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here every friday until have the forces move back to the east of the country. the u.n. is warning mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as horror can force winds give way to torrential rain so close encounter with packed category four wins this slowing down now local media are reporting deaths in the single figures tens of thousands of homes were evacuated along the indian ocean coastline it's the first time in recent history the southern african nation has seen two side close in one season. and is with the united nations world food program she says it will be a challenge to reach those who are most in need this is indeed the strongest site on that the country has seen in its history and we are very concerned because we are already. very worried about the situation the human in situation following the situation i die from last month and now this is the inside zone is.
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taking you know another draw on the mozambique population so we are expecting six hundred millimeters of rain falls in the ten coming days which is twice as much as though the rain that we have seen in the bay are after sites. matthew carter is the communications call the data for the international federation of the red cross he says those widespread devastation. they in one district for example. local mozambique red cross volunteers been on the ground there say something like ninety percent of houses to be destroyed and they're saying as an urgent need for tents for food for water. nine districts in the north most provinces mozambique are without power so we're still ascertaining what level of damages. as he gets
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but. yeah i mean that the first news that first occasion this isn't good from the area the forecast is for a long period of rain heavy rains over northern most m.p. and you know what we what we worry about most is landslides is flooding in the short term and then also policies which we saw. calling it we shall color in bearer after the first cycle and so those are the immediate concerns we have all still ahead of al jazeera why this year's election in many in is taken in interesting terms foes who's prepared to head to the polls on sunday plus. caught on camera new cases of alleged police brutality against america's black community.
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there's been a scattering of tornadoes from texas towards the florida panhandle and this frontal system as it went through that is going offshore now and like the last one it's a long way north for you see the back end of it is still cold enough for a bit of snow in quebec and rain out into the federer he's in that part of calendar that is all gone quiet in the next system you pick up in the midwest is this one here still called the for a little bit of snow not much mostly it's a rain story and it's warm again and does warm but with a feed of increasing the moist back towards the pacific coast all looks quiet that's quite a surprise as well as a runner from the south say to sunday there is more snow is pretty across from the west and kind of down towards the northern rockies in the cascades and that system that was over the midwest is graunt drove in and moved eastwards towards the atlantic seaboard but the tail which might suggest a few showers song become a bit pokey from texas again towards georgia but nothing to think too dangerous to
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the south end first of all the back end of that cold front means a few showers the bahamas for us in cuba and probably pass the yucatan as well if that is quite a scattering of showers now on a daily basis anywhere from jamaica east was for the smaller caribbean islands where it's also very windy. china's a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred years or older one on one east investigates the raging home for the secrets to a long and healthy life on al-jazeera the shortest lived administration in spain in modern history has been forced to call a snap election on april the twenty eight with the polls suggesting a fragmented vote and the rise of the far right populist movement fox can the socialist alliance hold on to power stay with al-jazeera for the latest on the spanish election.
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welcome back it's time to recap the headlines on al-jazeera now trying to security forces have engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks meanwhile the military says it found the bodies of fifteen people including six children inside the house during a raid in come on i release earlier found explosives as a prophecy they believe is connected to the attack searching for one hundred forty suspects several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison this is likely to further anger protesters rallying outside army headquarters they want the military. president on one of the shia to hand over
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to civilian government. the u.n. is warning mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as it gets hammered by a second cycle in just under two months kenneth category four winds but is now weakening. sunday's legislative election in beni will have no opposition politicians on the ballot the election commission says groups opposed to the government well i'm not able to meet new requirements i'm about timing reports in the commercial capital. campaigning for these elections has been everything but business as usual there are two parties able to field candidates for eighty three national assembly positions and they're both pro government. according to the electoral commission none of the opposition parties met the requirements of a new natural code and charter of political parties one view from the eligible republican party is that the opposition party simply couldn't get organized and.
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time to meet the requirements. it's also about taxes most of the national assembly members who cannot take part in this election have been in government over the last ten years and have properties and business interests and companies and now they can't meet that tax bills so they're not eligible for us in the republican party we are not only proud to be taking part in this election we're also doing our best to defend the constitution. well that's not the view from the other side opposition politicians believe the eligibility ruling is a deliberate move to fill the national assembly but candidates that will comply with the president's agenda to force to do so don't think. it's a legislative coup and for us in opposition it is not acceptable we cannot endorse what's happening whichever way you look at it this is an unprecedented situation so much so that it's prompted religious leaders traditional regional chiefs the west
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african bloc. and non-governmental organizations also to lobby the president to intervene however the president says the poles on sunday should go ahead the assembly failed to reach an agreement on a constitutional way forward following the announcement in march that the opposition parties were ineligible according to a prominent civil society activist what's happening takes the country back decades so. it's unfortunate it's sad and it's a step back for a democratic tradition and been in and it's contrary to article three of our constitution since multi-party democracy the people of britain have had the right to vote with legitimate options and this is a part of their sovereignty and now millions of been in years will be denied that right. as the country prepares to vote many are wondering what will happen next as they find themselves in unfamiliar territory and are forcing al-jazeera. the human rights watch has criticised the un secretary general for neglecting to
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highlight the plight of muslim weakness in western china trip to beijing it accused antonio terrors of letting china off the hook diplomatic editor james bays now. the u.n. secretary general in beijing for a summit marking china's belt and road initiative an ambitious global network of infrastructure and trading projects all linked to china something that in itself is far from uncontroversial and tonio good terrorists did make a public speech in china but there was no mention of the we go community inching zhang a glaring omission according to human rights groups who claim as many as one million we get as could be being held in detention in an article for the washington post the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth detects a pattern he writes could terrorists should show that he can fulfill the full scope of his responsibilities as un secretary general he's excessively quark diplomacy is
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selling short his position and the promise of the united nations the secretary general has only once publicly spoken about the we get issue this year and that was to decline to answer a question i know that there is a dialogue between the office of their commission human rights and the people's republic of china in that regard i am not in a position to give any details at the present moment probably if a would be talking about it i would make it more difficult for it to succeed china has considerable clout at the un as one of the five permanent members of the un security council is that why the secretary general is pulling his punches the secretary general has been anything but quiet on his defense of human rights globally i would refer you to a number of speeches he's delivered of the human rights. council in the way also that he has really mainstream the role of human rights in all of the un's work does
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he make a different calculation on speaking out on human rights issues that involve human rights abuses by permanent members no i don't think there is that calculation his goal is to. promote human rights he will do it differently at different times the u.n. says the secretary general brought up all the relevant issues when he was in beijing they say they'll give more details in the coming days i can tell you no one here is expecting that to include a fulsome denunciation of china's human rights record james pays out zero at the united nations. more than one thousand students and staff at two u.s. universities have been quarantined to try and contain a fast spreading outbreak of measles cases are at a twenty five year high seven hundred have been reported this year all really california state university in the university of california in los angeles ordered people who may have been exposed to the disease into quarantine on campus or at
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home the outbreak is largely being blamed on parents refusing to vaccinate their children. u.s. courses jailed a russian agent for eighteen months for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association prosecutors say thirty year old bellina buttin attempted to influence the gun lobby group and sway the government's policies to favor moscow she'll be deported to russia after completing her sentence relations between police and african-americans in the u.s. have flared again after a controversial new video appearing to show officers using unnecessary force and the gallacher force from miami. this was the day the family of curry jones had been waiting for him twenty sixteen to thirty one year old broke down on the side of the road when police officer newman rodger drove the wrong way apart from stopping just meters from him the court was told roger didn't
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identify himself to corey jones and drew his weapon prosecutors say jones who was legally armed thought he was being carjacked and drew his own legally held firearm and run away rodger fired six shots killing the musician and youth mentor roger has never. apologized. but the. giant. yeah. he has. a word a week before roger was sentenced video emerged of two white officers pepper spraying punching and slamming the head of fifteen year old deluca roll into the ground police accuse the teenager of taking an aggressive stance but both officers have since been placed on paid administrative assignments and charges against the fifteen year old have been dropped his mother says it should never have happened in the first place. but he. is.
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my. it wouldn't give me a time what they are what every police brother would have been my door. and the people who i suppose that protect my children made. on thursday yet another video showing a police officer slamming each girl to the ground benjamin crump says the conviction of newman rodger is a start but doesn't happen often enough it is a milestone for many black americans not only florida but all across the united states so we thank the prosecutor's office we thank the court for giving equal justice in recent years the shooting of unarmed black man has sparked outrage across the u.s. and videos like the one of the local role emerge on a regular basis trials in convictions of police officers a few and far between but there's a growing call for accountability and justice names of victims like michael brown
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twelve year old timmy rice and eric garner often cited and civil rights activists don't want to see that list grow and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. denies his states has ramped up its pressure on venezuela by imposing sanctions on the country's top diplomat far. there was targeted as well as a venezuelan judge the u.s. treasury department says all of american assets will be blocked huge amounts of tropical rain forests were destroyed across the world last year to make way for large scale farming operations that's according to a global forest watch report it says last year hundred twenty thousand square kilometers that's almost the size of england was cleared the forests were removed the equivalent of thirty football fields a minute. and the ivory coast topped the list of countries who've lost a green cover there are also significant losses in the democratic republic of congo
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colombia bolivia and indonesia and brazil of third of all primary pristine rain forest was last. brazil's indigenous groups fear that a recent decision by the president could wipe out more forests from the land of their ancestors throws a bow as more on that route through for three days thousands of members of brazil's indigenous tribes took to the streets in brazilian. on friday he protested at the health ministry congress and the department of justice where they called on the new minister said is your model the carwash corruption scandal judge to listen to their demands. my polo is a member of the come by you a tribe she travels for a day to be here at the free land camp that happens every year in brasilia she says she's afraid of the future ok i get that but it but the it goes i'm afraid for our children for our land for our forests that are so important to us in our area we
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are surrounded by loggers who want to grow the soybean our water is becoming more polluted every day. since taking office brazil's president also nytol has moved land demarkation awfully from the office of indigenous affairs to agriculture something that worries most people view. once on nat'l has also said he's hoping to develop the amazon rain forest something that this people say will likely increase deforestation. all year so i being led by miners and loggers and that may mean that government by many fear that i don't and i don't prioritise development over the thirty five of their culture and their way of life was health is also an issue as the government proposed to transfer indigenous health services from the federal government to municipalities. for people like
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money fast this would present a major challenge to look at look at the same old says he does look that there are many indigenous groups in the villages that don't understand health care and indigenous groups are already discriminated against in the municipalities so we need to have the federal government involved. people here say they're ready to fight for their rights and defend the areas the base believe are sacred to munteanu their way of life so. they said well i just see that brasilia. let's recap our headlines here in algeria now sri lankan security forces have engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter sunday attacks the military says it found the bodies of fifteen people including six children during a raid on a house in the eastern city of qom when i police earlier found explosives that are
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probably they believe is connected to the attack they're searching for one hundred forty suspects florence slowly as well from colombo we're hearing that there have been fifteen bodies that were recovered including that of six children this is from the place where there was a gun battle with authorities that that erupted on friday night and it started as one of the search operations that security forces have been conducting across the island over the last week and that tend into a gun battle that went on for more than an hour at the very least now a search operation is still underway for more gunmen for more suspects now several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison this is likely to further anger protesters running outside army headquarters they want the military to hand over to civilian rule the u.n. is warning mozambique is in danger of widespread flooding as it gets hammered by
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a second site just under two months kenneth packed category four winds but is now weakening. you know the jury of thousands of demonstrators were back on the streets for the tenth friday in a row and all those associated with the old regime of president abilities beautifully to go he resigned earlier this month after pressure from the military. the interior minister of libya's u.n. recognize government says his forces will launch an offensive against walls helicopters forces within days privily has been the target of half of those fighters for more than two weeks friday the u.n. said rockets and mortar shells hit residential neighborhoods of the capital international committee of the red cross thirty nine thousand people live and u.s. causes jail the russian agent for eighteen months for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association a gun lobby group those are your headlines the news continues after one zero one
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the stay with us. refugees heading for a better life in australia intersected and sent to remote island indefinite detention in conditions of conscience. understand how we can do this to smuggle for each and eyewitness accounts the main thing in dying for pain for even asking themselves to kill themselves witness chasing aside and. on al-jazeera. all. the.
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millions of tourists flock to china's bamma region every year but it's not the spectacular scenery they come to say it's the elderly residents an astonishing number are over one hundred and it's kickstarted a thriving tourist industry. one o one east investigates if they hold the secrets to a long and healthy last. comma county in the southern chinese province of one c. used to be one of the country's poorest regions. now it's rebranded so as the center for health human palaces and long life. very long lost. there are five times more centennial see it goes over one hundred than anywhere else in china.
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in a country that respects its kodaly meeting a person who is more than one hundred years old is something special. touching them taking pitches promises good luck. but. one sits outside her. she lives upstairs but that's not easily accessible to visits. at the village entrance a sign displays where the other one hundred year olds live. not. in the.
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alley nothing wrong it's the custom for every visitor to give the singing is a little mad. that i am now only. young so i would use our. the carriage house mortgage if i may use for your trees yeah i have and you. set out order. and my guess is that i'm more bangkok everyone has their own explanation for how to reach that which. close family a healthy diet exercise we need to show while the whole not a susie hot seat has that hot need to push fractions of a whole to change without even touching me so i don't got ya that love that.
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allows people to take pictures and scrutinize her. even shake hands shook all a show up and out and mouth. was no less. and this is always the last of those here outside the door there's a lot. younger than how does the one hundred three year old feel about intrusive business she only speaks the looking out her son tells her what to cite mongering one of. those you know the only good news. in the. morning nobody did. go you go on that. we've got to give her pocket money on it. they only. you know more call are no no. no no. no no.
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my mood moglen are not a lie lie you. may. call them my going in going. on one we will go all go now so here. you are. despite your age the one hundred year olds of the picturesque village are on show to tourists. exposed to drugs. like store dummies. they see this among the souvenirs. made you like them and i see them and that's a plaque i am. every day hundreds of businesses come to see. you. now that has in the
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us are. fighting c.v.s. how much. a hi how. law. i just. think waiting all about. it's a long life dedicated to tourists and to making money for the family business. they're all this business man is pressured to buy the hundred year old. me think what they mean and that. she was. a family that runs down. time in the house. and was known to me by the. a brand new camera a color printer even a lamination. the families have invested
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a lot. they know them jabbers is a profitable business. there are countless products inside. besides the first one stores can buy t. . food banks tested and approved by grandma the selfie. council she told your lunch or shango. your post to me with. jaw. so it's a triangle. the tourists are gone time to check the endings. on the one hundred. sixty dollars. it's now time for the next round of businesses around. the family advertise that macoun is one hundred thirteen years old but when asked
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for her identification. oh my god like i just. found that while out on top i'll have to. say i'm at a not for that male or say i'm not even man's iowan so when ya don't don't see so many boys. and then you got the source and the image is a. head. curious the human mind john the first two hundred year old we met here. we ask whose son i did. it says she was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty this mean she is not one hundred three as we were told the raven hundred. doesn't last the more. time and more and more you out.
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the one. we. may know about maturity the thing about. davis you lived all right. there are allegedly ninety eight people i over one hundred in the range of their portraits and i do their own show at this museum. it was established to celebrate their exceptional long jameses. some of the ages recorded are extraordinary one hundred twenty eggs. even one hundred thirty years old. much older than the oldest officially recognized person dard at one hundred twenty . days people really old as they claim to be.
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seven years ago along expert visit. question what he was. demographer michelle pull up is known for identifying populations around the world with extreme long. promised one of them there was no way to confirm the residence i . want to. see what data has you know you don't pick on this will take the house your. on that day. so far the documents are there david developed exactly caught on the. dock to do this sauce thank you to. a few folk etc not. that than insults don't do some da or howell don't believe he's going to what was up. and he has even more reasons to doubt the high numbers claiming to be one hundred ten to stickley it's unrealistic.
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where there's some insult and there will be more people perceived assault on. a supersonic. assault you can show. your saudis a lot. yeah that's on the side who is in the saudi setting dissolve automatic most of the our problem your problem boss a good. demographic down. there. but back in burma people have no doubt about this stupid thing to marion's to them they oppressions. the region even has the country's only institute for longevity documented in numbers and kids.
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institute director and his assistant visit one of the hundred year olds she lives in by li in one hour from bombers here in this modest house. it's a peaceful life among her family. oh are i are they now know are like i'm young now are small amount of money laundering meant that my life my. well i'm in. seventh and seventh in atlanta northward with the most i found of. the document was issued based on his family statement according to them one is one hundred twelve years old. the system filled out a form with basic information on one start sleep habits vision hearing and general health much out when we come up to. me.


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