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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the u.n. my organization u.n.h.c.r. the u.n. development program have an agreement with the government of myanmar. we are testing the villages from which these refugees are coming we are starting to implement some projects to improve the conditions but the real piece of work that needs to be done is on the fundamentals the reason why the people like. movement little access to jobs and to services factory to citizenship these are the difficult issues there are difficult issues but these are the issues that need to be tackled and we inspired in the refugees here that confidence that we allow them to say ok i am voluntarily going back bangladesh has been very respectful of the voluntariness of return there's been no forced return this has to continue until becomes possible. on the program china's president. and road
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project. and the. world leaders. pledging to make spain great again but top candidates from the left and the right needs not to vote. in sunday's election. now for those of you off to germany or poland to sort of way it's nice and warm when it's bad to change all these clouds drifting slowly from behind me in this general directions but it's not temp is back again by some like ten degrees for example in germany but in down to nineteen and spread cloud and rain rather more wise for that has been the case the last few days that's all coming from the atlantic and it's left a legacy of a spinning top as you can see over england which tristan's the southern no say wet
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and windy weather then the order today for the british isles the low countries down to a good part of france as well on the twelve in paris zurich even colder than zurich is our of the spain and portugal come back into the fine warm more typical spring like with all this is happening over the european mainland which means throughout the mid mistreated from west to east it's to confine to be quiet the hot air that the in blowing additive libya and back into new zealand that's going that in fact twenty in tripoli the moment twenty eight in benghazi and rebalanced twenty five in the sunshine goes up to twenty seven even juicing a bit of cloud in the sky. to our west africa on the line to here as across towards somalia there are showers big ones mostly they're gonna. overthrow and exiled they appoint and then saying if you all dismiss
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me an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know the truth is for instance by and we do not think he is enough we need to change this return of the president on al-jazeera. welcome back quick look at the top stories for you now a gun battle has broken out in sri lanka as police continue to search for suspects involved in the east to sunday's suicide bomb attacks the dons transitional
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military council is denying reports that foreign ministers and members of the former ruling party have been freed from jail thousands of people of held friday prayers outside the army headquarters and hard to in their latest show of opposition to military rule. protesters in algeria keeping up the pressure on the randomness of the political regime tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to corruption. at least thirteen hundred mainly cuban migrants have staged the biggest mass escape in recent memory from a mexican detention center the migrants escaped on foot from the center in the south of the country on the border with gaza somalia many had complained of overcrowding insufficient food and unsanitary conditions off of them return voluntarily with about six hundred reported to still be on the loose it's the first time since october that migrants at the center have rioted against conditions. live
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for us in tapachula and this is very embarrassing for the government there isn't it what are they been saying about this. so absolutely right mary and what we're hearing outside of this detention center which by the way is the largest migrant detention center in all of latin america not only here in mexico but this is a facility that's that's designed that was built to house somewhere around one thousand migrants what we've learned is that one thousand three hundred migrants escaped so that alone tells us quite a bit and everybody that we've spoken to so far today says that at least it was at twice the capacity and that's what we were hearing from people on the ground here in fact earlier today we spoke to a gentleman whose wife has been held in this attention center for two weeks now she's told him that it's overcrowded that the living conditions are terrible that they're not being fed regularly that they're not all being given access to water
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and that all coupled together was a reason for this massive escape of people and again we're talking about about a majority being cuban nationals cuban migrants that have been held in this detention center while their paperwork is being processed but but the story isn't only about cuban nationals mexico is having a very hard time trying to figure out how to deal with an influx of migrants not only from central america which we've seen in large numbers but also from cuba and also from other nations like congo like in africa as well as a large population of haitians a large population from bangladesh so it's not just a migration phenomenon from central america but it's really one that's that's very international and this is a prime example of how hard it's been for mexico to get ahold of this and again there is a sort of ironic aspect as you already mentioned miriam which is the fact that the mexican president's top human rights advisor happened to be touring this facility
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only hours before that massive scape took place. and that's right and many of the relatives and the cubans are claiming that relatives had already complained about the terrible conditions inside the detention center is the government likely to do anything to address this now. that's the big question in fact there's a there's a question over what's going to happen to those that are still unaccounted for there are six hundred individuals who are who voluntarily returned after escaping but there's another seven hundred or so that are still unaccounted for that have had their have had their names already registered but again the mexico finds itself in a very sort of difficult place where they've got on one and pressure from the united states to do more to stem the flow of migrants who got her from the united nations saying that more resources are needed to to to take care of and provide
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for the migrants that are still on their way to mexico which ultimately will be on their way to the united states and of course all of this. this whole issue where mexico is having a hard time addressing the the phenomenon of migration could be responsible for this change in attitude this more aggressive approach toward migrants coming in from central america take a look. thank you very much money wrapping up bringing us all the latest from top to choose. there in mexico thank you money. well the united states has ramped up its pressure on venezuela by imposing sanctions on the country's top diplomat foreign minister who was targeted as well as a venezuelan judge the u.s. treasury department says all of american assets will be blocked it's the latest move by washington aimed at ousting president nicolas maduro and his government meanwhile the venezuelan opposition politician has been arrested in caracas the
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opposition controlled national assembly confirmed on friday that he was detained by intelligence agents for violating parliamentary immunity karo was also arrested in twenty seventeen accused of plotting an armed revolt against the dura. on sunday spain is set to vote for its third parliament in less than five years no single party is expected to secure majority but all eyes are on the rising far right poll suggests the vox party will secure thirty seats but candidates on both the left and the right are aging spaniards not to vote for it john holl reports from seville on the rise of the far right party. bursting on to the political scene vox and its leader santiago of our skull are spain's answer to a surge in far right populism elsewhere in europe often seen as mainstream media shy the party prefers to communicate with its supporters in person and online the major themes immigration and nationalism. who is santiago of us go asks
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this whatsapp campaign video his grandmother explains that as a child in his native bilbao the proudly spanish of a skull was bullied by basque separatists on the playground today it is separatism in catalonia the vox and of a skull stand against the party's most passionate battle call is for the unity of spain vox is clearly using very very true spanish feeling think you meant in present in spent invokes years this feeling this n t independence discourse in in spain to gain votes and do it all very successfully that one frequent vox promises to make spain great again if you think you recognize it this might be why steve brown and donald trump's former chief strategist is a strong supporter seen here with a prominent vox official. there's also a familiar ring to the party's nostalgic appeal to the traditions of the past among
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its policies for instance is restoring bullfighting to what it says is its rightful place as a grand spanish institution vox bears the hallmarks of far right populism those are labels your party rejects so how do you see vox how does vox c. itself. help out the other. votes as a party of common sense many say we are a necessary party for one main reason because we're the only party that openly confronts cattle and separatism the only party that opposes the divisions created by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left it was only last december that fox emerged from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament of under here in seville and becoming kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government while many people wonder whether vox can do it again only this time at
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a national level. spain everything for spain comes the cry from the podium. was there were one journal al-jazeera survey of china's president has been defending his controversial belt and raise initiative at the opening of a major summit in beijing changing things infrastructure scheme has come under fire for saddling participant countries with unsustainable levels of debt in return for poorly managed projects katrina you has more from beijing. one of the world's most powerful leaders making a powerful entrance chinese president xi jinping arriving at the summit flanked by almost forty heads of state in front of government representatives from more than one hundred countries in his opening address president xi said he would work to ensure the controversial project connecting asia to europe africa and beyond. would be sustainable green and provide growth for all those taking part. in the new
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initiative has helped people's lives in the countries involved and created opportunities. he rejected criticism that the costs involved would loose some countries into levels of debt they would find almost impossible to pay back estimates put the bill for the long list of infrastructure projects at close to one trillion dollars there are pipelines ports bridges and railways all designed to improve trading links. we all have to rules and standards that encourage put his painting company to follow general international rules and standards in project among those attending a key supporters of the initiative russian president vladimir putin and pakistani prime minister imran khan but china's biggest trading partner the united states has not sent a delegation washington officials say the bolton road initiative is
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a vanity project which comes with too many strings attached. china has dismissed the u.s. as concerns as western resistance to china's growth but there's also been criticism of the road scheme from inside the country which citizens questioning whether china a developing country itself can really afford to be spending so much money. export import bank says one hundred forty nine billion dollars has so far been burned out to support some of the developments. analysts say the scheme is a lie. long term investment for china. we need to make money on the we need new markets so it's wrong to say we're giving aid to other countries this is not the case this money is an investment. during the first bolton road forum in twenty seventeen government backed videos dominated social media but is scrutiny mts selling the scheme is no longer that simple
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a joint communique will be released with all eyes on president xi to see how he will deliver on his promise to ensure the project benefits not just china but all involved between e.u. al-jazeera beijing u.s. president donald trump has denied claims that he paid north korea two million dollars for the return of american student auto warm day trump was responding to a report in firs days washington post that said he authorized the payment of a huge building landed by pyongyang to cover won't be his medical care the student entered a coma in north korea after being detained and tortured for moving a propaganda poster from a war during a trip there he died after his return to the united states trump rosie on twitter that he had never paid money for any hostage a russian woman who admitted to being a kremlin spies been sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united states maria patino pleaded guilty in december to conspiracy and infiltrating the n.r.a.
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gun lobby group to influence republicans and conservative u.s. activists the judge also ordered bettina to be to be deported back to russia after completing a jail term. now almost every day scientists warn of climate change and habitat loss the latest alarm is being sounded about tropical rain forests environmental group global forest watch says huge amounts of trees were cut down around the wealth last year to make way for agriculture using satellite pitches in remote senses research has found an area of rainforest almost equivalent to the size of england was cleared globally and the destruction happened quickly with forests fell the equivalent of thirty football fields a minute forests in ghana so the was losses a sixty percent rise in the number gone twenty six percent in the ivory coast where the majority of the forest was supposed to be protected but livia colombia democratic republic of congo and indonesia also suffered significant losses so did brazil using thirty percent of all of its primary and pristine rainforest home to
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indigenous people who've protected it for centuries well as the monument from the w w f international says the global demand for commodities is the reason for this rise but there are ways to reverse the trend as well the drive for the first ocean is coming largely from food and i would culture production so where you have is you have really a big expansion of these commodities in areas that are supposed to be protected because they're driven by a global commodity that's. and governments are not able to do enough to be able to stop that that growth and that drive of deforestation caused by that demand from food and agriculture production here for us is so important for the world are so important for climate change so important for people culturally very important for biodiversity the vital you know in my lifetime we've lost about sixty percent of our vertebra animal populations and that's largely due to the loss of habitats like forests so we really need to step up as governments with companies and as consumers
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we can do more to ensure that we buy products that are coming from. not not causing deforestation and also we can work as most consumers and as. people to lobby and to demand that this emergency that we're seeing in terms of the loss of forests and the loss of biodiversity is stopped and push governments push companies to do a better job. well there is more to everything we're covering al-jazeera dot com is the address you'll get comments and analysis there as well. a quick recap of the top stories this hour now a gun battle has broken out in sri lanka as police continue to search for suspects involved in easter sunday suicide bomb attacks that claimed over two hundred fifty lives soldiers have exchanged fire with suspects during a raid on
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a building in the east of the country. saddam's military council has denied reports that foreign ministers and members of the former ruling party have been freed from jail as comes as thousands of people held friday prayers out side army headquarters in a hard to me. this was in the latest of opposition to military rule they say they will not leave until the army hands over power to a civilian authority. a powerful cycling has hit more than mozambique destroying homes and killing at least one person and a country still reeling from last month's deadly cyclone a di a world meteorological organization says kenneth which brought storm surges and wind gusts up to two hundred eighty kilometers per hour is the strongest hit the region in recorded history. protest is in algeria keeping up the pressure on the remnants of the political regime that was led by the former president abdulaziz beautifully tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to
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corruption several figures close to the former president have already been sacked or arrested over alleged corruption. in the united nations says rockets and mortar shells of hit residential neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli is the target of an offensive by general who wants to wrestle the city from the u.n. recognize government of libya. and top u.n. officials say more international support is desperately needed to help almost a million rango muslims forced to flee me and ma they've been visiting refugee camps in bangladesh which i'm to the hundreds of thousands who fled in late two thousand and sixteen during a brutal crackdown by the army the u.n. is hoping to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid for them all up front is next we ask donald trump twenty twenty campaign advisor about the report and calls for impeachment to stay with us for that.
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the report is finally out so is it time to impeach u.s. president donald trump i'll ask one of his campaign advisers. block porter thank you for joining me on outfront on the very first page of special counsel robert muller's four hundred forty eight page report he says and i quote the russian government interfered in the twenty six thousand presidential election
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in sweeping and systematic fashion it's been more than a week since it was released to congress and to the public and yet we've heard not one single word of condemnation of the russian government from president trump one on. well first of all this is a process so these are things that we have to take a look at also why isn't anyone asking the russian government about these sorts of things why aren't they making the comments on this secondly the most important thing is there was no crimes committed by anyone around the trump administration that had anything to do with this this is clearly a distraction as we've talked about many times before trump is exonerated he did nothing wrong and this has been a huge huge distraction if there are problems with our democracy in terms of interference foreign interference something should be done and there are investigations going on in congress about this now you are right to say that he was
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not accused of committing a crime in relation to russia obstruction of justice is another matter we will come to that in a moment but before we do you said this is a process i think he doesn't have time as he's doing other things he's found time over the last week president trying to attack robert muller and his team he's attacked the democrats he's accuse them of treason he's attacked c.n.n. he's demanded the new york times get on its knees and apologize to me is attacked mitt romney he's attacked the f.b.i. is dead he cuts no one want from him knowing that whatsoever that the russian government launched an attack on american democracy the president says doesn't seem to care. oh no no you understand why the russians trump the democrats so the airport trumps attacking back as we've talked about many times. rule and that is if you would always even go into it has about himself you know i don't think you need those you want to do it go at the russians didn't talk out and over to the united states that's what melissa is imagine if a president of the people who are going to hold a foreign attack on the us you would be up in homes very good maybe obama knew that
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this was happening it did nothing so why didn't he say something so don't push this on trump you know that that's not fair well i know it's going to be the question it is in seven days since the record came out why has he not condemned a sweeping and systematic attack on american democracy very all that the president of the united states has said not a word about it he's busy attacking the new york times and mitt romney. you know no come on this is a partisan attack and you know and i say clearly that if you're going to attack a sovereign power you need to have more information than simply what miller wrote in the report this is not going to go away you know we're going to hear like the bit that is your chance to show how much energy i've conceded the report since he did not criminally russia you are ignoring the bit which senator attacked america and the president doesn't carry on ignoring because if i tell you look you would you said he only has one people actually not you said it people watching something
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about himself that you're to a sting my words now many people listen carefully what i'm saying is what i'm saying is that when that report came out there is a way that we deal with these things and that's investigations ok i'll do the right for them. ok here's a question come out with concrete facts there are facts august in the fine let's see why not by the russian government by private russian citizens and you not it's not true the report makes it very clear that it's russian minute. intelligence those are not private citizens mark please don't get out of us geo you're not private. you're twisting things you just said private citizens stop saying twisting i'm quoting can we agree this was russian military intelligence reports four hundred pages like you said maybe there's a lot in there so what is your point do we both agree that it wasn't russian private citizens involved in the election it was russian military intelligence you were wrong to say there were russian private citizens there are also russian
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private citizens. and what is your real point here very simple point you just said it was only private citizens i'm saying can we agree it was russian military intelligence hacked into the democratic national committee according to the mother report according to the mother report that's right the mother report says that the trauma campaign welcomed the hacking and were asked about it if i don't the president being accused of that you would be up in arms don't you remember history when george bush also had this fact where they went to the british intelligence and tried on clinton when. everyone does this trying to claim to be trying to get from russian military intelligence let me ask you this when you let me also his question just to be clear the president's lawyer rudy giuliani said a few days ago quote there's nothing wrong with taking information from russians and you seem to be suggesting everyone already or anybody else ok so you're both in
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agreement you're in the so on that basis come the twenty twenty lection are you really there for ok with buddy saunders or joe biden or whoever the democratic presidential candidate is calling for china to hot dog e-mails on his tax returns are. you ok with. this kids holding a secret meeting with the representatives of the iranian government to get dirt on donald trump are you ok with that seriously. have you never worked on a campaign before you know how this works you dig up dirt where you can get it and there is nothing illegal about it and you have. evidence there is that ok that's exactly my question so you're ok with the democratic candidate next china please hack donald trump's e-mails you're ok with. that is not why donald trump he did not go to the day true he said things rochelle find hillary clinton's e-mails he said in front of our always log you want coffee like you are kind of. gaslighting is
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what you're doing right now ok with the democratic presidential candidate next year . for the chinese government to hack into donald trump's tax return you are ok with that please just confirm yes illness is a very simple question so sarcasms part of the english language they can say is there and are you ok with the democratic presidential candidates children meeting with members of the iranian government to get on donald trump yes or no look betty it's. very simple are you are you ready yes or no should. go to the mosque you know about the middle are you ok what are you really trying to say it's a very study really trying to say it's very simple it's not a very uncivil to do you know what i could do you in rudy giuliani everyone does it you can get foreign investment you get foreign help in the e-mails from foreigners how can the democrats also do that next year tit for tat you're going to have and i'm going to say it one more time people have the right to meet with who they want to and if you're going to go around spying on people and put eavesdropping spying
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equipment on it that is why they're on anyone i must say you're ok with the democrats doing just in terms of how much president trump undermine this investigation and misled the public this is what he was saying not long ago about the russian involvement i want to give you i want to play something to you if you can listen this is what he was saying not long ago about the russian involvement but clearly documents and by the way folks just in case you like curious. no russia did not help. russia why call it the russian hoax he was wrong about he was wrong about mocking lloyd mother in the intelligence he was not wrong about that no one changed their boat because of a facebook page that's not what he said the law said on our blog that's what he said he didn't say when did i just played the clip ball no russia did not help me. help did he won it by himself this is what the court says very explicitly that russia intervene to help donald trump even rudy giuliani considered not well to
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help not travel where you twisting your words around because russia did not change anybody's mind people voted for don't try to take this election away let's try another one here let's try to convince good let's keep it as simple as possible the nearly times reported that donald trump ordered the firing of rubble in the summer of twenty seventeen the president denied it in fact this is what he said in davos at the time which is stick with him in terms of the york times big stories we now know from the matter of that was another lie from donald trump melissa substantial evidence that the president tried to have mother removed from his job don mcgann the president's lawyer says he was asked to remove her from his job from again what's your question why did he lie. how do i know i'm not representing the president but you want me to let you in sometimes a lot and sure enough that's a lie right that he lied i said he said it was fake news that he tried to we now know that he did try to what do you see this whole show about you're trying to say
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it's about the slaughter is about the mother of all you've heard of it's four hundred forty eight pages not about the well or report it's not a stunning reading from the mother. i mean it is i mean to read and page eighty eight of the mother report substantial evidence supports evolution that the president went and in fact directed him again to call rosenstein the deputy attorney general to have the special counsel removed so donald trump was lying and doubles do we agree on that then we can move on doing a real know it this is absurd because of what happened in the mole the report is in fact exoneration of trump and now we need to look at how this was created in the first place let's at least move forward when i was mueller best figure for nothing so very simple question you can say you don't know but i'm to call the white house and ask you many you're going to really waste all this time on these picky little things when you should be looking at the bigger picture. in which. russia but he didn't exonerate him on instruction of justice he very explicitly said we are not exonerating him trump said it's a complete and total exoneration why did he lie about the report again that it
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doesn't exonerate him. you know that word lie but you do it all right here and here i'm going to be we're going to. it's a very simple question what the report says it does not exonerate the question you asked is trying to keep them as simple as this is simple and yet says it does not exonerate him trump says total exoneration is that not a lie to say that a report exonerates you when the report explicitly says it doesn't help me out here that report said no crime was done enough not say that magic salary lied you are lying to all of us he says really let's try again while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate her mother gave obstruction of justice to congress to decide he says i'm not taking a decision obstruction of justice but here's the evidence for it tell you he should . have maybe he wanted to keep this whole thing open records and that's just
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by it's completely political whitewash and you know that's funny because if it's a political what was he saying that he wasn't exonerated in russia so he was so he may still have been involved in a conspiracy with the russians right according to you if we dismissed the mother and trump could still be a russian asset or are you cherry picking to be ridiculous. on the eclipse the president of russia so you like that part of it and i'm asking but it also suggests he's guilty of obstruction of justice i'm just wondering why you're picking and choosing from a four hundred forty eight page report i'm not i'm with you on the i'm saying you're right it has cleared him in russia i'm saying let's talk about the obstruction and also what do we obstruction of justice ten cases in the report i just told you. earlier sure. there were thirty something million dollars spent on this two years mother investigated everybody all over the place not. president trump tweeted this week quote if the pot is on dems the democrats ever tried to impeach i would first head to the u.s. supreme court what does that mean what would he do at the u.s.
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supreme court. you're going to have to ask the president about it he has a legal strategy and if you want to know what that is then you should call the white house but support the impeachment is not a legal case it's a political case by the house of representatives the senate the constitution makes very clear it's only for the senate and the house to decide impeachment supreme court doesn't play a role but which actually in claiming the supreme court has a role to play the house starts impeachment process and the senate has to ratify yes the supreme court to weigh in all sorts of things as may like it happened where is your the supreme court in one thousand nine hundred three said impeachment is only in the senate and nowhere else nobody thinks. all sorts of things will be going to the senate are going to go on the supreme court plays no role in impeachment you know it and i know it i don't know why you're defending the president i said i guess i said the supreme court could weigh in on it how are you got it where you so i just want our ways and so no role in the impeachment process . if there is impeachment and it was found their p.
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process in the house or in the senate was not done just justly then supreme court and where you know literally no word in the constitution and by the way just for of us that's not true it's not in the constitution we just said we had three ways that we have proof of the problem is a government shutdown pietschmann is our only senate and house impeachment nothing to the supreme court you know the more you know you know that you are forced to do it a president you told me earlier you don't want to defend him now you are defending him we gave you what have you understood a lot of a lot of people say you shouldn't have transpired in the t.v. because they lie and gadfly said no let's give them a chance to come on and talk about more you don't want to talk about it what can i do we try very hard i'm trying to talk about your charge about these ridiculous little things rather than what's actually going out but it will have to agree to disagree that obstruction of justice and lying to american people is a little thing but thank you more part of a joining me and up front appreciate you taking time out thanks mary here.
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this year is the fortieth anniversary of the iranian revolution and this week u.s. president donald trump continued to try and isolate iran by moving to cut off its oil revenues earlier i spoke with iranian dissident nobel peace laureate and human rights lawyer surely nobody began by asking her how she feels about a revolution she once supported them all that they'll be there done. that to her yes. or. me. to believe. that for the whole bit i'm all there must be gone by. what that. how many. have fallen. to the. that's the whole year into that. you're known around the world these days as one of
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the most high profile iranian dissidents a supporter of the various reform movements inside of iran but recently you seem to have hardened you all stops you now say reforming the system won't work you've called it useless you said you want regime change in teheran why. these sun the. whole year more that if that iran touch of a shirt but in cuba any invasion will mischa is snark had now. i'm all having a pleasure maharshi or what that's funny. he is still here that is gone so that now it if my going to get on us or see of us machine. in court east. of us in a mad bomb iran but that they'll really sue that big. man more to have it with the
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one that hydrogen is stan amal. tackett me quit now. well on us all sci fi heechul is still the t m con president's been a strong didn't. you said you don't condone any foreign intervention but you do want to change the regime and change the constitution aren't you worried that when you talk about changing the government you're only encouraging the hawks in washington d.c. in tel aviv in riyadh aren't you worried about a potentially devastating attack on iran from the us given the aggressive and tyranny and rhetoric that we hear from donald trump from mike pompei or from john bolton are you perhaps unwittingly playing into their hands. to see don. let me turn as he's on difficulty but that isn't the whole
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lot of washing up when. i get on. to get under one as. is first a father o'connell was see how to enough job it was shiny. none more hard lifted nor the color let that hardage you that you go on as. take me clowne. having that on as. well and on us all see. he channel is still hearty that you don and con. one thing you do support the trump is always talking about and threatening more of our sanctions against iran but you say you want sanctions that don't hurt the iranian people what kind of sanctions are those that even possible. attack imply husky muscle meters
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a fabric when it ain't care to let it on television of course is one that a kid really is satellite. would be. bad in the past when it. is so hard as in south of the total budget on my mobile can it get on well i'm going to have the ability sure. that. but putting sanctions on satellites or on foreign channels it's not going to bring down the iranian government you yourself said it has a very strong military it's been around for forty years that's pretty mild in terms of what you say you want to achieve but. fake nikolay. should told me. as. as soon as he needs a yemeni as it on him way at mclaren i said that i mean. kids are asking how to fight it with their. you along with fourteen other iranian intellectuals and
4:41 am
dissidents signed a petition calling for a un supervised referendum in iran to determine whether the government has the support of the people what do you think such a referendum would actually achieve if you could even pull it off given iran is a deeply divided country you know that even though lots of people don't like the government you would accept lots of people do like the government so what would a referendum prove big that it. sundog them. if. they're from no more. especially about the oil in the whole well in corner muscles see more that a devout go has yarn that. in our back about that is about his son's woman that bush it ok yes bought by very high mission who not would have had to push it to all your might yet guardian other defenders of the iranian government say the high turnout in elections was i think seventy three seventy four percent turnout in
4:42 am
the last presidential election that shows that despite everything the iranian political system for all its flaws and deficiencies still has popular support what do you say to them. coverage of the establishment good month there aren't a whole lot of thought that there in baghdad a bus ticket and. some are here to take a dish other than the one that is submitted by the yanks into what is no vote tolman to hold but mission the muslim because sonny than you done kid tall who do the. gym pay him a hall of fame that the muscle then dab into a hole there on e. been there oh honey you have a seat at the loft the whole back will turn and sauce me tad than that and see me that bad as it but he will not say that oh honey that that that nine carol honey where. the bombing that make you money gambling from them according to my one big bill young big we on the nickel all your in who wants even gone oh nastasia by
4:43 am
itself the blue star going on up. into all but initially that came out of the result of a dual southern bumblebees so that to get that a glow russell city's been sure the name of. giovanni zarif the iranian foreign minister recently submitted his resignation he's still in his job he's become synonymous in iran outside of iran with diplomacy with reaching out to the west that's upset more hardline voices in iran now you i'm guessing have a lot of disagreements with the review don't like the government of iran but given he's the guy pushing for diplomacy dialogue with the outside world isn't it better to have a government with zarif in it than zarif out of it but not divides or was she to see a seven hundred g. eight uganda rule is that the water has just a name and when it is still more nonpaying the quantity but here the body contains within it event nothing says that if heats or that you know that if i picked up it
4:44 am
by having that event that is said for the lot. of them but get one for them but i guess. some of suggest to do the research resignation was a gamble to try and ensure the survival of the iran nuclear deal which a lot of people inside of iran don't like some say the supreme leader doesn't like it either president trump of course has violated that deal with a draw in the united states from that deal do you believe the nuclear deal can survive given trump has pulled out given what's going on in iran mumba began. zuhdi field all honey he chose not to see them over the ems only about john other stuff i think but. like ever it was an amy dog you know joined at the retard like you about. that having that. deadly came and began. is still hot
4:45 am
sauce but of all of us so see if it be an composition is thank you honey if you are up to me about that his fight about me get to be enough that there were no more than one go on and the whole machine number of us in my bill of us said it. was the mouth of about me about being. enough each quarter how it has to mutter yet not let me get it but he got on us so seeing me. you've lived in exile for a decade since two thousand and nine when you decided not to return from a trip abroad because you believed your life was in danger back in iran you say you've lost your property your family your husband was forced to renounce you on tape you've since had to divorce do you think you'll ever see him again do you think you'll ever get back to iran any time soon must i want to be you know about me get cuba to what i want to make making them would all fit but who of us have called one of mrs sobek. into chism mani is how it was so i call her mood
4:46 am
but singular device yet to quickly it on the man only but i'm kid dad durrani kid. east bay don't baghdad that. way it has been begin with all your bad me get on your high. share in a body thank you for joining me on out front but for showing up for the movie barker next week. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious
4:47 am
questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is a one or a no pay. fold lines investigates how people reeling from drug use having exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. out of north. carolina. payment of them. burning started raining to the pressure of detailed coverage of the slip up to the coffee pot odds as they think of them both possible date this place from around the world last few days and i did read that water is once more rushing down river it's all the wealth of the pyramid covered fairly begun really. how have you changed since you were severed.
4:48 am
charging the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa. i know i maryam namazie in london just a quick. look at the headlines now sri lankan security forces have been engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks the shoot out happened during a raid on a property in the eastern city of cullen i a curfew has been imposed across the area police are searching for a hundred forty suspects accused of involvement in the attacks which killed more than two hundred fifty people men elfin and as has more now from colombo. bombed
4:49 am
but not broken the two hundred year old son anthony shrine called the church of miracles in ruins cameras allowed in for the first time since the easter sunday attacks to see the extent of the damage the head of the catholic church in sri lanka is struggling to comprehend the loss of life many people whose lives have been shattered and b. i have personally feel relieved loss for me personally because i have to buy community he says survivors of the blasts and relatives of victims are heavily traumatized and in need of psychological and spiritual strength rebuilding the churches will be a different challenge but there has been an offer of help for worshippers in the meantime we're overcoming the chris here are very very poor want to have their mark my markers open but they're good they're proud to be there on their power i mean very few are the very very firm in their water who are directly are prepared to
4:50 am
protect their part of them and to that it would be what our example religious leaders have worked hard to keep their communities calm and united politicians have accepted some blame and apologized prison multiple a serious ina says he won't shy away from responsibility but was quick to point to what he said contributed to the intelligence lapse and the lack of response to warnings of attacks if i did bargain now what about the civil society figures who weakened the intelligence sector should take note the intelligence services have been undermined i fought to protect them against being jailed and we couldn't. for the families who lost loved ones in sunday's carnage woods are of little comfort and the security personnel hunt for dozens of remaining operatives still at large fears of further attacks of foremost in people's minds it could be some time before
4:51 am
samantha needs church reopens its doors for families of victims it will never be quite the same again in a financial. colomba sudan's military council has denied reports that former ministers and members of the ruling party have been freed from jail it comes as thousands of people held friday prayers outside the army headquarters in the heart to mean the latest show of opposition to military rule they say they won't leave until the army hands over power to a civilian authority. a powerful cycle has hit northern mozambique destroying homes and killing at least one person and a country still reeling from last month's deadly cyclone the world meteorological organization says psycho and kenneth which brought storm surges and wind gusts of up to two hundred eighty kilometers per hour is the strongest hit the region in recorded history. protest is in algeria keeping up the pressure on remnants of the political regime that was led by former president abdelaziz bouteflika tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests
4:52 am
demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to corruption several figures close to the former president have already been sacked or arrested over alleged corruption. the united nations says rockets and mortar shells hit residential neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli is the target of an offensive by general thirty five to who wants to wrestle the city from the un recognized government of libya. and taught me knight of nations officials say that more international support is desperately needed to help foremost a million rango muslims forced to flee me and mar they've been visiting refugee camps in bangladesh which are home to the hundreds of thousands who fled in late two thousand and sixteen during a brutal crackdown by myanmar's army the u.n. is hoping to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid you're up to date with all of our top stories return of a president is the program that's coming up next and then i'll be back with more news after that in about twenty five minutes time they say with us see
4:53 am
a bit later. the this is a president of madagascar mark carbonel man and. the first time i met him was in south africa. he was in exile deposed by military coup so it looked really think this is it is good cheer to take a photo because of all the healing and chess where would you like to say. i want to stay on up there. born into a poor families family he worked his way up to become one of madagascar us largest food producers. in two thousand and two he was
4:54 am
elected president of madagascar. he was reelected with a larger majority in two thousand and six. during his presidency new schools health clinics and roads step is to cross the country. in the middle of his second term the mayor of the capital and who had organized a military coup against him. and. the democratically elected ivan a man and i sat in south africa while the coup leader this in charge of medicare
4:55 am
ska. rumor has it that france the former colonial power back the coup you can see and if you're right you probably don't know what is the focal point for me about this but. it's a. process it's. ok. the women but it's a day. in the business to go to sunday excess of yes we're going to go this present good book a ticket to yes if you're going to look at to get ok because the media there's lots of media going toward there was yes something was fed to get a little bit kills canadians and yes some of them they foresee keeping. this
4:56 am
but this sequence of the with the senate intelligence said oh it's all subject to discuss it so feeds and have somebody to look for both the possibility for someone this is a risk first post the way do we do that's just your thoughts is this is yourself was is a bait i respond to the kids. yeah that's ok don't go see it and it's easier to solve so that my that's something my yes but then you have to descend to the guy's exact was telling you what to do. to somebody. and. i did my best to do in the period of play dancing. they resolved. the school. i or cookbook i were crazy within
4:57 am
a month from me the. finals of the restitution. to world bank the i.m.f. they helped me clean up the depth of my desk. my priority was for the infrastructure of educational reform rebel development. i did them for. appeal reprieve. the minute he. saved we did now the knee board others in their island saw it's not normal. to spanned. thirty to forty percent of our budget. for the for very many that.
4:58 am
don't oppose it really. good and gentle. but i just want to shout in situ to fiddle to the brain i think i was really cool sure. enough it did you do feel a chill. i was a hell of a lot of. the full young but still a full bodied he's a pro but if you see it if you look. for a particular video. i think it would be very too soon to get into it you didn't. because. it is i think the subquery of all the events that took him to seems to come someone feeling
4:59 am
fit and healthy young. and probably nothing to me less likely to make as cute as a single because it's a bit long. preachy fulfil release your former prime minister. the first to need to talk to. us to pay cuckoo to hands contrition. and prepare restrain missing was a beauty carrying out operation black monday was held in two thousand and nine fun and decisions were made to recruit. because it's from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and truck spots throughout the country to. something that he can government. is this necessary to show its human sacrifice of
5:00 am
success and to create. one soon on the situation. i don't want to the. book because for a very bad then this does to frighten. me in the west it's way from me say well. and then come up in my room and be a point. made for saying if you will bolt. we should you. know i don't want to have could you take him. away.


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