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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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or some is feeding from. marginalization and a poor background is completely contrary to what we have seen now we have now two particular individuals who come from rich background and now carried out these atrocious attacks is it important perhaps to keep in mind while these individuals may as individuals not come from personally marginalized backgrounds what has been happening in sri lanka over the last half a century or so in terms of marginalize ation of minorities as a whole some would point to starting from the nine hundred fifty six sinhala only act to the two thousand and fourteen anti muslim riots which resulted in a state of emergency. so there are good questions. well we have to also go back to the colonial era of the british there
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were muslim riots instigated by singler nationalists in one thousand four thousand nine hundred eighteen where spearheaded even by the first prime minister later. so there were already grievances and and issues between the community of the minorities that were carried into the air our winter long. and. an air of governance and we have seen not only. into ethnic riots intra lanka in the fiftieth between the tamils and single leaves we have seen moreover true intra ethnic riots uprisings between the single east community. and moreover obviously the vicious civil war that lasted from ninety ninety three to two thousand and nine. and now in the polls war era
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we have seen two interreligious conflicts between the buddhist community and the muslim community in two thousand and fourteen and two hours in a. time of. basically yeah the entire country with every community and not least the often not discussed issue of radicalization even amongst the sinhalese buddhist majority there that that is a problem that is engulfing the whole country sure yeah i mean the violence that is known to this country that was also stressed by the chairwoman of the national human rights committee of sri lanka dr to go with. the violence in the country is prevalent we have seen this in particular after the end of the. colonial regime of the british and the takeover by the country by
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a particularly elite that was infused at least by. nine hundred fifty six by a single east nationalist buddhist ideology. carrying into the ideology off the government ever since where the minority grievances and. the issues that the people have on the ground were never addressed properly so this country that was ever since governed by elite is infused by a single buddhist nationalist ideology that has never translated into. an act of discussion among the coal communities to in an era of stressing the unity of the country. thank you for your thoughts and analysis on that. sudanese protest leaders are increasing pressure on the army by calling for one million people to take to the streets demanding
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a civilian government three senior members of the ruling military council accused of cracking down on protesters resigned on wednesday the council says it's reached a deal on most of the protesters demands but no word on how soon the tree will hand over power to civilians how is live for us in khartoum how is that one million man march shaping up. well some of the is the people coming from different parts of the country and they have been coming for days of course two days ago they came from we have seen people coming from just the region yesterday and some are coming in today from places as fast food they are gathering at that squire outside the military headquarters a safe place that protesters have used to more pressure on the military
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council the transitional military council to give them more tease to ensure that they retire on to civilian rule and in the meantime some sort of transitional civilian rule be established of course that is ignition of those three general says you boost for the leadership of the protests who have been cutting out a lot of putting a lot of pressure on the transitional military because it also proves that the military council is really trying to have to appease them but as long as they do not go to through the route of. some sort of civilian rule the protesters are having none of it and this one million much it's all about. or how about there thanks for that let's continue discussing the situation in sudan with saladino zanies an al-jazeera analyst with expertise in sudanese political affairs
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joins us here live in the studio good to have you in always thank you do you think these resignations from the military council going to be enough to appease the protesters. no because the issues to stick here are more broader than that this is about how to agree on the the way forward so also why is the military council still trying this sort of piecemeal approach every time ok we'll get rid of one member get rid of another member rather than addressing the overall question which i think you're alluding to is about all we want any military yes well i'm not sure that the resignation is have been accepted yes what is confirmed they. handed in there is a commission not confirmed that with the being accepted or not because there are so there are concerns if these are accepted what are they granted that the next step they will demand others also on different grounds to be excluded from the process
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while the military council trying to focus on mapping the road towards. a successful transition remember the situation in sudan is very tricky this is a very big country with a lot of complex issues at this stage and so the military trying to build some some sort of consensus around the road to a transition and that is why at the beginning there were these disagreements who will be included in the discussions and the consultations on this but the protestors want is it for the protests is a matter of who sits in the military council or is it a question of whether the military should have. a transitional government or role in the transition. there are factions within the leadership of the protests that is the alliance for for freedom and change some factions are focusing on who
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and in specific personalities but generally the protesters who want to see a clear roadmap towards a transition to a civilian government civilian authority in their country that is the issue at stake here while some. others might focus on personalities remember also focusing on personalities world probably invite a very actions from other sectors and this is i think what the military council is trying to avoid because if there antagonize other sectors that they feel this is not about change from the military from the old three d. of corruption and just put it this is about targeting islamists that would evoke some reactions from other sectors with the military trying to avoid. now that the processes of decided to delay the announcement of the transitional government what does that suggest to. i think they're encouraged by the signs the received from the military council yesterday when they received the invitation for
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a meeting and when they sat down with them when they see also the three members. handed in there is that mission so they receive several positive signals and the fact that now there is a joint committee between the military council on the alliance for freedom and change they're trying to hammer out some sort of agreement on the disputed issues specifically about the this council. to play the head of state if they agree on these issues i think they will move forward so the reason why they delayed i think they saw encouraging signs from the military council laura thanks so much sought in there is a pleasure. well ahead on the news hour including south africa's president pledges help for the flood and landslide victims who have lost their homes. and in sport with joe drummers the harlequins blow away the capitals in the n.h.l.
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while. the russian and north korean leaders have had their first ever face to face meeting in vladivostok limited putin says north korea needs security guarantees that denuclearization can only be achieved through international law kim told reporters he wants to promote stability service and is live for us now in light of all stocks have been hearing about statements sounds like the russian position bolstering the north korean war. well basically it confirms what we already expected that floody may put in its positioning himself as a mediator here at the korean peninsula issues basically he said that he had
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a very frank and open discussion with come on he described him as a very interesting person to talk to and he also said that the united states and russia have mutual interest both countries want the new clarity sation but as you said north korea wants guarantees he wants security guarantees so he basically said the united states needs to negotiate better that's basically what it came down to the also said that he wants to convey the message that came to convey to him to the united states he says there's no secrets basically as he actually said that. i asked him to convey the message to the united states also i have to this visit here in flight he was stuck president putin will fly to beijing he will meet president xi jinping tomorrow so also there he will have discussions about what has been sat here today so he has positioned himself here as a mediator what the follow up will be is still a big question or the stuff that from vasant let's continue this discussion and
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bring in mark sloboda he's a moscow based international relations and security analyst joins us live from the russian capital so how do you see this meeting is this basically an attempt by russian keep itself relevant and to maximize its leverage in the north korean issue . yeah i think that is a fair reading at least partially of of the summit russia obviously has an intense interest in stability on the korean peninsula and in the greater north east asian region. russia of course shares a border with north korea does some minimal amount of trade with north korea but also a large amount of trade with south korea and has good normal business like relations with both countries russia is very interested in seeing some type of peace
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arrangement not only between north korea and south korea but between north korea and the united states which are of course still technically at war there only being an armed us this still in force since the korean conflict decades ago which is one of north korea's principal demands to actually have a peace agreement as as well as wider security guarantees russia would like to see negotiations towards denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula which would of course not only mean north korea giving up its nuclear weapons program but the united states removing nuclear weapons nuclear capable weapons and cease doing provocative military drills with them on north korea's border but the problem is that the u.s. does not exactly have a good track record in deals for removing of weapons of mass destruction with other countries if we take
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a look at iraq libya syria and most recently iran they all end with the u.s. abrogating these deals and in most of the cases unilaterally an alien legally attacking and trying to overthrow many of these governments so obviously the north korean government has good reason to be cautious and ask for a phased. approach with reciprocal ground permanent. agreements on both sides. looking at it from pipes in the north korean perspective is kim sending a message to the u.s. to donald trump by sitting with those whom today yeah i think you know that it is a message that north korea does have normal business relations with other countries other than just china russia as well and russia is and of course an important country in the region and
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a member of the security council i think president putin in his remarks were very careful not to step on donald trump's tolls as it were him having taken some type of singular interest in conducting negotiations with the north korean leader but you know north korea and russia have longstanding bilateral relations that go back decades kim jong un's grandfather kim il sung was actually born in russia near hobart of skin a small village on the a more river and his original first name was actually yuri so there's a lot of connections and a lot of history between the two countries and their leaders and i will leave it there thanks so much. now the afghan government says it is doing all it can to prevent civilian casualties the reassurance issued in kabul is in response to the united nations report on casualty numbers it says pro-government forces
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including the afghan army and u.s. forces killed more civilians in the first three months of this year than taliban and i'd saw five let's go live to charlotte bears joins us from kabul so what is the afghan government saying about this report. that the afghan government has come out with a statement but it took them all day yesterday for us to get this information off them and what is sensually a shocking report coming out of the euro in that afghan forces and their supporting military such as the u.s. did kill more civilians in the first three months of this year then the taliban and i so combined the u.n. has been keeping these figures for ten years and this is the thirst time it has swung in this direction one hundred fifteen civilians killed by afghan security forces one hundred forty six killed by the international military which most come from is strikes of this statement that came out late last night they do say they
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take ownership and responsibility for their engagements and how accountable for their actions in the statement they also talk about how in march they started to realize that civilian casualties were getting out of hand and president danny summoned his ministers four ounces they also say in march that national security adviser who oversees police and army they say that he asked for investigations into all of the civilian casualties in march and in this report that in this statement that came out last night he says he is expecting the findings of those investigations in a declassified report that he can share with media imminently also after this u.n. report came out yesterday president danny appointed a new deputy on the national security council to specifically look entered protecting civilians now the smalling the defense minister gave a press conference he was asked about these casualty numbers here's what he serious . unfortunately during the war we cannot say
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there were no civilian casualties the media has said that we are denying there are civilian casualties unfortunately they have been happening for a long time of. us. we can promise for our people that we will try our best even i can see there were times our planes have gone to a target two or three times and didn't start an operation because they didn't want to kill one or two civilians even during ground operations our forces have been fired because of one civilian and we are proud of this what about the taleban understand they've had something to say about this what's their message. so the taliban put out a statement just a few hours ago or they are disputing the un's numbers. accused of killing civilians in this report have disputed the numbers the taliban has said that they have tried to bring down the number of civilian casualties to zero and they have
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been largely successful and our fellow citizens are seeing this fax now that is to a certain extent true civilian casualties on the whole on down by twenty three percent which is the lowest for the beginning of the year since twenty two and the u.n. is saying that is largely because suicide bombings by the taliban are significantly doubt how with that is only true to a certain extent because the taliban is still responsible for thirty nine percent of all civilian casualties that's hundreds of afghan civilians and the u.n. is saying that they do to literally target civilians because they talk of government employees and govern employees civilians. thanks so much. well in a few moments when i will the weather with rob is still ahead here on al-jazeera. why the number of measles cases in the u.s. are the worst on record since the disease was a declared eradicated nineteen years ago. and the rockets on fire in the playoffs joey have n.b.a.
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action through this whole. mozambique's about to hit by yet another cycle or this one his for the noles of the last one but it will be equally bad i think at least as far as the wind in the right incentives currently not quite on land it went across the my atal and this is a french island which is in the middle of the straits of madagascar you can see it on some diamonds before you can really rate is much of the storm it wasn't even a category one hurricane equivalent however it's moved on since that carves the camorra solomons and it not really yours quite strong this is what it do but it's category two stroke three routing pretty big trees there you notice that not all
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the buildings are substantial so the wind is going to be a factor existing counts closer and closer to land here it isn't on the satellite picture no are visible here but if you watch it and i appears they will dock there that's just his strength and he's currently being measured as he could into a category four hurricane winds of over two hundred kilometers per hour gusting nearly three hundred it is moving west as is always the case of these things and the wind will do the damage it's slow moving nature means that rain will also be a problem up to five hundred millimeters of rain and add to that ice storms which. sponsored a town. until
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now the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it when it's a case of system that was introduced. in latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be stilled. you're
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watching al-jazeera time to recap lines now the red cross says residential areas of libya's capital are gradually turning into battlefields the aid agencies warning hospitals in tripoli are struggling with power cuts chronic shortages of medical supplies sudanese protest leaders are calling for a large rally on thursday and their demand for the civilian government despite three members of the ruling military council resigning they were accused of cracking down on protesters. security services in sri lanka remain on high alert following sunday's multiple bomb. attacks police say they're searching for nine vehicles suicide bombings on easter sunday killed three hundred fifty nine people and wounded hundreds more. sri lanka's government is maintaining a ban on most social media it says it's necessary to stop the spread of
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misinformation and the incitement of violence in the wake of the bombings it raises questions as to whether it's censorship or government fulfilling its duty to care for citizens our technology editor marial has war. within around twelve hours of the bomb attacks and three lanka most social media platforms was silent government leaders said they imposed the band to stop the spread of false reports and posts that might incite violence. it was a move born of experience. a little more than a year ago mobs mostly from the buddhist similes majority torched muslim homes and businesses the government sit room is a misinformation on social media had stoked longstanding religious tensions and platforms such as facebook had resisted requests to stop the sprayed in the end the
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government imposed a week long ban it's a tough one in terms of as to whether you allow social media to continue i'm restricted so that you can actually then find out where it is coming where the misinformation and the hate speech is actually coming from learn much more about their strategies etc on the at the risks the question of the its reach except russell in more violence facebook twitter and others see a profitable future in developing markets such as sri lanka facebook even created a net free basics to enable users with not so smart phones to run facebook and excess of restricted form of the internet in a country with a long history of censorship social media offered a new way to keep in touch to access and share information it didn't taliban help uses easily distinguish between fact and fiction facebook decides what content to
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push by ston a series of roles known as algorithms at no it's what you and your networks click on what you share and crucially what draws the most attention studies show that teens to become teens that draws a strong emotional response itself a negative and polarizing misinformation spread quickly on social media in sri lanka last year fear questioned posts from family and friends the. house went viral people got angry but much of the content just wasn't true. sri lanka's government isn't alone in its dissatisfaction at the apparent inability of social media platforms to police questionable continent new zealand and france are to host a meeting of world leaders and major tape companies in paris next month following the christchurch mosque attacks which killed fifty worshippers nic blocks dot org a
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london based digital rights group says last year's band cost to the sri lankan kona me around thirty million dollars but some activists say the true cost is freedom of information and sri lanka peace it seems sometimes comes at a price media mohan come to see her. former u.s. vice president joe biden has announced his bid to be the democratic party nominee for the twenty twenty presidential election in the video announcement biden said the u.s. was in a battle for soul of the nation he was referencing to racism and violence seen in charlottesville virginia in two thousand and seventeen biden is up against nineteen other democratic hopefuls including elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and south african president so ramaphosa is promising to help rebuild the lives of those along the eastern coast of vacated by floods and mudslides here says the damage in and around the city of durban at least sixty people have been killed and more than
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a thousand displaced more rain and gale winds are forecast for the area the heart of the tasso joins us now live from pinetown in south africa hala let's start with the reports of the rescue workers digging through rubble in the areas around durban have they been able to reach sure all those feared to be trapped. well race here first are slow and that's partly because the landscape in some areas has completely changed for example this water wasn't here a few days ago it was just a piece of land with if you houses on it and look what's happened to that house over there the people managed to get away but some houses further down the water of the area were washed down and some people are thought to be missing we know that they are teens in this area we've been told a body was recovered about an hour or so ago and rescue workers are working
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together with the army and sniffer dogs trying to look for at least one elderly woman who's been missing for a few days so it is a long and tedious task for them partly because the terrain is difficult to manage in some areas but they are still saying they are hoping to find many more people alive and recover those who are thought to have been told are washed away in the violent floods why has there been so much devastation was the intensity of the rain the capture of these of. it is a complication in many things i mean people knew that these floods were coming but the people in the area would tell you that they didn't expect them to be that strong another problem in this particular province is that the drainage system is very very poor the cities aren't in place particularly in poor areas so another the main issue for people now is those who need help what help are they getting those of lost their homes for example are still being community holes in need blankets food medical assistance and they are getting that slowly from aid workers and the
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government but the problem officials say that they are facing is that some people want to come back to homes like that one day behind you can see a ski that whatever few belongings are in they could be stolen the longer they stay away so if it does start raining again and the ground is unstable and house like that collapse further into the water then more people could disappear more people could be killed and that's a concern officials are facing right now trying to encourage people don't come back if you don't have to stay in those communities for safety. pinetown south africa. another round of talks in syria has begun in the capital of north russia and iran believe they've played pivotal roles in the conflict now want to know what's in it for them while progress on a political solution is expected they're all still sticking points on other issues so holder has more from beirut russia is further cementing its foothold in syria
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government leaders in damascus granting russia access to the mediterranean port of tartus for the next forty nine years it's the latest deal between the two countries as russia is strategic and financial rewards in post-war syria. syria's other main ally iran seems to be doing the same after partnering to keep president bashar assad in power the iranians and russians are talking about dividing the spoils of war it's. future. you know. there's a good construction but it's. because richard nixon. russia and iran cooperate with turkey iran's foreign minister mohammad said eve visited turkey's capital ankara following a trip to damascus the iranians are trying to mend the relationship between syria and turkey hoping for an increased diplomatic role. while iran of course also is
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trying to get more leverage and resolve your russia in this process because the issues that are most important on the ground in the north east these are issues i would say. between russia and turkey more than between turkey and iran the three countries are major stakeholders in syria and initiated the so-called astronaut process they haven't tainted their alliance despite disagreements because their strategic interests intersect beyond syria they have strained relations with the united states russia and iran want to keep turkey on their side but at the same time they don't want the turks to expand their presence in northern syria. but also many countries need wider international support in the west if syria is to end its isolation and receive war reconstruction funding russia is pushing for progress on the political track sending diplomats to the syrian capital as well as to the saudi capital to meet the opposition.
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so. russia wants some of. the russians and iranians believe they won the war for us said but turkish troops and their local allies remain in northern syria u.s. troops and their kurdish allies are in the northeast multiple players are involved in syria all maneuvering for their place went piece eventually comes set of. beirut . the number of measles cases in the united states is at its highest levels and it was said to be eliminated almost two decades ago the center for disease control says there are now six hundred ninety five cases of the illness reporters across twenty two states with new york being the worst hit mike hanna reports from washington d.c. earlier this month a brooklyn preschool was closed by health authorities after refused to provide.


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