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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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hello i missed and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a failure to act on intelligence as president vows to restructure security services after suicide bombers killed more than three hundred and twenty people. and saddam thousands more protesters arrive in the capital to join demonstrations against the country's military rulers. u.s. president donald trump needs twitter's boss hours after launching accusations against the social media company. and how syrian refugees are preserving their
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history and culture destroyed by years of war. because president says he will sacks security chiefs following the easter sunday bombings intelligence agencies received multiple tip offs leading up to the attacks but no action was taken to stop the bombers some of the warnings came just hours before the attacks that killed more than three hundred and twenty people daryn story reports from colombia. a seemingly innocent moment a man with a backpack strolls casually into the st sebastian church. he pats a child on the head and enters the building this security camera footage shows a suspected bomber one of several who carried out the attacks across three cities in st on sunday officials have admitted there was an intelligence failure a warning given more than two weeks before the attacks happened was not shared
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acted on now it's also emerged that intelligence services should have had one of the suspects on their radar much earlier hilmi ahmed the vice president of the muslim council of sri lanka says he had alerted security officials about a radical preacher said to be the leader of national. the group the government blamed for carrying out sunday's attacks but three years ago we were in turn told them that there is a muslim cleric who is preaching he had been gathering young people in the guise of conducting koran classes and radicalizing them at a news conference on tuesday afternoon the prime minister didn't sidestep questions about whether the attacks could have been for if it was in order certainly we could have prevented many of the attacks in the churches and had more security in the heart of what is we could have prevented all the attack so at least reduce the number of attacks that were taken place but when it came to the suggestion that it
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was a rift between him and the president who's in charge of the police that led to the breakdown in communication he was less forthcoming we had a meeting at that we i mean we are different so read him but we did crash out and somehow look we've got to get the country out of this problem i don't think we can start working for us and she was in front of a few hours later the president in a recorded address to the nation insisted he had no prior knowledge of the attacks emma rog. specifically i would like to say that i wasn't informed by the relevant authorities. or by the responsible offices. if they had informed me i could have taken actions regardless. he said there would be changes in defense heads within twenty four hours the investigation is down looking at whether the suspects had links abroad as officials believe they would have required help planning and carrying out the coordinated attacks there was also a suggestion from the defense minister that the bombings were in retaliation for
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the mosque shootings in new zealand but some here say there should be caution in making such links meanwhile remains on high alert fearful of the possibility of more attacks officials here say they continue to be threats to the country its institutions and businesses even the post office has now said it will no longer accept sealed packages a return to war time practice it appears no one wants to take any chances after sunday's attacks lawrence louis al-jazeera. well now i'm an elephant and joins us live from colombo now that's now the third day since the attacks can you describe what they like. people are still trying to figure out how to respond to this crisis that's unfolding in their country i mean we had once again a police curfew which was lifted in the early hours of this morning again cars
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back on the road you can see behind me this central prominent in colombo reduced certainly and there is a lot of consolidation between members of the public as to what they should do with the safe to get out obviously certain schools education institutions close for the rest of the week but everybody sounding a note of caution in fact just when we got here this morning very popular place for people to have their morning constitution and exercises i met a leading hotelier while we were setting up and he was on his morning walk and he came over and he was saying you know what is the situation and the one thing that stuck from that conversation was we seem to be going back to the old days it's sad but we have to get on with life sure lankans are very story dave where the many
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many years of conflict they've weathered the worst the sad thing is that given the end of the war in the last ten years they thought they'd put that behind them so very much concern particularly when you have claimed that there might be an explosive laden truck or as the prime minister told us at the briefing yesterday that there were certain elements who had got away they were on the run some of them possibly armed so there are these concerns going into the third day of that easter sunday carnage and mentally each day we learn more about what's happened and who is responsible is there a level of anger based on the failure of security services and and how are claims of i saw responsibility being. that sort of shock that kind of sort of be willed a moment that was meant with bill by people on sunday as soon as this unfolded it
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took time for people to actually register what had gone on as these incidents unfolded sunday going into monday but not slowly as the reality the violence the brutality the scale of the loss of life. hits home sure lankans are beginning to question to vent their frustration and are beginning to get angry basically about claims merely that this could have been prevented i think more than anything i mean they do realize as having been a country that has gone through the worst of conflict they know how to deal with it it's just that they feel a certain sense of being let down by their leaders who should have been on the ball and making sure they were taking care of their people so this claim by eisel that
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we're hearing the prime minister knowledge in that they had heard the claim coming out of cairo of course saying that investigations are being conducted the sri lankan authorities you know looking and investigating every avenue every option obviously these claims will be looked at in terms of foreign involvement and things like that but the authorities are also not willing to confirm that one hundred percent till they noite for fact saw everyone looking to see what exactly happened and who exactly is responsible. on the ground for us and come by thank you for that update now. well we can snout speaks again col he joins us live on scott from boston massachusetts he's a former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the cia let's start with what appeared to be some pretty serious intelligence failures within the sri lankan government how can something like that happen. well
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frequently i will have some sympathy for intelligence services and law enforcement services when it is asked or happens because it often is the case that the pieces are clear that you can put together after the fact and before they are lost in the in the chaos of confusing information in this instance based on the the dozen news reports that we are all able to read it does seem more damning the circumstance when there was a clear advance warning was specific individuals named and even down to the point of specific targets and it appears that because of a political clash between the prime minister and the president between the services and the governments between political parties that no action was taken which is.
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shocking so it can happen more frequently from the chaos of difficulty of trying to recognize what information among the dozens of pieces you have per day is actionable and valid in this instance it seems to have been. no action was taken when it could have been well the government's now they mean national tell me john that the relatively little known group what do when at to know about them. well i gather that they have only declare themselves or come into existence since two thousand and fourteen there isn't even as frequently as the case who has been trained by influence by the wahhabi the extremely conservative reactionary strain of islam from the. saudi arabian. peninsula. and.
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their view of the act fashion or part of islam is that anyone who does not adhere to an extremely severe interpretation of the koran and or is not a muslim is a cover for an infidel who deserves death this is the philosophy or theology that's justified and and isis. other groups but it seems to be a recent once free laca. i gather the authorities knew of the mom and the individuals. the foreign ties in this instance are surmised but not known. and it seems to be small but that's all that i know what we know that they were responsible for defacing some statues in the past but the suggestion is that they couldn't have done something as coordinated and sophisticated as this without foreign support and we've now had i still claim response ability and what do you
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make of that and i saw the mistake aimed responsibility for various attacks that they have had varying levels of involvement in. right i'm glad you mentioned that you good points it's i think a reflexive and common comment to make that group x. couldn't have done this without foreign help i actually tend not to believe that it's less difficult to be a terrorist than that would imply anybody almost anywhere today has access to the internet and learning how to make a bomb is not that hard to coordinate synchronize a watch or a cell phone so they decide to do something at three o'clock together in different places is not that hard so until proven that there are associations with foreign. planners are grouped i'm skeptical of that it's not nice not necessary.
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and then the. claim by eisel or isis depending on how our caller. is as you point out. correctly i'm happy you did a standard thing for them for these groups to do that makes them seem to be global active coordinated all over the place and frequently that's not the case. more typically in recent years the trend in the phenomenon of islamic jihad is an terrorist acts have been what experts are calling frequently inspired jihad ists these are people who don't usually or necessarily receive training or guidance or instruction from a group someplace but literally are inspired through the internet media to strike a blow for allies as they see allah to be this is frequently not always the
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case but more more commonly in recent years than before when i was working a decade ago the phenomenon was a bit different and there was more centralized command and control kind of organizations so we don't know but i wouldn't assume or even think it necessarily likely that a foreign group. or training was required to do this. a form that deputy national intelligence officer for tend to national threats of the cia thank you for being with us and out there and in time. well thousands of sudanese protesters have joined a citizen in front of the army headquarters in khartoum to express anger at the country's military rulers african union leaders gathered in cairo gave sudan's military council a three month deadline to hand power over to a civilian government has the latest from khartoum. sudanese protesters keeping
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up the pressure on the military council. and the sheer force of numbers two weeks since they managed to push the little thirty to topple the regime of model bashir they are still here demanding the task of power to a civilian government as they have gone by skepticism in among the protesters until this minute the national congress party of bashir is still around its leaders still sitting around and until now the military council has not responded to any of our demands if they think we don't understand let them know we understand the former regime is still ruling us and directly i don't have any i mean we want to completely civilian government to be appointed right now and our demands to be it away from the shias hegemon and away from any politicians whatsoever we don't need any political parties all we need is the criminals to be brought to justice and our funds that were stolen and taken abroad to be returned if you do you might. a fresh
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attempt by military police to remove the road blocks around the city on tuesday appear to only exacerbate tensions in the car and the african union summit in cairo didn't help matters. we have also listened to the chairman of the african union commission about his last visit to sudan as well as his monitoring of the announced developments from all sudanese authorities regarding the transitional period we have agreed to give more time to the sudanese just over two years sudanese parties to implement these measures. what does this have condemned the outcome of the article the union summit in cairo specially the decision to give the military council for the months before it gives power to civilians and they have called for the biggest mass protests to be held today in the auction i think cc's should get out of our lives this is our country and our
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revolution it's us who got killed or rested and tortured no laid out or any foreign country has the right to interfere in our affairs or sabotage our revolution. the calls for more volleys continue to bring to the streets a trail loaded with protesters of from the northern city of now the god as the creator of this uprising it was there that the first person was killed during a government protests in december arrival of the opera activists appear to give. to those taking part in the sit in they say they have braved bullets tear gas and torture for over four months to bring about change but they are destroyed going to continue they don't want anyone to derail their revolution. or does iraq. plenty more ahead on this news hour including a war on misinformation in a separate launches a global campaign against anti-vaccination reflects as needles infection rates in
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ukraine. the race to find survivors in the philippines after a series of powerful and quakes hit the island nation and in sport there will be here with the action from the penultimate day and the asian athletics championships and. saudi arabia has announced the execution of thirty seven people one of the bodies was put on public display as a warning to others saudi state media said. we're guilty of terrorism and disrupting security human rights group amnesty international has condemned the killings it says most of those executed were minority shia who didn't get a fair trial and that confessions were extracted using torture the kingdom has already executed over one hundred people this year well earlier i spoke to a med who is the director of the institute for gulf affairs he says those executed
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were mostly protesters. you mean when the saudis use the word ters and they're talking about people who are posting on facebook and twitter or participating in protest so you are looking at the court system that has no place this time and each course and parts of the it is part of the regime and the judges are part of it even they do whatever the government has them to to do. since two thousand and twelve not a single member of isis for example has been sentenced to death or executed just two days after. the united states and i was it's zero. committing of sanctions against iran the saudis it take thirty four shia and thinking to abandon at some sunnis and get you know so it's not that list doesn't
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look like a sectarian decision and so this is why the saudis doing it let's remember a few weeks ago when john kerry u.s. ambassador. india or it it was saying very similar things condemning shiite expansionism that's was well taken you might say to the the saudis saw in in us statements from and from jan if you see it started now this year i was in general will face greater. community face greater. challenges this is the largest mass execution of shia in the history of saudi arabia since that days of early sound you obvious state where thousands of shia were murdered by the obvious forces this is the largest since nine hundred. home president donald trump son in law and advisor says israel and the palestinians will have to make tough compromises to achieve a peace settlement jad question over speaking at the time one hundred summit in new
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york he also touched on a wide range of other issues including the matter of saudi journalist mark a shock and russian meddling in the us presidential election in twenty sixteen alan fisher has more from washington we don't hear from jerry very often he's a key advisor to donald trump and holds a number of important portfolios in the white house he's been speaking at that event in new york and he gives some details about what we can expect about the middle east peace plan he's been working on for the last two years he said he intended to make it public earlier than this but it was delayed because of the general election in israel and says he'll no wait until after ramadan to reveal what he's come up with. our focus is really on the bottom up which is how do you make the lives of the palestinian people better what can you resolve to allow these areas to become more investable we deal with all the core status issues because you have to do it we've also built a robust business plan for the whole region i think that the two together have the
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opportunity to push forward and then from israel's point of view their biggest concern is just security and i think that what we do is something that allows for israel to maintain security but be tough compromises for both jere commissioner was also asked about his close relationship with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and the death of the journalist jamal khashoggi no he said he wouldn't talk about u.s. intelligence assessments we've suggested that the crown prince was behind the murder but he said his advice to mohammed bin solomon was to be fairly transparent and also to make sure there was full accountability jerad kishner also deals with the question of immigration in the white house he says he'll have a new plan to present to the president in the coming days and he's also asked about the miller report which he dismissed as an investigation after a few facebook ads placed by the russians it was a lot more than that and jerry is aware of that but he says the investigation
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caused more division in the u.s. over the last two years than the allegations themselves and he insists that donald trump isn't a strong position to win reelection in twenty twenty. well u.s. president donald trump has met twitter see jack dorsey just hours after he launched an attack against the social media giant saying to us it was biased against him the meeting took place behind closed doors but according to the president it went great well donald trump is a prolific twitter user writing on average eleven or twelve posts per day he often uses the social media platform to attack other politicians as well as what he describes as his enemies in the media trump tweeted saying twitter is playing their political games no wonder congress wants to get involved and they should must be more and fair companies to get out the word he also attacks the new york times demanding the paper's editors quote get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness
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for what he calls false reporting against him it follows a controversial tweet last week in which the u.s. president accused u.s. democratic representative oma of downplaying the nine eleven attacks well let's speak to rick wilson who's a republican strategist and media consultant he's also the author of everything trump touches dies he joins us from tallahassee in florida so despite the president attacking twitter jack dorsey did take the white house meeting presumably you can't really say no when the president summons you. sure you really it really is hard to say no to an invitation to the oval office with the with the president united states and obviously twitter has been very fearful is that all the social media platforms are right now that they could be subjected to regulation this is a white house that has been known to to do executive order regulation so i think out of the abundance of caution mr dorsey in the us the twitter executives that came in so they took the meeting would trump keeps insisting that twitter is biased
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against him talk us through why he might think that. well the president has an imaginary bias he twitter as a bias against him because he believes that he should have more followers than the fifty million or so he has right now. twitter periodical eliminates tens of thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands of jobs millions of fake bought the council all the time and a really large percentage of donald trump's followers are fake accounts they're bought they're they're part of bought nets that are used to promote you know propaganda whether it's from advertising or political groups here in the u.s. or the russians or whomever the number of votes that follow donald trump and seek to leverage off the dollar terms twitter feed is enormous and so twitter periodic lee purges them and so trump believes that that is you know it's a political statement of bias against him in fact it's just keeping their sort of sanitation mechanism for their social network well despite his complaints and bias
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many would argue that tessa helped tend to win the election and to continue now to connect with his base. i think it's one of donald trump's most powerful assets it's a direct line to his base there are a lot of folks who are on twitter you know who follow donald trump and nobody else that's their channel that he's establish it's an incredibly powerful channel it does things in terms of keeping his base along one set of political goals that he sets for them and one set of messages he drives for them very much there's almost no parallel to it i mean barack obama has more followers on twitter by about of he that's about one hundred million followers but he doesn't use his account to drive a political movement at this point and trump certainly does and it is definitely been an aspect of his communications mechanism that has been very powerful and hard to push back against by folks who oppose him either on the republican side or the
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democratic side so with these complaints of bias and then this meeting today is trying trying to be strategic carol or is it more about as you suggested earlier really about his displeasure about his number of photos being less than is about is i think there's also the factories trying to work the referees he's trying to say that twitter you know should should allow the people that are some of his vociferous supporters to stay on i think he's also unhappy that they've purchased a lot of these people who are very strong like all right supporters of trouble have got rid of a lot of those folks and i think he's not happy with with losing any support base that's on the is what he views as his primary channel and i do think that again he's working the referees a bit here he's trying to make sure that twitter doesn't you know doesn't doesn't engage in behavior he doesn't want which is to say you know treats his account in ways that an ordinary person tweeted things like the enemies of the press and
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things like that would probably rather than some trouble but donald trump has a sort of protected elaine in the twitter space rick ross and a republican strategist and media consultant thanks for joining us on outta there. well egyptians have voted to approve major constitutional changes in a snap referendum the amendments mean president could remain in power until twenty thirty they also extend the military is involvement in adoption politics rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair priyanka got to experience beers with their modem and he would not let go to many million. the numbers the government says reflect the triumph of egypt's democracy. official figures with the turnout at little more than forty four percent and almost ninety percent of those who voted approved constitutional changes that extend president of the fertile cc's rule and had to agree to power didn't fluence the judicial system the
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changes also formalized the role of the military in egyptian politics this is diary square in twenty nineteen sisi supporters celebrate overturning changes that were hard won by thousands of anti-government protesters during the twenty eleven arab spring. after thirty years of president hosni mubarak's rule the constitution was amended to limit future precedents to two four year terms tuesday as referendum results change that to three six year terms which means sisi can now rule egypt until twenty twenty four and perhaps even to twenty thirty he would also have control over the appointment of judges and public prosecutors these constitutional amendments were rushed through very very quickly i'm not sure egyptians even knew what exactly they were voting on in fact the text wasn't even finalized until four
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days before the referendum was held one of the last minute surprises was that sisi is current term was extended by two year so now he doesn't have to stand for elections until twenty twenty four was a box of food in exchange for vote people even queued up for them from alexandria to bullhead i was to see those leading really gives them reliant on the armed forces and the security services. will continue to do so it's more. aggressively so that if you were on. horses are now control of the state through see through we're there on our presidencies he says his room means a stable and secure egypt in the face of turmoil in the brain countries the
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referendum results were announced on the day when he was hosting two summits one and sedan where longtime president bashir was deposed recently and people one day military leaders out. and the other on libya a battleground between bible governments eighty years after his dictator moammar gadhafi was ousted priyanka cooked. al-jazeera both tell a head on al-jazeera as the us off as millions for information on hezbollah era comes out of the eleven on that washington's aggressive stance could destabilize the country. and in a sport libya will be hand with action from boss allana of the tennis that trying to keep the good times rather.
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get a welcome back to international weather forecast while the heat is on here across parts of china as well as the active weather in terms of thunderstorms that means over here towards the east we're going to continue to see that as we go towards midweek in some areas temperatures are rising to about thirty four degrees here in studio up towards shanghai it is going to be a rainy day at about twenty six degrees down towards hong kong though it's going to be the miti that's going to be the big problem with that for heat index feeling more like about thirty three to about thirty four degrees across much of the area well for the philippines down across the southern part of the philippines particularly it is going to be the heavy rain showers and that is going to continue over the next few days as well up to the north though the temperature is coming up from manila about thirty six degrees over here towards what you meant thirty six degrees as well and for thailand those heat indexes are going to feel more like about thirty seven to about thirty eight degrees very uncomfortable situation across much of the region across india it is still very hot across much of the central areas we're talking into the low forty's for many locations of course until
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the monsoon kicks in the temperatures are still going to remain quite high down towards the south though we are picking up some rain showers as well as clouds and that will bring some rain showers over here to a sri lanka as well of course kolkata it is going to be a hot day if you with a temperature of thirty seven degrees. whether sponsored by qatar in. the fascist anti establishment and provocative. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with football hooligans. who read old death on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the
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discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. hello again. a reminder of the news this hour leading security chiefs in sri lanka will be sacked by the president following the easter sunday bombings intelligence agencies received multiple tip offs ahead of the attacks but some coming just hours
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before the blasts but no action was taken to stop the bombings of. thousands of student protesters have joined a sit in outside the army headquarters in khartoum they're angry after african union leaders gave the military council three months. to hand over power to a civilian government. egyptian voters have backed constitutional changes that pave the way for president. to stay in power until twenty presidential terms will now be extended from four to six years he will also have more power over the judicial system and part of. the lebanese armed group has yet to make any comments after the u.s. offered a ten million dollar reward for information that would disrupt the organization as finances the group is backed by iran and there's concern that america's anti iran agenda may become more confrontational so in a hotter reports from beirut. present a large receives donations and religious tax from its support base of lebanon's
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community but its a small fraction of its budget the united states says the iranian backed group earns almost one billion dollars a year to financial support from iran international businesses and investments corruption and money laundering it announced a new initiative to further isolate hezbollah today the us department states rewards for justice program is offering a new reward for up to ten million u.s. dollars for the information leading to the disruption of financial activities that support the global terrorist organization lebanese hizbollah. the us administration has been pushing a hard iran agenda secretary of state mike pompei i was in beirut last month where he told the lebanese to stand up to hezbollah but has blind its allies control parliament and government making it harder for the u.s. to target the group without targeting the country. the u.s.
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officials always be clear they want to hear between lebanon and hezbollah between those sanctions and the economy and i think this is difficult of course but this is possible we cannot say we are safe but we are thinking a lot of measures he. internally and we are trying to keep safe the economy and the banking sector. the u.s. has offered military and economic support to lebanon despite hezbollah's growing political influence that may change with a more confrontational policy involving sanctioning hezbollah's allies who include the president and head of parliament so that there will be further u.s. action against his like sanctioning his political allies there is no doubt sanctions have already hurt his butt for the live in a state not to be affected it will need to distinguish itself from his. the u.s. considers hezbollah as an arm of iran's revolutionary guards while it may have been created by the guards decades ago it has since embedded itself in the lebanese
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state. hezbollah dismisses the effectiveness of u.s. sanctions and calls them a form of war its leader hassan nasrallah in early march urged supporters to donate money that call was not seen as a sign of desperation but more a message to hezbollah's followers to embrace austerity measures. hezbollah's role in government allows it to use resources to fill the gap in services it used to provide directly to its own constituency the group may survive but lebanon is in the middle of the us iranian confrontation threatening its fragile stability so to . beirut around two thousand students have protested in algeria as capital to pay tribute to the five victims who died on monday after a building collapsed residents say the building in the us go listed caspar district should have been renovated or destroyed protesters also continue to demand change
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because of the interim government's links to former president. well a court in hong kong is due to hand down sentences for nine pro-democracy leaders behind the so-called umbrella protests five years ago. many of his supporters are gathered outside the court as the activists wait to learn their fate they face up to seven years in prison after being convicted on public nuisance charges in twenty fourteen hundreds of thousands of people blocked roads for seventy nine days to demand open elections for the city's leadership. i still hear. and hope for two days five ever say happened today. thanks to church trying to revive me now here was you know i didn't think that. by having an occupy movement that reconnecting democracy. was moonlighting
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and pretty pink one hundred two thousand five. hundred the people who do live in that's. something the sun every single day now the philippines has been hit by a second earth quake one day after a tremor hit several provinces around the capital manila rescuers in pampanga searching for survivors following the collapse of a four story building paul brennan reports. a man is pulled from the rubble of a supermarket import act one of many towns and communities in pampanga province which felt the force of monday's earthquake but the dead and the living under these piles of shattered concrete. you know stopped short of course the structure is big and heavy and we have to be careful in clearing the debris because there might be survivors so it's hard but we are doing everything we can. as well as the collapsed buildings electricity supplies were cut as power lines were downed survivors such
5:41 am
as sixty five year old arabia daying escaped with only damage to her home or was there was terror and surprise we did not expect it to be like that it was only about twenty seconds but it was very strong and it was our first time experiencing something like that in our whole lives. monday's craik was felt in several other provinces on the main island of luzon the trauma and many aftershocks caused high rise buildings to sway the leader proving too much for this rooftop pool. on tuesday another earthquake hundreds of kilometers to the south in the province of eastern samar. filipinos in the regional capital tacloban ran out of buildings spilling into the streets for their own safety. the six point five magnitude quake caused cracks in buildings wasn't as damaging as monday's quake in the north damage is now being repaired clark international airport passengers were
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stranded when flights were cancelled. and this is what's left to some catherine of alexandria the shuttle remains the eighteenth century church in park a reminder of the latest earthquakes disaster in the philippines. al-jazeera and more than fifty people are feared dead after a landslide at a jade mining size and the accident occurred on monday in the more than a caption states according to a local politician three bodies have been recovered and fifty four people are still missing they are believed to be buried under up to thirty meters deep or staying in myanmar the highest court has rejected the final appeal of to watch as journalists who were jailed while reporting on the regime to ethnic cleansing crisis. have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law they are facing a seven year prison sentence while north korean leader kim jong un has crossed into russia on his way to a summit with president badger me
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a person on thursday kim is traveling to the russian city of got a vote stuck on a private train accompanied by a high level delegation his visit is believed to be part of pyongyang's efforts to build international support following the breakdown of talks with the united states in february russia is also keen to play a role in any peace plan on the korean peninsula robert bryant has the latest from seoul. kim jong un is on the move once more the third trip by the north korean leader outside of north korea so far this year as with the previous two trips the preferred mode of transport is that armored train again the train left pyongyang station early wednesday morning to the usual cheering crowds after inspecting an honor guard and then took the short trip up to the short land border the north korea shares with russia crossing over into russia where again kim jong un was
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welcomed he'll then continue his trip to a vast talk the ports in russia's far east where he's due to meet with russia's president vladimir putin those talks expected to take place thursday we don't know many more details than that both north korea iran to a lesser degree russia both valuing of the security detail surrounding the movements of their respective leaders it's not expected that this summit will produce any great declaration or any big deal it is more the symbolism of this visit this is the first time a north korean leader has visited russia since twenty eleven we are expecting though that possibly the north koreans will be looking for some support in trying to get easing of sanctions but there's very little that russia or itself can do unilaterally about those sanctions but it is part of north korea's lobbying efforts as far as south korea is concerned they government here has largely welcomed this
5:45 am
visit they see it as all part of the same normalize ation process of north korea no longer being the hermit kingdom but interacting with its neighbors for a south korea is concerned that only can be a good thing. now a global campaign to raise awareness about the importance and safety of vaccines has been launched by unicef and comes as experts warn that anti-vaccination misinformation is contributing to the spread of potentially deadly viruses like measles ukraine tops the list of countries with the highest rates of measles infection from the capital kiev robin forrester walker reports. when you later contract the daughter was given an emergency vaccination but it was too late to be effective. or. she was intoxicated by the virus she was hospitalized was really stressful ukrainian hospitals are
5:46 am
a nightmare. on facebook urged others to get themselves and their children vaccinated but reaction was mixed with dimming adding you live people blamed me for overloading my already sick child with things that scene's and i would be to blame when the child gets sick the anti-vaccination movement is unfortunately very developed here and many people are very aggressive or although year later was herself in the one nine hundred ninety s. it's not clear why she wasn't protected but then but she is of russian vaccines may lot have been effective or effectively administered the measles outbreak in ukraine isn't just a result of negative attitudes towards vaccination it's also about systemic problems within ukraine's health care system. generations of ukrainians have never been vaccinated but today the number of children getting routine
5:47 am
immunization is growing. the medical community is ready and is already doing its best to get things back to normal. but experts warn that parents are obtaining fake back sedation certificates. and there's even a climate of skepticism among professionals doctors health care workers nurses that are either not educated enough about immunization. and then they gap very inaccurate information and medical universities when they take a better idea of courses we have quite a big number of professors university professors who have authority psychological authority for example a quarter publicly. doing that from massacring against oxidation ukraine leads beatles infection rates worldwide the number of infections jumped from around five thousand in twenty seventeen to more than thirty five thousand last year.
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for seven years there's a terry refugee camp on jordan's border with syria has provided shelter to thousands of syrians most of the younger people there have no memory of life anywhere else as bennett smith reports from zaatari some of the older refugees are trying to recreate the syrian culture they were forced to leave behind this is a good sort which tomorrow on the bill see is trying to preserve a reminder of what has been destroyed in syria's civil war zaatari refugee camp opened seven years ago almost sixty percent of the eighty thousand syrian refugees here are under seventeen will either have never seen or have very little memory of their homeland and it's a rich cultural heritage here but. i made it there would i is destroyed get the theater mira is a two thousand year old desert city the unesco world heritage site was controlled
5:51 am
twice by eisel fighters who smashed an engine relics with slight chamas the world look at the destroyed. they will do it's just they destroyed the civilization. it. because i love. my country syria is also remembered through paintings this is a damascus neighborhood this is a map of syria and its monuments and this is called soldiers of peace some of the artists prefer to paint what they see now. that i prefer to do anything related to refugees show what i've been through all my relatives woman's love children's lives and anything related to the camp. of not doing anything related to the tragedy we've left i hid throwing anything about that i try to escape from here by drawing european nature or the sea. for those too young to remember it's
5:52 am
a way to try and connect to a country they may never see for years to come bernard smith al-jazeera zaatari on the jordan syria border. and now it's time for sport has leah thank you so much rob we start with football and barcelona are a step closer to their second straight league title in spain on tuesday barsa defeated all of us to nil second half goals from cardus alaina and luis suarez ensured they moved twelve points clear of mears challengers athletico madrid about a ko have only five games left to play to try and catch barcelona over in england tottenham hotspur scored a late winner to see off brighton in the premier league christian eriksson's eighty eighth minute striker put spurs three points ahead of chelsea in the standings tottenham are third with three games to go english premier league champions manchester city can retake top spot from liverpool on wednesday as both teams close in on the title city play local rivals manchester united who were thumped four nil
5:53 am
by everton over the weekend city's manager pep guardiola is more focused on winning the title he says than adding to united's misery. the question is i mean in the week when the titles. in the series i took a but it is not the most important thing it should the three seasons we hear. we did better than them but this year is when the titles and the beat to unite. the response has to be there you try to provoke a reaction provoke were inspired reaction and we've. we haven't had time to work on the pitch. with the players that play because you need recovery at this stage of the season as well so it's about. changing mindset to making sure our heads are ready because anyone's heads would drop when you lose like that doha is hosting the
5:54 am
asian athletics championships as a warmup event ahead of the world athletics championships later this year tuesday was the penultimate day of competition and that was a day of mixed emotions for china in particular the chinese women race their way to victory in the women's four by one hundred meter relay then their male compatriots achieved the same feat only to be disqualified after stepping out of their lane on the first leg victory then went to thailand and the day's action was finished off for the gold medal for bahrain and the mixed four by four hundred meter relay. usa gymnastics announced that they plan to host the olympic trials next year in st louis missouri but only if they remain the governing body usa g. was slowly being stripped of their authority following the u.s. sexual abuse scandal with former team doctor larry nasser but then in two thousand and eighteen the organization filed for bankruptcy saving it from folding usa gymnastics c.e.o. lee long said she's confident that u.s. a.g.
5:55 am
will remain intact but if not the u.s. olympic committee will pick the olympic team. to a string of tennis now world number one naomi osaka starts her clay court season in stuttgart this week she says she has high hopes for herself for coming out on top. i don't really feel pressure anymore. i think the first tournament after one. was like one of the biggest pressure moment for me and it sort of wore off so honestly now i just i want to win french and wimbledon and i'm kind of making those my biggest goals. anastasia is through to the second round at the open after beating fellow latvian. kinko winning the match six two four six six of. japan's world number seven tennis player kane isha cory's progress to the third round of the barcelona open he was up against american taylor fritz on tuesday missouri would have been expected to win comfortably against the world number fifty
5:56 am
eight but he came into this match on a run of three straight defeats against war rate opponents the twenty nine year old turned that streak around here though seven five and six two. less gerry knocked out number two seed alexander as vera of in three sets to reach the third round of the barcelona open on tuesday the three six seven five seven six victory came in just over two hours. and no problems for austria as a dominant team he reached the third round of the barcelona open with a straight sets win against hugo schwartzman of argentina six three six three. there was good news for the home fans in barcelona screams david ferrer cruz into the second round the thirty seven year old saw off mischa's vera of of germany six three and six one for has already announced he will retire after next month's madrid open. former middleweight boxing champion again the gold of kin
5:57 am
says he's excited about his return to the ring at madison square garden in june because that fighter known to his fans as triple g. will face canada's steve rolls as he looks to bounce back from his first career defeat to canelo alvarez go often is looking to reestablish himself as the top of the middleweight division. i've been doing a lot of reading lately and a couple things i keep coming across is who is this guy this isn't a tune up i'm coming to fight and with everybody just getting to know me now up to june eighth you won't forget me i've got much respect for it cannot be glove can but i'm coming to shock the world. well that's it for all of your sport we'll have more for you later. and that's also it for me anastasio tale but in this problem we'll be here in just a few minutes with more of the day's news. i'm
5:58 am
a physician every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region. the thirteenth al-jazeera fall. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race in
5:59 am
the swing. where is the gulf headed with the arabian influence on the rise saudi influence on the decline. and the crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twentieth in the. overthrow and exiled they appoint and gotta say if you'll call this wish me to give you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the true church and. nothing to do you think it is. literally true this return of a president on al-jazeera.
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well you. got that there some other like. the failure to act on intelligence three monkeys for president balance to restructure security services off to suicide bombers killed more than three hundred twenty people. i don't welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with many others but also ahead in saddam thousands more protests dividing the capital to join demonstrations against the country's military.


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