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the sanctions regime is also reminiscent of iraq after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one but supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei made it clear iranian oil will continue to flow despite american intimidation. little body can little buddy. we will explored as much as we need and want the enemy must know that this hostility won't remain without a response the mission of iran won't remain silent against us hostility. the consensus in iran seems to be that war with america is unlikely as the cost would be too high that there has been talking to one of disrupting the strait of hormuz which would wreak havoc on oil markets but for now it may just be saber rattling what i'm saying is it is in our interests and not it's our national security interest to keep the persian gulf open to keep the strait of almost open but as long as sanctions continue to heighten tensions what happens next remains unpredictable zain zero to one on our diplomatic editor james bay is has more from
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new york speaking. well he says that iran has done absolutely nothing wrong iran entered into what he describes a treaty formally it wasn't actually a treaty with the international community including the united states and it's the u.s. that has ripped up that deal it's the u.s. that now is removing those waivers for eight countries to still trade with iran on oil and he made the point that the iran nuclear deal is not just a deal itself it was in shrine and in a u.n. security council resolution so by ending international law and he said for the first time in his view in history a permanent member of the u.n. security council was not only going against a u.n. security council resolution it was pushing others to go against a u.n. security council resolution he did say that he believed in his view that president
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trump did want to come to some sort of new deal but he said there wouldn't be a new deal because iran really had given everything with the existing deal that was the best they were going to get and he was not prepared for iran to give up on its dignity he said although he believed that president trump didn't want war he thought there were those around him including his national security adviser john bolton and other influences the israeli prime minister the king of saudi arabia the ruler of the usa who actually wanted regime change in iran possibly even to destroy iran as a country. more ahead here on this news hour including dozens killed and even more to face bring destruction. and paste. and not to china and a snub to the u.s. as britain decides while way can be involved in the rollout of a five g.
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network to fight security. and rafael nadal moves on to the next round of the buffalo. i have been when i want to call it named off to him he said will have to. boeing says the global grounding of its seven three seven max jets will cost the airline a more than one billion dollars three hundred forty six people were killed when its planes crashed in ethiopia and march and indonesia last year the company has faced accusations of ignoring poor practices at some of its construction plants out of there as heidegger castro spoke to one whistleblower. rags left near landing gear a loose bolt in an engine chewing gum holding together a door trim these are among the concerns voiced by nearly a dozen boeing whistle blowers who say the company's seven eighty seven dreamliner jet produced in south carolina should not have been delivered in such conditions
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a new york times investigation reviewed hundreds of internal boeing documents and federal records and interviewed current and former boeing employees john barnett worked at boeing for nearly three decades he retired from his job as a quality manager in twenty seventeen from what i've seen building their planes here charleston i don't feel they're in a safe in their weather condition barnett says on several planes he discovered metal shavings hanging over wiring that commands flight controls he showed his bosses he says who ignored his concern and moved him to another part of the factory is over time these metal shavings are going to migrate down in these boxes or into the alert connectors store far. the last thing you want to forty thousand feet so far the south carolina boeing plant was troubled from the stars built in two thousand and nine to focus exclusively on building the dreamliner boeing struggled
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to find qualified local workers according to the time for reporting production delays tested the patients of carriers from day one it's just all been about scheduling our news get it done push planes out we're behind schedule you know we don't have time to worry about issues that you know bring in a message to employees the vice president of boeing's dreamliner program said the new york times article features distorted information that rehashes old stories and rumors that have long ago been put to rest a federal inspection of the south carolina plant in two thousand and fourteen thousand and no violations but the f.a.a. said it had previously found the presence of foreign object debris i am not aware of any civil airliner having an accident as a result of debris being left inside the aircraft due to maintenance or manufacture there is no evidence that the problems alleged by the boeing whistleblowers have led to any major safety incidents in fact more than eight hundred of the train line
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are jets continue to fly around the world none have ever crashed but after the deadly accidents involving boeing's other popular model the seven thirty seven max now begs the question whether the company has a greater safety problem worthy of scrutiny by peter castro al-jazeera. for more on this let's speak to kyle bailey who is an aviation analyst a former f.a.a. safety team representative and a pilot he joins us now on skype from buffalo new jersey called the new york times investigation into boeing's manufacturing describes a culture that often valued production speed over quality how worried should we all be. you know we should first of all good morning and we should not be worried about this keep in mind boeing has about one hundred fifty three thousand employees and we're talking about a dozen employees actually that were making claims about this production facility
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so you know there really isn't much to worry about and voting has a stellar track record as in their production line and there really have been no no accidents or incidents as a result of such things as metal shavings and manufacturing anomalies that have happened have this is a factory that specific a manufacturer that dreamliner tests a little more about that plane and doesn't have any known issue. you know that the biggest no one issue that several years back the batteries on the airplanes were overheating but this was in no way anything to do with manufacturing from that the so what he in charleston it was a separate incident and that was completely resolved boeing chose charleston one of the main reasons was pretty much to skirt around union labor to get nonunion
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cheaper labor into that facility but you know both boeing. boeing is very good at production they make a fine airplane and i think this is you know the i think senior management of boeing is right this is exaggerated based on you know boeing has been in the media the last few months and i thought i believe it is really over exaggerated so if it kyle also we're hearing pot still of left in the pain there electronics and those shavings that you you mentioned even bubble wrap near a pedal that could have had it jammed surely these are all consensus not just in that one. yes that is true these workers turns but keep in mind that boeing produces a lot of airplanes and they have decades of experience and their quality control is very good but they can now another words inspect every inch of every single airplane that they produce it's pretty much like any other industry where you're you're you're spot checking from your quality control team and they're doing that
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and you know humans do make mistakes and that's you know the unfortunate issue here . and doesn't matter what industry it is humans do make mistakes and there are things that can fall through the cracks but i think boeing does a very good job at preventing these from falling through the cracks well speaking of mistakes there's been huge fallout of the seven three seven macsoftware issues and obviously boeing is racking up huge losses as a result of that is this putting the company under even more pressure to try to his'n bottom line and perhaps even cut more corners in future. no i don't see it and so you know today as you know they just announced about it that the incident with you know the last two accidents were will cost the airline will cost the manufacturer somewhere around a billion dollars. but the bottom line is although production might be delayed airplanes so well these are planes actually will be sold and they will be
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eventually delivered to the airline customers right now boeing has a significant backlog of orders and air airliners are in such demand that if you wanted to order one today it would take years to get one and that will still continue there might be you know this is probably like a little what would be described as a little hiccup in the assembly line but these are planes that are everything right now that is stalled they will eventually be delivered to the customers or really won't affect. boeing in the long term and keep in mind they are in other industries as well as as the commercial airline business kyle banyan aviation analyst and speaking to us from new jersey sounding optimistic about boeing speech and thanks for your insights kyle thank you well ukraine's president elect not to me is immense he is calling for more international sanctions against russia and comes off to moscow made it easier for people living in parts of eastern ukraine to get russian puff points and then he accused moscow of trying to just in the eyes it's
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military presence in ukraine and the u.s. state department has described the kremlin's actions as highly provocative and as an assault on ukraine's sovereignty. on north korea's leader kim jong un and russian president vladimir putin will be meeting for the first time in the coming hours on wednesday kim arrived in the eastern russian city of god of our stock on his on the train the meeting follows the failed summit between kim and donald trump earlier this year for both moscow and pyongyang this is seen as an opportunity to show a united front at a critical moment in negotiations over nuclear disarmament on the korean peninsula will be bringing you more on that as we get it and be speaking to several analysts about this over the course of the show while the u.s. state department has condemned me and after its highest court rejected the final appeal of true reuters journalists. who have spent fifteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets they were reporting on the ranger
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ethnic cleansing crisis while it's been four years since a powerful earthquake killed thousands of people in nepal millions of homes were either destroyed or badly damaged but the owners are still waiting for help from the government to be in a stressed i reports from dr paul. eeprom twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen with a seven point eight magnitude quake shook rush we know was house stude here the historical city of book with who was reduced to rubble her son sunni's was rescued after twenty two hours with barely a scratch they called her the miracle baby but four years on his mother says the family can't afford to build a tin shed let alone a house if we had money we wouldn't have had to stay in a rented room four of us are sharing a small room we've been door though we don't have the right beepers. this is the
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room or sourness lives with his mother father and sister. this was when he was rescued his eyes are full of dust. more than seven thousand private homes and one hundred fifteen heritage sites were damaged in but the poor reconstruction has been slow and money an issue we had to get started on the first amount of five hundred dollars is not even enough to remove the debris let alone dig the foundation only thirteen hundred people have received a full three thousand dollars locked up or is hundreds of years old and a unesco world heritage site but what here is often unclear many house owners have never had documents proving their ownership some have been lost and some land this created across the government's help to rebuild around four hundred thousand homes but that's only half the number that either lost or severely damaged one of the the support that certainly would be needed from the side of the government is that
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resources that you decide to live on is the gap which is to be met i think this is one of the major challenges or as the governor has to manage more than four billion dollars was pledged by countries around the world to rebuild. but for those likes on his family it will require another miracle to rebuild a home they lost four years ago. al jazeera book the. still ahead on al-jazeera just based again the united nations evacuates more than three hundred refugees from the detention center and found interesting. scandal in the boy scouts of america as the organization faces accusations that it failed to disclose its cases of child sex abuse and m.p. and my family has a strange way out plan ahead of this week's london marathon pace it will be here with more.
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hello good it's good to have you back well we have seen some showers here across parts of china and we're going to see attempt a difference as well this is that time of year where we can get those temper contrasts from north to south where we're going to be seeing it is for shanghai over the next few days we're going to start here on thursday with a temperature of about twenty five degrees with foo show seeing some rain in the forecast at thirty one but those temperatures begin to drop and for shanghai it means one thousand degrees few if not for show it is going to be a little bit better in the rain is going to decrease as well with the temperature there of twenty five but the temperature is not dropping in hong kong we do expect to see a high there of thirty one degrees very quickly down here across parts of southeast asia we're going to be seeing dry conditions across much of northern luzon so that's some good news for you there over the next few days we're going to be seeing the rain really keep to the south with manila stay fairly dry at about thirty six to b.s. but where we are going to be watching
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a lot of the activity is out here towards the southern part of the bay of bengal notice the air circulation right there over the next few days that air circulation could bring some very very heavy rain across parts of sri lanka not so on thursday or friday but as we go towards the weekend there could be a big problem here's your forecast as we go towards thursday colombo more clouds coming into play at thirty two degrees and tonight it is going to be a cloudy day for you with a temperature of thirty. whether sponsored by qatar it is. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is all work and no play. full lines investigates how people reeling from drug use are having exploitation added to that was. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. when the news breaks.
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when people need to be hurt and the story needs to be told will shout it all in all of radio with the exclusive interview see being rude for journalists to choose the role in the world and in-depth reports are real be made important here with al-jazeera as teams on the ground are at the moment world to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour three members of saddam's ruling military council have offered their resignations this comes after
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wednesday's meeting between the generals and a coalition of protest leaders and political parties the two sides have agreed to form a committee to sort out their differences. sri lanka's president has asked the defense secretary and the police chief to step down following sunday as the tax policy center says prior intelligence about the bombing wasn't shared but his office that . toll is now at three hundred fifty nine with hundreds more wounded. iran says the u.s. must be prepared for consequences if it tries to stop it selling its oil president hassan rouhani says he's open to resuming talks but only if the u.s. apologizes for. another round of talks in syria is expected to take place in the capital of north. russia or turkey and iran believes they have played pivotal roles in the conflict and now want to know what's in it for them while progress on
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a political solution is expected there are still sticking points on other issues then a halt to tells us more from. russia is further cementing its foothold in syria government leaders in damascus granting russia access to the mediterranean port of tartus for the next forty nine years it's the latest deal between the two countries as russia strategic and financial rewards in post-war syria. syria's other main ally iran seems to be doing the same after partnering to keep president bashar assad in power the iranians and russians are talking about dividing the spoils of war. you're sure. you know. there's a structure but it's our. congress and it's in arts grants you. russia and iran cooperate with turkey iran's foreign minister mohammad said if there's a turkey's capital ankara following
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a trip to damascus the iranians are trying to mend the relationship between syria and turkey hoping for an increased diplomatic role. while iran of course also is trying to get more leverage and resolve your russia in this process because the issues that are most important on the ground in the northeast these are issues i would say. between russia and turkey more than between turkey and iran the three countries are major stakeholders in syria and initiated the so-called asked in a process they have maintained their alliance despite disagreements because their strategic interests intersect beyond syria they have strained relations with the united states russia and iran want to keep turkey on their side but at the same time they don't want the turks to expand their presence in northern syria. but also many countries need wider international support in the west if syria is to end its isolation and receive war we construction funding russia is pushing for progress on
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the political track sending diplomats to the syrian capital as well as to the saudi capital to meet the opposition. russia russian actually understand all this. so you know i don't want. russia wants some to go against the russians and iranians believe they won the war for us said. but turkish troops and their local allies remain in northern syria u.s. troops and their kurdish allies are in the north east multiple players are involved in syria all maneuvering for their place when peace eventually comes to. beirut. now the united nations has evacuated more than three hundred refugees from a detention center in southern tripoli because of the deteriorating security situation they have been removed to a facility in northwestern libya after fighting reached the. detention center where they were being held five other detention centers are in areas already and gulf in
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the battle between the u.n. recognized government and forces loyal to war. nor is the director of to jura detention center he says the situation in these centers is increasingly desperate. the drug detention center has around five hundred fifty illegal migrants. and some arabs from yemen and syria we have not been receiving any of the international organizations but some local organizations have been providing us with small insufficient amounts of food our correspondent. has more from tripoli. another frontline has been open between forces loyal to warlords plea for help to others loyal to the tripoli be used to you know used government of national accord the clashes erupted on wednesday morning in the area north of the city but have warplanes targeted the government forces locations in and here are the
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government forces say that they recapture the area north of but have. targeted them killing and wounding several fighters from the government forces the government forces say that they have recaptured. around thirty kilometers north of the city center in tripoli the government forces say that they continue maintaining their locations and maintaining their presence in the locations they have recently taken control of south of tripoli. word little beer and also areas near the disused or inactive tripoli international airport the government forces are accusing have to the forces of attacking a migrants detention center and get a bit of. killing and one civil innocent migrants there well let's return now to one of our top stories the first meeting between the leaders of north korea and
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russia that shed your old in the coming hours leonard petrovich the north korea expert and a visiting fellow at the australian national university and he's joining us live now from sydney learned not a huge amount of detail about this meeting what's likely to actually emerge out of it. well it looks like the expectations are not very high both domestically and internationally. president putin is on his way to vladivostok just simply having a stopover short stop over for one day in a diverse talk on the way to china and kim jong un to travel to germany used his train to cross the border to spend a couple of days in russia and the return so looks like it's a technical meeting to feel in the gaps which were left after kim jong un's summits we've president presidents using peeing and the president of south korea so
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briefing president putin on what happened in singapore and in hanoi but then surely discussing the literally cannot make up your ration we've russia but no more than that kind of talk us through the relationship between moscow and pyongyang why is this happening now is it just because it's it's convenient or is there something more that. well kim jong il in face seeing the past with the american counterparts the second summit in hanoi left the integration process in limbo so it looks like kim jong il is now trying to or could the other direction to moscow and see whether the russians north korean partnership can count the balance the blunder which happened in hanoi with president tom had to walk away from the negotiations also the
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playing against china would help north korea to get to secure a certain concessions from. international sanctions russia is one of the states which is bidding for the lifting of economic sage sanctions against north korea but that's understandable but russia is under sanctions itself so there might be potential ration behind the closed doors. type of economic cooperation with hard currency in the vault where both russia and north korea might benefit being both on the same chanson kim jong un has been recently appointed the chairman of state affairs commission so he's been in his new status in his new title kim jong il is now traveling the world and greeting the strong men of the kremlin well let me ask you a little more about what both sides might gain does putin think he might have something to offer the u.s. congress and in the past he's been
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a big proponent of the six party negotiations involving other groups as well while other countries. well of course russia is just a neighboring state to north korea sharing just seventeen kilometers long border but strategically extremely important railway and automobile roads are now being constructed for facilities improved and this border between north korea and china actually super rates north korea and russia separates china from access to the sea of japan known as east korean seem the united states troops are stationed on the korean peninsula for the for more than sixty eight years since the korean war which is still continuing so russia is trying to propose the detente the peace stability economic cooperation in the region which is welcomed by not only north koreans but south koreans as well as long as north and south koreans talk it is going to be
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a much more beneficial for the russian and chinese economy the united states of course is looking at the the tonton that approach among as a potential danger to the military industrial complex to its ally alliance with solve korea we've japan so what is happening in the region is still a zero sum game the relations between north korea china and russia are the worse it is for the united states prospects in the region china is feeling in the vacuum and north korea's also trying to cure it we've traditionally allies china and russia and so in that case the u.s. clout in the region is dwindling and russian power potentially may increase particularly if the multilateral format of the negotiations is resumed don't remember the six party talks died some ten years ago but then she russia may step in and the resume this multilateral negotiating curation peace
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driving form what i learned just briefly let me ask you one last question how much of this do you think is about disarmament on the korean peninsula and how much of this is about getting one up on us president on trying. well it looks like kim jong un is quite confident that the regime can survive even with the americans lifting sanctions so that's why he's going to russia right now because sanctions imposed internationally and sanctions by the united states but russia and china just needs the war so it's better to maintain strong and economically powerful relations. with the immediate neighbors than just simply negotiate for with the power which is just across the pacific so i think it is very cold calculating in this man in this matter and very rational and i think that
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meeting with president putin opens new opportunities for him even if donald trump refuses to meet with kim jong un the third time learned petro of their from the israeli national university thanks feel inside. floods and mudslides have killed at least sixty people in south africa they were triggered by heavy rains along the eastern coast which began on monday night. a report from the port city of durban where hundreds of people have been displaced. so ferocious with their rainfall that within two hours of starting streets in had turned into raging torrents and force of the water main that cars houses people anything in the water was liable to be swept away quickly burst their banks whole communities were submerged and in the hills. and. then as the worst of the waters began to subside the body started being recovered the victims included a six month old baby president returned from an african union summit in egypt and
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immediately residents in the city of emergency funding will be made available for rebuilding he promised to give us much so. that it needs to have interest in the. local as well as the. the rich will not speak either these are once pretty clifftop homes with disease of the ocean the ocean the only thing left intact when the crater opened up it took significant chunks of the houses either side of it as was the family's cause the homeowner tried in vain to keep the storm drain working. in the drainage for about an hour do you know. that nothing could stop that water. serious questions already being asked by the
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state of south africa's jane is an infrastructure with a national election just days away and is also an enormous cleanup to organize the flooding soup ways of debris into the port of durban rubbish including thousands of plastic bottles covering a large area of the harbors ports and shoreline but the danger of more landslides and flooding is not yet passed and the severe weather warning remains in place havey rain and gale force winds are forecast or they should start to clear later on thursday. al-jazeera durban brazil's indigenous people have marched on the country's capital demanding protection for their land rights they fear that hard won rights will be eroded by the new president. that's given an added significance to this year's demonstration it happens every april when brazil holds what it calls indian day. while in the united states allegations of a marriage that more than twelve thousand children were sexually abused while
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taking part in boy scouts activities the organization reportedly kept information on alleged pedophiles but never revealed their identities. a child sexual abuse scandal threatens to engulf an institution americans once considered one of their most wholesome and patriotic the boy scouts those perversion files that they have had reflect that they have removed fellows and. offenders of childhood sexual abuse over the years and they've kept that in files secretly new york attorney jeff anderson says internal documents kept at boy scouts of america headquarters described sexual abuse dating back to the one nine hundred forty s. the files were ordered released several years ago by a judge in a civil court case but anderson citing testimony from a professional auditor hired by the boy scouts organization said the new numbers
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are shocking they reveal more than twelve thousand two hundred boys were abused the number of suspected abusers tops seven thousand eight hundred.


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