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they really wanted was that north korea showing that it can house meetings with senior nations around the world like russia and russia showing that it's still a regional influence and a global power that even if you alienate it from the main global forum you still have to deal with russia in some shape or form exactly it's basically two months after the the meeting between donald trump and kim jong il in hanoi failed and so this is putting step in stepping in becoming a mediator offering his help saying that russia can play a role here of course he has been left out of the loop for quite a while he invited kim jong un to come to russia a year ago already and he had to wait a long time fly very far to actually meet him here in flight he was stuck i think they're both very happy you how everything was and there were a lot of smiles there were lot of nice words to each other the question of course
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remains how is this going to continue this is the going to be a next meeting what can russia actually really do for the korean peninsula but as you said the optics are very important both of the leaders have put themselves back on the world map in that sense indeed which will follow what the outcome of that is in the long term as well with thanks very much joining us from a lot of awestruck. well still ahead here is iraq costing them boeing's paying the price in the wake of two disasters. well of the last couple of days the cloud on the rainbows developed and moved north effectively out of indonesia answer into malaysia and circulations apparently developing now in the indian ocean where there will be ones to watch just on the
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edge of your screen there but look at the massive gray here and the dark green the center is the deepest sheriffs in ny and also sulu a.z. borneo running through southern part of the philippines filling the gulf of thailand therefore potentially bringing showers up towards bangkok in the next couple of days which is about right really the heaviest are going to be further south i would plan for it being somewhere in borneo come on time south of all this it should be a quiet time of the year now from the point of view of extremes of temperature or drops of rain well we certainly have some welcome rain recently with temperatures dropping in the southeast corner of a story from member a week ago it was sort of heatwave territory we're not anymore fourteen in melbourne the rain is falling further south in tasmania about the same temperature in hobart the warms is still being drawn out of the interior to give purpose which had rather a cold target on a couple weeks really quite nice warm pleasant if rather dusty were twenty six degrees sydney you will see
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a drop in temperature the wind change otherwise it's fine. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is on one and no pay. phone lines investigates how people reeling from drug east are having exploitation added to their was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera that means a whole robin a reminder of our top story the security services in sri lanka remain on high alert following sunday's multiple bomb attacks a nationwide alert has been issued with police searching for nine vehicles suicide bombings on easter sunday killed three hundred fifty nine people and wounded hundreds more. protest leaders are calling for a large rally on thursday in their demand for in civilian government that's despite three members of sudan's ruling military council resigning they were accused of cracking down on protesters. and russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong un have finished their first face to face meeting which is taking place in the city of light of all stock discussed potential denuclearization of the korean peninsula and bilateral trade. south african presidents around oppose a pledge to help those along the eastern coast affected by floods and mudslides here assess the damage in and around the city of the sixty people have been killed
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and with us are reports. so ferocious with the rainfall that within two hours of starting streets in puzzling the tower had turned into raging torrents weight and force of the water main that cars houses people anything in the waters path was liable to be swept away really quickly burst their banks whole communities were submerged and in the hills numerous landslides roads and bored enormous boulders down then as the worst of the waters began to subside the body started being recovered the victims included a six month old baby president returns. an african union summit in egypt and immediately visit believe residence in the city of durban emergency funding will be made available fully building he promised to give you as much support as you possibly can and we will make sure that it needs not to have addressed and then lead to. levels. local as well as mission that of.
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the rich will not spit either these or one's pretty clifftop homes with these of the ocean the ocean view is now about the only thing left intact when the crater opened up it took with a significant chunks of the houses either side of it as was the family's cars the homeowner tried in vain to keep the storm drain working set down on a chair and clean the drainage for about an hour to no avail because we need to arrange really. nothing could stop that water. serious questions already being asked by the state of south africa's janet and infrastructure with a national election just days away and is also an enormous cleanup to organize the flooding subways of debris into the port of durban rubbish including thousands of plastic bottles covering a large area of the harbors port and shoreline but the danger of more landslides and flooding is not yet passed and
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a severe weather warning remains in place heavy rain and gale force winds are forecast or they should start to clear later on thursday. al-jazeera. continued. has warned the u.s. of consequences if it tries to stop it or even foreign minister zarif says keeping the world's main oil shipping route the straits of hormuz open is in iran's own interest. the u.s. ramped up its pressure on iran earlier this week ending sanctions waivers that have for a few months allowed iran to sell oil to just eight countries all signs point to more u.s. sanctions targeting iran's oil dependent economy i do weekly cabinet meeting president hassan rouhani said iran remains open to dialogue but demanded an apology and a halt to pressure tactics conditions the united states is almost certainly unwilling to meet he also had this warning for the iranian people. asked not only
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to get out of him was a cute enough that america is not ready for talks at all what they're doing is meant to break the nation of iran america wants to enter to run again americans didn't learn their lesson from the top bus incident. that was the failed mission thirty nine years ago to rescue american hostages from the u.s. embassy takeover into. a sandstorm led to a helicopter and a war plane colliding killing eight u.s. servicemen this hunk of metal is all that's left of the road an ism of one of the helicopters that was meant to fly from the desert in the east of the country directly into the heart of the iranian capital and fly american hostages out on display at the old u.s. embassy now a museum it's become a part of iran's public relations campaign against the united states. it was the only mission of its kind that saw american boots on iranian soil and rouhani is warning on the anniversary of the incident of the possibility of more american
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adventurism is not without its reasons the continued policy aimed at reducing iran's oil sales to zero is a major economic and national security concern here and. some iranians compare america's anti iran messaging to the rhetoric that preceded the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three the sanctions regime is also reminiscent of iraq after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one but supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei made it clear iranian oil will continue to flow despite american intimidation. all metal body can. we will explored as much as we need and want the enemy must know that this hostility won't remain without a response the mission of iran won't remain silent against us hostility. the consensus in iran seems to be that war with america is unlikely as the cost would be too high and that there has been talking to one of disrupting the strait of hormuz which would wreak havoc on oil markets but for now it may just be saber
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rattling what i'm saying is it is in our interests are not our national security interest to keep the persian gulf open to keep the strait of almost open but as long as sanctions continue to heighten tensions what happens next remains unpredictable zain. to her on. doldrums vowing to fight all the way to the supreme court to stop and the impeachment of terms and the u.s. president's opposing subpoenas to testify in congress democrats are demanding the full uncensored version of the mill report into russian interference in trump's elections so congress can decide whether he's broken the law lot can be held that has more from the white house. unconditional war on his opponents is a tactic donald trump has used for decades in the business world and now it appears in the political arena as president i say it's. get back to infrastructure good factor cutting taxes get back to lowering drug prices that's what really that's
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what we should be when we're fighting rather subpoenas we need these materials even though the u.s. congress has a constitutional obligation to investigate the white house trumps declared he's prepared to take his fight to the highest court in a wednesday morning tweet truck threaten congressional democrats if they try to get rid of him through impeachment he'll go straight to the supreme court trump is upset democrats continue to question his legitimacy and want to probe his taxes and financial records it follows the release last week of the much anticipated report by special counsel robert muller on whether the truck campaign worked with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign. mode included there was no evidence they did but he did suggest congress could pursue the matter of whether the president obstructed justice during the investigation the white house a top adviser mocked congress's oversight efforts even suggesting the white house
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might block any testimony by former employees so what else is there to know and what else is there and i believe it matter what we all know is director mueller and his investigators wanted to or felt that it was right to indict they wouldn't your committee will come. the order many top democrats in congress including democratic presidential candidate and senator elizabeth warren believe trump should be investigated and even impeached we cannot be an america that says it is ok for a president of the united states to try to block investigations still senior democrats like house speaker nancy pelosi are pushing for oversight without attempting to remove donald trump from office as an election year approaches she's directed democrats to win votes by talking about issues voters care about like health care and approving wages impeachment is a political gamble most polls show
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a majority of americans think that impeaching the u.s. president is a mistake that means instead of inflicting damage on donald trump it could build support among swing voters potentially aiding trump's reelection can really help get al jazeera the white house. the u.s. state department turns condemn me and maher after its highest court rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists it called on me amar to protect freedom of expression and unite the two journalists with their families while learn and have spent sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking an official secrets law they were reporting on the rigging the ethnic cleansing crisis. accord and japan has granted bail for the former nisanit cochairman carla scone it was arrested in november for alleged financial misconduct he's been charged with underreporting his retirement compensation and diverting money to pay for
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investment losses he says he's innocent and that all its financial dealings have been legitimate. boeing says the global grounding of its seven three seven max jets will cost the airline a more than a billion dollars three hundred forty six people were killed when its planes crashed in ethiopia in march and indonesia last year the company has faced accusations of ignoring the poor practices at some of its construction plants castro spoke to one whistleblower. rags left near landing gear a loose bolt in an engine chewing gum holding together a door trim these are among the concerns voiced by nearly a dozen boeing whistle blowers who say the company's seven eighty seven dreamliner jet produced in south carolina should not have been delivered in such conditions a new york times investigation reviewed hundreds of internal boeing documents and federal records and interviewed turned and former boeing employees john barnett
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worked at boeing for nearly three decades he retired from his job as a quality manager in twenty seventeen from what i've seen building their planes here charleston i don't feel they're in a safe in our weather condition barnett says on several planes he discovered metal shavings hanging over wiring that commands flight controls he showed his bosses he says who ignored his concern and moved him to another part of the factory as over time these metal shavings are going to migrate down in these boxes or into the larger connectors store far. and the last thing you want forty thousand feet so far the south carolina boeing plant was troubled from the start built in two thousand and nine to focus exclusively on building the dreamliner boeing struggle to find qualified local workers according to the time for reporting production delays tested the patients of carriers from day one it's just all been about schedule in
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our area and just get it done push planes out we're behind schedule you know we don't have time to worry about issues that you know i'll bring in a message to employees the vice president of boeing's dreamliner program said the new york times article features distorted information that rehashes old stories and rumors that have long ago been put to rest a federal inspection of the south carolina plant in two thousand and fourteen thousand and no violations but the f.a.a. said it had previously found the presence of foreign object debris i am not aware of any civil airliner. having an accident as a result of debris being left inside the aircraft due to maintenance or manufacture there is no evidence that the problems alleged by the boeing whistle blowers have led to any major safety incidents in fact more than eight hundred of the dreamliner jets continue to fly around the world none have ever crashed but after the deadly
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accidents involving boeing's other popular model the seven thirty seven max now begs the question whether the company has a greater safety problem worthy of scrutiny hi peter castro al-jazeera one. now scotland's first minister wants to hold a second independence referendum within the next two years if bracks it happens nicolas sturgeon told m.p.'s and timber she'll introduce legislation laying out the rules for a new poll soon scots voted five years ago to stay in the united kingdom by fifty five percent to forty five percent but the brics a vote to leave the european union has spurred scottish nationalists to demand another vote which m.p.'s in london would have to agree to we face been forced to the margins so you'd lamed within a huge key that is itself increasingly so you claimed on the international stage independents by contrast with the lawyers to protect our place in europe it would
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enable us to not or most important relationships those with the other countries of the british are used on the basis of equality climate change protesters have brought commuters in london to a standstill by gluing themselves to the side of a train police managed to unstick them from canary wharf business district and from the london stock exchange to more than a thousand extinction rebellion activists have been arrested since the civil disobedience campaign started last week demanding government action on what activists call the climate change. threatening us all. with me so rob a reminder of our top stories security services in sri lanka remain on high alert following sunday's multiple bomb attacks a nationwide alert has been issued with police searching for nine vehicles catholic
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church services in colombo have been suspended but may resume on sunday subject to an all clear and central bank following a warning about an imminent explosion multiple suicide bombings on easter sunday kill three hundred fifty nine people and wounded hundreds more. we're seeing a very visible increase in security presence and we've seeing it here on the streets of colombo but half an hour ago we checked by air force personnel it shows that it's not just the armed forces and the police but also the naval and air forces who are now involved patrolling the streets to keep. people in sri lanka safe now of course this is after we've learned that sixteen people were arrested in a special operation overnight but just the day before police have also said that they believe that several people involved in sunday's bombings are still at large sudanese protest leaders are calling for a large rally on thursday in their demand for
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a civilian government despite three members of sudan's ruling military council resigning they are accused of cracking down on protesters. russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong il have finished the first face to face meeting. they've discussed potential denuclearization of the korean peninsula the bilateral trade a court in japan has granted bail for the former coach. he was arrested for alleged financial this conduct said that he was innocent and that all his financial dealings have been legitimate. south african president several rather pope has pledged to help those along the eastern coast affected by mudslides and floods he's assessed the damage in and around the city of least sixty people are being killed and more than a thousand displaced more rain and gale force winds are forecast for the area you can follow those stories on our web site at al jazeera dot com sam is a dad will be here in half an hour with the al-jazeera news our we continue now
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with fault lines to stay with us here after. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. back. when. he was nineteen when he tried heroin for the first time. by the age of twenty three it almost ruined him. to live and. when he checked himself into this drug treatment center in texas he knew that getting clean would be hard work. but soon he'd be introduced to
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a new concept. work based therapy. and they. work these men also ended up in rehab seeking treatment for addictions that had taken over their lives. but their treatment plans were soon dominated by long hours working for private corporations. with a low carbon containers. they often say i can't do this anymore they work these jobs without pay for me. to work every day. of the week you have nothing to show for. and they labored in dangerous conditions . for. a little. while i was all. there. and that's what they call work there and what is works are these are such
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a thing they say. you work to pay for your training. but it was a really. so often people. feel expendable going on for a long time and. when these two reporters began asking. questions about work based therapy they covered a national trend of all things called old work ok. in the midst of an american drug epidemic they found high demand for low cost rehab and a set of labor practices that might be illegal people just didn't have enough time to get their required hours of counseling because work came first these are the stories of four men who were told that work would help them beat their addictions in this collaboration with the reveal from the center for investigative reporting faultlines finds out what happened to them instead place was. all about
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manipulation and greed. for five decades a nonprofit called the center court foundation has made a promise to people seeking help with serious addiction. i was loss loss in my addiction to my life spinning out of control check into one of scent of course three long term rehab centers in texas and louisiana and work a job to pay for your treatment but there are also. treatments to tell it to me that truly worked with the counseling. center for two years later you can walk away clean and sober cynic or can help you right. then make it out to be a sweet deal until you get there until you get your mind right after you get there
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and you get little clean time you start at thanks training and i knew then you start to think well you know this is kind of shady dealings i got. when he entered the program in two thousand and thirteen ethan sanctus agreed to work without a paycheck. remember signing this yeah president received no monetary compensation for assigned a sponsor. in the facility all funds you see go directly back to the foundation to help offset the costs of treatment services saying isn't right here. soon his days were spent cutting wood at this sawmill outside of houston called. load for the day you know bunch of pals full of wood solid hurry up and get it all down and i'll be down about one o'clock and then bring on this guy and start on there is anybody's going to get tired of working for a year straight not good you know cynical clients work unpaid jobs at private
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companies for eighteen months if they graduate the program they can be hired on as paid employees but the problem is the majority of the people leave around a year they'll make it that long work for free that long and then get mad and tired and leave the power so tight they just they're constantly given a year work a year or ten months for the work from people and then i turn around in the last five years said of course partnership with more than three hundred private companies generated about thirty six million dollars making it one of the largest and most lucrative work based rehab programs in the country. you know wouldn't statement on the court told us that work has therapeutic value for clients ethan says his job left little time for actual therapy sessions the whole time i was there i can probably count on both my hands how many times i want to grow up and in the light and love and focus more on like recovery
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thank. reporters amy julia harris and shawna walter have documented similar stories from about one hundred former senate clients now their investigation has turned to the accounts of former staff choice holly is the sandra. after nearly three years as a counselor and of course but miss facility. andrea brooks left her job in two thousand and eighteen. and curious what role you think work plays and recovery and what that ratio should be to counseling just five. hours.
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so in staff meetings we would raise the question they're working too much and he said they did not work that much and we heard that from the client so we wanted to know for a fact thank you bilodeau also worked at the baton rouge facility as a clinical director. during the year at suncor she became concerned that work was getting in the way of her clients recovery did other counselors there have the same concerns as you every one of them did. every time the issue was brought up they would deny and say no they're not working those amount of hours we would say it again they would deny deny and then we just made up the spreadsheet to show the proof at a staff meeting piggy presented center court monitors with a document that revealed that some clients were working twelve hour days seven days a week it was gratifying to slide the spreadsheet across with the data or data but you had kind of proof before you were saying yeah i was disappointed that we saw
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the facts the facts were delivered the facts were not acted on and that's what i was disappointed about and so i was hope that we had could have made a difference where we could give them the more solid foundation to move forward on but it was not it was not that was just kind of fell on deaf ears. outside the bat. facility the long work days continue. it's just after dawn and these white vans are shuttling senekal clients to jobs. many will end up inside the oil and gas industry some of the most dangerous work places in america. in two thousand and fourteen i was to williams was working at a chemical plant called for most of plastics. the job building scaffolds put him seventy feet in the air. there's this car right there
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was cut from here to here on a rainy day alister slipped and fell shattering his knee my kneecap was nearly on the side of my leg i'm in a really strong she in pain i'm crying and carson and. you know please give me to the hospital have been a jobs you had no training to do. half in a job who are very dangerous you know people went on jobs where they had no experience at all. you know strike broken i've been into the real world and just looking around and just be like you don't know which direction the. after surgery i was to had months of recovery from the fall so i had to learn how to walk on. that's once in a core officials called into a meeting they gave me an ox i made. you know either get a job. and get to step. twenty two that's what i was i was faced with. get
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a job. i get that. kind of job really useful. for ethan nevers the choices were even more stark. he could work long hours for a subcontractor at this wal-mart warehouse or face prison time. or you ever worried about him saying you need a break or complaining about the type of work you could get kicked out of the program you know we've been told that several times if you refuse to go to work you're refusing to pay for your program and therefore you can leave the program. about half of old son of clients are sent to rehab by a judge that's what happened to evers after he failed a drug test violating his felony probation and could go back to the judge and see if he won since since it's me or what he wants to do and more likely was he listens to me and so we're talking about three felonies. go away for
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a while. or you say some of course. across the us some defendants are being given the option of drug treatment instead of prison. you may be seated inside the dallas criminal courts judge ernest white says incarceration won't help people on his docket beat their addiction. we did lose one of our clients about a year and a half two years ago to her when. we tried to stay on top of the folks particularly at the her. judge white special court program requires people to seek treatment make regular visits to court and stay clean test positive for. come back positive. i'm not buying your story about how. this is your chance to get it together all right. if this man continues to fail
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drug tests judge white has options he can lock him up or he can send them to a treatment facility like. if you can stay clean is going to. be inpatient. in a decade since many people to live inside said of course facilities. but there's more to the story of this court reform the unpaid work programs that clients are sent to labor and might be illegal they're facing the prospect of jail they're addicted they need treatment they're desperate. and i would say they're being preyed upon because of that desperation because of the position they find themselves and i think that the government broadly has an obligation to try to protect those people during two decades at the department of labor michael hancock oversaw investigations of companies that had failed to pay their workers so does this mean that clients have signed their rights away we showed them the way for
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their clients sign when they enter center that sort of waiver is in effect this has no effect on whether or not they ought to be paid so this doesn't give any protection in the courts no not for minimum wage or overtime. violation they have to look at a different way to run their business operation other than merely absconding with the workers' wages that's not a viable business model for them turns out that's been the opinion of the u.s. supreme court for more than thirty years the court ruled in one thousand nine hundred five that unpaid claims working at a nonprofit called the foundation were actually employees deserving of a wage. the ruling has gotten more attention in the wake of baby julian reporting this case has been cited in other lawsuits that have been filed against work based rehab programs that we've exposed saying that there's supreme court precedent for
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this type of. a legal and a violation of federal labor law. and costs like room and board lodging but otherwise. workers are supposed to be getting paid we asked current officials of the department of labor if they did best to get this practice they declined to comment. ever been investigated. never been investigated as far as we know by the labor department for these practices. center court told. that it's work programs comply with state and federal laws. after working for forty three days straight ethan evers needed a day off. but asking for a break came with consequences. on his first day inside the facility in two thousand and sixteen evers discovered that santa corps used harsh disciplinary methods to keep clients in line and then walked around the corner there was an
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entire true rows of people they were all sitting in a chair all up straight and there they're all of like this whole frozen point that . you need to look at you you want to go on the highway and i thought. he just you got sometimes you got a grown man screaming and other grown man's face and it's like. to me and this is it was weird you know it was old school kind of thing where they tear the person down do you think as a counselor that's effective form of therapy for a recovering addict because that's to me. and i think. it's not a cure all it's not a cure all for anything. what surprised you most once you got there. probably there disciplinary actions. i was ready for another. matthew oates checked into center core in two thousand and seventeen hoping to learn job skills
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while he battled an addiction to cocaine. he'd soon find out that some of core used work assignments in a different way as a form of punishment. mentally they get in your head. it hurts i mean it and this is a list. oates had made a pledge to stop smoking when he entered rehab when he got caught with cigarettes in the facility he says son of course sent him to trim trees had this baton rouge home. i didn't have any. proper protection equipment. no safety here and the safety officer with me. they knew i was going to do. tree. had a better form and i would have brought some bozo old self from the top of a twenty foot ladder and broke his back. now he's suing santa claus. what was
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going through your mind when when your had to ground when you were injured i'll. get out at that particular time. i really don't know his goals or my life i was just certain you're wondering going to cripple you know he's going to be paying for us to life you know what's going to happen to me i'm like a real working is ethan sanctus nearly sliced his thumb off while working at the sawmill to solve blade went straight from the tip right here straight into my hand down the slide so i kept my whole hand in half and the scar goes from here. to hear from those two points that plane was straight up and down to there he knew cutting what would with a rusty bend so it was a bad idea but i can't tell now you know because if i get fired you go back to send a coil and you can get people off again in five you know son of coral kick people out for getting absolutely absolutely i will fire yeah so you're punished for being
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injured absent that was not kicked out after his injury instead he says he was disciplined for getting hurt. his punishment more work assignments inside the senate facility. and i cast like this down dishes like stack and you know i mean just thinking in my head you know this. and they absolutely had me and had me walking down the halls of one hand and. the injuries these men sustained it's in a core are not isolated incidents. in the last decade around two dozen senekal clients have been seriously injured on the job according to interviews and these public records fracture breaking a bone or cartilage values working with a mandrel and the injured body part the blow back area twisted over a sprain of the ankle nature of the injury application the fingers of those. thinkers pinched between steel resulting in both hands getting caught in the break
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process rushing of multiple operate stronger strain on the low back areas to bruise skin surface oil was looking up trailer and smashed major country laceration building material was a dolly and was struck in the head by multiple head injuries. why do you choose to refer so many cases to center court over any other place i've had a great deal of so. in his chambers judge white has awards for support of center court we wanted to know if he'd look into reports that clients were getting hurt once they arrived and. it was clear that the topic made him uncomfortable how would you react if you found out that people in long term treatment are being injured on the job. i mean. we've got to hear several reports from former clients who've been injured while
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working long hours on the job one person had. sawed in half several people had their hands crushed in machinery one man fell out of a tree broke his back another had to learn to walk again after serious fall have you heard of these stories i've heard of all those stories. for one injury. and so obviously the ethical. with that happening with that taking place but not involved in that really answer your question i think we need more more information on that. when we offered him more information judge white did not seem interested let me just say we have the stack of i don't want to get into that aspect so i really want to talk about live program. and as far as. the reports you have there and with their facilities i would refer you to the. we tried to arrange an on camera interview with center
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court officials. my name is sure if i can do some a journalist with fault lines. i'm a celeb this is sure if could do so calling from fault lines again. not to let's go over there. finally we decided to stop by their headquarters in houston. in a written response to our question and cynic or said that confidentiality laws prevent them from discussing specific cases. so let's. there are people inside the nonprofit did defend its disciplinary tactics saying
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its approach can help clients build self-esteem. is to answer us. they don't want to talk. to. most of the companies we contacted the client to comment. but wal-mart pledged to investigate what it called troubling allegations of unpaid labor and its supply chain. also told us that its work programs can provide clients a career plans. for the eighty percent of its participants who graduates that can be true. but for these men center court took a lasting toll. while they continue to recover from addictions they say they're also still recovering from rehab i'm so over today. it has nothing to do with. that. you know i'm done telling you this because i have to get this stuff
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out of me i can't keep is balled up as. you know the mistreatment. you know the mistreatment other people get you know they would all baggage what would you say to someone who was thinking of entering a program to take a bad decision that you make. to make most of a sudden decision even to read a review you've got to talk to people who've been here. ethan evers finished a cynical program with flying colors and he used his graduation speech to give senate course officials a piece of his mind. i'm grateful that i x. it's quite honestly the worst imaginable place that i've ever been to and would ever care to go to again. because it just made me
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realize that everything else just sucks a little less. ethan sanctus did not finish the center core program. today he says it's his family that keeps him focused on staying clean. and i mean i grant it's better in prison but if you try to go for actual help for a drug problem. you're not going to get it there i've never been in a situation where like i felt so little of a person. i was nothing. wrong nothing. so they tell you. to remember it's all too familiar. innocent lives ended in an
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instant. then grief anger and the debate around firearms but for survivors and families of the four then reality often changes forever. on the fold lines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities in the aftermath of mass shootings in america on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. to. be. the big.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together refugees heading for a better life in australia in two seconds and sent to remote island indefinite detention in home conditions get a conscience. understand who can do this to. smuggle footage and eyewitness accounts the main thing in doing for paper or even asking them not to run themselves up to kill themselves witness a scene asylum. on al-jazeera. china's a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred
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years or older one i want to investigate if the raging home the secrets to a long and healthy lives on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam is a guy and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. the red cross warns densely populated residential areas in the libyan capital turning into battlefields. bomb scares intra lanka police issue a nationwide love of
6:49 pm
a suspect vehicles his church services all suspended in the car. seat three senior members of sudan's military council resigned protesters say they want all their demands met. by the new poets and says north korea needs security guarantees for denuclearize ation after talks with kim jong il and. i'm gonna go go with all your sports including a long distance facts as well as most foreign haile gebrselassie trade accusations every child misbehaves here. three weeks into the fight for control of the libyan capital the international committee of the red cross is warning residential areas of tripoli gradually turning into a battlefield. worlds the aid agency also says hospitals are struggling from chronic shortages of medical supplies along with power outages more than thirty
6:50 pm
thousand people are said to have fled their homes and are sheltering with relatives or in public buildings warlord khalifa haftar is leading the offensive to take the capsule he controls much of libya's south and east and is supported by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates the capitals currently controlled by the u.n. recognize government of national accord led by prime minister phases a large he slammed what he called silence from the international community over the violence both sides are bringing in troops and equipment from other parts of libya despite u.n. calls for a deescalation more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since the fight for tripoli began mahmoud underwire who is live for us now from the capital mahmoud there running short of medical supplies electricity what is life becoming like for people in tripoli. well apparently.
6:51 pm
human suffering is unfortunately excessive beating especially neither one of the rival factions of the ground is listening to the international calls for calm and as you know that twenty two hundred seventy two people have been killed so far that's according to the whole the world a world health organization and over twelve hundred one did also more than thirty thousand people have been displaced from their homes because of the fighting we visited some of the camps set up for displaced people. they say they tell us horrible stories about that one of the displaced people told me that he left behind dead bodies of his neighbors and he said he's not sure whether or not the aid. red crescent stuff have managed to pick the bodies of his neighbors
6:52 pm
also the many several electricity plants have been head by random shelling and that will definitely result in blackouts for several days maybe even weeks in a residential areas near the fighting areas. people say that. during during the past few weeks they have been they have been. they have been random random rockets have been landing in density populated areas. and killing innocent civilians including women and children but so far like you said it seems that neither one of the evil factions of the ground is listening to the international calls for calm and as the fighting continues as you know the government forces have been taken control of locations that were controlled by have to us forces during the past few weeks and also another front line has been recently opened the tripoli
6:53 pm
in here or area between north of the city so it seems that the fighting is not ending any time soon new front lines have been opened recently and also the world for have to is threatening to start what he calls the second phase of the battle for tripoli meanwhile forces loyal to the u.n. recognize the government of national called say that they are determined not not only to push have to his forces out south out of tripoli but to chase them in the city of the end the city of who are there two major supporting cities. there were a lot to have to in the worst of libya seventy thanks so much much more than. there are security services ensuring corowa taking extra precautions following sunday's multiple bomb attacks that killed the three hundred fifty nine people and
6:54 pm
nationwide load has been issued with police searching for nine vehicles church services in colombia have been suspended but may resume on sunday and the central bank was locked down for a time following a warning about an imminent explosion meanwhile new videos emerge reportedly showing a suicide bomber at a restaurant in the cinnamon grand hotel on sunday police and police say eight out of the nine suicide bombers have been identified at least seventy six people have been arrested in connection with the attacks on the no founders joins us now live from colombo so we understand a big security operation is underway there looking for vehicles why. seventy you have the emergency regulations that were brought into her of the law enforcement authorities to try and rule pin and bring in the rest of the people involved in easter sunday is carnage and this is the way they think they can do it
6:55 pm
by tightening security there are checkpoints around the island there is stop and search that are mobile patrol units from the three armed forces the police the special task force commanders they're all hands on deck at this stage to make sure that able to apprehend any of those who are involved in sunday's incident who are on the run but over and above that there are reports of basically warnings of intelligence warnings of portend further attacks and the authorities don't want to take too many risks in fact even for us getting around the streets of colombo that is a very heightened level of alertness our crew has been ok but we did have a freelance cameraman who was working for us who basically got hauled in by one of these random patrols because he was filming some of the checking some of the
6:56 pm
movement on the road it happened to be close to one of these military installations now he had his government information department i.d. but obviously the security forces were not taking any precautions he was marched to the local police and he took a little while it took a good hour hour and a half before we had to go explain and bring him in so obviously the authorities under pressure knowing that they need to take these kind of measures and feeling they have to take these measures to sort of crack down and drop in anyone who's believed to be responsible and involved with sunday's carnage sammy state of emergency also being imposed how's that going down. it was i mean there is of really wide reaction to the state of emergency that we have seen come into effect obviously formalized with it being adopted by the house
6:57 pm
of parliament yesterday now we are still awaiting the white population of sri lanka to understand what these regulations means but i have been speaking to a number of civil society representatives as well of lawyers constitutional experts who have been sort of poor ringwald with these newly introduced regulations with the fine corps and some of the expressions at this stage is concerned there are basically some observations i spoke to us on the value. constitutional experts while ago and he said that there's been a huge expansion of national security provisions of the standard that the expansion is on a scale not seen some of it not seen during the war but certainly after it that it covers a wide range of civil liberties and fundamental rights the regulations cover
6:58 pm
freedom of expression of potential censorship the takeover of newspapers are allowed for under competent authority procession of demonstrations also covered detention of suspects can be done for up to three months without the usual legal process kicking in the law enforcement can subsequently it appeal and apply for extensions towards people for up to a year under these regulations so the government obviously their justification is given the unpresidential unprecedented nature of the threat and the fast moving crisis that this country's going through that they need these regulations but civil society activists are sort of concerned about the way and the stool of these regulations as well sammy or you know for members that thanks for. now the . girl is
6:59 pm
a lecturer in international law at the griffith college in dublin joins us now live from there good to have you with us so let's talk a little bit about the picture emerging so far about the bombers what does that tell us it doesn't fit the usual or the expected profile of marginalized depravation right yeah correct thank you very much for having me indeed i mean the news emerging. that two of the attackers that lead star sons of multi-billionaire are from sri lanka. in shelf. have studied abroad have obtained degrees abroad and have actually profited from a very. luxury luxury of background and now we see that this narrative that we usually have that. terrorism is feeding from.
7:00 pm
marginalization and a poor background is completely contrary to what we have seen now we have now two particular individuals who come from rich background and where now carried all of these atrocious attacks is it important perhaps to keep in mind while these individuals may as individuals not come from personally marginalized backgrounds what has been happening in sri lanka over the last half a century or so in terms of marginalization of minorities as a whole some would point to starting from the nine hundred fifty six sinhala only act to the two thousand and fourteen anti muslim riots which resulted in a state of emergency. so there are good questions. well we have to also go back to the cologne.


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