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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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answer based media. this is our assertion we've got no time and. we've gotten told was easy. and the new guy does it or. he is. is our simulator. main man this is his face that's up at college and this is part of subtext media this here we are setting up our internet cafe it's still under way and we are hoping that in the next three months or so it could put in more computers more computers that really will be running in there will be a bit of happening around here is my favorite car and says my dream car my dream car is eighty's in ten you know. is the jet that's my dream times what. but this is one of the cars that i love and also always have
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the. world's billionaires list you know is money important to you feel much. why it is what can you do without money as tell. visits grew up in the african a heartland in the north of the country. at seven she went to a segregated government school was. legal to own land on a land there. was. a land. i said i wish her. well as is be given me and i am sure. it was a lot. that you can see again. for thank you for. he managed part of this with all the thank you to duncan i have to
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thank him and say friends i used to but i. six years ago she moved to a bank a coal mining town near pretoria bank it is the wrist place on the planet. the people you are everybody either works on the model works for a contractor that works on the mon or you know something mine relighted if you don't drink and if you don't use drugs and you don't carry on like a bad thing then you will have nothing to do with back. room. we are. barking orders. does it works in the family business she runs the office with her mother. or me.
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we do scifi conversions on vehicles. for instance you give us a brand new sparky and it's all white and shiny we do. we put a very ugly black roll cage on the back of it we put the lots on reverse suit is so we fully convert vehicle to a good vehicle yet we are free spearing for rubberized which surprises it's not just pull it back in and spray on some chemicals it is actually of a process by mark thank you. my brother doesn't exactly have a specific job description whatever needs doing is to do jack of all trades master of none more than a couple but. anything needs to be done correctly old myself. i'm teaching that will be able to also work in your home teaching him a lot when he's coming right quite nicely.
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it can actually work he's so i'm succesful to vs michoacán or the like b. he suffered my a move down hanun on the opining about the mini mate and i hiked went to honey sixty six. when we started doing them on stuff and i started having to deal with these people i had to either sink or swim these miners or just but not block normal people at all and. i did not sink and i am still swimming and in fact of got quite a reputation in the industry. everybody knows we're not so the customer i will have your things on this old vessel that then come all i want so much should happens.
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that the at school when she was seven the best friend was a boy called steenie was. the father was. was like is it he had had very little interaction with black people but so yes i say commission your heart she he actually knew that so much my know would longest long since one of the singles dr said. by fourteen he was a dedicated party animal. all over the world. i can live a life in and living for. the social and for a guy in for manslaughter so i was. upset that he i
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thankfully live a hard lives in for a few years ago i thought it was a good luck to myself away and that said obviously i was down at quitting. cluny mesa perceive all of a demagogue. thought in the body is the critism ways of the medic and there's a what do you know. i did my doctor had their good three me as a good year doctor as an obvious what he wanted. seven years before he unless it were going steady. come. over from. the neck if you. had a feeling. on the neck and. well to find out and we don't see.
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this i'm. not out but you know i. help to kind of satisfy not to for the final time to be a father i mean the enough time i got that oh. so you're here. in fact he married my release would be in his way to us in a bar is in for the friend of the second i give it a i thought i'd stop fighting loslyf and said i would have no you so my living with the month deal i think that was a phenomenal. sky five years of my living. they've been married for five years and have a little boy called tionne. of a need for that me might as well clear off a little there's a high level as i will miss lot in fear that if you.
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of course that is that was a clue it could it could be at the miss and then my mother lisa live this way oh. yeah and they've moved very recently and i just getting used to the place. what's happening next door is the band. random house. but so quite often you have. music on the side as you can hear the church is literally just on that other side so that side of this wall of the side of it all.
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it's got all. those nice that i wouldn't like cities for this appeal to get up with all of my studio. that is funny which is how money i spend and that i was cities all the typical to come play live in this light at the last me. west is a forgotten cease and luxury cruise is. what i was billed as this week is with us and that's also come up with a skeptic of. the. turban on the indian ocean is home to longer than a month on but there was something you know it's just been just been done just that there is a nice girl in the pokey desk he was born here and grew up in a small black township on the outskirts of the city. you know in melbourne and it's
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close to home again or on the top. that's. one of the one on the run on and go to each plenty house something to eat they came into my. we gave them my school this is the one summer we gave them some civil and some more and then they said any of this could think we gave them everything. at seven he was one of the first township kids to be admitted to a white government school. roof. you're. rude. crude rude. and this was
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a lie here when i was in school. before he started and he was very nervous about it. and. everyone laughing at me yet. thought it was going to be only day she didn't. miss the been nine black units and. six of us knew each other because we're from the same neighborhood but it was like we did our best to disassociate for nothing because we want to put a name yeah. this has been awhile since i came here. and by that sign. i think that's my state of free classroom if you want and then if you're man enough to go and put it in the back would you knock yourself. out and you have to sign your name. you
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don't tell us who. my friends used to tease me about my uni for when i was it sure would probably does ok because it looked like everyone else's was great pens in the white shit. when i went to afternoon was khaki shorts a safari top but x.x. black shoes the so far yet not too with the how do you school type thing lisa said and i got i do know uniforms mistah were not met in june but uniforms i get. that is perhaps something which is really good to our country i mentioned the issue of racism because if you did not belong to a certain race people would have believed and you basically were considered inferior you can remember what the final solution was all about yes none of them select my parents monkeys could have gone to the kind of schools of it's. since i started school and. when they were going to school with what people like.
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never ever can have. i mean i've never been to unpick school board for the most problems on the country. mainly play people trying to get black people before they thought. it was hard for him to fit in both at school and the time. had an argument to the sky is easy to beat me up and that's harder to come. in while i was talking to one of his old friends who was like behind me hit one of the puddle. let us consciousness and when i can lower a couple i was here. in the hospital. and then i started having seizures. in a prosthetic in another company the beds. were huge. and there. was arguments about. she claims and asking us this and i told him no it wasn't true.
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and then his friend says i had a come get them because i go to a white school and stuff like. by twenty one he was at a university that was almost entirely black. had moved to johannesburg and was studying human resources. there it will be you that is i know you still. the best the servant of what you just was that there is this but his studies are not as important to longer as fitting into a new social see higher out of it they all go nothing like. if you were to describe yourself what put first country right from noxious sometimes the loud always talking and that. the biggest drawback about being black is that and that people have
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a tendency to feel that there are degrees of being black it's embarrassing like for everybody involved that you should just look at people and go. not so sure about him because he's not black enough. did you finish your degree. on the ground store haven't found like the thing that defines man that's what you do. trying to find that thing and human resources just wasn't it. i think i would just like to be successful. i would like to reach a stage we we we don't have to worry about that after st how we can apply this how we're going to buy that what are we going to do about this. you're going to put all
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of me at the heart. we did this. but i stood. with this and that. is a limit that the decision. in their goodness you did this he brought in a copy of. it would have been true that i could never been taught to be living somewhere else but i have been a place where. i'm surrounded by people that care about me and i care about them and that's possibly the most important thing to me. what i want to achieve is to change the mindset of people to tell people that it doesn't have to be all bad in your life if they should be you would that stand up to change the. refugees heading for a better night in australia to send it and sent to remote island indefinite detention in holistic conditions get
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a conscience. understand how you can do this to smuggle dr h. and eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for pay for asking them not to use the most up to kill them to witness chasing a sign. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. out of north things are. very monotonous. running through to start to bring to the breath detailed coverage thousands of protesters cough up the cost was obviously the first place to go stossel did distance from around the world last few days in drought is worth of water is once more rushing down river it's an unwelcome or two minute triggered fairly begun filling up. klan the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to the action
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houses and private collectors. are selling an artist that is working. in the middle east. that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the best told in sri lanka is easter sunday attacks has been revised down by a around the hundred because of the difficulty in identifying the remains health officials say the number of that is now thought to be about two hundred fifty three speaking to al-jazeera rescue like us prime minister said some suspects are still at large we have to admit they're fairly an intelligence breakdown in the flow of
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information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the number of dead why the police have to order at the three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty so i was there to verify their numbers and that me no i did to their shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today. densely populated areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields that's according to the international committee of the red cross which says the humanitarian situation in libya is that he rerating at least seven fighters were killed by an airstrike south of tripoli on wednesday libya's u.n. recognize government has asked the security council to appoint a fact finding mission to investigate alleged violations by the forces attacking the capital pressure is mounting on sudan's military leadership with one hundred
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judges joining protesters in the man being a civilian government that menstruating for the first time the judges marched from the supreme court to join hundreds of thousands of people outside army headquarters shortly after the march sudan's transitional military council announced it would hand over executive power to civilians but retain sovereign authority almost seventy people have been killed and more than a thousand have fled their homes after heavy rains calls flooding and mudslides in south africa it's once again raise concerns about poor government infrastructure. i mean levon they campaign of climate protests designed to cause major disruption to london has now come to an end extinction rebellion demonstrators targeted the city's financial district on their final day protesters have been urging the u.k. government to the clay or a climate emergency and take radical action on climate change those are the top stories stay with us twenty one twenty eight upset that south africa continues next
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i'll have the news hour in half an hour away.
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or be for way to rural stocks broach the challenging conditions you have not dampened. i wake up around five every morning we have a temper on the yard with shreeves share with about fourteen other families. but i'm happy about where i am now cause i see where i'm going in a normal last year i was and we i am now so i knew that these progress that's better. met more of a journey with new culture we lived in a one bedroom house where you have to watch in that corner cook in that corner sleep in that corner but now it is you've got a five from house so for me when i look back at all those stages i'm happy because i know it's not magic it's what you have to wake up every day and see it happen and
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then you are late. late. age of fourteen which you had a very particular vision of how she wanted her life to turn out i don't have children and has been i just want to be alone in my house and go into work that's all i want to make money and get rich those who hunted i don't wanna get married because the heat it's actually the first day he said down he proposed he said to me but you know that i love you and i said no. and he said yes i do as it ok you're supposed to love me i mean brotherly and sisterly love church kind of thing a couple love god everything it is said to me no not that type of love i mean i was shy a was blushing if that wasn't how's. you thinking ok maybe this is the first in the last guy who will ever propose maybe i'm going to be single for ever and frustrated in the cradle only what's going to happen. when you
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met. the type of person that likes to coddle i love to feel loved if we're watching a movie you must sit like this you must hold me but he can unlike his own space i think you eventually made we said in understood that we move we off affectionate now he's coming to bed. over and i really struggled to be with him like spend time with him and everything and i think some weeks ago i asked him to spend more time in the office or something now he thinks there's something wrong with me and it isn't i just need to watch us to see.
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if you're black and you're married told why plus you oscar sure it's right. or she has a wife she'd like to live with white people you see. flooding why does she do what you want to do. if i did that. i wonder girl black talent show like you and member stand alone which i speak when i meant home that's so if you think you end up marrying a white person who may be. if you know they're. going to a very good place for missions are granted and i mean seen the same day for the last like five years and. yet he has been five years. and i she is she's good to me man she's she's she's great at lax right talking about her she can walk into a room. out of it. and stuart think that she did she's
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just she's stately and she's poised. and she doesn't in the end the best thing about it is she doesn't see all the things that i see that. he met laura at work the first time i saw like this. she literally walked from there to being. you know when people look at you that you know looking at them that you can tell the still looking at you it was one of those feelings. i had to walk past these days begin to get out and who is that going to she she works and i think mr parton gammick i'm going to just pop in every day. was very open as my face official people of us must stay. on the spirit i was looking for a long. distance differences in looking long as it was doing it was there.
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and they know we could eventually got being liked by you know took off yeah about getting married. the next question. next question. do you talk about permanence. we have. it's a conversation like it's had now we're going to share it. happens it's a it's a very sporadic thing to be talking about something else that would lead into that marriage is a good thing people should all get married great stuff. we two of you on the train some day it will happen to each of our children. and get. all the soumaya because i mean most of the friends have kids right now people are getting married there was a phase when it was just it was four we did the five things one yeah i want to have kids i think you see what i mean this is not. it's not
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a commitment open in shutting me and i'm on to see myself being someone's daddy i love kids. over. here and decided on them. that i love you. is a stunning i mean scott. i can only say to did it for most of remains of his only daughter kane and it was obvious a full of it was and i want his. wife marley's is a teaching assistant at the after care on the church compound where they live what
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are you guys doing are you going to. yes that's not a good. you don't have brown. i can release a lot of this because of what had to be a hide behind and zinni a franchise a group as my main self and what i think when i thought of that and i was kind. of this need for more could decide to did it weapon and it was hit hard on this whole thing so it was in this holiday matter because it was a little fluid. not at all tex dolphin a did the debris said one. i said one guy edited it they're going to augment it with i took the dog that's what i do most of that by a storm off the heaviest before has had to be a yard and it's not needed to be a. regular . i could be vital to respect myself over that time but the ravens has made him
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want to stick it in city what was once hunted small back and is kind of the iraqi and you see those from doctors really sad times and still going strong a little south africa got it why did this. man a lot of. the back three years ago to a new life took a dramatic turn in tracing the dean bike in maine it was that of hans winter with the body the owner dies and bonds that were of this nature months was the file and if you notice it said it is this enormous but that must admit it let me add a connect that i know i have decided to do what i call the edible handiness of the needs of a soldier came out of alcohol may never get you look like but i still think now he is a deputy pastor and runs the youth ministry amazing to vs this my hero the acting head made a father of a lot of bands and i tell openness to visit academia if you like him
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here you know see one going and yes you can all you have the petition your liver believe that anthony are those that are open locally ever who it could create a peculiar of course bellamy's where if you do your honey you have all of the dice and i meet his holiness around my yellow phyllis's feet of me and i've been all that and funny then i state it as act as i ever go to market in particular but the most. yet by the end my entry was adamant about. ok i was different for what he wanted by threadless means. you know the commitment of by for those means and it went with your scope it that i am since i live. with this strange together you know i think i've read his.
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account. by fourteen the romance of teenie was definitely over and visits concerns may elsewhere. it's quite an embarrassment to your parents like say for instance. you know this guy's been seeing each other and you don't even have plans for getting married and you got pregnant or something high embarrassing is that your parents. since moving back in with her parents visitors found them to be a lot more broad minded than she thought they were with us of course and i did. run on them i think if counted correctly according to my mother we have fourteen people in the house myself and born my mom and my grandmother and grandfather my brother and his girlfriend my brother's daughter i mean the resort and jane are right in the lighten my three children we staying in all to save up money it was my
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mom's suggestion to try to buy off our dates and then get something for ourselves something that belongs to us. and i gotta find some whiskey and how does it work. that's a vegas. like it's a big house me n. d. n. me yes you see in case it gets difficult. but we seem to be making it work surprisingly enough we my quick have a lot of balls in the sauce. it is not easy. to back out to complain no. you don't drink. you know which amounts to tap water and with that please be warned him a drink with. everything is changed from when i was seven what was
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a fully functioning country everything was wiki. the money went to the right places it was a look i did correct it was actually spent correctly everything is gonna. be. in the morning and i want to know what. i would do in the toilets. if any working day after week. a waste of time to try and complain and anyway if you do get well you know if you get somebody on the line it is not my department. they see on c.n.n. . he's. actually in london for us government. this is my borno state. but this is going to. do.
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shoot. somebody what we have an alcohol here live for your liver blood has stolen it. and made him a bit of a kind of push at this situation for. this. but the but it's a variance once and for twenty. in the back of their bucket and the kids are more conservative with a bully a bit of you know that's what being a virus is a career with respect all. was in my opinion a good president. i think his vision of what he wanted was not wrong. it just never happened for me i think that africa is more frustrating now than it was when i was saving i think so because then we were told who was there any. now who's the enemy because things are getting worse as well but who's to blame.
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the. government does like a cult. premise of a cult is if you're in here you're right everybody out day and you're wrong and what is going to keep us together. self preservation from anybody says anything bad about it just went together and see which one. they grew up having that trust that god has my back that that's he knows me that
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he wants the best for me in fact he's my father. is how you talk to god and sometimes when you don't pray i feel our relationship going stale me and him so i always try to communicate with him cause that he if we could if i don't pray out on his have this fear that maybe i'm drifting apart. live. now it's more intense because i married have pasta so why get to have homes in church that i never thought i would have but i think i like them.
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the title of us i want to date is on doing is a child was a job i had it on john's or when we look at our bank account just on the bank account did you see figuring it out. we have a tendency to be discouraged other move all of that would in the five years they've been here a leader has tried to carve out a role for himself as a leader in the community. not to politician or a prophet for example but no one boy mirrored a pony this guy and so we had to mobilize a community around micro speakers and call the community a meeting you know we assist the police. the greatest police is actually us and who are living in the community we are responsible for the community of
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surrendered my life and i don't know about you know i was around and my life to this cause. loss of you guys were with me i was married and i was pregnant with jenna. when these we may she's a little one to you right now i would say i've got a great husband we've got to feed it not we've got pictures in the claw of got pretty much what to me is a perfect life wow. greg. was by far the biggest mistake of my life things just started getting from bad to worse i really don't have time for any kind of crap in my life at all and it got to a point we. are just said enough and that was it
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a fault for divorce and nine months of trying to get him to sign the pipe as he finally signed the pipe this and that was that i was divorced happiest day of my life. that's the one thought of it than the of assad is still fighting for maintenance. so that is my relationship with the must see him in court. every two months we in court and it gets by aspirant and it gets by so far and it's been the minds of his guys it's been going on for three years already. so how do you pay these bills my mom president. at the time of the breakup reagan was only six months old and jenna was three how did you cope i almost didn't i went on a mad crazy shopping spree got my hair colored by in august got a whole new wardrobe a max thought any court of my mom's like to find. would well guess and that worked
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for me. now she has another baby boy who was born. off to my divorce why not i was out and i don't play pool i don't know if it was me or the capias amounts of alcohol that i had consumed but she replied actually i just saw the face first and it just felt felt familiar like you know. out of all the go other girls in the club her face was the one that actually the top you know they're safe if you meet someone in like a club or a whatever you know it's actually a bad thing but. it ended up not being such a bad thing for us ya know he said dean you're ten month old baby. to
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other kids which i love also to bits. and on my back i would describe as it's a very outgoing person a straight forward. always trying to be happy even though you know the situation is not a situation to be happy and i think all of us we look up to and we respect to values and views. and you are without off think everyone cut back on compliance. back with mark so he's got to use. you very useful little thing this last you know you have back home and i mean i am actually on your side yes that. verifies the current government running. i'm happy. he was just well he's good.
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for me for. the smarts wonder what mom. says in the black unless you have a look what. the moscow says off. those that are for those and yet if the pretend. there's a deeper look. i'm able to talk to him about my ambitions but i think he doesn't take me seriously to something point i think it i don't know maybe things that. i think it doesn't. you can't really say that the man this one show. this is going to cook and all that other nonsense so i don't think anybody has a low. figure it out as you go on. which
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is well it has fallen apart. she fled her home with her family and believe his life was threatened by a mob in a local dispute there's no way to go and i staying the night with the sister in johannesburg these people were way at the gate and they were shouting there he goes they goes you know so at that time we're still busy packing some few stuff so that's when we started leaving my baby's books shoes everything we had literally ten minutes to pack now we've been getting phone calls that you must not come back that the family members of the guy that has been bitten by the tape the drivers are going to kill with me so you feel that you're going to have to. give up on that dream i've given up why should elect to black fight
5:45 am
like that why should we have an inside job that is so bad that you want our brothers dead i don't know he was born there i wasn't but me i'm done and i'm totally done my first priority is my kids i would love to see my baby at school. now i really don't know what's best. but i'm not going back. guy print from having a gun in my mom's mouth just trying to meet the county such an amazing place people that's amazing don't try this is beyond me.
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we've got lots of some sunshine across australia slushy fine and dry but had a few showers just around queensland around northern parts of new south wales us every cloud out of drift out into the open water is still just getting up to around twenty six celsius embrace but i just catch your rochelle it coming in to have a many it is going to be ciara i cool enough into the southeast and cold in melbourne just fourteen celsius imet substitute for hobart's twenty seven in perth or some warmth around last because those winds are coming in from the interior gets
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around twenty six here on saturday the cinema temperature out of springs at that time but down towards the southeast it may well brighten up in victoria fifteen celsius in the sunshine some crisp sunshine here eighteen celsius for sydney into the twenty's there just around the coastal fringes of queensland all the grey side has made us a little bit of cloud and right in that cloud right will make its way into the south island of new zealand so we go so what's a weather slaughtering into the south out and right now as we speak as we go on through friday that cloud and rain will continue to push its way for the racers and to sas day it does look pretty wet for much of the south island north island states fine dry and sunny all come with a high of twenty degrees. china's a problem has become famous for its lodge number of elderly many age one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raging holds the secrets to
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a long and healthy life on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes the death toll from the sri lanka taxes revised down by more than one hundred but the country is still on edge brace for more bombings. the red cross warns that neighborhoods in the
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libyan capital are gradually turning into battlegrounds plus if we get down ears in the white house the. fundamental changes be counted. joe biden enters the race for the white house becoming the instant frontrunner in a crowded field of twenty democratic contenders and warm weather causes the world's second biggest emperor penguin colony to suffer a catastrophic breeding fate. there are mixed emotions at the boss alone to open rafael nadal advances to yet another quarter for a world victory the average credit is good but. the
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death toll in sri lanka's easter sunday attacks has been revised down from three hundred fifty nine to two hundred and fifty three a top health official said the blast that left some bodies damaged beyond recognition making identification difficult because the fence secretary has resigned over the attacks and security services in sri lanka remain on high alert and made fears of more bombings police have carried out more raids seizing several hand grenades and swords from one property at least seventy nine people have now been arrested florence louise reports from colombo. armed patrols random searches the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo as the hunt goes on for anyone involved in sunday's attacks it's not just the police and the army but the navy an air force are mobilized to the prime minister running. told al-jazeera that the extra security measures are necessary and i. am sorry i cannot
5:51 am
be you know the number but some are on the run and the third following them remain or the first is to round up the. intelligence services and the government has been criticized for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary hemisphere if anon was asked for his resignation by president maître palace or a center has agreed to stand down a limited state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces greater powers to detain and interrogate further details of those emergency powers are emerging among them a censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the wider powers given to authorities are reminiscent of what happened during twenty six years of civil war the fighting ended ten years ago and sri lanka is once again on edge more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects in the capital bomb scares cost
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a temporary lockdown at the central bank while the road to the airport was briefly closed a minor explosion was reported in the town of pagoda forty kilometers from colombo the blast was unlike the controlled detonations by bomb disposal squads in the last few days catholic churches in colombo want told the sunday mosque this weekend because of security threats and c.c.t.v. video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinnamon grand hotel although police have not named the bomber as they have said they came from well off families. some of them multimillionaires some lived in this suburb in colombo the neighbors are in shock. over it suddens me that muslims who are my neighbors have done this it puts a black spot on all of us muslim sri lanka's police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism florence louis al jazeera colombo
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well the prime minister who you heard in that report is vowing to improve coordination between various state agencies to prevent future attacks running saying he was speaking to al jazeera. tuffy. we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the numbers of dead while the police have told it is three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty so i was there to verify their numbers and let me know and i did to the shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today and now what are the green teas that these failures will not reoccur know review are now looking at those aspects to ensure that there is no breakdown
5:54 am
of communications but what the most important is to get out the active members that are also sleepers so remember we've got to look at the sleepers too on the fourth of april. the indian intelligence warned of potential attacks on churches. hotels and easter. they repeated warnings actually two days two hours before that tax but all these warnings were north. can you can you tell us why from what we have gathered. the information given has been sent down in writing but we are looking into why there was no damage has taken sending it down in writing or gone down the line in writing but that was not sufficient in my view and here that spec that we are looking into so what measures now are in place to go and t.
5:55 am
the disclosure full disclosure of the extent of security failure it's been done by the leading investigator in sri lanka we have our criminal investigation department we have our intelligence agency we have our military intelligence agency all our integrated so the president said that he wasn't briefed you say the same and i wonder why are you so confident that the investigation will reveal anything. the next to get shows that are done by people who were not been lauding the communication of. intelligence these are separate groups and i am sure if that the few that received the information earlier in the intelligence they were directed at that time cause some of these intelligence are also available to read about the personally informed so the people who are carrying it out on the people who were in were responsible for sending down the indians so after the turks you
5:56 am
were forced to blame the security failure for what happened don't you share any responsibility and i said we have to accept the fact that there was a tedious breakdown of the day. and the communication we really have not run away from them. then sleep populated areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields that's according to the international committee of the red cross. it says the humanitarian situation in libya has deteriorated sharply in the last three weeks since forces loyal to the eastern warlord the have tied began attacking the capital at least two hundred seventy eight people have been killed and almost thirty five thousand people have fled their homes on thursday the u.n. evacuated more than three hundred fifty migrants from what the tension center in southern tripoli where a fierce battle is for aging well joining me now from tripoli is u.n.h.c.r. spokesperson paula barack he now in this park you know think you for joining us
5:57 am
here on al-jazeera first of all tell us the latest on the situation as you are seeing it in tripoli. well this humanitarian situation in tripoli is very concerning there is over thirty seven thousand displaced libyans at present and the number is expected to increase over the next days we have seen when it's you are providing assistance i don't with our partners and to go and ask well the international community we are providing blankets and basic household items there are many persons who remain trapped in areas of conflict and first responders are asking are i'm. throwing them in knots or holes in order to preston's some of them are being hurt with family members or with friends and others are being hurt in different shelter that are being said parts. of of course is sort of one situation on top of the other because libya was already
5:58 am
experiencing a crisis when it came to a lot of the migrants that sort of end up in libya on their way they hope to europe a lot of those the tension center is in dire situations and now you've managed to evacuate some of them but of course then you have not only the migrant issue but now the internally displaced libyans as well how are you coping with the two situations. we're trying to respond to the best of our ability. u.n. estimates the are and with partners were first responders on refugees and migrants in particular there are over six thousand refugees and migrants who remain to tainted meat yet we continue to call for immediate release and so far what we've done is we're going to meet over one thousand refugees who are trapped in the camps and centers in conflict areas to our gathering in the park or has the incomplete managed by when it's the r. and partners need an m.r.i. as well yesterday and they really need it six hundred in the recognition migrants
5:59 am
who are trapped in that's the biggest year which is an area of act we call it and we transport it and that we are where it meets the r. and i u m and partners are providing humanitarian assistance medical assistance food and we continue to do very ph member of this nation we. find the most by her it's important to stress that we have made a call to the international community to facilitate evacuations out of media you say you've made the call as far as i know need share has agreed to take people basically you're asking countries to take a lot of the migrants and refugees away from libya to a safer place apart from the sheriff you had any other positive feedback so far we have i created a one hundred sixty three very refugees including women and children to be shared last week we will continue to do so so long as there is capacity in the chair and
6:00 am
we are asking countries to either facilitate transfers to safe countries or to speed up as well disappointment as i can i just confirm apart from the share has any other country agree to take in refugees and migrants from libya. not for the moment but we're very hopeful that some and we will come and support us to ensure that. polar bear a keen a spokesperson from the u.n.h.c.r. speaking to us from tripoli madame thank you thank you so much or i mean woman with a bit of a head has more now from the libyan capital on the fallout from the battle for tripoli. who died defending the libyan capital carry to its main square.


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