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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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politicians from all sides in the region which is part of the u.k. have condemned the killing malise president is due to meet opposition groups after the prime minister and the entire government resigned on friday that follows weeks of mass protests over ethnic violence more than one hundred sixty people in a full army village were killed last month by suspected gunman from the rival doggone ethnic group demonstrators are angry at the government for failing to stop such killings they also want something done about the poor economy and presence of foreign troops nicholas hart has the latest from bamako. he's under pressure to try to build a government of national unity because since his reelection back in august this country has been wronged by political instability because the outcome of the election back in august was contested by most members of the opposition and so at stake here isn't just the political stability of this country but also the security
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situation my guess was really put under pressure we've seen massive protests says here on the streets of bangkok go on april fifth there were threat of more protests if you didn't resign so really the president had no choice but to listen to the streets and try to find some sort of solution here we're told that by the end of the weekend we'll have an answer at least will have some sort of inclination who the next prime minister will be and what the new government will look like the reason why my guy was it was really removed because he the president was reelected on this idea that he will bring back security for all mali ends but since his reelection the situation has gone from from bad to worse and my guy has tried to rely on mali and security forces in order to restore security but they're just not trained there's not enough of them and so he started to rely on militia groups to bring back security in the areas where the mali armies were not present and he and
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we saw the prime minister with these head of militia groups. so they had an al-jazeera democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren calls for donald trump to be impeached as a push for the release of the full version of the report is rejected sudan's protesters make plans to take charge of the country. hello there we have plenty of heavy showers ever parts of southeastern asia for take a look at the satellite picture we can see most of them are over the southern parts of borneo through java and across into some march and further north there's plenty more in the way of drawing weather but the clouds will bubble up at times and that's just the outside chance of one or two showers here over there and i think for the southern parts of the philippines they could be some more persistent
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outbreaks of rain headed those will gradually be spreading their way towards the west as we head into monday but again for monday most of the showers will be in the south and generally speaking further north there's more in the way of dry weather around every towards australia and here we've had a very active weather system with this that's this one here that's brought to some very heavy downpours a roof drop in the temperatures and we're also seeing it work its way eastward so it will continue to change the temperatures as we head through the next few days so adelaide instead of getting over thirty degrees will be down to just twenty one and then that cooler weather will continue across towards melbourne there as we head into monday so a maximum on monday just of sixteen every towards new zealand and there's a fair amount of cloud in a few showers around particularly for the northern parts of the south island and for the southern parts of the north island that system still with us as we head through monday so still plenty of showers here the south island decent looking bright.
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like qatar airways experienced economy class like never before qatar airways going places to get. welcome back you're watching out just here a reminder now of our top stories this hour an explosion followed by gunfire has
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been reported in the afghan capital kabul it's happened close to one of the city's main hotels and the communications ministry. egyptians are voting in a referendum that could grant president of the fatah has a longer term if they're in favor sisi could stay in office until twenty thirty are also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military. marley's president is jews meet with opposition groups after the prime minister and the entire government resigned on friday follows weeks of mass protests over ethnic violence and the economy. now the fallout from the release of a report investigating alleged russian interference and president donald trump's election campaign the u.s. department of justice has dismissed a subpoena requesting an uncensored copy of the report as from a chair and unnecessary an edited version was released on thursday kimberly
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healthcare has more from washington d.c. . as u.s. president donald trump arrived fur golf game at his club in florida back in washington democratic members of congress renew demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again play down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted
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four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel declined to prosecute a sitting president did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice and tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trump tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have announced they will hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and i'm sure that the house and the senate oversight committees are going to be looking at every piece in turning everything because just looking into what the special counsel looked at. the possibility of impeachment i think everything's on the table
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and. this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mading time in office but also whether he might win reelection in the twenty twenty presidential race can really help get al-jazeera washington. the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty us presidential race is calling for dog trump to be impeached senator elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings her position is different to that of several other leading party figures who say the process would be counterproductive particularly during an election campaign robert ray is a former u.s. independent counsel the previous title for mahler's position he says launching an impeachment attempt during an election cycle could be difficult. now with the
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release of the redacted report it appears as if it's certainly possible that the position of the democrats may well change i don't think that they have too long before they have to decide one way or the other whether they're going to be commencing impeachment proceedings and of course weighed against that is the fact that the presidential election in the united states is now just eighteen months away it's an obviously difficult thing to be conducting an impeachment inquiry in the middle of a presidential election cycle and also one of the things that may happen as soon as next week once as expected joe biden is likely to enter the presidential race the first question he's going to be asked as the likely front runner just as a list of if warren was asked is the question about whether or not he supports an effort in the house of representatives to commence impeachment proceedings over the course of the next eighteen months experience
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a show the last time the united states went through this process was now twenty years ago during the impeachment of president bill clinton who as you know was impeached by the house of representatives but acquitted in the united states senate following a trial. the difficulty of impeachment in the united states is that it necessarily requires a two thirds vote which means that both parties have to support it in order for it to be successful there is no current indication that republicans support an impeachment effort and so that effort ultimately would be doomed to failure at least if the objective is to remove the president from office however that may not be the only objective obviously an impeachment proceeding is damaging to the president's reelection prospects and republicans will go to great lengths i suspect in the near term to avoid and try to prevent that from happening. but his way the
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law position leader is calling for mass may day protests he said his supporters need to continue showing president nicolas maduro people will not accept water and electricity shortages any further dural rejects credos claim to be interim president and is denied a humanitarian crisis. the governor of the u.s. state of new mexico is expressing concern over a video apparently showing members of a rebel group illegally arresting migrants at the border the clip was posted online this week and quickly went viral it shows men dressed in camouflage clothing with semiautomatic rifles detaining migrants people in peru of bid farewell to their former president two days after he took his own life hundreds of supporters accompanied alan garcia's coffin in the capital lima the sixty nine year old shot himself in the head on wednesday as police were coming to arrest him over corruption allegations. the opposition group that's led months of protests in sudan
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says it will name the people it wants to take charge of the country on sunday demanding a civilian government takes over from the military rulers who ousted president on one of the bashir earlier this month reports this. was joining the sit in is like stepping into a new sudan people are taking power into their own hands these civilians are now guarding the border and they're greeting people with songs and smiles was so. almost a pleasure and they'll work involuntarily. while this crowd braves the heat to put out a message of change has helped to keep them cool money is being donated drinking water is provided i food is served for free for a while but a medical doctors have left their paid jobs on joint efforts to set up makeshift
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clinics to help. well. yeah we worked in hard conditions there were days when we couldn't handle the sheer number of people who came for medical help we could hardly sleep for days we were doing both the humanitarian and national juta by being here. these people are here in front of the army headquarters to make sure a complete revolution is achieved and a military coup doesn't just lead to another period of rule like that and bashir. in. the military council most tend of the powerchair transitional civil in government which protected by me will fulfill all the objectives of derivative so far we have only cut the head of the tree we still need to remove the roots a message that's being eco that on sudan as ordinary people now take center stage the blue. that's been shed for this moment he's on the walls as are the young women
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who acted with courage and leadership this is where some of the deadliest blasts took place in the morning. when thousands of protesters across five members they security. day displaced the special. section on the surface of the streets of our present. since this uprising it's like a fire that's building itself the sense of the old regime. the uniforms of those snipers who were caught hank here as a mark of shame to those who fought change but many here say the deep state is still intact and only the facade of the former regime has been removed. they didn't go they just removed some dirt and put more tact in its place we don't want any national congress members in the government and that's why the protest must and and they are the slogan whether or not there is she has fallen and we are
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staying here. now the saudi led coalition in yemen says it's targeted or who three rebel drone base in the capital sana'a both sides claim to have downed drones in recent days the media posted this video on friday it appears to show a craft being shot down over side of province days earlier the saudi coalition said it had hit a who three drone over the port of data police in turkey arrested two palestinians who allegedly confessed to spying for the united arab emirates the two men are reported to have been accused of monitoring members of hamas and the muslim brotherhood according to turkish media one of the men arrived in turkey in october last year just days after the murder of saudi journalist. police are investigating if there's a connection to that crime. lebanese women hope they'll soon gain the rights of
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citizenship to their children even if they're married to a foreigner but those proposed changes to their nationality lol don't include women married to syrians or palestinians the reports from beirut. has a lebanese mother and was born and raised in lebanon but that is not enough to gain nationality women married to foreigners are not allowed to pass on citizenship and that means their children need a residence permit if they are to find work while denied any government support for those like whose fathers are palestinian the situation is further complicated because they have limited right here i am an only child to my to my my my to my home and my parents. i cannot own property and i cannot inherit inherit from my mom and. this inheritance to my pure church children. rights campaigners want the decades old nationality law to be reformed especially since
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lebanese men married to foreigners can pass citizenship to their wives and children we're being told that should women have the right to call for nationality they are going to destroy the of course i'm saying this between course they're going to. see the delicate sectarian balance of this country hence leading to another war this is truly bizarre. politicians who oppose amendments to the law say it will have an impact on the demographic balance in the country lebanon's political system is based on a sectarian power sharing agreements they particularly fear the presence of a large syrian and palestinian refugee population because they are from one sect. and one hop she is a member of parliament's women and children rights committee he says it is the right of every woman to pass on her nationality to her children but it has
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consequences when you have twenty percent more. that they can vote in a county like lebanon when you nationalize about four hundred people ok where you have voters they don't. two million two million and. a huge. there are no official statistics but non-governmental organizations say there are at least eighty thousand women married to foreigners women affected by the law are hoping things will change but acknowledge they are facing an uphill battle. beirut. let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the explosion followed by gunfire is being reported in the afghan capital kabul that's happened
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close to one of the city's main hotels in the communications ministry. egyptians are voting in a referendum that could grant president sisi a longer term if they're in favor sisi could stay in office until twenty thirty fifty five million egyptians are eligible to take part rights groups are concerned the vote won't be free or fair mali's president is due to meet opposition groups after the prime minister and the entire government resigned on friday it follows weeks of mass protests over ethnic violence and the economy nicholas hart has the latest from bamako. since his reelection back in august this country has been rocked by political instability because the outcome of the election back in august was contested by most members of the opposition and so at stake here isn't just the political stability of this country but also the security situation my guess was really put under pressure we've seen. here on the streets of bamako on
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april fifth there were threat of more protests if you didn't resign so really the president had no choice but to listen to the streets in an apparent reversal of u.s. policy president donald trump was offered support to libyan war. he's been leading a military offensive against the u.n. recognized government in tripoli. the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty us presidential race is calling for dog trump to be impeached but after the u.s. justice department dismissed a subpoena by democrats requesting an uncensored copy of a fort into a legit russian collusion. now police in northern ireland have arrested two man in connection with the killing of a journalist a village a vigil is being held for lyra mckee she was shot dead on thursday just days before the anniversary of the easter uprising of irish republicans against british rule in one thousand nine hundred sixteen for the region is part of the u.k.
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politicians from all sides have condemned the killing. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the costs stay with us. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of our lives. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. the law and has a seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week russia's international investment bank is moving it to hungary it's been called the horse and find out what all one's thinking and why the west is concerned. also this week as the global economy slows populous
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governments are threatening the independence of central banks. india's second largest airline runs out of money does jet airways have a future. on money looking for a route out of russia and into the european union appears to have found a crack in the banking system tens of billions of dollars as. been laundered through mostly baltic nations swamping the outposts of nordic banks it's been an ongoing headache for european regulators and now a different issue entirely has raised the anxiety levels in european capitals russia plans to move the headquarters of its development bank to hungary we'll get into that in a moment but first let's get to grips with the scale of this money laundering problem and some of the numbers behind it around one trillion dollars has been moved out of russia over the last twenty five years by individuals and companies not all illicit but that's money that has not returned to the country other sources
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of the money include moldova and azerbaijan the money has been moved via malta cyprus estonia latvia and lithuania in the biggest money laundering case two hundred thirty billion dollars was transferred through the dansko banks estonian branch between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen where did that money go into london's property market britain's offshore tax havens villas in the south of france and spain as the investigation has continued its strong in banks across europe now having failed to stem the money laundering europe has another dilemma how does it respond to viktor orban is decision to allow moscow to move its development bank to budapest while the bank is in its infancy and hungry has a minority stake it has no say in the way the bank is run it would effectively have
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diplomatic immunity so regulators would not be able to monitor it. joining me via skype from bratislava in slovakia is judea score the economics professor at the central european university in budapest thanks very much for being with us so why does viktor orbán want this bank in his country that it's. basically here this question of is it going to these to be quite complicated because they're really different exe change in. central europe be encountering started ticketing. and this happens also in russia maybe also of in the plan. and definitely in. and hungary in the last three four years actually is. emphasizing the vagueness of us that you are all for of albany who was the east improving gross and she views the more dynamic part of the loan and things like
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that and this is why i'm a love of love so it's improving elation and he is that which is already on for a couple of years what are some other myka there g. bon-bon the across the pond water. through showed the continent for building here in the girl actors in hungary and this is one of those continuation of the staple for police it's curious though because this bank would be the seventeenth largest in hungary it doesn't appear to have the money for big projects does it yes i think there you got it so this is a better term which was founded in a. you know kind of you know early date in sixty's early seventy's. so its ties to our other way to modernize and actually the bank was to support competition for lawns or things like that to each was a little difficult to implement in the plumbing system but the been sort of live
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the night in the eighty's it was not the last it's kind of the. interest is a bank is a small small volume of topicality and if a remember correctly even one hundred billion left of these banks doing that kind of playfulness there's first. in the late that in ninety s. but then you know who are doing the business would you begin to be rejuvenated easing. maybe maybe ten years ago or to get to be more seen internationally. in burgess law while you specially it's opening two thousand and fifty that original aufidius it increases their membership to i believe nine counties. but definitely it provides loans. in the world of twenty those people and those also they would all speech on the global scale or even skate is not
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a substantial when we're gone because. so basically what is the purpose of this bank is it like china's development bank. yes it is to have a good relation. to help russia you know maybe to ease some of the same because maybe some people can come to the bank. which of us would be difficult to do so so was this noble fergus i sing you need a political gesture for them and it has also led to me in. the small and it is that you may be you know because of the political impact but it's difficult to see. you know from the from the university or from some. but most likely this this is the the opposition is calling this putin's trojan horse if you
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like because it gives it gives the russians this unprecedented opportunity to enter the e.u. through this route and the argument goes that this this creates a serious national security concern is that a legitimate concern you think. oh you know that's typically already done. the loss of disclosure so. impair you've already lost darkly you know they know a lot of these called too old to move across borders. do you know where the elegant hoped to. move in hungary. began to go government is very friendly to the russian economy be interesting but on your hands it is a member of nato it is member of european and it's a huge german interest for example so i don't think you said this is if we change
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our bruticus political picture. it's it's a some small side to more strengthening. the eastern countries especially the judas' horvath good to speak with you. still to come on counting the cost sixteen thousand jobs on the line as jet airways grounds flights. a neo liberal economies love to talk up independent central banks free of political interference these banks have been able to raise and lower rates to curb inflation and boost growth but a populist trend has emerged that threatens their freehand president trump who has regularly attacked his pick for u.s. fed chairman jerome powell said the stock market would be five thousand to ten thousand points higher if the central bank had done its job properly breaks it is
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of rubbish the bank of england and its canadian governor mark carney prediction on the economic impact of britain's decision to leave the european union president to when of turkey triggered short selling of the lira after the central bank started propping up the currency ahead. of elections and more doubts a been cast on india's economic data the central bank has lowered interest rates just before elections there all this at a time when the international monetary fund has lowered projections for growth to three point three percent the lowest growth since two thousand and nine well joining us here in doha to talk more about this is aqua khan senior director of asset management and welcome so about the independence of the central banks it seems that the they're there under threat from several leaders in the world president trump and in turkey modi in india and so on what do you make of that.
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so how come it's very easy for a politician to want to use the resources of the state to help them get reelected it would only be natural central bankers have spent many decades in trying to extricate themselves in particular many of the advanced economies from that oversight from politicians so they can actually do what's best for the long term of the country rather than short term populist measures however the politics in a number of countries you've mentioned and a few others we just had an election in an easier than other country where you've seen some populist policies the politics of a lot of countries have now meant that you have leaders that are more focused on these more short term measures and that has put a lot of pressure on central bankers to try and maintain that independence president trump has repeatedly tweeted about how much he dislikes frankly the federal reserve which doesn't help them in in doing what they're what they're trying to do so i guess the question is to what extent can central bankers withstand that pressure. and continue to do what they're doing or as in some
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central bankers have found particularly india they get fired but there has always been discussion hasn't there about the job that central banks do i mean during the financial crisis of more than a decade ago the question was should they be should they have been spending so much . to rescue these banks that were in trouble i mean are they are they clear enough in their guidance what's what's acceptable and what isn't so central bankers generally work with inflation targets so they basically in more danced economies they said inflation targets which is an effectively a target for economic growth after we had the crisis a decade ago growth collapsed and if your target as a central bankers to bring inflation up to a certain level that means you have to get growth up to a certain level which led them to effectively throw the rule book out and try and hold. a ray of things which hadn't been done before to try and get growth back up so you could call it populist you could also call it them trying to meet their. aim
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which is to have a certain stable level of growth so you could you could probably criticize them of having not done enough prior to the crisis which actually led the crisis to happen so they probably allowed too much growth to happen in the preceding years which which led to the problem and as far as the in the implications of the global economy we have the i.m.f. warning of slowing growth what are what are the main areas of concern for you sure so the i.m.f. has just announced this this very recently but actually the world economy has been slowing for so several months or several quarters depending on depending on where you look at so europe is probably the part of the world which which is seeing some of the deeper slowdown germany is struggling and the manufacturing economy within that the automotive sector which as supply chains globally has has been struggling france is slower italy is slower so europe has issues the u.s. which has been on on a very good path has recently started to slow an economy can only grow to
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a certain extent when the central bank has increased interest rates eight or nine times of the preceding two years until it eventually starts getting up and also the other issue which the u.s. economy and the chinese economy which is obviously critical is the trade war and the uncertainty that that has brought about as a result of companies both in the u.s. and in china and globally who have supply chains in both countries and have delayed investment decisions and that has a spillover effect and similarly you've seen the same thing happen in the u.k. in europe with the uncertainty around breaks it and as far as this region we're here in doha and as you know there is this ongoing economic blockade on qatar by a number of countries in the region what can we expect there going for sure so the blockade obviously is now about two years old and and and while that was it was a shock to the system for the for the local economy undoubtedly it would be for any i think that's very much behind us the the initial issues were to do with. supply
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chains with foot for the country domestically as to where inputs were coming from. there was never an issue of exports i think what's happened is that those supply chains have been rejigged relatively successfully some imports have been substituted for local production the net result is that i think it's very much behind us now the question is about looking to the future and and arthur is taken some pretty aggressive steps to announce that it will be actually increasing its output by forty percent by the end of twenty twenty five which will cement its dominance of the global energy industry. that is obviously a very significant benefit and boost there are a few other milestones that will be coming through before that expansion of further petrochemical output and then we have world cup football world cup in two hundred twenty two which will clearly have a positive impact on the economy probably in the twelve eighteen months preceding it so the outlook is certainly brightening over the next five to seven years and it
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leaves carter actually now looking at things in a state very different light to where they were two years ago i took can't get to talk to you thank you now humanitarian aid and the politics behind it have been at the center of venezuela's ongoing crisis and now after years of refusing to accept international aid the government has given the red cross the green light to import and distribute food medicine and hospital equipment for those most in need but the waiting list is long to see a new report. this refuge in northwestern venezuela is home to sixty seven children and young adults with disabilities who have nowhere else to go yet most of the residents were born with mental retardation severe autism or varying degrees of cerebral paralysis all of which required medical treatment. if they don't get their medication they have or have acute and they fall down they're frightened but
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there's a severe shortage of treatments which are an affordable now we're all suffering. the homeless run by the catholic church with volunteers and donations government subsidies stopped years ago many families here northwestern a lot of states are struggling just to feed their families and can't cope with a child with special needs but the institution says it doesn't have the means to take in anymore like many here hydro was born with cerebral paralysis that's a disorder of movement and muscle tone which means he is confined to a wheelchair but if there was proper specialized treatment physiotherapy he could probably move a lot better perhaps even walk the problem is there's absolutely no budget for that . in fact the institution can barely afford food and salaries for the nurses even electricity and water have become a luxury in this part of the country with constant power blackouts classes
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suspended so serapis do what they can to keep the residents occupied. if they're yeah we demand that the government open the doors to monitor and we need a desperate on their people dying because there are no resources no medicine or equipment to treat the ill. father baton called says that in the thirty six years that he's been here he's never felt so unable to provide for youngsters who have already been dealt a difficult hand. children like ten year old jonathan rojas a bright incurious boy who was born with hydrocephalus it requires treatment but under other circumstances he could expect to live a normal life. right now the only hope for him and the others is the arrival of international aid and everyone here will tell you it can't come fast enough. now sixteen thousand workers at what was india's second largest airline are hoping
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to save their jobs jet airways has grounded all flights because it's run out of money managers saddled with more than a billion dollars of debt trying to find a way to get back in the air says jimmy reports from new delhi. they're fighting for their livelihoods airways employees haven't been paid in months some not since last august and been taking a toll on them and their families education of children suffering parents is not you know they can get off the way it was because all the. things i. retired from here. here is my son is going through the zones of mine as a buyer so if i put up a drill and really get into this situation i wouldn't have brought him in this. once considered india's premier private airline it suffered financial difficulties
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for years coming close to collapse in two thousand and thirteen until the hot air waves bought a twenty four percent stake infusing you cash and life into the airline but new low cost domestic carriers have continued to eat into jet airways market share and profits formally announce the first and jets founder well was forced to step down from the board in march after being criticized for continuing to spend on planes and premier landing slots as the airline debts were piling up. for passing. years in india at the ground to give jet is expected to lead to higher airfares but aviation analysts say that will be temporary and is one of the. growing. of the most. in some form of the. north koreans in their kind of growth so i don't see that more than four to six months. will be required to cover one of the capacity gap. but that's little comfort for the tens of thousands of jet
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employees who stuck with the company despite working on paid on the day i've joined so many of us the airline has given everything to us and some of your things a lot of things it seems. to be there you don't know what happened it's been very odd so i guess the loyalty is to me the same because of the standards because they were for many hope their years of service in what was commonly considered a dream job would not have been anyone with a flight booking received a cancellation email early on thursday the airline will now have to wait for the outcome of a round of bidding by potential buyers on may tenth to get an idea of what the future may be in the meantime jet airways employees can only wait and hope the airline will take off again. al-jazeera new delhi. where joining me now from leicester is a poor former head of corporate communications at qatar airways and he had thanks very much for being with us so so many balls up in the air here the company's former owner he had t p g indigo capital all interested in saving this airline
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who's your money well thank you so much has basically always let you mention there's a lot of interested parties but it's taking quite some time. i think the biggest have until middle of may to express their real interest and put forward a bit. strangely enough i mean we've got indigo which is an interesting one which has interest in other airlines around the world but in a way seems to be on at a had my former employer despite the fact that. there's a lot in the press about their investments have gone wrong collapse of airlines i'm invested in this is that this is an interesting one because it had a lot to lose because the the end invested in ways five years ago on the basis of entering a big market india is a massive market today it's worth one hundred thirty five million passengers a year in the next two years is likely to increase by fifty percent so for ettie had around fifty percent of their traffic from abu dhabi to rest of the world is
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actually indian traffic so they have a lot to lose if they don't actually invest in jet airways and increase their investment and captures a large slice of the market but just taking a step back then for a moment where did it all go wrong for jet airways and is there are a danger that air india could be next well if i touch on air india that's always been a danger the government tried to privatized india many years ago and even last year not a single investor came forward the reason for that is simple it's a large entity heavily unionized a large number of staff a public enterprise and they're just not a very efficient airline coming to jet i think it all started as far back as two thousand and six when jet airways invested in. spent five hundred million dollars cash on a competitor in the domestic market sadly that airline that that investment failed
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simply because it was a low cost airline jet airways invests in low cost airline it was not in the business of low costs so gradually and gradually their market share eroded as other carriers port came into the market you have the likes of indigo low cost. low cost and spice low cost and in the last five years you've had another airline call vistar a full service airline which has come into the market and taken market share domestically and they are likely to go international but this. the fact the competition came in jet airways really really did not keep up with the times you have a management there is a very structured management did not change did not look at what's happening in the market further to that you've had fuel prices ok fuel prices have actually gone down gone down over the years but the weak rupee against the dollar has actually impacted revenue so why was kingfisher allowed to fold but banks are willing to
6:45 pm
save jet airways. well we kingfisher it was an airline that was set up. the chairman of united breweries many many years ago. this airline folded in two thousand and twelve i don't think the bank says she realized the extent of the problems that kingfisher faced a lot of us is the one point six billion dollar debt that kingfisher had huge debt and banks as they did not realize how much of an impact that would have on the business how much how how they would be able to recover that that lost money and as we've seen. left the country he's in the u.k. he's facing extradition so it's a bit of a lesson to be learnt in a situation now this several situ a several things that come into play were actually election time yet right now election year obviously the government wants to keep the airline afloat it's not their airline it's a private airline they want to keep jet airways afloat but they can't invest the pleaded with the banks the banks want to recover money there's one point two
6:46 pm
billion dollar debt. which is waiting to be recovered it's a lot of money so the banks and a lot of interest in the banks to actually recover that money and they will go all out to try and recover that somehow whether it's selling assets. the challenge here is a lot of the aircraft that jets have are not owned by jet airways they're actually owned by leasing companies so what you see in the last few weeks of those leasing companies are direct so those planes in the hope of actually recovering those planes and leasing them to other airlines so that's actually not capital that belongs to jet they're actually renting those aircraft however to keep the business running of the last few years what jet has been doing is been plowing in money by by borrowing money from the banks by borrowing money from meant other entities and that's a challenge so the banks actually have to try and recover that money in the best possible way of dish kapoor thanks very much for being with us thank you very much and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me at has i'm seeking and do use the hash tag. a j c t c when you do or
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drop us an e-mail counting the cost that i use in a dot net is our address and there's more for you online that is there a dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on that is it for this edition of counting the cost and as i'm speaking from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on agita is next. like cattle railways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and heard them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after ourselves i don't remember the children's . canada's dark secret on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. come on peter told me you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters here
6:49 pm
in doha coming up in the next. sixty minutes millions of egyptians head to the polls for a vote that could keep the president in office for another decade. lost in a gunfight in the high security capital kabul. a call for peace after two arrests were made of the shooting of a journalist in northern ireland plus. support for the war. on the streets of tripoli. have the chance to get over their shock exit. eighth consecutive syria later on. in afghanistan where a gun battle is now underway at a government building in central kabul the attackers appear to detonate an
6:50 pm
explosive device before storming the communications ministry has been relative calm in kabul in recent weeks coinciding with talks between the u.s. and taliban officials let's bring in correspondent sean bell is joining us live on the news from kabul charlotte what's going on there at the scene. the ministry of information has just told us that they have today to attack is at this ministry of communication and information technology they say special forces a combing through this ministry as we speak to find any remaining attackers that they wouldn't specify how many that might be in the last twenty minutes have also received notification that they have evacuated hundreds of civilians from this ministry and also in neighboring ministries the ministry of information and culture is right next door they've managed to get hundreds of people out of that area and most of that area is on lockdown that's about one and a half kilometers directly behind me the center of kabul. nick store is the serena
6:51 pm
hotel that is the main hotel where westerners stay that's where a lot of journalists a lot of diplomats stay that is also on lockdown as heavy congestion is in the city as this operation continues this all started about three hours ago i heard the heavy explosion from my home and then about three to four minutes of heavy gunfire after that for about two hours it was intermittent explosions not so loud and then also intermittent. gunfire casualties we have we have no information the police chief is not giving out that information at this point their primary concern was to evacuate people we did get some intelligence reports earlier in the week on tuesday we received north vacation that there was some generic thrifts against the serena hotel which is the hotel next door to this ministry and also government buildings in the area and media we're told if you can avoid we have
6:52 pm
these generic threats that relate to government elements and explosions. but we don't have the time and we're not sure if they are if they can be substantiated so it's unclear whether those three it's a related to this attack no one has taken responsibility to govern in the streets has been because the taliban launched the spring offensive last friday so the government astri's have both security and security forces have been under attack in many places across the country responding to the taliban spring offensive as you're talking to a charlotte we're seeing live pictures coming to us from the scene of the attack is a particularly. easy target for the perpetrators. will seem to be at the center of kabul isn't particularly easy to attack a kind of a ring of steel where there's a number of checkpoints around the area the serena hotel has been attacked in the
6:53 pm
past. so they have very high security and also because they have such high level people coming and going from there and the government is trees are really secure they have law schools around them they have cheap points everybody has to be headed down to go through body checks so to be able to get into that building as a suicide attackers is not an easy operation so it was interesting to talk to security and the ministry of interior after this to find out how this could happen because we understand the explosion did take place inside the compound as opposed to outside charlotte thanks very much. egyptians are voting on a referendum that could open the doors for the president. to stay in office until twenty thirty voters also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military fifty five million egyptians are eligible to take part but human rights groups are concerned the referendum won't be
6:54 pm
free or fair the proposals were put forward by a parliamentary bloc called support egypt not getting backing from other groups who argue presidency needed more time to complete economic reforms the parliament approved the amendments on tuesday ahead of the referendum vote is happening over three days it starts on saturday and if it passes the amendments will go to the upper house of parliament the shura council for final approval joining us today is sure he joins us here in the studio in doha he's the director of the security studies program at the doha institute for graduate studies omar welcome back to the news hour is this democracy in action or an awful experience charter. far away from the moccasin action this is probably the result is we already know it probably would be in the range of the ninety seven percent because somehow that kept that particular figure kept on repeating itself in presidential elections first time twenty fourteen second time twenty eighteen and then also the five hundred over
6:55 pm
five hundred m.p.'s approved approved the these amendments was also ninety seven percent only twenty two out of five hundred ninety six injected. so it's a foregone result it's being done in. the scenes of international called it the worst wave of repression and crackdown in egypt egypt modern history. so we're seeing pretty much a foregone result a election on them that will not make affect the realities on the ground it gives just a new framework on the issues one of them is the presidential term which is now going to be extended first to twenty fourteen not twenty because he was elected in twenty eighteen so sick with a chain to be six years to him so it will end up in twenty twenty four and then he
6:56 pm
will be allowed to run again twenty twenty four so until twenty thirty. so and probably we know the result of fear and again in twenty twenty four. so that's one issue the other issue is the issue of the legislator he is going to have a an upper house. the upper house in a democracy the upper house role is to overview the lower house and have some formal oversight if you legislation and so on but in an elder credit system since the upper house was founded in egypt in one thousand seventy nine by sadat what it did really is outbid the lower house so it's a competition to please the leader so it will be a legislation jockeying basically outbid each other to for a more favorable outcomes for the regime ok if he gets what he wants to what degree will that represent a mobile stage on the route of rowing back on the events of twenty eleven. if the events of twenty seven have been rolled back already since july twenty third been
6:57 pm
a coup the. minister of defense it has been rolled back gradually i think the worst event that hold it all back was august twenty third. you know never in egypt's history even on the mubarak even on the last that you had one hundred people getting killed in front of t.v. cameras you had ten hours massacred over a thousand people were killed in it that was you know the most rolling back it can get after that it was you know more or less constantly dating a very very vicious dictatorship whose main lesson out of mubarak is strike any marginal freedom strike any out outspoken voices regardless of that effect you know may the effect a thousand citizens or one citizen it doesn't matter you just create crackdown on them and this is what has been happening in a way so it's it is rolling back but back on on steel words if you wish sixty thousand political prisoners behind bars as we speak given what you've just been
6:58 pm
saying it's against that statistic worrying for that is i guess is is a new voice of dissent in egypt facing political extinction. to a certain degree yes that's a very high threat for any voice of dissent you had the heavyweights if you wish former chief of staff. foremost prime minister of much of the stuff as i mentioned all of them are either under house arrest or behind bars and these are part and parcel of the very powerful men within the regime so if we're talking about civilian activists who are opposition never hold not military personnel they don't have any hard power if you wish mostly they have the tweets and facebook accounts and that's it it's very very risky for them how this is going to prolong we don't know because we saw sudan you know things changed in a matter of days again so we're not sure how this is going to last but right now the balance of power from what we look is very much tilted towards a very very vicious and they just dictatorship show for the moment thank you very
6:59 pm
much. the police in northern ireland say they've arrested two teenagers in connection with the murder of a journalist a vigil has been held for lyra maccie who was shot earlier this week politicians from all sides in the region have condemned the killing i'm a hayward has more. i was only twenty nine years old larry mckee was a rising star in journalism just signed a book deal and had a promising future instead she's the latest victim in northern ireland's long running conflict. after police raided a property in london terry terry as it's commonly known more than fifty petrol bombs were thrown at police and several vehicles were hijacked and set on fire the key was watching events and in the hours before her death tweeted terri tonight absolute madness. the journalist was standing close to a police vehicle when several shots were fired and she was hit she was taken to
7:00 pm
hospital where she died we believe this to be a terrorist act. spring crowded very violent republicans. are sassaman of this time would be that the new ira are most likely to be the ones. formed our primary line of inquiry overnight forensic teams what to try to piece together the events that led up to her. earlier this year the new ira was blamed for a car bomb attack in terry it also claimed responsibility for sending possible bombs the killing of the journalist to shock the community and devastated her friends and family. hopes and dreams of her amazing potential with. act. this cannot stand britain's prime minister to reason that the murder was shocking and truly senseless condemnation too from the leaders of northern ireland's biggest political parties this is a trial.


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