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tv   Canadas Dark Secret  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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strongly critical of it it's also my home it's also where i live where the language i speak i think in this language is the place where my mother is buried my sister's buried and my kids grow up and where i grew up where i have all my memories of childhood and happiness and joy. coming into conflict with the west would also mean coming into conflict with home and that's something i've never ever want to do advocate. i remember distinctly there was a. knock on my daughter early morning around six o'clock and i opened the door three able to men and a woman and i'd said mr i would like to talk to you and a really odd one of them identify themselves as a police officer the other guys didn't really say who they were. they sat down and we spoke and it was about an individual somebody i knew who'd gone to the emirates
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and had being detained in the emirates and being beaten and tortured and it written to me asking if i can get him a lawyer because they force him to sign confessions of all sorts of stuff related to terrorism this was the first of at meetings with one particular individual out of the street the two i never saw again but this one person became i don't know if the right word is nemesis for me but he he he was haunting me like a spook for the next several years and this man. introduced himself as as andrew that i've always known him as andrew and that there is no other name andrew seemed to me. just more aware of what he wants why he is that he was. to me it was clear to intelligence gathering exercise he
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said. i mean there's anything that you can do to help us don't forget this is your country too i found that interesting that he'd say that. this is your country too i was flying out i think in ninety nine following year two to turkey. and before i took the flight i was stopped at the airport and. taken by airport security to a room and they said we've got somebody who'd like to speak to you. so i was surprised but not completely taken aback because the person who walked in next was andrew he started to speak to me about all of my political views which he hadn't done before in the presence of the police officers now i knew andrew i had an understanding of what this man is like in terms of his power i mean if he wants
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to he can have me stopped. and prevented from flying which is what he did the next time i saw andrew was when i was kneeling with the hood of my head my hands shackled behind my back and a gun pointed to my body in bagram and. that was a shock. you're telling me the story is there you go to sit on the beach and like that's not what you're going to do you're kind of withholding. crucial details you know i'm interested in why i would spin it i i was going to turkey to go and meet some friends to go and possibly go over to chechnya. chechnya was one of these places where there was a a growing sense i think in the muslim world or some part of the muslim world at that his a in another place of resistance i found it inspirational and i wanted to
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go and see for myself what's happening in chechnya again it's a war zone something i was interested in but didn't know enough about wanted to explore it and study it just like as and as i've gone to bosnia before and seen for myself the atrocities and so forth i went to the border with georgia with a friend. we were not allowed in. and. so we returned i stayed a couple of weeks in istanbul last night officers from the west midlands police and m i five carried out raids on three premises in birmingham the police of the time told the press that the rates were linked to islamic extremist activities i was of course arrested in two thousand and one under the. terrorism act. and they raided by home and. the bookstore the author of his really didn't know
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what point to. they couldn't explain to me they really couldn't explain to me what it is that they think i've done yes terrorism in what context according to whom with whom which dates which times which places who's been hurt i don't understand when a crime was committed and cost charges were dropped. but it did shake me up that. i've actually been arrested for terrorism. the un is about to publish a major report condemning the taliban regime in afghanistan for its repression and violence against women since it imposed its brand of islam four years ago. and the city international claims that right that afghanistan's taliban militia has massacred thousands of civilians in the past few weeks victims they say include women children and the elderly taliban officials have strongly denied the
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accusations. there's a kind of common perception that you went to afghanistan to practically join the taliban. no i didn't join the taliban. but i want to live under them and i lived for several months and i think i got my eleven and i. probably have to stay there for a lot longer. my views on the taliban were not formed by the media that's one thing that i wasn't going to do and that's one reason why i want to see things for myself the talk was all that the afghan taliban are not allowing female education so when my friends told me actually that's not technically true they are allowing schools for girls as long as they are have an islamic ethos we help to set up curriculums we helped to buy a playground equipment and computers and all of that from britain to afghanistan.
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to. tell of my experiences of the taliban of course living in afghanistan. made me question. who they really were about what they were really about. i remember once when i was driving through kabul center and there was a crowd of people gathered at one of the major roundabout so you couldn't drive through. and so i had to get out to walk to see what's going on as i got closer and closer i realised that there are four cranes. at this roundabout and each crane. hanging a person and a four people been executed ironically for terrorists. and the crowds which is standing around looking at these bodies on the tongues block and. i remember thinking i wonder what sort of legal process they these guys must have gone through .
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i can assure you how can you rest and i want you and if. you are not. well you're all of us. good. bye aiding and abetting murder the taliban regime is committing murder. and tonight the united states of america makes the following demands on the
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taliban. delivered to united states authorities all the leaders of al qaeda who hide in your land. the taliban has reiterated that if one time to the sauna bin laden without evidence of his involvement assist them coming out if unbelievers attack the territory as muslims said the taliban today then she hides how you will becomes an obligation because in other words we'll fight. locos a couple of hours away from cops out of the back later to this place just looking to find ways to get into pakistan we stayed in the air i think for a few weeks until. my family evacuated but i got separated from it can you tell me the story of how you got separate from. i'd gone to kabul
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to clear out the rest of our house and get some things from there but some friends might left my family in loco. and during the night. there was mayhem and commotion for the taliban had to vacuum to abandon their positions and they're looking at foreigners anybody who's a foreign of our muslim faith with god as al qaeda. it was a very very scary time and i wanted to just get to my family. i couldn't because the roads are blocked off all the entry exit points into kabul will be blocked. so there's a group of people that i was with pakistanis and others who said they know a route over the hills of mountains that will take you to. they drove all night long and it doesn't take off like to get to mobile and doesn't they were going to look up and i kept on telling them i need to get to lower my families and. they
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just carried on. i remember telling my father that i've lost my family i don't know where they are. it was. heartbreaking. almost two maybe three weeks had passed and still i did nothing. so i was planning to go back into afghanistan. knowing that it was going to extremely risky for me but i had to i had to go back in. and just as i was about to go back in i got a phone call. from a friend and said don't go away most of the families here right here in pakistan in islamabad. rushed back all the way. second call thanking. everybody i could. and eventually got to islamabad where my family was staying at the house of some people who took them in.
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and we decided we're going to stay in pakistan for a while. just write this through and then eventually go back to the u.k. and in the mountains you were. with the tora bora i don't know i didn't know the name of those places i've heard the name it was called was for us i understand. these are the first pictures of al-qaeda fighters who've been captured in all thirty five were caught today. these men gave themselves up in no fit state to fight after days of brutal temperatures and. this is what osama bin laden's force has been reduced to. the night of the thirty first of january two thousand and two. the wife and kids go to sleep and knock on the door. close midnight and it was strange to see them knock on the
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door the time. i open the door and it was a group of people studying this large group of people. nobody in uniform nobody identified themselves hardly any wood said a tall didn't even ask me who i was and they just stormed in and pushed to the side and one of them put a gun to me my head. pushed me on to the ground on my knees. they shackled my hands behind my back to the probation shackled my legs. they would have me and physically pick me up and carried me into the back of one of the vehicles they popped by the side of the house. and. opposite and i was so my family came from that night. inside the vehicle they lifted the hood off my head from the bottom. i saw two cook
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asian looking men. and they spoke with american accents and they were dressed it's a very bad nice pakistanis and. they. one of them said that you can either also on several questions here in. coxed on or you can ask them in kuantan i'm ok. and then they put me on to this aircraft. transport plane. i was seated on the floor my and was shackled behind my back i don't hit over the head. at the sounds of these dogs barking hugs grauer of the engines the jet engines hear the screams of other prisoners i was trying my best not to shout a scream there i was just sitting there like no idea we were going to what's happening but i sense that there were some people next to me so i ended up speaking
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to this guy. who turned out to be a libyan i think. but i was shocked by his. what was going on in his mind you know we spoke in arabic with the salaam aleikum to each other and. it seemed to be like a monday conversation he said brother have you prayed a decompressor. said no i haven't don't even we should. listen to. the problem now is a better time than any and so. he led the prayer being on the left hand side to recite the print at that point an american soldier a member came over and put a knife to my throat and he said if you speak you know i'll cut your throat. when we landed at the airport in kandahar the americans tried to through the mud and it was freezing cold of a time and. two of them sat on top of me one literally pushed his you know his knee
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into the small of my back the other one pushed his his knee up to my head and then they started slicing off my clothes with with a knife. and then off into this interrogation tent one by one. where there were two agents of the f.b.i. that f.b.i. cops or. they were asking each person when was the last time you saw blood and when's the last time you saw a lot of the taliban. as i was kneeling. with this one of my i had always gone stunning around when they lifted the hood over my head i see hundreds. same man group in my house and it might mean the u.k. . fake news is a global virus but an indian politics is becoming a cancer all of these up unstructured and manipulate them into whatever body just
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based on emotion can skew the perception of three hundred people specifically if you're bombarded with fecal news they don't start to prove to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are exposed as to malicious disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the dangers are real because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how bad is it don't know tough the reason may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using revers fall thing and cleaning. in the heart of the amazon believe in families but their lives in peril to harvest brazil not. getting the congo to the capital is an
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even more dangerous challenge. risking it too believe me out. on al-jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan doha the quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera in an apparent reversal of u.s. policy president donald trump has offered support the libyan warlord only for have to after his forces are trying to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government earlier this month secretary of state mike pompei o demanded an immediate halt to the offensive would have the white house reaction from tripoli
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people here seem to be angry about this support from president. they say especially those demonstrators whole took to the streets today and to the main squares in civil cities and the west of libya especially in the capital tripoli and the city of misrata the major cities in the west of libya they say that there is some kind of contradiction in the american situation towards libya he was department of justice has dismissed a subpoena by the democrats requesting an uncensored copy of the mahler report. an edited version was released on thursday it appeared to clear trump of collusion with russia during the twenty sixteen campaign but the report was inconclusive about obstruction of justice. so the protest leaders are set to put forward candidates to lead a civilian government friday's or one of the biggest protests since president omar bashir was forced by the military to step down the ruling military transitional
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council has promised to allow civilians they're part of the government. the saudi led coalition in yemen says its target hoofy rebel drone base both sides claimed to have downed drones in recent days who think media posted this video showing what they say is a saudi unmanned aircraft being shot down of a solder province on friday. police in turkey have arrested two men who allegedly confessed to spying for the united arab emirates the two palestinians are reportedly accused of monitoring members of hamas and the muslim brotherhood turkish media reports one of the men arrived in turkey in october last year just days after the murder of the saudi journalist. hundreds of people have gathered in northern ireland to pay tribute to a journalist killed during a riot lyra mickey was standing close to a police car when she was shot in london during politicians and all sides of condemned the killing and police are blaming dissident republicans well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness the confession
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stage and dancer watching battle. during. those weeks of custody in by two thousand and two do so i'm a confession. to being a member of. yes i signed two confessions these both both these confessions were. one was in bagram one was in kuantan m a but it was by the same agents so the same f.b.i. agents who took made me sign some documents i can't remember what they were. then returned again in kuantan i'm. and i produced some documents and they had asked me to sign them again in the first instance it was.
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completely out of. the threats they were making about being tortured and sent to syria and egypt in the second instance they said if you don't sign that you will be prosecuted in a summary court where you could face execution and my reason for signing at that time was that at least if i sign up get to go to court. i had learnt from the cia about the case of one particular individual which has been extremely important in my view in the whole war on terror and. there was the case of a man called it no shade a libyan the cia agent in. told me that if you don't cooperate with us we will do to you we did not shake a libby had no shake a libby was sent from bagram in a coffin. to a ship in the persian gulf called the u.s.s. bonhomme. a false confession was produced and the confession was that he had not
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shaken libya as a member of al qaeda senior member of al qaeda which i later learned he wasn't. i was working with saddam hussein on obtain weapons of mass destruction. i can trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how rac provided training in these weapons. to british man among the first al qaeda terrorist suspects who will go on trial before american military tribunals they are laws him bag from birmingham who was arrested by the cia in pakistan last year and is now being held at guantanamo bay
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in cuba. the experience of solitary confinement. i was. destructive internally destructive initially so i did have a couple of panic attacks and behave in a way that i was never a custom to screaming and shouting swearing and carl punching the world simply because i couldn't take being in that environment it was. corrosive. eventually when i was moved from the solitary blocks to the main blocks. i was held in come papa with five other prisoners one of them was australian one of those was british or to yemeni and also to loose one of the yemeni guys was very charismatic man also very influential. his premise was that everybody in the west is not innocent because they're part of
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a democratic nation and therefore they all play a part in empowering the government to carry out its aerial strikes not to patients of muslim land but of course my response to him was that actually there's an entire antiwar movement in britain and the rest of the world so would you discriminate or would you simply see the more collateral damage. of course he'd had back and say well their bombs don't discriminate they bomb us and they if you look at what took place in iraq and the sanctions against iraq people that led to the deaths of thousands of people every month so he had a response for it but i still didn't make sense to me from what i had understood and what i've always believed that i've always believed that the concept of jihad these guys were using is a noble one is one in which you are taught we are taught it's civilians are not
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targeted the women children old people are not to be targeted and this was specifically laid down in the rules of engagement by early most and by the prophet and his companions so what you say. is just as bad as america or outcry this behavior is somehow justified why are you not just saying straight up that this is the worst kind of hypocrisy because it's hypocrisy. in the name of islam it's not islamic because i think there are there are various layers to all of this and al qaeda is a muslim organization they're not hindus who choose a christian by muslims so we have to talk about them in islamic terms. and other. that i may disagree with them in terms of this concept that they're not muslims that's completely false and i'm not going to say something false just to please
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people the foreign secretary jack straw is expected to announce that the four remaining britons being held without charge of ground telling my ballet are to be released feroz abbasi bag richard belmont lot in bangor have been held at the u.s. naval base for nearly three and could now be home within weeks i think it was on the twenty fifth general two thousand and five. and eventually soldiers came to my cell. shackled me up once again. and took on to this coach where there were three other british prisoners. we arrived in our f. north halt. and on the plane while i was still on the plane some one came along and said you're under arrest in the prevention of terrorism but. they drove a police vehicle onto the onto the airplane and then put in the back of it into grew to paddington green police station where i was taken to to see i think that the duty sergeant and he offered me something really strange he said would you like
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to make a phone call. just dawned on me this is going to be the first opportunity i could get to speak to my family three years. i said no i don't remember the number. and eventually we were taken in a police vehicle to the house of my lawyer and. i walked in and there was my father my brothers. standing there were tears and i was crying. and then shortly after that my wife arrived with the children. it was hard enough to see the children but there was an addition to the family who i'd never seen before and he was three years older. my other younger children didn't really remember too much and the kind of sleepy clues late but my daughter my oldest daughter she was very emotional she cried
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a lot she remembers everything she remember the night i was taken to remembered every detail she got really terribly affected by it. my wife well i leave that between me and us. sixteen year old mimic. returning home to a family. community that i think was still suffering the trauma effects of what i'd gone through so by the end of this experience in bosnia herzegovina. the son of this conservative bank manager. had been radicalized i'd say to a degree i'm in not radicalized in the sense and of course it's very important to understand that when we talk about radicalization it wasn't that i believed in the concept of what they claimed or some of the night misstating or al qaeda or anything like that at all i just believed in the right of these people to defend
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themselves i believe in the right that if somebody is getting raped if a child is getting his throat cut just because somebody doesn't want to waste the bullet on him then he has to be protected the world community and it's the people of the of the country have to be helped in the thing themselves did you take up arms that i didn't. want when it's minding your own business banging with i'd want my of this world you call me rethinking me everything dead bodies on the tracks train blown open. all. time and again over the past few weeks i've been asked to deal firmly with those prepared to engage in such extremism and most particularly those who incite it i started hearing voices from people and people reaching out to me saying muslim we understand that you just come from a terrible ordeal but there are things happening here that you might not appreciate
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fully. where laws are beginning to change and affect the muslim community in particular i did speak out against the bombings the july the seventh bombings and i think somebody from m i five heard me. and there was a woman who had visited me in guantanamo. as an m i five agent and she called me and they wanted to know my views about who might be responsible who might have been. behind the july the seventh bombings and this was now the opportunity for me to ask them a few questions do you realize that you were part of a process that involved torture and abuse and you've took full advantage of it let's just remember that all the the former guantanamo to you tony of claim that they were completely in a so that any wrongdoing ever and you know we have to take this truth. and there's. poor always these same people have now managed to believe themselves into
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a position where they're making sure as a negotiator i don't serving officers who are charged with protecting us in very difficult circumstances i have always said that m i five were present at every leg of the journey during my incarceration and that it was in pakistan in kandahar in belgrade and in kuantan i'm ok and in the last instances of me being met by an m i five in fact the foreign office were present so there's no denying that m i five were involved in the interrogation not just of not of british residents but in fact of british citizens of whom i am one. of. the arab spring opened doors into countries and places where i'd never thought i would have the people to go. for. the prison. places
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where the americans had threatened to send me if i didn't cooperate. to fight for the next three years to get my passport back to be able to travel and this time around my travel i've been directed by my experience. to go. two countries seeking . the role of the british government the american government and in the room their role in torture. the first place i went to out of all these places was egypt and tried to make links with those who'd been imprisoned and try to find out who had come across the case of it now shaikh al libbi. documents had been destroyed it was very difficult to find anybody who could link this to that but then i went into tunisia. and then into libya crucially and in libya i went to a bustling prison that's where it now shaikh libby turned up dead i walked into his
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cell where he supposedly committed suicide which was quite evident it's not possible to and yourself there is nothing to attach any a sheet to. and that. if we take a look at the whole thing the thing to deal with this is a. serious the what he said is that criteria. this has now been mine. because of the seventy thousand refugees over this way and the serial killer. place these mice that sort of ross i was following leads of rendition victims who'd been hunted over by the americans to the syrian government and so as a result of that i went into syria stayed a couple of weeks met these individuals and documented what i saw of them and wanted to pursue further. the reports that some of these people were who were held in various prisons and i couldn't get to i wrote about this when i returned and. i
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will receive a call by m i five i told them i'm ready to speak to you but i have to warn you that my work they includes trying to find out what you've been up to so we did arrange to meet me in my lawyer present and m i five and then we spoke rid of the world the last thing they said to me at the end of that conversation after i said if i get prevented from entering turkey or no it's because you don't want me to go there and then i went again for a longer period this time in two thousand and twelve i met with fighters loads of fighters from all over the world who'd come and i had. i saw that there was a great deal of zeal from these people. and not a lot of expertise so i got together some former soldiers some doctors. and other people and asked them to make together a program that can help to make a defense system where people don't have to suffer these basic. mistakes or
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to die as a result of the. and so that's essentially where the allegations come about me being involved in training the syrian rebels and being supportive of the syrian rebels and that it's terrorism and so forth. having conquered territory and declared his caliphate abu bakar al baghdadi is trying to recruit followers to his cause but it's a course certain full of violent excesses that all over the region many muslims shi'ites and sunnis are recoiling in horror. there is. an old english phrase there's no smoke without fire what is god if it's not terrorism it's not if you are also what is it's about rising above and sometimes it is a jihad just to be just your enemy the verse in the koran says oh you believe stand up as just witnesses for god and do not allow your animosity of the people to cause
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you to do them and then just to think you are supportive of jihad as a magnet and many as rising above magnanimous rising above conflict that's the aspiration aspiration is to rise above it isn't the reality the reality is the jihad has now become synonymous with terrorism yes and you're going to find out that you're not half and that will never be my belief in lebanon the belief of the majority of muslims i'm from the twenty fourth i think it was. two thousand and fourteen. it was dave deja vu all of these police officers coming into my house again they didn't storm in that in spanish to do what they knock to do and they turned up. into my room after my wife would open the door i went and hugged my children and my wife my wife was in tears and children were not so much. i said don't worry i'll be back soon. raced from coventry when i was home the police station with six vehicles as one of the greatest terrorist catches ever sirens
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blazing going at about ninety miles an hour straight to the court rushing people media all outside and then denying me bail and then sending me off to del mar. shortly after that meeting with m i five the police had placed a bug in my card recorded every conversation i've had from that point on the charge really was providing fitness training to the syrian rebels and sending a generator and electricity generator to one of them. was embedded free after seven months in prison the case collapsed on its demerits on how weak it was it's useful because it's very amusing it's always the internal policy. community denies the community we've come to conclusion that this is the c.p.s. decision that there is no longer sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect that there would be a conviction so it is right to the earliest opportunity the cases which.
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is innocent i have to say you are an innocent man you know you don't have anything but yet you have been in these places and in two thousand and two you were holding back in afghanistan for a year and then transferred to guantanamo for two years last year you were held in a british prison in south london belmarsh is it perhaps you know justified that maybe some suspicion around you i understood especially after september eleventh the need to speak to me or to need to speak to people who have an interesting background understood that what i didn't understand still cannot understand the need to torture abuse. use false imprisonment kidnap rape in some cases that never did i want to know what happened to and all of those things happened without me going into the detail of it all of those things happened to us the only conclusion i can come to us to why that all happened and that the whole process is. at best it's a confused policy of they don't know what they're doing but i can't give them that
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the benefit of the doubt in fact this was vindictive it was malicious it was designed to come after me because one thing i've been saying continuously is that you guys have been involved in the rendition of victims that caused the war in iraq and now i'm saying something even greater than that which is you guys through your lies and you torture caused the disintegration of iraq the rise of al-qaeda in iraq and its metamorphosis into islamic state in iraq and islamic state in iraq and i know ultimately islamic state and that's what i'm saying object is clear we will degrade and ultimately destroy. another day another propaganda video from one of thought to be british jihad is fighting in the middle east. to be hostages that were held by isis why they dressed in orange suit i thought initially that it's to show solidarity with the court on the prisoners but it's not. the seventeen
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of the twenty five leaders of isis who are detained and imprisoned in camp bucca under the americans. they themselves were dressed to go in suits the leaders of isis oppressed in orange suits to come pick up and still to this day nobody has come out with the true story of the nature of the torture and abuse that took place in iraq as an example. in two thousand and ten obama prevented the publication of thousands of photographs had been taken by american soldiers of abuse by murder when he didn't understand what those people trying to defend this position to understand is that the damage is already done. those people already had that experience photograph or not is it little wonder that iraq has become as brutal it is as it is my argument to. what i've been presenting over all of these years. is
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an uncomfortable one for them to take to accept it will never accept but for an internal policy has been what has been driving people to this point of. desperation because these acts of terrorism often come from desperation i can tell you now the way i feel often at home is that i feel desperate not desperate enough to harmony but i'm not like that but desperate enough to say i've had enough of this country want to get out i hate to tear. and you focus a lot on what how the british authorities should deal with this but what about within the muslim community itself when you've got numerous muslim countries being bombed being hit by drone strikes where people are being captured from an rendition to secret detention sites it's hardly the rest of my limbs are killed by other muslims ninety eight percent of the terrorism in the west is carried out by white non muslim westerners so it's that's and also i answered your question briefly then is should there not be a debate about values within the missin community for whatever reason otherwise
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we're going to get what some people fear that a clash of civilizations i don't think we're going to i don't think we're a culture clash is already happening but it's not of civilizations it's of bully nations against we can nations bully nations against weaker people and so for i'll give an example one of the is it bully nation i've just said to you that it's more muslims being killed by other muslims often within muslim countries i understand that but when talking about when we're talking about terrorism as i said to again the statement that ninety eight percent of the terrorism in the west is carried out by non muslims in terms of britain i think i certainly subscribe to the i love the idea of multicultural britain. i supported completely i love my history here i love the fact that i went to a jewish school here love the fact that i had friends from various background and experience and understood and value the cultures and the faiths in the religions and all the differences what i don't appreciate is the targeting of one specific
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community. and that is what i have seen. and i've been part of being affected by false imprisonment again it's a crime torture being placed and torture is a crime my family have grown up my kids have grown up watching this they have seen the effects of not being able to travel of being at the constant mercy of the government every time to knock on my door think it's a police. while i was in prison the. head was thrown outside my old. we're living in a state of terror we are terrified of not just acts of terrorism by not individuals but the responses by the government and. populist media sometimes i feel that the onslaught is so huge that i want to retreat in twelve minutes in what when when that happens then it becomes another us and them thing and i don't want to see that happen to britain because i do actually love this country.
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refugees heading for a better life in australia to set it and sent to remote islands indefinite detention in holistic conditions of good conscience and i don't understand how you can do this to me smuggled out footage and eyewitness accounts say the main thing you're doing for people asking them not turn themselves not to kill themselves witnessed a scene asylum. on al-jazeera. thank . you ed. thanks to
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us. hello the weather is now quieter and dry in iran and afghanistan despite the cloud there are other more active of those throughout the caucuses wolf in turkey actually through northern syria into the caucasus particularly us by john you've seen some pretty heavy showers recently high ground will see snow of course now still we're forecasting saturday the circulation of my head which is in the black sea me is still quite cold in turkey but to round up the nineteen but doesn't twenty seven the showers dress right on the border i think in iraq and iran everything's moving really from west to east rather than north to south so it's looking quite quiet again syria iran right back to the coast so there you pick up through israel lebanon and syria increasing cloud and rain during sunday sounds of this mostly rebbie implant you're looking fine there's a hint of
3:47 pm
a shower too maybe a nice inside iran but rather more obviously once more in the southwest as of tickly western yemen where daily thunderstorms are going to be more and more obvious as the weeks go on. south of all this and also should be court chorus and draw this time the year the forecast of showers returns to south africa quite a broad swath is running off into just touching botswana and edging only slowly eastwards towards mozambique. the current president and a popular comedian a heading for the second round of the presidential election with no official plan yet promising a change the comedian won the biggest share of the bunch in the first round who will lead the country after this historic election ukraine votes twenty nineteen on al-jazeera by major to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town
3:48 pm
through the eyes of the welds jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. egyptians are voting in the referendum on called situational change that would allow the president to stay in office till twenty thirty. hello i'm simon is a dad this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. libyans
3:49 pm
vent their anger against president trump over his support for war mold so they for . democratic presidential can. the words call for donald trump to be impeached the day after the release of the model report. and deny the legacy of lee's women challenging a generation's old law preventing them from passing on citizenship. gyptian the voting in a referendum that could grant president of the fatah has a longer term if they're in favor sisi could stay in office until twenty thirty they're also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military fifty five million egyptians are eligible to take part the rights groups are concerned the vote won't be free or fair so what led to
3:50 pm
this poll the proposal put forward by a parliamentary bloc called support age it gained support from other groups arguing sisi needed more time to complete economic reforms the amendments were approved on tuesday in parliament and sent to a referendum that vote is happening over three days starting on saturday and it's expected to pass if it does the amendments will go to the upper house of parliament the shura council for approval. i'm the law so he joins me here on set he's an associate professor of media and cultural studies at the institute for graduate studies good to have you with us so well this vote be an expression of the will of the egyptian people i think you have to take votes that are held in military dictatorships with several grains of salt egypt has completely eliminated opposition it's an environment of repression and fear people are terrified to to to
3:51 pm
vote to express dissent just in this in the lead up to this vote more than one hundred twenty people have been arrested for campaigning for the for the no vote so i think we'll have to take these results with a grain of salt or several grains of salt as it were we also have to remember that there are no independent independent election monitors so the government is free to rig the results as they've done as they've done in the past if sisi were you know genuinely interested in a sort of referendum on his popularity he'd hold a free and a truly free and fair vote or he'd open the country up to scientific opinion polling which he has banned certainly human rights groups of been very critical of the history of possible under the c.c. rule talking about how people in presidential those who either put in jail or full stay out how in this referendum those who wanted to campaign for a no vote was told things like they call. the thais publicly that position given
3:52 pm
all of that is there any doubt that ultimately this is going to be approved it's going to be ratified even when it goes to the shura council i mean i've been saying for months including on al jazeera that this will pass it will be a landslide this is similar to the previous votes that have been held under sisi he won the presidential election with almost ninety eight percent of the vote the previous referendum that was held under him passed with i think ninety six percent of the vote so he's having to get back to this though i mean it sounds like the country is taking another major step back towards law. strongman rule backed by the military was that the whole revolution against mubarak was about yeah that's a good question how did we get here while we got here because the egyptian military and the rest of the deep state learned a very important lesson from the arab spring from the revolutionary revolutionary protest movement and that is that they actually had to be considerably more repressive than the previous mubarak regime they don't want to allow even you know
3:53 pm
a small chance for another kind of popular uprising that's why all the direct call me and legislation that's why the complete elimination of opposition that's why the shutting down of opposition media just this week the egyptian government has shut down thirty four thousand web site domains. owned by people who were advocating the no vote in this in this amendment this referendum what do you make of the international response to this i mean it's been an incredible journey since the revolution to where we are now what about the international community that we've seen can be very vocal other countries in other areas like venezuela where they are very strong voices in the world saying that's not acceptable what happened here to the international conscience you know on fortunately i think the united states and several key players in europe have turned have chosen to turn turn a blind eye to c.c.'s human rights atrocities the trumpets and ministration has
3:54 pm
signaled explicitly that they're not very concerned with with human rights they're much more concerned with sort of the economic and military relationships that exist between the united states and foreign foreign allies so. these countries are basically privileging their strategic relationship with egypt at the expense of human rights thank you for analysis it's a big picture but thank you for coming and painting it for us. in an apparent reversal of u.s. policy president donald trump. offered support to libyan warlords for the for have he's been leading a military offensive against the un recognized government in tripoli praised tough times for fighting what he called terrorism and securing libya's oil earlier this month the secretary of state demanded an immediate halt as advance on the capital. support after as led to protests in tripoli that angry about foreign interference
3:55 pm
in libya leaders like to stay out of the country's affairs wearing yellow vests like those worn in front protesting against the government. there is no value to this telephone conversation between trump and half the revolutionaries are in every street and we respond to them from here in the street and not three press releases the powers that support terrorism in libya are france russia egypt saudi arabia and the emirates we condemn the criminal acts against the libyan people. but you know we had the libyan people are again and again you wanted billion rules science and culture you want to live as other people. correspondent. has been following developments. people here seem to be angry about this support from president from. especially those demonstrators whole took to the
3:56 pm
streets today and to diminish squares in civil cities and the worst of libya especially in the capital tripoli and the city of misrata the major cities in the west of libya they say that there is some kind of contradiction in the american situation libya specially they were happy when the state secretary mike pump you in an interview in a television interview said that must set down and must stop the military escalation on tripoli but when they heard the border from president trump will have to via this call and it kind of saying get to have to take here or are you doing well people here have become very angry this say that they're wondering whether or not there is more important than people's blood here.
3:57 pm
over two hundred people were killed since have to launch at this military oftens of one tripoli on april fourth many of them are innocent civilians women and children . the saudi led coalition in the amman says it's targeted or who the rebels drone base in the capital sanaa both sides claim to have downed drones in recent days the media posted this video friday it appears to show a saudi aircraft being shot down over side a province days earlier the saudi coalition said it had hit a drone over the city of a day that. now the fallout from the public release of a reporter vesta gating alleged russian interference in president donald trump's election campaign the u.s. justice department dismissed the subpoena requesting an uncensored copy of the report as from a church and unnecessary and edited version was released on thursday kimmel health has more from washington d.c. . as u.s.
3:58 pm
president donald trump arrived fur golf game at his club in florida back in washington democratic members of congress renewed demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again played down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel
3:59 pm
declined to prosecute a sitting president did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice and tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trying tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have announced they will hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and i'm sure that the house and the senate oversight committees are going to be looking at every piece in turning everything because just looking into what the special counsel looked at. the possibility of impeachment i think everything's on the table and. this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of
4:00 pm
congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mading time in office but also whether he might win reelection in the twenty twenty presidential race can really help get al-jazeera washington the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty us presidential race is calling for donald trump to be impeached so elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings a position is different to that of several other leading figures who say the process would be counterproductive to the during an election campaign robert ray is a former us independent counsel the previous title for mothers position he says launching an impeachment during an election cycle could be difficult now with the release of the redacted report it appears.


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