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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 112  ALJAZ  April 23, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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on his five years in office police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week mickey was shot in the head during a riot in londonderry at a certain republican calling itself the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old award winning reporter. and we're just hearing that queen elizabeth in the u.k. has indeed confirmed the speculation of the past couple of days she's inviting the u.s. president will trump to make a state visit to britain in early june that's according to buckingham palace he did you remember pay a visit to windsor castle last summer that was not a state visit it involves different pomp and ceremony inside story is next.
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he told jokes about the president now he is the president comedian a lot of a zelinsky wins a landslide victory in ukraine's election but with no previous political experience how will he tackle the many challenges ahead what's the punchline this isn't. hello and welcome to the program on imran khan comedian without him as lenski played a fictional president for years now he's going to play it for real but stand up comedy is one thing standing up to russia and the myriad of other problems facing ukraine is another thing altogether outgoing president petro poroshenko says
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zelinsky is too naive for hard politics but it is the dissatisfaction with old faces like that's probably benefits of the comedian he's campaigned on an anti establishment anti corruption platform and that seems so resoundingly with his supporters selenski won with more than seventy percent of the votes this is what he had to say. we did it together thanks to everyone now there will be no pathetic speeches i just want to say thank you. zelinsky is going to have to deal with ukraine's numerous challenges ending a five year war with moscow back separatists in the east that's killed more than thirteen thousand people fixing a struggling economy and the government's rising debt following through on his promise to fight corruption and stamp out the influence of oligarchs and also pushing through much needed reforms zelinsky doesn't have a proper party of his own and he's likely to face stiff opposition in parliament.
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i let's bring in our guests joining me on skype from care valentini professor of political science at the national university of kiev academy from berlin only broker jon benet professor in european studies at stanford university berlin and also on skype from moscow dmitri babbage a political analyst so god near newsagency welcome to the program let's begin with valentyn yeah first it's clear that the new president has significant challenges on his hands but haps the most important one is to actually get some parliamentary support he doesn't have a political party is there a danger he could be a lame duck president for the entire of his term if you doesn't get that support. definitely the president zelinsky doesn't have support in the
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parliament as it is now but ukrainian politicians members of parliament there very easily change sides so there may be quite a big group of parliamentarians who will start supporting him we have this tradition after every election but i think there is also a chance that about which is alinsky is not talking and his team is not talking maybe there will be a chance to press on the existing parliament and to have early elections he may be like not only on the parliament and not so on the parliament but on a wide movement toward ordinary people who want to get to read of corruption of inefficiency and who want to stop war so there are big possibilities for a wide movement to be created if he steam if zelinsky team is smart enough
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at the moment they were trying to do everything not to show what they will be doing just they wanted to have power to oust the previous president after some time they will have to decide how they will act i think they will be acting just as ordinary politicians who rely on the existing law on the procedures and in this way they will bogged down into these procedures they will have to show something which the ordinary people would like and getting rid of the existing parliament will be one of such important steps which they may undertake also mr. selenski needs some quick successful steps one of them is to release ukrainian prisoners held in russia to make any change between brazen hers of captives. in ukraine and in russia it will be a great success for him and also what he said in the beginning he said i want to
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stop shooting in the east of ukraine it's easy to do just give order to ukrainian forces stop shooting and to agree with russian supporters supported separatists to do the same so with these two important steps it is possible to create it was either movement of the people and to have early elections one of the possible ways from the existing stumble block that selenski i have to say has shied away from the media his speech when he was declared the winner was very short he said there's no time for pathetic speeches that doesn't seem to be a real manifesto. not and he couldn't have because he hadn't it feel to worth people who are in conflict with the existing authorities creating such
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a situation when ukrainians invited into an even more of camps so he mr zelinsky had to be excepted by all sides as a person on him they want and can rely well i would want to use it be billy cole archetype for that archetype in genesis it is said that the first stage when the curse was created the earth was formless was without form and was void so something like that was with mr zelinsky and in this room and the t.v. volume it is possible to pour any drug ram so now it's important to work out a viable program and it was necessary not only for ukrainians that all ukrainians think that he is our guy but for the international community as well it
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is very important that the united states and europe said ok mr zelinsky you can go you can be the president because with the support of outside forces it was much more easy for the for the president who is leaving to win but the west took in neutral position because for the west it was very important that there is no destabilisation the previous authorities they could use forged procedures as it is a practice in the post soviet world everywhere and in ukraine in particular but the west said oh we don't like to use force procedures and the minister of interior of ukraine mr a buck of this it did the united states of america and from there you received a coup. correct advice do not allow false if the case and so ukrainian elections we're quite all honest we're quite fair and
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in this way this situation was created that the west was looking at mr selenski as possible their ally and russia was not. so it is one of the best possible to knowledge is to come to power when every segment starts as you know it was interesting let's bring in the view from moscow and dimitri babich what is moscow thinking right now well there is hope you and i agree with the budding team that shouldn't things can be done very easily such as stopping the shooting there were several cases in the last four years since the war started in two thousand and fourteen when there was no shooting and people give them die right now people die every week sometimes every day on the line dividing the ukrainian army and the insurgents in the east of ukraine. and i agree that russia made every effort
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not to get involved in this elections not to insult me there's a landscape of course in their attitude to mr poroshenko in russia is very bad because there were several crisis in our relations after all the warring dong bastar that aren't be here so he is extremely unpopular and it was basically a politically impossible for president putin to negotiate with him seriously even to perform course even with full force there were problems because we've been said that a form of a station with him would have origin cause campaign and putin didn't want to do it . on the other hand of course there will be brought him says you're right it's sad because in russia the perception is that that means there's a lens. you will will have to withstand real pressure from the west if he wants to really bring peace to ukraine why didn't you write you said just recently that it
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was from washington that the so-called advice you have all listed actually came to the interior minister are stone of arc up you know you know ready independent country you don't need advice from who the country is especially outside of far away got the united states to have a normal lection so i would see more scores but usually yes we will negotiate with anyone whom the ukrainian people elected and called in our prime minister dmitry medvedev right now we call that the should get will stop and from there we can proceed further let's bring bill in here and really brooke not only this is it seems to be quite a positive reaction from both russia and within ukraine itself within ukraine itself is clearly time for a change moscow's keeping its mind open seemingly what's the european reaction do you think well it sounds very similar because there is no reason from the european union side or from the heads of state or government and the member states to not
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give any credit to the newly elected president because as it stands today it looked like a very open and fair elections from what we know and if there is such a landslide victory with over seventy percent of the votes the person is the truth amount and we can only you wait and see what he actually delivers given the fact that he hasn't really said much in the campaign this is just a speculate of game but generally speaking he's pro west that's what he's to what he said what he actually is going to do it's open for speculation as i said let's bring in valentine back in here. here is a man that hasn't really set out strong policy agenda. but he has swept to power because people clearly in ukraine want a change at some point he's going to have to build bridges he's going to have to
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really reach out to people and make some decisions that are going to be a unpopular with the current political establishment but may will play very well with the people of ukraine does he really have the people on his side i mean the elections were very clear the people wanted a change but what did they know what they were voting for. people who are working voting in their dream and mr zelinsky created this dream by playing in a in a movie buy in is serious but you know in fact she is absolutely not prepared for such a role as president of ukraine and now because he has education as a lawyer but his formal education and he doesn't have experience at all a lot will depend upon the team with which he will be working together and now it seems that he has an illusion that he can create
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a team of young unknown to the public people clean young so it reminds me something what mr saakashvili was doing in georgia when first he came to power and will he cut from power all people who are older than forty years old it's a way to nowhere he needs to use experienced politicians experienced. experts and gradually i think it will be combination of two of policies one using new people who are his team and involving experienced people also making compromises with the existing political forces i think he needs to have a compromise with one of the former leader of ukrainian security services who was taking part in the elections with former minister. of defense who are
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willing to support him and maybe even that yulia timoshenko one leader of one of the most powerful populistic. political parties so that will be first stage where mr selenski is creating his team either going one way young people new illusions and then. stop stopping because he will be destroyed by the opposition by his competitors or he cooperates with some part of ukrainian traditional political class. that is the kind of policies which he will pursue and also in international arena now he creates the image that he is a person who is pursuing mr obama mr mrs clinton's and george soros policy him and his advisors there are many people who
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are called you know children of mr soros. they have already experience in running many countries in the post soviet world and it was not a success oh by the way there were yesterday in the first interview of the future former the future first lady of the wife of mr zelinsky she said when she was asked with whom you would rather meet what first lady. mrs trump all mrs obama she said all i would do rather meet with mrs obama i like her more if this was a big mistake diplomatic mistake practical mistake but it may be she showing that the connections with traditional democrats with the former american administration are stronger than with the other side but if that's not something any dimitri
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babich dimitri you've been listening to or valentyn you had to say that there may be some naivety within this new administration that they may not know how to play the politics of it does this work to the advantage of russia might they be able to manipulate the landscape simply because he doesn't know is there. well as usual russia has over suspect that over there was going tensions even though i don't think it's the case here because russia is interested in that situation in ukraine basically proving it coming down because they are alive slavic neighbor millions tens of millions of russians have family members in ukraine and i would like to remind you i will only be given your facts here after the so-called peaceful revolution in two thousand put in during which thirty eight policemen were killed we heard that the new government out of mystery on the quotient killed so
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many people precisely because now there will be no corruption there will be new people you know young people who will bring less to practices and what was the result the result was that the ukrainian economy shrank seven percent in the first ten percent in the second year and now seventy eight percent of the ukrainians say that the country is moving in that wrong direction ok you can blame russia for that but maybe at least part of the blame is with the west because basically it was the european union that refused to have trial a true negotiations on the association agreement with ukraine in two thousand and thirteen when president yanukovych suggested let's let's resolve our differences by kevin trial a trip later all the negotiations russia ukraine and they were being union so in russia we all want we will wish success to mr zalewski not
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because we share all his opinions i think one can very well describe his political position he is a man of soros he is a man of ultra liberals he is surrounded by the people whom poroshenko fired three years ago that the so-called. foreign specialists you know they lead to a neon banka opera marketers formally they want to mean is there was a grain who was ousted by promotion clark about two years in power than you do you know the former finance minister who walked with that western banks they're all now in the landscape scheme but we still hope for the better because the current situation is all. there is almost no dialogue between us the diplomatic relations are in fact almost nonexistent on the pershing was a talk not only about stopping that air traffic between moscow and here but also cutting the railroads a cock in the railway traffic which is
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a tragedy because aside all your dance of millions of famous have family members on both sides of the border let's bring in your head you know you've heard what dmitri had to say about the european union there and the fact that they may have been a hindrance in previous years to the ukrainian government what are your thoughts about that is it time for the european union to fap up and really get involved in ukraine. well the european union is involved in ukraine and it strongly supports the western path in the modernization strategy of the previous governments and presidents what is wishful thinking is the idea that with a new president the country could easily need the so-called carbon hagan criteria to guide the country into a full membership this would require so many more steps that we certainly don't see anything like this happening in the term of this president most likely of the
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following ones so if people just hope that things would get better by the fact that he says he wants to get more western on it forty depends on who his team is who his advisors are and how he addresses all the high flying hopes that he created we still don't know in what direction this is moving he says it's western but there's not much the european union can do other than supporting the government with money with expertise with guidance what the country needs to do is to do its own reforms and not wait until the european union takes it over which will certainly not happen the unseen you heard earlier brooke that he said he used the words wishful thinking that this may well just be pine's guy thinking actually the real politic dealing with the ukrainian hardliners when it comes to russia dealing with their relationship with russia any kind of compromise with russia may well be seen by the hardliners as giving in to the russians got a challenge on his hands. but there isn't just give situation in ukraine it doesn't
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depend on what camp you belong to the florescent who will do zielinski ukraine will have to find we we owe the war in the east of ukraine and i would say that even. he will have to have negotiations on this. issue this is very important issue to resolve the war in the east of you. over issue or is it simply that's what needs to be sorted out first yeah but you said about the hardliners we have hardliners ethnic nationalists we have even a neo nazi groups and you see what is interesting everybody both florida and zelinsky will have to get rid of the right wing extreme nationalists so we will
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have to overcome the period where there was fear when there was censorship in ukrainian t.v. in ukrainian press no people feel liberty they are ready to speak what they think it is a very important step forward later we will have to see the competition between different teams different tendencies who will try to influence mr zelinsky and here it will be very important to have it very positive sign from the west you see what happened there mr cool i'm sorry i'm sorry here we are running out of time i do want to come to our other guests first but you raise a very important point let me begin with you just very quickly dimitri in moscow the russian relationship that seems to be very crucial very correct very clear is russia open for business with this ukrainian administration will it be able well it
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want to do business well absolutely it will want to live in the especially violent thing is that right if mr selenski takes measures or a name extremist ukrainian nationalist that will be appalled at russia please note that the censorship that one can just grab it was not under your own accord it was under the new government that the extremist nationalist in the. appointed and dismissed that kind of television indulged in violence sometimes you know pressuring newspapers and t.v. channels we saw it in the ukrainian media we basically speak very similar language here and how awful the media in ukraine are in russian so we for all their political situation they're very closely and with a huge sense of sadness you know when we see their actions all extremist nationalists so if misters against the reins in extremist nationalists it will be
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a floor that in russia and russia will make every concession every what it will move to improve relations with the certainly a challenge thank you to all august's valentine yeah when you broke that and dmitri babich and thank you chief all watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from am wrong and the whole tame hit by finale.
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issue just administration in spain's modern history has been forced to point to snap election twenty eight with polls suggesting a fragment of a vote on the rise in the far right populist movement marks can the socialist alliance hold on to power a state with al-jazeera the latest on the spanish elections. first in the heart of the amazon bolivian family is the band lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it tool libya. on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera we us you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the
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and twenty eighth in doubt. you're watching al-jazeera in doha these are all top news stories a national day of mourning is being held in sri lanka for the victims of the easter sunday bomb attacks at churches and hotels mass funerals are being held for some of the three hundred twenty one people killed the u.n. says forty five of them were children from war from the capital colombo and is live for us there florence so let's just begin with what the state minister of defense has been suggesting in terms of the connection of this attack with another last month that's right so the defense minister of st lanka has said that he believes that the attacks that took place were read in retaliation for.


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