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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 65  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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and a little bit more. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions
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work based therapy a so-called treatment that is all and no pay. full lines investigates how people reeling from drug use are having exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together sweat. and sometimes blah but for them it's what their dreams are made of. tells a story of a young moroccan boxes from home grounds for training for the lives of their lives . and a former champion who gives his old friend six cents casablanca high cotton on how to zero.
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zero. sweat every. problem. a former governor of the. cost of a. it was not. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here
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in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes suicide bombers in surrey lanka new video shows two suspects at a luxury hotel shortly before the easter sunday explosions arriving in blood of all strong north korea's leader gives a rare interview to foreign media ahead of a meeting with vladimir putin. also jailed in hong kong two organizers of the pro-democracy umbrella revolution are given sixteen months sentences. on track for change in sudan demonstrators demanding a new regime signal that support. with the support of the portland trailblazers to clinch their place in the second round and a place i. welcome to the news we're getting a clearer picture now of who may have been behind sunday's suicide bombings in sri
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lanka that killed three hundred fifty nine people new video has emerged reportedly showing two men with large backpacks entering the shangri-la in the capital colombo moments before an explosion in the hotel's restaurant the deputy defense minister says a splinter group of the national the he just faction are behind the attacks eight out of the nine suicide bombers have been identified. what also i can say is that this group. of some of the suicide bombers most. educated. and come from maybe middle upper middle class are financially quite independent and you know their families stable financially so that is a boring fact in it because some of them have i think studied. in various other countries all degrees. you know this
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really do get people. president not only service center to overhaul state security and outer intelligence agencies didn't act on several to pots their affairs other associated with the easter sunday attacks are still at large so we move on now to our other top story in a trade with north korea's leader a board has arrived in russia for thursday's meeting with vladimir putin kim jong un is in blood of all stock two months after the breakdown of the second denuclearization summit with donald trump in vietnam the north korean leader told reporters that he's keen to discuss the international standoff over the korean peninsula with president putin. none of your missile i came to russia with a warm feeling of our people i hope that this visit will be successful and
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rewarding and that during the talks with esteemed president putin i will be able to specifically discuss issues of resolving the situation on the korean peninsula and development of our by a lotta relationship. well services are correspondent following events for us from vladivostok i mean the visit has many sort of subliminal layers to it steps a lot of people back like an onion one layer at a time let's begin with that television interview quite unique on several fronts. that was very interesting and quite an interesting surprise that came john brought with him during that train ride he made all the way from north korea to russia which took the whole day and somewhere during this day he did this exclusive interview first ever interview with the foreign media and of course he has carefully selected who he did this interview with and this is russia twenty four it's a state controlled television station so he wasn't really expecting any harsh questions
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there i think all of it was pretty much scripted but still it's very big sign that he wants to reach out that he wants to show more openness to the world that he wants to show that north korea is becoming more of a normal country he had sat this scene already in hanoi a little bit he took questions from reporters there as well so it is definitely a sign of some new wind here blowing indeed because russia needs to you want to be seen to have influence in the region and in the ongoing denuclearization talks as you mentioned i mean the north korea needs also to show the world that it has friends that will listen and perhaps help it in this very complicated jigsaw and political puzzle in regional security. well basically came to our own has ignored put in a little bit because he put in invited him already a year ago but because of course kim jong un was busy with donald trump and having these talks but after the talk in the noyo collapsed only two months month ago now
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he seems to find the time right to meet a flight in a putin because it could of course put pressure on donald trump on the united states to show that i'm not isolated i have other leaders world leaders i can talk to so basically maybe he wants to pressure the united states to lower their demands a little bit and on the other hand for a lot of you put in of course it's it's a way to get back into the game he has hasn't been involved in korean talks for a long time he has been busy with middle east but of course he needs his international reputation to be boosted and this is the moment that he can do this in real terms will we get any tangible results from this meeting or sort of. photo opportunity. well that's a very good question a lot about optics here what kim jong il nuance is of course a lowering sanctions and this is not something that
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a lot of mapleton can actually help him with of course he also wants to increase trade that's another problem because a lot of things of are under these sanctions though and one of these things is actually the north korean workers here in russia there's around eight thousand north koreans working here and they have to leave by the end of the year according to the u.n. sanctions there's a big question of course kim jong un will bring it up but there's a big question if the flight him a putin can give him that at least so it's going to be a lot of our optics and symbolism here and the value of stock from a really good service an investor was talking. with her. meeting continues thank you. protests going in sudan against the country's military rulers hundreds of people arrived in packed trains to khartoum to join thousands more outside the army headquarters demanding civilian rule african union leaders in cairo have the military council to hand over power to
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a civilian government within three months has more from khartoum. sudanese protesters keeping up the pressure on the military council chants and the sheer force of numbers two weeks since they managed to push the military to topple the regime of model bashir they are still here demanding the power to a civilian government as they have gone by skepticism in among the protesters until this minute the national congress party of bashir is still around its leaders still sitting around and until now the military council has not responded to any of our demands if they think we don't understand let them know we understand the former regime is still ruling us and directly i don't have any i mean we want to completely civilian government to be appointed right now and our demands to be it away from the shias hegemon and away from any politicians whatsoever we don't need
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any political parties all we need is the criminals to be brought to justice and our funds that were stolen and taken abroad to be returned if. a fresh attempt by military police to remove the road blocks around the city on tuesday appear to only exacerbate tensions in the college and an african union summit in cairo didn't help matters. i must. we have also listened to the chairman of the african union commission about his last visit to sit down as well as his monitoring of the announced developments from all sudanese authorities regarding the transitional period we have agreed to give more time to the sudanese just over two days and sudanese parties to implement these measures. just as have condemned the outcome of the operation union summit in cairo especially the decision to give the military council three months before it gives power to civilians and they have called for the biggest mass protests to be held today in reaction i think that
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sisi should get out of our life this is our country and our revolution it's us who got killed or rested and tortured no laid out or any foreign country has the right to interfere in our affairs or sabotage our revolution. the calls for more volleys continue to bring to the streets a trail loaded with protesters are from the northern city of are now regarded as the cradle of this uprising it was there that the first person was killed during a government protests in december arrival of the activists appear to give of morale boost to those taking part in the sit in they say they have braved bullets tear gas and torture for over four months to bring about change but they are a struggle continues they don't want anyone to derail their revolution. or disease . in hong kong leaders of the occupy democracy movement have been jailed on
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public nuisance charges. supporters of the twenty fourteen protests which also became known as your brother revolution gathered outside the court where the sentences were handed out two of the nine activists were jailed for sixteen months each two for eight months. and others received suspended sentences during the protests which lasted almost three months hundreds of thousands of people blocked roads in hong kong demanding open elections . joshua one is the founder of the pro-democracy group which played a key part in the our brother movement demonstrations and does the secretary general of the pro-democracy organization. he joins me now from hong kong good to have you with us mr want a reaction to the verdict. churning in fact has been generated by beijing and hong kong government and under the hot line policy of president xi in
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a future if we continue to fight for freedom and democracy is really a hard time for us in terms of your next move what is your next move either in terms of civil disobedience or even the legal avenues to try and exonerate or get your activists your colleagues released. legal professor and lawmaker half inch out today for more than a year at the o two a dear idea and their leader leadership role on him for a movement this sunday and we will mobilize people come to the street again have the demonstration to against the. suppression from beijing to his home call i just hope to urge the international community to keep the ice in hong kong to where that orginally beijing promised to allow hong kong have one country two systems but now already trying to be one country one and a half system in terms of what you'll say civil disobedience will certainly bring
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people out onto the streets is the next move forward i mean in the longer term what happens to your movement the umbrella movement of sort of the public imagination in hong kong that was very well supported twenty four. is lucky that we organized the credible from and with more than one hundred thousand people on this raid for needy for humans two of us for free election which means freely elected the leader off our city i would say that unfortunately the political system currently remain unchanged at least we still realize that umbrella movement is not a victory but absolute it is a legacy of hong kong democracy movement.


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