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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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of patients going on it's been going on for days now for the opposition groups particularly those behind the protests to come with a list of suggested members of the cabinet they were supposed to announce it tomorrow in a press but now we're hearing that it might be postponed because they have not yet really agreed with all the components of the opposition and the political class on the names of those people some of the parties the islamist leaning parties particularly the popular congress party led by and it has asked for the extension of the ultimatum given by the african union and more time to be given to the military and he also opposed the announcing of any needs tomorrow because he said some of the parties are not yet on the same page with the opposition with the protestant leaders on the list of names some of the parties are accused of trying to drag their feet in this respect because they want to military to stay because
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they think the military are the only protection for them they see a lot of opposition to any islamist linnik parties and think the military will be governed towards of their security and safety otherwise they will be just wiped out with the congress the congress party that has been ruling so there are divisions within the political class particularly between those who where involved in the protest directly and those who are on the margins about the creation of this of this cabinet and that means more time has to be given to everyone to the military side and also to the civilian side so that they can come to a final agreement about creating a civilian government. in khartoum thank you. in the news ahead a major presidential democrat candidates is there's still time to impeach donald trump but is it the right call eighteen months away from an election.
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hello there we've seen some pretty violent showers over parts of china recently the satellite picture is showing this bright white area of cloud hid it sinking its way south was over the guangdong region and also a force in hong kong the macau seems very heavy downpours out of this we're also seeing some pretty good steve winds as well and there's the risk of seeing more severe weather as we head through the next couple of days certainly this region looks very unsettled with the showers looking particularly active and it does look fairly wet again as we head through the day on monday meanwhile out towards the west and things a generally are lot calmer and a lot drier force here we are seeing some showers over sri lanka and the extreme southern parts of india we're also seeing one or two violent thunderstorms in the northeastern parts of india and three bangladesh there's a chance of seeing a few more here as we head through the next couple of days and also a few more showers in the south but away from those two areas it's generally looking dry and generally looking pretty hot now now poor up at forty you delhi
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about thirty nine for the arabian peninsula we're expecting a good deal of cloud to be sticking around over the next day i'll say for us here in doha was that we in bahrain as well so it's just sinking a little bit further south was perhaps as we head into monday breaking up a little bit but really for many of us a fair amount of cloud and still quite humid at thirty three. fake news is a global virus but in india and politics it's becoming a cancer on the up and stopped and you can manipulate them into the body just the sort of it can skew the perception of be under the the specific group if you go bar did would be used it does start to throw to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expected to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera.
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the top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera in libya there's been heavy fighting between the warlord. forces and the libyan government shelling also been reported near tripoli's inactive international airport which controls. voting in a referendum that could keep president. in office until twenty thirty they're also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military. now for civilians and three soldiers have been killed in a gunfight in the afghan capital kabul the attackers appear to have detonated an explosive device before storming the communications ministry it's actually been
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relative calm in kabul in recent weeks coinciding with talks between the u.s. and taliban officials for its part the taliban has denied responsibility for this attack. in kabul. this is attacked again around the living thirty am local time a loud explosion was heard reverberated across central kabul and then following that there was three to four minutes of heavy gunfire we learnt that it was inside the ministry of communications building the ministry of interior came out they said we understand this is a complex attack there was a suicide bomber and then gunmen into the premises it took about five hours for security forces to get them get control of the situation and they have just done that they've managed to secure the same and we're seeing security forces coming and going as intelligence people come in and try to assess what happened here to hold the central kabul was on lockdown people could not come and go cordons are still in place a lot of these people here are very frustrated that they haven't been able to get
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inside central kabul and congestion. is very high was very difficult to move around kabul as the heart was under lockdown during this attack intelligence drift around choose to. let's have all the serena hotel and neighboring government buildings still the serena hotel is right next door to where this attack happened and that intelligence is just been may be some type of explosives used by hand to government elements all this rain or neighboring buildings and that people should stay clear they didn't at the time but they said that they were generic whether or not those threats were related to what we're seeing today. but it did take something like this could happen now security has been very high government buildings because the spring offensive last friday so there was heightened security and we are in the ring of steel where there are a lot of checkpoints if you go into government going in to get searched the bags this is the last was a lot of security in place there will be questions now as to how this could happen
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how could most politicus get inside the string and stage an attack of this nature. police in northern ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of a journalist a vigil has been held for lara mckee was shot on thursday just days before the anniversary of the easter rising a virus republicans against british rule back in one thousand nine hundred sixteen politicians from all sides in the region which is of course part of the u.k. have condemned the killing bernard smith reporting for us now from london derry. it was quiet overnight friday into saturday here in derry there remains of shock disbelief and revulsion over the murder of lyra mackay there have been growing support for these dissident republican groups in this area these are groups that are opposed to the now twenty one year old good friday agreement that brought peace to northern ireland gave it self rule but kept it part of the united kingdom these
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distant republican groups no british connection here and they want a united ireland but those groups have been particularly seen support growing amongst younger people eighteen nineteen twenty one year olds who have no memory of the. in northern ireland and those are the groups of those of people who say they've seen no benefit from the last twenty one years of peace here they remain economically deprived and they say there is little opportunity but the outbreak of violence and prompted by a police raid in this area properties where they were looking for power for petrol bombs are sort of thing that might have been used in a march on monday a police raid prompted. rioting on thursday night that led to lara mickey's death and now the revulsion but as calm as a consequence of that serves as a reminder to young people here particularly all the violence what northern ireland was like before the good friday agreement was signed and certainly many older
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people here been reminded of the troubles of there were in northern ireland some twenty one years ago. in the united states the first democrat to declare for the twenty twenty presidential election is calling on congress to impeach donald trump senator elizabeth warren says the house of representatives should begin proceedings her position different to that of several other leading party figures who say the process would be counterproductive particularly during an election cycle she made those comments just after the release of the miller report investigating the possibility of collusion between the trump administration and russia let's talk to mike hanna in washington d.c. about this mike eighteen months out from an election republican still in control of the senate i wonder how serious any talk of impeachment really is. well that's a critical point to that republicans are in control of the senate remembering that the final phase in a an impeachment procedure does happen within the senate so those democrats who are
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arguing not to go for impeachment at this stage are saying that it will simply not go through a republican dominated senate but here there's something that's potentially interesting tweet. in the course of the last twenty four hours by senior republican senator mitchell romney saying that me read this to you i am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of the dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land including the president now this very important sign of some dissent within the republican party that has been entirely behind the president trump for three period of his administration another note that's important to make is that a letter that has been sent to the department of justice asking for a completely and edited version of the miller report to be made available to congress came from both parties that was signed by republican and democratic leaders in both the house and senate but this in
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a way is the first phase before there can be any talk about impeachment and that is for congress to get and an edited version of the miller report and while the debate goes on within the democratic party the focus is likely to be as a first step to get that report to congress and edited and censored so we have the likes of elizabeth warren who is very high profile we have to say calling for impeachment but it's the other names i'm thinking of the stony hoyer is the nancy pelosi is obviously who are taking a more conservative approach to the idea. they are indeed nancy pelosi making very clear that congress must take some form of action but at the same time saying that because of that election coming up they must not jump into procedures before thinking them through she's going to be holding a conference next week with members of the democratic party the house members that
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is to decide what steps to take next what one must also remember is that there another of other things going on the house intelligence committee is demanding further information the. there's committees demanding of them information the congress has a whole asking for that an edited version of the military port what we are seeing here is the beginning of a push first of all to get that full report secondly to then decide what action to take on the basis of that some like nancy pelosi appear to indicate that they do not believe that it would be productive for the house to vote in favor of impeachment only to get it struck down in the senate a lot of time would be wasted she contends during the electoral process which is coming up now leading to twenty twenty there is a strong body of democrats arguing that president trump should be held to account in that election rather than divert attention with an impeachment procedure that
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could end in failure in the senate all of that being said and the most important point to note is that robert muller himself has indicated he believes that congress should take up this issue keep pace taking we pointed out in his report that as the guidelines of the department of justice guided him he could not necessarily recommend the indictment of a sitting president he could not recommend his exoneration either he then goes on to say that the body that is in charge of all of this is congress itself mike hanna in washington d.c. thank you. saturday marks the twentieth anniversary of the columbine high school shooting in the united states this is when twelve students and one teacher were killed and two teenagers carried out a planned attack in colorado of course several mass school shootings since then of recalls to change the gun laws and as an official reports now anti gun campaigners
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do believe that change is finally on the horizon. it was until then the watched school shooting in american history a nation watched twenty years ago as terrified students ran for their lives the lucky ones could hug their parents but twelve students and one teacher never would they died when two students took their guns and their reach into the corridors of the high school and columbine became new in the world over among the community it's among the american people there really was at the time a sense that ok maybe maybe this will be a change maybe change will will come from this and there was quite a popular appetite to see it happen but the colorado shooting brought copycats and contagion it wasn't the first mass school shooting but somehow it became a fresh starting point and a heart breaking list that grew every year. for junior tech with thirty two people were killed. sandy hook in connecticut where twenty children were shot dead and
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moved the president to tears the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. roseburg oregon parklane florida and many places in between eleven more school shootings eleven places that said enough eleven places changed forever. but not in the way many who act in australia after a mass shooting where thirty five died they changed the laws in scotland where children were gunned down in a school in dunblane they changed the laws and the recent attack on to mosques in new zealand brought an almost immediate change in gun laws so this new generation to really are the ones that are going to be the ones to bring change because they've grown up knowing nothing but the fear of school shootings their entire life columbine was twenty years ago. people who were born after columbine are now voting
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and that matters because they don't want this fear for the next generation they had a memorial service for columbine this week they wanted to send a message of hope and strength to the community which has lived with the tragedy every day for twenty years and the other places that no must also live with the same pain the same scars alan fischer. on the news hour we spoke to who is a policy analyst for gun violence prevention at the center for american progress she told us the u.s. political system is what makes gun law change more difficult than in other countries say australia or new zealand. in the united states gun violence is an every day occurrence it takes the lives of more than ninety five people every day and i think what we're seeing now and the optimism that your story shows i think it's showing that people are saying school shootings are tragedies and our congress our leaders in congress and state legislators need to act and they also need to address these other issues that are completely related to gun violence it's
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a public health crisis that affects all communities in the united states not just our schools not just our youth so i think what you saw in new zealand most recently is what people should expect of their elected leaders there was a horrific tragedy that took the lives of dozens of people and impacted the entire country the prime minister came forward she offered him prayers and then provided a very strategic commonsense solution that instantly became law that's what you want from your elected leaders you want them to take up their places in office and protect the people make communities safer now there is a one major distinction between new zealand and the u.s. and that's the political system new zealand has a unicameral system so the prime minister and her coalition want a law it's going to happen that's not the case the united states i think sandy hook with president obama is a good example of that he was on board the democrats in congress were on board but because republicans controlled pieces of the congress and have the ability to
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filibuster you didn't see an assault weapons ban go forth after twenty five and six year olds were gunned down at school and so i think the political system and the fact that the gun rights lobby in this country has created so much misinformation around what gun violence prevention laws are i think that's one of the main challenges for our movement and most of what my work is addressing is trying to make sense that this is this is the common sense solution that the majority of americans actually want it is not an infringement in freedom or rights at all. will take you to the headlines now on al-jazeera libya where there is heavy fighting near the capital as the warlord khalifa haftar its forces continue to attract triple attack tripoli battling the u.n. recognize the libyan government south of the city and the town of course out of a gusher fighting is happening near the international airport which is under
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control government forces are preparing to launch an operation in the coming days to retake the area more from the what. we're getting reports now from the front line from. government military sources saying that the are advancing against have to his forces in different axes actually forces a government forces are joining each other from different axes to try to complete what they call the defense. on this southern outskirts of the libyan capital they say they are determined the government forces are determined to take control of there in active international airport of headlines for you egyptians are voting in a referendum that could open the door to president out there and sisi staying in office until the year twenty thirty voters also deciding whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military fifty five
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million egyptians are eligible to take part rights groups though are concerned that the referendum won't be free or fair. the chairman of the african union commission is meeting sudan's military leaders in khartoum there's been pressure on those leaders to hand over power to a civilian government after deposing president omar bashir earlier this month. four civilians and three soldiers have been killed in a gunfight in the afghan capital kabul the attackers detonated an explosive device before storming the communications ministry has been relative calm in kabul in recently coinciding with talks between the u.s. and taliban officials the taliban has denied responsibility for this attack and police in northern ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of a journalist a vigils been held for. she was shot on thursday just days before the anniversary of the uprising of irish republicans against british rule back in nineteen sixteen more news for you in about half an hour here on al-jazeera people in power is next
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. as there are nine hundred million indian voters decide who should be the next leader how vulnerable are they to the kind of social media manipulation that has recently been seen in europe and the usa i meet growing anxiety about the impact of fake news on malicious information on the world's largest democracy we've been to invest.
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as far as crime goes not much happens in. a sleepy drew district in the heart of the south indian state of. mind so when police constable mohammad the smile received an urgent phone call after noon in may two thousand and eighteen he didn't quite know what to make of it. reported that a mob had taken four child kidnappers hostage and was threatening to kill them. but some schools are.
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hundred to two hundred people who gather that. the religious told the constable that they had received messages forwarded a war whatsapp that a child kidnapping gang was heading for their village. the message is what accompanied by a video that showed two men on a motorcycle abducting a child who was playing on the street. it was enough to cause panic and mayhem. you'll know. what. a log. of the years of never said. there were just. to hear your voice give it all there's a couple good we don't. all just go for the action hopefully within the law and the public at. the top of the school police
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a lot of time to speak. was a. while constable a smile was able to save the day here things did get out of control in the rest of the kind. over a period of four months in two thousand and eighteen more than thirty people were lynched across india after similar rumors about child abductions began circulating on what side. these killings were eventually dubbed the whatsapp lynchings by the media. among law enforcement officials. chief of police remarks with a computer science degree he was one of the first to recognize what was happening i understand that the mall ft under videos where did fix they were not real beatles but these weirdos and images we're making these religious form into
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mobs wielding mobs and they were trying to restrain strangers who walked into the village there was this fear there was this mass hysteria we wanted to understand the origin of this we do because they were going but unfortunately we could not get to the origin of this reduced because of the traceability problem because what has this and went and corruption and you cannot get to the origin so even today we have absolutely no idea about where these videos originated from. eventually it emerged that the video in question was doctored from an educational video made by an ingenue in karachi pakistan that tried to raise awareness about child kidnapping. with just a little editing the video became a weapon in the hands of unknown troublemakers. so we had to do something and we had to do something very quickly. when you have
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a faceless criminal when you don't know who is you know creating this panic or who is spreading this malicious messages then the only option you have us to reach out to the community and upbuilding not to share them not to make them go. so that's precisely what we did people write north of red all for the sake. of misinformation and the potential it hard to incite winds. but if the actions of free and others have helped raise awareness about the potentially deadly consequences of spreading malicious disinform ation few people fully understand the broader threat that fake news poses to indian democracy. in the capital of the north indian state of bihar housings of people have assembled to watch prime minister modi launch his campaign for reelection in the state the
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excitement is palpable. behind the scenes of this festival unlike most experts have been sounding the alarm bells since the last general election in two thousand and fourteen india's political parties including the prime minister's hindu nationalist party jump our party. have emerged as masters of digital manipulation. most of them including the opposition congress now have a social media wing but critics believe that the b.g.p. steam better known as the id cell is far more organized so i reached out to them and all requests for interviews were quickly denied but there are three pozen id cell volunteers spread out across the stradley and i hope some of them would be
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billing to discuss their work to figure. out the instructor. not know. is what they are trying real hard liquor filled up the bombers other side. then in a stroke of good luck i ran into money which he had the id sell for the state of bihar there often accused of dishing out misinformation in an attempt to sway voters a charge that body image lee brushed aside i want to pull this stunt on it will be your project on what our psyche but that we call the individual if you don't just give us both your part of us they usually if they don't make it up any more the up their brand nap of all get up or not it was the fake government you could look me. up but he explained that he had personally oversee in the setting up of pozen of whatsapp groups each with nearly two hundred fifty members.
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which you don't want to have you'll watch a bill from a one off issue legal and didn't come across your facts you have been on top of. the media or the like make up you would know what the cool facts they brought up are the year i'm fulfilling the will in tears to my b.m.j. i am. a little. over two hundred thirty million people use whatsapp in india and many of them have been added to potus and groups but disseminate misinformation and provoke sectarian tensions nobody understands better how this works than twenty five year old shivashankar saying a whistleblower who was a key member of the bee gees data analytics department until he suddenly quit a year ago the matter of the party getting thirty fourteen elections for sanko don't develop or are dotted and on the wall are good there's not a welcome message and like to hear it i don't at the party want to find if you look
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at messaging today it's all about how you're going to see the wonderful felician of the code to get all the fight in the vest pocket on how that all and the nationals are not one of the children coming up for you to go to country and how they're going to save you from all of the fun with all of these up instructor economy. that the body is going to do basically a liar. and manipulate them into what. just based on emotion that. critics like sharon allege that the b. chippies shifting narrative is contributing to the flood of misinformation on the battlers of the book he now consults with a group of opposition politicians in the state of bihar helping them devise a digital strategy to counter the b.g.p. which is miles ahead in the game. because you know just and i'll be sure. to unemployment. and official language shiver my ledges that when
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he was with the b.g.p. he was tasked with collecting a large amount of personal data to profile voters these state assets would then be used to add people to different whatsapp group chats based on their interests all their prejudices. of the donors of the public domain that's provided by the election commission of toast the biggest one is the one toward. each other delivering that agenda that household information and then want to know in a large part of her do you can get people's cost in religions just with that being because if it's a muslim name you know that person is probably a muslim so we just don't you can get to sixty five seventy percent accuracy brit this you can also make up other did just that including say electricity bills which give you a good idea of social comics doctors because workers are today usually has a higher electricity bill because they have air conditioning plus you have things like for not bush that out of the liberal surprisingly is
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a leader and you know if you can back up back to the anecdotal then you basically have a direct to be to message people based on their cost their religion their it group and to belong to the lack of data protection laws in india means that such methods are not strictly illegal. but she was disturbed by the kind of an ethical micro-targeting he witnessed the problem arises when you start using the exact same of the liberty dollar to basically create a divided society and people what started happening is that there is a very concerted effort to clear the divide between hindus and muslims to create a divide between groups. better for messaging they're going to get across they want to get across the messaging that muslims will overtake the population number for this group but the thing is just because the messaging goes to such a small subset of people that you order didn't go on but i do believe that mr sold because if you can profile people and i'm going to fight what kind of message and they're likely to believe you can skew the perception of their delist better fix
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the evidence best for kind of message and campaign it doesn't happen instantly one piece of news that's going to convince you of something but if you're bombarded with news pointed to a specific direction for months on end it does start to feel. these messages star get minority religious groups or individual politicians journalists and activists. but the problem of fake news it's not limited to whatsapp. its parent company facebook has nearly three hundred million users in india and that's by default plays host to an organized ecosystem for disseminating misinformation. in two thousand and eighteen a b.b.c. analysis of some three thousand facebook pages from in town found a pretty dominant trite wing narrative a nationalist ideology aligned with the b two b. on sites spreading fake names at the heart of the spog a nice eco.


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