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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council promises of reforms have done little to satisfy people's demands a second look back at how sudan actually got here though just to remind you as the end of last year that the protests started over the rising cost of bread but soon came the demands got a lot bigger that omar bashir should step down more than a thousand protesters were detained by government forces in february sudan's national security and intelligence services said bashir would step down but the president is defined and instead he called national state of emergency and by april thousands of demonstrators had reached their military headquarters and police said they would support a peaceful transition of power and it was on april eleventh the military announced yes but she had been ousted arrested but that has still not appeased the protesters as we will hear now with mohamed vul a correspondent joining us from her to me it's a big step isn't it mohamed this idea of an alternate transitional council when the
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military is saying so firmly no it is in charge for now and that this process will happen over a period of time. outside the discussion about the creation of this government has been going on for a week now and the i mean it involves lots of differences between the different components of the social class the people who have been given this green light by the military council to form this government we know that there are the forces of change and freedom the forces behind the change and freedom who have been the movers and shakers behind these protests along with the alongside the sudanese are professionals association these two groups have been talking about forming this government and also there are two additional parties every component of the political class wants to have a share in this and a say in it so that that's why it took days but now we are. sunday when they submit
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their list of people they are they are suggesting for as members of that cabinet that's why we have seen any test as an increase in the numbers of protesters coming to the venue in front of the military headquarters because they want to send a strong message to the military that it's not only the creation of the government it's or so other points very important points like the demand to create a presidential council a civilian presidential council instead of just a military council they want the majority of members in the presidential council to be civilians from the protest aside from the opposition side and only limited the presentation they are for the military but even inside those parties or so there are differences because. the islamist leaning parties those that have been closest to the model bashir are now saying they want the military council to state and that's understood to be because they are afraid of uprooting them and they are
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afraid of harsh measures if there is no one there for them and that coincides with accusations from among the protesters that actually the islamists are still ruling sudan the old regime the deep state is still holding so that and is protecting. components and remnants of that energy so that it's a very very difficult situation for both parties and it is a very long road ahead today they have organized friday prayer inside the venue itself thousands attended that prayer and also we have been there and we have seen how they are preparing to even fast the month of ramadan in that place if things don't change if the demands are not met so they are preparing for a long long long cycle ahead until they tell us until every demand is met by the military council extraordinary strength in those protests isn't there that's mohamed in how to thank you also him organ part of our team there in culture and
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she has been following the protests on the ground this is her report. it's been nearly two weeks since protesters started with their sit in in front of the army headquarters here for two but it doesn't look like they're going to be going home anytime soon there's thing that they're going to continue with their protests until the military council was announced that president bashir from power on the eleventh of april has overpowered an independent transitional government now the military council says it's up to the political parties to come up with a way that the cabinet will be formed and the way should be run by the political parties are not in agreement on how that government should look like and how long it should be for some parties want a period of one year only while others including the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protest is demanding of four year transitional period now most parties and dissidents professional association are saying that these protesters here are the only card that they have to put pressure on the military council to hand over power they're saying that if
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the protesters go from here and leave then they will have no way to force the military council to hand over power to an independent civilian transitional government so they've been calling on people to continue with their state and to continue with the protest until power is handed over the sudanese professional association says that it is going to. announced the list of members it wants to see in the cabinet on sunday and people are waiting for that but most of all they're waiting for an announcement from the association and from political parties that there will be power handed over from the military council to an independent civilian government so that they can go home and call their revolution and victory . for their protests are underway in algeria as well for the night success of week these pictures showing thousands of people demonstrating in the capital algiers long term president at the lizzie's but a flicker of course he was asked to do earlier this month but the protesters there continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to beautifully and delays to the presidential election until july. police in turkey have announced
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the detention of two suspected spies working for the united arab emirates both were arrested in istanbul back on monday they are thought to have gathered intelligence on arab nationals when i arrived in turkey last october but arrived to help is called more on this from the touch of a name and a stumble to bring us up to date with what you know natasha. sources tell al jazeera that two men described as intelligence offer it is were arrested inside a hotel in is stumble on monday an encrypted computer stashed in a hidden compartment was also confiscated the men allegedly have admitted that they were working for the united arab emirates but they are not citizens now sources tell us that they have been under turkish surveillance for the last six months they allegedly contacted turkish analysts they inquired about qatar's investment in
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turkey the two who are close allies the u.a.e. is part of a saudi led blockade against qatar intended to isolate the country the men also allegedly contacted a suspect in the gym out because shoji case he was the saudi and washington post columnist murdered inside the saudi consulate last october and the thought is is that one of these people according to a senior official speaking to reuters one of these people arrived days after the show g.'s murder the second soon followed to quote help with the workload now sources tell al-jazeera that the men may have been here collecting information or intelligence about arab dissidents since the arab spring in two thousand and eleven many have sought exile here in turkey but the other prevailing theory is that the men's presence here in turkey has a direct link to the gym out case the u.a.e.
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is a close ally of. saudi arabia and saudi arabia face international condemnation after the murder of his show g sources say that with turkey's relations strained with saudi arabia and egypt the u.a.e. may have been attempting to open up a new avenue of intelligence gathering now what we do know is that these men are expected to be charged in the coming days they will face military political and international espionage charges and sounds are going with that update from istanbul thank you the president of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government following weeks of protests there over ethnic killings more than one hundred sixty people in a full on a village were killed last month by suspected gunman from the rival bogan ethnic group because hawk is reporting for us from neighboring senegal he says the resignations pose some big challenges for mali's presidents. the prime ministers to
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me lube a my guy did not give a reason for his resignation but it really comes as no surprise because just days ago on wednesday the national assembly and members of the ruling party and the opposition in an unprecedented move put out a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and against his government and that was supposed to be voted in on friday the resignation came on thursday night it also comes on the heels of massive protests on april fifth thousands of malia's took to the streets asking for the prime minister's resignation and calling for foreign troops to leave the country there's thirteen thousand un peacekeeping troops as well as french troops france being the former colonial powers they're trying to fight out rebel groups active in the north of the country but just three weeks ago this insurgency turned into an ethnic conflict with poll
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villagers being targeted by their own neighbors poser a semi nomadic group some of their neighbors accuse them of supporting some of these insurgent group of the north but the main reason why the prime minister is resigning is because many millions are unhappy about the fact that the cost of living has risen by twenty percent promises made by president. was reelected in august have not been kept the schools have not opened since september the justice system is paralyzed it seems all of the government institutions has not been functioning adding to that is the deterioration of the security situation in mali so the president has announced that he will choose a new prime minister and you government in the days to come. several cuban don't choose working in kenya have been moved to safety after two of their colleagues were kidnapped a week ago are. based in neighboring somalia are suspected of the attack in which
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a police guard was killed the kenyan government is paying any ransom more on this from katherine sawyer she's in the kenyan city of mandurah. six right on this street. people here it was very busy people. and talk to. police something that is. then they realized something was wrong when they saw this man coming out of. a shooting. into their vehicle and drove. about two kilometers away the police and the military all the involved in trying to rescue. this. and. trying to negotiate a release security has been beefed. up for it wasn't there before.
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and no one has claimed responsibility and the government has. to talk about. a series in areas along the border including and especially. to. african union forces. as well the. move and assassinations as well we're talking about a very long seven hundred. or a very difficult to secure in. i will see a major incident in the last three or so yes so when something like this happens people raise a lot of concerns with talk to some of them were saying that the government he
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needs to act as quickly as possible to make sure the doctors come back safely and to stop the face of those who need it like that. the lack of jobs police cracked on a four star zones of nicaraguans to look for a better life are brought a year ago protests against planned welfare cuts began but the government responded by targeting journalists and rights groups john heilemann one woman hoping to reach the united states with her three children. i hear on from the mass protests which marked the start of the nicaraguan crisis and it's not just a political problem now. the country's fallen into its worst economic slump in three decades sings like this i. have been great for attracting investment. christiane is one of many people laid off one influential think tank put it almost half a million votes in a population of just six million people seen. i've been looking for work for eight
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months not just in my area which is publicity but in administration tourism wherever i could find a job to provide for my children but i couldn't find anything in any company they're not hiring now they're firing more people. she's heading north to the u.s. with her three children to look for work i moved in sixty thousand other nicaraguans have already left the country many are in costa rica saying they're fleeing persecution since the mass protests began the government's clampdown on journalists and human rights groups. film a new year's hit the most prominent of the until this happened. or. at eleven pm a group of about sixty police broke through the roof there. tied up the young man who washes the installations by his hands and feet they took almost everything they destroyed the organization completely the computers the documents we don't know
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what exactly they took. the governments entered into a dialogue with a group of business civil society in university leaders called the civic alliance but alliance representatives themselves there is just a play for more time the dialogue stalled situation we were able to agree on to. the release of all the prisoners and the second was the return to the people of nicaragua basic human rights and civil rights however they go in has not been able to comply with those agreements so far they have shown very little compromise . the civic alliance is also calling for early elections and justice for the more than three hundred people reported killed twenty thousand injured we asked both the government and other figures from the ruling party to share their views and none were available for an interview meanwhile out in the streets protests have been effectively banned and paramilitary still roam the government firmly in control but
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it won't cost to a country that's already one of the very poorest in the hemisphere john home and. still ahead for you on this news hour kicking up a stink in karate pakistani said it had enough of the growing piles of rubbish we'll also look at how flooding in iran will drain two and a half billion dollars from its economy and sport of saying many golfers hold incredible shots but not so many like this one. though. hello most of the middle east moment is seeing a drying trend of plenty of clatter and going through iran is building this general direction and this feeds all sense to generate showers around the southern caspian
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a sort of water vapor comes from and around the eastern med so we're talking about lebanon northern syria to be in the caucasus to see further rain of course it's too cold in the facade now a tight most of that means the most to syria most of iraq and most iran will look it dry with an eye and that's true of afghanistan that there are a few showers still possible as you can see temperature and terrence up to twenty bring kuwait it's up to thirty one in baghdad middle twenty's been hovering around that in the low thirty's and the same sort of situation extended to sunday but the chance of showers or at least rain for ching further south through israel possibly even touching northern egypt is certainly there but that is basically if you have to the size of that though there is still a chance of a shower or two in saudi arabia the main focus is going to be further south more or less we're talking about westerns not a year in the high ground once more regular daily showers thunderstorms big downpours tense disappear overnight but they reappear during the day and is
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a chance for showers here in kuwait or qatar on sunday. i enjoy bringing my neighbor's children so they can see and get more comfortable five children are at the heart of america's love affair with fact that their mom makes a real stand there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation y. can fire with the reason you're fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you do speak it. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and herd them into a school or against their will there was no mother no father figures they put it in the big player and we sort of look after ourselves i don't remember the
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children's names but i'll never forget the words canada's doxie current on al-jazeera. on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are all top stories u.s. democrats of issued a subpoena for the full uncensored version of the mother report an edited version was released on thursday it found numerous contacts between donald trump's campaign and russian officials in the run up to the twenty sixth in the election however not enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime. thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters of sudan's capital off to the biggest rally since the overthrow of
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president on what up. last week these protesters still want a civilian led transition. and police in turkey have announced the detention of two suspected spies working for the united arab emirates both were arrested in istanbul on monday they are thought to be gathering intelligence on arab nationals. he was president of the tribes had a phone call with libya's warlord to offer his support in a statement the white house said trump recognizes have to a significant role in fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil resources after his troops offensive on the libyan capital which is controlled by a un recognized government used to to six on the war in yemen sure the number of people killed in the last three years is seven times higher than widely thought a u.s. u.s. based nonpartizan organization which analyzes danger on violence worldwide recorded more than seventy thousand yemenis killed just twenty sixteen the armed conflict
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location and events data project says the dead include more than seven thousand civilians the organization accuses the saudi led coalition and its allies of directly targeting and killing almost five thousand civilians and the statistician's neighborhood the armed group is responsible for killing one thousand three hundred civilians all up ten thousand yemenis reported killed in the last five months ceasefire brokered by the un have helped to cut the casualty rate but the heavy fighting as we know it does continue and draconian is an analyst at the armed conflicts location an event data project which published those to two sticks . the violence in yemen. overall decreased since the beginning of twenty nineteen mostly due to a decrease in violence in the province of data which had become the flashpoint of the major offensive last year. they'd agree with has managed to actually stop
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violence or to prevent violence from escalating in their region but what we've seen is actually an escalation of violence in outer regions in the north in. in our valley as well and this was mostly due to the fact that the who thiis have actually engaged in repression of local tribal actors for instance in. but also there has been every escalation of frozen military offensives in in many areas so what we've seen is actually a. geography of the violence. to iran where the expected repair bill for flood damage is expected to be around two and a half billion dollars millions of iranians are rebuilding their lives after the devastating floods a month ago and reports from norristown province the crisis has come in a bad time for iran's already shrinking economy hampered by u.s.
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sanctions. iran's government is measuring the cost of flood damage in the billions of dollars for iran's people measuring the cost is also very personal damage shops . broken furniture. even packets of spaghetti. homes have been destroyed shops and businesses damaged everything it's gone. now the cleanup the floods left this school filled with mud the goal is to clear up as fast as possible to get the children back into class now this is the kind of thing that will cost time and money to fix if you look over here that metal structure that's connected to the bridge that is a temporary one that had to be put in place when the pressure of the water that was coming through flowing through the river brought down entire sections of that bridge and if you look over here in this direction basically what we're looking at is a river front that has now been completely destroyed. the iranian government's response
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to this emergency was rapid and people say they are grateful but now they expect the authorities to help them return to their normal lives. a scheme is in the works to rent apartments for people who don't want to live in tents and relocate those from villages which cannot be saved it's the city governor of pulled up there says his people are doing everything they can maul. seeking to considering the large scale destruction all roads had been cut and we had no access to the capital of the province most roads to villages were damaged and we had to. cut across lauriston province crews have been at work for weeks rebuilding washed roads repairing transport links is crucial for getting help into affected areas. there is a sense of urgency. officials want to get the newly homeless out of tents and into
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temporary homes away from busy streets for some patience is wearing thin and there have been reports of protests in some parts of the country. we met one woman. who says she's had enough little remains from her earlier life but memories just days before the flood she was celebrating the persian new year with her family now this is all that's left. with a. house was just here the floods took us away completely there is no sign of a two story house anymore it's riven now we have displaced living in tents we don't know what to do there is so much pollution there are thousands like her looking to the country's leaders for answers. the questions include where will her family go and how will she raised three boys after losing everything. on province iran. crane's
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president petro poroshenko and his rival the actor and comedian valda selenski are due to face each other in a live television debate in the next hour. appealed to voters to forgive his mistakes he is trailing in the opinion polls ahead of sunday's election runoff and selenski the only experience of politics is actually playing the president on t.v. walker has been back to his home town. this is wreak crooked hold in english a city built on iron ore and steel production. and birthplace of a man who is promising to reshape ukraine's political landscape the law to meet a zillion ski. zielinski plays a humble history teacher who becomes ukraine's president in the hit comedy t.v. series servant of the people the real zelinsky has no political
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experience but ever since announcing he wanted the top job he's been favorite to win i asked a local historian what can tell us about the zielinski. this is a city of mentally iran and steal the kind of character that will never let you down here locals who know him say success inspired zelinsky and his comedy troupe. you always wanted what was best not just for him but for his friends his family would never reach just good people like him this is the apartment block zielinski grew up in and his parents still live here now it's clear he's come from humble beginnings rather like the character in his t.v. show but there is one big difference the real civilians he is a very powerful business associate who's helped him get to where he is now. eagled
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column one of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs owns the t.v. station that hosts zelinsky shows the oligarch lives abroad and is wanted on embezzlement charges ukraine's incumbent president petro poroshenko accuses the lansky of being called a puppet. many men here have died in the fighting against russian backed separatists a former governor of the region. financed the war effort and he's still respected for that. you think when you go in with give me a visit if it wasn't because of moisi the russians would have been here when the war started it was called a more ski he stood at the helm of the need program region without taking a dime the war drags on and pensions here are barely enough to live on good washing enjoy it i've got nothing to do enough and would not start when not in america i was also shot mind and did anything bad happened there will be all right the people
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of previous week appear ready to pin their hopes on one of their own robin versity walker al jazeera t.v. the. the funeral for paris former president i'm guessing here is due to be held in the next few hours hundreds of supporters have already started gathering in lima ahead of his burial committed suicide two days ago as police try to arrest him over corruption allegations well that's he had plenty of loyal followers but many detractors as well marianna sanchez has more on that from the. was paying tribute with tears and slogans for more than thirty years ellen going to see a live apple a party now his followers raised the party symbol as a final goodbye to him. thousands of peruvians lined up early thursday to celebrate the life of their former leader the room i feel such great pain because so many pushed him this far and he didn't want to allow anyone to see him handcuffed.
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although he was fired been proven politics able to dazzle followers f.c.s. tarnished reputation dates back to his first government in the late one nine hundred eighty s. when hyperinflation reached epic levels hundreds of surrender prisoners were massacred in several jails after his first time enough face alan garcia fled to colombia in one thousand nine hundred two and then lived in fronts hiding from corruption charges he returned and won the presidency again in two thousand and six but ended as one of proust most repudiated politicians was so obvious politician now was that the allies are blaming the press and public prosecutors for things that. journalists following part of the money trail in latin america's worst corruption scandal revealed that during government brazilian construction giant old david h. paid at least twenty four million dollars in bribes and prosecutors question him
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for months more to a lot of allen was a victim of a long campaign of insults that were already killing him little by little and then . ordering his arrest without any proof for sure just to humiliate him they wanted to see him handcuffed was however critics say that c.s.i. lies are now trying to make peruvians believe that his death is a result of a political persecution you know not money. it is outrageous that goes he has followers are using is to side it is unfair with the prosecutor because they were following the due process if i linger c.i. in the face of the process decided to take such a drastic decision that is his own responsibility to have a recent opinion poll says more than seventy percent of peruvians believe garcia was guilty of corruption despite his passing the law allows prosecutors to continue investigating him and they will following the trail of millions of dollars all they were paid to get construction concessions during second government and whose
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accounts the money end up in my d.m.'s i'm just i'm just happy to. rising piles of refuse in pakistan's largest city is causing increasing alarm new homes and industrial developments in karachi are expected to make the environmental crisis even worse has that story. the. state is home to some of karachi's richest people and also some of its food which many was for take. as david moved plastic bags and a fortress from takes to keep it flowing will be very honest being a pakistani we should put our head to shame because we don't have any civic sense left when we look pakistan forty years back there was a lot of civics and you couldn't find his garbage around in the streets but we'd be a population explosion the only area in which pakistan has progressed and all the
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other better meters an s.t.d. is going down not far away that garbage is dumped written destroyed compound the way spies are several stories high and where did we were after cities ever growing slum children start out anything of value and stray dogs search for leftovers but read money still to be made there are also criminals looking to take anything of value here the problem is that the. killer figure you garbage is taken away by the mafias and it is being disposed off to the factories and all to rebel treatment. so whatever garbage is left it is not sufficient to reduce electricity also reduce anything else the waste a stake in by truck to open spaces flooded in turning large stretch a center dumps or land phase these people who live near one and have become
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accustomed to the health hazard and the stench like this ice cream cellar. but added that concern. who among. the government has forgotten as and is least interested in collecting. history now is piled up everywhere literally we are living in it kids get sick it's hot springs the sewage smell is. this may look like solid grown. and it has even claimed the lives of some children every day. billion liters of sewage flows through these makeshift slums into the arabian sea because of neglect by sex slavery. bug a standard now confronted with an ecological today doctor and the government in islamabad and they started green and clean. the government said it had
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a plan but for no the situation is getting worse. the opera which is going to have fared despite of having. the programs for more than twenty years they have. handled this issue well very recently the prime minister have announced a huge bailout package for the problems for the for the croce thirty their two hundred sixty two billion rupees we are installing. plants and at the same time we are including the solid men richest india and some of their shares in pakistan's major city kid in our neighbor to coal and losing the battle against including weight there i'll give you are. a journalist has been shot dead during a night of unrest in london derry in northern ireland lara mckee was reporting on a riot when a gunman apparently indiscriminately opened fire police are describing their murder
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inquiry however as a terrorist incident by dissident republicans. now rebuilding not saddam will not be easy but a famous cathedral in rants proves it can be done it's also called not to run around cathedral was almost destroyed by fire and german showing during world war one but twenty five years of work by architects and builders did restore it to its former glory as natasha but reports the expensive project in paris is already looking to eastern france for inspiration. it's not as famous as not a dam in paris but not a dam in a car says equally impressive a towering gothic splendor soaring into the sky built in the eleventh century francis kings were crowned here but in world war one it was left in ruins by german artillery the cathedral was eventually rebuilt with painstaking attention to detail that there was in fact a discussion on true go to decide whether we should leave the cathedral as
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a room remembering all that for us had been documenting the war. well if we have to rebuild because he will in the process i needed to rebuild it like not a dam in paris the proof here was destroyed inside heat resistant cement was used in the new version instead of timber it took twenty five years to restore the casie jewel french president emmanuel mccall wants to rebuild not a dam in paris with the just five. in a power mr president across time frame is probably aimed at completing the fast stage an exterior more time will be needed of course to restore it to its former glory when this cathedral was nearly destroyed people were shocked and saddened the famous french writer marcel proust called its shelling a crime against art the foreign not to dam in paris has produced similar emotions and it desire amongst the french to rebuild. in paris people come to reflect on what happened reconstruction will be expensive but more than
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a billion dollars has already been raised the national heritage foundation of frogs has been inundated with calls from people in companies offering donations all skills and one of the great talent i think is also to out all the people able to work on it you know a lot of the craftsmen. or other companies who work on this kind of building are very specialized so that we have to train new pay for it it will be a new sort of job government leaders in france have yet to decide whether or not to dam will be faithfully restored or redesigned rebuilding the medieval masterpiece is undoubtedly a challenge but the cathedral in paris proves that it can be done natasha butler al-jazeera france pulls along with your sport in just a moment and it's been a bad day for the world tennis number one the action from the monte carlo moscow is amuck.
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examining the headline it's a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i'd be king you can look that way any more sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the new viewers and motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. back with a new sport with full thanks
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a lot come all i axes european champions league campaign has been given a huge boost with some help from its rival clubs in the netherlands the dutch football association is set to council a whole round of league games to give iraq's more time to prepare for their semifinal against english side tottenham i.x. atop of the dutch eredivisie and would do to play two days before the first champions league semifinal like in london but now they'll have a whole week off taught them on the other hand will only have two days break because they're still shy jeweled to play west ham in the premier league the every division season will now be extended by a week but the dutch f.a. say all the teams will benefit from i.x. doing well in europe. well earlier we spoke to dutch journalist mikhail a young man who said other clubs in holland weren't completely happy about giving i-x. a hand but that even that title rivals p.s.v. were managing to see the bigger picture for dutch football. we're we're small we're
12:41 am
we're we're trying to we have to we have to you know grab first our spot in the spotlight and we have to you know chase our men and their i mean the last time we were in this position was me and zero four zero five when we had baby i hope and i mean the champions league the way it happened you know one generation pretty much oh i can understand there's being like they did an exceptional situation let's you know relish the moment and that's pretty much what everyone seems to accept i mean even they say trainer mark from bubble just now this afternoon is said to be totally understand that that their computer ring just change even if they stay trainer mark from bowl and even base a general manager are saying you know this is this is really exceptional let's make sure that i am the best possible chance maybe even reach the final that says something many of the u.k.'s top football as a staging a one day boycotts of social media to protest against racial abuse the professional
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footballers' association launched the hash tag anough campaign calling on players to stop using twitter facebook and instagram this fall as a string of global high profile racist abuse cases both on and off the pitch one premier league manager believes it can make a difference i think is great that. plays a coming together to make a stand and a big statement as a group and i think that's a very powerful thing and hopefully that doesn't change mindsets and beliefs well as already been a big shock at the monte carlo must his tennis and rafael nadal is trying to make sure there's not another the king of clay was struggling in his quarter final against argentina. but he fought from two breaks down to the opening sets in a tie break he is a break up in the second. earlier the world number one and top seed for the tournament novak djokovic was dumped out he was beaten in three sets by russia's ten seed daniel medvedev he was playing his first masters quarter final jacket
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shoes won the event twice made forty seven unforced errors. thrown children is the ultimate goal include. hope liking a women for sure it's expected in a way to. for me to peak right at that given because that's what i'm aiming for and this is. only the first tournament on clay and it's a long season so let's see how it goes. the golden state warriors a back to winning ways in the n.b.a. playoffs the reigning champions thrashed the l.a. clippers hundred thirty two two hundred five to take a two one lead in the series elsewhere the philadelphia seventy six ers also went to one up against the brooklyn nets and the denver nuggets fell to defeat against the san antonio spurs who are proving to be one of the surprise packages of the postseason so how moloch reports. judging by the roads of san antonio look like they can make a real impact in the n.b.a. playoffs. while the team lacks the star power
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spurs sides gone by the likes of derek white who scored thirty six points in this game and the moderates are proving they're more than capable of stepping up. despite being up against the western conference a second seed denver who have one of the season's best players nicklaus jock itch and no stage did dispose look like a team that finished five places below them in the regular season if. there was little between the teams until the final quarter that's when san antonio took control of the game. dros and would end of twenty five points his performance helping them go on to win it one eight hundred to one await. the spurs now leave the series two one and take a step closer to championship number six so hale malik al-jazeera. in the n.h.l.
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playoffs san jose survived a real scared to keep their first round series alive against the vegas golden knights the sharks have lost three consecutive games to vegas and were on the verge of being eliminated thomas hertel scored two goals while goalie martin jones went thirty saves in game five the efforts helping them to a five to two when to cut the golden knights lead to three two in the series. the carolina hurricanes post of the two one win against the reigning champions the washington capitals a level there series two all one final score just seventeen seconds in well that's kept things tight with thirty saves. now we're used to seeing pro golfers hole shots from distance but not quite like this one this was enjoy year in at the l.p.g. a lot each championship in hawaii had all collided with the ball of a playing partner straight into the hole for an eagle if you're wondering at what part of the ball was placed back where it was and she managed to get
12:46 am
a birdie so nobody missed out. all a small. fall plenty more news coming for you in just a few moments here on al-jazeera of course the latest reaction from the report and the rest of the day's news. jory bring in my reviews my leaves children so they can see and get more comfortable five years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons back at the very own so mom makes a report on an airplane industry. and it's fun but the new generation is fighting
12:47 am
fire with the reason we are fighting for the system you because you don't want to see if you do speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on a. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think they can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire and. the world is watching on al-jazeera people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was a place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is unfair and unfair we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say
12:48 am
what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's lots to graze in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here and i'll just era. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states democrats issue a subpoena for the sense that mullah report is raising concerns of russian interference in the twenty sixteen election was adequately addressed.
12:49 am
hello everyone i'm here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera donald trump has put in a call to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar offering his support strongman trying to take control of the capital. stepping up the pressure sudanese protesters plan to name their own civilian transitional team to take over the country. i'm going to talk to in a house in eastern france rebuilding not to down won't be easy this cathedral proves that it can be done. so u.s. president donald trump on the offensive after the release of the heavily censored mullah report into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election he's calling it a total victory and in the past hour has also been on twitter calling the document the crazy report the whole thing a hoax house speaker nancy pelosi is organizing
12:50 am
a meeting for monday so the democrats can plan their next move and the u.s. house judiciary committee chairman has issued a subpoena for the full uncensored report and despite the report clearly blaming russian entities for trying to influence the u.s. election moscow doesn't seem to bothered the foreign minister says nothing in the report warrants the kremlin's attention so let's check in with rob reynolds who is in florida west palm beach resort of course where donald trump spends his weekends hi rob let's talk through what the democrats are up to first of all because there was a lot in this report which seemed to be what was interpreted as robert muller throwing it over to congress effectively and saying you have to deal with this you have to act on this. that's right can all come on not in so many words but that was certainly the implication that many members of congress picked up on and as you mentioned jerrold nadler the chairman of the house judiciary committee has subpoenaed the full report without redactions and any other supporting material
12:51 am
he's given the justice department until may first to comply with that navl said earlier today the report is painting a damning picture of a president who lies all the time and demands others lie for him but the democrats have something of a dilemma in front of them they have to figure out how much to go ahead with further investigations now that the molar report is out now that the president is claiming total exoneration so there will be a meeting of the democrats on monday just after the easter holiday and here's what the leader of house democrats speaker nancy pelosi had to say just a short while ago. whatever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe
12:52 am
that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that and don't trump's reaction robert find it interesting he copes about's total victory but also calls it a crazy report. well that's right the president is in an angry mood on twitter this morning he started out with a with a tweet that i think we can show you on screen now saying statements are being made about me by certain people in the crazy mall a report which are fabricated and totally untrue he went on to say that some people presumably referring to former members of the white house staff and perhaps members of former members of the president's legal team claimed to have made notes about meetings with the president that cast him in an unflattering light he said that these statements made and which appeared in the moeller report were completely
12:53 am
fabricated except that he used a somewhat more pungent anglo-saxon phrase to describe their lack of voracity yeah colorful language from the president of the united states thank you rob reynolds in west palm beach they're still with the president and donald trump has made a telephone call to libya's warlord khalifa haftar to offer his support in a statement the white house said trump recognizes have to a significant role in fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil resources after his troops have led an offensive on the libyan capital which is controlled by a u.n. recognized government might happen or in washington d.c. following this and this is really interesting mike given as i just pointed out that opposing government took on a five to is. recognized by the united nations and here is donald trump throwing his loss in with the opposition with with thirty five to. well it is a very interesting indeed it snowed as well that the phone call was made on monday the only publicized on this particular day let's also note too that there was
12:54 am
a session of the u.n. security council just twenty four hours away which the united states joined russia in opposing a resolution calling for a truce in libya now this is a massive turnaround on the part of the united states attitude to libya just earlier this month the secretary of state was harshly critical of the opposition forces off the forces of khalifa haftar so this is essentially a complete turnaround in u.s. policy in the region president making that phone call to khalifa haftar expressing his support for a man who others in the west to see as a warlord and see as the tripoli government insists a war criminal so certainly this is a massive shift in u.s. policy and a u.s. now has joined egypt to the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in backing the forces of khalifa haftar
12:55 am
a massive turnaround right so it's about u.s. alliances as much as anything else and i suspect as well as everything certainly libya has to do with resources oil all these sorts of things. well interesting as well kemal that in that to reported conversation president trump congress. for protecting libya's oil resources now in the view of the internationally recognized government has in fact stolen those resources rather than protecting them so once again you've got a situation where the internationally recognized government in tripoli is now it in effect being opposed by the united states which up until a few weeks ago was publicly in support of that and publicly criticizing those forces that were opposed to it a big turnaround yet fascinating development thank you for that mike hanna in washington. police in turkey said they have detained two suspected spies working
12:56 am
for the united arab emirates both were arrested in istanbul on monday they are thought to have down that intelligence on arab nationals when i arrived in turkey last october the other arrived later to help his colleague more on this from the taj going to him in istanbul. sources tell us two men were arrested inside a hotel room in istanbul on monday they've been described as intelligence operatives an encrypted computer stashed in a hidden compartment was also seized they've allegedly admitted that they have were working for the united arab emirates but they are not citizens of the. sources say the men have been under turkish surveillance for six months during that time they contacted turkish analysts they inquired about qatar's investment in turkey the two countries are close allies the u.a.e. is part of a saudi led blockade against qatar intended to isolate the country the two men also
12:57 am
allegedly contacted a suspect in the gym out because shoji cates the shoji was the saudi and washington post columnist murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october now a senior official tells reuters that one of these men first arrived in turkey days after case shoji was murder the second soon arrived sources tell us that the men may have been here collecting information about arab dissidents since the arab spring in two thousand and eleven many have sought exile here in turkey another prevailing theory is that the operatives presence here in turkey may have a direct link to the shoji murder the u.a.e. is a very close ally of saudi arabia and the country faced international condemnation after show g.'s murder sources say with turkey's relationship with saudi. arabia and egypt strange perhaps the u.a.e.
12:58 am
was attempting to open up a new avenue of collecting intelligence here in turkey the two men are expected to face political military and international charges. several cuban doctors working in kenya have been moved to safety after two of their colleagues were kidnapped a week ago. and based in neighboring somalia are suspected of the attack in which a police guard was killed the kenyan government there was ruled out paying a ransom soil in the kenyan city of mendota. the incident happened in broad daylight of around six jim right on this street and that time of the morning the people here it was very busy people. and those we talked to. a normal police something that is. then they realised something was wrong when they saw this man coming out of the shooting they then bundled the cuban doctors into
12:59 am
their vehicle and drove. about two kilometers away now they the police and the military all the involved in trying to rescue these cuban doctors. from kenya and from somalia as well trying to negotiate a release security has been beefed up. for example wasn't there before. and no one has claimed responsibility and the government has been. to talk about that but we have seen in the last few years a series of the talks in areas along the border including and especially after kenya. and its troops to somalia. to fight. alongside the african union forces and with the national as well we see. and boxes and schools and assassinations as well we're talking about
1:00 am
a very long a seven hundred kilometer long border with somalia forests very difficult to secure in pots and we haven't seen a major incident in the last meal so yes so when something like this happens people raise a lot of confound with talk to some of them the same that the government she needs to act as quickly as possible to make sure that these doctors come back safely and to stall the face of those who are leaving town like that. will grab a break when we come back a month off to the massacre of more than one hundred fifty mali and hoda the country's entire governments resigned to choose to failing to protect its citizens and a rescue in the outback is a dingo a drug for change month old toddler.


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