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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 67  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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seen people die or lose limbs in the past after falling off. or huge amounts of tropical rain forest was destroyed last year to make way for large scale farming operations that's according to a report released by global forest watch it says forests were cleared at the rate of thirty football fields a minute that works out to one hundred twenty thousand square kilometers or most the size of england the highest percentage rises came in ghana and the ivory coast sixty percent and twenty six percent respectively the majority of those forests were protected there were also significant losses in the democratic republic of congo colombia bolivia and indonesia in brazil where president diable scenario has weakened forest protection a third of all primary pristine rainforest was lost that included indigenous lands where the people have protected the forests for centuries and thousands of indigenous people have gathered in the capital brasilia demanding that the government does more to protect their ancestral lands and the environment the
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protests called the free land camp have been happening for fifteen years and it's their biggest annual demonstration trees a boy reports on why this year's event has become a way to challenge brazil's president. to some movie or as the march towards parliament do members of brazil's indigenous communities and every you be come to the capital brasilia to make their voices heard in. the back you all the way from i believe with his son he belongs to the iraqi tribe and. we want the president to have respect because since the europeans came to our london invaders the destruction of our communities has gotten worse and they are finishing news that's why we are here to ask them to stall. over four thousand people participated in a three day event held at a side. the free land camp recommends i you work for now do i feel that you would
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like to separate and just to believe this country's indebtedness of the fishing rights also said that he would like to explore the amazon rain forest the national resources for the best people the precedents development strategy is a clear threat to their survival as shortly after taking office president signaled he was transferring control of land and environmental issues from the ministry of justice to agriculture for that department's dealings with a powerful agriculture industry have been questioned by critics. we see in both the possibility of an increase in the massacres of people like it was seen in the past they want to prevent us from defending our rights want to prevent further land demarcations we want to live according to our traditions it's in the constitution to. indigenous organizations have denounced deforestation and seizures and
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attacks on indigenous peoples in the past year they say the luggers and farmers feel emboldened by the actions of those at the top and says brazil's top prosecutor is money toeing the situation. the government's discourse is brutal because it encourages the invasion of indigenous land in the last fifteen years brazil has consolidated itself as a commodity exporter especially in the agricultural sector and that has increased the price of land we need to work and show that there is plenty of land for an agricultural project that is not blood. but for now brazil's government is not giving into the demands made by indigenous groups thank you and has the support of senators like. this when he takes the community's progress on the possibilities to how we need public policies how indians give them education and give them an option. in particular if i apply. but
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brazil indigenous people see the beard dignity is one of the few things they've been able to retain and c.v. with fight a v.m. to ensure that is not taken away from them. city several antecedents brasilia well now scientists say a catastrophic breeding failure is taking place after thousands of emperor penguin chicks were wiped out three years ago the british antarctic survey says they drowned when the sea ice they were being raised on was destroyed by severe weather in a twenty sixteen since then researchers have found that virtually nothing has happened . the second biggest emperor penguin breeding side in antarctica thought rather than as a penguin ecologist with the british antarctic survey he explains why holiday was considered a safe breeding ground despite global warming the colony. between a fourteen thousand and twenty four thousand breeding pairs so it's
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a big colony it's equivalent to about eight or nine percent of the global population so it's a significant colony however we've seen in the past that sometimes you get a complete failure at some colonies we know that colonies move so that's not what is interesting about this observation what is unique about this is that this colony is deep in the world will say it's in america where we expect to stay colder as the world warms so it's an area which we can think of as a refuge for and preparing winds so if in the refuges very are also vulnerable to severe storm of events and that means those safe places onto safe as we had previously thought. well still ahead on al jazeera.
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and i'll see ten to twelve women pass for the brisbane roll please that has all the sphinx.
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now it's time for sports has peter. thank you very much eleven time barcelona open champion rafa nadal has advanced to this year's quarter finals but he's done so at the expense of a veteran the world number two was up against fellow spaniard on thursday in the third round fed is thirty seven years old now and has announced he will quit the
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sport after next month's madrid masters he was hoping to roll back the years on the sick a jand but was unable to do so nadal winning six three six three. meanwhile two time former champion cain issue corey of japan is into the last eight after his victory over felix o'shea earlier seem a fourth seed proving too good for the canadian teenager winning it in straight sets. women's world number one had a winning start to her clay court season at the porsche grand prix in stuttgart to be taiwan's cac weigh in straight sets six four six two opposed to moving to the pro far east africa has won two grand slam titles but it's good to win a tournament on the correct. food see patrick of it's a well dropped just five games as she reached the quarter finals as well. two of the biggest names in athletics are locked in a bitter dispute four time olympic champion mo far a claims he was robbed at a hotel owned by ethiopians legendary runner haile gebrselassie and that not enough
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was done to help him but there was a lesson he has hit back accusing four of assaults and defaming his business and reputation david stokes reports. what should have been a straightforward promotion day for the london marathon was anything but after most far up without any prompting decided to talk about something that happened during his training camp and the train is gone or well whenever. there was a slightly bigger problem with. a tele stated in ethiopia. who broke into farah claims money a watch and two phones were taken from his room at a hotel owned by haile gebrselassie he felt the ethiopian great should have done more to help get his property back. on it was very disappointing to know someone who has that hutto not kind of support couldn't do nothing and the analysis like they couldn't do nothing so just disappointing highly said. ok ok well. on
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my better. ok. when i'm ok thank you. all could exchange did not go down well with gabe or selassie back in ethiopia he says the theft was fully investigated and that fire had turned down the use of a safe he also revealed text messages that he claims were sent to him from farah threatening to bad mouth him at the press conference in london selassie says it was premeditated and a clear attempt at blackmail he told me before he left. he told me to. destroy. selassie describes paris conduct during his stay is disgraceful even alleging that he attacked a married couple at the hotel gym and that it was him that convinced police not to press charges he also says far left without paying his three thousand dollars hotel
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bill farah denies these claims but davis selassie says he intends to take legal action years even as possible when. he has to be disciplined. with a potential legal battle on the horizon foreign must now do his best to focus on the job at hand this weekend winning the london marathon to do that he'll need to beat the defending champion and world record holder elliott could choky david stokes zero. the alleged victim in the alleged assault involving four has spoken out for the men says for a kicked him in the neck he says he's wife wasn't injured. really without her that gebrselassie claimed he intervened and acted as a mediator between us that's not correct also his claim that he kicked and shoved me is not correct most blow to my neck was very minor and african footballer has died on the pitch during a league match on thursday in s.
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where teenie formerly known as the land the rooney international midfielder pappy fatty collapsed after only fifteen minutes of play fattier previously played club football in south africa and was likely to represent his country at the africa cup of nations next month in egypt in motorsport next year's dec already will be held in saudi arabia competitors will start in the country's second largest city jetta and travel nine thousand kilometers across the desert to finish in. close to the prestigious race was staged in africa up until eleven years ago when it switched to south america saudi arabia has been given a five year deal to host the rally the defending champion is confident saudi arabia's blockade of qatar won't prevent him from competing next year. i will try to go to defend my title you know because i don't want to or. the sport than politic you know i think i hope we don't have any problems in getting
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when we go to saudi arabia i think sport is completely different from political but ok from my side i am really happy in order to to have a doctor because i win the three times in all i am only one of their. region when this race you know. twenty twenty. i will start their fairy scary you know in this race and instead of talking about the world's best football teams here's one of the worst brews been rule took on adelaide united when erica teac school but cheek is to penalties to give brisbane a second half lead even so it went on to win five three pretty good run with the scrum for united has been and second bottom in the very early season conceded illegal record seventy one goals. we have it for now stay tuned we'll have more again later. well you can also find much more on our website has entered
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incomprehensive coverage of the off the law and the easter sunday attacks on trail unka the address al jazeera dot com. and that's it for me and that sami said i will be in the chair in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where on line we have a male chauvinism that is in france with in our global federation and it is really hard to get a piece of that pilot or if you join us on inside. the country to beef up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street and join the global conversation on al-jazeera. in an ordinary week dr event atar at the heart of the only functioning hospital in town in north
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eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult circumstances. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country among ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan splitting our state even this remote town and look to be a band hospital for all their medical needs the war is destroyed or most of the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost all work including mother would always have stewart living in the process or who you know vision of the mother to work into the city that they're supposed to. clamber stime world of illegal trade. what you have here is not just objects you're talking about
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a political dimension where the spoils of war smuggled in so. private collectors. are selling artifact is work. in the middle east. that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. even in regard to the number of dead by police have boarded the three hundred fifty we need to beef it it's more about two hundred sixty sri lanka revises the death toll and carries out more riots following sunday's attacks.
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and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands in sudan keep up their demands for civilian rule as the military council says it will keep leadership of the transition. former vice president joe biden becomes the democratic candidate number twenty for the next u.s. presidential race we look at his strengths and vulnerabilities. french president promises tax cuts in response to protests over economic inequality. has revised down the death toll from sunday's suicide attacks but people are being warned it could be more attacks coming five days on the prime minister has admitted to intelligence failures and confusion over how many were killed in the blast and churches and hotels he says the toll is likely around two hundred sixty about one
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hundred less than previously thought as florence louis reports tough new restrictions are now being imposed on the state of emergency. armed patrols random searches the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo as the hunt goes on for anyone involved in sunday's attacks it's not just the police and the army but the navy an air force are mobilized to the prime minister running . told al-jazeera that the extra security measures are necessary and have been taken in i'm sorry i cannot be you know the number but some are on the run and the third following them remain for the first is to round up the. intelligence services and the government has been criticized for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary hemisphere if anon was asked for his resignation by president maitre palace or a center has agreed to stand down
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a limited state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces greater powers to detain and interrogate further details of those emergency powers are emerging among them a censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the wider powers given to authorities are reminiscent of what happened during twenty six years of civil war the fighting ended ten years ago and sri lanka is once again on edge more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects in the capital bomb scares cost a temporary lockdown at the central bank while the road to the airport was briefly closed a minor explosion was reported in the town of pagoda forty kilometers from colombo the blast was unlike the controlled detonations by bomb disposal squads in the last few days catholic churches in colombo want told the sunday mosque this weekend because of security threats and c.c.t.v.
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video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinnamon grand hotel although police have not named the bomber as they have said they came from well off families. some of them multimillionaires some lived in this suburb in columbus the neighbors i'm shocked. it saddens me that muslims who are my neighbors have done this it puts a black spot on all of us muslim sri lanka's police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism florence louis al jazeera colombo. well in an interview with al jazeera prime minister only work when a single he said there will be a thorough investigation into why a prior intelligence about the attacks wasn't shared a number of people have been taken in am sorry i cannot be you know the number but yes some are on the run and the third from them remains for the first is to round
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up those people we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the floor of information. and that one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the numbers of dead while the police have told it is three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty so i was there to verify their numbers and let me know and i did to their shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today sudan's military leaders say they're willing to hand over top government positions to civilians but insist they will retain leadership of the transitional process in the capital khartoum tens of thousands of protesters have been camping outside the military headquarters demanding civilian rule and for the first time judges to join the protests ahmed vaal is the latest update from car too. discussions between the military council
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and the protest leaders are continuing and there are differences between the two sides once again the military council house confirmed that it is going to maintain the sovereign power in case a military civilian joint council is appointed to lead that transition that has been a sticking point between the two sides that protesters have been insisting that they should be the council should hop in the door to see even a membership with a limited their presentation from the military side but the spokesman of the military council has told our dizzee at all that that's not going to be the case this has been a subject of concern among the opposition and also the protesters here. in the party decided to make the warning that if the two sides do not come to a strong agreement to preserve and got on the results of the revolution then a counter-coup could be possible. hala for getting linda milligan occurrence in and
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out of health. but among. the fears any kind of course he would comes with. thursday has seen probably the biggest turnout since the beginning of these protests and sit ins in front of the military headquarters the so-called one million person march took place in the late hours of thursday people are still gathering. speak and that's going to continue probably into friday friday or saw usually sees more people coming into the streets after friday prayers and this is the strength of this protest they are capitalizing on the presence and huge support from the population and they think that this is what go to god see that this evolution doesn't get derailed by intentions there from the military side they
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accuse the military side of procrastinating and even refusing to give power to civilians. morgan was that protesting. this report. from almost every corner of the country they travel to the capital to make their voices heard these protesters from the southern state of white nile joined the sit in at the army headquarters in atlanta in a parade as the million people march there demand the military hand over power to fellow you know you guys i'm not going to come here to join our brothers in the sit in and i'll be here until we get a civilian government that will be or who would shave my demands. a woman with an ear i came here for a civilian government that represents all of saddam with political consensus a government that represents all races with arab or african without any discrimination of a government for the people of sudan. protests started several months ago with thousands of people initially demanding that then president bashir step down from
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power that's happened on the eleventh of april with a ten member council appointed to run the country until a transitional government was formed but there's concern amongst the protesters especially from those outside the capital that the military may be reluctant to transfer power. there's been discrimination from the government for the past thirty years the cities people have been treated unfairly and we've come here to take our rights this regime will not end until we see a civilian government. demands echoed by judges who've joined the protests for the first time they're joining farmers doctors and people of other professions and from other states at the protests first gathering in fifteen should fit in in coming together as one people coming from faith mission wife to go to phoenix visit an army headquarters they're heading to the polls the process will have been here since before president almost. and they won't return home until the military council hands over power. after suspending talks with the military council last
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sunday the opposition coalition on wednesday announced that they would resume negotiations on forming a transitional government three members of the military council submitted their resignations after the coalition accused them of being remnants of the former government negotiations for a transitional government continue but the council says it will retain sovereign authority while civilians will hold the post of prime minister and head all government ministries it also says that the army is there to preserve the country's security marjah to renew our commitment to the task given to us in our constitutional duties and national judi's and in this critical time to defend the country and the people of sudan i want to confirm that the army and the rapid support forces which are all over the country one hundred united command to defend the country. these protesters have come too far to back off from their demands now demand they hope will shape the dance feature. people morgan al-jazeera are told. now residential areas of tripoli are turning into battlefields that's the warning
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from the international committee of the red cross after three weeks of fighting in libya's capital seven fighters were killed in an airstrike south of tripoli on wednesday forces loyal to warlord flavor have torah fighting against the u.n. recognize government of tripoli. had reports. fighters who died defending the libyan capital kerrick to its main square. they were killed in and here are just south of tripoli a crowd overwhelmed by grief as families mourn their dead not far from their prayers portraits on display of international leaders they blame for supporting world have their dead fighters were from the city. of tripoli left to and have to as forces took control last month. is lamenting the fall and
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fighters he says they were brigade mates neighbors and life time friends. they were killed by have to warplanes in all here area we just took up arms to defend our city and on or after forces came a thousand kilometers to enter our city we didn't go to their owners the homeland is our cause it has taken lots of blood and souls we will return to carry on no matter what it takes. them and when tripoli but have to this forces went through very yan since april fourth they have been fighting forces loyal to that you recognize the government on the southern outskirts of tripoli.


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