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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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vivid memories was assigned being on the wall of that said stuff would have to be trained how do you see. what a hoffman's knife was it was the knife used to cut people down when they found. quickly i started to realize that i had set myself to a place i never would have gone. the day the prime minister of new guinea and i are announcing a major initiative to combat the scourge of people smuggling. the asylum seekers who arrived in australia by boat who have no chance of being settled in australia as refugees if they're found to be genuine refugees they'll be
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resettled in papa new guinea. and the christmas i. don't know you have one. she told us briefly you came after lunch and so to learn so you never come to australia you have to go to papa new guinea. alone up and we will go on. to your home. there were two guards they grab your hands. they put you in the air play. the puter. chairs and in the first they put one guard.
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came. along with them and i had to let. my fisher. in the. united. chief forest management approach me to go up there in
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a training role. to try and expect stuff. in the position of safety and security officer. i've known use was a prison officer. the only people that i had experience with was criminal world. one of the worst combination. a world war two heart made of team on a concrete floor. hundred twenty two parents in this shade. it was discussed in. the audio was disgusting. but this couldn't believe it was. the most. recent decades
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yet. to learn what had loved him behind. those faces open faces on the ground. men didn't have enough clothes men didn't have shoes they didn't have enough drinking water those malaria those sickness disease infection. the message is simple. if you come to australia illegally by bugs there is no way you will ever like astride you are. to see an asylum is not illegal because it's a rot. it's a rock that arises under the universe to the russian and human rights and it's also our rock that iran's sund a range of international human rights treaties such as the griffin she has
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convention. it was an understanding between countries that when people was seeking protection from persecution that they could cross the border i could see protection . and destroy this on up towards the strait he said yes we decide who comes into this country and we decide by signing this convention that we'll let refugees come here. and we'll let them come as they come everywhere else in the world will let him come i see. it's quite obvious that you can't just set up to send to the home. and it's not
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supposed to be a holiday. but it took about six weeks i think for them to start to degrade mentally. you're. least you hear. around. here. i am for you. the whole concept of indefinite detention is this idea that there is no progress.
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if you have a criminal history you say you've committed a crime your punishment is two years in jail. when you've got these three sentences prison and you can count down the days. for these men they didn't have them. and they're seeing daily so. for a day. i saw men cut their stomach open with glass. and one man take a fluorescent light tube and beatty himself across the head and stabbed himself.
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men suffocating men so men stitching the. men one man stitches islet they incredibly traumatize from with coming from what they see you know asylum from and they've been really traumatized. by their current situation. their families are separated and they stay noyo prospect of them ever being reunited. they see no hope for the future. and he learns of a. plan that says. they're going to. learn
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the. new one. the. power. how it was moved to them as he thought that actually. you know them you don't. need to know that this is going to you know. we'll look at it in a way to. the deterioration amongst all the asylum seekers no matter what their age is is probably what hottest. children have to be in detention according to the government's policies because
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terrence. in the tension of the time they. develop a rancher disorder. as a ball. player not you know from charities to dissipate and enormous sorts of activities that children require for development. and then i have parents who are. sick as well who end up helping out with the parents of. his so very young babies in detention who are not fading probably not going why dying to strive is a medical term. soul is really harmful for children. but it's considered the price it's required to stop but. let's you know.
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this is. the use of bite i.d.'s as names is rampant. children will spawn and. what they've drawn with their plate id children will. their friends but id. their own name if i'm going to. be they. actually. feel any guilt or any guilt about one of them. in the. mail the most compassionate thing you can do is stop the bad we have to stop the bad.
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because sometimes they were think the system and like i should of the serious physical and sexual abuse of children and women cost right in there were. after a very long time this led to the government setting up an inquiry. which ultimately ended up with what's called for. if a sexual behavior is. touching . or touching other kids in a sexualized then. they
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are. under. trained to investigate. tell him. if you kids around. the place forswear very slowly and you often see a nerve or so. there's been there are repercussions but i know. those are room trained one afternoon. one of the transferees
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was outside. it started to rain. the room change had taken hours and his possessions were getting wet. i was standing on the door of his room. who walked in briskly and i wasn't afraid i wasn't worried i didn't think anything of it but to expert new zealand under strain in security guards will go over to where he was in the room and bade him against the wall and twisted his back over a metal bed frame and punched him to unconsciousness. eventually i was interviewed by police. they shut the door behind me and they threatened to me and told me that i should change my statement. they gave me all of the other witness statements that were by g.
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fresh and salvation army manager who saw exactly what i saw and had written something completely different. so i changed my statement to say that ji for us only pushed him. i didn't know what to do at that time to get out of situation i was really scared. we recognize that our border protection policy is top. we recognize many would see it as hot but it has been proven to be the only wide to stop those deaths that say.
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the argument is that we've got a right to. put refugees through hell on their children through hale because it will stop people dying better that they be mashed up in a room and mama silent than died see. and the deaths are cool. but i think it is profoundly hypocritical profoundly hypocritical kind of the policies that are being pursued of the money by these trends in government. fundamentally humanitarian because they stop these deaths. how have you changed since you were severed.
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from the lives of the children of apartheid to the twenty one years each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change. south africa to. zero . the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the region. the thirteen al-jazeera for. in a region for contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race in the swing. where is the gulf headed with the arabian influence on the rise saudi blue it's on the decline. and the khashoggi crisis. to go from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and
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twenty eight in doubt. china is a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raging home the secrets to a long and healthy life on al jazeera. hello i'm in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera sri lanka's health ministry has revised the number of people killed in sunday's suicide attacks down by more than one hundred the prime minister running says some body parts were wrongly counted and the death toll now stands at two hundred sixty in an interview with al jazeera a victim a singer said there will be a thorough investigation into why pry intelligence about the attacks wasn't chad. a
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number of people have been taken in i'm sorry i cannot be you know the number but yes some are on the run and the third from them remains the first to round up those people we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the floor of information. and that's one of the matter that being investigated. going in regard to the numbers did why police have ordered the three hundred fifty the we need to see it it's more about two hundred sixty so i was going to if i their numbers and let me know what he did to the truck i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be allowed to be sudan's military leaders say they're willing to hand over the top government positions to civilians but insisted they will retain the leadership of the transitional process in the capital khartoum tens of thousands of protesters including judges have been camping outside the military
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headquarters demanding civilian rule residential areas of tripoli are turning into battlefields that's the warning from the international committee of the red cross after three weeks of fighting for libya's capital at least seven fighters were killed in an airstrike south of tripoli on wednesday forces loyal to ward khalifa haftar fighting against the un recognized government of tripoli russian president vladimir putin says he wants to help resolve north korea's nuclear standoff with the united states he was speaking after his first face to face meeting with north korean leader kim jong il and after the summit kim said peace and security on the peninsula will depend entirely on washington's acid shoot mexican immigration agents have detained over three hundred fenton american migrants have attempted to cross over to the u.s. this week it's the largest trade they've carried out in more than a year the detainees were part of a caravan that was traveling north well those are the headlines now it's back to
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what this. the dr burke out of the processing said to route fifteen security guards were into this three hundred eighty days broke out all the facility. pumps and yeah they tore the sky copas nobody. knows me this thing you know he's telling us what. to do a lot. of cops are charlie tooth and say if they do decide to go we're going to go and since the cops interesting people get stuff they do it the charlie to gather
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a good sense the cops and your peers. for the. that's the problem is your problem. not something happens with this the cops and the anyway it away with as much been says and as most capacity is because you become an authorized officer yes musical to someone today and you yeah i want to sit in the room and tell me to have been. punished for. example. i. i think. i think i think. i. i think. there's this thing.
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i think. the four or five and. they. pop up every. few. feet up and i haven't so far. so far yes it's all. over the top. for the hubbard asylum seekers have been transferred to be into police custody
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after the bullets which caused sixteen billion dollars damage. to tonight's running is being high also and disorder on nassau and the gulf and susan moss knocks on wrist began with demonstrations. very strong suggestions from official advocates that this was an attack from outside but the chinese inside were attacked by paying alessi assertion and also angry locals with machetes and other weapons that maybe even several was shot their pellets a very difficult target to what i went through at the moment i healthcare reform law and order. a black out of our group or were drinking.
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wine into my little investment over the course of the day to change your to high jump a homestead. your home should be here as an interchange with him as a bead on that assigned me out in how we should care starting there you should be sure. when the roi what's happened defenses was pushed by look on the inside. to know just who they are the thing. after the good and wishing they'd. served to push the. raft himself to face a million wouldn't she mused the question in few minutes of the bestial.
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more but made in a default to work at that hour of gather wood for the and as you know she. sat down all. right i wish leaving that up madam but i don't i want to know that whatever more she shot a ship on and on the time game be the one for that storm and i mean. what the weather was sure. how to tackle if you can deal with your exams i didn't care i'll to monitor was your word batch or wanted to do more of it yes charlie name you know truth saying windows characters are vast for those to have national. so they turn those two are all my years in a coach and i'm damned to hold
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a shoe posts in a pasture that. does socialist who wouldn't use the word. little dump or the horn or. don't want to harm him john. you know that i'm young man.
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enough only to lift two for that. is your monkey man aboard the bus i thought you might have additional thought. if you put it. in storage. and they were trying to get bush to hunt you both the best and. you keep it on her for some corner man i'm sure yes i mean you trust. inches all men are spawning. while the whole little hold on to turn your mother. and i sang to show. you as a kid. mom would appreciate every other mutual injury chat to them to get short.
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to morta. but i want to know which but i was. pretty much. the veil of secrecy over the man asylum detention center was partially lifted today with a report released by the government into the february riots at the center immigration minister scott morrison joins us when you read the account of rosa brought his death it's very detailed his skull was shattered he was beaten with sticks and kicked in the head by more than ten officers a strain in some locals did you have even a moment of doubt about the morality of offshore detention centers what occurred that night was criminal there was a terrible tragic and distressing incident that took place that night as you said in your introduction.
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to transfigure. now as most of you have come. to move on from within the past i'm sure. my. time there. on a mere one hundred just going to. be going to one. but who. do you want to push to have. me
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there. with i'm sure most feel about this other part puzzle that only. if the model. you. should. be is a little beach. we're. going to be. a twenty four year old iranian asylum seeker who has died in a brisbane hospital tonight after his family agree to have his life support machines which stop. hammad because very i was pronounced branded earlier this week after reportedly suffering blood poisoning from an infected court the asylum seeker
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was flown from our farm to brisbane last week scott morrison says the immigration department would review the medical treatment for things. myself in two of my colleagues very explicitly about medical concerns. in particular infection starting and. then a couple months later harming because a still died of an infection starting in his foot and we had already told them months before and that's documented date time and everything what we had said is transcribed we had a senate inquiry into the death of reza berati and i don't see anything changing. i don't know what can help the man in man is found. all the people in mary. we are telling the paper what's happening that nothing's changing.
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on put up a strong minister for immigration and border protection i've recorded this message to provide some important information you will know by now the plans are well on the watch for the first group of refugees to travel and settle in cambodia cambodian settlement presents a great opportunity for refugees to move forward and begin the next phase of their lives in a country that is free from persecution. distributers now in a refugee partnership with cambodia. even on pain the deals being done astray is provided a forty million dollars down payment in additional. refuse g.'s from newbury would be voluntarily since here in the months ahead.


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