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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 65  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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the play is the most. absurd c. . or pong. disc you sure you're not. the deuce it takes to move for you didn't. caesar's photographs hit a nerve with the french. and so my law was not of the most awesome discrete i phones d.h. did produce it in wa that was your he said that i found your place and i probably do want to hear from all so his team claiming they. did at the tiger contact and this of course the purpose you even demo controversies in our city police to our boy victim told me. yeah. i like when it's all german and. sometimes you.
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sweat tears and sometimes blot but for them it's what their dreams are made on. al-jazeera world tells a story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the rights of their lives. under former champion who gives his all for that success casablanca by cop on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is second to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held a view on the stand and make sense of it. from the family to
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navigating dangerous rapids from the time we departed through the time we finished or scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying breed if i don't go i call from my family to meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living but you have to be a school or swim or otherwise and surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. a lot has and seek and aha the headlines on the death toll in sri lanka off the sunday suicide bomb attacks has risen to three hundred fifty nine and that includes thirty nine foreign nationals eight of the nine suicide bombers have now been
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identified sixty people have been arrested so far but also i can say is that this group. of some of the suicide bombers most of them educated. and come from maybe middle of the middle class so they play nicely quite independent and you know their families wait stable financially so that is a boring activity. because some of them have i think studied. in various other countries they will degree is. a limb you know this but really do creative people thousands of sudanese protesters have joined a sit in outside the army headquarters in hard till. they say the military leaders are taking too long to hand over power to civilians
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african union leaders have given the military council three months for the transition to. egypt a national election authority says voters have backed major constitutional changes that could allow president abdullah attacking sisi to stay in power until twenty thirty minutes also extend the military's power over politics since he will also have more power over the judyth judiciary and parliament rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair. in hong kong pro-democracy leaders behind the umbrella movement will spend up to sixteen months in prison. many of their supporters are gathered outside the court where the sentences were handed out twenty four thousand hundreds of thousands of people roads a seventy nine days to demand open elections for the city's leadership. north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in russia to meet president vladimir putin and visit is believed to be part of pyongyang's efforts to build international
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support after the breakdown of talks with the u.s. in february those are the headlines europe today we're back in half an hour right now it's witness for the prosecution in syria. in new york the united nations had to be convinced to refer the keys to the international criminal court the i.c.c. previously investigated crimes against humanity war crimes committed in uganda the democratic republic of congo and darfur but there was one obstacle syria is not a member of the i.c.c. an investigation required the unanimous vote of the permanent members of the security council including russia an unwavering ally of damascus.
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when you. say this is your. mom you consider situated as a foreign visitor not devoting more not your life as you meant dunk city could put . it as something more damage could i just espouse. that complicated process that be to. i thought you know and it could be that he will face the. deception. the french diplomatic service was prepared i must warn you that this is a grim session. once again the photographs were shocking. on the twenty second of may the text was submitted for a vote for those collecting evidence it was crucial. it would mean that one day
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assad could appear before a tribunal. the russians use their veto. for those who support bashar assad cesar's photos did not prove that these crimes were committed by the baathist regime. which. suggest if you don't slow enough. you have the community fully didn't see any bullshit this is. good news i may be a fair play beloved but if you went to the old misc group or do you foresee wisco board day for the year. but you do and i forgot to say. that. you have clearly. another shot i am a sore neck and for you know and the words we make them and you will get on the whole feet will. be muscly that are danny and measure me and the most willing to you know how to hold up. your own will come and they will you know what i look like
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across the u.s. into connecticut and i've been with them i don't how many of those them up and they know that the my book. the international community has been powerless since the start of the conflict in syria in june twenty fourth teen the islamic state in iraq and the levant isis announced the creation of an islamic caliphate so. it's already controlled large pieces of territory between iraq and syria. locally known as taoists the armed group was in control of the second largest city in iraq mosul. for months now mohammed has been collecting evidence from inside syria are enough and that's when dave's old ardmore says in a little social. time and i don't see the day i got so little
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influence and more to get to see some small off a lot recently. dead is doing in eastern syria fell to eisele. goodness and circle in the dark on that one can tell him what i can and leave all the actual middle of the volunteer been deleted wildman often because even in such human judgement to fix the image on its own we have we are a lot more aware i did and it doesn't want to let those who don't have as also dilated about what i mean in developed software did in the end of the journey was that the walsall night and don't need one if. from turkey mohamed collects information that reflects the reality of those living under i saw. the documents that he found so that's men who are banned from shaving their beards and that
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internet users must register. this man accused of rape. it was secretly filmed by sound and pictures an organization which also records witness statements from prisoners held by i stole medical reports and court decisions the members of sound of pictures have been targeted by i saw. today that. feed the most that there is a lot and i know said it all solution on the trees will call to talk. of a small fee that did the tuttles then go on a small feat to do not in the end be in line and not a second one to obey him can also look been in and out of one and the second and. how does it not unlawful to have the saloon humans any. inside syria with so many
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armed groups in the conflict any organization can be infiltrated every conversation is protected by a code that day if the word cheese was used they had to hang up. on a hard shell as in. all along. ha. ha ha ha ha ha yeah off to. the conversation is safe the two men can talk but that he does. believe. in mali question how does a lot of things trouble. carnitas on others. also do not teach or for this horrible more. despite all precautions for activists were assassinated at the end of june twenty
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fifth. one in syria and three others in turkey with his life under threat mohammad eventually led. four euro. doesn't that a lot of money was a lot and while i definitely saw lots of religion will tell you that it was stuff but he said he's gone love to nasa leaving me out for a softie about him because of sylvia behavior that's one minute at least. it's annoying that egypt would want us alone. in twenty fourteen i still quickly expanded and gain territory. the group became the focus of the international media not. the shuttle as its crimes were being pushed into the background. this happened in
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spite of the thousands of civilians who were killed by his forces in july twenty fourth two months after the russian veto the syrian opposition attempted to resurrect caesar's dossier. this time they went to the u.s. congress which opposed the military intervention in syria even after the chemical attacks and. a group of republican supported us intervention. evan mcmullan a member of the commission of foreign affairs arranged for caesar the photographer to be interviewed in front of members of congress. we knew that most people in the united states didn't know of us its mass atrocities and the idea was that if americans understood more what exactly atsic was doing if they really understood they would have much more sympathy and they would expect i believe our leaders to
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do more and especially the president who is our commander in chief and who leads our foreign policy to do more to act to stop assad's. trustees. caesar was in hiding afraid of being captured by the syrian secret service and security was very very high very high. on july twenty seventh caesar arrived in the u.s. capitol his visit was organized in complete secrecy. the photographer made his way through a maze of underground corydoras to get to the interview room. before entering caesar insisted that all cameras be turned off. we bought. a rain jacket that a blue rain jacket that we that he would wear with the with the hood over his head
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so that no one could even see the shape of his head. we had caesar's pictures displayed around the hearing room and on the televisions in the hearing room we displayed pictures that hadn't been released to the press some of the more gruesome . for over an hour american representatives listen to caesar. the shock tactics worked. it isn't often if ever that there are hearings like this in congress. you can't see those pictures. and not feel enormous compassion for for the victims and outrage that. there is any human would do this to any other human and even further outrage that
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that any president of the united states or any other world leader wouldn't take action. to stop these to stop these crimes. and i think everyone in that room felt the same thing the members of congress the media and the public the syrian opposition the staff everyone. news of caesar's pictures reached the holocaust memorial museum. the director of the center for the prevention of genocide at the museum decided to exhibit caesar's photographs.


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