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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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and prosecutors questioned him for months more to a lot about all holds alan was a victim of a long campaign of insults that were already killing him little by little and then ordering his arrest without any proof for sure just to humiliate him they wanted to see him handcuffed was however critics say that c.s.i. lights are now trying to make provings believe that his death is a result of a political persecution. ceiling that it is outrageous that goes he has followers are using is to side it is unfair with the prosecutor because they were following the due process if alan garcia in the face of the process decided to take such a drastic decision that is his own responsibility. the recent opinion poll says more than seventy percent of peruvians believe garcia was guilty of corruption despite his passing the law allows prosecutors to continue investigating him and they will following the trail of millions of dollars or they would have to get construction concessions during
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a second government and who's accounts the money and the ban. on just one just. in the news ahead why flooding in iran will drain two and a half billion dollars from the country's economy. and a month after the massacre in mali the entire government resigns accused of failing to protect its citizens. hello most of the middle east moment is seeing a drying trend as plenty of cloud around going through iran is building this general direction and this feeds all sense to generate showers around the southern caspian a sort of water vapor comes from and around the eastern med so we're talking about lebanon northern syria turkey in the caucasus to see further rain of course it's still called an office and i would highlight most of that means the most to syria
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most of iraq and most of iran will look it dry within her and that's true of afghanistan that there are a few showers still possible as you can see temperature and terrence up to twenty bring q.a.t.'s up to thirty one in baghdad middle twenty's been hovering around that in the low thirty's and the same sort of situation extended to sunday but a chance of showers or at least rain furch in further south or israel possibly even touching northern egypt is certainly there but that is levant basically if you have to the south of that though there is still a chance of a shower or two in saudi arabia the main focus is going to be further south more or less we're talking about western solder you know in the high ground once more regular daily showers thunderstorms big downpours tend to disappear overnight but they reappear during the day. here in kuwait or qatar on sunday.
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up to. you with al jazeera stories u.s. president trump has made a phone call to libya's warlord. in
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a statement the white house said trump offered his support and recognizes half his role in fighting terrorism and securing the oil results the people of been killed in the two week battle for control of tripoli. his democrats have issued a subpoena for the full uncensored version of the mother reports edited version was released on thursday and numerous contacts between donald trump's campaign and russian officials in the run up to the election but not enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime. and police in. the detention of two suspected spies working for the united arab emirates both arrested in istanbul on monday i thought to gather intelligence on arab nationals. ukraine's president petro poroshenko and his rival the actor and comedian valda me as the lenski have just wrapped up a live television debate event comes ahead of sunday's runoff election between the two candidates the opinion polls puts a landscape head. first round but not by enough to avoid
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a runoff earlier pushing of appeals to voters to forgive his mistakes. expected repair bill for flood damage in iran is believed to be around two and a half billion dollars millions of iranians are rebuilding their lives after the devastating floods a month ago and as a matter of the reports from laura stan province the crisis has come in a bad time for iran's shrinking economy hampered by u.s. sanctions. iran's government is measuring the cost of flood damage in the billions of dollars for iran's people measuring the cost is also very personal damage shops . broken furniture. even packets of spaghetti. homes have been destroyed shops and businesses damaged everything it's gone. now the cleanup the floods left this school filled with mud the goal is to clear up as fast as possible to get the children back into class now this is the kind of thing
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that will cost time and money to fix if you look over here that metal structure that's connected to the bridge that is a temporary one that had to be put in place when the pressure of the water that was coming through flowing through the river brought down entire sections of that bridge and if you look over here in this direction basically what we're looking at is a river front that has now been completely destroyed. the iranian government's response to this emergency was rapid and people say they are grateful but now they expect the authorities to help them return to their normal lives. a scheme is in the works to rent apartments for people who don't want to live in tents and relocate those from villages which cannot be saved it's the city governor of pulled up there says his people are doing everything they can more. seeking to considering the large scale destruction all roads had been cut and we had no access
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to the capital of the province most roads to villages were damaged and we had to. cut across lauriston province crews have been at work for weeks rebuilding washed roads repairing transport links is crucial for getting help into affected areas. there is a sense of urgency. officials want to get the newly homeless out of tents and into temporary homes away from busy streets for some patience is wearing thin and there have been reports of protests in some parts of the country. we met one woman. who says she's had enough little remains from her earlier life but memories just days before the flood she was celebrating the persian new year with her family now this is all that's left when i'm home so anybody is. a house was just here the floods took us away completely there was no sign of a two story house anymore it's riven now we have displaced living in tents we don't
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know what to do there is so much pollution there are thousands like her looking to the country's leaders for answers. the questions include where will her family go and how will she raised three boys after losing everything. on province iran. in sudan thousands of protests. as a still gathered outside the military headquarters after the biggest rally since the overthrow of president bashir last week the protesters want a civilian led transition and they're expecting to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country the ruling military council as promises of reforms have done little to satisfy the people's minds so let's take you back and have a look at how sudan got here was the end of last year in fact that protests started over the rising cost of bread but soon came the demands that are more stepped down more than a thousand protesters were detained by government forces in february sudan's
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national security and intelligence services said yes bashir would step down but the man himself he remained defiant and then declared a state of emergency by those thousands of demonstrators had reached the military headquarters where they still are police said they would support a peaceful transition of power and it was on april eleventh that the military announced that she had stepped down had been arrested as well and that is still not appease the protesters have a morgan is not amongst them in. this is her report from on the ground. it's been nearly two weeks since protesters outside with their sit in front of the army headquarters here but it doesn't look like they're going to be going home anytime soon there's think that they're going to continue with their protests until the military council was announced that president bashir from power on the eleventh of april has over power it's an independent transitional government now the military council says it's up to the political parties to come up with a way that the cabinet will be formed and the way should be run but political
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parties are not in agreement on how that government should look like and how long it should be for some parties want of one year only while others including the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protest is demanding a four year transitional period now most parties and the cities professional association are saying that these protesters here are the only card that they have to put pressure on the military council to hand over. howard they're saying that if the protesters go from here and leave then they will have no way to force the military council to hand over power to an independent civilian transitional government so they've been calling on people to continue with their state and to continue with the protest until the power is handed over the sudanese professional association says that it is going to announce the list of members it wants to see in the cabinet on sunday and people are waiting for that but most of all they're waiting for announcements from the association and from political parties that there will be power handed over from the military council to an independent
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civilian government so that they can go home and call their revolution of rectory the president of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government following weeks of protests over ethnic killings one hundred sixty people in a funny village were killed last month by suspected gunman in the rival ethnic group because hank is reporting for us from neighboring senegal and says the resignations pose big challenges somalis presidents. the prime ministers to me lube a my guy did not give a reason for his resignation but it really comes as no surprise because just days ago on wednesday the national assembly and members of the ruling party and the opposition in an unprecedented move put out a motion of no confidence against the prime minister and against his government and that was supposed to be voted in on friday the resignation came on thursday night it also comes on the heels of massive protests on april fifth thousands of malia's took to the streets asking for the prime minister's resignation and calling for
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foreign troops to leave the country there's thirteen thousand un peacekeeping troops as well as french troops france being the former colonial powers they're trying to fight out rebel groups active in the north of the country but just three weeks ago this insurgency turned into an ethnic conflict with poll villagers being targeted by their own neighbors poser a semi nomadic group some of their neighbors accuse them of supporting some of these insurgent group of the north but the main reason why the prime minister is resigning is because many millions are unhappy about the fact that the cost of living has risen by twenty percent promises made by president. was reelected not just have not been kept the schools have not opened since september the justice system is paralyzed it seems all of the government institutions has not been
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functioning adding to that is the deterioration of the security situation in mali so the president has announced that he will choose a new prime minister and you government in the days to come. a church collapse in south africa has killed at least thirteen worshippers others were injured during the good friday easter service at a pentecostal church in the coastal province of course. friday protests are underway for the ninth successive week in algeria thousands in the capital out years chanted down with the system of the long term president other lizzie's but if it was ousted month protesters continue to demand change because of the interim government's links to put africa and delays to the presidential election until july the thoughts now of use of one dollar political science professor from the university who told us it appears the protesters still have the support crucially of the military the most difficult thing to do is to predict what's going to happen
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next in algeria but for the being. in the violence that have been incidents of people. protests. both of the protesters and the military seem to be as far as this is concerned the chief of staff so i will not permit blood to be spilled. on for size. see the media would they call this. a. violent protest we'll exercise it our constitutional right to. peacefully this is basically the message but the protesters are. in indonesia legal actions being threatened over what's described as widespread cheating in wednesday's presidential election final results won't be out till next month but president has already declared victory his challenger says he will go to court because of voting fraud when he in jakarta. supporters of
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probables will be on to say that they had the stage a march after friday prayers but after some fairly stern words from the security forces about not interfering in the democratic process they've been decided to gather outside his home in the capital jakarta he and his supporters claim that he is the rightful president of indonesia wednesday's election but all the provisional results say that the incumbent joko widodo won the election by a fairly comfortable margin and again the problem is alleging that there was cheating in this election and if he is not announced as the official winner by the election commission on may twenty second then he will take the case to the constitutional court remember he said that after the two thousand and fourteen election as well which he lost he said there was cheating that time as well he took the case to the court the court ruled against him now fire investigators in france suspect it was an electrical short circuit because the north fire rebuilding after
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monday's disaster is expected to be long and costly but another famous french cathedral has proven its possible to rise from the ashes the reports architects in paris and looking to eastern france for their inspiration. it's not as famous as not a dam in paris but not a dam in a passes equally impressive a towering gothic splendor soaring into the sky built in the eleventh century france's kings were crowned here but in world war one it was left in ruins by german artillery the cathedral was eventually rebuilt with painstaking attention to detail there was in fact a discussion on. centuries go to decide whether we should leave because here all is a room remembering all the costs i've been dong during the war or if we had to rebuild the cathedral and the process i needed to rebuild it like not a dam in paris the roof here was destroyed inside heat resistant cement was used in
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the new version instead of timber it took twenty five years to restore the casie jewel french president emmanuel mccall wants to rebuild not a dam in paris with the just five. mr president across time frame is probably aimed at completing with a stage an exterior more time will be needed of course to restore it to its former glory when this cathedral was nearly destroyed people were shocked and saddened the famous french writer marcel proust called its shelling a crime against art the fire not to dam in paris has produced similar emotions and it desire amongst the french to rebuild. in paris people come to reflect on what happened reconstruction will be expensive but more than a billion dollars has already been raised the national heritage foundation of frogs has been inundated with calls from people in companies offering donations all skills and one of the great talents i think is also to out all the people able to
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work on it you know a lot of craftsmen. or other companies who work on this kind of building are very specialized so that we have to train new pay for it it will be a new source up after our government leaders in france have yet to decide whether or not to dam will be faithfully restored or redesigned rebuilding the mediæval masterpiece is undoubtedly a challenge but the cathedral in house proves that it can be done natasha butler al-jazeera france. time to take you through the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has phoned libya's warlord khalifa haftar to offer his support the white house says the president recognizes hafter has significant role in fighting terrorism and in securing libya's oil resources after the troops are leading an offensive to capture
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the libyan capital which is controlled by a un recognized government at least two hundred people have been killed in the two week battle for control of tripoli because democrats have issued a subpoena for the full uncensored version of the model report an edited version was released on thursday yet found numerous contacts between donald trump's campaign and russian officials in the run up to the twenty sixteen presidential election whenever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states to honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that police in turkey so they have detained two suspected spies working for the united arab emirates both were arrested in istanbul on monday they thought to have gathered
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intelligence on arab nationals thousands of protesters are still gathered outside the military headquarters in sudan's capital after the biggest rally since the overthrow of president obama's share last week the protesters want a civilian led transition and they are expected to name a team on sunday to take charge of the country. the president of mali has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his entire government following weeks of protests over ethnic killings more than one hundred sixty people in a full army village were killed last month by suspected gunman from the rival rival dog an ethnic group. and ukraine's president petro poroshenko and his rival the actor and comedian voles amir selenski have just wrapped up a live television debate that events just ahead of sunday's runoff election between the two candidates if the new polls puts it on scare heads he'd be in the first round but not by enough votes to avoid a runoff we have got your news hour in about twenty five minutes from now here on
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al-jazeera next inside story. robert muller support is out but the controversy over donald trump's ties to russia is far from over just attorney general but then it is on thursday that democrats and many journalists accuse him of misleading the public to protect the president this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey yes president trump is
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declaring total victory after the release of a censored version of robert mahler's report on collusion between his two thousand and sixteen campaign and russia but outside trump's inner circle many are reacting very differently it began with al jazeera jordan on what the long awaited mullah report does and does not tell us. donald trump's two thousand and sixteen campaign team was dogged by charges it was working with russia to throw the election his way but when robert muller was chosen to investigate those allegations this was trump's reaction oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency now bowler's investigation is done and the four hundred forty eight page report with many sections blacked out is now public the special counsel's conclusion stated at least three times. accordingly while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him as far as the u.s.
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attorney general is concerned trump is not in legal jeopardy bill barr says just because muller's report is filled with details about contacts between the campaign and russian officials doesn't mean anyone committed a crime we collect this information we use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision the report confirms what the u.s. intelligence community believes russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton russ upon tax with members of trump's inner circle where betty including with his son donald jr who is not be charged with any crime his lawyer michael cohen and campaign manager paul bana fort both kohen and man a ford are now headed to prison for a lawyer to the government about their actions however muller and his investigator say there's not enough proof of
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a bigger conspiracy or of presidential interference if we had called didn't after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however we are able to reach that judgment. but mohler it bits never compel trump to sit for an interview in the interest of time raising questions in congress and the general public about how thorough this investigation really was rosalyn al-jazeera washington an hour before the report was released attorney general william barr spoke to reporters he was later criticized for mischaracterizing some of the report's findings and for acting like one of president trump's personal attorneys rather than as a neutral law enforcement official in assessing the president's actions discussed in the report it is important to bear in mind the context president trump faced an
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unprecedented situation as he entered into office and sought to perform his responsibilities as president federal agents and prosecutors were scrutinizing his conduct before and after taking office and the conduct of some of his associates at the same time there was relentless speculation in the news media about the president's personal culpability yet as he said from the beginning there was in fact no collusion our defendant throughout the press conference saying the president cooperated fully with miller's investigation but the report did criticize trump for refusing to agree to an end person interview with the special counsel and for refusing quote to provide written answers to questions on obstruction topics or questions on events during the transition or also said that trump had done nothing to obstruct the investigation but according to the report trump order a top white house official to fire miller and then when that official refused
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ordered him to lie about it perhaps most importantly barr repeatedly said that the report showed there had been no collusion between the trump campaign and russia but it actually says the russian government to try to help trump's campaign and that the campaign quote expected they would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through russian efforts. and bring in our guests now joining us from philadelphia is joe watkins republican political strategist and former white house aide to george h.w. bush here in doha clyde wilcox professor of government at georgetown university and again from philadelphia on sky claire finkelstein professor of law at the university of pennsylvania law school welcome to the program all of you clyde i'm going to start with you because we began this discussion yesterday right before the press conference when you joined me here on al-jazeera and you had some concerns going into the press conference for
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a number of reasons even the fact that there was a press conference before reporters or congress that had a chance to see the report now that the press conference happened and the report has been released what are your thoughts on the things that the attorney general said many of which clearly do not jibe with the report. two things first of all obviously the attorney general was doing a campaigns even for donald trump but secondly i just don't understand the logic of the press conference at all because an hour later we have the report and we can see that most of what he said or much of what he said was at least more complicated and often just wrong and so i don't know what the audience for that press conference was joe. here is a representative of the republican point of view what was your take on the things that bill bore said and the fact that at least some of those things clearly ended
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up not being true or at the very least were a mischaracterization of what the report actually said. well from a political standpoint what the bill barr said was helpful to the president tourney's general generally supposed to represent the united states government to be the chief prosecuting officer for the for the us government but in this case attorney general barr saw fit to hold a press conference which was very helpful to the president trump and what i mean is that for the majority of americans who will never read the over four hundred page report all they wanted to know was whether or not the report. concluded that the president had obstructed justice or had colluded. participate in collusion with the russians and when attorney general barr said that the end of the day the report shows that there was no collusion and the obstruction of justice for millions of americans that was enough certainly for people in the president's base but also for
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lots of voters around the country who were never going to read the report for them that was enough so what the attorney general did from a political standpoint was very beneficial to the president does actually let me go back and clear on this before i follow up on that claire do you agree with that assessment that there was already concern going into this about the choreography of this and the order of this and the fact that the reporters in the room weren't going to have the benefit of having read the report to ask pointed questions but do you agree with those point that what will probably happen going forward no matter how much reporting there is the takeaway for a lot of people will be the words that that bill barr said. people want to actually dig into the report do you agree with that. i do and the biggest concern that i have is the stress that bill barr laid on the fact that he was not found in dateable for obstruction of justice on substantive grounds barr
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seem to suggest when miller stresses all the way through the report the long standing tradition of the justice department of not indicting a sitting president it seems therefore highly likely that muller was trying to send this to congress that he was very concerned about evidence of obstruction of justice that the fact that it was the president of the united states we were talking about and the justice department policy which a lot of people don't agree with was really the reason for his not moving ahead or at least a very large reason for his moving ahead and so it's a technical point bill barr however has really spun the narrative on that one and i think that's concerning. ok let's he said a lot there so we're going to come back to a lot of it i first though i want i do want to ask you about the clip that we played a moment ago where. after bill maher said all of what he said that he pivoted and said let me put this in context and then started trying to explain it from his
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point of view why the president had been frustrated perhaps did the things he did it i don't know if it's the tweets i'm not really sure but we explained the role of the attorney general yes the attorney general is nominated by the president but explain for our viewers what the role of the attorney general supposed to be. the attorney generals the chief law enforcement officer of the united states he is not the president's personal lawyer and what's really shocking is that when you have a report that details russian interference to subvert our election you would think that the chief law enforcement officer of the united states would be out there saying i am really concerned about the role the russians played in trying to impact our election and we are going to make sure that we are doing everything we can on law enforcement side to ensure that it doesn't happen again and you don't
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find any expressions of that his primary focus has been on exonerating the president it's not an appropriate role for the attorney general or to be massaging the rollout of this report in any way joe does that concern you that we haven't seen any pushback or anger from the president or even largely from the republican party about the fact that clearly russia did involve itself in the election perhaps tampered with are you concerned just from a national security perspective that we haven't seen a real effort to make sure that doesn't happen again joe. well in a perfect world there would have been no press conference yesterday because the thing would speak for itself that is to say the report would have spoken for itself and there would have been no need for a press conference but there was and as i shared a little bit earlier it was politically very helpful to the president look at it politically republicans don't have anything to gain from from continuing the debate
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. about the miller report in the year two thousand and twenty which is a presidential election year and also a us senate and us house election year they know that voters will be looking to. economy issues the health care as hard as just a moment and i do want to talk about those things i do but i just kind of want to pivot back to the question i asked are you or the republican party concerned about the fact that russia meddled in the election and the president has shown no anger about that. clearly republicans and many republicans are concerned about the fact that there was mentally ill in the election and many have called for to take steps to make sure that that doesn't happen again and i think that from the president on down there would be concern on the part of the republican party but as a political issue that clearly is not front and center while efforts will be made by republicans as well as democrats to make sure that no foreign entities ever have
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an impact on u.s. elections going forward that won't be the front and central issue. for republicans because they're concerned about winning back the house of representatives in two thousand and twenty retaining control of the senate and retaining control of the white house in two thousand and twenty five they're going to be doing all the things that it takes to retain the white house and to retain the senate ok we will get to the politics of this because i do want to talk about how voters may be processing this but the national security issue who who are will be taking the lead on trying to do something about russian interference who will because donald trump at least publicly has not he continues to deny that it happened and the best of my understanding is that he's blocked efforts by both the cia and the f.b.i. to begin to count her russian efforts and i think this is really major this was a massive interference it didn't just happen in america it happened in brecht's it
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it's attempted to happen in germany the germans managed to stop a lot of it and were doing nothing and the details here about hacking into even county level voter data is really frightening and i think that both everyone and both parties should be coming together now and saying we can't let this happen again claire are you concerned that it will happen again. i think for sure it'll happen again the russians have really not abated their efforts i do think there have been improvements in electoral security this mostly that's happened on the state level that the federal government has offered some assistance with that the intelligence community has caught up but the trouble is that we have a president in the white house who very clearly from this report welcomed the assistance of a foreign power in order to win the election and it does appear that the republicans are not concerned about that issue which means that it could happen again ok i. know you are in the hot seat as the republican and we appreciate you
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coming here and taking the questions and a question i do have for you is if all of these things that this report were about a democrat how do you think republicans would be reacting. well they might react the same way the democrats are reacting there usually isn't much difference in terms of how parties react to these kinds of issues just depends on who's in power and what their leverage is and right now the challenge for democrats who have the right to certainly in congress is a co-equal branch of government to investigate to subpoena or they can do all of that and they should do what they're supposed to do but nonetheless they're going to be held to the standard by the voters as to what did you accomplish in the two years that we gave you the majority did you bring about any meaningful legislation did you help move the ball forward politically and the investigations are important
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and will take place certainly i'm expecting that that attorney general muller will be brought to testify before congress some i'm sure that that special prosecutor muller as well will be brought to testify before congress of both bar and miller will be brought to testify before congress but that being said a mesh americans going to be more fixated on the pocketbook issues as he's a lessons roll around in two thousand and twenty and democrats have to be concerned with how they how they get reelected ok so claire let's talk about what he said because he does make a valid point this seems to be this axis of evil crisis the democratic party is having right now you know we have a duty to and vesta gate things like this that is what our job is we also have to be concerned about the things that are our voters are concerned about and joe does make a good point the average voter may not be as kneedeep in this is everybody else they may be concerned about you know kitchen table issues as they say but what it's to
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that point what responsibility do the democrats still have even if this is not something that is necessarily top of mind to voters. it's really extraordinary that if this is true that voters don't care about electoral security and about foreign interference this is not a democratic republican of course and i as i agree but i did say when asked secure but i assure you of the sorry as i was when i was i know i agree but if it even just pay attention to the types of questions that come up in town hall meeting for some of the candidates that are out there they often ask more about health insurance except her etc so i'm simply saying is that necessarily what should drive the democratic agenda when something this big is still out there i think that the democratic agenda is focused on many different issues i think health care has it is true what you say that the american people seem to be overwhelmingly concerned
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about health care and i think the democratic agenda will be focused on that as well but i think what's really important here is that democrats and republicans ensure that whoever is elected is a true reflection of the american people's agenda and not injected by a foreign power and by the way this is not just a problem with the russians this particular report deals with russian interference in the twenty six thousand election but we know especially from foreign agent registration controversies in issues that ukraine and saudi arabia united arab emirates have all attempted to influence u.s. politics in various ways we have to get a handle on this issue on national security grounds and both parties have to address it together regardless of what the american people are focused on at the moment domestic issues will always rise to the forefront for the ordinary person
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because it's closest to their lives but it's the responsibility of the of the elected leaders. to identify threats to u.s. national security and to bring those threats to the attention of the american public clyde this report. a common thing throughout the report is that. donald trump lies a lot it is clear in this report that is not a bias that as a fact he conducts his staff to lie press secretary sarah sanders admitted in the investigation that she blatantly lied in a press conference when she said that there were people from the f.b.i. coming up to her saying thank you for firing muller she admitted to the investigation that she lied and then when she was confronted about that on morning television in the u.s. today she said well i said it in the heat of the moment i'm not a robot what does it mean for the country that the boy in the
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face of the white house press conference the president himself are documented repeated liars. well and it goes beyond this because actually there's been a cases where the president was instructing people to lie and they refused and those people are no longer in the administration so i you know people talked a bit about precedent bar mentioned precedent and actually we have the watergate scandal as a precedent right and in this particular case republicans and democrats came together because they saw a crisis and the crisis was a president obstruction of justice and it was howard baker who took the lead and said i need to know what the president knew and when he knew it so this is actually a moment i think when both parties should be coming together to deal with this particular issue it's true the cut the country cares about the economy but i would if i were a republican i would be holding a lot of hope and that basically donald trump is underwater still about ten points in a gallup poll with
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a three percent unemployment rate so i'm not sure there's good news there but this is a really important critical moment in american democracy and i think that i'm looking for republican leaders to step up and make some critical comments here joe i think the question now going forward can you see m.p.h. mitt proceedings actually happening probably not i don't think there's any will among leading democrats like nancy pelosi and. house member clymer to pursue impeachment proceedings especially since they know that there's no will to impeach the president on the in the senate and the republicans republicans control the senate so i don't think that's likely there still be of course a strong clamor from progressive democrats to least consider impeachment proceedings but i don't expect that to happen. clyde what's your take do you think that there are actually will at the very least will there be more testimony before congress and do you think that there could also end up being and pitchman hearings
2:43 am
well yes to more testimony no to impeachment there's certainly impeachable offenses in this report but it pietschmann is a political and the senate would not convict and so i think the democrats in the house would probably be shooting themselves in the foot to focus on impeachment when the republicans were trying to impeach bill clinton for obviously much smaller . problems public opinion rallied around behind clinton and he actually gained in public support but i think continued investigation and then you know what we can actually hope for is republicans in the senate democrats in the house coming together to find a way to block foreign intervention in our elections ok then you're going to get the last word on this claire same question do you see that there will be at the very least bob muller going before congress to testify and then perhaps also the beginnings of some sort of impeachment investigation do you think do you do you think that voters want that even to voters don't want that do you think the
2:44 am
congress has a responsibility to do that will you bar will testify and i think it's highly likely that robert mueller will testify after that and it's also important to highlight that adam schiff committee the house intelligence committee will continue to investigate especially the parts of the report that are hinted. redacted for national security reasons and then the national security issues that are related to that i do not forsee impeachment however for the reason already given which is that there would not be conviction in the senate so i don't think that democrats will perceive it as in the country's interest or in their interest to proceed with impeachment proceedings that would not result in conviction i want to have a follow up question i want to ask you when you mentioned or just is there a reason for habit if from just going to the public and having his own cock press conference and explaining this report himself. he's not prohibited from doing that
2:45 am
but he's the consummate professional it would not be a very professional thing for him to do so if congress demands as the in effect they have that he testify that would be the more comfortable way for him to speak i think it's very important that we hear from him because of the lack of agreement between. attorney general barr and the way that the report came out with regard to . what should happen as next steps are right that will be the final word thank you to all of our guests joe watkins and claire finkelstein both in philadelphia and clyde wilcox right here and doha with us i'm sure they'll be plenty more to talk about on this thank you for watching as well you can see the program again any time visit our website al-jazeera dot com for the discussion got our facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle ass at a.j.
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and side story for me richelle carey in the entire tape i found out. people have to weigh your record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all see already i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching wife there's
2:47 am
lots to graze in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here when i'll just zero. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the danger is there are real because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating with details coverage and how that is the donald tough to reason may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using levels for offing and caning . by means of fish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the well it's john in a state that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most in better use
2:48 am
a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. everyone come on santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera donald trump has put in a phone call to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar offering his support as the strongman tries to take control of tripoli. also the model report continues to
2:49 am
create a political storm in the u.s. raising concerns over whether russian meddling in donald trump's election was sufficiently investigate. and thousands in peru mourning the loss of a former president who was caught up in a corruption scandal. by maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including a twenty nine year old has been shot dead during rioting in northern ireland. on paul race with the sport i axes champions league campaign is given a huge helping hand by their rival clubs in the netherlands more on that later this news hour. so we've learned that the u.s. president don't trump made a telephone call to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar offering his support in a statement the white house said trump recognizes have to
2:50 am
a significant role in fighting terrorism and in securing libya's oil resources after his troops have led an offensive on the libyan capital which is controlled by a u.n. recognized government at least two hundred people have been killed in the two week baffle for control of tripoli we'll find out more about. what's going on in tripoli in a moment mamata bill wahid is there for us but we're starting with rosen and jordan in washington d.c. rosen and it's a fascinating story because you've got the united states effectively going up against the united nations here and then this is also a big reversal for the u.s. from their previous position. well it's not really clear how much of a reversal this might be but certainly this is the u.s. president donald trump going against his own administration when it comes to the its policy on libya earlier this week the state department put out a statement calling on tar to have basically stand down to not continue
2:51 am
this military offensive and the u.s. has been working hand in glove with the united nations until very recently on trying to broker some stuart of peace accord in that country and of course showing support for the government in tripoli not for have tars forces so why is this once again a matter of the u.s. president basically going against his own foreign policy team on a critical on a global issue such as the situation in libya and it's also worth pointing out that we don't know whether the president initiated the phone call himself the white house statement simply notes that he and half tar spoke on monday it could have been that time mr outtara is looking for some sort of approval on the global stage and may have made a request to have a conversation with the president all of this come all is very very interesting and it's also very interesting that they waited four days to tell the public that this
2:52 am
conversation between hof tarn trump actually took place such interesting developments thank you for all of that detail rosalynn jordan in washington now and tsunami hit in tripoli and maybe you can bring us up to date with what's actually happening on the ground because the number of people have died in these past two weeks it's on the increase. camilla before i go to speak about the developments on the ground just one little comment here this phone call from president donald trump to have to honestly read the wave of anger here people here say that there is a contradiction in the united states situation towards libya towards what is happening in libya remember over a week ago secretary of state mike compu in an interview in a television interview said that we have to muster down must stand down and must stop the military escalation but now this phone call from tom to have to is being
2:53 am
interpreted here as you're doing ok or take care or something like that so people here are very angry and they express that in today's demonstrations thousands of people have come out to the streets and many squares in civil of the cities in the west of libya especially in the capital tripoli and the city of misrata they're actually calling on the international community to stop the military as they say the military aggression by have to his forces on the capital tripoli as you know recently over two hundred people have been killed including civilians innocent civilians women and children are among the casualties and here in the capital. forces do it to their. eyes the government have been gaining ground they have been pushing have to back beyond the southern outskirts of the libyan capital in fact today they're gaining ground in the southern the city of that again which around eighty kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli so in reality have the
2:54 am
forces are losing ground and they are losing momentum especially the losing momentum especially after they're accused of targeting that initial areas and killing any innocent civilians a member the military general or prosecutor here and tripoli issued a statement issued an arrest warrant actually to detain or arrest have to and several other officers accusing them of committing war crimes including the targeting residential areas and specially civilian populated areas and the only operational airport in the city airport to come out. the hood of the one hundred the update from tripoli thank you. we're moving to other news and twenty four hours after the release of the monopole democrats have now issued a subpoena for the full on fence and version as they figure out how to move forward reactions come in taken fans from all sides the russian government has said there's nothing that warrants its attention or president trump school that the crazy mother reports and labeled the whole thing a hoax donna from carly in florida at the mar-a lago resort in west palm beach that
2:55 am
is where rob reynolds is as well rob let's look at both sides something with the democrats what are they up to what are they saying. the democrats are split on this issue kemal although democrats are pretty unanimous in saying that attorney general william barr sugarcoated his presentation of the moeller report and that the miller report paints in the words of one senior democratic official a very sordid portrait of a president who lied constantly and asked others to lie for him the question of impeachment is a very thorny one now there are those on the left of the democratic party like the fresh the incoming first year. popular congresswoman a go alexandria or kasia cortez from new york who are pretty gung ho about going
2:56 am
and with the impeachment there are others not so far to the left who say that impeachment would be a distraction would be divisive to the country and there's an election in eighteen months in the voters can actually take care of this without going through the whole impeachment process in the middle of all this is the senior democratic politician on capitol hill speaker of the house nancy pelosi she's calling a conclave of democrats on monday to decide a way forward here's what she had to say a little while ago. whenever the issue and challenge that we face the congress of the united states to honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of adam ocracy and we will exercise that. on the
2:57 am
republican side of saying reaction from the likes of kellyanne conway saying if anyone wants to offer an apology where accepting it now such things in addition the president picked up is fine and open twitter. that's right the present doesn't have any actual public events today it's a holiday weekend after all here in the united states but he did to tweet several times today the first one i think we can show you part of it on screen president trump saying statements are being are made about me by certain people in the crazy moller report which are fabricated and totally untrue and he went on in that vein for another tweet basically saying that anything in the mall or report that paints him in a bad light or is embarrassing to him or raises questions of possible obstruction is all nonsense and he used a different word describe it but anything that exonerates him that says that there
2:58 am
was no collusion between the russian government and his campaign and that does not reach a definitive conclusion about obstruction of justice that is all fine with the president as far as the mauler report is concerned so there's kind of a bifurcated outlook by the president on the mall a report thank you rob reynolds in west palm beach florida. we're going to talk a little bit more about the russia side of things with moxon mccomb ski who is a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council's dean of patrice or eurasia center he's on skype from washington it's nice to have you with us i know that the russians have responded today and said there's nothing in this report which we need to deal with i guess that's no huge surprise is that they probably want to stay as far away from this is possible you know the russian government i think is going to use the conclusions of the motor report that there was no obstruction to try to throw out the motor report and mass you know they're not expecting that anyone is
2:59 am
going to read in the united states four hundred fifty five pages part of which detail the russian government's active operational involvement in undermining the election and there was obviously indictments our made of g.r.u. officers as well as elements in this internet research agency with mr privilege and mr putin's coke so there's clearly ties of individuals that go directly back to the russian government that this report details and i think it's important for all of us to use this report not only as an analysis of whether there were certain obstruction or other charges against president trump but how this or quarter century details in fact russia's involvement in undermining the elections in intervening in the elections and that's what ultimately is harming us russian relations not the existence of this modesta gauge and the report itself and russia's actions and one sixteen exit and and what could happen in twenty twenty i know a crystal ball gazing there but i think a lot of commentary of people saying this report says russia interfered in our
3:00 am
elections it makes it absolutely clear that it did happen regardless of who was involved and that it could happen again in twenty twenty and frankly is anyone doing anything about it it's exactly right and there's concern obviously within the u.s. government particularly in the congress that essentially this report could. essentially a race some of those conclusions from the investigation which is that russia actively participate in undermining our democratic system and undermining the united states' national security and so they're trying to ensure of the american people don't believe anything that's in the mahler report thereby giving a free hand for russia again to take action in several years to undermine our election because again they think they can get away with it so how and this is there are ridiculously broad questions about how do you stop it happening again it seems it was about hacking it was about cyber security.


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