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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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keil university from the u.k. the military is insisting that it wants to retain a leading role in the transition council this is clearly angered the protest to say look the military is trying to steal the revolution and how difficult will it be to resolve this issue do you think. i think it's going to be very very difficult because protesters such a significant momentum and drive success behind them the international community supporting them the african union is supporting them so how being such a significant accomplishment over the course of the last four years is very difficult to see how they would abandon everything that they have achieved and just to go home but on the other hand you have the military as you said adamant on ensuring that is control of the transition it is also being supported one way or another by external actors who have interest in everything that is happening in sudan so i think it is going to be very difficult and i think we're going to see an
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escalation of confrontation between the military and protesters and i'll always seemed judges now take to the streets in protest as well about how significant do you think very involvement is in the demonstrations. i think it is very significant in the sense that the judges are overly group or profession of the three presidents administration of justice of the people who are familiar with the level of course the options available for repression that has been taken place in the country it are to significant moral and political weight to the demands of the protesters. i will let me play devil's advocate here for a second because the army says it needs to instill security and safety in the country particularly during this time of huge political upheaval is there anything wrong with that do you think. i think the debate between ensuring the stability and security on the one hand democracy and
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freedom is a very complex one particularly in. cultures that have very little experience of democracy so i think there is obviously some truth to the claim that the country needs some stability that it needs security in order for this transition to work in order for political liberalization to take place but at the same time we know from history particularly in that part of the world the demand for security has been used politically by government to suppress demand for democracy and rule of law in human rights so while i think democracy is clearly the demands of the public security also is necessary at this at this particular moment because if you don't have security too if you have stability it is very difficult to bring together the different actors in the country even for example to hold elections so
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while i think the demands the claims of security and stability and important one in the particular context of sudan i think the military is simply using this as a cover to stay on power orator i will our good to get your thoughts thank you for talking to al-jazeera. in algeria thousands of demonstrators are back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row despite the departure of president bush to think this month crowds aren't turning pressure for the removal of the military's chief of staff they also want remnants of the old government gone lisa been unable to break up protests despite the announcement of a presidential election in july. are lots more thoughts coming on the news hour including a year in charge we'll look at what impact might pompei was had on u.s. foreign policy. north korean leader kim jong un finds common ground with the russian president. and his board. college american football star makes history at the n.f.l. draft me i'll explain how in sport that's all still to come. now
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the path for cycling has hit northern mozambique forecasters say it's the strongest storm to hit the country tens of thousands of people were evacuated and there's been a warning of flooding and landslides the country still recovering from a march which killed hundreds of people. from kenya may require a major news humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing. response targeting three million people in three countries remain critically on the funding let's talk to deborah nguyen she is with the united nations world food program and joins us live now from johannesburg where the u.n. is warning flash floods and landslides in parts of mozambique with kenneth making landfall i mean how bad are things like this to get do you think. this is indeed the strongest cyclon that this country has seen in its history and
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we are very concerned because we are already. very worried about the situation the human in situation following the cyclone i die from last month and now this is the inside zone is. taking you know the wrong on the mozambique tradition so we are expecting six hundred millimeters of rain falls in the ten coming days which is twice as much as the rain that we have seen in the past. and how many people are likely to be affected deborah are you getting any information from your teams on the ground about what damage the cycling has caused already. so i called in to the government of mozambique where there are seven hundred thousand people who are at risk from being affected by this cycle in and out the vote for program team is on the ground
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already and we have prepositioned food that we're ready to distribute we have now instead of five hundred metric tons of food that we can already a bring to the population that needs help after the devastation of the new site ok so you've talked about some of the things that your teams doing on the ground but what sort of challenges what difficulties are they facing now with cycling kind of making landfall. so the challenges that we see now. on the ground. challenges because first six hundred millimeters of rain going to for india area in the coming days it will make a lot of location hard to reach that's why we are deploying helicopters so that we can know this rich food as soon as possible to this population that will be stranded by flooding and mudslides just
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a final thought from you i mean mozambique as you say is still trying to recover from cycling barely a month ago is likely to put yet more pressure on the recovery effort in terms of infrastructure services and people trying to get their lives back on track. yes indeed people are still recovering from the first cycle and what is a of great concern for the world food program is that so the population relies a full food on the those crops that will be severely that major by the flooding and by the heavy rain falls and the impact of the sites on will be very severe in the coming months so we expect that people will be in need of humanitarian assistance food assistance for the next six months and we are working very hard to make sure that everyone has you know for food to survive but also to make sure that
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people get recall very quickly and. become more resilient to was this type of climatic shocks that will happen more and more due to attend thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera. not china's leader has defended the belgian road infrastructure scheme which critics call the death trap for countries receiving chinese investment xi jinping welcome thirty seven heads of state to the second international conference on the project between you has more now from beijing. one of the world's most powerful leaders making a powerful entrance chinese president xi jinping arriving at the. flanked by almost forty heads of state in front of government representatives from more than one hundred countries in his opening address president xi said he would work to ensure the controversial project connecting asia to europe africa and beyond. would be sustainable and provide growth for all those taking part. in the.
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peoples' lives in the countries involved. he rejected criticism that the costs involved would loose some countries into levels of debt they would find almost impossible to pay back estimates put the bill for the long list of infrastructure projects at close to one trillion dollars there are pipelines ports bridges and railways all designed to improve trading links. courage put his company to follow general international rules and standards in project among those attending a key supporters of the initiative russian president vladimir putin and pakistani prime minister imran khan but china's biggest trading partner the united states has not sent a delegation washington officials say the initiative is a vanity project which comes with too many strings attached. china has dismissed
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the u.s. as concerns as western resistance to china's growth but there's also been criticism of the scheme from inside the country to distance questioning whether china a developing country itself can really afford to be spending so much money. export import bank hundred forty nine billion dollars has so far been burned out to support some of the developments. analysts say the scheme is a long term. vestment the china who we need to make money and we need new markets so it's wrong to say we're keeping eight other countries this is not the case this money is an investment. during the first part and read foreign in twenty seventeen government backed videos dominated social media but as scrutiny mounts selling the scheme is no longer that simple a joint communique will be released with all eyes on president xi to see how he
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will deliver on his promise to ensure the project benefits not just china but oh you know what of katrina you al-jazeera thinking. north korea's leader has wrapped up his visit to russia but not before accusing the u.s. of bad faith in february's failed denuclearization talks kim jong un met with that amir putin invited boss told the russian president says he wants to help kim was old the nuclear disarmament dispute which is causing tensions with the u.s. . i think we're doing very well with north korea lot of progress is being made i appreciated president bush statement yesterday you want to see it done also i think there's a lot of excitement boy getting a deal done with north korea i have a great relationship with kim jong un i appreciate that right john is helping us and china is helping us because i think they want to you know the nuclear weapon right there is their country but i also think they're helping us because of the
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fact that word a great deal which by the way is going very well it's u.s. secretary of state mike pompei it was marking his first year in office with a special address to state department employees he took over from rex tillerson who held the role for just over a year on pay is proving to be a staunch supporter of president trump often defending his policies despite criticism at home and abroad it goes as follows. i am a champion of american diplomacy my colleagues and i proudly serve the united states and the american people at the department of state america's first executive department we support defend the constitution of the united states. were protect the american people and promote their interests and values around the world by leading our nation's foreign policy. as a member of this team i serve with unfailing professionalism in both my demeanor and my actions even in the face of adversity but also jordan joins us live now from
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washington d.c. . has branded this briefing one team one mission but the truth is the state department's been through a bumpy ride on the trump administration people are leaving morales at rock bottom so did he manage to rally the troops. well certainly the people who were in the main street lobby at the state department applauded numerous times during secretary pompei as remarks but there is still from my observation a real sense of despair among the career state department employees there is still a sense that they are not in fact leading the u.s. foreign policy initiatives that the foreign policy is being developed and being driven by officials over at the white house and mainly at the national security council under the advisor john bolton there is also was still a sense that even though the hiring freeze which was imposed on to rex tillerson
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has been lifted that because of that delay in hiring future diplomats and future or career civil servants that the agency has in fact become less effective just because you don't have enough experienced people who are on the job who are able to engage with their counterparts in embassies and consulates around the world on issues that are important to official washington but certainly you know the idea of trying to get everyone on the same page of reaffirming their commitment to working in the first of the many public service cabinet posts in this country is something that some former diplomats are applauding you made the point that as u.s. secretary of state might bump a zero should be the leading figure in shaping u.s. foreign policy what impact do you think he's had during his ear in the job. well
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there has been a mixed record to be frank of some people say that he has been perhaps a more visible than you he certainly saw with rex tillerson there have been questions about whether or not when he speaks as has been the case with other secretaries of state whether what he says in fact reflects what the president donald trump believes or whether he runs the risk of being contradicted let's not forget just in the past week or so mr pompei was talking about the need to support the government in tripoli against the insurgents led by general hof tarr but then you had the president speaking general directly to general how far who happens to be in control of territory where libya's oil supplies are based and basically saying that the u.s. stands with his efforts to try to stabilize the political situation in libya a direct contradiction of what might pompei i have been saying there had been plans
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last year for mr problem to try to move ahead with another round of talks with north korean officials about that country's nuclear weapons program and the president very publicly said oh that's not going to happen in an interview with the washington post mike pompei argues that he is on board one hundred percent with the president's initiatives and that he's not offended or upset by the president's ventures into foreign policy but it does raise eyebrows and it does require students around the world about who really does speak for foreign policy is it the secretary of state or is it ultimately the president rose thank you. but let's not go to come here and al-jazeera including. but the real piece of work that needs to be done is the fundamental reason why the people that are not readable. the u.n. addresses the needs of nearly a million range of refugees in bangladesh. who are drowning several
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heartland of rio grande river a national response party breaking right now thank you for your appearance on the great preacher i'm all right i want to carry it through extremely hard out here and in sports the new stanley cup favorites put in the unimpressive performance in the n.h.l. playoffs details later the show with more than steak. hello again is generally looking quieter across the middle east over the next few days the weather's beginning to come down so we've got a few showers still in the eastern part of our map and still over the mountains some of that will turn wintery but we've only got a few showers further west some of them over parts of turkey but for the majority of us temperatures are just rising now so we'll see baghdad up to around thirty degrees and force in terror on will be at around seventeen and hit the temperatures
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will be rising as we head into sunday again i mean for the towards the south and there's still a good deal of cloud across the arabian peninsula in fact this is the latest satellite picture you can see that area of cloud making its way eastwards and that has given us a loss of wet weather they have a pause of western saudi these pictures show just how much water that we've seen from those storms they all working their way eastwards as i say and you can see them on the satellite picture edging their way towards cattle and there's a chance we could see that cloud over the next few days so always the risk of seeing want to showers for saturday or sunday for the south it doesn't launch a fine and dry for us now with a musket getting to around thirty degrees every further north of course we've had a huge storm kenniff to hit the northern parts of most. week you can see that it quickly disintegrated so the rain is easing of all the winds but still some real the shop show is still expected to saturday and sunday.
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overthrown and exiled they appoint again saying if you'll go to space reaching you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the troops fortunes by and it will not be just the french position is that all the interesting things return of a president on al-jazeera. sweat is and sometimes block but for them it's what that dreams are made of. just tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the rights of the law. and a former champion who gives his or her six casablanca icon on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on the news hour security forces are engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter bomber times and if you spokesman said it happened during a raid on a property in the eastern city of. thousands in sudan a friday prayers outside the military headquarters protesters are demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule. in the powerful cycle kenneth has hit northern mozambique forecasters say it's the strongest storm to hit the country tens of thousands of people were evacuated and there's been a warning of flooding and landslides. not least thirty one hundred may be cuban
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migrants of stays the largest mass escape in recent memory from mexican detention center migrants escaped on foot from the top of the center in the south many have complained of overcrowding and conditions half of them returned voluntarily with money there's a detention center in the two of us that money just talk us through what happened then tell us a bit more about this migrant detention center where you are. sure and we're standing outside of that detention center that you mentioned in. that is part of the national migration institute here in mexico in the late hours of last night some around thirteen hundred migrants mainly of mainly cuban nationals managed to escape from this facility we're told that around six hundred of them voluntarily returned we also spoke to one gentleman who says that his wife has been held here for the last two weeks both of them are cuban nationals he says that it's the overcrowding and the living conditions ultimately that is responsible for that
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mass breakout that took place in the late hours of last night now this is a facility that was designed to house somewhere around one thousand migrants when it was built we're told that that it was at least twice capacity when that when that mass breakout took place last night and again we're talking about cuban nationals but we're also talking about central american migrants that have been we've been seeing these numbers increase since the start of the year we've also been seeing an increase in migration from other parts of the world to not only central america not only cuba we've seen migrant caravans take place from haiti in previous years but now we're seeing an influx of migrants coming in from other parts like africa congo and other regions of the world now there is an irony here daryn and that is that just yesterday the top adviser for human rights to the president of mexico happened to be touring this facility only hours before that escape took place on monday what he will start to saying about the migrants who remain unaccounted for and. that's
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a very difficult question to ask i think at this point we don't know exactly what's going to happen to these some around six hundred people that are still unaccounted for their names are registered in a database with this facility so it would be fair to speculate that they could be queued for immediate deportation if and when they're captured but again we're talking about these large numbers this this huge influx of migrants that's been increasing since the start of the year mostly from central. america and this could be responsible for this shift in attitude that the mexican government is having toward migrants take a look at these central american migrants are being chased by mexican immigration agents in coordination with federal police immigration officials now appear to be adopting a more aggressive approach toward migrants tearing through mexico's southern border . is traveling from us she and her family ramon
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a group of thousands of central american migrants that was recently rounded up. they came and started rounding people up it was very violent mothers ran screaming and children were crying foul and it was. some three hundred seventy five people were captured during a raid. many who managed to escape ran off into the surrounding countryside over the next few days migrants were forced to move about in secret under the scorching mexican sun and with very little food or water. that caravan which had numbered as many as three thousand people has since split up mexico's president has maintained that the nation's immigration policy hasn't changed saying instead that mexico's national migration institute is trying to achieve a more orderly and safe movement of people but the reality on the ground here in southern mexico is very different. checkpoints like this one along the highway
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leading north from the mexico guatemala border have seen an increase in federal police officers interviewing motorists and searching vehicles for undocumented migrants the growing criminalization of migrants traveling through mexico could mean the mexican government has caved to pressure from u.s. president donald trump. but mexico is now stopping people coming in very easy for them to do stopping people coming in through mexico as you know they keep it down if they keep doing that. now if they don't or if we don't make. it legal with congress the border is going to be closed hundred percent although you. along with a crackdown on migrant mexico is also no longer issuing humanitarian visas but despite efforts to dissuade central americans from leaving their countries the flow of migration shows no signs of easing official estimates suggest three thousand bikers have transited through mexico so far this year. for families like the nessus
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who are fleeing violence in their home countries and are unwilling to return to central america the only choice is to continue their journey north through mexico toward a country whose president has repeatedly said they are not welcome the u.n. says more international support is desperately needed to help nearly a million refugees from me and were forced to flee to bangladesh because of violence in rakhine state top u.n. officials visited the camps that they want to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid. one of those officials the u.n. high commissioner for refugees spoke to al-jazeera from cox's bazaar he says his mission is to see the return of refugees to their homes in myanmar but a number of challenges are slowing the process. the u.n. my organization u.n.h.c.r. the u.n. development program have an agreement with the government even. we are
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assessing the villages from which these refugees are coming we are us parroting the man from the project to improve the conditions but the real piece of work that needs to be done is on the fundamentals the reason why the people left. movement little access to jobs and to services pathway to citizenship these are the difficult issues there are difficult issues but these are the issues that need to be tackled we inspire in the refugees here back confidence that we allow to them to say ok i am voluntarily going back. there has been very respectful of the voluntariness every time there's been no more street car this has to continue until choice becomes possible meanwhile thousands of soldiers are on parade and new military equipment is on display in northern maine ma but it's not the national army it's the ethnic was states army celebrating thirty years since the signing of a cease fire deal schooltime reports fly. along myanmar's northern border with
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china rest was state. and this month the united states army celebrated thirty years since a peace agreement with me and my as army was signed it's the largest ethnic armed force in the country with more than twenty five thousand troops while state operates as a self administered region with its own taxation and judicial systems but its leaders want it recognized as autonomy for me and my central government for my work we have to trust each other there is still a long time it's been thirty years without rule two we are still negotiating to keep the peace the united state army's ties to china run deep and beijing's more than just its main supplier of military equipment chinese is an official language in wa and residents use china's currency or. representative from the chinese government attended the anniversary celebrations and punks are the capital of the region and myanmar's leader aung sang suu kyi sent a message to the white people she's urging the watch state army to sign
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a nationwide ceasefire agreement which she's been pushing for since she came to power in two thousand and sixteen this agreement is aimed at all ethnic armies in myanmar there are at least twenty zero but so far the u.w. essay and six other major groups have refused to sign while state leaders say they remain committed to staying part of myanmar but will continue to pursue self-determination and their efforts for the region to become and autonomy a state it's got hardly al-jazeera. voters in benigno will have just one choice to make in sunday's parliamentary election for the first time in thirty years the opposition be taking part election watchdog ruled only two parties are qualified to stand in the election and both are allowed to the president at least along well on the boards hangs in the city of new on the final day. the electoral commission's decision to ball position policies from running has come about it says because on a technicality these parties failed to meet the requirements of a new electoral code and
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a new charter of political parties now these two the code in the charter were designed to use the number of political parties because they were so fragmented but what has happened is that in reality left only two political parties able to run in these legislative elections and these are pro government policies and this is a situation unprecedented in vendeans history since multi-party democracy in nine hundred ninety and that's why civil society especially is quite shocked that this situation is so far being allowed to continue now the president says since those parties were bought in march parliament hasn't been able to reach a decision as to the way forward. and that's why as a result he's taken a decision that the elections must continue but the real concern here is. if this process does go ahead it will ultimately lead to unrest of some clients and that kind of instability would not be good not only for but also its neighbors nigeria
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such a key economic trading partner. all neighboring countries which will be directly affected as a result of instability in this country now top candidates running in spain's upcoming election are urging undecided voters to choose wisely and not give victory to the far right opinion polls suggest a right wing coalition may win sunday's general election that includes the far right vox party which is based much of its campaign on the growing discontent around the economy migration and nationalism journal reports from civil was. bursting on to the political scene vox and its leader santiago skull are spain's answer to a surge in far right populism elsewhere in europe often seen as mainstream media shy the party prefers to communicate with its supporters in person and online the major themes immigration and nationalism. who is santiago of us go asks this whatsapp campaign video his grandmother explains that as
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a child in his native bilbao the proudly spanish of a skull was bullied by basque separatists on the playground today it is separatism in catalonia the vox and of a scale stand against the party's most passionate battle call is for the unity of spain vox is clearly using very very true spanish feeling thank you meant in presenting spence invokes use this feeling this n t independence discoursing in spain to gain votes and do it all very successfully that one frequent vox promises to make spain great again if you think you recognize it this might be why steve bannon donald trump's former chief strategist is a strong supporter seen here with a prominent vox official. there's also a familiar ring to the party's nostalgic appeal to the traditions of the past among its policies for instance is restoring bullfighting to what it says is its rightful place as a grand spanish institution vox bears the hallmarks of far right populism those are
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labels your party rejects so how do you see vox how does fox see itself. to help out the other else in the obama folks is a party of common sense many say we're a necessary party for one main reason because we're the only party that openly confronts cattle and separatism the only party that opposes the divisions created by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left and it was only last december that fox emerged from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament and a new fear here in seville and becoming kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government while many people wonder whether vox can do it again only this time at a national level. spain everything for spain comes the cry from the podium.
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was there were one journal al-jazeera survey of. draw. a.
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what about now huge amounts of tropical rainforest were destroyed across the world last year to make way for large scale farming operations that's according to a report released by global forest watch it uses satellite imagery and remote
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sensing to monitor tree cover losses according to the group last year one hundred twenty thousand square kilometers of rainforest that's almost the size of england was cleared and it was done quickly the forests were removed at the equivalent of thirty football fields a minute the highest percentage of increase came in ghana and the ivory coast up sixty percent and twenty six percent respectively most of those forests were protected there also significant losses in the democratic republic of congo colombia bolivia and indonesia in brazil a third of all primary pristine rainforest was lost that included indigenous lands where people have protected the forests for centuries. well indigenous people from brazil of travel to the capital brasilia for their annual protest the free land the camp demands government leaders do more to protect ancestral lands zero stories about reports on why the fifteenth year of the event in it is a way to challenge the newly elected president. so move north as they march
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towards. their members of brazil's indigenous communities and every year they come to the capital brasilia to make their voices heard. that came all the way from with his son he belongs to the iraqi tribe. we want the president to have respects because since the europeans came to our land and invaded us the destruction of our communities is gotten worse and they are finishing us that's why we are here to ask them to stop. over four thousand people participated in a three day event held at a sign dubbed the free land camp recommends are you work for a matter of fact that you would like to separate and just believe this country is in getting rid of any fish you like also said that he would like to explore the amazon rain forest the national resources for the best people the president development strategy is a clear threat to their survival shortly after taking office president signaled he
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was transferring control of land and environmental issues from the ministry of justice to agriculture that department's dealings with a powerful agriculture industry have been questioned by critics. we see in both scenarios the possibility of an increase in the massacres of people like it was seen in the past they want to prevent us from defending our rights want to prevent further land demarcations we want to live according to our traditions it's in the constitution to. indigenous organizations have denounced deforestation lands. shows and attacks on indigenous peoples in the past year they say the lawyers and farmers feel emboldened by the actions of those at the top and says brazil's top prosecutor is money toeing the situation. the government's discourse is brutal because it encourages the invasion of indigenous land in the last fifteen
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years brazil has consolidated itself as a commodity exporter especially in the agricultural sector and that has increased the price of land we need to work and show that there is plenty of land for an agricultural project that is not blood. but for now the brazil's government is not giving in to the demands made by indigenous groups thank you and has the support of senators like. this when he takes the community's progress on the possibilities to what we need public policies how we're going to indians give them education and give them an option of particular fight life. but brazil indigenous people say that their dignity is one of the few things they've been able to retain and save me with fight to the end to ensure that is not taken away from them. brasilia.
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sport his thanks to a mobile start with formula one in a bizarre incident at the azerbaijan grand prix george russell's williams hit a loose drain cover that ended up seriously damaging his car then after that a recovery truck hit a bridge race organizers decided to abandon the session after just ten minutes to check that the safety of the rest of the venue in baku was ok the first practice was cancelled because of the crash but the second is expected to go ahead as planned. a five time n.b.a. champion san antonio has managed to stay alive in the playoffs they made home court advantage count on thursday beating the denver nuggets to take their first round series to a decisive game seven so how melich has the action played well but it's got when you have a forty three point game you can usually expect to be on the winning side nicholas was on fire in game six with the denver needing just one more win to progress by despite his impressive form he's been finding out there's no quit in five time
12:41 am
n.b.a. championship winning coach gregg popovich and his son into a new spirit. and while pop doesn't have the likes of tim duncan and tony parker and even. he does have the marcus aldridge and to moderates and for us for that matter. both play showing they've got the hunger to win made it and be a talk is respectively but have jockeyed confined form game six of the tie to fair for the most part. you know the spurs did however benchley put away their. heroes and scored twelve of just twenty five points in the penultimate quarter. i was they went into the fourth five points ahead kept them from there they didn't look back the spurs went on to see a one twenty two one zero three with. force a decisive game seven their hopes of bringing home championship number six to san antonio remain very much alive so hale malik al-jazeera well just a few hours ago history was made at the n.f.l.
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draft kyler murray is now the first athlete to be first pick in the draft for professional football and baseball oakland athletics signed maria on a baseball deal last year on the premise that he would join after playing one more year of college football but after an impressive season at oklahoma university he's decided to focus solely on his n.f.l. career signing with the arizona cardinals as a quarterback. you know just going to really you know really listen although you know the moments since i was a kid you know play and play and but you're all types of stuff so for me it was it wasn't to be here. for many of the football athletes the road to turning pro starts long before college for one high school in new orleans football has become more of a game of survival john hendren reports. the winningest coach in louisiana says football is not his call. that's just a job and already he's real vocation coach bryce brown says he's to get his
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players out of new orleans alive and that's missing is to get him out you know basic survival you know and we're talking about gun violence drug violence you know that's the kind of stuff that we're trying to keep our kids away from. is it working. just ask ronnie action jackson. the team's star running back it was a photo program on the wall where i view our not. being a one not. jackson grew up on the gritty streets of the city they call the big easy breaking into homes eight two cousins were fatally shot his uncle wounded pain a programmer could write for what he. has he saved my life in assistant coach once rescued him from a drug den guns and narcotics lying on the table he tried to quit football more than twenty five times with the man they call coach bryce refuses to give up on his players off the field but he's a great mentor he teaches about life as always
12:44 am
a lesson on life how to be a great person a very for you know a future father. new orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the us some months the deadliest on a per capita basis. a lot of football teams pride themselves on leaving it all on the field but that's not how they do it here here the coach says it's what they do you off the field that matters most putting football second put in for both are putting putting academics first we go to study hall every day before we hit the field. after practice coach price and his staff call every player every day to make sure they're safe and still alive what happens if you don't answer is ever going to your house. you know follow follow me show you to make sure everything on. with this victory in december edna karr high school became louisiana's state champions for the third year straight they've played in the championship game seven
12:45 am
of the past nine seasons we can do that well but always say the ball we touched in the souls so this isn't just about football now. no sir i think if we get consumed in the football then we'll stop this fall ronnie jackson will play first string on the team at the university of texas at san antonio on a full scholarship. coach bryce got another one out john hendren al jazeera new orleans and the n.h.l. playoffs the boston bruins have continued their impressive form they won the opening game of their eastern conference semifinal series against columbus charlie coyle leveled the game in the final five minutes of regular and scored again in overtime to lead the bruins to a three two one. liverpool manager you're going club says he has no regrets this season regardless of whether his team when the english premier league or not they trailed manchester city by one point with three games to play cops team must have
12:46 am
a must win game against hundreds filled later on friday if you do it will do it if you do not do it down no regrets and as long as we have always all best and i saw that the whole season from the boys but still the season however is only the first step in that area that's it for me henjak to live thank you very much well that's it for me daryn jordan's this news out done that way i'll be back with more news to see that. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official
12:47 am
disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a bilbao stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with followed football hooligan. can read all death on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan targus nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every piece of cheese is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow petards example but how do you measure it many birds are nice happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has.
12:48 am
for drug use is seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is a while back and no panel. phone lines investigates how people reeling from drug use are having exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. security forces are in a gunfight in the east of the country. easter sunday bomb attacks.
12:49 am
in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha coming up. come out in force again. today. but the real work that. the reason why the people. giving them a reason to go home the u.n. addresses the needs of nearly a million refugees in bangladesh. not only surveilled heartland of the immigrant nationalist party now the lake is the european. elections. we begin this bulletin with some breaking news of a gun battle in sri lanka it's happened during a raid near the eastern city of. police were searching a property when they were confronted by a group of men the news comes after the president announced they were looking for
12:50 am
seventy suspects following sunday's bomb attacks at churches and hotels. joins us live now from colombo what more can you tell us about this shootout in the east of the country. we're hearing that during the course of a search operation three armed forces and police in a joint search operation on a tip of. in basically this is where in cullman a have confronted a group and there's been an exchange of. recent as a few minutes ago we were told by the police spokesman office that this gun battle was still ongoing. just things unfolding as we speak now the area about thirty kilometers from that location we are hearing that there was a house that was raided by the police on a tip of the sea i.d. officers had gone in and they found a host of equipment disturbingly they found
12:51 am
a banner an ice of banner which looks very similar to the banner used in a video that was purportedly by the bombers that carried out the attack it looked very similar to that they also found basically over one hundred fifty gelug nightsticks ball bearings metal ball bearings commonly believed to be used in suicide bomb kits causing maximum damage and destruction these are some of the things that have been found so we even had news that curfew would be imposed around the country from ten o'clock local but with these reports of this latest five day hearing that that curfew has been brought forward and has been imposed with immediate effect. sri lanka on high alert with fears of border attacks against worship. um
12:52 am
soldiers godson anthony shrine in colombo securing one of the sites attacked on easter sunday outside mosques muslims undergo security checks before attending friday prayers with bomb warnings many decided to pray at home they're gathered here rather thick rough rewarded a show of solidarity for the priest fear and anger happening before our brothers and sisters who work here on a big massacre with concerns of retaliation religious leaders are calling for reconciliation and the moment we have said we want and we need masses right now until further notice once we assess the situation then we are sure that these be not happen again if we can provide adequate security to the people who come to the church then we are starting a small army the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of
12:53 am
colombo prime minister on a victim a singer told al-jazeera that he intends to find out why warnings about the attacks weren't acted upon we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated right into the truck i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today . intelligence services and the government has been criticized for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary him a city financial who is asked for his resignation by president mighty policy saying or has stood down a state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces greater powers to detain and interrogate. for the details of those emergency powers are emerging among them is censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the tension is reminiscent of sri lanka's twenty six years of civil war
12:54 am
. which ended ten years ago more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects c.c.t.v. video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinema and granted although police have not named the bombers they have said they came from well off families some of them multi-millionaires some lived in this suburban columbus their neighbors are in shock that a man may cover it saddens me that muslims who are my neighbors have done this it puts a black spot on all of us muslims should anchors police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism in a financial zero colomba thousands of demonstrators in sudan not pray outside military headquarters or mass city and demand civilian rule the protesters in
12:55 am
khartoum say they will not leave until the army hands of a power to the people military leaders have said they want to retain control of sudan's transition following the fall of omar al bashir as this is also the first time the judges have joined opposition protests will nominate all as the latest now from khartoum some of this morning at friday prayers there are larger crowds than usually mean what message did they come away with. the city itself the mom who addressed the people they are doing the friday prayer he called the protesters to be patient to be peaceful to remain peaceful and he asked for solidarity between the sudanese. or regardless of where they came from or which battleground which ethnicity which faith they hold and so on so a positive message there supporting the supporting the city and supporting the move to democracy supporting the change in sudan. on another. on another in
12:56 am
another side of khartoum a famous but hey use of he also gave an interesting sermon in which you called for the people of sudan to separate between you know what if i if i. put it in my own words it's like the fatigue from islamists sorting the country should not be turned into a kind of negative view of islam as the bedrock of. the at the feet of the country the majority of the country that they should not be afraid they should not be afraid of muslims or islam it's just because ruling regime has been ousted and it has been blamed for problems or mistakes and so on so all positive messages there from every side. kind of discussion about what's the what's what should be the role of islam now after what happened in the country and after thirty years of the rule of islam it's most despite the resignation of three officials from the military
12:57 am
transitional council the army says it still wants to retain control of the transitional process i mean how deep are the divisions now between both sides. or that's the sticking point now between the that's the most interesting point of discussion between the two sides now they have been able to agreed on a number of things including the creation of a joint committee. to supervise the transition and to look at the details of what they should do together in order to move the country forward from this military military coup to a civilian rule but they are in disagreement about that point which is who should be the leading party in this partnership the military they want as they call it to be in their hands because they think they are the side but can maintain peace security and you know defend the country the sovereignty of the country and so on and that they are going to allow for a civilian government a civilian cabinet
12:58 am
a civilian prime minister to rule the country the day to day affairs of the country the protesters leaders they think that that should not be the case that the people are tired of military leading this country they don't have that great amount of faith in the intentions of the military the military should be for the protection of the country for the protection of the borders but the leadership of the country including the presidency the cabinet and so on that should be in the hands of civilians including technocrats in the ministries and people chosen by by the protesters and other parties to be leading this council so that point is being discussed i understand there will be more consultations this afternoon at least between the different parties in the coalition of protesters to discuss what contribution they want to have in the joint committee that is going to be appointed very soon and that will lead to the possibility of another meeting between them and the military side to discuss what's next thank you. to algeria now where thousands
12:59 am
of demonstrators are back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row despite the departure of president abilities but a freak earlier this month crowds a man telling pressure for the removal of the military's chief of staff also on remnants of the old government gone police have been unable to break up protests despite the announcement of a presidential election in july. now the powerful cyclon kenneth has hit northern mozambique forecasters say it's the strongest storm to ever hit the country tens of thousands of people were evacuated and there's been a warning of flooding and landslides the country still recovering from psycho in march which killed hundreds of people well deborah nguyen is with the united nations world food program. this is indeed the strongest cyclon that the country has seen in its history and we are very concerned because we are already. very worried about the situation the human institution following the i die from last
1:00 am
month and and now this new site zone is. taking you another grow on the mozambique population so we are expecting six hundred millimeters of rain falls in the ten coming days which is twice as much as the rain that we have seen in the cycle and. so the challenges that we see now are. on the ground. challenges because if six hundred millimeters of rain going to fall in the area in the coming days it will make a lot of location hard to reach that's why we are deploying helicopters so that we can distribute food as soon as possible to this population that will be stranded by flooding and mudslides so we expect that people will be in need of humanitarian assistance of food assistance for the next six months and we are working very hard
1:01 am
to make sure that everyone has food to survive but also to make sure that people can't recall very quickly and.


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