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longer term what happens to your movement the umbrella movement of sort of the public imagination in hong kong that was very well supported in twenty forty. is is lucky that we organized the credible from and with more than one hundred thousand people occupied this rate for needy for humans two of asked for free elections and we freely elected the leader off our city i would say that unfortunately the political system currently remain unchanged. we still realize that umbrella movement is not a victory but absolute it is a legacy of hong kong democrat democracy movement. i would say that we are the one who stand in the forefront sent in from the line for free election and let people to know that even beijing just have to up rising china more though to expand its influence we should not keep silence and we should be still be to one up whole and
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believe in universal where you will you feel like do you think the public in hong kong will still behind you that there is a mood to support your position the way you believe hong kong should be run. absolutely hong kong people of citizens to stand on our side to support democracy there are ties ation today before the court hearing there is assembly for more than one hundred citizen just come to enjoy and huell listen to the court to the court sentencing at the same time i believe on this sunday it will have more than people coming to the street again to show their support because nowadays hong kong already become the place that political prisoners become a common norm in hong kong the the chief justice of the justice the jailed your colleagues just as china acknowledged the right to free speech freedom of assembly and civil disobedience he said it was limited to
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a point when road blockages cause suffering to the public did anyone suffer all died because of your actions and twenty fourteen no one suffer or died during our civil disobedience because the action and though principle of civil disobedience is continue to persist on and on follow as an organized demonstration peacefully so i would say that with this kind of criticism of blame by the probating cam i was i would hope beijing and hong kong government to realize that it's time to let hong kong people to get the rights to what's in the election it is just manapul a thing and to have certain political screening during selection during election there for the moment to joshua will have to leave it it's been a pleasure talking to you just you on the in hong kong thank you. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are the findings of
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a united nations report on civilian deaths in afghanistan and who's really to blame also a controversial constitutional change that could see president of the. extended to twenty thirty. and in sports not showing victory from the jaws of defeat the san jose sharks pull off an epic comeback to win their any child playoff series joe what are those details it's. an explosion has killed at least thirteen people in a rebel held city in northwestern syria. who is in italy a province and has been the target of russian strikes on the syrian army in recent weeks the explosion resulted in the collapse of several buildings most of the city's residents have fled to areas close to the turkish border. saudi arabia is being condemned for executing a further thirty seven people one of them was crucified after his killing state
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media said that they were convicted of adopting extremist ideology and forming terrorist cells to spread chaos or provoke sectarian strife some were convicted of killing security personnel in the bomb attack activists say it's the largest ever mass execution of shias in the kingdom amnesty international is among human rights groups speaking out more than one hundred saudis have already been executed this year last year's total was one hundred and forty nine. is director of the institute for gulf affairs that's a u.s. based think tank on regional affairs he says many of the condemned men were protesters. you mean when the saudis use the word tirzah and they're talking about people who are posting on facebook and twitter or participating in protest so you are looking at the court system that has no place this time and each course and parts of that is part of the regime and the judges are part of it even
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they do whatever the government has them to to do. since two thousand and twelve not a single member of isis for example has been sentenced to death or executed just two days after. the united states and i was it's zero. committing of sanctions against iran the saudis it take thirty four shia and thinking to abandon at some sunnis and get you know so it's not a list doesn't look like a sectarian decision and so this is why the saudis doing it let's remember a few weeks ago when john kerry u.s. ambassador. to libya at the newly appointed was saying very similar things condemning she had expansionism that was well taken you might say to the the saudis saw in in us statements from and from john to be seen it's time
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now this year i was in general will face greater. community face greater. challenges this is the largest mass execution of shia in the history of saudi arabia since that days of the early so you obvious state where thousands of shia were murdered by the obvious forces this is the largest since nine hundred . as we turn our top story of course the ongoing investigation into mass bombings over the easter weekend in sri lanka melson and as our senior correspondent following events. from colombo obviously this new c.c.t.v. footage. to already some footage that we've seen what less than twenty four hours ago is sort of putting the picture together in theory about who these individuals were and how they got access to all of these locations.
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that's right. as you said it's almost like putting the pieces of the puzzle together and that's the challenge awaiting authorities as you saw there's all of these pieces of information that the authorities must now match together to actually come up with the correct picture to ensure that they put them all together the footage the c.c.t.v. footage confirming some of the intelligence some of the information gathered from some of those who are in custody that there were nine suicide bombers the authorities are able to have identified age of the nine suicide bombers that they have said operationalized on sunday and there is host of other material that is being pieced together and of course you know a parliamentary debate we've seen on going to press conferences with senior
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officials president prime minister defense minister highlighting really the failures in the security operators telling their own nation that they're going to try and fix this a very difficult you might say political game to the public relation that is still in shock and still bewildered by exactly what's going on. that's right so hell i mean for this these there's this population in shock grieving and now with mounting anger the excuse. losing. sort of to be quite honest as they see more and more of their leaders their representatives who should have been on the clock not dropping the ball and ensuring that the people of this country are safe to hear from dollars. that these
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attacks could have been prevented is the proper procedures had been adopted is not a good feeling for the people of this country so the authority is very conscious that they need to respond to this mounting a motion in the population and trying to catch up with where the lapses that allowed this tragedy on sunday so here for the moment a minute we will leave it there of course follow this with you through the day thank you. well for the first time in ten years a u.n. report says the military and u.s. forces have been responsible for more civilian deaths in afghanistan than the taliban but only soul destroying some military raids killed more than three hundred people in the first three months of this year the taliban and iceland some of the fighters are blamed for two hundred twenty seven civilian deaths but the number of attacks is gone down. also been fewer taliban suicide attacks between january and march and twenty eight there were nineteen suicide bombings that have been all. as
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to the balance he's got more than a certain car bomb and so it's a report which is going to sort of sit easily with the u.s. led coalition forces in the afghan government and what reaction are you hearing. where u.s. forces responded to us early this morning they issued a statement saying we do hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy and accountability we strive for precision in all our operations and we reserve the right of self defense of our forces as well as the afghan security forces the ministry of defense spokesperson on the afghan government side is not the tapas for an all day president gandhi spokes person deflected to the ministry of interior who defected to the national security adviser who said that he might issue a statement later this afternoon the afghan government hasn't commented as yet on what is essentially shocking findings that the afghan government and its supporting forces killed more civilians in the first three months of this year than taliban
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and i saw combined and it is not a small difference it's three hundred five civilians killed by pro-government forces compared to two hundred twenty seven by the taliban and i sold the biggest chunk of that is coming from airstrikes that is the leading cause of civilian deaths one hundred forty five civilians killed the majority of the a strikes carried out by u.s. forces and a third of those were children and that is the highest number on record for civilians killed by is strikes on top of that you've got search operations now they are run by three kind of secretive afghan intelligence units and a pro-government militia group known as the coast protection force they really don't come under any kind of government chain of command they supported by u.s. forces in the u.n. is saying in this report that they need to be brought under control because they are killing civilians they are accounted for seventy two civilians killed and one good thing that has come out of this report is that overall the sit down there down
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by twenty three percent that is the biggest for the beginning of the year since twenty so there is some good news like you said in a way that is coming because of a drop in suicide attacks by the taliban i said we talked to the u.n. human rights truth earlier this morning here's what he said. while the reduction overall in civilian casualties is positive. it's too soon to discern a trend and secondly. this is still a very intense conflict and way too many civilians being harmed by this conflict the answer to that is partly precautions but the bigger. is a ceasefire. so you know when they're saying that then maybe it's a big some type of say ceasefire between these parties this is the only real way to pull the civilian casualties back the u.s. forces also in the statement to me this morning saying yes the best way to in the
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suffering of civilians is in the fighting to an agreed upon reduction in violence by all sides for the moment that we leave it there thanks very much all about us in kabul we'll have the weather in a moment with everton but still ahead here on al-jazeera we live in south africa where floods and mudslides have killed at least fifty one people. also to come but iran is the diesel's infections unicef says a global campaign to stop until vaccination misinformation. is a big darby day night in manchester joe we'll look ahead to united's clash with city. how i will have a look at the south africa floods in a moment but first we've got flooding concerns from northern parts of mozambique
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courtesy of this swirl of cloud here where there's trouble sidetone kenneth pushing towards the north of mozambique quite rare to be the third focal system to hit this particular part of mozambique when it makes landfall late on thursday at the moment we have sustained winds of two hundred twenty kilometers per hour gusting to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour they will intensify further by land for i think we're looking at something near a one hundred ninety five times per hour with gusts approaching two hundred forty kilometers per hour on top of what's we are looking at some of very heavy rain coming first last position of the storm path that we expect the system to take then as it makes its way into northern parts of mozambique rainfall amounts are going to be huge up to six hundred millimeters of rainfall possibly more what it does make its way in a big storm surge as well as for the flooding that we have into that a society south africa you can see this area of cloud right we mentioned this
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yesterday hundred sixty five millimeters of rain in twenty four hours the average for the entire month is seventy three millimeters of rain it is turning schreier is turning brighter thankfully over the coming days. the weather sponsored by can tolerate. the cold this bleeding of the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of the global trade war . it's latex in its purest form found in tires bones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes. tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the
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long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war i know where the global trade war and despite falling prices at opel calls robber white gold at least for now. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with the reminder of our top stories new video reportedly showing the two suspects with backpacks entering the shangri-la hotel in sri lanka's capital moments before an explosion it was one of three luxury hotels and three churches targeted on easter sunday. north korea's
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leader kim jong un is arrived in the russian city of light of all strong why he'll meet russian president vladimir putin the visitor is thought to be part of north korea's efforts to build international support. for the day of protests in sudan thousands of demonstrators are conducting a sitting outside the army headquarters in khartoum they're angry after african union leaders gave the military council three months to hand over power to a civilian. while staying on the african continent egypt shouldn't have approved major changes to the constitution which could mean president sisi stays in power until twenty thirty the results of cheese days referendum also gives military leaders the because same politics rights groups are condemning the voters being neither free nor fair gupta has more. been is me them i know them i mean when i let out and then you may feel me the numbers the government says reflect the triumph of egypt's democracy. official figures but the turnout at little more than
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forty four percent and almost ninety percent of those who voted approved constitutional changes that extend president of the fertile cc's rule and had him greater power to influence the judicial system the changes also formalized the role of the military in egyptian politics since he has been leading it really gives them reliant on the armed forces and the security services and will continue to do so except more. aggressively so that if you will be armed forces are now and will control of the state through sci fi and through with their ownership or power this is diary square in twenty nineteen sixty supporters celebrate overturning changes that were hard one by thousands of anti-government protesters during the twenty eleven arab spring. after thirty years of president
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hosni mubarak's rule the constitution was amended to limit future precedence to two four year terms tuesday's referendum results change that to three six year terms which means sisi can now rule egypt until twenty twenty four and perhaps even to twenty thirty he will also have control over the appointment of judges and public prosecutors these constitutional amendments were rushed through very very quickly i'm not sure egyptians even knew what exactly they were voting on in fact the text wasn't even finalized until four days before the referendum was held preston says his supporters did everything they could to get people to the polls was even all free boxes of food in exchange for votes and some people queued up for them across the country was president sisi says his room means
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a stable and secure egypt in the face of turmoil in neighboring countries the referendum results were announced on the day when he was hosting two summits one incident where longtime president on while bashir was deposed recently and people one the military leaders out. and the other on libya a battleground between rival governments eighteen years after his dictator moammar gadhafi was ousted. emboldened by his victory in the referendum critics fear sisi may be uses new powers to make sure any threats to his rule are kept firmly under control priyanka gupta al-jazeera. at least fifty one people have died in floods and mudslides and south africa now the heavy rain started on monday night presence there of a poser arrived in the area to assess the damage and actually personnel are helping
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rescue workers search for survivors are caused by a horrible tussle is live for us in johannesburg with more details on how really that death toll slowly rising of the bad weather apparently isn't going away while lot rescue operation continues. exactly in fact rescue workers are saying that it's still raining in some areas which is making risky if it's a very very difficult for them some areas are hard to reach the terrain is a rough in some places and also the poor drainage system in the area isn't making things any easier for people to try to reach people who are stranded who still need help we're told that the media whores off for people who lost their homes and shelters are being courage to try and find somewhere else to stay either with friends and family because there simply is no way no way to put them at the moment now this region southern africa has been affected by the floods recently the most recent being cycle which affected mozambique malawi and zimbabwe where more than
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a thousand people were killed many people are still missing many people have been displaced and the one problem with helping those people affected by that cycling is a fact that not enough money not enough aid has been raised to help needs assistance and that's the problem facing the south african government the president said he's released an emergency fund but it's still not enough and that will likely obviously effect tricksy efforts if the money is not there to make sure people are able to do their job properly on the ground as you say the president has been paying close attention to that situation in terms of keeping an eye on things the people. want to see the president and the government incumbent on actually doing something to how i mean how are sort of the emergency services. the military forces coping with this i mean why how are they working together to help those affected. well it seems from what we've seen it is coordinated officials are trying to work
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together to try to help as many people as needed opinions are divided of course on the president being there some people say they're happy he recently arrived from egypt where he was attending a summit and he went straight to durban and he's talking to the people been affected by the floods but his critics say remember this is an election year elections will happen a general election maybe eight and they're saying this is just the ruling african national congress campaigning again trying to win votes durban isn't concerned at all province a very important province in south africa normally in the past in previous elections the n c needs to win that province to be able to win the overall election so some people say that maybe his intentions have ulterior motives because of that election but again of course it is a region which of course is been affected by these floods but it has other problems like in the past political killings
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a lot of protests over jobs and service delivery so they are issues there this fight of course doesn't make things any easier for south africans right now all eyes of course on how quickly security services rescue workers can help people or if it's because we are hearing some people have been cut off by those floods they desperately need people to access them to make sure the removed from dangerous areas and given the help they need it will even continue to monitor the situation with you here in johannesburg thank you let's go further north of the african continent because your group boko haram appears to be using new tactics against civilians in the lake chad region the un has documented increasingly violent and frequent attacks against villages differ in southeastern. iraq eighty eight civilians were killed in march and more than eighty thousand displaced. this is the village of. share the people here say fighters from broken her arm
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ambushed them last month leaving a trail of destruction to. us. two people are killed it. feiss been down in markets in a mosque vandalized a water tank donated by a german aid organization and stop the solar panels lives and livelihoods destroyed and minutes. we haven't had peace for the past four years came wreaking havoc in our village burning houses and shops killing people and destroying our water source i sent my family away because it's not safe enough here where it's possible the un says as a warrior and crease in the number of attacks targeting the most vulnerable in this region including many who've already fled fighting elsewhere this area is now home to more than a quarter of a million people who've been uprooted by conflict from inside or neighboring
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nigeria. and its affiliated groups have been waging war against the nigerian government since two thousand and nine but the conflict has spilled over into chad cameroon and with the for the focus of cross border raids in the past ten years about thirty thousand people have been killed and two million displaced across the lake chad region. and the recent significant spike a non-racist is deepening what was already a humanitarian crisis. while a multinational regional force has recaptured much of the armed groups territory. is now fighting back with new tactics. i assure you there is no single inch and a book. there in this is captured in the league chad but as a result they have not resorted to suicide attacks planting mines setting villages ablaze kidnapping and assassination. the young here have only known
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violence many a deeply traumatized and suffer from depression and insomnia. aid organizations say the need is far greater than they can provide leaving millions here struggling just to survive the next year brian al jazeera. more than fifty people are feared dead after a month slide at a jaded mind it being mark the accident occurred on monday night in chin state in the town of kent a local politician says three bodies have been recovered but fifty four people are still missing he said rescuers do not have the necessary pumping equipment is believe the miners are buried under thirty meters of mart. japan has apologized to tens of thousands of people forcibly sterilized under a now defunct law politicians you know the mostly passed legislation to compensate those affected by the one nine hundred forty eight law it was designed to prevent the birth of those considered inferior descendants about twenty five thousand people with physical or cognitive disabilities were sterilized
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a lot remained in place until one nine hundred ninety six. as the governments which had been implementing the past law forcing sterilization for sincere remarks and heartfelt apology to the victims. a new court system is being set up in pakistan to speed up the notoriously slow to legal process almost two million cases all waiting to go to court meaning a long an expensive wait for justice. it's another day and it. sits down with fire or get already lost count of how many times he's had to appear in court it's a regular wait outside for these people waiting for their turn praying for a favorable going to closure to a long judicial proceeding. in pakistan can sometimes take longer so the government is setting up a new system of what courts they were tried to provide faster service but that main
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gate its own challenges in soft can be gentle even the justice cannot be dispensed in a short period of time and there can be no short cuts to defense should have the complete rights fast tracking cases cannot do justice especially in complex cases such as murder it would be a disaster however senior legal experts did is the idea of the mortal courts is a step in the right direction pakistani court system is notorious and from this because of the fact that there are so many delays in the in the who also be hearing of the case the lawyers told sure. this is don't show up the evidence is not produced on time so the new chief justice and judicial committee they all came to the conclusion that we need to establish to expedite the judicial process the introduction of the model court and then attempt to provide media an inexpensive judge adding trained and
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a bug attorney constitution by didn't take time and recall a case to replace a goodish or. in desperate need of reform. i mean why like so many people are still waiting for justice were guide to work lead up operatives are already losing hope. robel forty years he's been trying to recover the money he paid for a small patch of land which he. was digging away by a local gang was the. year i came to make a living and saved every penny including taking loans to pay for a plot of land but instead i now find there is no security for my four children and even now they are telling me to drop the case and forget about the land saying god will compensate us when i mean. many a whole new system of mordor really help clients eleuthera and. dry. what campaign has been launched to encourage parents to have their children
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vaccinated the united nations children's agency unicef says misinformation about vaccination campaigns is contributing to the spread of diseases such as measles the country with the highest rate of measles infection ukraine from the capital in forestry walker reports. when you later contracted measles her daughter maya was given an emergency vaccination but it was too late to be effective so i sort of. thought she was intoxicated by the virus she was hospitalized was really stressful ukrainian hospitals are a night man. on facebook urged others to get themselves and their children vaccinated but reaction was mixed with dimming i bring you live people blamed me for overloading my already sick child with things that scene's and i would be to blame when the child gets sick the anti-vaccination movement is unfortunately very developed here and many people are very aggressive or although
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you later was herself in the one nine hundred ninety s. it's not clear why she wasn't protected back then but she is of russian vaccines may not have been effective or effectively administered the measles outbreak in ukraine isn't just a result of negative attitudes towards vaccination it's also about systemic problems within ukraine's health care system. generations of ukrainians have never been vaccinated but today the number of children getting routine immunization is growing the relative merits of just the medical community is ready and is already doing its best to get things back to normal. but experts warn that parents are obtaining fake back sedation certificates. and there's even a. skepticism among professionals. and
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then. we have quite the. psychological. ukraine leads infection rates worldwide the number of infections jumped from around five thousand in twenty seventeen to more than thirty five thousand last year twenty nine thousand is even worse with almost forty two thousand recorded cases already since january and officially fifteen. the nightmare is over and the measles crisis in ukraine is likely to get. any better.
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hosts joe will have all of the details in the n.b.a. news that's just coming up in spain.
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