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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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after the end of the war there was a huge amount of positivity of the fact that the country would begin to rebuild i mean some of the buildings behind me the fact that shangri-la was one of the top investors that came into the country over the other side there's a huge port city being built the largest single direct foreign investment to this country so there has been a lot of money poured in of course there have been issues with debt servicing there have been other problems in terms of the sri lankan economy and these these issues have been sort of day to day financial economic things that need to be balance but overall it was a success story after the end of the war there were issues about you know issues after the war that needed to be put to rest issues of reparation conflict resolution the issue of the missing all of those things but in general there was a lot of hope at the end of the conflict we did not think that we'd ever have to go back to those days and believe me today has been a dark day in sri lanka's context because it's bringing back fears of the time that
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they lived with a civil war for many many years come out. great reporting and context from the mill fernandez in colombo and we will be returning to the story later in the. for now though we're looking at sudan where the head of the transitional military council so the formation of a joint military civilian council is under discussion protest leaders of course have been calling for an end to military rule and immediate creation of a civilian government they're expected to choose individuals who will take over a transitional government later today the military ruler ruler. has promised to respond within a week to the demands of the protesters he also confirmed the former president omar bashir and his close associates have been jailed thousands of protesters though continue to rally outside military headquarters demanding an end to military rule morgan in. can you explain this one for us because i'm wondering all those people who want civilian rule would they be sated by the idea of
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a joint civilian military government. well it's not just the people that they have to be worried about come on it's also the political parties most of the political parties including the coalition of freedom and change which includes the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protests for the past fourteen months they're demanding a completely civilian government saying that the government the people who have been on the streets for four months should be they want to control the country and run the country however they see fit and that they don't want a military interference one of the main issues between the coalition and other political parties and the military council was that the military council wants to be the one supervising that however we've heard from the head of the council earlier. during his interview under state elevation saying that the council is a bridge between the past and the future his words were that the council is a bridge between the former government and the coming civilian government saying that there's also a chance for good to have
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a joint civilian military government but that's not what people want come out we've been out a few hours ago in a thing speaking to the people and they're saying that they don't want the military to steal their victory regardless of what the council says it's done so far it's jail the president and his close associates it says it's making reforms to the national security agency one of the agencies that has been feared by people for targeting protesters and dissidents during present time so there's that they're saying that they're making reforms to show that they do not want to cling to power but people are saying that that's not enough for them they will not be leaving that street and till the military hands over power to an independent transitional government so what we've got this is called coalition for freedom and change about to announce a civilian body to oversee the transition believe in a few hours what would be the result of division within the opposition you've talked about all the various factions there are divisions within the opposition. yes come on not everybody is on board with the move that the coalition of freedom
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change is about to make let's not forget that sudan has over one hundred fifty political parties are some of them spoke yesterday when they met with the a you commission chief chairman. and they said that the move that is going to be made by the coalition today is something they are against they stand with the military council in terms of bringing all the political parties together having a consensus to form a transitional government but they say that they're against the step taken by the or that will be taken by the coalition in terms of announcing a name for a council now let's not forget it's not a government that's going to be announce the council the coalition is going to announce a suggestion or nominees of names they want in the council that will be the ones forming the government so it's not going to be the full government and they're hoping that the military council will recognize that but we've already heard from the head of the military council think that they're not going to be happy with it unless all political parties are on board and so far come out there's already disagreement between the parties some of them want a period of one year transitional period others want a period of four years there's the issue of how the government should look so it
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doesn't look like all political parties can come together within the next two hours to settle their differences and present and made a list of names to the military council so that it can get approved to form a transitional government morgan's keeping a close eye on events in sudan thank you. here is what's coming up for you on this news hour how iraq is planning to improve facilities for millions of tourists visiting one of its biggest religious sites more political uncertainty in mali as attackers target an army post just days after the prime minister resigned and in sport a crucial match for liverpool in the english premier league as they look to regain control of the title rights. the polling booth to close in a couple of hours in ukraine's runoff election to choose the next president the latest opinion polls are suggesting the television comedian valda mayor the lenski years ahead of the incumbent president petro poroshenko the election is a decisive one with that inskeep proposing direct talks with russia to resolve the
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conflict in eastern ukraine here's robin forrester walk with the latest from kiev. this is the more square behind me the epicenter of political earthquake in ukraine's recent past in the two thousand and four and twenty fourteen revolutions well today in ukraine another perhaps political earthquake if as expected the law to me is in a complete political. wins this vote and becomes ukraine's next president he already is a president but an entirely fictional one on his television series servant of the people in which he plays a president like no other president who has managed to tackle ukraine's entrenched corrupt political system so ukrainians either believe that zelinsky can somehow carry out those kinds of reforms and be that fictional president in reality
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or it's a big protest vote against petro poroshenko the incumbent who has for the last five years done. objectively military. rable job trying to keep the lid on the conflict against russia in the east and who's managed to get western support for ukraine and get sanctions levied against russia and he's managed to get these are liberalization but ukrainians it seems i'm not interested in this they think it's it's still all the same old corrupt political system that failed to tackle and therefore they may well be deciding that they've had enough not just of petro poroshenko but of the pope political system and they are willing to take a gamble on a very unknown quantity for a lot to me a zillion ski. returning to today's attacks in sri lanka we're joined by roll raymone who's an associate editor at royal new media website focusing on sri lanka
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roll thanks for making the time for us i don't mean to be glib with this first question but how you feeling after such a day off to our correspondent just kept telling us of the also a shock that people felt today. yes. i suppose on some level i'm i'm. i haven't really dealt to you what's going on in reality and i'm dealing with it on a on a well on a professional level but i don't think i've sat down and the time to sit down and actually let it sink in especially the question of what this means. let you know about it professionally as you've been you know learning real time as you say what's happened what have you learned. the big question is this who and why. and as you as you put it it still remains a very big question i mean there's a lot of speculation people are pointing fingers. because of the temporary ban on
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social media there was a lot of false. and and speculation and rumors in general pointing fingers at various parties this party of the other party but the truth is the authorities then so have not yet officially said it is it is this party or the other and i think more importantly i mean this looks like a terror attack is a terror attack i would say but they have me no no name on snow all kenyans no ownership so it's still very in everybody still very confused nobody knows who's done this and what they want as someone who works predominantly online what do you make of the ban on social media now do you think it is prudent given the circumstances. i know there have been many people who don't agree with me but. i think what we need to understand is. certain certain social media sites us to access remotely instant peer to peer tell you can
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access and a lot of the information is not going to. have been facebook and i suppose a lot of the unsubstantiate to new means and pictures and stuff that tend to tend to be shared on those on those media struggles then and then on and on so it's not like there's a ban. on you know telecommunication you can pick up the phone and call people you can find out what's happening you news media out there radio t.v. all of that is working this as news alerts on mobile phones so it's not like there's a ban on information coming in or coming out but there is a ban on social media because social media has proven in many cases to be a double edged sword so i can understand why the government. feels it is necessary still but certain platforms at this stage show. let's talk more why be about impact on the country the work that has gone into bringing sri lanka. onto the world stage
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again since the end of the civil war has been enormous equally this could be an enormous setback to them. yes i mean as it is the chairman not looking in terms of in terms of tourism a little on the chairman of the twenty some development authority has said that thirty two for a national have been killed in these attacks that have that occurred this morning. i mean i know that the s.m. t.v. and tourism in general has evening at. twenty. two point. something last year and and i mean the momentum that they've built over these last ten years is now you need to be able to say act because not only have we. visa falling back into into into the state of. the city in the country i can't
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imagine anyone from i'll say the time he wanted to some just sit down when you know that may maybe you know that when in the middle the family in and the top price out which it is you can be i mean you could lose your life so i think this is a cheating and yet they would be there would be if a question and consequences extraordinary days in and roll raymond we thank you for making the time for us today on al-jazeera. thank you so much. now i believe on the line we have got rashad about that then who is the sri lankan minister of industry and commerce minister thank you for your time i believe you've just been speaking to the prime minister. yes to the prime minister out incitement to throw myself on some of the water and we need to be pretty forceful monder all the marathon discuss on the known to be a traitor to go if you will police go up we'll have the men fall silent right then
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the police the minute then there's the road suspect that had been all that clear and if there are no law enforcement has broken the situation i'm back on board all . that sort of media on some maps are being blocked. or did you meet the. you saw them but i didn't see it god was writing off. that means. more time maybe a sense to. say it's our master deal and all the two of these. are now all the same the follies i'm. giving this has. always was on. and. that's all monday schools are going to close to mortal and they have to promote all right they do is to keep hold still for the. citizens
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minister you able to tell us anything about the people who have been arrested and and any thoughts you have about the people responsible for this who might have been responsible for it. seven of the suspects already and that's to some more people also and i was there. i thing people can call me and it does but the problem is i think the game vs dad are some a new me that will probably be you know the luck on. the small of next monday's. going to come on grandstand and the list at the end of the creepy kids off the wall into a coach i mean at the meet. somebody and the techniques to c.d.'s or to something that the children might want from the mic and also the lambda. much from the kids all could you just repeat for us i heard you say about the next
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two days what is going to be the plan as far as the curfew how long it goes and how will will will government. offices be shotwell will you be suggesting that schools and the like stay closed as well. even a pretty cool monument to six pm. and then acting. for that dog you know typing here even see that i want a situation and then we can. decide to continue and what do you say to people who are watching these pictures of the things people who perhaps think about coming to sri lanka i know tourism is very important for you what sort of advice do you give to them now. trying just thinking about all the people all over the world who are watching the pictures
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from sri lanka and who might want to come to sri lanka i know tourism is very important to the country what is your advice for people now now will to do us if there was a need. to. save giving the security. of all the. income such. as after. being. a problem for the least. about the dean who is the minister of industry and commerce from sri lanka thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera we do appreciate it. so yes that is the as we say minister of industry and commerce he tells us that the situation is broadly under control now that seven suspects have been arrested the curfew is in place until early morning tomorrow around six
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am at which point he said the government will be reassessing the situation and deciding about whether the curfew stays in place and whether other institutions governments offices schools etc will be opening on monday in sri lanka. still ahead for you on this news out of spotlight on this year's beijing international film festival but we're finding out why some of china's biggest stars are absent from the red carpet. and a report on what course of it was bringing back home relatives of people who went off to fight for ice so in syria plus we'll have the sport the n.b.a. its leading store overcomes the slow start is that its rockets move one game away from making the playoffs.
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hello there we've still got plenty of wet weather over turkey at the moment the satellite picture is showing all that cloud rotating a verse also affecting us in syria and lebanon as well and the whole system is edging its way eastwards and it's bringing in some cool ass so we'll see a fair amount of that still turn wintery that system also stretches all the way off towards the this link of cloud here and it's still with us as we head through cheeze day on cheese day you'll also notice that the winds are working their way down from the mediterranean and dance was in the temperatures in kuwait all dropping away as they will in doha as well so for monday then we're looking at quite a good deal of cloud we're also looking at a top temperature of thirty two degrees the winds will pick up during the day they are likely to pick up a fair amount of dust as well and that will really drag the temperatures down for tuesday so this time will have a maximum of twenty eight and it will still be. fairly blustery at times to the south of us well here's muscat thirty two degrees will be our maximum temperature and it will be rather humid here down towards the southern parts of africa and there's a good deal of cloud here particularly over parts of angola but also further south
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as well so we're expecting to see a good deal of cloud over the eastern parts of south africa again during the course of monday so if you shop showers are likely here quite a few rumbles of thunder. in syria citizens are collecting evidence you know your particular shot of crimes committed against civilians you've moved out of syria and six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution on al jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global and that is when you peel away all of the
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politico the military and the financial darkening you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the u.s. can identify with the story. you know the news hour here at al-jazeera these are our top stories at least two hundred people killed four hundred fifty injured in the sri lanka during multiple coordinated attacks the defense minister says police have arrested seven suspects in a nationwide curfew is in place and police say the attacks were planned and coordinated
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while the archbishop of colombo was strongly criticized those responsible calling them animals on the scene at the hospitals in the capital frantic as casualties arrive and family and friends seek new information or thousands of worshipers join pope francis for easter mass instant peter's square where he talked about the attacks in sri lanka. dear brothers and sisters i heard you use the horrendous attacks which on this very day or sunday have brought mourning and pain to churches and other places and i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community attacked while gathered in prayer and to all the victims of such cruel acts of violence and trust to the lord all who so tragically died and i pray for the wounded and all those who suffered because of this tragic about. earlier we spoke too harshly the silver sri lanka's minister of
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economic reforms and public distribution he said the attack is something never seen before even during the civil war. two absolutely. back. in this country before. this type of back. half. hearted five shots. expect. come of it. before we. find out and. we sat down face.
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on one. made up story. who. that. some of the world news now and it is the second day of voting in egypt's controversial referendum the one which could extend president of the father will cease the term until the twenty thirty this poll happening over three days but rights groups say the referendum won't be free or fair voters are also deciding on whether to allow the president to appoint top judges and to expand the role of the military security has been a cream increased across egypt. and is an associate professor of history at
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georgetown university here in qatar who says because the referendum was so hastily organized many egyptians haven't actually been informed about what they have voting on. this is part of a pattern of the attempt to try to consolidate authoritarian control by the sisi regime going back to the coup of course in two thousand and thirteen that overturned the revolutionary transition and then now of course he's taking many different measures to try to extend his of his authority in a way that kind of mimics some of what we've seen under prior dictatorships there's been a massive sort of turnout campaign on behalf of the government some through sort of those kinds of inducements of trying to basically bribe their way to getting a higher turnout most egyptians don't even really know what they're voting for most of these amendments were rushed through the parliament only a few days earlier so there's been absolutely no public debate or discussion about what are the actual things that they're voting for and instead what we're seeing really is just an attempt to try to give some sort of a facade of legitimacy for a process that's really just meant to cement sisi in power for many years to come.
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at least two hundred twenty seven people have now been killed in libya since the fighting to control tripoli began three weeks ago the world health organization says thousands have been injured and more than thirty thousand displaced people in tripoli reported hearing airstrikes and explosions on saturday night troops loyal to the ward after a fighting to take the capital from the un recognized government in tripoli fifteen have to fight as were killed on saturday along with thirteen from the tripoli based government. it's also reports of an army camp in mali being attacked in the town which is northwest of the capital bamako the camp was reportedly ambushed and burned to the ground the attackers may have also killed several soldiers. prime minister and government resigned on thursday after protests in bamako earlier in the month with threats of more on rest the president is now in talks with the opposition to form a new governments report from bamako. a
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prayer for a peaceful future from those celebrating easter in bamako as cathedral mali is without a government after its prime minister and cabinet were forced to step down on thursday following unprecedented demonstration on the streets of the capital in march a militia group that had received backing from prime minister micah tactful on the villagers killing one hundred sixty seven people the un peacekeeping operation in mali has more than seventeen thousand soldiers including french british and canadian troops despite that security forces were not deployed until seven hours after the attack and did this shocked the nation. among the demonstrators who chanted out with foreign forces and down with the government is law student. and her daughter i said to. be no one seat when you talk of course we are angry i know you are frustrated life is getting voice for us and what happened to the money people but you'd like goats it has to stop it hurts us if there's no chance we will
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keep demonstrating. change and security is what president promised when he was re-elected for a second term in disputed elections last august so far his critics say he's failing to deliver his prime minister a former intelligence chief relied on militia men instead of the mali an army to bring back stability but what started out in two thousand and twelve as an armed rebellion in northern mali is now turning into ethnic violence edging closer to the capital. is facing mounting political pressure he's holding emergency talks at the presidential palace but the challenge for president he brought you back arcade is not only to find a new prime minister that will resurrect mali's government but one that would mean that he said by the opposition the ruling party and the people who are increasingly taking to the streets to get their voices heard. the opposition rejects any
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possibility for unity government and is asking peter to step down. he stole the election from a city given the circumstances we should be running the country we are not going to take part in any government run by somebody who robbed us it is an uphill battle. and for the million people. with the violence spreading it seems there is no miracle solution in this search for peace some millions pay the ultimate sacrifice . while others pray for their country to rise again. because hawk al-jazeera bamako. the fire that engulfed the notre dame cathedral in paris earlier this week has forced worshipers to find other places to celebrate the easter holiday. of moved to the nearby sense of peace church from mass isn't expected to reopen to the public for the final six years the french president among your micron is
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pushing for a quick reconstruction. the iraqi city of karbala is planning to expand an important religious side to cope with a growing number of pilgrims welcomed thirteen million people visit the shrines of imaam hussein and the bus each year also to barry has that story now from. this is why millions come here each year to see the shrine of the most of the year old and mom and she a history a mom to say. with more than thirteen thousand employees some say it's a city and it's growing every year. with the current stable security situation in general the foundation is contributing to establish more expansion projects to observe more visitors to the holy sites the house and this is in order to maintain a momentum of great services and come into the house. at
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the friday prayer service and approved representative of the highest shia authority in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani delivers a sermon. after mecca in saudi arabia this shrine is considered the second most important place of worship for shias imaam hussein is buried in the shrine behind me and next to him lies the body of his eldest son along with seventy seven others who died in the battle of karbala in six eighty a.d. that's believed to be the starting point of the divide between shias and sunnis that continues fourteen centuries later. this area will be added to the shrines already extensive grounds within the next two years. completing an ambitious six year project. it is being built to accommodate another ten million visitors annually. the same foundation has also opened a hospital here for cancer patients from around the world are treated for free there is a long wait list for perspective patients but the foundation hopes with increased
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revenues it can also be expanded motos are shammy is one of the business owners within the grounds of the shrines who has witnessed the rapid expansion he has been renting the store for the past twenty years. so i could muster up for those the more expansion is done around the shrine the more visitors it will attract and that will also mean our businesses can expand it will generate more money for the whole city. people from around the world come to see these holy grounds in their millions each year for the iraqi government religious tourism is the second highest source of income after all while. the number of visitors is increasing each year because many believe iraq security is improving that means the country's revenue is to door such a party al jazeera karbala. there is debate among some european nations about want to do about women and children who have lived on the iceland syria but in kosovo
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the government has decided to bring back more than one hundred of its citizens under schapelle notables. far away from battlefields and refugee camps in syria dozens of women are being given a second chance to be part of a nation they chose to leave along with them more than seventy children who had no say in the matter. as most european nations stall in repatriating their citizens who went off to fight for i sold or at least support myself fighters the semi autonomous region of kosovo has brought back the largest group so far the only mirror got in it's an important and sensitive open ration was organized in which the government of kosovo with the help of the united states president turned a hundred and ten of its citizens who were in war zones in syria four of whom were fighters thirty two woman and seventy four children including a nine lost their parents in the war. the u.s. led coalition says kosovo has set an important example to follow that's after
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making a name for itself in other ways. with a population under two million the tiny balkan territory produced more i saw fighters per capita than any western country ethnic albanians played some big roles and i saw recruitment efforts the most notorious of them laughed at him who had jedi was likely killed in a u.s. drone strike in twenty seventeen. dozens of others he inspired have since been jailed or indicted as part of the government's efforts to stamp out support for the group but european countries worry that evidence obtained on the battlefield may not stand up in court and that families of isis fighters could be a security risk so i knew that. our aim was clear not only to make sure that our citizens are not part of foreign conflicts but to take concrete measures that the ones who already are in those zones come back to their homes we have worked for months to make this happen. these children are innocent according to kosovo's
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government and may have a chance at a normal childhood after all but other european governments will now face greater pressure to take back their children still stuck at camps in syria and schapelle. china's film industry has grown rapidly in the last decade making it actually the second biggest in the world this is beijing film festival is meant to showcase its rise but with several scandals and local censorship stifling the creativity this event is actually facing some challenges katrina you reports from beijing. the journey of a chinese musician in the one nine hundred forty s. kazakhstan opened this year's beijing film festival the lady the composer wasn't chosen because of its acting or special effects but because it aligns with china's political and economic priorities the film was produced as a part of its belton road initiative. titles from other participant countries iran and hungary also featured. as chinese celebrities took to the red carpet with
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things absent the capital expressible seen as more of a homage to communist party leadership rather than the art of filmmaking. beijing has intensified its crackdown on films which don't align with socialist values. the censorship is that obviously a hurdle for the film industry is development but filmmakers have gotten used to it is like dangling in handcuffs you can still does well with your hands tied. movie celebrating seventy years since the founding of modern china was spotlighted while canadian film in god i trust was suddenly disinvited due to political reasons many have claimed chinese tensions with canada over the detention of huawei errors one. oscar winning film the favorite was pulled over its betrayal of lesbian relationships that i will not do china's movie industry has exploded in recent years over nine thousand schools were erected twenty alone but in the months
12:36 am
production studios have practically power lies all thanks to a tax evasion scandal involving one of the country's biggest movie stars. last july actress fund illegally disappeared from public view following up a nation of false contract and tax evasion a crippling sweep of the tire industry followed. suit thomas many in the industry have complained someone bankrupt and had to retreat from the industry is a double edged sward it's punished those who should be and those who shouldn't be it out it was very negative impact on the industry. but it's not all bad news for chinese cinema goers the slowdown in domestic production has led to a quiet loosening of restrictions on foreign films and at the closing of the festival it was foreign films which dominated the temple of heaven awards danish
12:37 am
maybe a fortunate man took on best picture the wondering china's second highest grossing film of all time received the award for best visual effects. al-jazeera painting. so more for you on this new. enthusiastic of mexico it takes to. connect with their ancestors so. the winner pads says some of the earth's progress to the second round of the n.h.l. player. plays. technology . leading the way in the digital revolution. making a difference in places. this week sexual health things that africa and engineering social change in london inspiring young people to come clean solace they sold their music maybe i'll take. the final episode of life sucks the world
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laughs on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapse of the very people are struggling to survive it. setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform within the views motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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paul is here to talk sport i am no football expert but this first result you've got wow yeah well he's going to be a football expert after balls going to manchester united's hopes of a top four finish in the english premier league have suffered yet another setback united were thumped four nil away its habits and on sunday follows their record defeat to barcelona in the champions league earlier this week and continues a big dip in form field night eight who remain in six they've now conceded forty eight league goals the last time they let in more was during the one nine hundred seventy eight's and one nine hundred seventy nine season when i says a loss leaves them two points off the champions league spots with four games left when for all snow will lift them back into third but they would need to come from behind against crystal palace while cardiff and liverpool a goal of the half time in a game that's important at both ends of the table liverpool looking to regain top spot to cardiff hoping to move out of the relegation zone. eventis bounced back from the shock of their champions league exits in midweek to win
12:40 am
a record eight that's how in title in a row even went behind to an early goal from nicolas milankovitch as they hosted florentine on saturday but they managed to make wiser before christiane to win although it launched an attack the ended in a fury and tina own goal you've a winning it two one sealing the death toll with five matches to spare it makes ronaldo the first player to win the english spanish and italian league titles. fabio fognini has become the lowest seeded play it's a win the monte carlo masters since the turn of the century fresh off his semifinal upsets over eleven rough on the doll it's how he was in complete control against serbia's dusan live which i was despite the thirty one year old needing medical treatment during the second set for any needed just over an hour and a half to secure his first ever masters one thousand title a six three six four when will also see him rise to a career high ranking of twelve. australia's women have stayed on course for
12:41 am
a first fed cup title since one nine hundred seventy four after beating belarus and their semifinal the belorussians had silenced the crowd in brisbane when victoria as a ranker drew them a level two all beating sam stosur in the singles rubber six one six one two as a rank against her fellow for my grand slam winner but stars at bounce back as she played alongside ashley barty in the doubles defeating as a ranker and her playing partner arena sub olenka i i was ease will face other fronts all remaining in the final. a match winning performance by james harden means houston are just one win away from the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs last season's most valuable player might have not scored the most points in game three against the utah jazz but he got the money counted so help malik reports. it's not often that someone else scores houston rockets down james harden
12:42 am
. but that's exactly what you target donovan mitchell did in game three. the twenty two year old had a thirty four point game thank you michel and if teammates managed to keep pace with houston throughout the game to setup one of the title final quarter of the playoffs. and while hard it was outscored overall you delivered when it mattered most. finally did you. last see the m.v.p. fact fourteen of the twenty two points in the fourth quarter three. three. kids if it guided houston to the narrowest of victories one zero four two one zero one. i was so we are going through every single night in produce our bullets in our office and i think we do know europe we had a chance when to receive america the rockets now lead just one more win to progress to round two as they look to
12:43 am
a decade. with twenty five years so he'll mally zero. philadelphia also one win away from going through after beating the nets on saturday late they lead the series three one the bucs got a road win over detroit and lead three nothing and denver have leveled their series with san antonio to tell you in the n.h.l. playoffs and louis blues have become the first home team to win in the series and advance to the second round they beat the winnipeg jets in game six of their western conference playoff series jaden swartz scoring a hat trick while goalie jordan binnington made eighteen saves to help the blues to a three to two when. the blues will next face the winner of the dallas nashville series the dallas stars picked up their second straight win over the predators with a strong performance on saturday alexander radulov scored two goals in the second period to help them to a five to three win and a three two series lead. or writes will have more support it later it was the lead
12:44 am
of in. finally hundreds of quite enthusiastic gathered in one of mexico's famous archaeological parks also so drawing on the mysticism of the area to inspire their kind creations manuel grappler reports were reports now from. new mexico city. in southwestern mexico an annual kite festival is underway. and some people like you. take the art of kite flying very seriously. at this year's festival showing off more than a dozen of his creations. some stand out more than others like this forty meter long depiction of look an ancient religious icon. this represents the god god of the rain it's the dragon as we like to call it it's blue and it has a few bells in the back that you can hear when it's in the air the kite festival
12:45 am
takes place in one of mexico's most iconic and mysterious archaeological sites. there's a mysticism behind this location. a fourth generation artisan shows us some of his handmade. ceramic whistles used by ancient people to mimic the sounds of animals found in the region. everything from birds. to jaguars. other sounds are a bit more unsettling. before heading. to months and use them to intimidate the enemy is doing. for those less skilled at flying kites there are workshops where a couple of sticks some string and a sheet of paper is all you need to get your personalized artwork off the ground or
12:46 am
fly one of the biggest kites at the festival right now and i have to admit this is actually quite relaxing which is after all the point of it to enjoy the good weather and have a bit of fun. part cultural showcase part carnival the festival is ultimately about families spending time together and letting loose under a canopy of hundreds of high flying works of art. the work on mexico. developments to tell you about in sri lanka that have come out of the prime minister's address about half an hour ago we will bring you that and the rest of the day's news in our next in just a couple of minutes time. the
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i think. shock and agony in sri lanka at least two hundred people were killed hundreds more injured in multiple attacks across the country. back to doha everyone i'm come all santamaria with the world news from al jazeera police have arrested several suspects in sri lanka and we are now hearing there may have been a warning about sunday's bombing attacks. the other headlines the head of sudan's transitional council says a joint civilian military government is being considered which is one of the main demands of the protesters and the runoff vote to elect a new leader is under way in ukraine with president petro poroshenko fighting to hang on to power. eight explosions more than two hundred people killed at least four hundred fifty
12:50 am
injured such a violent easter sunday in sri lanka where a series of attacks brought back memories of the civil war which ended a decade ago and just about thirty minutes ago prime minister running promising a said information about the attacks may have actually been received in advance and there will be an investigation to look into that well let's take you through some of the details now at least eight suspects have been arrested in a nationwide curfew is in place police say the attacks were coordinated they happened at several locations across the country targeting worshipers during easter sunday church service and also people at five star hotels at least thirty five foreigners are believed to be among the dead cities including the capital colombo two suburbs and their motto koda and the nearby and then gone and in the eastern city of batticaloa they were all targeted our coverage begins with this report from laura bush manley. one blast so violent it ripped through the roof
12:51 am
of this church in the heart of the capital. the floor covered in remains of the roof board and the lot was this video posted online shows the moment of the blast. was sundance's charges popular with locals and foreign tourists after the explosion shock and disbelief. was i heard the explosion and then the roof fell on us we took the children and ran out from the rear door but when i came to the hospital i saw my brother in law and son on the ground. three separate churches bombed on easter sunday one of the major celebrations in the christian calendar but it wasn't just christians targeted so were many other people and tourists as part of a much wider operation they are the casualties we build them for that we transported them to their national hospital and then we have been advised to come
12:52 am
to their shangrila bombs also rips through five star hotels. in the heart of the capital and all close together are the shangri-la cinnamon grand prix hotels and the centonze the shrine church st sebastian church no gumbo and zion church in batticaloa were targeted also the tropical in hotel in the suburb of to have ella the eighth explosion was intimate to go killing a number of security personnel the police had descended from the apartment block there looking for suspects several were taken away for questioning ames. i mean if you do the math right i would like to express my condolences to the families of victims and those injured in the attacks that took place we will take stern actions against all those who are responsible regardless of their stature a nationwide curfew is in place and social media sites shut down i this is the
12:53 am
largest coordinated string of attacks in sri lanka in recent years and so far no one has claimed responsibility i. hundreds of injured people are being treated in hospital friends and families of some victims came to this hospital in colombo to find out what has happened to them with many people dead and widespread damage people here are also going to do this and whining. about the manly al-jazeera. the light is now with mel fernandez live in colombia an hour since i spoke to him and al but this is quite a development prime minister rania wickramasinghe is saying the government may have been aware of the attack in advance. absolutely taking people of back with that pronouncement to but if we go into the background it kind of becomes obvious as to where the prime minister is coming from
12:54 am
that statement he said that there might have been prior information or knowledge of the potential of such an attack being conducted and that investigations must be carried out as to why precautions were not taken to prevent such an attack now he had also said in that statement that. international support of international leaders have been sought to conduct the investigations to exhaust all lines of investigation to find out the root where this is generated from but he also in the same way and is reported to have said that from the information he has that all of those arrested were locals now the president might have other serious saying there has also basically taken some action he's secretary on record as saying he's appointed a committee to report back in two weeks obviously a bit late in the day after such a massive cordon agent attack but again this sort of exchange
12:55 am
a reflection of the tensions between these two leaders as you know they have a lot of turbulent history in the last couple of months the president second the prime minister then having to reappoint him because a producer priem court said he was wrong but the prime minister taking almost a dig at the president the president retained the sort of police portfolio he's in charge of the police and if you look at the prime minister's comments he says neither he nor his ministers had been informed of this information that was available so almost an indication that the prime minister and his government or his cabinet weren't kept in the know and that if the president was in charge of the police that the president should be carrying the can in terms of why this information which are the prime minister says was available wasn't acted on in terms of preventing such attacks come out ok so that's the political developments tell us about where you are right now streets deserted behind you.
12:56 am
absolutely i mean literally. that of a because passing during the last hour or so just behind me over my shoulder the bright light you see is actually this shangrila one of the scenes of the explosions one of the top five star hotels that were attacked during easter brunch this morning it was one of the three hotels the other one the king's body a little further down the road the cinnamon grand for the down in this direction all literally viewed in a very close three d.s. of each other now we're hearing that thirty five or thirty six foreigners have lost their lives they are part of the total of two hundred eighteen killed in the multiple explosions that hit this morning so very much the heart of colombo here i mean this is a sunday night usually there is
12:57 am
a seafront prominent over here to my right called the face anyone who has visited knows that on a sunday evening this is jam packed it's almost ending room only because to late night you have families you know spending the day and enjoying the location enjoying the fun there but it is absolutely quiet here this evening come on this is my very simple question for the day how would you describe the overall feeling today obviously when there was an attack of this nature people will be shocked i just suspect in sri lanka it would be even more because well things have been going well there for some time now since the end of the war. the sad thing is come i think for more lankans waking up to this news this morning the disbelieve is palpable i mean most of them never thought that after twenty five twenty six years of
12:58 am
a brutal conflict where we saw the war still attack to be. suicide bombings every day almost i mean huge scale attacks. in then around columbus in the service throughout the country but they never thought with the war ended in two thousand and nine this year marks the tenth anniversary of the end of the war they thought they had put that all behind them indeed there was a certain sort of sense that was it to fifty of the fact that this was all done that we needed to rebuild there were things that was healing that still had to take place but they never thought in a million years that they'd be revisiting attacks of this nature and that has been a difficult pill to swallow throughout the day that are still people who cannot believe this has taken place so very subdued asking questions of how why who and still trying to have those questions answered come out extraordinary daintree longer thank you for your reporting mel fernandes. on to
12:59 am
other news the head of sudan's transition transitional military council says the formation of a joint military civilian council is under discussion protest leaders have been calling for an end to military role in the immediate creation of a civilian job and they're expected to choose individuals who will take over the transitional government later on sunday while the military role is a former president omar bashir and his close associates are now in. mohammad vall with us now from ca to tell us about this idea of a joint military civilian council because all the protesters have been demanding is an end to the military's rule. well that's right but also remember that during the last couple of weeks they have also or the last week exactly after the coup they have developed a limited that a presentation by from the army side saw. the new head of the military council has struck
1:00 am
a conciliatory tone that he laid down the differences between the military council and the protesters by suggesting that idea of a joint military council the understanding is that now the negotiation will not be over this point they have already talked about this joint council they said limited the presentation there on the military side so now the negotiation will be about how many present the use of the military should be there in this council and how many view from the civilian side probably or so there will be discussion over who should lead this council should it be majority civilian with a civilian head or should it be majority civilian but with the military had understand that they are not against the idea of the ministry of defense and the other ministries that have to do with the military to be assigned to the military but they want the political leadership the executive seat to be in the hands of the civilians. mohamed the protest movements. i just want to.


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