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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 111  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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ah. you see so i need to be out here as well to the dog owners you can only wish to god see it do some truly good is going to gunshot and you know me to know much as you call as i saw you fall you knew what i knew how to motivate us to maintain a coalition of war that was the general cause i got to be abundant and often only man yes he's done a country cause most of them not you got civilian you're meant to be in on he was you can i need to know i got sort of enough already to win it out i'm going to have to do we need i just post a fight on kid cause if you get out in. front of all show by the control i did i got sick wasn't sure if i checked on his shirt that he would need to see me and i got sick when i was called on scene if you know he was for anybody what id taken as
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a ballad of his own oh boy the boom to diffusion now they can all be should i do. anything. for them and then if you're not much into it i got c.d.'s going on about it a little more or a lot of my stance and a feed on to it was a bit of a bust so i'm always will to give you much that you were told was basically going to be. a little bit of each of you what should i want to be a dad yeah i could even go as reports are that both dogs therefore did it is over he's hopeless i get all this talk radio guess if michaela what i got in my kid i said you said you had a bill or g. below what i said what i will say that said it most did i got sick of the idea some of us got something but i reckon i would over there pull the phone. it was due to
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an acquittal that it doesn't really. fit with any supporter that will be for me. and. it will. be a lot of also because. a lot of. money could be a. lot of money. to. buy
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out feel horrible feel your money. dollar for me as. the city did you know but the main. no longer. put that these video out it would be certain that maybe we've got a level but ima. beat on a chain to be. a nun. but in saying that over that scene on the left a little the. first set will not. be the way these are not able to be going but instead lets you know what's ahead of them could at the school be that they don't put out a lot and. don't. stop . put in that i did he by be there but it's still in there and the
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sequel is see. anybody to believe it. was a. dream but i mean was it worth it officer because you know what. but let a bit of being reformed i mean if you have it i would doubt it but. i know what you get it done to one of us i have come up with a short when i was going to get you well you'd have thought the city the intent of the was just a given amount of dust you would i mean to go to a bulldozer get over that was. not
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a song. or. put in the machine. and put on the must have been sent to us i was able to do this so your going was going oh my gosh you all are given up on more legs and jam when i'm told i needed them so maybe we'll find out tomorrow or the bill of them got it up because i'm ok ok. over there no just a good idea as a vigil no it was some of that it was to me. moping ok get outside the which. now i'm. in the ocean and for the want to know how lush sure little her mother and mother would be a good lot of them were going to hold us off here then as if it had been going. on
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shares in the safe and so for that i was so into no i didn't sell a. lot i'm innocent. but i'm going to. save it away. from this a while we'll. see if. again. do you. look at the. i'm a little bit of the middle. of the. we. want to go with the what they want to. be a myth and. how they might be the.
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model t. and. many . of the mission. has. been there's an elephant must. tell me how. the hugo was we.
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missed. you know what i have a story of a daughter with the opposite of that with the one to the joker but i mean that i really should go and it's precisely the sort of issue the mother load or we're going to obey she's the one who was us or his mother i mean to do it on someone who was on that i want to let it get. down there and. why lynn then i. and the salmon eating the log on the existence of advice for about a. lot of them had to show up. then on the side downs of diana how about
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if the how. she. had come on my day off and. that's an assignment and i'm a good shots nationalist i love. catchment. but i met money and i'm not muslim shot a famine. that it's a. family stuff and then i going to live as i dictate. the last of the show on the for. those minutes now that i'm a little wild and i mean i'm a. lot of analysts and
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a fair though man are a little. bit out of the u.s. news and if you. know a lot of what about mazen made commitments. i'm going to be.
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out of. the. bus.
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sweat tears and sometimes blot but for them it's what their dreams are made of. just their wild tells a story of a young moroccan boxes from hollow backgrounds for training for the lives of their lives. under former champion who gives his old friend matt success casablanca by cop on how to zero.
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how that all the atlantic states now on the southern states should be enjoying fine weather for a couple of days there remains a stormy stuff this here with a more or less gone out of the way down and we look to the west for rather more the way of cloud out this is not a big surprise so we're sort of in el nino situation and my which tends to add hans this sort of thing but there's not much coming out of that little bit of rain left over or snow and it streaked across the northern plains up through minneapolis and just across the border into west nile teria as well but the temperatures don't vary
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lows there is some snow in the northern flank in those twenty four in chicago with ten in minneapolis even in denver as of plus a texas is enjoying the sunshine but there's a hint here the cloud coming in that you might be developing a few showers well as take you over night from monday to tuesday and see what does happen yes that is exactly what happens we said enough moisture in good enough the contrast in temperatures for getting a few showers in new mexico and maybe kansas but texas looks alright as i further east now the atlantic seaboard looking far as well as it is dire in california you'll notice and all points to the east as far as the plains south of. still to come out of the sky in cuba and jamaica hispaniola nobody there i think for a couple of days. in the heart of the amazon delivery in families put their lives in peril to harvest
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brazil nuts. to. the. kids in the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking a tool delivery out. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while this is a training exercise the danger is there are real because you wait here in melbourne it's slowly deteriorating with detailed coverage and how that is a donald tusk through reason may makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world while aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using the levels for thing and cleaning. refugees heading for a better night in australia in two sentences and sent to remote island indefinite
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detention in holistic conditions get a conscience. understand. smuggled out for each and eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for pain for even asking them not to harm themselves not to kill themselves witness chasing a sign. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm handsome seeker this is the new line from dalhart coming up in the next sixty minutes. i'm. shocked. at least two hundred people are killed and hundreds more injured in
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a wave of bomb attacks targeting eastern church services and hotels. sri lankan police have arrested several suspects the prime minister revealing the government was warned of an imminent attack. protest leaders in sudan vowed to step up their rallies saying they no longer recognize the transitional military council. a landslide election victory for. the ukrainian comedian who played a president on t.v. is about to become the real one. the president is not going to jail the saying in the white house for five and a half more years the white house tries to contain the fallout from the model report as more democrats call for the u.s. president to be impeached.
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hollow sri lanka remains on high alert this monday after the worst attacks to hit the island in years at least two hundred seven people were killed and more than four hundred fifty injured in eight blasts me now for now and as reports from colombo. carnage in churches on one of the most important days of the christian calendar the blast so violent it blew off the roof of this church in the gumball anon and a half outside the capital the floor covered in blood mangled use and belongings of hundreds of worshippers. this video posted online shows the moment the explosion happened. it was an entity's church is a revered catholic shrine popular among people of all feats in sri lanka. lined up in body bags the feet of dozens of worshippers who came to this sacred
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shrine to celebrate one of the catholic calendars most holy days easter sunday oh my god i heard the explosion and then the roof fell on us we took the children and ran out from the rear door when i came to the hospital i saw my brother in law and son on the ground. three separate churches bombed on easter sunday witnesses say the explosion here was so powerful it shook the surrounding buildings but it wasn't just christians targeted so were many other people and tourists as part of a much wider operation they are the casualties we are going to them for that we transported them to the national hospital and then we have been advised to come to their shangrila in the heart of the capital and all close together are the shangri-la cinnamon grand and kingsbury hotels and the center anthony's church three churches since a bastions church in the gumbo and zion church in batticaloa were also targeted
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also the tropical in hotel in the suburb of the here. the eighth explosion was in des moines to go to killing a number of police personnel. police have descended on an apartment block there looking for suspects several were taken away for questioning me if you do the math right i would like to express my condolences to the families of victims and those injured in that took place we will take stern action against all those who are responsible regardless of their stature. social media was restricted for several hours to clamp down on rumors and panic hundreds of injured people are being treated in hospitals which was swarmed by relatives the prime minister says warnings of such an attack were received but nothing was done authorities must figure out why. fernandez just zero. chance traffic is live for us now from the capital colombo so charles we're almost twenty
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four hours now since those devastating attacks what is the latest are you hearing there. well the latest has as you say colombo just waking up we understand now it has been confirmed in fact that the curfew that countrywide. that was put in place yesterday has been lifted so we see people out on the streets interestingly schools and universities are still going to be closed for at least two more days they would you do start operating again today the easter holidays we're getting more details now from the police with respect to arrests that have been made a police spokesperson saying that at least thirteen suspects have now been arrested a lot of focus all know two locations what some of describing as possibly having been safe houses that apartment in goda that you mentioned which we saw
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three police killed in a suicide attack yesterday. a lot of attention being paid on those premises we understand a number of arrests were made there a crude women also at a place called dora which is a sub to the south of colombo another premises. the focus of a lot of attention we also understand there's reports of a very cool having been found that it's believed may have been used to carry explosives. as you can imagine the intensity of this investigation increasing all the time no one has claimed responsibility for this attack the prime minister yesterday saying that all indications are that the attackers were actually locals but he's appealed for international assistance to try and establish towards degree these individuals or deep based groups had international help from terror networks
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around the world important to mention also. it was an i.e.d. that was diffused close to the airport on a road close to the airport last night we understand the air force diffusing that the government here very keen to keep people calm interestingly there was a petrol bomb attack on a mall schools. late yesterday and i think this again is just highlights the government's very much focus on trying to keep the situation calm a because of course sri lanka has got such a history of ethnic sectarian religious violence that stretches back years so the government very. obviously keeping a lid on sings he was focusing very much on this investigation trying to figure out who was responsible for what we described as the largest coordinated attack or attack in shoot on because modern history and something else we had lankan prime
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minister charles was the revelation that the authorities knew. of the possibility of attacks like this what more are we hearing on that. that's right the prime minister yesterday saying that there were warnings all of some sort of terrorist attack all simply happening here and he has said that there needs to be an investigation as to why the old sources in the government wouldn't give him warnings themselves about about this this attack now certainly you speak to analysts here people who look at the very complicated nature of sri lankan politics and many people are saying that this was a direct finger pointing by the prime minister at president sirrah center we know last year there was a terrible political constitutional crisis in this country
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a major rift between the prime minister and the president his so there are a lot of people saying that his statements yesterday was pretty much a bit of a broadside if you like against the president he has asked for what's been described as a special committee to be set up to to to investigate as to why the authorities were not warned but as i say this morning you know twenty four hours later sri lanka very much in a state of shock interestingly coming in from the airport last night and this morning you do get a sense. of the country if you like coming together and trying to get to grips with this incredible tragedy that has seen so many people killed and so many people injured all right for the moment and life first. thanks charles i mean young is the director of the united states council on sri lanka she says the
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reports of advanced intelligence warnings are worrying. if it's true it's obviously very very concerning and hopefully they will be able to find out why nothing was done i understand possibly that there was not good communication among the different parties but. if there was information and nothing was done about it i mean these are absolutely tragic consequences there have been attacks on both christian churches and muslim places of businesses and mosques for some time but this this is a whole nother level this type of an attack and i think that's why many of us are absolutely in shock that something this this monstrous and this well coordinated
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has taken place it's really a whole nother level. a coalition of twenty two parties in sudan says it is suspending talks with the military council that ousted president bashir earlier this month the freedom and change coalition as they call themselves made the announcement after days of talks with military leaders to form a transitional government morgan has more. in this third week of the sit in at the army headquarters in sudan's capital hard to thousands gathered around the podium there waiting for the coalition of the declaration of freedom and change to announce names first a billion transitional council the coalition made a different announcement. that will continue with the sit in and have suspended talks with the military council will escalate the revolution on the streets to protest schedules tell all demands are implemented we'll start forming a complete transitional authority that real announced in a few days. the military council took over when it ousted president bashir on the
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eleventh of april ending his thirty year rule it had hoped that force the out bashir would end the sit in that started nearly a week before after months of protests. since taking over the military council has been in talks with political parties to form a transitional government but many at the sit in say the army isn't keen to hand over power to civilian government a key demand for them to end the protests and return home. as i would have missouri in a in my opinion where with the declaration of freedom and change because they got is this far i will be with them till the end since the council is part of the old regime and is behaving like the old regime will continue with protest till it's gone we said to those we make music because so many years. government ruling was not good and now we want to change this is the citizens.


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