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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 109  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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up the temperature and we're just going to the mill is only for now we'll see how the chicken is an hour. at least for now we've got that and we got so this was going to work at that. wow the whole bottom layer of the chickens roll sorry guys so when this from when you all get drunk later you can have chicken i. think it's really here is the list. because. he doesn't know. what you think the difference is between black and white. and the same skin. color that could use going to cape town two years ago a whole bunch of friends and i we were trying to get into
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a place and even asses laden but i was allowed in because it reached a quota of non white people in the club which i find quite weird. the thought to live in south africa everyone must possess some sort of piece of racism and them and that's sort of how we all function you know. but it's going to take a long time for that to go away. i mean racism on all fronts tiffany's and and and south africa. but also served a little. more. thoughtful look at me that's all being self would be as well. were for it but want to be at the black the mark. of. most of the problems you do to help you cause i do provide. yourself people
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know that we keep being if people like great opportunity so see we then. i think it didn't pay to. not much i guess i'm i feel like his vision. with his life is kind of fading into oblivion unfortunately people have taken over a majority forgotten about what he stood for. i've been here almost ten years. please note change is no different if you have to wait we have to jump the water. we don't have street. lights. with could come tell us what those for those come from us after they go to the suburbs you can be huge one he doesn't bring up all those people who voted for him. so. sorry i can't.
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even my temper see there was fourteen she was unhappy about the condition. i am so poor i time to. remember. this myself. but she still lives in the same place. with her son in trouble. so. we don't do anything. involved we live and. i don't care.
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what. your. business. but. i don't get. things done. but i have a little. before . this nation would say. we king and i did as a receptionist in the morning my company. and. i
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don't like friends i hate doing new friends in my life. doesn't know about them. this is my real real friend. and whatever but then i can have one that. says if you're going to make me now well we share one thing that. having my friends. my friends i'm down with my ones indoor as quiet and then some as has. been many of the. engines. some off one another so i'm a brief. stop. between all those dream vision. smoking see the retire the smoking all those
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things. to be quite ever so much on the end about i did the same time. that's what i believe my building. put a love of art to good use she got a diploma and became a lecturer in graphic design all right so i'm going to get onto the sphere right if i'm going to paint a sphere trying to blend that sort of next round i be afraid of your paint brushes get them dirty. so you all need water ok i enjoy teaching and i enjoy young people because i can identify with where they're coming from i can you know it's not long ago that i was exactly where they are a lot of people forget that we knew that age things a little bit different you know and. you've got to you're make some leeway for that
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. seeing them go from like being just passing students to like getting you know really good marks or winning something. is really great i like to see them succeed i get what i want to do is take a big flat brush the blending brush and i just started doing the fish and what i started doing was trying to get the three dimensionality. you guys have more time than i have i promise you. why do you have no time tell me. multiple times are you going to go into industry with a them on things and deadlines like this is the time now advice to you to practice that technique because when you're not there you don't have time to practice you kind of have to deliver i want to get back into my art and i want to get back into that really seriously i hope to not work full time as a lecturer like i'm doing now and eventually work part time as a doctor and do marts as well there's nothing better than starting
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a project and finishing the project and having that sense of achievement i'm not quite sure which way they go now but this is what they're like when you're finished . yeah that's right. yeah and they sold her early so i guess that's a good thing that's success right now. unfortunately my mom. shands mother has long been a patron of the. shining not mine. tonight she is preparing for friday night supper. time we. will tell the world. what sort of religion are you now i'm curious how much you. can work things you have to do if you're jewish you have to do every man is
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a man. every year you have. you know i am taps that always. i thought i would traditionally she's off to show you know i suspect a lot as a clerical a boy. once and he knew i was jewish that away i knew he was muslim straightaway i mean i'm actually an atheist and i theist you but that's not what i am and he is a very secular muslim. i think that's one of the reasons we adopt to be honest it wasn't because you want to upset people it was just easier i think my mom takes it as a personal affront that we never told her but it wasn't about her at all it was just easier at the time were you. like. i brought a sign of. progress on i remember when i read some in
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a very liberal record i'm not surprised i married it was i'm surprised i'm married . if that wasn't my intention ever. in another unexpected twist. my having to leave the country. very much involved in southwest africa as you know. my husband being foreign really struggled to get a visa for him to stay in this country but i mean really really struggled took us literally ten months. of constant fighting i ventured to be got a visa which allows him to be in the country basically do nothing you can't work you can't open a bank account blah blah blah blah here's a guy with degrees he wants to invest in the country he wants to make business what can you do you can't do anything has to go to namibia and do it there. were. the.
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we always reach we can't change duty to getting past unfortunately it's what i did reach now you can change the mistakes to be in seeing past you know the only school for you always aim and we four do best you know i. don't know it will. take counsel from a four by eight more that out of off the. bullshit of then and you're never should be adding to his wife and. i were at the border than any right off. the far right on the shelf. and off from the can i adopted a kid. because of oil by
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a clear nice wide open window. and . i'm fully. owned over a.z. all of this. is leaving the fins and i. wonder all the time that. when used in no time when you saw. them torn i'm told. most of the time in the kind of thing. some things never change. it's exactly the same. way that i remembered when i left the out people just walking the streets getting drunk we saw a very long way to. anyone i've been close to it we should be. there
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is so much more study should be done that needs to be improved do you feel a need to be part of the process i'd like to be are that person serious. even if it's a tiny small bit i mean i think everyone can be part of the process but what do you think the overall. first on a. proper so it's a. very it feels like a whole another world. how you can apply this how even if i that this is where everything happens on a sunday and see myself in someone's dad and happy about where i am now because i see we are going. how have you changed since you were severed.
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charging the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history as dramatic social and political twenty eight south africa part two. zero. how the weekend does look promisingly quiet or at least quiet given that this is the satellite picture showing the storm with the still going through the southeast and it will keep going overnight it's going to be daybreak on saturday voysey the
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back edge of it tight green lines quite dark so that significant sums to you already know this now daybreak on saturday should say it offshore for the most part kerning back in through canada and snow in newfoundland still but the back or shaft could be quite poky in the appalachian mountains and it's not that warm though the sunny side atlanta twelve degrees however florida is fine now twenty six in the sunshine in miami much the same through much of texas and oklahoma the clouds that you see coming in from the pacific so for washington state california to have it set you're running through the northern plains will become more obvious during sunday but it's still nice and warm unsettled and much nicer in georgia by the time we get to sunday there on that green line obviously is going to have some effect for the side so through the bahamas cuba and then towards honduras a chance to be quite stormy sunders to homes during saturday they're likely in jamaica as well and give us
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a slow moving front this fall repeat procedures on sunday. yes. i. can tell you. that yes some of it i like. hello i'm mr a in this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. president pledges his support to the libyan war old khalifa haftar who is fighting to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government.
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democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren calls for the impeachment of donald trump one day after the public release of the mother of course. course in the crossfire a journalist is shot dead by a gunman during rioting in northern ireland. and ukraine's president and the comedian challenging him for his job trade verbal blows in a head to head debate on the eve of sunday's election. well donald trump is once again sending mixed messages on u.s. foreign policy this time it concerns libya president trying to spoken to libyan war old khalifa haftar offering words of praise and u.s. support in a statement the white house said the president recognizes huffed as a significant role in fighting terrorism and securing libya's oil resources have to as troops have led an offensive on the libyan capital which is controlled by
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a un recognized government at least two hundred people have been killed in the two week battle for the control of tripoli this month secretary of state mike pompei expressed concern over have to advance on the capital mike hanna has the latest from washington d.c. . one must remember that two weeks ago the secretary of state or sharply criticizing huffed and his forces for their latest offensive and certainly this is now a massive turnaround with the president. after and effectively giving him support and praising him thanking him for his efforts against terror and also thanking him for what the white house describes as protecting libya's oil resources now the internationally recognized government in tripoli regard this as a theft of libya's oil resources so certainly this is a very puzzling question a very puzzling turn around why it's being kept quiet for the week well there was
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a u.n. security council meeting thursday in which to everybody surprise the u.s. refused to back a resolution introduced by the u.k. asking for a cease fire in tripoli in libya thereby agreeing with the russians who had objected to the resolution because it mentioned have to has forces by name as the aggressors in the conflict so that was perhaps an indication that was the first sign that there has been a shift in u.s. policy not even a shift a complete somersault from posing as forces to now apparently siding with egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in supporting the huffed initiative and to tripoli now where our correspondent went up to right here has been following developments. people here seem to be angry about this support from president from to have. especially those
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demonstrators whole took to the streets today and to diminish squares in civil cities and the worst of libya especially in the capital tripoli and the city of misrata the major cities in the west of libya they say that there is some kind of contradiction in the american situation libya specially they were happy when. you in an interview television interview said that must set down and must stop the military escalation on tripoli but when they heard the border from president trump to have to via this call it's kind of saying get to have to take here or are you doing well people here have become very angry this say that they're wondering whether or not there is more important than people's blood here. over two hundred people were killed since have
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to launch at this military or phones of one tripoli on april fourth many of them are innocent civilians women and children well earlier i spoke to anas album assy who is a political analyst and director of the tripoli based sadek institute he says trump's call was intended to show support for have to backers rather than the warlord himself. libya lies in the center stage of the arab spring and there are some powerful forces military and political that will be behind this now in the days preceding after school rather in the days following up a school that had been much met many many calls from the united arab emirates and be said personally called trump has also met with the presidential envoy in the united arab emirates zone to foreign ministers also met with and is basically going to go and there has been several other attempts by the u.a.e. including sisi who is also part of that. authoritarianism greg and crowd in the in
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the arab world and i think they're trying to after to that to that crowd and i think it's not the indorsement of how things offensive after launch that offensive in front of and to look at errors two weeks ago in the fourth of april and doesn't really care about it was when he wants to go to his own when it this is much more about and also because that's backers the u.a.e. egypt and do have military assets on the ground they do have an air force that they've used in libya since earliest doesn't have a drone force that is allegedly manned by most reports is that are controlled and operated by eric prince only if like water they have an incredible amount. of force and military forces and they can use that as. there is a mile and a half there seems like is dwindling in this new treatments and so we're also going to look behind the scenes here and look away from the smoke and mirrors after is trying to use this for his credibility purposes but more than anything it's the u.a.e. that has been trying to avoid any form of the public scrutiny that whitens from towards this you know with opera and now to the fallout from the public release of
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the report they were asked apartment of justice has dismissed a subpoena requesting an uncensored copy of their report as premature and unnecessary ever doubted that and was released on thursday candy how that has more from washington d.c. . as u.s. president donald trump arrived fur golf game at his club in florida back in washington democratic members of congress renew demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again played down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative
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branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel declined to prosecute a sitting president muller did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice and tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trump tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have announced they will hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and
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i'm sure that the house and the senate oversight committees are going to be looking at every piece and turning everything because just looking into what the special counsel looked at. the possibility impeachment i think everything's on the table and. this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mating time in office but also whether he might win reelection the twenty twenty presidential race can really help get al-jazeera washington. is now the first member of the democratic field as presidential contenders is calling for donald trump to be impeached senator elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings well let's speak to robert ray who is a lawyer and a former united states independent counsel he joins us now live from new york thanks for being with us robert what do you make of elizabeth warren's push to
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impeach thank you for having me. that would be a change in position and a deviation from what leadership in the house of representatives which is where it would have to start first if it is to be commenced their position through the house democratic majority leader steady hoyer as well as the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has been that unless there is an overwhelming bipartisan case for impeachment it would not be worth the effort it would be a waste of the country's time and it would also be of course wrenching and divisive and therefore not in the country's best interest however now with the release of the redacted report it appears as if it's certainly possible that the position of the democrats may well change i don't think that they have too long before they
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have to decide one way or the other whether they're going to be commencing impeachment proceedings and of course weighed against that is the fact that the presidential election in the united states is now just eighteen months away it's an obviously difficult thing to be conducting an impeachment inquiry in the middle of a presidential election cycle and also one of the things that may happen as soon as next week once as expected joe biden is likely to enter the presidential race the first question he's going to be asked as the likely front runner just as a lizabeth warren was asked is the question about whether or not he supports an effort in the house of representatives to commence impeachment proceedings over the course of the next eighteen months but how does the political calculus of this upcoming election play into the potential front pietschmann proceedings how could it change things. well on the one hand experience has shown the last time the
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united states went through this process was now twenty years ago during the impeachment of president bill clinton who as you know was impeached by the house of representatives but acquitted in the united states senate following a trial. the difficulty of impeachment in the united states is that it necessarily requires a two thirds vote which means that both parties have to support it in order for it to be successful there is no current indication that republicans support an impeachment effort and so that effort ultimately would be doomed to failure at least if the objective is to remove the president from office however that may not be the only objective obviously an impeachment proceeding is damaging to the president's reelection prospects and republicans will go to great lengths i suspect in the near term to avoid and try to prevent that from happening again we're talking not not our reporting your.


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