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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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let me read a piece of it to you the new foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said in a statement considering the basic u.s. sanctions were illegal the islamist republic of iran did not and does not attach any importance to these waivers yet regarding the possible negative impacts and the increased impacts on iran the government the foreign ministry will be working with domestic and international partners and crew including the european union to try to come up with solutions and the statement goes on to say that that will be fed back to the supreme authorities and a decision an appropriate decision will be passed and made public now bear with me i'm going to try to explain why this very bureaucratic government speech style statement does give us a sense of what iran is going through most of these predecessor was often known to respond to u.s. accusations and statements and comments of decisions by saying it's not worth it to respond to those statements or accusations or decisions this is really just another way of the foreign ministry saying the same thing even with their spokesman and
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what's interesting is here it gives you a sense of the fact that iran is truly cornered by the united states that many people would say expertly cornered and there's not much else they can do other than keep calm and carry on well china is one of the biggest customers for a rainy and let's hear now from katrina you in beijing. china's foreign ministry spokesperson lu khan told reporters today the china consistently opposes any unilateral sanctions from the u.s. on iran and that any trade it has of the run is in accordance with the law now beijing's ties to terror are very strong while other countries across europe and asia have backed away from their relationship with the country china sea and so have only strengthened it iran is one of the major participants in its belton road initiative and oil is a very big part of this relationship china is the biggest buyer of a rainy and for oil now china along with a few other countries received
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a waiver from the u.s. to continue buying oil until the beginning of may but unlike other countries such as italy or greece china has not significantly reduced its own purchase of reigning or oil and every year it's estimated to buy about fifty billion dollars worth of iranian or now china has a huge energy demands and it really needs of this oil its own supplies of oil i think drilling in recent years and because of this it's unlikely that they jingle heed any warnings from washington to stop purchasing iranian crude oil now what this is likely to do is further strain the relationship between washington and beijing and that's not a good thing because these two countries a currently locked in intensive discussions trying to end trade tensions trying to end a tit for tat escalation entire of which began since last year and these any tensions could also endanger any cooperation when it comes to denuclearize ation on the korean peninsula beijing is pyongyang's main ally and beijing supported any talks
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between the u.s. and north korea when it comes to really ending the development of nuclear weapons is crucial. so is a crime here and they are just their news we take a closer look at egypt's referendum that could see president theses rule extended until twenty thirty molly has a new prime minister and in days of. certainty and the n.b.a. champions are a win away from the second round of the playoffs clear we'll have the details of the sport. sudan's military council has ordered people to stop blocking roads and to let the police do their job the warning came after protests is suspended talks with the council a coalition of opposition parties is demanding an immediate end to military rule and the establishment of a civilian government more than has more from car to. the protesters on the ground
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and the coalition of freedom and change which includes the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading calls for protests over the past four months have been saying that the military council which are said president bashir is not keen is not eager to hand over power to a civilian government they're saying that the military council is trying to delay and is using delay tactics is trying to put the political parties against each other some political parties have setbacks they don't mind the military council supervising the transitional government that will be formed and others are saying that they don't mind the military council being part of that government so the people at the protesters and it's organizers are saying that they feel that the military council is not keen to have a part an independent civilian transitional government which is why they've suspended the talks yesterday now we've heard from protesters there saying that they are ok with the decision that they are there organizes the coalition have made and they are ok with the tone but they are concerned that it might escalate that the military may eventually for the protesters to end their sit in front of the
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army headquarters that has been going on for three weeks now the protesters are not giving a chance for anyone to move those barricades for them it's a symbol of the resistance that they've started more than two weeks ago they're saying that they will not let anybody remove those barbaric aides whether it's the villains or whether it's security or whether it's military. police are now geria have arrested five billionaires as part of an anti corruption investigation those arrested are said to be close to the former president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned earlier this month they've been months of protests demanding change the former prime minister and the current finance minister of also have been ordered to appear in court. and final day of voting in egypt's constitutional referendum which could extend the rule of president abdul fattah el-sisi until twenty thirty official results are expected on tuesday but rights groups say the referendum won't be will be neither free nor fair if approved the changes could
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allow for the president to appoint top judges and expand the role of the already powerful military and there's heavy security across the country let's speak now to dalia fuck me who is associate professor of political science at long island university joining us live from new york thank you for talking to us what are your reservations about this whole referendum process. so the referendum is over oh well it's over the constitution the constitutional amendments that will turn egypt formally into a military dictatorship when you put the military above the constitution is that the body that will safeguard the constitution safeguard democracy and safeguard the state which is in their terms of this new amendment you're essentially creating a military authority over the states now we already know that the parliament in egypt is more of a rubber stamp because it's stacked with sisi supporters former military and security apparatus but the one vestige that used to be independent is the judiciary
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and now when the president will be the person who appoints judges the person who has the power over the judiciary we're no longer talking about judicial independence but the but clearly i mean the process is going to the people of egypt the people of egypt have the opportunity to vote yes so presumably no for it should they choose. so the people of egypt who are seen as amendments just one day prior to the vote now imagine a constitutional amendment that will fundamentally change the nature of the state that's not in keeping with un mandates about what constitutions are supposed to preserve which is the rights of people were given to the people one day before the referendum but essentially people are voting on is something that they do not know and do not understand now in terms of voter turnout we have seen the a.p. report that people are either being paid bussed or giving subsidies to actually go and vote and aside from all that voter turnout was pretty low it's about five percent and you know the unofficial estimates that we have because what we saw. in
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the terms of diaspora vote it's less than two percent turnout and so you're seeing is a lack of confidence in a process that is marred with marked with issues that have been documented by human rights watch but also over a constitution that's fundamentally not in keeping with what the constitution is about also look so the idea of let me just jump in there because president says he and the government generally i mean they they they defend these proposals these amendments they say that what egypt needs is is more stability both politically and economically in order to to raise the country's general sodded of living. up to faster l.c.c. needs more time to do it. right so since president cc's coup since the military coup two thousand and thirteen and then president cc's election we have seen egypt degraded economically where the cost of living has increased where upwards of sixty percent of population is a poverty and so economically has not been successful in terms of security even
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though the military is and is in sinai with all the u.s. military aid and buying arms from france sisi has not been able to eliminate twelve hundred fighters isis fighters from sinai so in terms of securing the state and growing the state economically all of his schemes including the expansion of the suez canal have not led to the growth that he has promised and sourcing that he's not carrying out to see that president needs to be in power and extend his term limits so that he can be successful goes against the notion of what a democratic process is all about it's about being voted in and then out of office not being voted in and then not being removed and so essentially what egypt is doing just unprecedented in its history is crystallizing formal author terry military rule and that presumably would take a long time indeed to revote if indeed it ever gets to that position in the country . i think one of the unintended consequences of cc's overreach this time is that
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egypt might enter into a constitutional crisis where the military will be constitutionally guaranteed here of the of this democracy of a state which is not in keeping close constitution is for sure and once we have a crisis of constitution we might have a crisis of legitimacy and we're starting to see for the first time since january twenty fifth of two thousand and eleven a groundswell of activism because this is unprecedented and so it's not just with the no cold the bottle campaign the people going down and risking being arrested by voting no this is really not think he can look what not just spirit of the revolution was about but also with what a constitution is supposed to be about which is protecting the rights of citizens and not protecting your thirty of the military dullea fuck me thank you very much indeed that mali's president as they say is the new prime minister after the entire government quits say say would have to form
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a new cabinet the album comes after weeks of mass protests and violence is in the capital bamako. he's at the age of forty one young he is not from any political party and he is of ethnic pull on the origin from the region where there were three weeks ago the mass killing of one hundred sixty seven villages by militia groups so it seems that the decision taken by president. to nominate this young man as the prime minister is easy he's kind of the candidate of appeasement he was the former. finance minister under the previous government building in important posts with a portfolio of five billion dollars for this country and so he. essentially is supposed to be the man that will. really resurrect the government of mali because
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over the weekend he. has been consulting various actors from civil society to the opposition to members of the ruling party to find someone who could lead a new government one of us president donald trump's choices for the federal reserve board has withdrawn his name from consideration habit kane's nomination for a seat on the board of governors of the u.s. central bank had been opposed by some republican senators putting his confirmation in jeopardy he was also criticizing having no full economics background cain is a former head of a pizza company he ran for the u.s. presidency twelve that he dropped out because of accusations of sexual harassment. and staying in the u.s. five native american tribes are joining forces to fight plans to reduce wilderness areas in the state of utah the government's proposals could see ancestral land opened up to mining environmentalist say it's a dangerous land grab that threatens the very idea of conservation and gallacher
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reports. few landscapes in the western united states are as dramatic as those in utah walking through the geological masterpiece known as the valley of the gods is simply or inspiring this state is famed for its parks trails and wide wild places it's also where past lives are on it and ancient history is accessible to all whole areas is dotted with a lot of ancestral sites and yellow back again trace his roots to both the navajo and hoopy tribes and says places like the bears is national monument a vital it's about healing not just ourselves but the historical trauma that we've experienced how can we heal that from our indigenous peoples here with you the visitors of our land how do we heal that divide and that's what we're trying to do with this landscape but the protections given to both buress and grand staircase
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escalante monuments would drastically reduced by president trump more than a year ago both areas are now open to mining and mineral extraction with the action i'm taking today we will not only give back your voice over the use of this land we will also restore your access and your enjoyment public lands will once again be for public use conservationists fear it's just a massive lying grab with grave consequences republicans say they're simply correcting government overreach so look at the beautiful color everywhere. fantastic places many visiting buress national monuments it's a betrayal of native american culture they have seen their vision of the way life is best lived. essentially trampled on and this is just one more boot on the neck you know no it's wrong who does the park
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belong to and it belongs to us the american people and she says and you need to be protecting at five tribes in the region of now joined together to fight the changes many say they're still living with the harmful legacy of previous mining operations poisoning the air the water the soil and they're affecting us and these are places right next to a lot of our communities and that's environmental racism we can't allow that to happen in this day and age a scholar once wrote that national parks and monuments with the best idea this country ever had but at the moment there's is a grand staircase escalante stand at a vital crossroads what could follow is years of legal wrangling but the stakes couldn't be higher not only for the native tribes that call this place home but also for wilderness areas across the united states and a gallica al-jazeera needles overlook utah. still to come on the al-jazeera new
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mexico's oldest city hits a milestone. but a diplomatic dispute casts a shadow over the celebration. spanish tennis fans go head to head in barcelona find out who came out on top we'll tell you all. hello again we're here across the area we have been watching one particular storm you can see here on the satellite image making its way across parts of northern iraq also bring some weather across parts of turkey now in the high elevations it has been snow across that region you can see the temptress here on tuesday making it into the mid teens higher elevations just across the caspian could be seeing some snow as well tehran a day for you a fourteen degrees it is going to be a mixed bag particularly in the overnight hours not really getting too much warmer
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as we go towards wednesday but the majority of that system is going to make its way towards the east we could even see some significant snow in the higher elevations of afghanistan as well here across the gulf it is going to be the winds over the next couple days and at times we could be seeing the visibility come down because of those gusty winds down here towards much of a central amman temperatures are rising into the mid thirty's from ascott it is going to be a thirty two degree day few staying about that but maybe coming down to about twenty nine to greece by the time we get towards mid week and then very quickly down here across parts of south africa very heavy rain expected particularly down here along the coast that is going to be a problem as we go towards tuesday you can see durban with the rain in your forecast down here towards cape town as well which could be a problem as well but we do expect to see much of that rain start to ease as we go towards wednesday would durban at twenty seven. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. i'm defending my call me to
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say he'd leave egypt. i'd advise him to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not alone they hoped it would be. al-jazeera wild welcome to italy. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. and charge of crimes committed against civilians moved out of syria and above six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice. she will face on the charges it's a dead she will face but the city would fix syria witnesses for the prosecution on al jazeera.
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to take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news out president says they're all for foreign help into the investigation of sunday's attacks that killed two hundred ninety people the government will also give police and the military extensive powers to detain anyone without a court order. the u.s. is an outside actions of any country buying iranian oil secretary of state might pompei and said waivers that made it possible for some countries to avoid sanctions will not be renewed the waivers were introduced last november when the administration really impose sanctions on iran. sudan's military council has
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ordered people to stop blocking roads and to let the police do their jobs the morning comes as protesters say they'll suspend tool for the council that deploys president bashir earlier this month. for a campaign of stunts jokes and viral videos things are now getting a bit more serious for me is the landscape ukraine's new president is close to a european new center now where lauren taylor is standing by. it's marty in the t.v. comedian one sunday's vote with seventy three percent on a promise to end the war in eastern ukraine and root out corruption international election observers have praised the country conducting a presidential election that was competitive and allowed voters free choice as lenski as resoundingly win against incumbent petro poroshenko represents a desire for real change within the country by living standards have been falling you know she but i was. i like very much that finally he himself says
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a man with the people has become president but i can't say that i'm very emotional about it but i like it but finally someone who was not a politician has come into power. just to show you just when you do so here goes another to do the thing is pushing did not do anything that it pushing to was the problem as lenski said join the debate on their results of your mistakes that's it full stop ever emoted not against par shank oh. sure sure why did the muscles olinsky i feel disappointed because of selenski i've nothing against him personally face incapable of the job can't talk can't even put a sentence together what can i expect from him. something russia says he learned skills when is not unity from moscow to improve ties with kiev robin firstly walker has more. we've had some international reaction to the news of the loss of me as an election as ukraine's new president from the european union which says it's giving
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its continued support to ukraine and interestingly enough from russia from prime minister dimitri made the idea of who said that now there was a chance a possibility of progress in terms of talks negotiations perhaps over what to do about the ongoing conflict between ukraine and russian but separatists and russian forces in the east of the country also of course. the question over crimea which was an extent by vladimir putin back in twenty fourteen so this is perhaps one of the key challenges now facing the president elect and of course one of his key missions is to tackle corruption in the country and to improve economic prospects for ukraine just stop the brain drain of ukrainians leaving the country he is expected to flesh out those policies in the coming days and will of
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course be announcing figures individuals that he wants to have in his government as president he will have the portfolio to choose his foreign minister and his minister of defense and he also will now have to think about parliamentary elections in the country that will require getting inaugurated and then. organizing. exceptional parliamentary elections with his own new political party which at the moment only exists on paper it's named after his television show servant of the people so somehow he has to build a political party from scratch these are the kind of significant challenges facing the new president of ukraine. and age of bronze key is from the ukrainian congress committee of america he says there are concerns and then ski does not have the experience to negotiate an end to the war in eastern ukraine but russian backed rebels. you have to understand that
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a lot of his campaign promises were just that very short sentences he proposed doing a major restructuring of the. military structure in ukraine without any explanation about how to how getting that passed in parliament similarly he's proposed restarting the minsk agreement talks the normandy process inviting the united states and the u.k. into that however that doesn't take into account that russia as the other party in mediation needs to agree to that russia is the party in the midst process that has violated it according to the international observers so to say that he what we started doesn't take into account that he needs to be dealing with russia and does that mean this is what people have been asking during the campaign does that mean he will then travel to russia and try to do a tete a tete with putin as putin's advisor mr peskov announced on friday that putin is ready to meet with any future ukrainian leader who is willing to concede on terms
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of paris prosecutor's office is open an investigation into alleged abuse directed at the police by the yellow vest movement into government protests to spot fury after shouting kill yourselves at police in paris on saturday suicides among police in france are known to be on the rise and the chant was denounced as deeply offensive to grieving families but jess's of clash with police nearly every weekend for five months for just police say more than a thousand people have been arrested since mass climate change protests began in london a week ago as a cold extinction rebellion he set out to bring central london tristan's to major roads and bridges in an effort to get the government to take action against climate change any fifty three of those arrested have been formally charged with criminal offenses. northwestern europe is heading for a presidential runoff after the turnout in saturday's first round just past the forty percent threshold for a second round to be valid election has become
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a referendum on the country's recent name change a pro e.u. candidate will now be pitted against a nationalist candidate in the second round in may. as more from the capital here. the first round of the presidential elections in north macedonia passed in fair and democratic atmosphere the candidate of the ruling coalition there opened out of an opposition candidate than a c. annals of color have passed in the second round of the president elections citizens of north most adorning the second round will reward for two weeks both candidates expect to receive support from voters from albini and ethnic minority in the first round watered for a candidate of opposition albini and parties who won eighty thousand wards but did not enter in the second round of elections in june last year the country reach an agreement with neighbor greece and resold the need these cute and are separated the
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call from ice name north to macedonia the country will become a full member of the need by the end of the year. so from a fluent in london now it's back to martin and. lauren thank you very much indeed now they've been explosions overnight around libya's capital as troops aligned to the u.n. recognize government targeted warlord after his forces the world health organization meanwhile says two hundred fifty four people have been killed thousands more have been injured within the last three weeks the un's warning that the conflict has forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes were in the third week of the fighting and we can so far we have up to thirty five thousand. displaced people. many of these people have left areas where they did feel and where they felt insecure and have moved into
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more secure areas either with families but some earth in temporary. shelters as well we are also very concerned by the fact that displacement is continuing at an increasing rate every day we've just just before coming here i heard reports of. five hundred families who we're now seeing towards the up the western side of tripoli. more now from our correspondent went up to one head is in tripoli forces loyal to the government to start a new move this morning toward does have his forces locations in and around the tripoli in active international airport on the southern western part of the capital tripoli military sources with the government say that they launch rockets targeting have to his forces locations and live in
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a city of the international airport they used heavy of totally artillery rockets targeting have to his forces and of in a city of the tripoli international airport they say that they are trying to maintain their defense lines and they are trying to push have to back have to back out of the ministry of the tripoli international airport on another front line in why there would be an area around thirty kilometers to the cells from from the capital city center the government forces are also trying to maintain a defense called on to push have to the forces back beyond the administrative borders of the capital tripoli and meanwhile they're trying to cut the supporting line for half that its forces coming from the city of the homeowner and the city of the south of the of tripoli here in tripoli overnight. after the fire was heard clearly and the government sources say that they were using heavy weapons
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to target have to its forces in the veneer city of the tripoli international airport also a warplanes. was heard overnight but no strikes reported overnight we know that have to the forces have been losing ground on the southern part of tripoli and the government forces say that they are trying to push have to this forces back on the highway linking tripoli to the city. fein leader mary lou meant. donald has called for an end to violent rioting in northern ireland after the murder of journalist lyra mckee the head of the irish republican party made the comments in belfast during commemorations for the nine hundred sixteen easter rising against british rule twenty nine year old mckee was shot while observing rioting in london there is craig an estate on thursday night but donald says no progress can be made through armed action it's past time now
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for these groups that masquerades as republicans to pack up and pack it in church and their activities and to let the people get on with the work of building a new united ireland that ireland that we all once and ireland that will be a tribute to our patriot day and to all who die the ireland in which leave mickey should have lived. mexico is marking five hundred kids since the first europeans arrived to settle on the american mainland as man while rapidly ripples from vetter chris as an event is being mounted with both celebration and reflection . it's been five hundred years since spanish conquistadores arrived in what is now a modern day bit of news. and for residents of one of mexico's most valuable port cities the studios are in order to commemorate the event though it up more so and
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that's why we've seen a lot of participation from our community which understands the difference between commemoration as celebration and this context the city has prepared a serious of activity has. been a cruise was founded by the spanish conquistadors at nine but this is a rival signal the downfall of a thriving empire by way of european diseases and the enslavement of native peoples . officially the first township on the american continent modeled after european customers easy but it was became an invaluable port city to the vice royalty of new spain. over the centuries the city has maintained its economic and cultural importance that a missile you don't have a favorite cruise deserves a starring role in history because the city has been a gateway in every sense of the word a gateway for peak with the trends in fashion and vera cruz became a door to the rest of the well. the founding of it it also marks the birth of
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a new nation but not all ceremonies commemorating the event are the same we're at an archeological site just outside of it i could use that was once home to the told to knock up people it's been said that it was from this mountainside five hundred years ago that eleven large ships were first spotted aboard were more than six hundred soldiers and sailors all under the command of it and then called it is. that the ruins of yeah we saw the members of various indigenous groups from across mexico. holding a ceremony of their own. here indigenous activists are hoping to shine a light on a different version of the historical narrative. us today be commemorated those five hundred years with an ongoing existence that would not let our traditions die in remembering our ancestors who gave their lives to keep ancient ways alive for many the spanish conquest is five hundred years in the past but for a culture born of a mix between.


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