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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 67  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2019 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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cindi's so-called rice liberalization bill into law which aims to ease restrictions on the volume of rice imports and impose tariffs the price of rice going south may be a welcome development for consumers here but for the more than two million filipino farmers the cost of producing hasn't and many are struggling financially to survive now they are calling on the government to help them out immediately the government says the law will help create revenue to help bring down to price of rice which is the philippines staple food. this is a huge burden for us farmers and consumers because. we believe that the government will be able to say out of ten billion every year. that just like in the past it will end up in corruption and let it go to small farmers like us. rice accounts for around fifteen percent of the nation's agricultural output and yet farmers
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association say they need more government subsidies if they are to survive we understand the concern of farmers we have been supporting the rice farmers for decades since. the ninety six things we do not see significant gains in their productive and. living standards are not significantly better so something must be wrong with our previous policy we are providing. improved productivity of farmers through. more productive or higher yielding seeds farmers see they used to earn around six hundred dollars for hectare every four months but now the only gets around two hundred dollars they're already among the poorest people here in the fear their lives are going to get worse and this spike them being food producers they're the ones who'll be going hungry. jim
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duggan al jazeera where there is see how province northern philippines the number of measles cases in the united states is at its highest level since it was said to be eliminated almost two decades ago the center for disease control says there are now six hundred ninety five cases of the illness reported across twenty two states with new york being the worst hit mike hanna reports from washington d.c. earlier this month the brooklyn preschool was closed by health authorities after refused to provide access to health records or proof or facts the nation this in the middle of a measles outbreak that had begun in the bar in october last year the majority of patients were drawn from the orthodox jewish community and the outbreaks believed to result from an unfair to traveler who was infected with measles abroad the c.d.c. points out that while outbreaks don't occur in
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a highly vaccinated population they do in communities that for religious or other reasons have resisted vaccination in many of the twenty two states where cases of measles are reported a major causes the belief that the disease is no longer a threat i think a lot of people are complacent they say measles doesn't happen our community measles doesn't happen to our family they don't realize that it's really just one plane ride away. the world health organization reported this month a three hundred percent increase in the number of measles cases worldwide compared with the first three months of last year the c.d.c. says this increase is part of a global trend as other countries struggle with declining vaccination rates excess abating the situation within the united states mike hanna. washington. why. both of the brisbane roar. from the school.
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thank. you.
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right sports fans as catch up with the guy his job i mean thank you now these guys used to be running rivals and pretty good friends but not anymore mo farah and haile gebrselassie have become embroiled in a very public spat over each other's conduct away from the sport far he's a four time olympic champion says he was burgled while staying in hotel.
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this is the burke who broke into. the can see. from the. far was any theo p.f. a trainee had of this week's london marathon he's blamed gebrselassie the four time world ten thousand me to champion for failing to act on the fact someone got into my bag over my bag took my money took my nice watch my wife for me president just to be honest is high you tell one when you stay for three months until it was very disappointing to know someone who has that to tell and not kind of support couldn't do nothing and that was just like they couldn't do nothing so just disappointed haile. gebrselassie responded by alleging fire had been reported to the police for quote attacking a married athlete in the gym and the charges were dropped off the ethiopians personal mediation but he also says that for a blackmailed him in
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a text message defamed his reputation and business. he told me before he lived he told me i wanted to. be directed i'm going to spoil i'm going to destroy you know you have destroyed you know you all don't. like this. you can we do know from him a small thing but it will far has rejected those allegations and a couple for buzzell de mo for them when did this with days to go to the london marathon he appeared to experience an epic fail on a giant treadmill at a promotional event but it doesn't seem that the british and him was injured. a dramatic finish in the n.h.l. playoffs or the defending stanley cup champions knocked out in the first round the carolina hurrican streak the washington capitals four three on wednesday with a goal in double overtime brought my kid clenching the match and the series to spark the celebrations amongst the canes players they'll face the new york
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islanders in the second round. these two rockets surged in the east into the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs on wednesday james harden scored twenty six points as they beat utah jazz one hundred ninety three to give the rockets a four one series win he's now wait the winners between the l.a. clippers and defending champion golden state the clippers kept their hopes alive with a win over the warriors to lead the series three two. level manager you can cope says nobody is thinking about next week's champions league semifinal against barcelona ahead of friday's english premier league game with huddersfield the poorest still in contention for both trophies and crop is keeping his team focused . things people think about the game it's already enough of bad preparation joe will not. push that wrong mindset with. a strange lineup
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whatever no chance for that we had enough time to recover after last game we have enough time to recover for the next game nothing. barcelona it's nothing to do with the game on friday night. man city manager pep guardiola says his side have taken a massive step towards another title they're back on top of the table above and pull off beating rivals much as you noted two nil on wednesday. the new coach robbie fowler and his brisbane roll side were beaten in their final a league game the season to form a liverpool and england striker watched from the stands as they faced adelaide united eric boe teac scored the shittiest of penalties to give brisbane the second half lead but adelaide went on to win five three craig goodwin with this strike united finished fourth in the table with ben and second boston with just eighteen points and conceding a lead record of seventy one goals for no one's american owners will have to go
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back to the drawing board to find a second race location in the states after plans for a grand prix in miami was scrapped local organizers have conceded that the street race would be too disruptive for businesses and residents well f one did come to the us on wednesday as two time world champion front along so return for a practice run in an indy cars he prepares for next month's indianapolis five hundred is finding it is going again for the triple crown of motor sport having already won the monaco grand prix and the limo twenty four hour. good to feel good to be back and yeah to feel. again the magic of the place you know and the facilities when you come in the mornin and you see the size of everything again and you're doing the medical checks in the morning and but appeared in the running on. the afternoon and. good tennis action continues in the past alone
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open with quarterfinal places at stake two time former champion cain issue korea japan is into the last state after his victory of fairly early a seam on thursday before the proving to good for the canadian teenager winning it in straight sets. third seed patrick fit of a drop just five games as she reached the quarter finals of the porsche graham prix instead got a straight sets win over greek men in taking her through to the last eight. all right that is a yes but for now we'll have more for you later sammy. how works of othin the world's top museums often never see the lights of day because they had no way in storage but traces of the museum in new york opening the vaults to show much more kristen salumi uncovers the story for us. when it comes to the brooklyn museums collection of american art there's much more than meets the eye those taking in
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this exhibit called soul of a nation can take a deeper dive into an artist or genre by exploring what's not on display in the museum in what's called the visible storage center collection has a lot of other examples and this is an example of a work by an artist affiliated in the black arts movement that wasn't in the exhibition but is certainly in our collection museum goers are often shocked to learn that most major institutions display less than ten percent of their collection here visitors can search the museum's database for hidden gems i never realized this and of what they had that they couldn't show to the public so this is a good way to see things you probably wouldn't see any of the time light temperature and humidity are regulated to preserve the art the brooklyn museum has about three hundred fifty items on display in its main galleries related to american art but its overall collection is much more vast like most museums visible storage gives the public access to another twenty seven hundred works of art.
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critics of large art museums say visible storage doesn't go far enough and argue that items in storage should be sold to smaller regional museums the proceeds could then be used to subsidize free admission exposing art to a wider audience we could parcel out some of this material out of the basements of the big especially the big east coast and central museums to places that don't have it all of that or it would be creating a lot more public value which is what i think it's for but visible storage is a resource for scholars one that more and more museums are considering according to collections manager walter anderson. we're basically the friends of the public by making sure that the things that need care get it but we're also presenting this volume of work in an exciting way so that people who want to learn more can certainly learn more allowing art institutions to both maintain their collections and with visible storage provide more of the public a glimpse of great works of art christian salumi al-jazeera brooklyn new york. and
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you can get much more on our web site the address for you there is al jazeera dot com i'm back just a couple of minutes with another full show so stay with us. may on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultra nationalism a new series of the award winning environmental show which meets some of the people striving to protect the planet twenty five years after coming to power can be a unseen maintain its political dominance in south africa and a muslim documentary series talk from lines of two youngsters and little kenya end up in brazil over the past twenty years and with breaks it still looming and populism on the rinds across europe will these elections become
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a referendum on the news so many on al-jazeera. live from the parliamentary. systems of the trinity to understand the salaries in a very different way where there are these polling outlets and we don't leave after . my main event every leaking news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the welts jannah nice that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that
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phrase means at all then. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on a story that matter the most in battle use a free palestine or a listening post on al-jazeera. sri lanka's defense secretary resigns as more raids and arrests take place in the aftermath of the easter sunday attack it's great rounded up a lot of the victims but there has been some of the active people on the run. i'm sam is
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a than this is al jazeera live from also coming up. protesters refused to back down from their demands for civilian rule in sudan as more demonstrators gather in call to. the red cross warns densely populated residential areas in the libyan capital of turning into battlefields. former u.s. vice president joe biden wants the top job at the white house as he announces he'll run for president. frank as defense secretary has resigned at the president's request following sunday's suicide bombings that killed three hundred fifty nine people security services remain on high alert new video apparently shows a suicide bomber entering a restaurant in the cinnamon grand hotel on sunday i had least seventy nine
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suspects have been arrested so far. prime minister running a week or missing gay says suspects still at large there's rounded up a lot of suspects but they're still some of the active people on the run. they may be having explosives with them are they may have hidden the explore do so we have to find the. suspect as well as the explosives so they're still on looks and they're the people who have been was influenced by. isis doctoring some of their method abroad. for the theme here taken the lead i didn't say that they should. get into these acts of violence we thought they were doing as a part of the religion which is not so it's land does not allow this type of thing but nevertheless. we have been to were do created them there therefore they were misled. or moments ago the u.s.
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embassy in colombo tweeted a warning saying sri lankan authorities are reporting additional attacks may occur targeting places of worship of void these areas over the weekend starting tomorrow april twenty sixth through sunday april the twenty eighth continue to remain vigilant and avoid large crowds the sri lankan government has implemented a state of emergency in response to the easter sunday bombings the state's national security powers have been expanded potentially giving free range in terms of detaining individuals the move affects almost every fundamental rights of people including freedom of expression censorship and the banning of demonstrations and detentions can last up to three months without being processed in court. fernandez joins us now live from columbus on the standard security bill that was
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underway today tell us about that first. that's right to me essential he threw out the d.v.d. so very heightened state of security and alertness there were members of the three armed forces the army navy air force as well as police we had cracked commander units of the police special task force all basically looking at very close conducting stop and searches cordons their world random checkpoints that were popping up throughout the city we're hearing that this is the case in a number of places around the country there were several towns and cities that were searched there was such operations and to be very honest i mean it was a very very palpable presence today there was a very sort of a high alert you could feel the tension among the members of the security personnel
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for example when their world vehicles that were considered suspicious you just watch the body language there was definitely what we were hearing reports of intelligence of potential impending attack so it was a lot of security as they tried to get a handle on the situation we did hear that twenty one. explosive devices had been detected that were taken off a suspect sort of hand grenade type locally made explosives just one thing that was a number of alert police to all police stations issued with the nine vehicles that had been listed so a very much a heightened state of security tries to cope with this problem something. post about the state of emergency and how that's being perceived now. well so i mean to be very honest i mean having had the initial declaration or
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introduction of the state of emergency we just saw the actual specifics in terms of the regulations and daws have actually pointed to the broad range which have been introduced now remember that the government and even the president in his address to the nation did talk about specific laws under the prevention of terrorism being brought in under that imagine see but having looked at that thirty three page document which has been formalized it is a very very wide ranging in fact there are some observers anomalies to say that it's a huge expansion of national security powers of the state almost an unprecedented sort of a palette of powers but this is what the authorities see the need they are facing unprecedented times so they feel that the leave these broad ranging powers of arrest detention of questioning but over and above that as we have human rights
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activists and civil society pointing out that these can be used and can affect almost every single fundamental right of citizens of this country so that's where it stands and as we heard a short while ago the defense secretary of this country is to him a city fernando having resigned from that board for your review remember that again present my policy or santa did say in his address to the nation that within twenty four was he would remove certain defense officials and he did promise restructuring of the security establishment so the defense secretary his resignation one of the first heads to roll so far as sri lanka waits to see how this problem pans out sami thank you so much milf among those there. sudanese protest leaders have increased pressure on the army by calling for a large rally demanding
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a civilian government. they're hoping for one million people to take from the streets three senior members of the ruling military council accused of cracking down on protesters resigned on wednesday the council says it's reached a deal or most of the protesters demands but there's no word on how soon the military will hand over power to civilians. hama vile joins us now live from khartoum how we can see live pictures next to you like a lot of people have come out tell us about how the rally is shaping up. yes it's expected to pick up in the evening in the afternoon and the early hours of the evening it's something that the leaders of the protest have called for even though they met yesterday evening with the leaders of the military council and they agreed on several points of view have just mentioned but this this million man so-called million mom march or sitting has been called forward just
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a couple days ago and they said they have to go ahead with it because they want to drive home the message and make it very clear to everyone that these people and the military council as well the league is the rallies and the sit in and people industry it's something that they they intend to maintain and to keep going until all of the demands of the road for their evolution are met. there is a joint commission that is going to be appointed between the two sides between the military council and the protest leaders to discuss ways to hand over power to civilians but as you mentioned it's not clear how much time is that going to take and how many people from the from this side or that side will be a part of the military council of the of the ruling supreme presidential council that is going to be appointed that's a point i think of discussion between the two sides one side the protesters want
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a majority civilian southern council toward the transition the military they want to the opposite they want to majority military council with a civilian representation from the protest aside the good news as you also mention is that there are more and more the months that have been met by the military side including that as a condition of those three members of the council one of them is the head that was the head of the political committee many people have been chanting against him they said he was one of the close aides of one bashir and but without him. getting out of the picture it means the military council is just a reproduction of the former regime so there is a positive there is positive expectation in the streets but chanting slogans and the same kind of activity by the protesters is continuing because they are not yet sure whether the military council will make good on the promises and they want to
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see the progress of the negotiations doing the next few days. thanks so much mohammed valve or three weeks into the fight for control of the libyan capital the international committee of the red cross is warning residential areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields the aid agency also says hospitals are struggling from chronic shortages of medical supplies along with power outages more than thirty thousand people are said to have fled their homes in the sheltering with relatives or in public buildings ward cleaver half dollars leading the offensive to take the capital he controls much of libya's south and east and is supported by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates capitals currently controlled by the u.n. recognize government of national accord led by prime minister phase assad a large he slammed already calls silence from the international community over the
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violence both sides are bringing in troops and equipment from other parts of libya despite u.n. calls for a deescalation more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since the fight for tripoli began or how is that fighting ongoing now is a question we can take to mahmoud underwire who is live for us from tripoli how's it looking. well sir mia fighting has just intensified and their civil locations on the third of the southern part of tripoli as military sources say and the government sources seem to have deterred seem to be determined to move towards. that's around forty five kilometers to the south from tripoli city center it is very strategic because.


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