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suggest that people will behave as a reaction to what we've seen going on across these two weekend. but the fact is that in the second why is this last have almost three decades muslims from the north and east to massacre their programs their grants them by the entity of course the supreme or the lead. of a guinness afterwards but the fact is that the muslims were targeted what by the state government forces as part of the militia during that particular period and following the peace process that is two thousand and nine on words that have been sporadic incidents of violence against the muslims across the country so that caused them to suggest that things are not going to be that. calm and cordier in the foreseeable future and also we are also talking about christians going and attacking in the. city. in the space where they have made their community who
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are very peaceful tolerant muslims who belong to the tolerant person of islam so all these points to one day and that is that the religious zealots and bitter in different communities is not going to be that in the subsequent months and years to come ok we must leave our conversation there mr thank you very much thank you thousands of demonstrators in sudan are the military headquarters at a mass city and demand civilian rule the protesters in khartoum say they will not retreat until the army hands over power to the people military leaders have said they want to retain control of sudan's transition following the fall of omar al bashir it's also the first time judges have joined the opposition protests morgan joins us live from khartoum how significant the judge is going along with with part of the protests how significant is that. well peter they're adding to the number of
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people or a number of professions who have been protesting against president ahmed bashir and later against the military council rule there saying that they want an independent judiciary system now the military council has promised that it will make reforms to the judicial system it's already changed the state attorney and several other members and top judges who are part of the former government and former regime and it says that it's going to take a few weeks or a few years to be able to make reforms because people are also demanding that the judicial system how some kind of accountability or basically hold trials for the people who are part of the former regime and the former government so people are saying that if there's no reforms in the judicial system they're not going to be having any faith in the judicial system if trials are to be held for they are members of the former regime and they were not the only ones who were in the protests yesterday there were people who came from various other states people who
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have been there as well for more than three weeks and they're saying that they will not go and so military hands over power. from almost every corner of the country they've traveled to the capital to make their voices heard these protesters from the southern state of white nile joined the sit in at the army headquarters in atlanta in a parade as the million people march there demand the military hand over power to. you that i'm not but we've come here to join our brothers in the suit and i'll be here until we get a civilian government that we would shave my demands you go to the home of the new yorker i came here for a civilian government that represents all of saddam with political consensus a government that represents all races with arab or african without any discrimination of a government of the people of pseudo. protests started several months ago with thousands of people initially demanding that then president bashir step down from power that's happened on the eleventh of april with a ten member council appointed to run the country until
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a transitional government was. formed but there's concern amongst the protesters especially from those outside the capital that the military may be reluctant to transfer power. there's been discrimination from the government for the past thirty years the sudanese people have been treated unfairly and we've come here to take our rights this regime will go and until we see a civilian government. demand echoed by judges who've joined the protests for the first time they're joining farmers doctors and people of other professions and from other states at the protests this gathering for tomorrow didn't need coming together as one people coming from faith mission wife to join the phoenix visit and army had a positive there adding to the force of protest that would have been here since before president almost here with me and they say they won't return home until the military council hands over power. after suspending talks with the military council last sunday the opposition coalition on wednesday amounts that they would resume negotiations on forming
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a transitional government three members of the military council submitted their resignations after the coalition accuse them of being remnants of the former government negotiations for a transitional government continue but the council says it will retain sovereign authority while civilians will hold the post of prime minister and head all government ministries it also says that the army is there to preserve the country's security marjah to renew our commitment to the task given to us in our constitutional duties and national judi's and in this critical time to defend the country and the people of sudan i want to confirm that the army and the rapid support forces which are all over the country are one hundred united command to defend the country. these protesters feed they've come too far to back off from their demands now demands they hope to dance future. as you can imagine peter protesters are not happy about the fact that the military wants to retain sovereign authority which by definition means it will decide what's happening in the country they're saying that they've been protesting for four months so that they can have
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a civilian rule so that they can decide how the country should be shaped from here on words and they're saying that if the military decides to retain sovereign authority and not hand over complete power to an independent civilian transitional government then they will continue to protest. thanks very much. still to cover for you here on the news including. for the tenth week in a row thousands of people the streets about geria demanding immediate and sweeping changes to the government. but there. is. no reason why the people. giving them a reason to go home the u.n. addresses the needs of nearly a million refugees in bangladesh. and this college american football star makes history at the n.f.l. draft san i will explain in the sports news in about thirty minutes.
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turning our attention now to algeria because thousands of demonstrators a back on the streets for a tenth concert consecutive friday despite the departure of president abilities but the earlier this month crowds of demonstrators are keeping up the pressure for the removal of the military chiefs of staff and the remnants of the old government protests of continued despite the announcement of a presidential election in july. joining us here in the studio is lobbyist that he's a professor of arab democratization a cattle university mystique he welcomes the news so clearly the protest is long i think that his program his mistake it's. not to be said take. i apologize yes you are here to talk about algeria yes differently ok i apologize for them no problem clearly the demonstrators want a political solution the military doesn't want to give them a political solution so those two courses are going in the wrong direction yes we
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have we have the president there saleh who is running the country for twenty days and preparing the elections on the fourth of july and on the other side you have the protesters they don't want to bend they don't want the imminence of the former president fabulous his beautifully to prepare the transition and to prepare the elections so here is the problem and for the tenth executes if we you know dad and the only the only success there is to get that head off. that and they are seated ruling the country and they don't want that rich people going on trial over allegations of corruption and compared to the average algerian they are wateringly wealthy these are properly well off people will that be enough for the protests not really because you know the pilot is due if you people know
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this is a good sign from the military you know to. the courts you know to to to to put dispy put on trial you know the bigger nets the family etc. they want you know a transition to a democratic country to disagree and. so and you know for them they want. to keep to step down and for the time being to know he's seated there and you know like last week on monday you know he called for discussion with the opposition and political parties and it was a few ask or you know. very few people who had that political personalities who had that. position parties where there and there were more journalists than the dead police stations in the confidence or so that there was a failure and that you know it's a sign that you know there is like you know it is not really
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a success in going on for any change in what the protesters want they want to know that eminence presidents would fuca to step it up but what the military is doing when it kind of you know ring fence is people that he wants to take to court over these allegations of corruption that kind of mind. these other guys you know quotes about islam the protestors are more savvy than the more engaged they will be by that where you know as i told you this is a good a good gesture this is a good move from the military but it's not enough you know for the people they want democracy they want a transitional period where you know that eminence of. one is not to be dad this is the point now you know fourteen people. and now they are waiting for the. saeed to be on trial ok that's the that's fine but that's not dead. now the military you
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know ahead of the gate so to hate called two weeks ago. he was talking about six to six or seven and eight then you know he stopped talking about seven and eight seven and eight they just simply date the power that is for the people you see and that's what the people one but he just you know they just use it. to. literally said that which is out so the president of the house will be president by entity and this means that which if you step down and number two is in that is the student. it is. for the bus to see it is you know he was there which you call us but he didn't for twenty years so he's not. to bring the solutions for the protesters and what the protesters are looking for and that the way they
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are insisting that this is not the solution and not going to work on the fourth of july ok we'll have to leave it there but thank you so much for coming in thank you . top u.n. officials are visiting working the refugee camps in bangladesh the u.n. says more international support is desperately required to help only one million refugees from myanmar the aim is to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid. one of those officials the un's high commissioner for refugees spoke to us a little earlier from cox's bazaar he says his mission is to see the return of the refugees to their homes in me and mom but a number of challenges are slowing the process. the u.n. my organization u.n.h.c.r. the u.n. development program have an agreement with the government of myanmar. we are assessing the villages from which these refugees are coming we are starting to
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implement from projects to improve the conditions but the real piece of work that needs to be done is on the fundamentals the reason why the people left. movement little access to jobs and to services pathway to citizenship these are the difficult issues there are difficult issues but these are the issues that need to be tackled we inspire in the refugees here back confidence that we allow to them to think ok i am voluntarily going back. there has been very respectful of the voluntariness every time there's been no more streetcar this has to continue and choice becomes possible. soldiers in me have been celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of a ceasefire agreement but it's not the national army on parade it's got. a long myanmar's northern border with china rest was state. and this month the united states army celebrated thirty years since a peace agreement with me on mars army was signed it's the largest ethnic armed
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force in the country with more than twenty five thousand troops while state operates as a self administered region with its own taxation and judicial systems but its leaders want it recognized as autonomy for me and my central government for my work we have to trust each other there is still a long time it's been thirty years without whom we are still negotiating to keep the peace the united state armies. jais to china run deep and beijing's more than just its main supplier of military equipment chinese is an official language in wa and residents use china's currency a representative from the chinese government attended the end of verse three celebrations and punks are the capital of the region and me and mars leader aung sang suu kyi she sent a message to the white people she's urging the watch state army to sign a nationwide ceasefire agreement which she's been pushing for since she came to power in two thousand and sixteen this agreement is aimed at ethnic armies in myanmar there are at least twenty zero but so far the u.w.s.
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a and six other major groups have refused to sign was state leaders say they remain committed to staying part of myanmar but will continue to pursue self-determination and their efforts for the region to become an autonomy state it's got harder al-jazeera. in mozambique tens of thousands of people have been rescued from their homes after cycling tennis made landfall on the north coast most and because still recovering after the devastation from cycling each day just a month ago cycling kenya first hits the french territory of me off only in the indian ocean and killed three people on the komodo islands overnight. the rest the weather is tough going to be looking at here at this time peter because the weather is really taking a change to some of us here it's being glorious for many of us across europe particularly central and eastern parts in fact this is what it looked like in bed when these pictures are from thursday you see the blue skies of how this certainly was quite warm from friday from today though we've had some sunshine to us the
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southeast this is the temperatures at the moment to twenty eight degrees and during the month their average the actually sixteen so we're way above that and now things are all beginning to change those so this is what it looks like in czechoslovakia at the moment you can see a bit more cloud that things are tending hazy and that's an indication of things to come there is a lot of cold weather marching its way across europe at the moment and it's turning things rather wet and windy as well so you can see all of this cloud edging its way eastwards on his behalf. mind bad weather cooler weather is headed towards the east this is where it's been very hot for those not quite the entire story you can see some speckled clouds and speckled rain storms that are developing there that's what's happening in that heat we are seeing some very lively thunderstorms lots of thunder a lot me there's a risk that we could see some damaging hail well maybe some very strong gusty winds out of that but it's all being pushed out of the way the whole weather is edging its way eastwards of his cooler weather makes its way in we're also seeing very very windy conditions over punch of britain and ireland and the temperatures look twelve that's your maximum pizza in the stuff thanks so much ok still to come for
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you here on the news out. a war cry by brazil's indigenous communities to say if that ancestral lands and it reports the planet is fast losing its pristine forests plus how john allen several heartland of the hand remember a nationalist papaji thanks by now thank you the europeans got a great preacher all right i want to come in it's election i love you and in the sports news the new stanley cup favorites present an impressive performance in the n.h.l. playoffs details later in the show with sound. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. on his conversations on global affairs and the future of the region.
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the thirty al-jazeera foot. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race swing. where is the gulf headed with a radiant influence on the rise saudi fluids on the decline. and the khashoggi crisis. to go from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eight in doubt. the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all feel are you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling you join me there the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news are coming to you live this hour from doha these are your headlines the archbishop of colombo says he feels that he's lost his thrilling can community and that lives have been shattered security does remain tight across the country police are searching for seventy people they've the have ties to eyesore and the death toll has been revised down to sixty . three weeks in the military headquarters in the search means capital khartoum is continuing again today for the first time judges have joined the protest the demands to be moved. and in algeria thousands of demonstrators are back on the streets for a tense success in friday despite the departure of the president of the seas because earlier this month crowds maintaining pressure for the removal of the in the christian stock they also want members of the old government gone as well.
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politicians in northern ireland are calling for urgent talks to resolve the crisis that has in effect left without a government for more than two years political leaders to fund rare common ground in their condemnation of the killing of a journalist a week ago northern ireland seat of power locally known as storm and has been empty since january of twenty seventeen this legislative body is a key pillar of the one nine hundred ninety eight good friday agreement that ended dealy thirty years of conflict the troubles stallman's. power sharing government fell apart in the aftermath of the botched renewable energy scheme that cost taxpayers nearly a billion dollars the killing of the journalist lyra mckee at a riot and londonderry a week ago has raised fears of a return to sectarian violence in mccann as a journalist and political activist he joins us on skype from london very welcome back to the news ayman it's a bit sad isn't it that the death of a young reporter is the spark that's needed to begin the process of kind of unsealing this blockage of stormont well a the death of
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a liberal because he has certainly sparked off a wave of emotion there right across a society here and will come out they can produce in communities and outside these communities i mean she wasn't associate it with other community she wasn't associated with any political party she was a campaigner for gay rights and for human rights as a whole and was enormously popular. in derry so her under and the north so her killing was seen as a sort of a set the senseless sucker of the eyes of an innocent and talented and lovely young woman and that's far too often a great deal of emotion but is a bit early to say that this wave of emotion is going to carry us to peace carry us to a new political settlement i tend to be a bit pessimistic about that albeit that there are there are others who are more hopeful than i am why are you pessimistic amun in as much as since one nine hundred ninety seven ninety eight in the glory days of tony blair in the good friday
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agreement and i'm hoping george mental when i say the glory days of tony blair of course i'm not but if one looks in on the politics of your home i guess you could say original thinking has always been part of the political d.n.a. so can they come up with a structure or some form of an agreement that could be the building blocks to getting everyone back into storeman because that political vacuum is causing real problems. oh indeed the vacuum causing problems because of course every time you've got a vacuum and politics or anything else there's an in rush sort of a things to fill at that a vacuum and there's no doubt that there is a great yearning for his new thinking or great yearning for something that can be done differently so that we get over this contradiction one of the problems is that if you look at the two being political leadership so that at the democratic unionist party leading the protestant unionists community and since then leading
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the catholic niceness community there is no indication at all that either of these parties even in the aftermath of the death of via liberal mickey there is no indication that they are changing our own bike to change their basic god beliefs on their basic beliefs are a divided from a one another vote for the leadership should argue and they're probably right and if they were to shift away from their fundamental beliefs i then they would lose some of their own followers that a party might even split therefore why should they what point would there be going down a path which is going to end heart of and damage being done to themselves and their parties without to cheating anything so one always hope that something new is going to happen but when we have a political system based almost entirely. constructing communal identity so that people are almost look quite hard to vote as a bloc i don't doubt that nationalist our president during you know just why do we
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have that start in the system as a very difficult indeed to see why agreement is going to be made which would enable a new car sharing administration to come apart at times like this same in people around the world they use big phrases they use big rosy language is happening today in your province people are talking about the potential for a new beginning but the reality surely is this that even if they manage to get something. into takeoff mode the reality is that the the aftermath and the price to be paid in the aftermath of that renewable energy scandal which we don't have time to get into the nitty gritty on this on this platform but the reality is that will have to happen in parallel with this new beginning of politics how can that circle be squared well with great difficulty if indeed it can be ask where to talk you've mentioned there the renewable heat. which was the immediate cause two years ago
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with a breakdown of the local assembly here night the official report on the renewable he. wrote it's not julia untold sort of the mid summer so that when of daws a column to be published could have devastating devastating impact on a one person in particular arlene foster the leader of the democratic unionist party she will certainly be subjected to very very harsh criticism in that report so can the d u p her parties are to make decisions i'm taking your term and the knowledge is that there's just at the stink possibility that they're going to be faced with a leadership crisis and just a few months time now these are details which probably don't matter very much to people outside northern ireland nevertheless this is an example of a little detail which could prevent a whole jigsaw being put back together again a macand life for us in london terry thank you very much
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a min. thank you. opinion polls in spain are suggesting a right wing coalition may emerge the victor in sunday's general election it includes the far right vox party which is based much of its campaign on the growing discontent around the economy immigration and nationalism jonah hole has that story from seville. bursting on to the political scene vox and its leader santiago of our skull are spain's answer to a surge in far right populism elsewhere in europe often seen as mainstream media shy the party prefers to communicate with its supporters in person and online the major themes immigration and nationalism. who is santiago of us go asks this whatsapp campaign video his grandmother explains that as a child in his native bilbao the proudly spanish of a skull was bullied by basque separatists on the playground today it is separatism
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in catalonia that box and of a skull stand against the party's most passionate battle call is for the unity of spain vox is clearly using very very true spanish feeling i think you meant in presenting spent invokes years this feeling this n t independence is coursing in spain to gain votes and they do it all very successfully that one frequent vox promises to make spain great again if you think you recognize it this might be why steve bannon donald trump's former chief strategist is a strong supporter seen here with a prominent vox official. there's also a familiar ring to the party's nostalgic appeal to the traditions of the past among its policies for instance is restoring bullfighting to what it says is its rightful place as a grand spanish institution vox bears the hallmarks of fire and populism those are labels your party rejects so how do you see vox how does vox c.
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itself. help. with votes as a party of common sense many say we're a necessary party for one main reason because we're the only party that openly confronts cattle and separatism the only party that opposes the divisions created by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left. it was only last december that fox emerged from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament of another fear here in seville and becoming kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government while many people wonder whether fox can do it again only this time at a national level. spain everything for spain comes the cry from the podium. the e. channel al jazeera seville. indigenous peoples from all over the biggest country in
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south america have traveled to the capital brasilia for their annual protest the free land camp demands government leaders do more to protect their lands has more now from the prison capital. a so moving north as they march towards. their members of brazil's indigenous communities and every year they come to the capital brasilia to make their voices heard if say the package came all the way from the little phone with his son he belongs to the iraqi tribe. we want the president to have respects because since the europeans came to our london invaded as the destruction of our communities it's gotten worse and they are finishing us that's why we are here to ask them to stop. over four thousand people participated in a three day event held at a site dubbed the free land camp. a word for an adolescent if you would like to
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separate and just believe this country's indebtedness of the future he was also said that he would like to explore the amazon rain forest the national resources for the best people the precedent development strategy is a clear threat to their survival shortly after taking office president bush for nat'l signaled he was transferring control of. land and environmental issues from the ministry of justice to agriculture that department's dealings with a powerful agriculture industry have been questioned by critics. we see in both the possibility of an increase in the massacres of people like it was seen in the past they want to prevent us from defending our rights want to prevent further land demarcations we want to live according to our traditions it's in the constitution. for indigenous organizations have denounced deforestation and seizures and attacks
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on indigenous peoples in the past year. and farmers feel emboldened by the actions of those at the top and says brazil's top prosecutor is money toeing the situation . the government's discourse is brutal because it encourages the invasion of indigenous land in the last fifteen years brazil has consolidated itself as a commodity exporter especially in the agricultural sector and that has increased the price of land we need to work and show that there is plenty of land for an agricultural project that is not. but for now brazil's government is not giving in to the demands made by indigenous groups thank you and has the support of senators like. this when he takes the community's progress on the possibilities to how we need public policies indians give them education and give them an option of particular fight life. but brazil
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indigenous people say that their dignity is one of the few things they've been able to retain and safety with fight to ensure that is not taken away from them she. joins us live here on the news. the last day of the event what can we expect. well that's correct it's a three day event as this is the last part of it and people have been marching since very early in the morning from their base camp towards the ministry of health towards up harlem and then later on to the supreme court with just one demand their want their rights to be respected later on they're expected to issue a community care about what came out of this meeting of this usually meeting that happens every year but that this year has had a special tone specially because of precedence for noddles speeches of what he has
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said in the past that many considered to be anti indigenous and will they succeed in raising a flag into what's happening to their communities well at this point it seems unlikely we have not heard any word from government officials they have been meeting with some congressmen among others but what we know for now is that the government has says that the indigenous movement in brazil has been taken over and controlled by n.g.o.s for example the government has also been very critical towards the land them or occasion approach the previous administration they have had with the indigenous communities here in this country their votes will be very critical with the agency in coal country in charge of controlling deforestation in the amazon rain forest so most certainly is going to be a very very difficult fight was a war with many of the people that we have spoken to here is the approach that the government has that they need to be assimilated that they need to be integrated people here are telling us that they want to be in their chosen isolation that they
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want their culture respected that they want their languages respected and that's why this day is so important for them.


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