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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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so we can speed up with what is needed at this time the military council referendum that it isn't against any party and abide by the slogans of the revolution for freedom peace and democracy. but not all parties are in agreement on how to form the government and what it should look like. what. kind of announcing that it has spent the talks with the military council it seems that the bombing headquarters is not coming to an end anytime soon and more than a week after al thing president bashir of sudan is nowhere near forming a transitional government. what's comes next will largely depend on how much pressure the protesters can put on the military council and how long it takes for the divided parties to come together to start a new face for the country. even more going on to zero. fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty four people in the last three weeks that's according to new figures released by the world health organization says thousands of people have been injured troops loyal to the war after are trying to take the
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capital from the un recognized government. well most still to come here and al-jazeera including we tell you why this film about india's prime minister narendra modi is proving so controversial and how quite enthusiastic in mexico are taking to the sky to connect with their ancestors stay with us. hello has been snowing throughout the weekend in the lebanese martyrs you get an idea of why because the circulation of a turkey is just feeding the syrians through three now and i was been getting snow of course that depends on height there's a certain amount of rain around as well lebanon north was but by monday most of that should have gone you still got rain in the wars in iraq to syria snow a tight. the rain is spreading across into western iran that will keep moving in
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that general direction between monday and tuesday leaving most of iran for to minister the few showers the south that admittedly but behind it it's looking far not much of a breeze the sun is out you're in the teens but i think it will feel quite good at least twenty two in baghdad's bit of a drop in temperature now given what's happening to the north you normally end up with some change in the gulf states and this represents a potential for thunderstorms on monday or at least a cloudy sky the winds coming from the south and the north so neat here dusty breeze but should all be through by choosing and then we get northerly blowing that it will be cooler briefly dusty i think that's about twenty eight and there have the drop in humidity sweet try with a dusty forty from mecca. this
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was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school or against their will there was no mother no father figures they put it in a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names will never forget the kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. welcome back a come out of the top stories here the south police say two hundred ninety people are now confirmed dead in sunday's attacks lisa arrested twenty four suspects the
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president just chairing an emergency meeting to review security and the u.s. state department says there's an ongoing threat in sri lanka a revised travel advisory note says attacks could happen again without warning and tourist areas shopping malls and other public places. protest leaders in sudan are no longer recognizing the military transitional council there accusing it of not taking the process seriously but just to say they'll stop the demonstrations until a civilian government is put in place. the ukrainian comedian the bloody mary selenski has won the presidential election by a landslide the political novice is estimated to have taken around seventy five percent of the vote as rival petro poroshenko who is backed by the west has conceded defeat robin far as to walk a reports now from. having played the role of. president in a t.v. show below to meet zelinsky is now on course to make that role a reality winning an overwhelming majority of votes cost on sunday. thank
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you to my parents for their support and for living through all of this thanks to my team for their strength and stamina has my wife heard all of the things that was said about me in this campaign and perhaps she would never have married me faced with defeat president petro poroshenko was magnanimous but he will continue to play a role in ukrainian politics the ukrainians dear ukrainians i want to underline that the new president will face strong opposition very strong but i want to say that the country our ukraine which is the best in the world well only benefits the next. poroshenko painted zelinsky as naive and did experienced dangerous for a country at war with russia with questionable links to an unsavory oligarch. but zelinsky patrice himself as a simple guy who had come to break the oligarchic system
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a corrupt system many ukrainians believe poroshenko as a wealthy businessman belonged to it was either a protest vote or a genuine belief that a comedian might make a worthy commander in chief a martyr just maybe it is time maybe those who think differently i majority leader choices very simple either or either hope or a like with zelinsky is hope but it was mean we want change. blood to me and zelinsky i fix a new president now it seems the president elect. fiction has become fact. zillion ski and his team consider break this election victory but defeating corruption and ending the war with russia. he's going to prove. a word in english. but ukrainians have
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shown little patience for presidents failed to deliver for steelworker al-jazeera. on skis from the ukrainian congress committee of america he says there are concerns and he does not have the experience negotiate with russia over the war in eastern ukraine you have to understand that a lot of his campaign promises were just that a very short sentences he proposed doing a major restructuring of the. military structure in ukraine without any explanation about how to how getting that passed in parliament a similarly he's proposed restarting the minsk agreement talks normally process inviting the united states and the u.k. into that however that doesn't take into account that russia as the other party in mediation needs to agree to that russia is the party in the midst process that has violated it according to the international observers so to say that he will restart it doesn't take into account that he needs to be dealing with russia and does that
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mean this is what people have been asking during the campaign does that mean he will then travel to russia and try to do a tete a tete with putin as putin's advisor mr peskov announced on friday that putin is ready to meet with any future ukrainian leader who is willing to concede on terms protesters in the bangladeshi capital are demanding justice for a young woman who was burnt to death after reporting sexual abuse rights groups and open eyes to a human chain for nineteen year old mistress john ruthy she was set on fire earlier this month for refusing to drop a sexual harassment case against her school teacher death sparked outrage across the country. to morocco now where thousands of demonstrators have marched on parliament calling for the release of what they call political prisoners they say those detained and to property campaigners fighting for change in a neglected region but the government considers the forty two activists a security threat. bringing parts of the capital to
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a standstill thousands of moroccans call for one of their own to be released from jail. holding placards of nasr sofie the thirty nine year old leader of the he doc movement the protesters chant we are all sufi earlier this month he and three other men saw their twenty year prison sentences confirmed by an appeals court in casablanca says this is all money these people have protested in the reef region to ask for economic and social demands and they've been imprisoned as if they were the worst terrorists and this we cannot accept and we are demanding their release. they were joined in the streets and outside the parliament by civil society organizations and mothers. doing oppression it's killing us we don't accept it we want all our children to be freed they are now on hunger strike what is the government doing. well i say to the government think reasonably and find
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a solution for our children who were sent to various prisons that they have pity on us. along with pity for these forty two activists they want the government to release money to be used for economic development and job creation programs and are schapelle. mali's army says sixteen soldiers have been killed in an attack on a checkpoint it happened in the town of gay there north of the capital bamako the military has dispatched air and ground reinforcements for the attack happened days after mali's government resigned the administration was criticized for its handling of a mass killing in march the president's now and top so the opposition to form a new government. going to sock reports from bamako. a prayer for a peaceful future from those celebrating easter in bamako is cathedral mali is without the government after its prime minister and cabinet were forced to step down on thursday following unprecedented demonstration on the streets of the capital in
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march a militia group that had received backing from prime minister micah attacked the villagers killing one hundred sixty seven people the un peacekeeping operation in mali has more than seventeen thousand soldiers including french british and canadian troops despite that security forces were not deployed until seven hours after the attack and did this shocked the nation among the demonstrators who chanted out with foreign forces and down with the government is law student. and her daughter i said to sleep in a one seat one son of course we are angry i know you are frustrated life is getting worse for us and what happened to the money people. like goats has to stop it hurts us and there's no chance we will keep demonstrating. change and security is what president promised when he was re-elected for a second term in disputed elections last august so far his critics say he's failing
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to deliver his prime minister a former intelligence chief relied on militia men instead of the mali an army to bring back stability but what started out in two thousand and twelve as an armed rebellion in northern mali is now turning into ethnic violence edging closer to the capital. is facing mounting political pressure he's holding emergency talks at the presidential palace but the challenge for president he brought you back mark is not only to find a new prime minister that will resurrect mali's government but one the hope is that he said by the opposition the ruling party and the people who are increasingly taking to the streets to get their voices heard. the opposition rejects any possibility for a unity government and is asking to step down that. he stole the election from o.c.d. given the circumstances we should be running the country we are not going to take
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part in any government run by somebody who robbed us it is an uphill battle for kate and for the million people. with the violence spreading it seems there is no miracle solution in this search for peace some pay the ultimate sacrifice. while others pray for their country to rise again. because hawk al jazeera bamako. police in georgia have used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protests against the construction of a hydroelectric power plant around three hundred people took part in the demonstration i say the development in the mountainous region will destroy the environment and their homes. india's election commission has delayed the screening of a biographical film of india's current prime minister the movie. was due to come out ahead of the first phase of india's general election. has more from mumbai. pm the renderer movie is
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a glowing interpretation of the life of india's current prime minister it's not something everyone here would agree with and what's more producers tried to release the film just before the country seven days election began this month but the election commission has delayed their release over concerns it would unduly influence voters the film is the most prominent in a recent line of political films and series critics say favor the government or pan the opposition it's. almost every month specially in these months leading up to elections we are seeing more and more political for this film journalist says the political exploitation of films used to be rare in india but that's changed everything. is in some way. by the movies and perhaps the powers that be have figured out that this is one way to get across earlier this year several bollywood heavyweights flew in a private jet to meet the prime minister many say this photo from that meeting shows a relationship between the government and some of the film industry that might be
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too cozy. and with influence working both ways. the government and yet have been produced in india for decades some more than others on the other side many in the film industry have used their fame as a platform to jump into politics. openly trading on her celebrity for votes in this north mumbai constituency for the opposition congress. after starring for years in several of the different language based film industries she's become famous that fame is a powerful tool in political campaigning. that it is that right just. activists all those people. so. this is jenny in atlanta with more political films and series expected to hit the screens in india in the
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future many people here hoping their influence can at least be contained no matter how politically popular they may or may not be. hundreds of. them gathered in one of mexico's famous archaeological pocs drawing on the mysticism of the area turned. up in the reports from. mexico city. in southwestern mexico an annual kite festival is underway. and some people. take the art of kite flying very seriously. at this year's festival showing off more than a dozen of his creations. some stand out more than others like this forty meter long depiction of look in ancient religious icon. this represents the god god of the rain it's the dragon of as we like to call it it's blue and it has
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a few bells in the back that you can hear when it's in the air the kite festival takes place in one of mexico's most iconic and mysterious archaeological sites. there's a mysticism behind this location. a fourth generation artists and shows us some of his handmade. ceramic whistles used by ancient people to mimic the sounds of animals found in the region. everything from birds. to jaguars. other sounds are a bit more unsettling. before heading to war our ass sisters of the sense to manson used them to intimidate the enemy is doing so. for those less skilled at flying kites there are workshops where a couple of sticks some string and
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a sheet of paper is all you need to get your personalized artwork off the ground or fly one of the biggest kites at the festival right now and i have to admit this is actually quite relaxing which is after all the point of it to enjoy the good weather and have a bit of fun. part cultural showcase part carnival the festival is ultimately about families spending time together and letting loose under a canopy of hundreds of high flying works of art. mexico. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera sri lankan police say two hundred ninety people are now confirmed dead in sunday's bomb attacks with around five hundred injured police arrested twenty four suspects as part of the investigation the president is chairing an emergency meeting to review security meanwhile the
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u.s. state department says there is an ongoing threat in a revised travel advisory note says attacks could happen again without warning into as terrorists shopping malls and other public places. in colombia. the prime minister's statement saying that there there was prior information given about the possibility of attacks on churches. a lot of focus all of that investigation certainly those warning sori was described as a little known local group if this is indeed true highlight seeing credible intelligence and security apparatus failings here. the national security council is currently meeting at the president's residence we understand that the prime minister and all the cabinet meeting in that the prime minister is calling for an investigation as to. exactly how this potential security happen. protests leaders in sudan are no longer recognizing the military transitional
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council there accusing it of not taking the country's prices seriously but just to say they would step up demonstrations until a civilian government put in place. we reaffirm that we cannot go back to square one we cannot be treated by the military blocs we cannot allow the former regime to regain power the regime is attempting to reproduce itself we stood up to it ukrainian comedian of love him is the lenski has won the presidential election by a landslide the political novice is estimated to have taken around seventy five percent of the vote selenski has promised talks with russia to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine as rival petro poroshenko has but by the west as now conceded defeat. the world health organization says fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty people in the last three weeks troops loyal to the warlord aletha have to try to take the capital from the un recognized government well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one on one east stage
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with cancer watching by fidel. on counting the cost it's been called trojan horse while russian banks moved to hungary is kicking up a storm populist governments threatening the independence of central banks and isn't the end of the runway with jet airways counting the cost on al-jazeera. in australia more women are in prison than ever before most of them have been physically or sexually abused with many turning to drugs before falling into a life of crime so one i want to east investigates why so many women are going to prison in australia and maids two women who know exactly what it's like inside. ok i've been to prison four times i was in prison for drug dealing. the hardest
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thing about staying out of prison is dealing with the isolation. judgement. the stigma. it. says before her world came crashing down putting her on a path to prison fran was busy juggling work and family in sydney i had the perfect life. i had to be there for children i had. planned a nine to five job we had their own little house not far from the school. and i thought i was just woman in the world. things to charing which my son passed away when he was nineteen we were holding each other up from the death of us. and then my husband was darn nice trees
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. and passed away and we buried him with my son. and it was actually one of my kids' friends. introduced me to us not long after them passed away i. think so and i was just following it and i was an absolute mess and the more i took on this the more i wanted to tell you guys. soon to a lot. of friends would come out with all three of money and then i'd get it and then we. do feel it all out you know and in essence that my brain and drugs. i was the drugs for that but i would say yeah and then of course stuff that
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defrayed and. it got my friends told their friends and then their friends told other friends and friends told other friends and before. my half sister station it was it was absolutely and i was getting more and more sick. and it was aiding me from the inside out literally sepsis in my in my blood several months in your arms but i think from that was from the sepsis. the poison my whole blood because. it was literally toxic and i mean we've reached. i would be wondering today that i'm either going to die or i'm going to be arrested on monday and i want to be arrested you know and each time i was that i knew one of those would happen. and i was praying that it would just happen soon and. fran was
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convicted of drug supply and sentenced to three years in prison when i came out i had no. change of underwear. but that was basically. where i'm leaving now is not like i am absolutely desperate. today friends going to make gloria lama from the women's justice network she's helping her find some way to live. to see. you looking well will go in and to. see what the housing is all about. how long it takes to see. if something like the couple that clearly as it. was said to miss washer you ram's toshiyuki the bridge because catherine rice works for an ngo the provide short term
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accommodation the single women over forty five. there's a kitchen here we provide a microwave and fast reach because you know we've got a kitchen downstairs and. those three boss are you know. she's beautiful. so you name it. i think you. know. but actually it's. quite small so we don't start and i do have a pen i'm going to. because. we actually have other people question smith said it's not really suitable for me. because it's so small and i sort of got really excited and i said i have a little dog and she said we can have dogs here. and i just saw her.
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fran it would be lovely to be able to help her she's a person that's in housing they'd it's really sad and if you want to help everybody but you can't do you have any other any sort of accommodation that you know or you know it's really difficult for people live friend to fail rate a site you need housing everybody just somewhere that they can put their head down every now and they'll say and for most people coming out of prison that doesn't happen. but. i've been to prison five times i've been to prison for breaking and driving while disqualified driving under the influence of i and a skate place custody the hardest thing about coming out of prison being homeless and the stigma. it's a big day for becky she's just got her out of jail and the mother is here to greater
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. things. i'm so exhausted. but i'm sure that their lives when they come to i do i would like to have amazing. things in the love of the. mama which is for everybody. but yeah. we got there some. not so great i'm just like you know so so excited i nanny so i'm going to be lighter in the wake. of the song only song now i'm going to start. i've got some money. some papers my release papers in fifty dollars but you see that's it that's only coming out right. not much bikies to six months in prison for
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resisting arrest. driving while i'm qualified and stealing petrol anyway i'm out now and. he may be getting a new beginning. and i've been inside for six months now so it's great to be here that's how i feel it's like i'm seeing the top but i mean that it really and it's so good to have my mom yeah thank you mom. of the world. and it help you feel today i feel really excited i guess is a little bit of anxiousness there but. you know it's new beginnings for you and and for us as a family so yeah. every time i get out. there and try to get accommodation spall me because i couldn't go home to dad's because it that's where i left my robes he asked really say that last. point definitely
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last four years. before that really since i was sixteen they're sad and when i drink i have diminished capacity so i might really poor choices take that i get drunk on hang out with people that are in austin and i get on the os and i don't sleep for days and then i'm a drunk again and. it makes me and i stealing cars and. really dangerous behavior. this is the last time i have a talk to you on the fact that what you say i want for the impact for myself for the big he's prison terms has been the toyman cost and. i do want to but mostly it's been the hardaker around you know having to. talk about the with your friends that you know i'm going to visit my daughter in prison today it's a real shy i'm going. and. leaving her. when
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you leave your. it was really hard i'm never going back to prison i have had enough i've i've definitely growing from this experience and i. just i'm not going back i can't i cannot go back it's just there is. the light and it's not going back . two weeks later becky and her mum moved into a new. becky and i have just moved into a new place on the south coast of new south wales. and i guess if i didn't think she'd never a new life and was ready to make some positive changes in how awful i wouldn't have done. this in discover this is what this was when but he was using because she was such an opportunist if she would i would hard things like my car keys my
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wallet my phone laptop under my pillow whenever you know i went to bed. i have had a very tense relationship with my mom in the past but i am revealing that. mom has given me more than a few chances i have let her down more than a few times more. in. a few days ago now stalled so precious and irreplaceable things from a house that i was looking after and for me it really gutted me at that particular time she'd start on lots of things before in the past to deputy cuellar creations it was mother's day and we'd been out for a lovely lunch but that not when i went off to work she came back to the house and and took those things and with my trust. she stole the trust that other people had in me and that was really really tough and i went into a bit of a spiral myself at that point. you. have done
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a lot of personal growth. my self-esteem was shocking and i'm pretty good now. i was six when i was actually be used effect that had on my life. was like devastating. my dad wanted to buy my mom's flat out and i did not believe me which was really high. and then my parents actually got divorced not long after that i don't even know if the abuse affected me as much as not being believed. i went from a little happy go to a really i started to compulsively i go up to a little fat kid and i just saw.


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