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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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in a particular fight life. but brazil indigenous people say that their dignity is one of the few things they've been able to retain and say they will fight to the end to ensure that is not taken away from them. joins us live here on the news hour so teresa it is the last day of the event what can we expect . well that's correct it's a three day event as this is the last part of it and people have been marching since very early in the morning from their base camp towards the ministry of health towards up harlem and then later on to the supreme court with just one demand their want their rights to be respected later on they're expected to issue a communique about what came out of this meeting of this usually meeting that happens every year but that this year has had a special tone specially because of precedent so now those speeches of what he has
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said in the past that many considered to be anti indigenous or will they succeed in raising a flag into what's happening to their communities well at this point it seems unlikely we have not heard any word from government officials they have been meeting with some congressmen among others but what we know for now is that the government has says that the indigenous movement in brazil has been taken over and controlled by n.g.o.s for example the government has also been very critical towards the land them or occasion approach the previous administration have had with the indigenous communities here in this country their votes will be very critical with the agency in coal country in charge of controlling deforestation in the amazon rain forest so most certainly is going to be a very very difficult fight was a war with many of the people that we have spoken to here is the approach that the government has that they need to be assimilated that they need to be integrated people here are telling us that they want to be in their chosen isolation that they
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want their culture respected that they want their languages respected and that's why this day is so important for them to resolve thank you very much. no in a new series a life displaced we'll take a closer look at the plight of refugees worldwide we start today in jordan this is a tare refugee camp is home to eighty thousand refugees from the war in syria as bernard smith reports more than half of them are under the age of seventeen. or high is adjusting to the light is just a few minutes old the very latest refugee to arrive in zaatari camp around eighty babies are born here every week. is exhausted mother fatma is twenty years old this is her third child mostly they say that says it's not their wishes to get fame and this. they say this is normal for our community we are supposed to have this
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number of babies like ten babies or more my husband wants more and this is the usual culture here that's their job to give birth to this large number of babies it's the norm for them. this was atari seven years ago rose of hastily erected tens on a patch of desert in jordan near the syrian border today it's home to almost eighty thousand refugees forty percent of them under eleven years old they've known no other life almost everyone here knows someone a relative killed in syria's civil war and what doctors tell me helps explain the securely i birthrate because some of the women say that the help making up the people lost in the bombing fight. conflict has left people here uncertain of the future and that say the doctors means many more women being married off in their teens as families look for stability health workers put in
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a lot of effort trying to promote birth control. this is rema twenty two year old. third child and that'll do for now she says hong kong i dream of a better quality of life for me and might i don't want any more now but maybe i would after three to five years and i dream to have them and. says three children is enough but madam i want my children to learn to be educated to have a quality of life much better than mine and i want to take them back to syria but syria will take years to rebuild so abdullah high could well grow up here he'll be safe and fat and will get an education but like almost everyone else his life here will be lived in limbo unable to leave and unable to make a life elsewhere bernard smith al-jazeera zaatari on the jordan syria border. now
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at least thirteen hundred migrants most of them from cuba have staged the biggest mass escape in recent times from a mexican detention center guards were unarmed at the facility located on the border with guatemala the migrants escaped on foot reportedly without confrontation many have complained of overcrowding and on sanitary conditions half of them returned voluntarily. still to come for you here on al-jazeera some players millions off the n.f.l. draft american football remains a game of survival for many others. don't
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experience yourself thank you very much and peter without with woman one and the bizarre incident at the azerbaijan accompli calls the first practice to be cancelled a new strain cover was struck by george russell williams is what to call it a significant damage to the call. a recovery truck hits a brit race organizers decided to abandon the session off with just ten minutes to check the safety of the rest of the venue and buckle the second practice will not go ahead as scheduled. first time be a chant as a fan tanya have managed to stay alive in the playoffs they made home court advantage account on thursday beating the denver nuggets to take their first round series to a decisive game seven so they're not half the action that led to the scout when you have a forty three point game you can usually expect to be on the winning side nicklaus jock itch was on fire in game six with the denver needing just one more win to
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progress by despite his impressive form he's been finding out there's no quit in five time n.b.a. championship winning coach gregg popovich and his son into a new spurs. and while pop doesn't have the likes of tim duncan and tony parker and even i he does have the marcus aldridge and the moderates and for us for that. they both play showing they've got the hunger to win made it n.b.a. titles respectively but of jock itch in fine form game six was the title fair for the most part. the spurs did however benchley put away. the rose and scored twelve of his twenty five points in the penultimate quarter i was they went into the fourth five points ahead of kerry but from there they didn't look back the spurs went on to see a one twenty two one zero three with. force a decisive game seven their hopes of bringing home championship number six to san
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antonio remain very much alive so hale malik al-jazeera. in the n.h.l. playoffs the boston bruins have continued their impressive form of the bronzer who are now many people's favorite one the opening game of their it eastern conference semifinal series against the columbus blue jackets. leveled the game in the final five minutes of regulation and scored again in overtime to lead the bruins to a three two win. at the st louis blues be the dallas stars three two in first game of the team's western conference semifinal series. tell us incl scored two goals to help his team it take the lead as they head into game two on home ice . on history has been made and the n.f.l. draft. murray has been selected the as the overall first pick is the first time a someone has been drafted in the n.f.l. and major league baseball first round mari was signed by the oakland athletics last
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year to play baseball for professionally on the premise that he would join after playing one more year of college football however after hugely impressive season at oklahoma university is decided to focus solely on his n.f.l. career instead with the arizona cardinals a taken quarterback. you're just going to really really listen although you know the moments since i was a kid you know play and play well but your time just for me it was wasn't the. plenty more college players will realize their dream of making it pro at the draft however for many in particular one new orleans high school american football is a game of survival john hundred reports. the winningest coach in louisiana says football is not his call. then it's just a job that was. his real vocation coach bryce brown says is to get his
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players out of new orleans alive that's missing is to get them out you know basic survival you know and we're talking about gun violence drug violence you know that's the kind of stuff that we try to keep our kids away from. is it working. just ask ronnie action jackson. the team star running back it was a photo of program on the wall where i view on our own beings out of one not. jackson grew up on the gritty streets of the city they call the big easy breaking into homes eight two cousins were fatally shot his uncle wounded in the program including price for what he. has he saved my life in assistant coach once rescued him from a drug den guns and narcotics lying on the table he tried to quit football more than twenty five times with the man they call coach bryce refuses to give up on his players off the field but he's a great mentor he teaches about life as always
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a lesson on life how to be a great person a very for you know a future father. new orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the us some months the deadliest on a per capita basis. a lot of football teams pride themselves on leaving it all on the field but that's not how they do it here here the coach says it's what they do you off the field when it matters most putting football second putting for both or putting putting academics first we go to study hall every day before we hit the feel. after practice coach price and his staff call every player every day to make sure they're safe and still alive what happens if you don't answer is ever going to your house. you know follow follow me show you make sure everything on. with this victory in december edna karr high school became louisiana's state champions for the third year straight they've played in the championship game seven
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of the past nine seasons we can do that well but always say the ball we touched in the souls so this isn't just about football now. no sir i think if we get consumed in the football then we'll see this fall ronnie jackson will play first string on the team at the university of texas at san antonio on a full scholarship. coach price got another one out john hendren al-jazeera new orleans. liverpool manager says he has no regrets this isn't regardless of whether his team when the english premier league or not the reds trail a man just city by one point with each side having three games to play craps teams and next test is at home already relegated. on friday if you do it will do it if you do not do it down no regrets and as long as we give
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always all best and i saw that the whole season from the boys but still the season however it ends up is only the first step in that area. and also as well for manufacture pizza santa thank you so much last one used from if you want on the website al-jazeera adult com is the address you need on the other side of this break we'll revisit all the top stories with a live update from colombo also you said about. may on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultranationalists on a new series of the award winning environmental show which meets some of the people striving to protect the planet twenty five years after coming to power in the a.n.c. maintain its political dominance in south africa and
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a massive documentary series chalk from lives of two young fish and rule kenya and up in brazil over def us twenty years and regrets it still looming and populism on the rise across europe will these elections become a referendum on the new self may on al-jazeera. one of the richest philanthropists in the world renowned financing endeavors to eradicate some of the worst diseases bill gates talks to al-jazeera about his foundation's goals and on says those who are critical of his work. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera it's just swear every.
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time the bamboo harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart through the time we finished are scared to the fish and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coffee my family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living not you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. on the one say we have to hit them to reveal their psychological. strain and on the other say you have to help them to rebuild their life. spiritual aid for
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sri lanka the archbishop of colombo speaks out sends his help of every kind for the bombing victims. hello again peace it will be here in doha you are watching anxiously you're also coming up protesters in saddam come out in force again in concert taking part in a mass sit in to demand civilian rule. but the real piece of work that needs to be done is on the fundamental reason why the people of north korea the more than. giving them a reason to go home the u.n. addresses the needs of nearly a million working to refugees in bangladesh. no go for mexico refugees determined to defy donald trump can't escape. there is heavy security in sri lanka outside mosques and churches other places of
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religious worship two police say they're also hunting seventy people suspected of having links to ice or following sunday's wave of bomb attacks the death toll from the easter sunday suicide attacks has been revised to around two hundred sixty so about a hundred fewer than before the country remains on high alert with more bomb warnings in alpha and us now from colombo. sri lanka on high alert with fears of more attacks against worshippers. arm soldiers godson anthony shrine in colombo securing one of the sites attacked on easter sunday outside mosques muslims undergo security checks before attending friday prayers with bomb warnings many decided to pray at home they're gathered here rather thick for a good reward at a show of solidarity work the priest here and the catholic prefer our brothers and sisters who work here on a big massacre with concerns of retaliation religious leaders are calling for
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reconciliation and the moment we have said we want and we need masses right now until further notice once we assess the situation then we sure there will be not happen again if we can provide adequate security to the people who come to the church then we are starting a small army the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo prime minister on a victim a singer told al-jazeera that he intends to find out why warnings about the attacks weren't acted upon we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated right into the shop i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today. intelligence services and the government has been criticised for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary him
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a sort of financial who is asked for his resignation by prison mighty policy saying or has stood down a state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces greater powers to detain and interrogate. further details of those emergency powers are emerging among them is censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the tension is reminiscent of sri lanka's twenty six years of civil war . which ended ten years ago more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects c.c.t.v. video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinema and granted although police have not named the bombers they have said they came from well off families some of them multi-millionaires some lived in this suburban colombo their neighbors are in shock and got their man mail cover it suddens me that muslims who are my neighbors have done to us it puts
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a black spot on all of us muslims because police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the isa sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism and minelli joins us live from colombo so what else came out of that meeting this morning. the president might well as they're saying did provide details about how the investigations are progressing talking about the emergency provisions that had allowed the police and the three armed forces to sort of widen their reach have a bit more flexibility where detentions questioning integration of suspects are concerned hearing from the president in terms of how many over seventy people are being arrested of that one hundred thirty to one hundred forty icily operatives
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that have been identified as involved because organization but the president also talking about the fact that the whole sort of security or the intelligence lapse looking into those reasons talking about the government having to take responsibility saying he would not sort of shy away from taking responsibility but also pointing towards what he described as the weakening and the undermining of the intent intelligence community. of prosecutions by way of certain actions against that community and sort of hinting that that was possibly one of the reasons why the by the intelligence community had become weakened peter and as far as the security operation is concerned. do you think going to make even more arrests. i'm sure
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that's what they're hoping for because as we look at the numbers that they have come out with so far obviously of the authorities not being able to talk about all of the developments on the investigation front there are certain things that they will play close to their chest obviously as the zero in on those behind the attack on easter sunday but the president when he did mention that one hundred thirty to one hundred forty sort of icing linked operatives did see that there had been over seven now we are hearing throughout the day as we hear developments for example we heard that forty six wards had been detected at a particular location and before that there had also been some action taken as an extension of interest of questioning of suspects that are already in police
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custody so these are likely to lead to further revelations and the law enforcement and the armed forces are trying to leave no one's nor stone unturned as they try and close back and get a grip on the situation peter thank you so much. thousands of demonstrators in sudan who prayed a military headquarters up in demand civilian rule the protesters in khartoum say they won't retreat until the army hands over power to the people military leaders have said they want to retain control of sudan's transition following the fall of omar al bashir it's also the first time judge use of joined opposition protests have a morgan is live for us in khartoum so the opposition says a deal is possible but the military council wants so we're north orosi so those those two things don't come together surely. no it doesn't peter and even protesters on the streets who have gathered in the thousands for the past three
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weeks including today on friday are saying that they want an independent civilian transitional council now that was one of the issues or sticking points between the military council and the coalition of the declaration of freedom and change which includes the sudanese professionals association the body that has been spearheading the calls for the past four months for protests there saying that they want an independent transitional government that has nothing to do with the military council and that can make its own decisions and can write down the constitution for elections now if the if the military council has its way and gets that sovereign authority that they're claiming or that they want it means they would be deciding how that constitution should look like and how it should be framed so slow clear how those two sides would reach a deal processes are gathered in front of the army headquarters as they've been coming from various states around the country saying that they want to see people who are parts or work parts of the former regime held accountable and they want to see the military hand over power to civilian government. from almost every corner
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of the country they've traveled to the capital to make their voices heard these protesters from the southern state of white nile joined the sit in at the army headquarters in hard times in a parade as the million people march their demand the military hand over power to civilians you have come here to join our brothers in the sit in and i'll be here until we get a civilian government that will be or who would shave my demands you go to a woman with a new york i came here for a civilian government that represents all of saddam with political consensus a government that represents all races where the arab or african without any discrimination of a government for the people of sudan. protests started several months ago with thousands of people initially demanding that then president bashir step down from power that's happened on the eleventh of april with a ten member council appointed to run the country until a transitional government was formed but there's concern amongst the protesters especially from those outside the capital that the military may be reluctant to transfer power. there's been discrimination from the government for the past thirty
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years the sudanese people have been treated unfairly and we've come here to take our rights this regime will go and until we see a civilian government. demand echoed by judges who've joined the protests for the first time they're joining farmers doctors and other professions and from other states at the protests. gathering info to fit in in coming together as one people coming from faith mission wife to join to be recruited at army headquarters there adding to the force of protesters will have been here since before president. and they won't return home until the military council hands over power. after suspending talks with the military council last sunday the opposition coalition on wednesday and mounts that they would resume negotiations on forming a transitional government three members of the military council submitted their resignations after the coalition accused them of being remnants. the former government negotiations for a transitional government continue but the council says it will retain sovereign
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authority while civilians will hold the post of prime minister and head all government ministries it also says that the army is there to preserve the country's security margin renew our commitment to the task given to us in our constitutional duties and national judi's and in this critical time to defend the country and the people of sudan i want to confirm that the army and the rapid support forces which are all over the country one hundred united command to defend the country these protesters did of come too far to back off from their demands now demands they hope will shape sudan's future. the coalition is saying that they are going to post pressure on the military council and until the council hands of a part to civilian rule for the opposition and the coalition these protesters on the street in front of the army headquarters are the only winning card so they're saying that they will continue to call for more protests as negotiations are going
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between the two sides but at the moment peter it seems to be very hard for the two sides to come together even if even with a committee formed to try to iron out the differences to reach a deal to form a transitional government thank you.


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