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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the military council has struck a conciliatory tone that he laid down the differences between the military council and the protesters by suggesting that idea of a joint military council the understanding is that now the negotiation will not be over this point the protesters have already talked about this joint council they said limited the presentation there on the military side now the negotiation will be about how many present the use of the military should be there in this council and how many should be from the civilian side probably also there will be discussion over who should lead this council should it be a majority civilian with a civilian head or should it be majority civilian but with the military had understand that they are not against the idea of the ministry of defense and the other ministries that have to do with the military to be assigned to the military but they want the political leadership the executive see to be in the hands of the civilians. mohamed the protest movements. i just want to come back to that briefly
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i remember actually speaking to you about twenty four hours ago when you were outside and you were pretty much envelops by all these protesters out on the street it's got real life it's got real longevity in it hasn't it this movement. that the the protest is gaining more and more momentum and the protesters are galvanized by the successes they have achieved over the last couple of weeks since april sixth and particularly after the coup i've just been outside there among them as well today and they are telling me that they have only achieved the beginning of what they want to achieve the list is long they are still talking about remnants of the former regime they are talking about social justice i have seen people from darfur from from the from the east people who have been marginal marginalized over the last thirty years people who have been fighting for their rights the voices of these people. they are addressing public gatherings inside the city so it's
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a long history of marginalization they are talking about and they say that it can't be changed overnight and they are until at least until today they have been very skeptical about the intentions of the military council and they say they will continue this sit in until they make sure that this time around sudan will change completely and the past will never. come back. thank you. still ahead for your knowledge is there the head of the counter church francis addresses the truth on easter sunday tragedy. hello there is a really quite wet for some of us in the southeast in parts of china recently the
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satellite picture is showing the clouds as they gradually have been working their way towards the east and they have given a some very very heavy downpours and i think that we more showers here as we head through monday and into tuesday and again they are likely to give us some very lively dampest as they gradually make their way towards shanghai i think for us on tuesday they should avoid hong kong so we should have a dry day with a top temperature of around thirty degrees for many of us in india it's also dry at the moment as well just in the far south of it more in the way of cloud as also over sri lanka as well they should rank are in the southern parts of india likely to see a few more showers as we head through monday and into tuesday to to the north of that staying dry and staying pretty hot now tonight poor about forty one degrees much in the temperature we're expecting in new delhi things are changing here in doha there's a good deal of cloud around at the moment likely to be a fair amount on monday as well but on monday you'll also notice the change in the wind direction it will start firing down from the northwest that will pick up a fair amount of dust at times
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a little so dragged down the temperatures too so by the time we get to choose day then our maximum will just be around twenty eight degrees and it still will be quite a blustery day with that wind from the northwest. in australia more women are being locked up than ever before but what's driving this alarming development one on one east meets two x. inmates who live life behind bars on ounces the. al jazeera. where ever you.
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saw an update on the situation in sri lanka the explosions which have killed more than two hundred people and left at least four hundred fifty injured the prime minister has said in the last hour that information about the attacks may have been received in advance and he said an investigation must look at why adding adequate proportions were not taken sri lanka police said the attacks were coordinated the defense minister says police have arrested eight suspects and a nationwide curfew is in place the government has called for an emergency meeting . on the scene at hospitals in the capital as frantic as casualties arrive and family and friends seek more information. also thousands of worshippers turned out to join pope francis for easter mass instant peaches square where he talked about
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sri lanka of course this sacred holiday which commemorates the resurrection of jesus christ after his crucifixion. so. dear brothers and sisters i heard with sadness use of the horrendous attacks which on this very day easter sunday have brought mourning and pain to churches and other places intra longa i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community attacked while gathered in prayer and to all the victims of such a cruel act of violence i entrust to the lord all who so tragically died and i pray for the rooted in all those who suffered because of this tragic event. last hour we spoke to rashad but the dean who is sri lanka's minister of industry and commerce had just come out of a meeting of a meeting with the prime minister. has been false i didn't write and. then again because i was not suspect the howard dean already at it said law enforcement has also the situation i'm not on board all. the souls in media on the
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maps are being. all of these you said on meet. the saw somebody meant to see it stopped writing or did you. talk to that maybe. full time maybe it's there and so far. it is all right there was some as far as bills and all the facilities. are now or disable feed while you use i'm also then doing this it's working all was done. and. that's all monday schools going to schools the mole on the full model we've got ash one had a month ago my with us now parliament correspondent for the news publication daily f.t. he's on skype from colombo thanks for your time this development in the last hour
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or so from the prime minister who's saying they may have been some warning what do you make of it because it's a it seemed to be quite a sort of broad statement he might now be nothing specific. yes exactly because according to. the garment of cause that there are no well any any of pride from asia or souls that is coming out so this happens to be a time prime minister issuing a statement of such manisha after the us stations took place as a parliamentary reporter what do you make of the political response today because it will be so crucial for this government to well acknowledge everyone's shock but also keep a lid on some of the emotions and make sure that people don't fear going back to the bad days of the civil war. because now they show you the parliament. again on the twenty. it was earlier shadow
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to take plays on the some of them may now it will be a dicey situation with all political parties wanting to know why they want to prevent the government taking action if so such information was available before hand me a dicey situation and the government especially the ruling party would be in the limelight what about the future of sri lanka i know it's still very early in the feelings of still very raw but do you think there is concern about sri lanka's place on the world stage when as i've said to previous guests it has worked very hard to get back onto the world stage. exactly because the war ended almost ten years ago and next month we would have been here we would have celebrated at ten years. of peace and well these iran and of course it is a black mark on. society and the cities and the social groups.
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at the moment are the c.c.v. officers investigating the hotel bombs received a tip off. and on and. of found more explosives inside the house which led to the last explosion and apparently according to media reports there. between the police and the guy before the explosion which means in other words these are highly organized crime. just on a personal level ashwin what's your day been like waking up to this sort of news the the the overriding feeling i keep hearing from people is shock exactly i'm very shocked because it's a sunday here. behind me on the fourteenth of april and into law holidays and tomorrow without being the past day i'd walk. a normal day for us here.
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so this came out of the blues at a point that none of us like spectators such to the station and specially during the holy days for the leaks and the christians so i mean it took us by and surprisingly and we are beyond that and we are already to be awarded about the country's future. but take care thank you so much for your time to appreciate us. thank you. to do to close in under an hour's time in ukraine's runoff election to choose the next president the latest opinion polls put the television comedian volodymyr zelinsky ahead of the incumbent president petro poroshenko this election a decisive one with that inskeep proposing direct talks with russia to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine with contenders have pledged to keep the country on a pro western course more from robin foresty
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a walk in kiev. this is the mind square behind me the epicenter of political quakes in ukraine's recent past in a two thousand and four and twenty fourteen revolutions well today in ukraine another perhaps political earthquake if as expected to me is in and a complete political. wins this vote and becomes ukraine's next president he already is a president but an entirely fictional one on his television series servant of the people in which he plays a president like no other president who has managed to tackle ukraine's entrenched all the guard corrupt political system so ukrainians either believe that zielinski can somehow carry out those kinds of reforms and be that fictional president in reality or it's a big protest vote against petro poroshenko the incumbent who has for the last five
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years done. objectively not a terrible job trying to keep the lid on the conflict against russia in the east and who's managed to get western support for ukraine and get sanctions levied against russia and he's managed to get these are liberalization but ukrainians it seems are not interested in this they think it's it's still all the same old corrupt political system that poroshenko failed to tackle and therefore they may well be deciding that they've had enough not just of petro poroshenko but of the pope political system and they are willing to take a gamble on a very unknown quantity for a lot to me zielinski. we're getting reports an army camp in mali has been attacked in the town of which is. northeast of the capital bamako the camp was reportedly ambushed and burned to the ground and this would attackers may have actually killed
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several soldiers as well now this is after molly's prime minister and government resigned on thursday because of the protests in bamako earlier in the month with threats of more unrest the president is now in talks with the opposition to form a new government and hawk reports from bamako. a prayer for a peaceful future from those celebrating easter in bamako as cathedral mali is without a government after its prime minister and cabinet were forced to step down on thursday following unprecedented demonstration on the streets of the capital in march a militia group that had received backing from prime minister micah tactful on the villagers killing one hundred sixty seven people the un peacekeeping operation in mali has more than seventeen thousand soldiers including french british and canadian troops despite that security forces were not deployed until seven hours after the attack and did this shocked the nation among the demonstrators who
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chanted out with foreign forces and down with the government is law student. and her daughter i said to sleep in a one seat one son of course we are angry i know you are frustrated life is getting worse for us and what happened to the money people but goats has to stop it hurts us and there is no chance you will keep demonstrating. change and security is what president promised when he was re-elected for a second term in disputed elections last august so far his critics say he's failing to deliver his prime minister a former intelligence chief relied on militia men instead of the mali an army to bring back stability but what started out in two thousand and twelve as an armed rebellion in northern mali is now turning into ethnic violence edging closer to the capital. kate is facing mounting political pressure he's holding emergency talks at the presidential palace but the challenge for president he brought you
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back mark is not only to find a new prime minister that will resurrect mali's government but one that will be that said by the opposition the ruling party and the people who are increasingly taking to the streets to get their voices heard. the opposition rejects any possibility for a unity government and is asking to step down. he stole the election from us given the circumstances we should be running the country we are not going to take part in any government run by somebody who robbed us it is an uphill battle for kate and for the people. with the violence spreading it seems there is no miracle solution in this search for peace some pay the ultimate sacrifice. while others pray for their country to rise again. because hawk al-jazeera bamako. has been debate among some european nations about what to do with women and
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children who've lived on the ice so in syria but in kosovo the government's decided to bring more than one hundred of its citizens under schapelle has more. far away from battlefields and refugee camps in syria dozens of women are being given a second chance to be part of a nation they chose to leave along with them more than seventy children who had no say in the matter. as most european nations stall in repatriating their citizens who went off to fight for i sold or at least support myself fighters the semi autonomous region of kosovo has brought back the largest group so far. and it's an important and sensitive operation was organized in which the government of course with the help of the united states president turned one hundred and ten of its citizens who were in war zones in syria four of whom were fighters thirty two woman and seventy four children including nine lost their parents in the war. the u.s. led coalition says kosovo has set an important example to follow that's after
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making a name for itself in other ways. with a population under two million the tiny balkan territory produced more i saw fighters per capita than any western country ethnic albanians played some big roles and i saw recruitment efforts the most notorious of them laughed at him who had jedi was like. killed in a u.s. drone strike in twenty seventeen. dozens of others he inspired have since been jailed or indicted as part of the government's efforts to stamp out support for the group but european countries worry that evidence obtained on the battlefield may not stand up in court and that families of isis fighters could be a security risk so they got news that. our aim was clear not only to make sure that our citizens are not part of foreign conflicts but to take concrete measures that the ones who already are in those zones come back to their homes because we have worked for months to make this happen. these children are innocent according to
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kosovo's government and may have a chance at a normal childhood after all but other european governments will now face greater pressure to take back their children still stuck at camps in syria and schapelle to see. an update on the headlines now two hundred people have been killed and at least four hundred fifty injured in a series of explosions in sri lanka the prime minister said information about the attacks may have been received in advance and said an investigation must look at why adequate precautions were not taken should not complacent saying these attacks were coordinated arrests have been made and there is a nationwide curfew in place more as in colombo so very much the heart of colombo here i mean this is a sunday night usually there is a sea front from
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a nod over here to my right called the gold face anyone who has visited knows that on a sunday evening this is jam packed it's almost standing room only because till late at night you have families you know spending the day and enjoying the location enjoying the fun. but it is absolutely quiet here this evening. thousands of worshippers have turned out to join pope francis for a stone mass in st peter's square he talked about sri lanka on the day which commemorates the resurrection of jesus christ after his crucifixion. dear brothers and sisters i heard with sadness the news of the horrendous attacks which on this very day sunday have brought mourning and pain to churches and other places intra longa i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community attacked while gathered in prayer and to all the victims of such cruel acts of violence i entrust to the lord all who so tragically died and i pray for
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the wounded in all those who suffered because of this tragic event another news polling due to close in about half an hour in ukraine's runoff election the latest opinion polls but the television comedian voted to me as the lenski ahead of the incumbent petro poroshenko a decisive election with selenski proposing direct talks with russia over the conflict with ukraine that's a look at your headlines here on al-jazeera one o one east is next. in australia more women are in prison than ever before most of them have been physically or sexually abused with many turning to drugs before falling into
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a lot of crime. one o one east investigates why so many women are going to prison in australia and mates to women who know exactly what it's like inside. ok i went to prison four times i was in prison for drug dealing. the hardest thing about staying out of prison is dealing with the isolation the judgement. the stigma. it. says before the world came crashing down putting her on a path to prison fran was busy juggling work and family in sydney i had the perfect life. i had two beautiful children i had has been that window should plan a nine to five job we had there
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a little hacienda not far from the school. and i thought i was just woman in the world. things to charing which my son passed away when he was nineteen we were holding each other up from the death of us. and then my husband was driving mary's tweezed. thanks to my and we buried him with my son. and it was actually one of my kids' friends. introduced me to ice not long after. i. saw it i was just following it and i was an absolute mess and the more i took on this the more i wanted to tell you go as. soon took
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a lot. of friends would come out with all three of money and then i'd get it and then we. do feel it all you know and in essence that made me drugs. i was the drugs for that matter but i would say yeah and then of course stuff that defrayed and. it got my friends told their friends and then their friends told other friends and friends told other friends and before. my half was like simple station it was it was absolutely and i was getting more and more sick. it was aiding me from the inside out literally and sepsis in my in my blood several months in your arms but i think that was from the sepsis. yeah the poison in my whole blood because. it was literally toxic and
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i mean we have reached. i would be wondering today that i'm either going to die or i'm going to be arrested monday and i want to be arrested you know and each time. i knew one of those would happen. and i was praying that it would just happen soon. fran was convicted of drug supply and sentenced to three years in prison when i came out i had no. change of underwear. but that was basically. where i'm leaving now is not something i am absolutely desperate. today friends going to make gloria lama from the women's justice network she's helping her find some way to live. to see. you looking well. will go in and to.
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see what the housing is all about. power. and see. if it's something what will become. clear is it something you want. you to miss washoe you ram's to achieve the very big goal here catherine rice works for an ngo the provide short term accommodation to single women over forty five. there's a kitchen here we provide a microwave and reach because you know we've got the kitchen downstairs and the. bouncer you know. she's beautiful. so you name it. i think. but actually it's. quite small so we don't start and i do have
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a pen i'm going to. yeah because. we actually have a paper for a question smith said it's not really suitable for me. because it's so small and i sort of got really excited and i said i have a little dog and she said we can have dogs here. and i just saw her. fran it would be lovely to be able to help her she's a person that's in housing they'd it's really sad and if you want to help everybody but you can't do you have any other any sort of accommodation that you know or you know it's really difficult for people live friend to fail rate a cite you need help saying everybody just somewhere that they can put their head down every now and they'll say and for most people coming out of prison that doesn't happen but. i've been to prison five
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times i've been to prison for breaking into driving while disqualified driving under the influence of ice and escape place custody the hardest thing about coming out of prison being homeless and the stigma. it's a big day for becky she's just got her out of jail and the mother is here to greater . things. form so it's a little wintery i'm sure but that's ok let's hear it from i do i would like to with amazing. thing in a couple of the. letters. which are just from everybody. but yeah. we got there some.
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not so great one was so excited i nanny so i'm going to be louder in the wake. of the song only song now i'm going to start. i've got some money. some papers my release papers and fifty dollars but yeah that's it yeah let's all be coming out right. not much bikies to six months in prison for resisting arrest. driving while i'm qualified and stealing petrol anywhere on the map now and. in the beginning a new beginning. and i've been inside for six months now so it's great to be here that's fabulous like i'm seeing the top but i mean that it really and it's so good to have my mom yeah thank you mom for. all. the world. and it had you feel today i feel really excited i guess is
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a little bit of anxiousness there but. you know it's new beginnings for you and and for us as a family so yeah. every time i get out. there and try to get accommodation spoil me because i couldn't go home to dad's because that that's where a lot of rope is yass really say that. it's to the point definitely last four years. before that really since i was sixteen they're sad when i drink i have diminished capacity so i might really poor choices take that i get drunk and on hang out with people that are in austin and i get on the os and then i don't sleep for days and then i'm a drunk again and. it makes me and i stealing cars and. really dangerous behavior. this is the last time i have to talk to you on the fact well you know i say i won't fit the impact for myself or the big he's prison terms
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has been the toyman cost and. i don't want to but mostly it's been the hot eicher around you know having to. talk about the with your friends that you know i'm going to visit my daughter in prison today it's a real shy i'm going. and. leaving her. when you leave your. it was really hard i'm never going back to prison i have had enough i've i've definitely growing from this experience and i. just i'm not going back i can't i cannot go back there it's just there is no you might have gone back. two weeks later becky and her mum moved into a new. bank and i had just moved into a new place on the south coast of new south wales. and i guess if i didn't think
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she'd turn over a new leaf and was ready to make some positive changes in how often i wouldn't have done. this in this company is that what this was when but he was using because she was such an opportunist thief she would i would hard things like my car keys my wallet my phone laptop under my pillow whenever you know i went to bed. i have had a very tense relationship with my mom in the past but i am revealing that. mom has given me more than a few chances i have let her down more than a few times more. in. a few days ago now stalled so precious and irreplaceable things from a house that i was looking after and for me it really gutted me at that particular time she'd start on lots of things before in the past but that particular it was
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mother's day and we'd been out for a lovely lunch but that not when i went off to work she came back to the house and and took those things and with it my trust. she stole to trust that other people hating me and that was really really tough and i went into a bit of a spiral myself at that point. you. have done a lot of personal growth. my self-esteem was shocking and i'm pretty good now. i was six when i was actually. effect that had on my life. was like devastating. my dad wanted to play my mom's father and i did not believe me which was really high and then my parents actually got divorced not long after that i don't even know if the abuse affected me as much as.


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