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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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would be that the new ira are most likely to be the ones behind us on the forms our primary line of inquiry open night forensic teams what to try to piece together the events that led up to her. earlier this year the new ira was blamed for a car bomb attack in terry it also claimed responsibility for sending possible bombs. the killing of the journalist to shock the community and devastated have friends and. our hopes and dreams and all of her amazing potential with a single barbaric act. this cannot stand britain's prime minister to reason that the murder was shocking and truly senseless condemnation to from the leaders of northern ireland's biggest political parties this is a tragic loss of a young life and our hearts are broken for although all those concerned those people who carried out this and this attack have no place in society those people who carried out this attack do not have any support those people who carried out
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this attack have attacked all of us they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of dari they've attacked the peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement of course violence criminality terrorism was always wrong and is still wrong today and twenty nine chain we can damage wholeheartedly we hope that everyone will work in london diary and indeed further failed with the play service to give them all the support that they need many people in northern ireland to concerns about the when you ballance in derry led to it there were many tributes being paid to lehrer mckay all praising her as a seeker of the truth emma heywood. to bernard smith who's in london and bernard give us an update on the latest situation there. peter it was quiet overnight friday into saturday because the remains a lot of shock disbelief and revulsion over the murder of mickey here the hard
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bean previously sort of growing support for these dissident republican groups these are groups that want no. don't want any connection with the now twenty one year old good friday agreement but essentially gave peace to northern ireland self rule but it remains part of the united kingdom these groups want a united ireland and they had been seeing some increased support but that certainly now has really backfired against them as a lot of revulsion against those groups peter of tensions risen so much ahead of the street disturbances that happened and kind of led up to the murder. i lost a little bit of the end of your question there peter but it sensually it is becoming increasingly tense over these past couple of days because it was a march planned for monday traditional mind march against about the not to
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commemorate the one hundred sixteen easter rising and the police had raided properties looking for paraphernalia petrol bombs that sort of thing in this area that might have been used during march but back before even then as i say there have been this increasing support for the. good friday agreement groups particularly along a lot of student very young people eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one year old people who of course have no memory of the troubles in northern ireland they say that what they've been left with in those last twenty one years is really still a very economically deprived area very little opportunity and therefore this has become my ideal breeding. ground for these groups looking for support amongst particularly younger people for a different way to try and achieve some sort of united ireland many people much older than i who have a memory of the troubles certainly don't want to go back there and it seems
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a lot of people here are so shocked about the murder of lyra hoping this will remind people of how dangerous and violent northern ireland used to be before the signing of the good friday agreement peter bernard thanks very much. but to most ill to come for you here on the news hour including there is also still the possibility of impeachment. donald trump's troubles didn't end with the release of the model reports now comes a call for his impeachment. also just as in saddam making plans to take charge of their comfort zone. and olympics use use a bit of magic in the n.b.a. playoffs we'll tell you if it was enough to push them to victory later on in about thirty minutes in sports politics. there's anger in the libyan capital today after the u.s. president donald trump spoke to the wall or general holy father after who's leading
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an offensive to seize tripoli we're going to mohamed as the latest. decked in yellow vests as a symbol of resistance thousands of people have been protesting in libya's capital denouncing the recent military offensive to seize tripoli led by the will of honey for half dark marching in central martyrs square on friday they blamed foreign interference for the violence in their country so why don't the do the powers that support terrorism in libya our friends from egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. we condemn the criminal acts against the libyan people and the support of this rebel have to we also condemn the united nation mission because of their inability to handle the libyan situation room we say no to the military rule and no to an individual rule but yes to a civil state the protests come after the white house said president donald trump spoke on the phone with hoft hour earlier this week offering his support and praising the world's fight against what he called terrorism and securing libya's
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oil many are angry about that development i was here that much on the end of the bill of course trump support tough because who initially brought into the limelight after it was put on hold. so they can have someone to replace gadhafi and now they have brought him back to take over but the libyan people are against trial and against after we want civilian rule and freedom. really for have to us forces in the east have been fighting to take control of tripoli from the internationally recognized government for the past few weeks since then violence has escalated and more than two hundred people have been killed and there are efforts to find a political solution. in the center stage. and there are some powerful forces. behind the indorsement authors offensive after. two weeks ago in. and doesn't really care he wants to go on his own wants this is
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much more about and also. the u.n. egypt do have military assets on the ground. libya has had two rival governments since twenty fourteen and violence has followed among their rival militias many libyans now fear the next few months could bring even more instability. al-jazeera . heads he's live for us in tripoli the reaction like there on the street to the fact of this phone call having taken place. well the reaction. thousands of. protesters took to the streets and the main square is in the libyan capital and also in the city of misrata condemning the military escalation and expressing their anger and disappointment at this phone call from president to the warlord the have they say that there is
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a contradiction in the u.s. situation towards the libyan crisis over a week ago they say that. secretary of state mike when peel in. an interview a television interview asked. have to stand down and stop the military escalation and get back to the political path but now hearing that president thanking have for what he calls fighting terrorism and making sure that he's controlling the oil people here are angry and they're wondering is more important than people's blood as you know that during the past two weeks several civilians have been killed or wanted by random rockets launched by forces there to do a lot for have that and also the government of national chord is saying that have to is not fighting terrorism in tripoli but actually he's fighting the forces that
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defeated eisel in sit in two thousand and sixteen ok michael thanks very much for joining us here on news virginie calling you. also on the atonement island of sardinia she's a professor of european university institute and she specializes in the be in politics mediation and reconciliation with unique calling we welcome to the new does this phone call between donald trump and lethal half to put the u.s. in tripoli and the u.n. in new york in an awkward situation. yeah clearly this this confirms the impression that was already very present that despite the claims that the u.n. mission and enjoy support from a number of key international darkness. they have been not real in such support i mean even though it was not consistent u.s. policy to us and leave us alone far in this kind of shift that. has now triggered.
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a supporting have to or makes it clear and there are the un and the un mission in particular is fighting against huge. international opposition are a major key actors we see in that two days ago the u.s. and russia together. was a un call of forces fighting and so on the why so the as an admission that is is very weak and clearly many libyans are also very angry at this interference in their support of have to and the fact that they feel betrayed. it is very clear and i think it's going to be sounds very very strongly in the clinton weeks and these for sure important have to go. even though he has been facing serious facts and literally of the best. these charts the bottom half hour gives
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him a kind of three rein to continue response. residential neighborhoods in tripoli it also of course gives even more free rein to this an international backers especially in the region which makes us feel that that might be a serious escalation on the ground that mean days and weeks if not direct military support is provided ok and the brits could donald trump power the u.s. president simply be ahead of the curve after. controls big swathes of the country militia groups that align themselves with him albeit sometimes temporarily they do take on ice all that kind of half occupy the lower third of the country and he's got backing from saudi arabia and he's got backing from the u.a.e. so maybe mr trump is just looking to his diplomatic axis between washington and riyadh and maybe he's just saying well that's the wait that's the obvious way to go . yes killing him and we've been discussing the law that have to as being quote of
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the country at that that's one month this is not true i mean he's been basically capable of controlling the country because it broke deals and the legacy of this strong local actors this was possible because of promises that it made and this presents itself because also there is transfer and support so some extent what is very important not is done. trance supports thought to have to it makes it even more easy easier for regional backers to ought to give him support this is the key to key and this is the only way after it can try and exert its can't all over the country if this is the way it is being pursued being in the east this is also the way it's been for sitting in the south that problem and that in western libya it's very unlikely that this will be enough and what we see now and i think this is one of the important aspect in that you also an increasing number of young
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lead ins that feel that they have been betrayed that they have nothing to lose anymore and they're all discourse about supporting counterterrorism stephens but i have to. leave it to their to the expected outcomes on the country you know more increasingly mean an increasing number of young people without an interest in getting back to fighting and the risk that violence escalates is really a thought and also because it pushes some kind of the natural allies to fight together against have to like was the case and that goes for instance in the case he is here's the thing just interrupt you for a second and can ask to keep your answer quite brief because we're running out of time on this but do you think briefly that this makes external factors or external players in the conflict are they likely to get involved on the ground
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inside the country. i mean this is what everybody's wondering about there is a clear uncertain and that there might be. a hero supports it which has been was forced as a new losing ground in tripoli and of course the issue of us arms deliveries there is it clear also likely less that more are we. delivered to the libyan conflict not on the run yes vision economy and the side of the i thank you so much thank you. now is the follow from the public release of the u.s. special council's report into suspected russian interference in the us twenty sixteen presidential election the department of justice has dismissed a subpoena from congress requesting an uncensored copy of the report as quote premature and unnecessary an edited version was released on thursday can really help it now from washington. as u.s. president donald trump arrived fur golf game at his club in florida back in
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washington democratic members of congress renewed demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again play down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel declined to
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prosecute a sitting president muller did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice and tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trying tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have been . they'll hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and i'm sure that the house and the senate oversight committees are going to be looking at every piece and turning everything because. looking into what the special counsel looked at. the possibility of impeachment i think everything's on the table i mean this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of
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congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mating time in office but also whether he might win reelection in the twenty twenty presidential race kimberly al-jazeera washington. the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty presidential election is calling on congress to impeach donald trump senator elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings position is different of several other leading party figures who say the process would be counterproductive particularly during election campaign warns demond runs counter to democratic leaders in the house who resisted calls for impeachment. not in a few moments we'll have you will with staff here. still to come on this program. there's been a rise in suicides among the police in france. and it's been twenty years since the
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columbine high school shooting shocked america we'll examine what if anything has changed. but the sports news the shocking exit to top seats calgary flames and the playoffs he's feeling good about. you know there we've had some pretty rylan thunderstorms for some of us in southeastern china recently the satellite picture showing this latest area of cloud is making its way down towards the southeast over hong kong at the moment and hong kong has certainly been rather murky over the last twenty four hours or so so these are the clouds we actually had on the nineteenth and then for today it was again a rather murky and gray one today hasn't been too wet in hong kong but it was wet
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yesterday and it's also been pretty wet just a little bit further up the road towards the north in guangzhou here we've got one hundred twenty seven millimeters of rain in the last two days so it really has been quite wet and on top of that there's been an awful lot of electricity in those storms lots of thunder and lightning too so now what's going to happen over the next couple of days is this storm system is really going to stay warm less where it is so anywhere around the southeast region could see some more heavy downpours and some more thunderstorms to they eventually begin to pull away from the coast a little bit for monday but then they are expected to head back southwards again as we head through the next few days always rather unsettled there at the moment there over towards australia a quick look at what's going on here you can see the area of cloud is working its way eastwards ahead of that really has been pretty hot for adelaide where well over thirty degrees but behind it the temperatures are dropping like a stone twenty one for sunday. sponsored. gift shop in the heart of the amazon of the libyan family has put their lives in
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peril to harvest brazil nuts. the french getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking its own military out. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour life my headquarters here in doha these are the top stories gyptian zervos in a referendum that could keep president up doll fattah el-sisi in office until twenty thirty they're also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military. in afghanistan a gun battles underway at a government building in central kabul the attackers appear to detonated an explosive device before storming the communications ministry. the top story in europe the police in northern ireland have arrested two young men in connection with the murder of a journalist a vigil was held for lyra mckeever was killed on thursday during
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a riot in london derry. saturday marks the twentieth anniversary of the columbine high school shooting in the united states twelve students and one teacher was killed when two teenagers carried out a planned attack in colorado several mass school shootings since calls to change the gun laws in the states as alan fischer now reports anti gun campaigners believe change is finally on the horizon. it was until then the watched school shooting in american history a nation watched twenty years ago as terrified students run for their lives the lucky ones could hug their parents but twelve students and one teacher never would they died when two students took their guns and their reach into the corridors of their high school and columbine became new in the world over among the community it's among the american people there really was at the time a sense that ok maybe maybe this will be a change maybe change will will come from this and there was quite
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a popular appetite to see it happen but the colorado shooting brought copycats and contagion it wasn't the first mass school shooting but somehow it became a fresh starting point and a heart breaking list that grew every year. for junior tech with thirty two people were killed. sandy hook in connecticut where twenty children were shot dead and moved the president to tears the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. roseburg in oregon parklane florida and many places in between eleven more mass school shootings eleven places that said enough eleven places changed forever. but not in the way many hoped in australia after a mass shooting where thirty five died they changed the laws in scotland where children were gunned down in
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a school in dunblane the change the laws and the recent attack on two mosques in new zealand brought an almost immediate change in gun laws so this new generation to really are the ones that are going to be the ones to bring change because they've grown up knowing nothing but the fear of school shootings their entire life columbine was twenty years ago. people who were born after columbine are now voting and that matters because they don't want this fear for the next generation they had a memorial service for columbine this week they wanted to send a message of hope and strength to the community which has lived with the tragedy every day for twenty years and the other places that know must also live with the same pain the same scars alan fischer al-jazeera. the opposition group of the months of protest in sudan says it will name the people it wants to take charge of the country on sunday in a civilian government to take over from the military will those who hosted the president omar al bashir earlier this month. this. was
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joining the sit in is like stepping into a new sudan people are taking power into their own hands these civilians are now guarding the border and they're greeting people with songs and smiles. so. almost a pleasure and they'll work involuntarily. while this crowd but he leaves the heat to put out a message of change has helped to keep them cool money is also being donated drinking water is provided i. food is served for free for the day medical doctors have left their paid jobs on joint efforts to set up makeshift clinics to help those protests to the last. week we worked in hard conditions there were days when we couldn't handle the sheer number
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of people who came for medical help we could hardly sleep for days we were doing both the humanitarian and national by being here. these people are here in front of the army headquarters to make sure a complete revolution is achieved and a military coup doesn't just lead to another period of rule like. in. the military council most tend of power to a transitional civil in government which protected by the army will fulfill all the objectives of derivative so far we have only the head of the tree we still need to remove the roots message that's being eco sudan as ordinary people now take center stage. the blood that's been shed for this moment is an adult on the walls as are the young women who acted with courage and leadership this is where some of the deadliest classes took place on the morning of the course when thousands of
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protesters walk up to the crossfire members they didn't go to those classes they displace the special facilities where folks actually came from the service of god what if it's not a place of the future especially since this uprising it's like a fire bomb that's building up to the sense of the old regime. the uniforms of those snipers who were caught hank here as a mark of shame to those who fought change but many here say the deep state is still intact and only the facade of the former regime has been removed i think that . they didn't they just removed some debt and put more debt in its place we don't want any national congress members in the government and that's why the protests must and and they are slogan whether or not that is she has fallen we're staying here. ok let's take the latest now from him a morgan in khartoum so here are the chairman of the african union is there for two
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days of business talks was he hoping to achieve. well peter the african union commission has been very clear since the military council took over from president armorel bashir and ousted him on the eleventh of april that they did not agree with the military takeover and there is thing that unless the military council hands over parts an independent civilian transitional government then they were evolution of the people will be incomplete and that sudan will risk losing its membership in the african union now this is not the first time he's meeting part of the council at least they have met on tuesday three days ago and discussed the latest developments in sudan the african union commission is saying that what has happened is completely unacceptable because they see that an overthrow of a democratically elected president like ahmed in bushehr who was elected in two thousand and fifteen is unfair and they're saying that the military council should hand over power to political parties and to civilian government but the issue is
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speech or political parties and members of the sudanese for affectionate association the body that has been spearheading the call for protests don't seem to be any closer to forming a government the s.b.a. the sudanese professional association said it will mean members from its side to this that it wants to see in the cabinet tomorrow but other political parties are still differing on how long the transitional government should be how it should be run because the military council wants to be the one taking charge so at the moment as much as there is pressure on the military council to hand over power to civilian government it looks like political parties that are the ones to decide how soon that government will be formed is the s.p.l. not addressing the prime criticism of it as much as people are saying look you are not a cohesive movement not yet and different people are either doing different things or they're demanding different things at a different rate and somebody is going to you're most want to look get your act together because you're talking about in effect replacing the military with the
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military and unless you display all the tools in the box to run a country you're not going to get there. well peter the sudanese professional association is not a party it's simply a movement and there are more than one hundred fifty political parties in sudan and that's where the issue lies not all parties as i said are on the same page so yes people on the ground are telling political parties and the s.p.d. to try to get their act together because they are facing a military force which will take over and be running the country during the transitional period if they are not united but again political parties do have their differences everybody seems to have their own ideology their own vision of running the country and how long they should run it for some want a period of one year others want a period of up to four years so at the moment with lack of unity it seems like transitional government formation into them is just as far as it was the when the military takeover happened more than a week ago thanks very much at least thirteen people have been killed and sixteen
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were injured after parts of a church came crashing down on a congregation in south africa this happened late on thursday in the coastal province of course with the matal people had gathered for a religious service ahead of easter sunday the areas seen days of heavy rains and strong winds this week. even as well an opposition leader is calling for mass may day protests. he said his supporters need to continue showing president nicolas maduro the people will not except water and electricity shortages anymore and rejects quite as claim to be the interim president and has denied that there is a humanitarian crisis. and in a sudden rise in the number of french police officers committing suicide an increase in attacks mass protests and anti police sentiment is adding to the stress on average one police officer is committing suicide every four days is under.
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police officers are the ones members of the public look to to keep them safe but now it's the police who are looking for help the pressures of the job becoming too much for some of them. these officers in marsay are no morning for two of their colleagues who killed themselves this week twenty seven others have done the same so far this year others stood outside police stations and the interior ministry in paris woman is of. i myself hope my children do not ever become police officers because all their lives they will suffer insults believing in a lack of recognition social i can accept that for my children but my current. working conditions for police officers and some of the country's main cities have been described as difficult. and some say the yellow vests protests which began last november in response to rising fuel costs but quickly became a campaign against the government have added to the pressures while the vast majority of demonstrations have been peaceful there have been outbreaks of violence
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and cases of anti police chants. already under stress from a number of terror attacks and a two year long state of emergency officers faced long working hours and struggle to get paid for overtime. a government report reveals french police have a suicide rate thirty six percent higher than the general population already this year the number of officers who have taken their own lives is double the figure from the same time last year and police unions fear if action is not taken now twenty one thousand could see more suicides than in one thousand nine hundred six when seventy officers died. the government says it's setting up a special unit later this month to try and tackle the problem and prevent more deaths yet in bestial it is a passion for the uniform it's extraordinary but there is pressure and we obviously need to heed the warning cries that would come through these individuals suicides cries.


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