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even in five people. confirmed to our desire both by sources and or sought by the families of these people five members of the ruling former ruling council who are not on the outs formalise that i mentioned that was denied by the military council this will have been released except one of them who has been moved from prison to house arrest and that is as good as it hasn't who are secretary general of the islamic movement that has been ruling in so than the others include him above here the former head of parliament two ministers and one businessman the four of them were close to him out of the chute and were senior members of the former regime and the former ruling party so there were two lists one of them has been denied by the by the military council and one has not been mentioned the names in the second list have not been mentioned have not been included in the denial and their families confirmed but they are still the have been released and the understanding here is
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that the military council doesn't want that information about releasing any members of the former regime to be disseminated so the shows that blanket denial. and they don't want it to be disseminated because they don't want to cause more anger among the protesters the main demand of these protesters is to rest and to put in jail all of the members of the former regime to try them because they are accused of being part of the of the down of the corruption of all the problems that have been you know the setting sudan during the last thirty years and that's why the military council doesn't want that information as i said to be disseminated thank you very much for the latest from. that. well meanwhile over in algeria protest is there a keeping up the pressure on remnants of the political regime that was that by former president bill as he's beautifully tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to corruption several figures close to the former president
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have already been sacked or arrested over alleged corruption beautifully came self resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests we did all of them will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all goes back to the people so that's what we're looking for we don't want them just to lead we want to be judged so that's what we want to learn though they didn't do the there's this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because of risk islam originalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for centuries and we will go back to marginalize editions corruption of the abuse of power. united nations is saying rockets and mortar shells have hit residential neighborhoods in the libyan capital tripoli is the target of an offensive by road general who after it wants to wrestle a city from the u.n. recognized government of libya almost three hundred people have been killed and
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around thirty nine thousand have been displaced on thursday the international committee of the red cross describes some residential areas as battlefields meanwhile doctors without borders has released video of a raid on the us or been a series detention center half those forces are accused of storming the facility south of tripoli on tuesday and beating migrants and refugees who are protesting about the conditions there at least two people were killed and twenty injured. it with the news hour live from london much more still ahead we're going to be bringing you all the latest at the detention center in mexico where hundreds of migrants staged a mass escape overnight. china's president seeks to ease fears over his belt and road project connecting asia to europe at a forum attended by thirty seven world leaders. and rafael nadal takes one step closer to yet another clay court title in bosler new ill have that story.
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united nations has warned of massive flooding over the next ten days in mozambique after a second powerful storm hit the country site claimed kenneth has destroyed homes and killed at least three people just six weeks off the country was lashed by site clonie die tens of thousands of people had already been evacuated from the worst hit area the un says it's the first time in recorded history that the southern african nation has been hit by two cyclons in one season. well joining me now is matthew carter the communications coordinator for the international federation of the red cross he is on skype for us from now in northern mozambique thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us can i start by asking about conditions in the north of the country which was worst hit by this storm.
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for more information we're guessing the conditions are very poor indeed. i'm speaking to you from the employees you say which is some four hundred kilometers south of. denver near where the site clone made landfall but i am one district for example. local most mozambique red cross volunteers have been on the ground unless a something like ninety percent of houses to be destroyed are the same as an urgent need for tents for food but water. nine districts in the northernmost province of mozambique they're without power so we're still ascertaining what level of damages . as hits but. we yeah i mean that the first news the first indication this isn't good from the area. can i just ask you whether i mean obviously conditions are still high difficult there is the risk of flooding infrastructure and roads have
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been severely damaged as have your teams on the ground managed to access the area. i mean way that. information at this minute at the minute i know that local volunteers on the ground have accessed many districts in the northern most provinces. of mozambique but i can tell you they they've got access that reactor in fact i think it's likely they haven't been able to get to every area what i can tell you though is that these volunteers are often members of the local being that sees them they live alongside the local people and see them in the days before leading up to the cycler and they were going around giving early warning signals where possible to their communities and now they do it they're in there doing the assessments on part that seem in them people who are trying to get north from the international federation of the red cross to support that effort and sue or make some assessments of our. you've obviously spent some time in mozambique
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there are already aid groups on the ground there because of site clone which you know sadly only hit the country just weeks ago what sort of challenges does this new storm present how major could the humanitarian operation be now in the north of the country well i mean i guess the risk is the results as they're already stretched become become too stretched you know is completely unprecedented for mozambique to have such to such a large scale psychosis such a sorts but it's a time i think it's i've been stages in the fact that it's the age immunity the red cross are here responding in in barrow as you said in central mozambique to so i close it hey the red cross about some one hundred twenty delegates international staff on the ground support to work with the mozambique where across. and i mean in
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the rest the rest in the in the you know short term it is shelter but the forecast is for a prolonged period of brame heavy rains over north america be you know what we what we worry about most is landslides is flooding in the short term and then also of all disease which we saw. earlier we saw cholera in bearer after the first cycle and so those are the immediate concerns we have. is indeed a remarkable set of short and long term challenges in one of the world's poorest countries thank you very much for shedding some light on it for us matthew carter there from the international federation of the red cross. well at least thirteen hundred mainly cuban migrants of stage the biggest mass escape in recent memory from a mexican detention center the migrants escaped on foot from the top of center in the south of the country on the border with somalia many have complained of
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overcrowding insufficient food and unsanitary conditions off of them return voluntarily with about six hundred reported to still be on the loose this is the third time since october that migrants at the center have rioted against conditions . is live in tapachula for money what is the situation there now. he well things have certainly calmed down compared to what the scene must have been like here in the late hours of last night outside of this micro detention center owned or operating by the national migration institute of mexico what we can tell you is that this is a detention center that when it was built it was designed to house some one thousand migrants. one thousand three hundred migrants escaped last night and we know that not everybody left so what we can assume from that what we can gather from that is that this that this detention center was at least twice at capacity as it would normally be and as you mentioned already mariyam it isn't the first time
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that we've seen dressed happen at this detention center what the events that took place in the late hours of last night are without precedent but there have been protests in the past there have been a borderline riots given the. due to the living conditions of the overcrowded space at the specific detention center but we're talking about predominantly cuban migrants that were being held here some have been here for days others for for several weeks waiting to be processed and in that time growing impatient growing frustrated over the living conditions over the overcrowded miss of the facility itself but i feel as though this is emblematic of this larger problem that mexico is having to deal with which is the influx of migrants not only from central america but from other regions we know of the migrants from cuba that are being held here there's migrants as we speak right now just behind me from haiti that are waiting for relatives inside we know of migrants from other parts of the world that are arriving in unprecedented numbers but of course none compare to those numbers
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that we're seeing arrive from the caravans of central america a lot of mala of el salvador as well part predominantly from honduras and all of this could be one of the reasons why we're seeing such a drastic shift in the attitude that the mexican government has toward migrants specifically from central america take a look. at the center. american migrants are being chased by mexican immigration agents in coordination with federal police immigration officials now appear to be adopting a more aggressive approach toward migrants tearing through mexico's southern border . is traveling from us she and her family ramon a group of thousands of central american migrants that was recently rounded up. they came and started rounding people up it was very violent mothers ran screaming and children were crying foul and it was. some three hundred seventy five people
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were captured during a raid. many who managed to escape ran off into the surrounding countryside over the next few days migrants were forced to move about in secret under the scorching mexican sun and with very little food or water. that caravan which had numbered as many as three thousand people has since split up mexico's president has maintained that the nation's immigration policy hasn't changed saying instead that mexico's national migration institute is trying to achieve a more orderly and safe movement of people but the reality on the ground here in southern mexico is very different. checkpoints like this one along the highway leading north from the mexico guatemala border have seen an increase in federal police officers interviewing motorists and searching vehicles for undocumented migrants the growing criminalization of migrants traveling through mexico could mean the mexican government has caved to pressure from u.s.
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president donald trump. but mexico is now stopping people coming very easy for them to do stopping people coming in through mexico as you know they keep it down if they keep doing that now if they don't or if we don't make. a deal with congress the border is going to be closed hundred percent ok what are your. everyone of those with the along with the crackdown on migrants mexico is also no longer issuing humanitarian visas but despite efforts to dissuade central americans from leaving their countries the flow of migration shows no signs of easing official estimates suggest three thousand migrants have transited through mexico so far this year. for families like the nessus who are fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries and are unwilling to return to central america the only choice is to continue their journey north through mexico toward a country whose president has repeatedly said they are not welcome. and many were
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saying that some of the migrants voluntarily returned to the detention center but there are still hundreds on the loose so what's going to happen to them. that's a good question mary but we know that there are still somewhere between six hundred seven hundred individuals who managed to escape that are on accounted for their names are registered in a database here with the national migration institute so it would be safe to assume that if they were if and when they do get captured they could be cued for immediate to deportation but we simply don't know exactly what their fate fate is going to be there are thousands of migrants here in southern mexico in the state of chiapas who for the most part everyone that we've spoken to tells us overwhelmingly that they have no intentions of staying in mexico their ultimate goal they seemed determined to reach the southern border of the united states thank you very much with all the latest from topic to the and mexico money. united states is run top its
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pressure on venezuela by imposing sanctions on the country's foreign minister the u.s. treasury department says all of. american assets will be blocked as well as those of a venezuelan judge it's the latest move by washington aimed at ousting president nicolas maduro and his government meanwhile the venezuelan opposition politician has been arrested in caracas. the opposition controlled national assembly says it was detained by intelligence agents for violating parliamentary immunity karo was also arrested in twenty seventeen accused of plotting a vault against the dura well there is lots more still ahead for you on the program will be visiting the fostering syrian refugee camp in jordan by some babies are born every week into an uncertain future. with breaks it dominating the u.k. campaigns ahead of the european elections we meet the citizens angry they won't be allowed to take part in what could be a vital vote. and five time champions the san antonio spurs avoid
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a first round exit from the n.b.a. playoffs and for a decisive game seven. now for those of you off to germany or poland to sort of i say it's nice and warm when it's bad to change all these clouds drifting slowly from behind me in this general directions but not temperatures back again by some like ten degrees for example in germany but in down to nineteen and spread cloud and rain rather more wise for that has been the case the last few days that's all coming from the atlantic and it's left a legacy of a spinning top as you can see over england which tristan's the southern no say wet and windy weather then the order today for the british isles the low countries down to a good part of france as well and twelve in paris zurich even colder than zurich is
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ira but spain and portugal come back into the fine warm more typical spring like with all this is happening over the european mainland which means throughout the mid mistreated from west to east still confined to be quiet the hot air that the in blowing additive libyan back into musial that's going that in fact twenty in tripoli at the moment twenty eight in benghazi and rebalanced twenty five in the sunshine goes up to twenty seven even juicing a bit of cloud in the sky to our west africa on the line to here as across towards somalia there are showers big ones mostly they're gonna. come the family harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish our scares to the fishing and dicing with death. i'm afraid of
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falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coffee my family needed the men who go to the extreme just to make a living god you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. examining the headline it's a collapse the quarterly beeves that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have real to way i became you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories now a gun battle has broken out in sri lanka as police continue to search for suspects involved in easter sunday suicide bomb attacks which killed more than two hundred fifty people. saddam's transitional military council is denying reports that foreign ministers and members of the ruling party have been freed from jail thousands of people held friday prayers outside army headquarters in far too in their latest show opposition to military rule. and protesters in algeria keeping up the pressure on remnants of the political regime of the former president tens of thousands of people rallied in algiers on the tenth consecutive friday of protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite and an end to corruption. all the other stories we're following top united nations official say more international support is desperately needed to
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help almost a million range of muslims forced to flee myanmar they've been visiting refugee camps in bangladesh which are home to the hundreds of thousands who fled in late two thousand and sixteen during a brutal crackdown by myanmar's army the u.n. is hoping to raise nearly a billion dollars in humanitarian aid. many refugee camps are towers temper shelters for people fleeing war or famine in which grown men affectively turn into towns in a new series a life displaced we take a closer look at the life of refugees around the world and we begin in jordan as atari count is home to eighty thousand refugees from the war in neighboring syria and has been its method of ports more than half of them a children are high it is adjusting to the light is just a few minutes old the very latest refugee to arrive in zaatari camp around eighty babies are born here every week. is exhausted mother fatma is twenty years old this
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is her third child most to you they say that's it that's not their wishes to get fame and this. they say this is normal for our community we are supposed to have this number of babies like ten babies are more my husband wants more and this is the usual culture here that's their job to give birth to this large number of babies it's the norm for them. this was atari seven years ago rose of hastily erected tens on a patch of desert in jordan near the syrian border today it's home to almost eighty thousand refugees forty percent of them are under eleven years old they've known no other life almost everyone knows someone a relative killed in syria's civil war and doctors tell me helps explain the particularly our birthrate because some of the women say that the help making up the people lost in the bombing and fight. conflict has left people here uncertain
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of the future and that say the doctors means many more women being married off in their teens as families look for stability. health workers put in a lot of effort trying to promote birth control. this is rima twenty two year old. child and that'll do for now she says. i dream of a better quality of life for me and my turn theron i don't want any more now but maybe i will after three to five years and i dream to have them in syria proper use of says three children is enough. i want my children to learn to be educated to have a quality of life much better at the mine and i want to take them back to syria but syria will take years to rebuild so our high could well grow up here he will be safe and ferdinand will get an education would like almost everyone else his life
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here will be lived in limbo unable to leave and an able to make a life elsewhere bernard smith al-jazeera zaatari on the jordan syria border china's president has been defending his controversial bolton road initiative at the opening of a major summit in beijing sheeting payne's infrastructure scheme has come under fire for saddling participant countries with unsustainable levels of debt in return for poorly managed projects katrina you has more from beijing. one of the world's most powerful leaders making a powerful entrance chinese president xi jinping arriving at the belton road summit venue flanked by almost forty heads of state in front of government representatives from more than one hundred countries. in his opening address president xi said he would work to ensure the controversial project connecting asia to europe africa and beyond. would be sustainable green and provide growth for all those taking part.
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in the new initiative has helped people's lives in the countries involved and creating opportunities for purdy he rejected criticism that the costs involved would lose some countries into levels of debt they would find almost impossible to pay back estimates put the bill for the long list of infrastructure projects at close to one trillion dollars there are pipelines ports bridges and railways all designed to improve trading links. we. have to the rules and standards that encourage put his painting company to follow general international rules and standards in project among those attending a key supporters of the initiative russian president vladimir putin and pakistani prime minister imran khan but china's biggest trading partner the united states has not sent a delegation washington officials say the bolton road initiative is a vanity project which comes with too many strings attached. china has dismissed
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the u.s. as concerns as western resistance to china's growth but there's also been criticism of the bottom road scheme from inside the country to distance questioning whether china a developing country itself can really afford to be spending so much money. export import bank says one hundred forty nine billion dollars has so far been burned out to support some of the developments. analysts say the scheme is a long term investment for china. we need to make money and we need new markets so it's wrong to say we're giving aid to other countries there's not a case this money is an investment. during the first. twenty seventeen government backed videos dominated social media scrutiny now it's selling the sky is no longer that simple. a joint communique will be released with
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all eyes on president xi to see how he will deliver on his promise to ensure the project benefits not just china but all involved between e.u. al-jazeera beijing the u.n. secretary general has come in for criticism after failing to highlight the plight of muslim we goes in western china during a trip to beijing human rights watch accused terrorists of letting china off the hook our diplomatic editor james bays reports. the u.n. secretary general in beijing for a summit marking china's belt and road initiative an ambitious global network of infrastructure and trading projects all linked to china something that in itself is far from uncontroversial and tonio good terrorists did make a public speech in china but there was no mention of the we go community inching zhang a glaring omission according to human rights groups who claim as many as one million we get as could be being held in detention in an article for the washington post
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the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth detects a pattern he writes could terrorists should show that he can fulfill the full scope of his responsibilities as u.n. secretary general he's excessively quad diplomacy is selling short his position and the promise of the united nations the secretary general has only once publicly spoken about the we get issue this year and that was to decline to answer a question i know that there is a dialogue between the office of their commission human rights under the people's republic of china in that regard i am not in a position to give any details at the present moment probably fate would be talking about it i would make it more difficult for it to succeed china has considerable clout at the un as one of the five permanent members of the un security council is that why the secretary general is pulling his punches this secretary general has been anything but quiet on his defense of human rights globally i would refer you
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to a number of speeches he's delivered of the human rights. council in the way also that he has really mainstream the role of human rights in all of the un's work does he make a different calculation on speaking out on human rights issues that involve human rights abuses by permanent members no i don't think there is that calculation his goal is to. promote human rights he will do it differently at different times the u.n. says the circuitry general brought up all the relevant issues when he was in beijing they say they'll give more details in the coming days i can tell you no one here is expecting that to include a fulsome denunciation of china's human rights record james zero of the united nations. u.s. president ronald trump has denied claims that he paid north korea two million dollars for the return of american student auto won't be a truck was responding to
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a report in thursday's washington post that said he authorized the payment of a huge bill to modify pyongyang to cover won't be as medical care student entered a coma in north korea after being detained and tortured for a moving a propaganda poster from a wall during a trip there he died after his return to the united states trump wrote on twitter that he had never paid money for any hostage well now a russian woman who admitted to being a kremlin spies been sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united states maria bettina pleaded guilty in december to conspiracy and infiltrating the n.r.a. gun lobby to influence republicans and conservative u.s. activists the judge also ordered bettina be deported back to russia after completing her jail term. on sunday spain will vote for its third parliament in less than five years no single party is expected to secure
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a majority but all eyes are on the rising far right candidates on both the left and the right to aging spaniards not to vote for the vox party which is aligned to the far right movement emerging across europe a final opinion poll in spain's outcries newspaper suggests the ruling socialist led by prime minister pedro sanchez will win the biggest share of votes with around one hundred twenty nine seats second is the conservative people's party which was ousted by a corruption scandal last year with seventy eight seats that would be its worst result ever see adonis a populist centrist party which is shifted to the right is projected to get forty six seats and the left wing populist party demos is on course for thirty five seats but the poll gives vox thirty seats though with many voters undecided it's become the focus of speculation about last minute shifts in voting intentions and it could become the kingmaker in a potential right wing coalition with the people's party and see it that honest if they win one hundred seventy six seats between them algis there is joan hull has
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more now from seville on the rise of spain's far right. bursting on to the political scene vox and its leader santiago of our skull are spain's on so to a surge in far right populism elsewhere in europe often seen as mainstream media shy the party prefers to communicate with its supporters in person and online the major themes immigration and nationalism. who is santiago of our skull asks this whatsapp campaign video his grandmother explains that as a child in his native bilbao the proudly spanish of a skull was bullied by basque separatists on the playground today it is separatism in catalonia the vox and of a skull stand against the party's most passionate battle call is for the unity of spain vox scaly using very very true spanish feeling think you meant in present spent invokes years this feeling this n t independence
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is coursing in spain to gain votes and they were very successful with that one frequent vox promises to make spain great again if you think you recognize it this might be why steve bannon donald trump's former chief strategist is a strong supporter seen here with a prominent vox official there's also a familiar ring to the party's nostalgic appeal to the traditions of the past among its policies for instance is restoring bullfighting to what it says is its rightful place as a grand spanish institution vox bears the hallmarks of fire and populism those are labels your party rejects so how do you see vox how does vox see itself. to help out the. votes as a party of commonsense many say we're a necessary party for one main reason and because we're the only party that openly confronts cattle and separatism the only party that opposes the divisions created
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by regional autonomy and the only party that confronts the ideology of the left. it was only last december that fox emerged from political obscurity winning a surprise twelve seats in the regional parliament of under lucy here in seville and becoming a kingmaker in a three way coalition of the political right in regional government well many people wonder whether vox could do it again only this time at a national level. everything first comes the cry from the podium. all over the the archive journal al-jazeera civill thousands of trade union members have rallied outside the european union headquarters in brussels demanding better working conditions demonstrators from across europe say the current e.u. rulebook gives too much power to businesses and employers and not enough to ordinary workers peaceful.


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