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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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yes indeed we're seeing more more and more people arriving since the ousting of president bashir so actually the crowd in front of the army headquarters is increasing and not decreasing it all started as we know on the sixth of april people demanding that president obama in bashir be ousted but since his ousting people continue to arrive every day thousands of people arriving saying that they're there to join the protesters at the sit in because they are worried that the military council as the coalition put it trying to see a revolution so very there are more expected to be arriving tomorrow in a march called the million people march to hail so obviously it seems that this is not coming to an end and we also have political parties who are also calling for the military council to hand over power to really an independent transitional government besides the civil societies so it seems like this will be going on for quite some time for the moment so we'll leave it there of course monitor events with you for the moment thanks. let's go to asia pacific nowhere in hong kong
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leaders of the occupy democracy movement have been jailed on public nuisance charges supporters of the twenty fourteen protests which became known as the umbrella revolution gathered outside the court where the sentences were handed out two of the nine in their interests were journals for sixteen months each two for eight months and others received suspended sentences during the protests which last three months hundreds of thousands of people blocked roads in hong kong demanding open elections joshua warriors the founder of a pro democracy group which played a key part of the umbrella movement demonstrations he says the majority of people in hong kong are still committed to democracy. legal professor and law maker have been jailed today for more than a year due to a deer by the year and their lead a leadership role on the movement this sunday and we will mobilize people come to the street again have the demonstration to against the offer of suppression from beijing to his hong kong i just hope to urge the international community to keep
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the ice in hong kong to where that orginally beijing promised to a lot hong kong have one country two system but now already trying to be one country one and a half sister absolutely hong kong people of citizens to stand on our site to support democracy there were ties asian today before the court hearing assembly for more than one hundred citizen just called into joy and kewl listen to the court to the court sentencing at the same time i believe. this sunday we'll have more then people come to the street again to show their support because nowadays hong kong already become the place that political prisoners be called a common norm i would hope beijing and hong kong government to realize that it's time to let hong kong people get the rights to vote in the election is just manapul a taking and to have stirred him political screening during the during selection
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during elections. criticism is increasing against the latest round of executions in saudi arabia thirty seven men were beheaded in six cities on tuesday one was later crucified the u.n. human rights chief is urging the kingdom to hold to the executions of three men on death row we shall bash alay is concerned about fair trials and confessions obtained by torture state media said they were convicted of adopting extremist ideology and forming terrorist cells to spread chaos and provoke sectarian strife some were convicted of killing security personnel in a bomb attack amnesty international says most of those executed were from the shia minority more than one hundred saudis have already been executed this year last year the total was one hundred and forty nine. shamdasani is a spokeswoman for the un human rights chief and she joins me now live from geneva good to have you with us mr shand the sunny while human rights groups condemn and criticize the saudis for these executions i mean what is the un's understanding of
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the being termed terrorists as well because al-jazeera has had contributors on this channel stating that they were just demonstrators. that's right in fact in many of the cases various u.n. human rights of various independent experts from the un human rights system had raised concerns about these very cases we had called on the government of saudi arabia to review these cases in at least three cases we are aware that those. people who were executed were minors under the age of eighteen international law expressly forbids the execution of minors in other cases we found that they were involved in anti-government protests as well the convictions of these individuals took place according to saudi arabia's counter-terrorism legislation which is overly broad and we have called time and again for the government to review this
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legislation to do that so i want to ask you next is have you tried to contact riyadh for an explanation for these deaths or what's the protocol for you as the u.n. to inquire about these executions to on to why very what happened the way they did . no repeatedly the un sought to take preventive measures to prevent these executions from taking place in the first place un special rapporteur is on arbitrary executions on torture the committee on the rights of the child have all raised these cases and the high commissioner for human rights herself has raised these cases with the saudi authorities urging them not to carry out the executions to look at the very credible allegations that the convention confessions were obtained through torture unfortunately this was to no avail we are now concerned because there are others who remain on death row and we are calling on the authorities to halt any imminent executions to review the legislation relating to
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the death penalty and in particular to outlaw the execution of those who are convicted as minors what come the un high commissioner for human rights do in the future if the situation continues and it has been continuing in saudi arabia and other nations to that believe in capital punishment. are you looking towards a security council for a solutions of the members of the international community help where does that leave you because at the moment it seems that your hands are tied a new condo anything except pick up a phone and say please don't do this. you know thankfully the worldwide trend is towards abolition of the death penalty we're seeing an increasing number of states either abolishing the death penalty establishing a moratorium on the use of the death penalty or having a de facto met moratorium which means that even though there's no official moratorium in place they hand down death sentences but they don't actually carry
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out executions we have several countries where this is the case where for decades they have not executed someone so there is progress in cases like the one in saudi arabia we look into the facts we verify the information we contact the government we try our best to engage with them to persuade them when that does not work we have to apply public pressure which is what i'm doing right now we are condemning utterly condemning the execution of thirty seven people in saudi arabia yesterday and we are urging the authorities and reminding them that they are obliged by their international human rights law commitments to number one not execute children under the age of eighteen number two to ensure that any trials are carried out in line with the fair trial guarantees for the did the defendants in particular when it comes to capital crimes or for them but we will leave it. on the sunny thanks so
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much for joining us from geneva. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news more the tactics of the armed groups. and how it's using the lake chad area and joe will be telling us why spanish football could soon be coming to saudi arabia that's all the sport. funeral is being held for really keep the german the shot dead in london very last week during riots but he stanley are catholic but have chosen a protestant cathedral for a multi-faith service the dissident republican group the new ira have admitted responsibility for the journalists not of three people were arrested one is still in custody police in northern ireland say that they're treating the shooting as a so-called terrorist attack the barber has been following the story for us is outside the church in londonderry where they're holding a vigil for the journalists and what kind of response has there been.
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it was so just to point out that i'm actually in london at a place called some broad church which they call the journalists church it's one of several places where there are special vigils being held for labor in the key her funeral of course happening in derry london sorry in belfast in northern ireland and attended by the british prime minister to resume a and her irish counterpart live right here as well as the leaders of the main northern irish politics interesting to see this infighting leader michelle o'neill sitting. sorry mary lou mcdonald sitting next to the leader of the d.-u. p.-r. lein foster certainly her funeral bringing together fierce political rivals there also tributes from her friends and family there some of her friends wearing harry potter costumes because she was a big fan so a bit of a personal touch here representatives of the ne j.
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the national gene union of journalists have spoken in tribute to her and there was a message from her partner sara as well as from liras family thanking the end e.j. for their support they've raised as a set up a fund raising appeal for her family i think as well as the the outpouring of grief it really has been a day of tributes to her work as a journalist she had. she had book contracts lined up as well and so it really is it really is a sad moment for many people indeed any news on the investigation. the police in northern ireland have arrested now two teenagers and a woman in her fifty's to release them all without charging them and it could be quite tricky for them to sue to find out exactly who carried out the killing we have had an admission or a statement from a dissident republican group called the new ira saying that baby did it apologizing
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and saying that they the. gunman had been aiming at the police well that apology has been rejected forthright by many people who knew there were mccain who didn't know some of the community in that part of derry have actually held protests against those dissidents and their political allies they. planted red handprints on the offices of one political party and they've put up graffiti saying that the people who are determined to carry on using violence must leave the stage as it were and herself a key herself wrote just because we're not at war anymore doesn't mean the shadow of the government has left the room when of course she's no longer with us but i think through her work she will continue to inspire people indeed to the barber there in london thank you.
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statisticians are making dire predictions about the number of yemenis die if the war continues the u.n. sponsored report predicts that two hundred thirty three thousand dollars using the least at the end of the year and that's one child dying every on average every eleven minutes but if the war drags on until twenty twenty two the prediction is close to half a million yemenis will die many of them children research is used what they called quantity of clustering techniques comparing the conflict in yemen with others since the end of the cold war now it's estimated at least seventy thousand yemenis are being killed since fighting escalated three years ago between the who the rebels and the sound and morality coalition. paul is the regional spokesman in the middle east for the norwegian refugee council and joins me now live from amman in jordan good to have you with us your report really does make for grim reading where you start when trying to sort of redress the issues faced here well
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yet more shocking crigger is from yemen and we always think that they were full of herod's the worst more shocking progress keep coming out it's a no brainer really what we're saying here that the the longer the war continues the more the irreversible damage to yemen beyond the obvious the people who are dying because of the fighting because of starvation because of color are which is the raising gets had again on the receiving it spreading again across the country the more this goes on the more that the irreversible impact of the war will be but accept for the very curious fact that some of the top culprits of this situation are among the top of the winners of the humanitarian response for yemen and that includes saudi arabia the emirates the united kingdom the united states as the top donor for the man humanitarian response they are the ones largely
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creating the destruction and the devastation that is gripping the country they are providing at the same time aid for ordinary amenities one need that him immediately at the same fandor providing weapons or dropping them dropping bombs on these mostly civilians it is bearing the brunt of this indeed of course you know for an organization like yourselves i mean you are there not just to but to try and help as well and in terms of the helping you need the war you need the conflict to stop before you can really get that aid into those affected areas how difficult is that job becoming. well my colleagues are doing what they can to reach out to as many as areas as possible but as you said the fighting makes it always hard there there are areas we cannot access at all because it would put the lives of my colleagues at risk. areas where this is fire is month to be holding we're seeing
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more casualties there are hospitals out of reach there are areas where we can't organize like food distributions because it would be putting people at risk it is it is a huge taking and the sheer figures right now twenty four million yemenis need some kind of aid that's massive that's the biggest figure ever so even even if the war had to suddenly stop which is what we hope for we would still have a massive task of reaching out to everyone especially the most vulnerable indeed there was a great deal of hope around a ceasefire at least to a safe area around the port city of the data which is sort of the main port that brings in all of that international aid what is the situation like that at the moment because obviously what you're saying you're not able to get that aid into any part of the country and the data is baby one problem but so is transport infrastructure on the r.c.
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on going conflict. yes right so the whole day that is particularly essential for yemen because it is the main port and that's where the goods commercial supplies humanitarian aid are meant to be landing for the rest of the country that is plagued by and undescribable brok receive which is holding back and tire shipments of food and essential everyday items which are which are being held there which is which is crippling the rest of the country and sides who day that self the cease fire might be holding although there are still attacks on the ground but we've seen that elsewhere in the country attacks have doubled and tripled and civilian casualties are are on the rise only a few days ago we saw an attack on a school where children were killed during the class and that that in itself is putting millions of children out of school because of the displacement and the fear
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that they don't know where it's safe where work and they be safe in a sacred space like a school is no longer is no longer sacred is now become a target for the move to leave their culture in britain so much for joining us from amman. more weather in south africa bring troops helping victims fifty one people being killed in the. in the city of the past week. risky workers say it is still raining in some parts of durban and that's affecting risk you efforts we're told for example some areas are hard to reach or the terrain is rough and that's affecting accessing people who really need desperate help the poor drainage system in the area isn't helping matters as well we're also being told that community halls are for so people who've lost their homes and shelters they've been advised to try and find somewhere else the other with family or friends because right now they simply nor where to put them because the usual
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public spaces are full from people who've lost their homes already that this region has been affected recently by violent most recent being from die which ravaged mozambique in affected malawi and zimbabwe more than a thousand people were killed many people are still missing many are displaced the problem with helping those people affected by that cycle and is that the money simply isn't there to help everyone not enough aid was raised that's a problem facing the surfing government right now because the president said he released an emergency fund but admits that money is not enough to it when affected by these floods in durban now he was in durban trying to see people been affected by the floods and opinions are mixed about his visit some say yes it's great that he's on the ground people are seeing him trying to do something talking to rescue workers the army and anyone else is trying to assist people affected by the floods but some are saying remember this is an election year critics are saying he's only there because he's campaigning trying to get votes. further down his overton
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further north of where who is more problems for sort of central africa yeah that's right into northern parts of mozambique we're looking at other trouble sites play making them pay no where near as bad as they die but this is going to cause some widespread flooding you take a look at the satellite picture you can see why the mass of cloud is just rolling its way into the north of the country and usually far north is actually there are more we form this close to the equator so that in this self is unusual sustained winds at the moment of about one hundred fifty kilometers per hour gusting to one hundred seventy five kilometers per hour it will make its way further west first and just push in to the south of towns near the far north of mozambique and we are going to see it slow down then when it makes landfall and that will produce copious amounts of rainfall three hundred fifty maybe six hundred millimeters of rain in parts so there is going to be widespread flooding a storm surge as usual associated with this system two to three meters on that
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storm surge and about two point three million people could be affected by this storm so it certainly is giving us some cause for concern further south akin to south africa you can see that area cloud that brought the flooding into that eastern side of south africa around the eastern. one hundred sixty five millimeters of rain in twenty four some places saw over two hundred millimeters of rain in the problems that we've had here i'm pleased to say things are now in the process of improving and over the next couple of days it will be largely fine and dry. thanks very much effort and well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are the findings of a u.n. report on civilian deaths in afghanistan and who's really to blame and in sports from london to turin cho has the details of big changes in men's tennis to stay with us.
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anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of a bill down stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. can read all death on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with the whole robin a reminder of our top story new video a person has reportedly showing two suspects with backpacks entering the shangri-la hotel in sri lanka's capital moments before the. closure it was one of three luxury hotels and three churches targeted on easter sunday. opposition figures in sudan say they've ended talks with the transitional military council after it refused to be to be transferred power to civilian rule they're angry after african union leaders gave the military council three months to hand over power. there's growing international criticism against the latest round of executions in saudi arabia
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thirty seven men were beheaded in six cities on tuesday one was later crucified the u.n. human rights chief is urging the kingdom to hold the executions of three bad on death row. leaders from the g. seven group of nations on the heads of tech companies are to meet in paris next month to discuss how to combat extremism and the spread of misinformation on social media the announcement comes two days after sri lanka's government blocked social media to stop the spread of false information there in the wake of the bombings and almost six weeks after the attacks christchurch left fifty people dead and i actually think that any country alone at least can make changes in the domestic legislation but what we're trying to tackle here is a global issue any for i think requires a global response so that's that's one reason and the second reason though that new zealand is looking to play a leadership role here is because what happened on the fifteenth of match in new zealand was unprecedented in the way that it used the internet and so with that
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does come a responsibility to try and make change. while the sri lankan government has banned social media before it bought platforms including facebook on whatsapp last march the government said they were using being used to stoke longstanding tensions between buddhists and muslims that led to religious violence that accuse tech giants of failing to properly police content including the removal of inaccurate or misleading posts. fire saw theme. with who is the executive director of the center for policy alternatives and joins me now from colombo via skype thanks very much for joining us i mean it was the or is it the sri lankans government right to shut down social media on sunday did they have the right reasons to do this well this might well have been an excess of
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caution based on what happened over a year ago when there was a lot of its reach on social media which was flowing animosity towards the muslim community in particular it's a tough one in terms of as to whether you allow social media to continue and restrict it so that you can actually then find out where it is coming where the misinformation and the hate speech is actually coming from learn much more about their strategies etc on the at the and one risks the question of the it speech except wrastling more violence but i think on balance chaps. it is better not to shut down social media to allow it to continue and to combat it by coming on with one's own class and resisting it to at that level ok
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well then that's been great debates globally about the way media platforms should police either themselves or have one national governments police them i mean it's a it's a delicate balance is it not. yes absolutely absolutely a delicate balance indeed what i want to you know side what you think the experiences then take taken in hand to what has actually happened both in christ church or what we've seen across the united states for example in recent terms and certainly in sri lanka i mean where where the where do you draw the line when it comes to policing what you think is allowed and is not allowed in terms of how information gets out there sometimes that might be slightly incorrect but it's also it's more can affairs it's more concerned about the have the hate side of the information that's out there i think governments in those in authority have to be more aware of the impact of social media and what it does and how this
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hate speech and the distance of nation on those that is. propagated and how it influences people's opinions and act accordingly i don't seek the resistance tool what is happening on social media in terms of the propagation of reach except there has been well thought out it needs to be much more planned and much local errand and then one i think can take off the perpetrators of the hate speech and misinformation were for the moment we will leave it there is an interesting debate that we know will continue for some time mr savva the number two thanks for joining us from colombo thank you. there on foreign minister says it's in iran's national security to keep the straits of hormuz open speaking in new york. said that iran will continue to find buyers for its oil and use the straits of hormuz to
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transport it he warned that if the u.s. tries to stop her on that it should be prepared for the consequences the straits of hormuz a vital shipping route linking middle east oil producers to markets in asia europe north america and beyond it is in our interests are not it our white for national security interest to keep the persian gulf open to keep the strait of almost open we've done that in the past we will continue to do it in the future but the united states should know that when they enter the straight talk or march they have to talk to those who are protecting the straight talker much. and that is. watch. the james bases live for us now at the asia society in new york or no this is our it's certainly put iran's case very clearly at the front of that conversation how did it go down. well
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certainly that particular position on the straits of hormuz i think is interesting because he was responding to earlier comments that iran might. threaten to close the straits of hormuz his position is a somewhat nuanced position that it's in their vital interests that there's free frying trade it's the lifeline for iran but at the same time if that lifeline of the trade was prevented then iran might take action and again stressing that the status quo must be respected saying that shipping have to speak to the revolutionary guards there so it's interesting how quite a new aunts position from from foreign minister zarif will be seen in washington he again making it clear that if the u.s. this walked away from the iran nuclear deal that iran is completely complying with that deal and saying it's quite amazing that the united states is not complying not only with that deal but with the u.n.
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security council resolution that enshrines that deal which is effectively international law and the fact that the u.s. now by trying to stop the exemptions for countries that are still trading with iranian oil was encouraging other countries now to contravene a u.n. security council. a ruling and resolution which is binding international law so that was that those were the main comments with regard to those developments on the iran nuclear deal but in the last few moments of this gathering we've had a very important on. for i think from the iranian foreign minister he bought up the british prisoner notes to dean's adare rachleff and then mentioned in a rainy and who was being held in australia and then said to this gathering that he had the or thora to to negotiate here and now an exchange of all prisoners
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western prisoners being held in iran and others who are being held in the west he said that was a real offer and he had the authority to make that offer a prisoner exchange at a large level being offered in the final moments of this address by the iranian foreign minister. and of course one of the other elements certainly that's amazing development james was he also talked not just in terms of criticizing the u.s. and their position we talk about the problems he had at home in the early part of his speech there about the way he had to try and persuade or debate with other lawmakers in iran about the need to perhaps sign up to other agreements this is in relation to sort of the e.u. and circumventing international payments for oil and services and to keep them in in some sort of snarl that would allow them to remain financially fluid.
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yeah the so-called special purpose vehicle and the work arounds that he and iran are planning clearly there are some in iran who are losing patience with all of this but he said he felt that those deals had been done now on both to deal with the e.u. and some of the arrangements that had to mean bait in iran he also talked about his own position and how he felt earlier this year he was being undermined in his position as foreign minister and that's why on twitter he submitted his resignation he then said that there was a large outpouring of support from him from various levels of the iranian leadership and that's why he's continued in his job as the iranian foreign minister here in new york for a few days he's in fact going to make another speak shortly at the united nations headquarters we'll believe we believe he'll be in new york making of the iranian
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case as he does pretty convincingly because he speaks excellent english having previously been iran's ambassador to the united nations for the next few days here in the united states where for the moment we'll leave it there james james bays our political editor diplomatic editor that in your country. north korea's leader has arrived in neighboring russia thursday's meeting with vladimir putin kim jong un is in vladivostok two months after the break down of the second denuclearization summit with donald trump in vietnam can told reporters that he's going to discuss the future of the korean peninsula with president putin. is your missile i came to russia with a warm feeling of our people i.


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