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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 111  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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within. four years to be followed by public elections where the people will elect their own representatives. the yesterday's beating. came as a living proof that the military council is not genuine in its intention or action this came clear in the actions taken by the military karen says political barrow or political committee they claimed. they. claim. that there is still examining the recommendations and suggestions says decisions presented by our
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alliance and other political parties that's as it is ultra we declare the following. we. will have zero tolerance as to our demand for as civil authority and that must be handed over by the military council immediately to as civil authority we will continue to stage a sit ins and protests and all negotiations with the military council will be suspended second we will continue to escalate our peaceful demonstrations and the revolutionary actions until all our
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demands are met. yes. the civil transitional was a certainty. will be declared with then at few days stuff i this will be coming after the delegations with out of other political forces. currently owed in. yesterday's beating with their military council came as a proof of that they have no genuine intention.
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to. use. the. frayed them and change declaration forces. declare that they will occupy. they will accept nothing but old the demands beam met. again we declare that we will continue with a lot of illusionary movements. we will continue with the sit ins protests and demonstrations until we win victory and the people's will prevail that's. what we will continue to demonstrate in the capital and other cities.
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we will continue. to demonstrate until all our demands are met. if. you. take this our option. to continue to peacefully demonstrate. freedom justice. are our demands and evolution is our only option. to the masses of the people. who the role of the military personnel is not to hold the reins of power yet
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their duty is to save and to defend the homeland they will have no control over power. that's why we will continue to demand that transition of power to on a civil authority and from day on from this day on. we declare that we will not deal deal with the military council. and the people and the street must continue to demonstrate and in a few days time we will hold you and now the press conference where we will declare the civil body to which power will be transferred. freedom. peace and justice
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to our demands revolution is our option. now. if you excuse me. the press conference and. hand over the floor does the freedom and change will give. their respective messages.
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will only do you want to meet may god my t.s.p. sembler sings be with you. there evolutionary revolting people. we meet and gather today at these hysterical moments where we are shaping the history and future of our country we. have fur that we can not go back to square one. we can not be. to read. their military gloats we can not allow the former regime to regain power. and. i mean we knew this very dream is that tempting to reproduce itself if their team is attempting to clone. itself.
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we. stood up to it. and. then. the field marshal. came to power and to him we are standing. we. have given you a promise promise that cannot be broken you are the heart of the soul of that evolution today. we will declare the leave the names of the solver in seven to transition albaugh the. you must. be aware. that that demands voiced by the people came in three t.
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is sovereign can send a cabinet of ministers and then. legislative council today will declare the names of the members of the server and karen said of these names will be handed over to the military council to endorse. on that moment. and turn him civil but they will be declared the body that has been elected by the free them and change a law and. however that remnants of the ousted regime. have their faces exposed. yesterday. they said. said what they said. that.
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they wish to examine deliberate. and this class. has more than one hundred says jetson's presented by various political parties. so what we've been hearing is from leaders of the will that was the freedom and change movement but before that the s.p.i. the sudanese professionals association and the overriding feeling from that news conference and you saw the sheer number of supporters out there and caught him as well is that the protest movement is not backing down at all in fact. i mean abdelaziz from the sudanese professionals association declared that the military council wasn't genuine in its intentions or its actions and indeed that all negotiations with the military council would be suspended and that they would
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continue to protest they would continue to escalate peaceful demonstrations until all demands are met and the key the central demand of all of those is the idea that power be handed over in sudan to a civilian government as soon as possible because there is it would seem very little trust in what they call the old regime or remnants of the old regime. in the current military council have we got muhammad with us we have muhammad as well listening along to all of that as well mohammad i mean you've been out with those protesters the last few days they looks like they wouldn't back down and now there's this confirmation that they are just not going to deal with this military council. not side come out strong words there from the leadership of the protests just minutes ago and those speeches are still going on
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a speech to mixed with slogans chants and poetry the mood of the police shows how serious these protesters are and their leadership about what they want to do they simply want to continue and not to lose the momentum they have preached over the last couple of weeks they know that the day the protestors disperse and go back home they will be very weak around the negotiation table with the military council so they have a sense is to keep the pressure and to keep the heat on the military council to see are soon as possible they know that time is not on their side in this deal with the military council and that's why you have seen these strong they want to continue and they want to keep the momentum which is very difficult because day by day people get tired probably the military council knows this to reality they know that the protesters cannot remain in the cities for a long time to come. home and told us they know also this is do they run the risk
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as what our earlier guests was saying of pushing the military too far of not cooperating at all and it actually pushing the military further away from them and further away from any potential deal. well that's that's a point that can be argue with but also they know that the military council has been really eat anything very day that they have taken from the all the regime only in response to the demands of the people so it will be a big contradiction on the part of the military council to say ok now we have power from and bashir but we're not going to hand it to civilians so the protestors they know they are students one of them is the people in the streets and that's the minister and the other one is that the military came to power in the name of the people so the people are still here and there are not happy with that is not so far
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. mohamed vall thank you so much for that from khartoum there as we follow those events the sudanese professional's association part of that opposition protest movement basically saying they're not backing down they will not deal with the military council they are still repeating that demand that they want all their demands met and that is the immediate transfer of power to a civilian body which they say they will be announcing names for in the next few days thanks for staying with us here on the news hour from doha. on the team in london the latest from sudan and indeed true lanka in just a few moments time. and
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say through all this race. i mean too much film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truth was forged by. non-negotiable issue is that over the long winter a change of pace return of a president on al-jazeera. zero . where ever it suits.
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sure lanka in shock after a bomb blasts hit churches and hotels on easter sunday killing more than two hundred people. hello i'm maryanne demasi you're with al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. a landslide victory for voting is the lenski a comedian who played the president on t.v. is elected to lead ukraine. sudan's new army rulers say they are considering a joint military civilian council but protest leaders are saying they're not being taken seriously. and censorship and scandals hampered efforts to showcase the world's fastest growing film market at the beijing film festival.
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come to the program an overnight curfew is in place in sri lanka and social media shutdown after the worst attacks to hit the island in years at least two hundred seven people were killed and more than four hundred were injured in eight blasts the attacks targeted three churches in colombo gone bow and batticaloa cheering easter sunday services that were also blasted for luxury hotel. and a guest house in colombo as well as a house where three police officers were killed while trying to capture suspects eight suspects have been arrested the prime minister says the government was warned of an imminent attack or about manly as male. one blast so violent it ripped through the roof of this church in the heart of the capital. the floor covered in remains of the roof wood and blood was
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this video posted online shows the moment of the blast i sometimes these charges popular with locals and foreign tourists after the explosion shock and disbelief. oh my god i heard the explosion and then the roof fell on us we took the children and ran out from the rear door but when they came to the hospital i saw my brother in law and son on the ground. three separate churches bombed on easter sunday one of the major celebrations in the christian calendar but it wasn't just christians targeted so were many other people and tourists as part of a much wider operation they are the casualties we build them for them we transported them to their national hospital and then we have been advised to come to their shangrila bombs also rips through five star hotels in the heart of the capital and all close together are the shangri-la cinnamon grand prix hotels
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and the centonze this shrine church since about since church no gumbo and zion church in batticaloa were targeted. also the tropical in hotel in the suburb of deborah the eight the explosion was intimate to go killing a number of security personnel the police had to send his m apartment block they're looking for suspects several were taken away for questioning. me if you do the much rock i would like to express my condolences to the families of victims and those injured in the attacks that took place we will take stern actions against all those who are responsible regardless of their status a nationwide curfew is in place and social media sites shut down. this is the largest coordinated string of attacks in sri lanka in recent years and so far no one has claimed responsibility for the. hundreds of injured people are being
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treated in hospital friends and families of some victims came to this hospital in colombo to find out what has happened to them with many people dead and widespread damage people here are asking who did this and why. you're about a manly algis they are. all the cardinal archbishop of colombo has condemned the blast comparing the perpetrators to animals is also called on sri lanka's government to launch an inquiry. i also like us us the government's stewards orderly in fire shows strong inquiry and find those leases possible behind this act of and also the punish them mercilessly because only on the most can behave like. an elephant and as joins us live now from colombo and a few more explosives have been found on the country now. that's
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right merriam the reports that we heard from the airport was that there had been a suspicious package on the road close to the airport it prompted authorities to put the airport in lockdown mord for a short time but we're hearing from the air force spokesman that the package was defused that it was. an explosive device that was defused and subsequently the airport was back in operation very quickly after that we're also hearing that there was a petrol bomb attack carried out in chilo a couple of hours outside colombo on a mosque now very much an isolated incident or sporadic attack apparently two people on a motorbike had come love this petrol bomb on the mosque no reports of that had been anybody inside or anyone injured and a relatively small amount of damage that was caused but these are all things that
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have been unfolding while the country is pretty much in the midst of a police curfew island wide in fact as we are on this road just. a few meters away from the shangri-la one of the five star hotels that was attacked this morning we've had a number of members of the security arms stopping asking us what we were doing r.-t. especially during a police curfew so the law enforcement authorities the military very much aware and taking their jobs very seriously to try and get a handle on what unfolded here in sri lanka today so clearly there are fears of perhaps more blast taking place but police have managed to make some arrests they say they've identified the perpetrators any more information on who carried out these attacks. barium the state defense minister in
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a briefing earlier today said seven arrests had been made that was sort of late afternoon subsequent to that even the prime minister in a statement which he said and admitted that there had been some knowledge of the threat of such incidents being launched in the country also said that from his information all the people that have been arrested are locals now having said that he also said that international support had been solicited from international leaders to help with the investigations to try and get to the bottom of this so the authorities very much conscious that they need to act and act fast to find out who is behind these attacks or we're hearing that at least seven people have been arrested a lot of the local media channels had footage of basically a raid on what was considered to be a safe house the one in des moines to go to where we heard one of the last explosions it was a government housing complex. housing complex which police had raided
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on possibly a tip off where there was an explosion an exchange of fire the report said and subsequent there is footage seeing two people two men being bundled into police vehicles and there were a number of women as well as all of these people taken away from this location and the police spokesman also saying that they have found the location of a safe house to do with this attack marion thank you very much with all the latest from colombo finance is joining us there thank you may now. meanwhile pope francis has condemned what he called the cruel violence of the attacks in sri lanka thousands of worshippers joined the roman catholic leader instant peter's square feast a mass seven and a half percent of sri lankans of christians of whom eighty percent a catholic the pope expressed sadness over the attacks offering his heartfelt closeness to the community their. dear brothers and sisters i heard with sadness use of the horrendous attacks which on
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this very day sunday have brought mourning to churches and other places a true i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community attacked while gathered in prayer and to all the victims of such cruel acts of violence i entrust to the lord all who so tragically died and i pray for the rooted in all those who suffered because of this tragic event. a comedian is set to be ukraine's next president well to me is alinsky was the wild card in the election was no political experience other than playing the president on television but he's now secured a resoundingly victory in the runoff those exit polls gave him seventy three percent of the vote while the incumbent petro poroshenko got just twenty five percent. said. we did this together thanks to everyone now there will be no pathetic speeches i just want to
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say thank you. i was already conceded defeat but says he will not quit politics. do you prefer you. do you crane's this month i will leave the post of the head of state this is what most of you have decided and i accept this decision i will leave office but i want to announce firmly i will not leave politics. live now to robyn force a walk in the ukraine in capital kiev it looks like a resolving victory for not in is a landscape in the second round of the election how did he do it. how did he do it indeed well it appears that what mr zelinsky had was brand recognition of unparalleled scale being this fictional president in his runaway success television series. where he played the president of ukraine and ukrainians i think had an awful lot of hope that somehow he might transfer
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into real actions as president of ukraine he has now spoken to his supporters and to his campaign members back here at headquarters and he said he thanked everyone for their involvement and of course to the ukrainian people for choosing him and he said that what happened in ukraine would set a good example to other post soviet countries that could become more democratic. in the way they govern now with me to talk about how mr may in fact govern is michael. said ski from the globe who's a global affairs analyst michael thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera this evening. what is now going to happen we have a president potentially it seems who has no political experience how is he going to govern this country.


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