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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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something going on a dialogue going on of cooperation between the two sides but at the same time there are fiery statements at least on the part of the protestors strong language still being used and calls for more protest more people to join the guttering the sit in in front of the army headquarters and also that statement yesterday night from the army headquarters spokesman saying the military council is willing and intending to maintain the sovereignty of any council to rule the country over this transition period so those are signs that you know even though there is. no diplomatic statements on both sides there are also strong statements particularly on the side of the protesters that they're not going to the link which they'll strike them until they force the military council to hand over power completely to the civilians mohamed thank you. thousands of demonstrators were back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row despite the departure of president abdelaziz bouteflika earlier this month
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crowds are men turning pressure the removal of the military's chief of staff and also one remnants of the old government to go. to break up protests despite the announcement of a presidential election in july. far less also to come on the news hour including a year in charge we'll look at the impact. on u.s. foreign policy. champions. the first round exit from the n.b.a. playoffs and for a decisive game seven we'll have that jennifer. has defended the belt and road infrastructure scheme which critics call a debt trap the country is receiving chinese investment president welcomed thirty seven heads of state to the second international conference on the project katrina you as. one of the world's most powerful leaders making
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a powerful entrance chinese president xi jinping arriving at the summit flanked by almost forty heads of state in front of government representatives from more than one hundred countries. in his opening address president xi said he would work to ensure the controversial project connecting asia to europe africa and beyond. would be sustainable green and provide growth for all those taking part. in the new initiative has helped people's lives in the countries involved and created more opportunities for common prosperity he rejected criticism that the costs involved would lose some countries into levels of debt they would find almost impossible to pay back estimates put the bill for the long list of infrastructure projects at close to one trillion dollars there are pipelines pool it's bridges and. elway's all designed to improve trading links.
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courage put his painting company to follow general international rules and standards in project among those attending a key supporters of the initiative russian president vladimir putin and pakistani prime minister imran khan but china's biggest trading partner the united states has not sent a delegation washington officials say the bolton road initiative is a vanity project which comes with too many strings attached. china has dismissed the u.s. as concerns as western resistance to china's growth but there's also been criticism of the scheme from inside the country which to distance questioning whether china a developing country itself can really afford to be spending so much money. export import bank says one hundred forty nine billion dollars has so far been blurred out to support some of the developments. analysts say the scheme is a long term investment for china. we need to make money on the we need new markets
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so it's wrong to say we're giving aid to other countries this is not a case this money is an investment. during the first. twenty seventeen government backed videos dominated social media scrutiny mounts selling the scheme is no longer that simple a joint communique will be released with all eyes on president xi to see how he will deliver on his promise to ensure the project benefits not just china. involved . al-jazeera beijing. all right let's bring in from new york and is a professor of economics and finance at new york university and author of the book will china's economy collapse despite president xi trying to address some his builds on the road initiative sustainable green and an opportunity for growth he has faced growing criticism that this is a debt trap for poor countries and it is not criticism justified do you think.
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well there has been research done on the ballot in rhode initiative. professor by the name of deborah broad conducted research from george washington university and basically they looked at over three thousand projects associated with delton road and said that there was only one project the one in sri lanka back in twenty seventeen that involved a debt trap so to speak in which the government couldn't pay and so china took over the port but all the other ones don't show those signs basically if there was a case where the country could make payments china would find a way to. you know stretch out payments or change the terms or just forgive the debt altogether and so it's actually not a very valid criticism but the u.s. many european leaders would noticeable by their absence from the conference the
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u.s. says it's a chinese vanity project the europeans say it's a way of spreading chinese political influence when president she's having a hard time selling this project to everyone that we've been to. well of course because this is about political influence that the west is worried about they know that this project benefits a lot of developing countries economically and of course those countries will later on in turn friendlier relations with china and do more business with china and this would mean that the western nations would have less influence in those regions and so this is certainly a battle for political influence and it's not surprising that it's meeting resistance in western countries president xi also talked about overhauling abolishing unreasonable subsidies which are competitive how is that likely to play
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into the trade talks between the u.s. and china that starts again next week. well i am not privy to those negotiations but i imagine that president she is pretty much going to deal to all of washington's demands around these issues and certainly china could benefit by cutting certain subsidies because some state owned enterprises that receive benefits certainly don't need to exist they could probably be spent on more productive ways especially manufacturing industries where there is overcapacity or is trying to support even the high tech industries where there were times when the chinese government was providing free housing to students with technology and scientific backgrounds and unfortunately not every. graduate with
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a scientific and tech background is going to be an entrepreneur and so certainly a lot of the money probably is wasted and and trying to could actually benefit self by cutting back right to i mean we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. know u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o. has marked his first year in office with a special address to state department employees pump a zero has proven to be a staunch supporter of president trump often defending his policies despite criticism at home and abroad. it goes as follows. i am a champion of american diplomacy my colleagues and i proudly serve the united states in the american people at the department of state america's first executive department we support defend the constitution of the united states were protect the american people and promote their interests and values around the world by leading our nation's foreign policy. as
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a member of this team i serve with unfailing professionalism in both my demeanor and my actions even in the face of adversity rolls in jordan has more now from washington d.c. . it is unusual for a u.s. cabinet official to mark one year in a post by holding a grand publicly televised event praising not just his offices record in the first year but also to unveil a sort of mission statement for his cabinet agency but that's what mike pompei o did on friday the u.s. secretary of state unveiled what he's calling our eighth those basically a statement of commitment and of unity for the departments seventy thousand diplomats and civil servants working around the world. argued during his remarks on friday that it's important for all the people who work at the state department to publicly acknowledge that they are serving the interests of the united states
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government and of the united states population he also was said that it's time to instill a kind of coursework for all state department employees to basically underscore a common value system saying that he didn't want to have what he called separate tribes diplomats or foreign services officers versus civil servants who work at headquarters in washington versus contractors versus family members who support all of these other job categories this made it clear that while there is more work to be done that he felt that the united states was being taken more seriously on the global stage however there are a number of foreign diplomats and civil service employees who argue that under the trumpet ministration the state department effectiveness has gone down and in fact that they say that the department is facing a real talent rain at a time of many global crises. jeffrey stacey's a former u.s.
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state department official who's also served as a foreign policy adviser to barack obama and hillary clinton's presidential campaigns and joins us live from washington d.c. jeffrey might bump a was to trying to boost morale at the state department with this address but the truth is the state department is a bumpy ride on the president trumpets losing stops. do you think he'll be able to turn things around. i don't think so especially when his audience got word that one line that was taken out of the speech was that he was going to try to intimidate everyone in the audience in the state department into leaking to the press so i'm afraid not we've got really expectations that have not been met after secretary of state tillerson who historians are already talking about is perhaps the worst in u.s. history now pompei who is making a run for it himself we see this time and time again but basically we're looking at it on the one hand us foreign policy in freefall in the eyes of the world and
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american citizens and then on the other hand inside the state department around this going down and let's just stick with that point you make about foreign policy because the u.s. secretary of state is supposed to shape foreign policy but with my pompei of the question is who is shaping u.s. foreign policy is it him or is it john bolton over at the white house. it's definitely not john bolton it is basically the president himself based on his whims his watching of fox news and who knows what else but we just saw this again with regard to libya for example in a single call to general hof tahrir who really isn't a generally just a militia leader who's assaulting the capital in tripoli right now in one fell swoop after pohnpei a had gone out and said something actually positive for a change on that we had trump call half tar and completely make the secretary of state look bad so if trump isn't doing that even the secretary of state himself has
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made numerous mistakes on north korea on iran i could go on the list is getting longer and that's an important point you make jeffrey about libya because on the surface pump a appears to be support trump and do his bidding but. pump took a different stance as you say to the white house of a policy on libya are we starting to see some cracks here between pump aoe and the white house. it's possible but not probable the two of them get along very well in private trump likes the gruff to meter of pump a.o. he likes the fact that he talks in nasty kind of stirring terms to international audiences like a rainy and diplomats and officials it really is pleasing to the president and well to the rest of the world not so much just a final thought from you jeffrey so what does mike pump a achieved at his year at
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state i mean how different is he from tennis well at first he claimed to want to bring the swagger back to diplomacy and that sounded good former colleagues of mine there have been kind of really really for months and months but at first it was going well however as time has gone on he hasn't brought back the initial class for state department recruitment to the extent that it's supposed to be he hasn't really won any of foreign policy successes around the world he hasn't really crafted a legacy that would one boost morale inside the state department or to help us meet our national security interests i'm afraid we've got some peo in a race to beat up tillerson for one of the most disappointing secretaries of state we've had in u.s. history jeffrey stacy thank you for talking to al jazeera. for a talk for short break here i'll just when we come back we'll assess the damage made by the strongest storm ever hit mozambique. north korean leader kim jong il in
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the times common ground with the russian president vladimir putin. and in support of this college american football star makes history of the n.f.l. draw a clear win explain how in sport more that stay with us. hello again is generally looking quieter across the middle east over the next few days the weather is beginning to come down so we've got a few showers still in the eastern part of our map and still over the mountains some of that will turn wintery but we've only got a few showers for the west some of them over parts of turkey but for the majority of us temperatures are just rising now so we'll see baghdad up to around thirty degrees and force in terror on will be at around seventeen and hit the temperatures will be rising as we head into sunday again i mean for the towards the south and the still a good deal of cloud across the arabian peninsula in fact this is the latest
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satellite picture you can see that area of cloud making its way eastwards and that has given us a lot of wet weather i suppose of western saudi these pictures show just how much water that we've seen from those storms they all working their way eastwards as i say and you can see them on the satellite picture edging their way towards cattle and there's a chance we could see that cloud over the next few days so always the risk of seeing want to showers for saturday or sunday for the south it doesn't launch a fine and dry for us now with a musket getting to around thirty degrees every further north of course we've had a huge storm kenniff that hit the northern parts of mozambique you can see that it quickly disintegrated for the rain is easing of all the winds but still some real the shop show is still expected for saturday and sunday. on counting the. paul says the u.s. slams the brakes on iran's oil exports will track the spillover effect also have
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a secret world of high risk lending impacts the poor in a sting operation to catch a spy that's a flight for control of the next generation of my bob counting the cost on al-jazeera. from the family home office to navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finished our scares to the fission and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go my coffee my family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise i'm certain that risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the news that police in sri lanka carried out raids in connection with easter sunday as bomb attacks they exchanged gunfire with suspects and. then ampera bomb making equipment. saddam's military transitional council is denying reports the former ruling party members have been released from prison meanwhile thousands of protesters continue to rally outside the army headquarters in khartoum demanding civilian rule. and china's leader has defended his belt and road initiative which critics call a death trap for developing countries. welcome thirty seven heads of state to the second international conference on the project. now the u.n. is warning of possible massive flooding in mozambique. made landfall forecasters
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say it's the strongest storm to hit the country tens of thousands of people have been evacuated comes nearly two months after. which killed hundreds of people deborah nguyen is with the u.n. world food program she says it will be challenging to send aid to survivors of the cycle. this is indeed the strongest site that the country has seen in its history and we are very concerned because we are already. very worried about the situation the human in situation following the i die from last month and and now this is the inside zone is. taking you know another grow on the mozambique tradition so we are expecting six hundred millimeters of rain falls in the tent coming. days which is twice as much as the rain that we have seen in the us.
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so the challenge is that we see now. on the ground. ten inches because you first six hundred millimeters of rain going to fall in the area in the coming days will make a lot of location hard to reach that's why we are deploying helicopters so that we can go this route food as soon as possible to this population that will be stranded by flooding and mudslides so we expect that people will be in need of humanitarian assistance food assistance for the next six months and we are working very hard to make sure that everyone has you know for food to survive but also to make sure that people get recall very quickly and. become more resilient to was this type of climatic shocks that will happen more and more you to attend north korea's leader has wrapped up his visit to russia but not before accusing the u.s.
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of bad faith in febreze failed denuclearization talks kim jong il met with that emir putin in vladivostok the russian president says he wants to help him resolve the nuclear disarmament dispute which is causing tensions with the u.s. . i think we're doing very well with north korea a lot of progress is being made i appreciated president bush statement yesterday you want to see it done also i think there's a lot of excitement boy getting a deal done with going to rehab i have a great relationship with kim jong il and i appreciate that right now is helping us and china is helping us because i think they want to they don't need nuclear weapons right next to their country but i also think they're helping us because of the fact that word a great deal which by the way is going very well known someday spain will vote for its third parliament in less than five years no single party is expected to secure a majority but all eyes are on the rising far right across to our european new
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center but mary in the miles east on by mary. thank you very much daryn that's right another election in spain candidates on both the left and right are urging spaniards not to vote for the vox party which is aligned to the far right movement emerging across europe a final opinion poll in spain's el pies newspaper suggest the ruling socialist led by prime minister pedro sanchez will win the biggest share of the vote with around one hundred twenty nine seats second is the conservative people's party which was ousted by a corruption scandal last year with seventy eight seats that would be its worst result ever see o'donnell's a popular centrist party which has shifted to the right is projected to get forty six seats and that the left wing populist party but their mass is on course for thirty five seats the poll does also give vox thirty seats but with many voters undecided it's become the focus of speculation about last minute shifts in voting intentions and it could become the kingmaker in
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a potential right wing coalition with the people's party and see adonis if between them they were to get one hundred seventy six seats al-jazeera is jonah hollow has more from seville on the rise of spain's far right. bursting on to the political scene vox and its leader santiago of our skull are spain's own so to a surgeon far right populism elsewhere in europe often seen as mainstream media shy the party prefers to communicate with its supporters in person and online the major themes immigration and nationalism. who is of us go asks this whatsapp campaign video his grandmother explains that as a child in his native bilbo the proudly spanish of a skull was bullied by basque separatists on the playground today it is separatism in catalonia the box and of a skull stand against the party's most passionate battle call is for the unity of
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spain vox is clearly using very very have spanish feeling as if you meant in prison spent invokes years this feeling this n t independence is course in in spain to gain votes and do the very successful you that. one frequent vox promises to make spain great again if you think you recognize it this might be why steve benen donald trump's former chief strategist is a strong supporter seen here with a prominent vox official there's also a familiar ring to the party's nostalgic appeal to the traditions of the past among its policies for instance is restoring bullfighting to what it says is its rightful place as a grand spanish institution vox bears the hallmarks of fire and populism those are labels your party rejects so how do you see vox how does vox see itself. to help out the other else and deal them all looks as a party of common sense many say we're
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a necessary party for one main reason because we're the only party that openly confronts cattle and separatism the only party that opposes the divisions created by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left it was only last december the fox emerged from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament of another fear here in seville and becoming kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government while many people wonder whether vox can do it again only this time at a national level. spain everything for spain comes the cry from the podium. there who was shown a whole al-jazeera seville. british and irish governments are to resume talks over story northern ireland's devolved government which has been a political limbo for more than two years the move has been spurred by the death of
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journalist near a maccie shot during rioting in the city of london derry last week u.k. prime minister to resign may and irish counterpart leo varadkar attended her funeral on wednesday they've put out a joint statement saying northern ireland needs new momentum for political progress and call for action from political leaders. it comes as police release pictures of the suspected gunman who killed larry mackay they say it's likely to be a teenager and a once again calling for the community to identify him separatist group the new ira say they shot nikki by accident when opening fire on police now thousands of trade union members of rallied outside the european union headquarters in brussels demanding better working conditions demonstrators from across europe say the current a rulebook gives too much to businesses and employers and not enough to ordinary workers the peaceful protests comes a month before european parliament elections where the u.k. will be paying an unscheduled part following the delay to bracks it bored silly
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reports. european elections are close battle lines are being drawn on freud of the centrist liberal democrats launch their campaign inviting voters squarely to reject bricks it's against them the new bricks at party which demands leaving the e.u. as soon as possible whichever side gets the biggest share of the vote will claim it has a mandate to force the british government to back its position but the two million british citizens living on the continent is very many like this group in portugal want to go to stay in the e.u. but now it appears the option may not be open to them many have received identical letters from local authorities like this one advising that ballot papers won't even get sent out before may the tenth at the earliest people may not be able to return the ballots in time due to the very short notice that we've been given to arrange these elections it will not be possible with timetable on the roll lions on our
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printers to provide supplies for the postal packs for them to be mailed earlier than this date. i think you know when the enormity. of this note and. the potential of priestesses and senor in you change schools accents and if we are not. the same team assuming the majority of british ex-pats supported you membership not being able to vote in time would hurt the parties that don't want press is the reason why this matters is because in the u.k. the european elections are being seen effectively as a source of many second referendum on whether the country should leave the european union nigel farage is progress to party against a gaggle of others including the liberal democrats who want to stop brick sits at all costs and the polling is sufficiently toit's that the inability of british citizens on the consonance of votes could make
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a major difference yes i am very very worried about this it's very clear that u.k. citizens in the e.u. want to take part in this election many of them were not allowed to take part in the referendum three years ago this is their opportunity to have their say on whether they think that we should stop bricks something the midterms want to achieve if they're going to miss out simply because it takes too long to issue the ballot papers or the postal system in their in their respective countries in the e.u. doesn't work very effectively or because they can't secure a proxy here in the united kingdom that could skew the results remain parties already accused to being slow off the blocks in preparing their pitches for the elections of the remains may already have made their minds up who they want to vote for but if people living abroad cannot exercise their choice that would be hugely controversial don't sleep under their roof and under. have more from london for you very shortly now back to daryn in doha myron thank you very much melanie's thirteen
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hundred migrants escaped from a mexican detention center most of them were cubans they left on foot from the top . many have complained of overcrowding and on senator conditions half of them later returned voluntarily. immigration officials in southern mexico have broken up a caravan of around three thousand central american migrants it appears to signal a shift in the country's policy from providing humanitarian support to one of containment that's more in line with the demands of the us president reports from the mexican state of chiapas. these central american migrants are being chased by mexican immigration agents in coordination with federal police immigration officials now appear to be adopting a more aggressive approach toward migrants tearing through mexico's southern border . is traveling from us she and her family ramon a group of thousands of central american migrants that was recently rounded up.
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they came and started rounding people up it was very violent mothers ran screaming and children were crying foul and it was. some three hundred seventy five people were captured during a raid. many who managed to escape ran off into the surrounding countryside over the next few days migrants were forced to move about in secret under the scorching mexican sun and with very little food or water for that caravan which had numbered as many as three thousand people has since split up mexico's president has maintained that the nation's immigration policy hasn't changed saying instead that mexico's national migration institute is trying to achieve a more orderly and safe movement of people but the reality on the ground here in southern mexico is very different. checkpoints like this one along the highway leading north from the mexico guatemala border have seen an increase in federal
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police officers interviewing motorists and searching vehicles for undocumented migrants. the growing criminalization of migrants traveling through mexico could mean the mexican government has caved to pressure from u.s. president donald trump. but mexico is now stopping people coming very easy for them to do stopping people coming in through mexico they keep it down if they keep doing that now if they don't or if we don't make. it legal with congress the border is going to be closed hundred percent of your interview with along with a crackdown on migrants mexico is also no longer issuing humanitarian visas but despite efforts to dissuade central americans from leaving their countries the flow of migration shows no signs of easing official estimates suggest three thousand bikers have transited through mexico so far this year. for families like the nessus who are fleeing violence in their home countries and are unwilling to return to
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central america the only choice is to continue their journey north through mexico toward a country whose president has repeatedly said they are not welcome. at mexico. united nations is pleading for more international support to help nearly a million refugees from me and they were forced to flee to bangladesh because of violence in rakhine state top u.n. officials visited the ranger refugee camps there and they want to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid for the u.n. high commissioner for refugees was one of those who went to the camps he spoke to al-jazeera from cox's bazaar and says his mission is to see the return of ranger to their homes and me but a number of challenges in the process. my organization. program in agreement with the government. we are.


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