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as these two countries are currently locked in intensive discussions trying to end trade tensions trying to end a tit for tat escalation in tower of search began since last year aren't there any tensions could also endanger any cooperation when it comes to denuclearize ation on the korean peninsula beijing is pyongyang's main ally and beijing supported any talks between the u.s. and north korea when it comes to really ended their development of nuclear weapons is crucial sudan's military council has protest is not to block roads and has asked them to let the police do their job the warning came after protests is suspended talks with the council a coalition of opposition parties is demanding an immediate end to military rule and the establishment of a civilian government mohammed vile has more from the capital khartoum. several hours after that announcement by the leadership of the protesters to stop dealing
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with the political committee of the military council we have another escalation this time around probably by way of reaction the military council has ordered the opening up of roads and has accused some of the protesters of this opting public order so instead of are up or small on the mutual understanding between the two sides they have been talking over the last several days about forming a civilian government and a joint military civilian council to rule the country the understanding is that the two sides are now moving to words divergence and escalation which increases fears about a confrontation between the two sides that the order that was issued today doesn't amount to a it doesn't amount to a decision to start to dispersing the crowds that are out in that have been sitting in front of the military headquarters for about two weeks now but it amounts to ethernet to do so we have gauged some of the reactions from the protesters side and
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they are categorically against it they are opposed to this order and to this. willingness on the part of the military to do to open up those roads that are occupied by the protesters they say they are here in the name of the people of sudan and the itself was staged in the name of the people of sudan and that this city is for the interest of the country because they want to get rid of the former regime they want to inform us and they will not move from where they are until all the demands of the the so-called revolution are met. the mali and president as they say is the new prime minister after the entire government quit on thursday he say will now be in charge of forming a new cabinet an ounce and comes after weeks of mass protests and recent violence this hark is in the mali in capital bamako. he's at the age of forty one younger he
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is not from any political party and he is of ethnic polani origin from the region where there was three weeks ago the maoists killing of one hundred sixty seven polani villagers by militia groups so it seems that the decision taken by the president is going with arteta to nominate this young man as the prime minister is he's kind of the candidate of appeasement he was the former prime finance minister under the previous government holding an important pose. with a portfolio of five billion dollars for that country and so he he essentially is supposed to be the mound that will. really resurrect the government of mali because over the weekend in brighton boogaard kate the has been consulting various actors from civil society to the opposition to members of the ruling party to find someone who could lead a new government. still to come down to zero mexico's oldest city hits amal's time
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but a diplomatic dispute costs a shadow over the celebration. i'm going to go like her in the valley of the gods in utah or a place that soon could be into oil and gas exploration there are those here who are fighting back. hello again it's good to have you back well here across china we are seeing some rain showers across much of the central and maybe moving over towards the east as well you can see that mass of clouds making their way here across much of the eastern part of china now we do expect to see some very heavy rain developing here across much of eastern china maybe affecting parts of shanghai temperatures are going to be into the low thirty's across much of the area you combine that with humidity it makes the heat index feel more like mid thirty's for some locations for hong kong it is going to be a cloudy day here on tuesday maybe
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a little bit more sun as we go towards wednesday but the rain continues towards the northern areas where here across india of course we are talking about very very significant heat across much of central areas we are talking about he waves with temperatures into the mid to low forty's in many locations new delhi at about forty one degrees now we are picking up some rain showers here along the eastern coast and those could continue as we go towards midweek ranchos down here towards the south with carola seeing some rain showers as well and then here across the gulf it is going to be the winds over the next few days and that is going to maybe bring the visibility down with some dust in the area here in doha twenty eight degrees there over here towards our dabi we do expect to see about twenty eight degrees as well and as we go towards wednesday tend to stay the same with miska see attempt a few of twenty nine degrees. on counting the cost it's been called trajan horse while russian banks moved to
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hungary is picking up a. populist governments threatening the independence of central banks and is it the end of the runway project is. counting the cost. well you. know when you. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera because president says he'll ask for foreign assistance into sunday's attacks that killed two hundred ninety people the
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government will also give police and the military extensive powers to detain anyone without a court order. the u.s. has announced it will sanction any town tree buying uranium oil secretary of state my palm bears said waivers that made it possible for some countries to purchase off from iran will no longer be a suit. i'm all this president has named a is the new prime minister after the entire government quit on thursday to say he would now be in charge of forming a new cabinet the announcement comes after weeks of mass protests and recent violence. police in algeria have arrested five billionaires as part of an anti corruption investigation those arrested to be produced in court said to be close to. former president up there as he's beautifully who resigned earlier this month of in months of protests demanding change the former prime minister and the current finance minister have also been ordered to appear in court. they've been explosions
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overnight around libya's capital as troops aligned to the u.s. backed government targeted the warlord afters forces the world health organization meanwhile says two hundred fifty four people have been killed thousands more been injured within the last three weeks. in the third and final day of voting in egypt's controversial referendum which could extend president up till fattah el-sisi term in office until twenty thirty official results are expected to be announced on tuesday mohamed el masri is associate professor of media and cultural studies at the doha in see the institute for graduate studies he says these amendments further entrenched dictatorship. there is very little opposition in egypt the egyptian government has done a very good job of consolidating power over the last six years they've eliminated opposition parties they've shut down opposition media just in the lead up to this
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vote they've shut down thirty four thousand websites belonging to dissidents who were trying to organize a ball to live void campaign they also arrested political figures about one hundred twenty of them in the lead up they banned a protest that was scheduled so the really is no space for dissent in egypt at the moment and i think you know a lot of analysts are predicting that it's really a matter of time before there is another sort of protest movement another another uprising there are sixty thousand nonviolent political prisoners in egypt many of them are in jail for expressing the kinds of opinions that you just that you just mentioned unfortunately egypt took a step forward with the revolution and then and then took about two or three steps backwards and particularly since two thousand and thirteen and these amendments further intrench military dictatorship in egypt and i think you can expect even more repression and power consolidation unfortunately. ukrainian actor and comedian
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volodymyr selenski has won the presidential election in his country by a landslide the political novice is thought to have received around seventy five percent of the vent his rival president petro put a shank and has conceded defeat but he said he wouldn't be leaving politics and promise to fight on robin for a walk or has more from kiev. we've had some international reaction to the news of the law to me as an entity's election as ukraine's new president from the european union which says it's giving its continued support to ukraine and interesting enough from russia from prime minister dimitri made the idea who said that now there was a chance a possibility of progress in terms of talks negotiations perhaps over what to do about the ongoing conflict between ukraine and russian backed separatists and
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russian forces in the east of the country and also of course the question over crimea which was an extent by vladimir putin back in twenty fourteen so this is perhaps one of the key challenges now facing the president elect and of course one of his key missions is to tackle corruption in the country and to improve economic prospects for ukraine to stop the brain drain of ukrainians leaving the country he is expected to flesh out those policies in the coming days and will of course be announcing figures individuals that he wants to have in his government as president he will have the portfolio to choose his foreign minister and his minister of defense and he also will now have to think about parliamentary elections in the country and that will require getting in or great see it and then
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. organizing. exceptional parliamentary elections with his own new political party which at the moment only exists on paper it's named after his television show servant of the people so somehow he has to build a political party from scratch these are the kind of significant challenges facing the new president of ukraine. to the philippines now or at least five people have died in a strong earthquake in the central part of the country the magnitude six point three quake struck near the town of bor degas thousands of people had to leave their offices in the main business part of the capital manila. in the u.s. five native american tribes are joining forces to fight plans to reduce wilderness areas in the state of utah the government's proposals could see ancestral land opened up to mining but environmentalists say is a dangerous land grab that threatens the very idea of conservation and you've got
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to get reports. fuel and scapes in the western united states are as dramatic as those in utah walking through the geological masterpiece known as the valley of the gods is simply or inspiring this state is famed for its parks trails and wide wild places it's also where past lives are honored an ancient history is accessible to all the whole areas dotted with a lot of ancestral sites angelo back again trace his roots to both the navajo and hoopy tribes and says places like the bears is national monument a vital it's about healing not just ourselves but the historical trauma that we've experienced how can we heal that from our indigenous peoples here with you the visitors of our land how do we heal that divide and that's what we're trying to do with this landscape but the protections given to both buress and grand staircase
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escalante monuments would drastically reduced by president trump more than a year ago both areas are now open to mining and mineral extraction with the action i'm taking today we will not only give back your voice over the use of this land we will also reste or your access and your enjoyment public lands will once again be for public use conservationists fear it's just a massive lying grab with grave consequences republicans say they're simply correcting government overreach so look at the beautiful color everywhere. fantastic places many visiting buress national monuments it's a betrayal of native american culture they have seen their vision of the way life is best lived essentially trampled on. and this is just one more boot on the neck you know know it's wrong who does the
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part belong to and it belongs to us the american people and she says and you need to be protecting it. five tribes in the region of now joined together to fight the changes many say they're still living with the harmful legacy of previous mining operations poisoning the air the water the soil and they're affecting us and these are places right next to a lot of our communities and that's environmental racism we can't allow that to happen in this day and age a scholar once wrote that national parks and monuments with the best idea this country ever had but at the moment there's is a grand staircase escalante stand at a vital crossroads what could follow is years of legal wrangling but the stakes couldn't be higher not only for the native tribes that call this place home but also for wilderness areas across the united states and gallica al-jazeera needles overlook utah. mexico is marking a five hundred years since the first europeans arrived to settle on the american
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mainland the events have been overshadowed by a diplomatic spat between the mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador and the king of spain lopez obrador has refused to attend after demanding an apology from spain for colonizing his country our correspondent man reports from vera cruz. it's been five hundred years since spanish conquistadores arrived in what is now modern day better clues. and the residents of one of mexico's most valuable port cities the stupidities are in order to commemorate even. more so we've seen a lot of participation from our community which understands the difference between commemoration as celebration and this context the city has prepared a series of activity has. been a truce was founded by the spanish conquistadores if this is a rival signal the downfall of a thriving empire by way of european diseases and the enslavement of native peoples
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. officially the first township on the american continent modeled after european customers he's been accused became an invaluable port. city to the vice royalty of new spain over the centuries the city has maintained its economic and cultural importance. to so you don't. favor crees deserves a starring role in history because the city has been a gateway in every sense of the way a gateway for peak with the trends in fashion and vera cruz became a door to the rest of the way. the founding of it it was also more the birth of a new nation but not all ceremonies commemorating the event are the same we were at an archeological site just outside of it i could use that was once home to the told to knock up people it's been said that it was from this mountainside five hundred years ago that eleven large ships were first spotted aboard were more than six hundred soldiers and sailors all under the command of it and then called this. the
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ruins of yell we saw the members of the various indigenous groups from across mexico are holding a ceremony of their own. here indigenous activists are hoping to shine a light on a different version of the historical narrative. on this is given to sign us today to commemorate this five hundred year with an ongoing existence that would not let our traditions die remembering our sisters who gave their lives to keep ancient ways alive for many the spanish conquest is five hundred years in the past but for a culture born of a mix between the new world and the old reconciling the history of the city could be the key to bridging a cultural divide that still exists today and read up a little. bit of. time just take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the sri lankan president says
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a loss of foreign assistance to investigate sunday's attacks that killed two hundred ninety people the government would also give police and the military extensive powers to detain anyone without a court order and now fernandez has more from the capital colombo. as quickly as possible they need to get on top of this issue today the second day following that string of coordinated attacks hitting on easter sunday in colombo and in suburban and in the east resulting in the death of almost three hundred people so they need to crack down even though we've seen further reports a car found loaded with explosives detonated short while ago as well as other finds like detonators bomb making equipment with detonators found abandoned near a private bus station the u.s. is announce it'll sanction any country buying iranian oil secretary of state said
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waivers made it possible for some countries to purchase of from iran and no longer be. mali's president his name to say is the new prime minister after the entire government quit on thursday he say will now be in charge of forming a new government the announcement comes after weeks of mass protests and recent violence so dan's military rulers avoided protests is to stop blocking roads and let police do their job the warning comes after they announce suspension of talks with the military that deposed president omar al bashir earlier this month. police in algeria have arrested five billionaires as part of an anti corruption investigation those arrested have appeared in court they're said to be close to a former president. who resigned earlier this month every month of protests demanding change. the ukrainian actor and comedian volodymyr selenski has
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won the presidential election by a landslide his rival petro poroshenko conceded defeat for right those are the latest headlines counting the cost is next. oh and has a seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week russia's international investment banker is moving it to hungary it's been called putin's trojan horse and find out what all bonds
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thinking and why the west is concerned. also this week as the global economy slows populous governments are threatening the independence of central banks. plus india's second largest airline runs out of money you off does jet airways have a future. the money looking for a route out of russia and into the european union appears to have found a crack in the banking system tens of billions of dollars has been through mostly baltic nations swamping the outposts of nordic banks it's been an ongoing headache for european regulators and now a different issue entirely has raised the anxiety levels in european capitals russia plans to move the headquarters of its development bank to hungary we'll get into that in a moment but first let's get to grips with the scale of this money laundering problem and some of the numbers behind it around one trillion dollars has been
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moved out of russia over the last twenty five years by individuals and companies not all illicit but that's money that has not returned to the country other sources of the money include moldova and as a by john. the money has been moved via malta cyprus estonia latvia and lithuania in the biggest money laundering case two hundred thirty billion dollars was transferred through the dansko bank's estonian branch between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen where did that money go into london's property market britain's offshore tax havens villas in the south of france and spain as the investigation has continued its strong in banks across europe now having failed to stem the money laundering europe has another dilemma how does it respond to viktor orban is decision to allow moscow to move its development bank to budapest while
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the bank is in its infancy and hungry has a minority stake it has no say in the way the bank is run it would effectively have diplomatic immunity so regulators would not be able to monitor it for joining me via skype from bratislava in slovakia is julius horvath economics professor at the central european university in budapest thanks very much for being with us so why does victor all bond want this bank in his country that it's. this question of is it going to be quite complicated because they really. change. and this happens also. maybe because of you. and. and hungary in the last three four years actually is. emphasizing the vagueness of us that you are all for of albany who was the east improving gross
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and should be is the more dynamic part of the world and things like that and this is why i'm a love of love so it's improving elation and he is that which is already on for a couple of years the russian mother mika their jeep on the roster come. in through contact affordability in the actors in hungary and this is one of those continuation of the staple for police it's curious though because this bank would be the seventeenth largest in hungary it doesn't appear to have the money for big projects does it yes i think there you got it so this is a barrier which was founded in. you know kind of you know laid out in the sixty's early their seventy's. so its ties to our other way to modernize and actually the bank was to support competition for lawns or things
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like that to each was very difficult to implement in the plumbing system but the been sort of live the night in the eighty's it was not the last it's kind of people lost interest it was a bank is a small small volume of copy and if i even bought it leaving one hundred billion left of these banks doing that kind of playfulness there's first. in the late that in eighty s. but then you know who are doing the business would you be going to village of an eighty's when you could maybe maybe ten years ago or you get to be more seen internationally. in burgess law especially its opening two thousand and fifty that original orpheus it increases their membership to be. nine counties saw. the definitely bride's lawns. in the wall of
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twenty those people there also lowered our speech on the global scale or even. is not a substantial when we're going. so basically what is the purpose of this bank is it like china's development bank yes it is to have a good relation. to help russia or maybe to ease some of the same because maybe some people can come to the bank who would put it legally if he. had diplomatic status. which of us would be difficult to do so so was this noble fergus i sing you need a political gesture for them and it has also led to me in. the small and it is in that you may be you know because of the political impact but it's difficult to see. you know from the from the university or from some. but most
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likely this this is the fact the opposition is calling this putin a trojan horse if you like because it gives it gives the russians this unprecedented opportunity to enter the you through this route and the argument goes that this this creates a serious national security concern is that a legitimate concern you think. oh you know that's. typically already done. the loss of disclosure so. impair you will only last darkly though they know a lot of these two zero two moves across borders. do. you know where the elegant hoped to go to hungary. where the going to go government is very friendly to the russian economy be interest but on your hands it is a member of nato it is member of european union and it's
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a huge german interest for example so i don't think you said this is. the changes you know or bruticus political picture. it's it's a some small size zero two more strengthening. the eastern countries especially those most hideous horvath good to speak with you. still to come on counting the cost sixteen thousand jobs on the line as jet airways grounds flights. the neo liberal economies love to talk up independent central banks free of political interference these banks have been able to raise and lower rates to curb inflation and boost growth but a populist trend has emerged that threatens their freehand president trump who has regularly attacked his pick for u.s. fed chairman jerome powell said the stock market would be five thousand to ten
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thousand points higher if the central bank had done its job properly breaks it is of rubbish the bank of england and its canadian governor mark carney prediction on the economic impact of britain's decision to leave the european union president of turkey triggered short selling of the lira after the central bank started propping up the currency and. of elections and more doubts been cast on india's economic data the central bank has lowered interest rates just before elections there all this at a time when the international monetary fund has lowered projections for growth to three point three percent the lowest growth since two thousand and nine well joining us here in doha to talk more about this is aqua khan senior director of asset management and welcome so about the independence of the central banks it seems that the they're there under threat from several leaders in the words of
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president trump and in turkey modi in india and so on what do you make of that. so when it's very easy for a politician to want to use the resources of the state to help them get reelected it would only be natural central bankers have spent many decades in trying to extricate themselves in particular many of the advanced economies from that oversight from politicians so they can actually do what's best for the long term of the country rather than short term populist measures however the politics in a number of countries you've mentioned and a few others we just had an election in an easier than other country where you've seen some populist policies the politics of a lot of countries have now meant that you have leaders that are more focused on these more short term measures and that has put a lot of pressure on central bankers to try and maintain that independence president trump has repeatedly tweeted about how much he dislikes frankly the federal reserve which doesn't help them in doing what they're what they're trying to do so i guess the question is to what extent can central bankers withstand that
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pressure. and continue to do what they're doing or as in some central bankers have found particularly india they get fired but there has always been discussion hasn't there about the job that central banks do i mean during the financial crisis of more than a decade ago the question was should they be should they have been spending so much . to rescue these banks that were in trouble i mean are they are they clear enough in their guidance what's what's acceptable and what isn't so central bankers generally work with inflation targets so they basically in more danced economies they said inflation targets which is an effectively a target for economic growth after we had the crisis a decade ago growth collapsed and if your target as a central bankers to bring inflation up to a certain level that means you have to get growth up to a certain level which led them to effectively throw the rule book out and try and hold. a ray of things which hadn't been done before to try and get growth back up
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so you could call it populist you could also call it them trying to meet their. aim which is to have a certain stable level of growth so you could you could probably criticize them of having not done enough prior to the crisis which actually led the crisis to happen so they probably allowed too much growth to happen in the preceding years which which led to the problem and as far as the in the implications of the global economy we have the i.m.f. warning of slowing growth what are what are the main areas of concern for you sure so the i.m.f. has just announced this this very recently but actually the world economy has been slowing for several months or several quarters depending on depending on where you look at so europe is probably the part of the world which which is seeing some of the deeper slowdown germany is struggling and the manufacturing economy within that the automotive sector which as supply chains globally has has been struggling france is slower italy is slower so europe has issues the u.s.
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which has been on on a very good path has recently started to see.


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