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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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machinery and especially cars so iran has been a top car importer from china if you go to a major city in iran and you see chinese brands like computer id cherry leaf on they're all over the place even more so than in china and more importantly what i see is that iran has become a very important ally for china's belgian road initiative which is not particularly well received at this point because there has been this china sentiment rising globally not just from the us to europe but also from the receiving countries of the p.r.i. project so to get china needs all the support you can get from from the rest of the world and iran is one of the most important ally they could get but does this affect the u.s. china relationship or could it affect the u.s. china relationship will the the china simply choose its own political strategic needs over the u.s. as demands. certainly iran is one important ship but it's not
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the most important factor in the us china relationship at this point as we can all see that in the past few weeks the sentiment between the two country has improved because finally it looks as if a trade deal is finally on the table although i might be limited in nature to something will come out and what i think is possibly the u.s. will use iran as a bargaining chip and might offer china some sort of exception over the oil embargo under certain conditions and china i return to offer two important more crude oil and say soybean or even pork from the u.s. so eventually it became some sort of deal over a third country and that can very likely to happen we already got so i go i do want to washington d.c. and have her on both the same question i'll begin with her on what's the next move for iran having miranda is it blocking the straits of hormuz. well there are many
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alternatives first of all iran is probably sounding substantially more oil than what's being declared just like when obama imposed sanctions it was stated that iran was exporting a million barrels a day but in reality it later turned out to be closer to two million but more importantly is that iran has alternatives remember if you look at the map iran's presence and iran's allies presence across the region region is substantial but also iran's presence in the persian gulf is very substantial and one of the options that iran has and is and that is being discussed now is just like during the war with saddam hussein to begin stop and searches in the persian gulf region again and that this would be directed at saudi arabia the united arab emirates but kuwait. iraq iran they can export import but because mohamed bin samana said he's going to take the war to run and because of the terrorist attacks that took place and the iranian intelligence believes that this all. they have determined that the saudis
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and them are ati's are behind it the iranians believe that they are it would be justified to restock start the stop and searches and that would could be directed at cargo ships as well as tankers that coming go through u.a.e. or so the port and that while there would still be exports and imports but there could be a decline because of the slowdown of one or two million or three million barrels a day from these two countries iran has its options in the iranians know that the united states is definitely not looking for a military conflict so if the americans want to push hard the iranians have many options to push back and i don't think that anyone is going to blame iran because obviously it is trump and his people along with his allies like mohamed bin saddam on who are increasing this confrontation certainly that ladies and gentlemen we are out of time this will be a topic we will come back to i just want to thank you all and thank you to thoughts
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for drug seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions. based therapy a so-called treatment that is. no pain. investigates how people. are having exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. yes. i. can tell you. some of the. the death toll rises to three hundred fifty nine in sri lanka as investigators arrest sixty people and release more information about who might be behind the
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attacks. has a secret this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up north korea's leader kim jong un of arriving in russia for a summit with president vladimir putin. two pro-democracy leaders in hong kong sentenced to sixteen months in prison. protesters in sudan get some back up a train full of demonstrators arrived to help sustain their movement. color we're getting a clearer picture now of who may have been behind sunday's suicide bombings in sri lanka that killed three hundred fifty nine people the country's defense minister says a splinter group of the national teller he'd just faction are behind the attacks
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eight of the nine suicide bombers have been identified the individuals may have been ideologically or financially funded by ice so it has claimed responsibility although it's not provided any evidence. what also i can say is that this group. of some of the suicide bombers most of them educated. and come from maybe middle or upper middle class so they play nancy quite independent and you know the family is quite stable financially so that is a boring factor in this because some of them have i think studied. in various other countries they've all degrees. l.l.m. you noticed quite well if you created people. our president met their policy to siena has vowed to overhaul state security off to the country's intelligence
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agencies didn't act on several tip offs and there are fears that all those associated with the easter sunday attacks are still a large and often and as is live for us now from columbus oh no the palm and there is reconvene that is been debating these intelligence fail as we say years what are you hearing out of that. convened today for that. there was criticism of this big and really stark security lapse one very critical voice was that of the former army commander field marshall sort of. basically saying that this should not have been allowed to happen he has pointed to various sort of shortcomings not least of which he says that there were inexperienced
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people who had been put in the home of defense and that even forty eight hours after the incident on sunday no one had sought to use his expertise almost forty years in the military so we also heard from the chief opposition we're going to war than who said the government must take responsibility for these incidents and the debate continuing in the house that's how it's gone so far as i'm and as far as the. where you are what is the current mood in colombia right now. people are almost going through a real rainbow of the more shows i mean there is still a deep deep sadness with you have lost someone in your family with the you know
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someone to that to whom that has happened or whether you're just somebody completely unrelated but you can't ignore it and have the sense of feeling. really really sad that this amount of lives had to be lost particularly in light of the fact that their leaders have come out and said that there was intelligence information but this information didn't make it to the right people not enough of precautions were taken to try and prevent these attacks so mounting frustration almost anger as we hear these messages coming out from the authorities who have nonetheless tried to get a handle on the situation there talking of investigations we're hearing that up to sixty people or more arrested that many lines of inquiry are being
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pursued but generally don't forget has lived for had lived for more than twenty five years of a brutal conflict before we saw that war between the government troops and the tamil tigers come to an end in two thousand and nine but for ten years it's been quiet but they still remember living with the conflict and it's rather a sad situation where they think might come close to deal those dark days of uncertainty as i'm all right for the moment life first where in colombo. north korea's leader kim jong il is a rising in the russian city of last bloody vosh stock before meeting with president vladimir putin on thursday these are the latest pictures right now of him arriving after that train journey this visit thought to be part of north korea's efforts to build international support after the breakdown of talks with the u.s.
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in february putin says he is also keen to play a role in any peace plan on the korean peninsula let's go live now to step in who is in. for us so as you're saying there are steps he's just arrived there what what are the some of the issues turtles aboard that some of the issues they're expected to take up. in the literally a few minutes ago kim jong un stepped out of the train the private armored train that drove him all the way from young to. the whole day he's been he's been on that train he has been received here with by local authorities he's at the railway station right behind me right now and he will come out here any minute now his limousine and his whole entourage all the cars have been shipped to. earlier already they actually even had to change the gate of the railway station to make sure that his limousine could actually pass here so he has traveled this train
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route which has also been done by his father kim jong. il in two thousand and eleven which was the last time that both that the north korean leader has visited russia so this is the very first time that kim jong il is in russia and also the very first time that he is meeting president vladimir putin which will be happening tomorrow and this of course a lot of topics on the table of course. bilateral talks also trade but nobody's expecting. a lot of concrete results from these talks it's more about the optics and about the symbolism of this visit also the timing of course it's very interesting just a few months off the talks in one with donald trump between donald trump and have collapsed now he's visiting russia put in which means that he of course wants to show to the united states is actually coming out right now from the railway station
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maybe actually. you can see that. me band is playing right now to receive him here in the start so there's all these topics on the table but. one wants to show to the united states to the failure in hanoi he has friends around the world that he has also will lead us that he can meet maybe that could put some pressure on the united states and also lowered the demands of the united states and make sure that these stocks with donald trump continue again also for put it of course it is important to raise his international he has been out of the loop of this korean talks for quite a while now he actually invited him more than a year ago and this is now the moment that he's actually coming and meeting me here . yeah as you say this is very much about. this
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particular visit rather than any anything tangible that might be achieved live pictures we're seeing there of north korean leader kim jong riving and. to meet with russian president vladimir putin as you said that explain that meeting happening tomorrow. and does this what we're seeing here does this add to to the sense of. kim jong un's image in the world right now that that this is another step in him raising his international. no profar with this meeting now with the russian president. well exactly that's what he's trying to show of course that he is not isolated even though the talks with donald trump he can go contrary go to russia have a high profile meeting here which of course. is still in the game. of course. as has been reported wants to
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bring back the six party talks that have been. also in two thousand and nine if you want to bring back those talks would mean that russia would get a bigger role in the korean nuclear option but all that is still of course very early days to say. that. something that slightly more like me a putin wants to try to achieve during these stops here but also the optics for president putin are important he wants to show that he's back in they gave. a lot of attention here and. as we speak all right we know you'll be keeping abreast of all of those developments for us. and live in the eastern russian city of where the north korean leader has just arrived as we
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saw there. for the first time in ten years a u.n. report says the military and u.s. forces have been responsible for more civilian deaths in afghanistan than the taliban and i saw airstrikes and military raids killed more than three hundred people in the first three months of this year the taliban i saw and some other fighters are blamed for two hundred twenty seven civilian deaths but the number of attacks has gone down and they've also been fewer taliban suicide attacks between january and march of twenty eighteen there were nineteen suicide bombings this year there have been four our richard bennett d.-u. an afghanistan human rights chief who put the report out says any civilian casualties are too many while a reduction overall in civilian casualties is positive. it's too soon to discern a trend and secondly. this is still
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a very intense conflict and way too many civilians are being harmed by this conflict the answer to that is partly precautions but the bigger answer is a cease fire. or u.s. forces afghanistan spokesman colonel dave butler has responded saying we reserve the right of self defense of our forces as well as the afghan security forces the best way to end the suffering of noncombatants is to end the fighting through an agreed upon reduction in violence on all sides it's a hobby war decade.


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