whom they can rally and that grouping of people that small group of people people can kind of run run or run with the energy that's
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been generated by all the protests. it's pretty gloomy the situation is very gloomy at the moment because the people as i said to a little while ago are united on one god to get rid of this political system they have the energy to go like they showed over the last eight weeks or so but they need the military to intervene obviously they don't want to do is hold some of the opposition does not enjoy the support of algerians these believe that they have worked with the regime that a few names from the street like stuff of which as you for instance is one of the names thrown in and there are also names from the past people who have occupied a number of positions within previous governments who enjoyed the support of the sleep i guess a mixture of the two would be dissolution is it possible to. not predict properly
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what the military may be planning i mean presumably it's got contingency plans and some of those plans might be pictures of aggression they might end up with pictures of violence i mean the most difficult thing to do is to predict what's going to happen next in algeria but for the thirty being i would rule out any violence that have been incidents of people trying to do a live the. protests but both of the protesters and the military seem to be in how the money as far as this is concerned the chief of staff said i will not permit algerian blood to be spilled and the protesters and for size seen on silly me i would they call this protest it's a nonviolent protest we'll exercise it our constitutional right to. peacefully this is basically the message but the protesters are sending mr bundle as a thank you so much thanks the president somali has accepted the resignation of the
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prime minister and his entire government following weeks a pro. so the ethnic killings one hundred sixty people in a fulani village were killed last month by a suspected gunman from the rival doggone ethnic group demonstrators angry at the government to tell him to stop such killings as well as the poor economy and the presence of foreign forces al-jazeera is nicholas hart is in neighboring senegal few says the resignations do pose a big challenge for the money and president. the prime minister is to me lose my did not give a reason for his resignation but it really comes as no surprise because just days ago on wednesday the national assembly members of the ruling party and the opposition in an unprecedented move put out a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and against his government and that was supposed to be voted in on friday the resignation came on thursday night it also comes on the heels of massive protests on april fifth thousands of mali is
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took to the streets asking for the prime minister's resignation and calling for foreign troops to leave the country there's thirteen thousand u.n. peacekeeping troops as well as french troops france being the former colonial powers they're trying to find out rebel groups active in the north of the country but just three weeks ago this insurgency turned into an ethnic conflict with poll villagers being targeted by their own neighbors poles are semi nomadic group some of their neighbors accuse them of supporting some of these insurgent group of the north but the main reason why the prime minister is resigning is because many millions are unhappy about the fact that the cost of living has risen by twenty percent promises made by president. was reelected nargus have not been kept the schools have not opened since september the justice system is paralyzed it
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seems all of the government institutions have not been for. optioning adding to that is the deterioration of the security situation in mali so the president has announced that he will cure as a new prime minister and your government in the days to come a journalist has been shot down during a night of unrest in the city of london area northern ireland police of launched a murder inquiry into what they're calling a terrorist incident lyra maccie was killed by a gunman who opened fire apparently indiscriminately and she was reporting on rioting that the police believe dissident republican group the new ira is probably responsible. news to sticks on the conflict in yemen show the number of people killed in the last three years is seven times higher than widely thought a u.s. based nonpartisan organization which analyzes data iran violence worldwide has recorded more than seventy thousand yemenis killed since twenty sixteen the armed conflict location and event dates of project says the include more than seven
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thousand civilians organization accuses the saudi led coalition and its allies of directly targeting and killing almost five thousand people and the statisticians say the group is responsible for killing one thousand three hundred civilians ten thousand yemenis of reported being killed in the last five months cease fires brokered by the un have helped cult cut the casualty rate but heavy fighting does continue company as an analyst at the armed conflict location data project which publish those statistics. the violence in yemen has overall decreased since the beginning of twenty nineteen mostly due to a decrease in violence in the previous awful day which had become the flashpoint of the major offensive last year. they'd agree with has managed to actually stop violence or to prevent violence from escalating in that region but what we've seen
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is actually an escalation of value in the regions in the north. in as well and this was mostly due to the fact that the who have actually engaged in repression of local tribal actors for instance in. but also there has been every escalation of frozen military offensives in in many areas so what we've seen is actually a. geography of the violence india's prime minister narendra modi years addressing a gathering of traitors in new delhi in an effort to shore up votes for his party before the elections close to real has more from the capital. small traders are traditional base for the b.g.p. or party or jump the party and prime minister narendra modi now move is back addressing that base to shore up support during this election many small traders
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say they are very pleased with the government's policies businessmen give you more did you build that for businessmen modi is very good with this election manifesto in future after bidding he will really do a good job for us not all traders are police twenty sixteen's de mar ties a shoe which was the withdrawal of high value currency notes from the market and last year's introduction of the goods and services tax hit some traders hard now modi is trying to win those traders back here in this garments market though some traders say no one is listening to their concerns. about the policies of this government. whatever has had. to us for the last one and a half years that shouldn't happen to once worst enemies overnight they have ruined us and our business. prime minister the. hope their continued pro-business policies will eventually sort these problems out and keep the majority of small traders on their side ukraine's president has appeal to voters to forgive his mistakes as he
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trails in the opinion polls ahead of sunday's election runoff now those polls are predicting the petro poroshenko will lose his bid for reelection shooter sheriff i once again ask you to forgive me did not work out hurts the most yes i know how hard it is for each of you to forgive my mistakes and believe again i want you to know yes this is my fault. i want to finish the job and continue work i have already done so i ask for your support on april twenty first and i will accept any decision of yours since the will of the people is most important. rebuilding won't be easy but a famous cathedral in rounds proves it can be done also cold not only runs cathedral was almost destroyed by a fire and german shelling during the world wars but twenty five years of work by architects and builders restored it to its former glory. the reports the expensive project in paris is already looking to eastern france for inspiration from.
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it's not as famous as not a dam in paris but not a dam in a class is equally impressive a towering gothic splendor soaring into the sky built in the eleventh century france as kings were crowned here but in world war one it was left in ruins by german artillery the cathedral was eventually rebuilt with painstaking attention to detail that there was in fact a discussion on truth go to decide whether we should leave because here all is a room remembering all the course i've been dong during the war or if we had to rebuild the cathedral and the process i needed to rebuild it like not a dam in paris the roof here was destroyed inside heat resistant cement was used in the new version instead of timber it took twenty five years to restore the cathedral french president emmanuel mccall wants to rebuild not a dam in paris within just five. no problem mr president the crunch time frame is
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probably aimed at completing the first stage and exterior more time will be needed of course to restore it to its former glory when this cathedral was nearly destroyed people were shocked and saddened the famous french writer marcel proust called its shelling a crime against art the fire not to dam in paris has produced similar emotions and it desire amongst the french to rebuild. in paris people come to reflect on what happened reconstruction will be expensive but more than a billion dollars has already been raised the national heritage foundation of france has been inundated with calls from people in companies offering donations or skills and one of the great talents i think is also to add all the people able to work on it you know a lot of craftsmen. or other companies who work on this kind of the thing are very specialized so that we have to train new people. well good news for after all
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government leaders in france have yet to decide whether or not to dam will be faithfully restored or redesigned rebuilding the medieval masterpiece is undoubtedly a challenge but the cathedral in house proves that it can be done natasha butler al-jazeera casts france. lots more news whenever you want to on the websites al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories donald trump is attacking what he calls the crazy mullah report and says the whole thing is a hoax of the first of his release of the censored version and alleged russian interference in trump's election the u.s. house judiciary committee chairman has issued a subpoena for the full uncensored moller report democrats are expected to discuss
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on monday their next move whenever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that thousands of protesters are still gather outside the military headquarters in sudan's capital after the biggest rally since the overthrow of the president omar al bashir last week the protesters want a civilian led transition they're expected to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council as promises of reforms have done little to satisfy the people's demands. friday protests are underway for a ninth successive week in algeria thousands in the capital algiers chanting down
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with the system the longtime president. or was ousted earlier this month protesters continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to beautifully delays to the presidential elections until july. the president of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government following weeks of protests over ethnic killings over one hundred sixty people for lonny village were killed last month by a suspected gunman from the rival doggone ethnic group demonstrators angry at the government for failing to stop such killings as well as the poor economy and the presence of foreign forces. a journalist been shot dead during a light of unrest in london derry in northern island the police have launched a murder inquiry into what they're calling a terrorist incident larry mckee was killed by a gunman opened fire she was reporting on riots police believe the dissident republican group the new ira is probably responsible kemal we'll keep you company in the hours ahead i will see you here bright and early from ten g.
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tomorrow up next it's the stream season by. the current president and a popular comedian a heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan yet promising a change the comedian won the biggest share of the vote in the first round who would lead the country after this historic connection ukraine votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera. i am for me ok today it checking in on three stories we're following hail the stream april is the best a month of a young ever try an american woman whose family say she's been detained by the government since she was fifteen i find out what impact that campaign is having to take a look at a political crisis you probably haven't heard about why young democracy in mongolia may be a roadway i really could be loud i'll be looking for your comments on twitter and of course in our live you tube chat there be lots of talk about today so we want to
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hear from you we'll start with a topic that already has our community talking muslim american politician or have recent comments by u.s. president donald trump put her life in danger stated. i just wanted to see how it will cover some you know mars presence in the u.s. congress to these huge the important and influential especially for most americans like me who work in the government she's. gone totally against trying to. have her be anti-semitic or you take a miracle and you don't especially through her actions in congress i mean she's supportive of the nine eleven victims are tough and you know. that alone proves that she is not only a muslim but also an american and she shouldn't be defined by your religion in this country. since she took office u.s. congresswoman oman has faced
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a power of criticism from president donald trump is supporters and the right wing media now many are asking how these attacks put her in danger last week tweeted a video that was taken out of context to imply that she was trivializing this sense at ten but eleventh attacks on the world trade center in new york and the pentagon in washington d.c. he followed that with another tweet calling out of control and alleging that she had made anti semitic and anti u.s. comments the white house press secretary has defended the president and trump said he didn't regret his comments so what is the impact of these comments when joining us to talk about this from vancouver canada dalia mogahed head is the director of research at the institute for social policy and understanding and from new york journalist near the han welcome both of you to the stream i want to start with our community because people have so much to say about this topic in particular so this is a tweet from tar who says that it is unfair and outrageous for the u.s.
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president to marginalize representative omar and to tweet a video that combined repetition of a quote from her speech with the footage of devastation that occurred on line eleven it could make her vulnerable before we get too deep into the workings behind the. why do you think that representative omar's a target to begin with. well thank you for having me i think that she is a target to begin with because of her unapologetic stance as a progressive as a woman of color and as a visible muslim she is not afraid to speak her mind she is not afraid to challenge people she is not afraid to make people uncomfortable in the best possible way and so from the perspective of those attacking her she doesn't know her place she's acting like an equal instead of what they think she should do which is to act like
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a grateful guest. nido there was so much excitement when this new intake of congressmen came in to washington d.c. could you anticipate the kind of backlash that. has been getting did you worry when he celebrated wow that's diversity coming to congress oh well i was definitely celebrating along with many other american muslims and muslims around the world and i would say a lot of young progressives as well because this was a huge feed in and of itself to see people like. and alexander equality of cortez and also on the presley who all four of these women who are women of color we should also point out have been the targets of intense scrutiny and intense attacks both from the right wing and even from the left from the democratic side as well because they are representing the progressive agenda they are pushing for things like climate change like an end to so many wars going on
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a livable wage you name it like a lot of social issues that go against the grain and actually challenge the status quo so because of that you're seeing people who are so uncomfortable by them and have just made it their duty to just continuously vilified dehumanize and attack them in any way possible and what they've done to is just absolutely barbara hand symbol and disgusting and i think many good people from around the country and around the world have just been disgusted by what's happened to her and it's very dangerous because she even said herself that ever since president trump pin that tweet to his twitter page the death threats against her increased exponentially what so you mentioned the challenging the status quo we got a tweet from someone in europe and they agree completely with you richard says no more fulfills five criteria for trump eight one is that she's a woman she's a muslim she has dark skin she's smart she rocks the boat and she like see the other representatives from new york are serious threats to the status quo but this
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next week here is one that we hope you can. focus on because word does that these comments have led to rising islamophobia hate crimes death threats not only against representative omar and american muslims in general but many us politicians haven't got enough to defend her and then they are part of the problem what has the impact been has it been something that's tangible can you've seen what the impact of it will impact on her life is very tangible i mean let's not forget that a man who was actually arrested for attempting to kill her i mean there her death threats that she is facing are very real and then for the president to tweet something so outrageous so incite full of violence so irresponsible less than twenty four hours after the surete sed it it is it's almost unbelievable so the impact on ill hern is very tangible but i think it goes even
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wider than that it's an impact on muslim americans overall because these attacks and these. these accusations against a hand don't come from nowhere they're not they're not coming from you know they're not random they are invoking anti muslim tropes buehler and deep rooted anti muslim tropes around the idea that muslims are inherently anti american or anti semitic which are simply not true they are. false troops built on misinformation impure clee falls and the fact that they're so there's such a large group of people in the united states that believe them in some way make it so much easier for these attacks to take root and and pogo vulnerable people into possibly even violence but it's
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a wider than just the fringe that will take a while and it's also about bullying kids in school it's it's about. my corrections it's about discrimination in the workplace and i just want to make sure to emphasize that the attacks on no one on more are based in anti muslim stereotypes that can be impure a cli shown to be false. i want to show you. something here for represent to tafe though how to omagh and she's reacting to the tweet that the president put out that we were talking about just a little while ago she says we are all americans assessing danger in lives it has to stop and then here this is really important since a presence tweet i've experienced an increase in direct threats on my life many directly referencing the replying to the president's video so bearing that in mind
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the president knows this that ministrations knows this and then present trump was asta about the backlash and also about the potential danger in maybe putting the congresswoman in and this was his response. termino maher sent out a release last night saying that your tweet from a couple of days ago has led to direct threats on her life any second thoughts about that tweet and the way it was produced and put together no not at all look she's been very disrespectful to this country she's been very disrespectful frankly to israel she is somebody that. doesn't really understand i think life realized what it's all of it's unfortunate she's got a a way about her that's very very bad i think for a country i think she's extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. a festival of health that of us is the calander of all the cultural he knows apple threats about
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a comment. why. well i like i said earlier i'm slowly disgusting but not surprising because remember this is the same man who stood on a national stage and called for the children quote unquote total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the country and it's important to remember that all of this stuff like dolly was saying does not exist in a vacuum and there is a long history of the right wing joining up this stuff we've seen them do it time and again and especially during election time i've talked about this a lot that during two thousand and ten during the midterm elections they used the whole ground zero mosque fiasco to rile up their base to people to get people out to the polls and participate in the election and sadly it worked for them then it worked in two thousand and sixteen and we're going to see it again in two thousand and twenty and it's important also to remember that these aren't just words and rhetoric there are actual policies that get implemented behind this so for instance with the muslim ban and i want to say that it was wonderful and beautiful to see so
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many people standing in solidarity with the muslim community when that ban was first proposed the first iteration but what happened is is that people tend to be oftentimes emotional and episodic and when that initial outrage dies down that's when the real danger and damage takes place and you saw that with what was the third iteration of the ban which was then upheld by the highest court in the land by the supreme court and it effectively banned millions of muslims from entering the country and i asked the question where is the outrage so you see this infringement of people's rights and infringement of who's allowed into the country a rise in hate crimes and a very dangerous situation all around and you're just going to see more and more of that as the twenty twenty election comes up and it's a very unfortunate where we are and know that i wanted to end this segment at the end with a comment that we got from a reporter this is from slate columnist who has written extensively on that you can see this on my laptop here is there was a man this fly in and he explains why people are so angry have
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a listen. so for me i think one of the reasons why i get so defensive when it comes to the attacks against of the head or what is because i recognize them i think any muslim in america will recognize the way that she's been treated and held to a double standard and having her americanus questioned just by default because she identifies as muslim in public so i think one of the reasons why. i take it so personally and why others are taking it so personally is because we we've been through it we know what it's like. we survived they that daddy i see you nodding thank you so much for joining us we know we will have you back on the string as we get ever closer to elections in the u.s. in twenty twenty and now we move to mongolia where political crisis is cause and many in the country to slowly lose faith in their government. amendments alone national security council to act on thought this question when it comes to the removal of the judges. that can be
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a measure of threat to independence of the judiciary. as the judges can be removed for some decisions that are not paid for by the national security council which is a highly political institution overall we are experiencing a political momentum where top political leadership is appalled in the end justifies the means approach in their political decisions that we cannot accept by any means. demonstrations began in november against a former parliamentary speaker for his alleged involvement in corruption he was eventually voted out of his job in january after more than half of mongolia's m.p.'s boycotted parliamentary sessions and stalled legislative action and in a vote in late march the parliament gave the president free rein to bend the courts in his favor to break things down for us from the capital silly city by tar until words ago as a journalist journalist at the mongolian and national broadcaster and contributing reporter to the a.f.p. news agency welcome to the stream on and i want to start with this tweet we got
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from julie and he is a sociologist who was recently in one go and he writes mongolia in a state of political turmoil and has been for months with a series of scandals many one goalie and some selves don't necessarily see this as a crisis but frustration with elements of political systems especially parties are very high talk to us about the fallout from this corruption scandal what does it mean for the people. i'm sure basically what this means is that. when the when the when when this lot came to be it bases show that how how people. the people that does not trust the government and also how the president tied a general public's sentiment to show that there was torture and those corruption in the legal system and that and he used that rhetoric to justify his actions to
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justify his notion for this law to take out the judiciary and also basically giving more power to the national security council so that sort of the parliament has no power over the judiciary any longer basically i had a key figure in the story is of course the president of mongolia he looks like a fascinating character i'm just looking here it took by bill but he is a self-made billionaire martial arts champion and and the stories go on and what can you tell us about him because it's actually his cowardice personality that is driving what is happening in mongolia right now even of a form of arrests that. well like you said he is a self-made millionaire and but there's a lot of questions on how he made those money how he made his fortune this there's
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some talks about how he used racketeering for measures and also used insider knowledge to gain the upper hand on the one. had its first hug and said that basically had stocks of old companies he bought some of those stocks and. and and basically become the owner of those companies and in this matter regarding what happened in the legal status of the judges it's not just the president of the us also two other people the speaker of parliament and also the prime minister who holds the power to basically dismiss or recuse judges and also dismiss the general prosecutor and also that commission independent thought against corruption. so even the prime minister as well and in both the president and the prime minister have reportedly tried to set themselves apart from this corruption i
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want to play video comment we got from david snaith is the director of the mongolian inner asian studies unit at the university of cambridge and he talks about what could happen have a listen. there is widespread public frustration with politics at the moment and politicians in general and the endless series of corruption scandals have convince a lot of mongolians that parliament is a kind of self-serving clique. both the leading politicians of the moment the president battling a prime minister who will soon have tried to distance themselves from that represent themselves as outsiders and i think there is a growing appetite for some alternative perhaps something more authoritarian both of those leading politicians have presented themselves almost as putin esque the gears as sort of strongman so i think it is possible they'll be a change in the future so what do you think they might feel in the future. or. the biggest fear in right now is that if if. if the president and the
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prime minister can solve this more power and during the next elections so action. people will not maybe there will be some kind of corruption scandal or some kind of illegitimate illegitimate voting. those people more conservative more power and maybe dismiss the democratic process basically and dissolve the parliament and more power to themselves with this ok thank you for joining us on the stroll and telling us about one go now follow go on to the time and to of a young man a woman. have been five days. i would like to wish c.m. alley up to a very happy birthday she is an air tran american citizen who was imprisoned without trial when she was just fifteen years old on april third she time twenty two i'm calling on the eritrean government to release some and everyone to put
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their support behind us campaign so that she is released as soon as possible. for you or her you are there you're. the out there you. are are. the doings of the e.u. all. happy birthday have to think of you today as always for ever in solidarity movement. you can't be simulating some joy there but also some sadness as well here to tell us more about c.m. from london we have an essay so she's never trained d.s. but he asked for a free speech activist and also the founder of one day c m that's an organization that is campaigning for the release of uncle say i'm sorry for this it's good to
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have you here to tell us more about this story such a tragic story and a mystery at the same time i'm looking at a picture here on my laptop of a little girl tell us what we know about this little girl what happened to. her name with the how early i would do she was fifteen years old she was trying to leave. which has a policy where you have to apply for x. that means let's give the country anyone who's the same age i. mean even now she is twenty two intuitively you have to ask this visa to get one because you have to stay in the country try to leave was present at the border and she hasn't been seen or heard from but we don't know anything about her situation or conditions or where. we have this from age of aquarius who says see how could be any of us she was robbed of her youth at fifteen and has not been heard from since she deserves a chance at life without being oppressed by the by a totalitarian regime just as all the eritreans do we have to inform by their
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voices any chance we can get so of course we're seeing lots of tweets from the diaspora here but what has eritrean government actually said about her detention nothing there to a government has detained several people in eritrea i mean there's up to thousands of thousands of people have been in prison about a trial and combined for all these people there to government absolutely nothing so real and. could we draw your link between her family and the reason she was detained of the reason she's missing because there is a connection there one could make an educated guess as to why she was taken. i mean they imprison people at the border all the time and we kind of try to emphasize the fact that the home is one person seems unique because she happens to be in iraq and an air tran citizen which means that the u.s. government should be fighting for her but she's also unique in the sense that her father was a part of the government and defected so there's obviously a way that she's being held as well in some by the government now but regardless
11:43 pm
there are young people see homes age younger than her that are being held attained in eritrea so it's not kind of an idea of just one person who happens to be in prison because the government decided to do this one time it's a pipe systematic issue in eritrea that you know has affected almost every family and many of the tweets do mention her father this from hannibal says that the matter of the fact is the government has detained her to silence her father from speaking out against his former boss he is leverage the government has held hostage to silence her father who we know is not in the country who is in and an exile and on that note there is a video comment we got from someone who says that this is really just part of a broader pattern this is felix he's a senior researcher for eritrea at the human rights watch and he spoke to us from ottawa. it seems i'm going to tension sadly isn't due to those who were brought out of arbitrary detention across eritrea routinely individuals that oppose the
11:44 pm
government were his family members it was a government who tried to it's gone from military service are detained often in really horrible conditions torture is widespread you know detention centers in eritrea and there's very little recourse in the courts because people are very rarely charged and he was in hopes that peace with ethiopia would change the situation so people exceed but unfortunately there has been very little indication that the human rights situation is about to uproot. seven s. as he mentioned see how it is not the only one he says it's a broader pattern your uncle is someone who you've also been campaigning for can you tell us about him. so he mentioned the peace with the field and i think that's a good starting point it became independent einhorn and then into ninety eight to two thousand it was a war with a fuel that the government used as an excuse to silence you know dissident voices and the kind of progressives in the country my uncles a journalist as a journalist i wasn't present as a part of that about up there was other journalists other politicians and they've
11:45 pm
all been imprisoned since two thousand and one they shut down the free pass they haven't opened the parliament and there's actually not any kind of democratic platform is or anything in the country right now so he's absolutely right this is a part of the wider pattern. of solitary and policies that is affecting a single a rich man living in the country. we've seen this in recent days from a congresswoman here in the u.s. because as you mentioned she is also a u.s. citizen this is congress woman bass representative karen bass she writes i was in eritrea just last month the country's leader should release they have who had a birthday this past week and all of eritrea's political prisoners to send a message that the country is embarking on a new path that includes respect for human rights so unfortunately that is all the time we have for now but of course we will be keeping an eye on this story our thanks to ben nasa and a reminder to our community as always if you have a story you'd like to see all of the stream you can picture us at a string i mean i will see you next time.
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the carter center. this is al-jazeera. eleven don't know everyone i'm kemal santa maria this is the news from al-jazeera the report continues to create a political storm in the united states raising concerns over whether russian meddling in dollar terms election was sufficiently investigative it's.
11:49 pm
also in the news the pressure continuing to mountain sudan as protesters and opposition leaders plan to name an alternative transition council to take over from the military. i'm not such a partner in the past in eastern fronts rebuilding not to down won't be easy but this cathedral proves that it can be done. on polar east where the sport as i x. is champions league campaign is given a huge helping hand by their rival clubs in the netherlands why not lie to this news hour. well twenty four hours after the release of the mother report and democrats have now issued a subpoena for the full uncensored version as they consider how to move forward reactions come thick and fast from all sides the russian government saying there's nothing that warrants its attention their president trumps called it the crazy mall
11:50 pm
or report and libel the whole thing a hoax a live update from washington in a moment first this from. donald trump's two thousand and sixteen campaign team was dogged by charges it was working with russia to throw the election his way but when robert muller was chosen to investigate those allegations this was trump's reaction oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency now bowler's investigation is done and the four hundred forty eight page report with many sections blacked out is now public the special counsel's conclusion stated at least three times accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him as far as the u.s. attorney general is concerned trump is not illegal jeopardy bill barr says just because muller's report is filled with details about contacts between the campaign
11:51 pm
and russian officials doesn't mean anyone committed a crime we collect this information we use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision the report confirms what the u.s. intelligence community believes russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton russian contacts with. members of trump's inner circle were betty including with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul bana fort both colored and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however mohler and his investigators say there is not enough proof of a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had called that it's after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable
11:52 pm
legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment but muller it bit he never compel trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalyn al-jazeera washington a check in with our white house correspondent now kimberly how could in washington kimberly what's our senior congressional leaders saying and doing now i mean it seems to be well i actually have seen some commentary of people saying there's actually a lot in the report which seems to be throwing it into congress' hands and saying you have to act now. absolutely there's no question that how the top democrats particularly in the house of representatives are reading this is that while the special prosecutor robert muller declined to prosecute himself what he has done is pushed it to congress to conduct its oversight abilities and that it
11:53 pm
has a constitutional obligation to do so this is something that has been taken very seriously by the speaker of the house nancy pelosi she sent a letter to top democrats in the house of representatives of thursday evening saying that they need to look at this very carefully this four hundred forty eight page report her view is that it is well selectively redacted that it does deserve further scrutiny and that's what we see in the house judiciary committee issuing a subpoena to get the un redacted report there is a fear that this was deliberately delayed in terms of its timing of delivery and that's why there is a conference call on monday four pm local time here in washington to discuss next steps the feeling being that there may be and well they are not ruling out impeachment there may be a need to look at this much further whatever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states will honor its oath of
11:54 pm
office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that. on kimberly what about the flip side republicans in congress because i mean what we've heard most of from republicans sort of been the executive side where they just sort of sounding off and siding told you so and will accept apologies whenever you're ready for them but the republicans in congress what are they going to do. yeah the republicans in congress are doubling down as you point out some of the noise coming from the u.s. president terms of tweets not unexpected although the level of all garrity is something that we typically don't see from the present terms of describing this as the crazy mullah report calling some of the aides the notes that were used in this investigation using of all garrity to describe that but it's republicans who are really taking more of a strategic view of this
11:55 pm
a long view if you will and how to counter the democrats as they double down on their investigations in light of this report there are many republicans who are simply saying that the conclusion of the special prosecutor and his decision not to prosecute the president is vindication there are others who are using the lines that we've heard for the past two years and that is that these are just another example of democrats refusing to accept the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. election and there is another line that is being pursued and that is there is concern about the objectivity of the investigation conducted by the special counsel himself that the f.b.i. may have been tainted even politicized to take down the trump presidency expect that all of this will be going on next week as both sides digging their heels what the ordinary american taken from all of this is that if they thought the release of the report would finally put an end to some of the division that exist post twenty
11:56 pm
sixteen u.s. presidential election it doesn't appear that that is the case in fact it is intensifying and will continue likely to the next presidential election in two thousand and twenty oh so much to look forward to wonderful thank you kimberly how good is the white house correspondent with us now political analyst and author of the g.o.p. civil war is nice to see you're it really broad question to start with what you're thinking how you're feeling twenty four hours after the fact now because it all came in a big rush yesterday so much information now that we've had time to sort of thing can digest and are just about the way forward. well you know i think when i when we first saw the report it just simply did not comport with what we had been hearing from the attorney general william barr william barr made clear that there was no collusion that the president had been exonerated however when you go through this report it's very clear that bob muller simply did not come to that conclusion in fact he references the guidelines of the office of legal counsel that states
11:57 pm
that a sitting president cannot be indicted and that's the guideline that he used when actually deciding on whether or not to bring charges against the president also i think he makes very clear a road map for both the congress and for prosecutors if and when the president leaves office that either the congress should begin impeachment proceedings and here are here is the way forward on that or to actually seek indictments on the president when he leaves office for these number of charges of obstruction of justice so it's very clear that there is a lot to unpack in this report and i think now the question is what will congress actually do and terms of moving forward on impeachment or allowing the process to play out politically in two thousand and twenty impeachment you've mentioned it so let's actually discuss that as i understand it it would need. to the two thirds
11:58 pm
majority that would be needed to actually enact a i mean it's just it's just not going to happen as long as there is this is going to be public and power in the senate. sure and to be clear impeachment is very much a political process however what we do know that is that congress has a constant constitutional authority and duty to look at the information where clearly moller the wrong the only reason all or at least from the report the mother states that the president is not under indictment is simply because he is the president of the united states and so clearly he says that there is a proceeding for congress to act and therefore i think it is it is incumbent upon congress to actually take a look at the at the at this report and the the outcomes and decide if in fact they would like to move forward on this issue i do believe they have to at least make an effort to look at possible impeachment proceedings not
11:59 pm
moving for with impeachment proceedings but at least an investigation into whether or not impeach meant is called for or chemical was a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us. there is plenty more ahead for you on this news hour mollies government has resigned after widespread anger over a massacre of villagers. also run to the leading candidates in ukraine's runoff election prepare for their final debate and in sports it is action from the n.b.a. playoffs the spurs steal the show against. looking at sudan right now where thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum after the biggest rally since the overthrow of president bashir last week the protesters want a civilian led transition they are expected to name
12:00 am
a team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council those promises of reforms have done little to satisfy people's demands a second look back at how sudan actually got here though just to remind you is the end of last year that the protests started over the rising cost of bread but soon came the demands a lot bigger that omar bashir should step down more than a thousand protesters were detained by government forces in february sudan's national security and intelligence services said bashir would step down but the president is defined and instead he called that national state of emergency and by april thousands of demonstrators had reached their military headquarters and police said they would support a peaceful transition of power and it was on april eleventh the military announced yes but she had been ousted arrested but that has still not appeased the protesters as we will hear now with mohamed correspondent joining us from her to me it's a big step isn't it mohamed this idea of.


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