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we have refinery to destroy it and this is a terrorist act that is very similar to al qaida and eisel we will deal with strictness and force with anyone who may threaten our safety and security either in tripoli or any other city to support the government home thousands are protested and then libyan said he said tripoli and misrata against the have tarsus all the on the capital minitel have reports from tripoli. here in the main square in the libyan capital libyans have come out to condemn what they call the military aggression by half that its forces on the capital tripoli also in other cities on the west of libya including the city of misrata libyans have taken to the streets to condemn the military escalation but this is the third to friday in a row since their military escalation is started on april fourth the protesters here say that they are calling on the international community including
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the united nations and they reappear in union to put pressure on have to stop the military escalation on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital the protesters here today are also condemning targeting get his attention areas especially after the u.n. it is nice the government accused has the forces of committing war crimes by authority think it is attention areas and killing innocent civilians including women and children the now denouncing what they call the military rule they say that have to want to impose the military rule in the west of the country here there are portraits of international leaders and the protesters here today are blaming these leaders for what they call supporting them. it's
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a campaign led by the world i have to the protesters here today say that they will continue protesting here every friday until have the forces moved back to the east of the country still had on al jazeera. ramadan. but the justice john jarratt sam really released video is of alleged unnecessary force right weeks in the u.s. increases trenchant between the ask an american community and law enforcement. hello there there are loads of shall i say the southeastern parts of asia at the moment take a look at the satellite picture there are so many showers that banding together and making it quite hard to make out where the land is underneath i think that we've plenty more showers again as we head through the next few days later on is where we
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see those develop a policy of some march earlier will see plenty of them every parts of borneo and down through job as well those shows are pushing further north now to viet nam just into cambodia few more expected here as we head through the day on monday as we head further south towards australia for many of us here the weather is quite quiet at the moment but we are seeing a fair amount of cloud i suppose of tasmania that's ensuring it's quite cool here and with the winds coming from the southwest it is feeling cooler if you're out in that wind a maximum temperature in melbourne will just be around fifteen degrees as we head into monday those temperatures should rise a little bit this time up to around eighteen towards the west it should be fine for us in perth but the clouds will be increasing as we head into monday the showers really well there over the north so darwin is likely to catch quite a few of those during the day new zealand is also looking very unsettled with things of heavy rain work its way up the south island and it will be pushing into the north island as we head into monday.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now military commanders in sri lanka say the bodies of at least fifteen people have been found after a shootout connected to the easter sunday bombings start the raids were carried out around the city police discovered explosives a suicide vest and an ice cold black. several former ministers from sudan's alstad ruling party have been released from prison camps as protesters continue to rally outside military headquarters in khartoum are demanding the army immediately hand power over to a civilian authority. at our top stories some muslims in sri lanka say that since the easter sunday attacks they're scared about the future despite calls for from religious leaders for unity since the bombings one community of muslim refugees and asylum seekers have been forced out of their homes largely reports from the goma. they fled persecution in pakistan and thought they had found refuge in sri lanka
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some of these ahmadi muslims have been here for seven years or more but they're once again looking for a place to accept them they say they no longer feel safe in the gumbo after the easter sunday bombings some people here blame them for the attacks on my house or my old user to run into my door under their windows or damaged by going to florida and there's turning on me on the breeze on that by going or coming up restaging hundreds of them are sheltering in a community center in a nearby town but they'll have to move again because the locals here don't want them either and moving back to niggle boat isn't an option for now. emotions are still running high after sunday's suicide bomb attack on st sebastian church. white flags lined the streets a symbol of mourning banas hang as
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a sign of remembrance for those who died. on the streets are remind us that security remains tight. worried about reprisal attacks the government has advised muslims not to gather for friday press at mosques were in the heart of negaunee town which is normally busy and bustling instead many businesses are shut people choosing to remain at home because of the fear of more attacks. is a mostly christian town in buddhist majority street for generations muslims have lived here without incident and many here want it to remain that way. again we don't want to blame anybody. in peace and harmony. and. to have a low order but i think the government will have to ensure security and peace so that the relationship between the different communities don't deter me. no one
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can say for sure how badly the easter sunday bombings may have damaged ties between the mix of communities here lawrence leigh al-jazeera. and algeria thousands of demonstrators are back on the streets for the tenth week in a row and wallace with the old regime of president. to go he resigned earlier this month after pressure from the military. able to break up protests despite the announcement of a presidential election in july. we should all of them will be gone and they will be judged and the money of the properties will all go back to the people that's what we're looking for we don't want them just to lead we want to be judged so that's what we want. this corrupt system is playing a dangerous game my dear brothers algerian people we must remain united i swear to god if we separate because a prius is a originalism i swear the system will not only last for years but it will last for
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centuries. we will go back to marginalize the corruption of the abuse of power the united states commission on enter national religious freedom is calling on the state department to act against saudi arabia kingdom executed thirty seven people on tuesday one of them was crucified after his killing the u. has also raised concern saying the executions would stoke sectarian tensions saudi arabia state media said they were convicted of adopting extremist ideology and forming terrorist cells some are convicted of killing security personnel and a bomb attack activists say it is the largest ever mass execution of shias and the kingdom amnesty international is among human rights groups speaking out more than one hundred saudis have already been executed this year last year's total was one hundred forty nine. a prominent saudi rights women's rights activists is once again calling for a change in the kingdom and allah sharif led a small protest outside the saudi embassy and washington said the united states to
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raise awareness about human rights abuses made history in saudi arabia in two thousand and eleven when she broke the law by getting behind the wheel of a car and driving she now wants to shine a spotlight on strict guardianship laws. we as a saudi people must call for a change in a permanent scale we must call to end up monarchy and the rule of one person we must demand a constitutional monarchy that if the fifty's in the fall and get into the political field on human rights we must be a country that he could nice is the rule of law venezuela's foreign minister is the latest target of the u.s. campaign to get rid of president nicolas maduro and the socialist government. is having all of his american assets frozen by the u.s. treasury department similar sanctions are being imposed on the venezuelan judge who approved the jailing of an opposition politician last year. venezuelan opposition
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politician has been arrested and caracas the opposition controlled national assembly confirmed on friday caro was detained by intelligence agents for violating parliamentary immunity he was also arrested in two thousand and seventeen accused of plotting an armed revolt against mentor oh. damage is being assessed after the most powerful cyclon in northern mozambique cycle candidates dispersed in the indian ocean hours after ripping off roofs and downing power lines and rule areas the un has warned of a flooding risk another cycle in devastated more populated areas in southern mozambique just two months ago it's the first time in recent history two storms that hit mozambique and one cycle and season. there will be an urgent need for shelter clean water sanitation and hygiene kits food and non-food items pollen generation into the communication equipment. so i can can if i may require a major news humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing cycle
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response targeting three million people in three countries remain critically on the fund a russian woman has been jailed for eighteen months in the united states for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association prosecutors say maria bettina use the gun rights group which is closely aligned with american conservative politicians to try and shape washington's policy towards moscow the thirty year old who begged the judge for mercy will be to court it after completing her sentence. relations between police and african-americans in the us again after new videos emerged showing officers using unnecessary force and gallagher reports from miami. this was the day the family of cory jones had been waiting for him twenty sixteen to thirty one year old broke down on the side of the road when police officer newman rodger drove the wrong way up an off ramp stopping just meters from him the colt was told roger didn't identify himself to corey jones and drew his weapon
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prosecutors say jones who was legally owned thought he was being carjacked enjoy his own legally held firearm and run away raja fired six shots killing a musician and use meant to you know roger has never. apologized. but the injustice done to ast son yeah. he has not utter a word a week before roger was sentenced video emerged of two white offices pepper spraying punching and slamming the head of fifteen year old deluca roll into the ground police accuse the teenager of taking an aggressive stance but both officers have since been placed on paid administrative assignments and charges against the fifteen year old have been dropped his mother says it should never have happened in the first place. but he. is. and that would mean i might. it wouldn't give me a time what they owe
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a lot to every police and problem but have been at my door and the people who i think the puzzle protect my children heard. on thursday yet another video emerged showing a police officer slamming a teenage girl to the ground earlier benjamin crump says the conviction of newman rodger is a staunch but doesn't happen often enough it is a milestone for many black americans not only of florida but all across the united states so we think the prosecutor's office we think the court for giving equal justice in recent years. the shooting of unarmed black man has sparked outrage across the u.s. and videos like the one of the local role emerge on a regular basis trials and convictions of police officers a few and far between but there's a growing call for accountability and justice names of victims like michael brown twelve year olds who may arise and eric garner often cited and civil rights
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activists don't want to see that list grow under gallacher al-jazeera miami florida and spent twenty five years since the end of apartheid in south africa. has been made since nelson mandela's revolution to end white role but not nearly enough said critics of the ruling african national congress is campaigning intensifies for next month's general election the a.n.c. is accused of ignoring corruption and chronic poverty or about hossa has more from johannesburg. marked a mini sea remembers the feeling of euphoria in one thousand nine hundred four when apartheid ended and nelson mandela became south africa's first black president she believed ending a white minority rule would mean a better life for the poor black majority after decades of oppression since then she's been waiting for the government to provide her with a decent home and she hasn't managed to find work in years if she was hunter's. opened up my cupboards you see i have nothing no food i have to go outside and
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house in order to eat something before going to beat so why should i take my id book and go out there to vote when i'm suffering. in soweto township we meet siblings he said he was a member of the football club founded in the one nine hundred eighty s. by nelson mandela's wife winnie a group that was politically active during apartheid twenty five years after the end of racial segregation he says he's angry and disappointed with the african national congress led government. jobs. we are hungary is because of those guys not the. only. thing for the people to protest over poverty poor public services and unemployment happen almost daily there's a general election on may eighth and the a.n.c. is facing mounting public anger over its failure to improve the lives of millions of black people we have not looked at people either no real knowledge we have all
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the successes not just of challenges. and all over the road to accuse us. but everything must be done within the law the legacy of apartheid where black people were considered inferior to whites and not given the same opportunities is partly why africa remains one of the most equal societies in the world since one thousand nine hundred ninety four more people do have access to clean running water education and healthcare even though many say those services are poor these are some of the houses the bills by the government for the poor are provided for free others are subsidised millions i've been built since one thousand nine hundred ninety four but there are still housing shortages blamed many on corruption and millions of south africans continue to live in abject poverty they won the right to vote twenty five years ago today the struggle is with economic freedom which many say still feels a long way off. al-jazeera janice burg. more than
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a thousand students and staff it to us universities have been quarantined to try to contain a fast spreading outbreak of measles cases are at a twenty five year high around seven hundred have been reported this year for new state university and university of california in los angeles or people who may have been exposed to the disease into quarantine the outbreak is largely being blamed on parents refusing to vaccinate their children website as al-jazeera dot com updates on your headlines in just a moment. and these are the headlines on al-jazeera military commanders and surely long as say the bodies of at least fifteen people have been found after a raid connected to the easter sunday bombings several raids were carried out around the eastern city of qom and i believe discover explosives
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a suicide vest and eisel flag florence louis has more from the capital colombo. relief a they have made several arrests and that's still the security situation ongoing in the east and of sri lanka this is where the gun battle started on friday that was several explosions that were heard now we're finding out that they were the result of bombs that that's where fifteen bodies were recalled but now police have often been there just to leave their homes so they can conduct house to house . several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison it comes as protesters continue to rally outside military headquarters in khartoum they're demanding the army immediately hand power to a civilian authority. damage is being assessed after the most powerful ever cycle out in northern mozambique cyclon kennet has dispersed in the indian ocean after ripping off roofs and downing power lines and all areas the un warns that
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mozambique is at risk of widespread flooding as hurricane force winds give way to torrential rain. there will be an urgent need for shelter clean water sanitation and hygiene kits food and non-food items power generation into the communication equipment so i can can and may require a major new humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing cycle response targeting three million people in three countries remain critically on the funded a russian woman has been sentenced to eighteen months in jail in the united states for conspiring to infiltrate the national rifle association prosecutors say maria bettina use the gun rights group which is closely aligned with american conservative politicians to try to shape washington's policy towards moscow the thirty year old who begged the judge for mercy will be deported after completing her sentence so the headlines keep it here counting the cost is next peter davi
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will be here at the top of the hour with the day's news. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking. with al-jazeera. hello i'm come on santa maria and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week boiled united states has declared zero tolerance of anyone buying iranian oil so as the u.s. slams the brakes on oil exports from the islamic republic we'll look at the spillover effect for the global economy also this week the secret world of high risk money lending there's been a boom in loans to poor countries in the past decade we'll see how the people there could be at risk in our case study from mozambique plus unbreakable glass
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mysteriously shattered and a sting operation to catch a spy that's how competitive the world of mobile communications has become the vested interests and players jockey for control. so we're looking at the oil markets this week one of those economic factors which affects almost everywhere in the world regardless of the politics behind it and right now the politics are all about iran the united states has demanded all countries stop buying iranian oil or they will face sanctions now ironic sport slightly more than a million barrels a day with the majority going to china india south korea japan and turkey and some of those customers especially china and turkey not happy more on the global impact in a moment after this report from roslyn jordan in washington. the u.s. says its efforts to impose a worldwide embargo on iranian oil is already working in the last eleven months the
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trumpet ministration says iran has lost about ten billion dollars in oil revenue all this says washington to punish the han for what it calls the government's quote aligned ways the trumpet ministration and our allies are determined to sustain and expand the maximum economic pressure campaign against iran to end the regimes destabilizing activity threatening the united states our partners and allies and security in the middle east these demands are not just coming from the united states government and many of our allies and partners they are similar to what we hear from the iranian people themselves the u.s. imposed oil sanctions on iran in may two thousand and eighteen after it withdrew from what president donald trump called the ineffective iran nuclear deal the u.s. wanted to cut off iran's ability to support hezbollah and who the fighters as well as send aid to governments in syria and venezuela last fall when oil supplies were
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tight the u.s. gave several countries permission to wrap up their existing iranian oil purchases by no later than may second but now the u.s. says supplies are plentiful and so the five countries still importing iranian crude china india turkey japan and south korea no longer have a reason to keep buying from terre han to conduct these transactions one almost always nice to participate in the financial markets and we intend to enforce the sanctions we don't lay out sanctions that we don't have any intention of encouraging countries to cooperate with analysts say it's important to look at the impact sanctions could have on ties between the u.s. and other countries for example how sanctions could derail current chinese american trade talks but analysts say it's just as important to consider why the white house considers saudi arabia in the. knighted arab emirates and not other oil producing nations key to making the iranian parco work i think that actually feeds into this
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narrative of this very close relationship that the president trump has with the saudi royal family and of course the united states is again this is the president who looks at issues from a transactional standpoint state department officials won't say just how soon after may third that the u.s. will impose sanctions on countries still buying oil from iran but they are adamant they say the only way to get iran to change its behavior is by imposing an embargo and the only way to make certain that the embargo works is to impose sanctions on other countries even if those countries happen to be the u.s. as friends russell and jordan al-jazeera the state department so let's examine the economics of all this because supply and demand is key to understanding oil's spillover effect for the global economy opec in the big produces they always want the prices to stay just that sweet spot high enough to keep them in business low
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enough to keep the demand taking over and at the moment the trade suggests iran's customers will be able to bridge any supply gap the united states is also reassured the market yes any gap in global oil production will be well supplied saudi arabia for its part says it won't raise or oil output immediately actually there's no pick deal with russia in place to cut production. but that could be revised as soon as june when the cartel meets but there are supply constraints as well places like venezuela and libya of course due to internal conflicts iran has threatened as it often does to block the strait of hormuz the major oil shipping route in the gulf the upshot of all this is that brant crude the global oil benchmark is up around forty percent since november so if supply fears do start to reemerge that could send oil prices even higher we're going to talk about this all with jamila joining us from kuala lumpur he is the global head of currency strategy and market research
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at f x t m market it's great to have you with us jimi so all these countries the likes of china south korea japan and turkey they are going to have to do without iranian oil at least for the foreseeable future the united states says don't worry at this plenty of oil around the place do you agree with that. well there certainly is a lot of different openers but what i would do is liken this to a different scenario let's say iran is tottenham hotspur and the football team is now losses best striker hurricane the best strike and for a rainy an economy and for supply it's actually oil so all of these other countries involved china india the way it was total to eight different nations they are now the oil supply from iran when these waivers expire at the beginning of may now there is enough oil i was sway places like russia u.a.e. united arab emirates saudi arabia they can supply that oil however it will take some time and this is why investors have priced in
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a higher oil valuation has touches highest level of two thousand and nine scene and it does look like the rally in the oil markets will continue a bit of it yet and what about the effect on iran we already know the u.s. sanctions being in place this is exactly what the slowly recovering iranian economy won't need so you turn the tap soft on the oil market the iranian economy will suffer since those sanctions economic sanctions back in place in may two thousand and eight seen we've seen the iranian crumble like a biscuits inflation has rocketed sky high there's already pressures on the iranian economy that is going to see a recession of at least four percent according to the i.m.f. in two thousand and nine saying now that it has been confirmed that these sanctions on iranian spece exploit oil will be turned off as of next month we expect this recession to extend even further looking at recession beyond four percent the
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iranian realit will remain under pressure and it will also increase those are very any an inflationary pressures which is very bad news indeed for the local consumers on the streets right so the iranians will rightly you would say feel aggrieved about the situation that they find themselves in who is or who might. and up for them allies wise people who are willing to take on the united states in some way shape or form and say we will continue to do business well with the nation that is known to import the most oil from iran is china so you would look at the side of china towards where it could potentially stand out for a run in the situation but i don't see this happening for this reason u.s. and china trade tensions and those trade negotiations have been going on in the background now for most of the gay now you do not have states and china very close to a new trade agreement if you checked the narrative from both sides of the chinese authorities and the united states authorities in festus have become optimistic that a trade agreement is close which is extremely good news for the global economy if
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that was a standing up for a run and this example hypothetically this would put those that progress on the back burner so that for this reason i do not think that will be somebody that stands up it's probably going to be accepted in my opinion that those produces all those imports of oil will look for oil i was where let me throw another country into the mix and that is turkey not so much in the sense of we've been talking about standing up for iran but the effect on taking as well an economy that has struggled itself its currency has been struggling in the last full year old really . what about the effect on to this is extremely bad news for the turkish economy for its markets and for its currency it means that now needs to look for another supplier of oil at a time where its financial conditions and not grades probably in my opinion we will see weakness in the turkish lira butts there's of a currencies and economists out there that will benefit from this news i will
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mention russia and the russian ruble russia's one of the biggest producers of oil it can actually supply this gap and the russian ruble will strengthen on oil prices he started with a football analogy something which a lot of people can understand i didn't want to bring this all back to something people will. understand because we've talked a lot about separate economies but people all over the world when they think about hiero prices they think about high fuel prices they think about taxes on aviation industry all these sorts of things are these things which people need to keep an eye on or if we sort of gotten used to things being just that bit higher when it comes to inconsistency the verbal narrative and the social media narrative in particular that comes from president trump he wants to lower oil prices however this news actually strengthen sort of prices because of the tighter oil markets because the iranian oil supply has been cuts now everybody knows i don't see where the need for oil prices to move lower the global economy is struggling and it's
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facing headwinds at six thousand once and there is a multitude of different external challenges so the longer term picture is actually the oil prices should come back and sullen mansome but not in so it is known and confirmed where this cut in supply from iranian oil being sent off will be filled so this is why over the longer term picture many still remain negative on oil prices which is why our everyday viewers everyday consumers do not have to worry too much but over the net some some chip political risk has been priced to back in soil this is why over prices are rally and they fit the highest level of two thousand and nine seen but it's still a dramatic distance away from what oil prices were a couple of years ago so no need to worry no it's a panic but we do need to monitor the day to day news narrative around oil prices and specifically what happens next door is what happens next isn't it jim a lot made to join us from kuala lumpur thank you so much for your time and still
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ahead on counting the cost why musicians at iraq's national symphony orchestra are trying to hit the right note. right now though the battle and it really is a battle over the next generation of mobile technology on the one side you've got china's huawei love for its phones. but feared over a perceived threat of chinese spying which the company's always that is totally arbitrary and on the other side the likes of astride the account of the denmark museum and of the us who will ban the company from their networks but in the us there was a really curious tale of this involving huawei a us stuffed up from so-called unbreakable glass and an f.b.i. sting operation john hendren picks up that story now from going to illinois this is a story about a small american technology startup a giant chinese conglomerate and industrial espionage it starts here in illinois where adam kahn formed a company a con semiconductor where they make
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a kind of glass for cell phones that is said to be six times stronger than the industry standard so you can drop it and it won't break and it looks something like that he was looking for a manufacturer to make it and among the companies he talked to were hallway of china they had a facility in california so he sent them a sample with two provisions first they could not damage it that's standard protection against industrial espionage and second they couldn't take it out of the country because it's made with a kind of industrial diamond like material that has military properties and is illegal to export from the united states nevertheless it was returned months later and broken that was when the company thought perhaps they were being ripped off by the chinese so they spoke to the f.b.i. you examined this sample and determined that it had been cut by a military strength industrial laser and there were pieces missing which suggested the chinese had held on to them to examine it and the f.b.i. went one step further they asked officials at
6:35 pm
a con to become spies to meet with chinese officials at an industry conference in las vegas which they did wired for sent chinese officials there said that in fact the sample had been taken to china and they questioned out loud whether the u.s. government was listening to that conversation and that is where. that case lies but it's part of a wide ranging probe into huawei by companies and the u.s. government in fact the c.f.o. of qual way faces charges in brooklyn the company just settled a suit in washington state where it is alleged to have stolen part of a robot owned by t. mobile the robot was called tapi by the way and the trumpet ministration is urging american companies not to use while weighs five g. technology that's because they're afraid that the company is installing a backdoor that would allow them to listen to americans and possibly engage in cyber warfare as for the a con technology you see here you might look for it one day soon on
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a cell phone near you. and we'll have more on that story in the coming weeks and counting the cost because this new mobile technology five g. as it's known it is coming it is worth billions the competition over it is fierce and while it's right at the center of it as you already see it is a company which attracts a lot of attention and controversy just this week it came out fighting against allegations that it is funded or controlled in any way by the chinese government report is in chains and we're told there is no state capital in the company at all while they also filed a lawsuit last month against the u.s. government's restrictions on its product saying congress has acted unconstitutionally as quote judge jury and executioner cases ongoing it did appear to have a partial victory in the u.k. however where a leaked report indicated huawei would be used to build some of the u.k.'s new five g. mobile infrastructure but it would still be excluded from the more sensitive parts of the rollout and despite all the pressure the company did report first quarter
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revenues were up thirty nine percent to nearly twenty seven billion dollars all goes to show how significant the five g. race is and the concerns about china gaining any first mover advantage we have to talk about debt now and the extremely profitable yet morally questionable practice of making money out of bad debts now take the case of mozambique one of the world's poorest countries there is a huge pool of natural gas offshore but on shore the country's been on the brink of financial collapse mozambique's economy has been reeling from a debt crisis triggered by two billion dollars worth of hidden loans that were never approved by its parliament this was the so-called tuna bond scandal we've covered in the past money raised to fund a fishing fleet which never caught me fish plunge the country into a crisis it is now hugely expensive for mozambique to borrow and yet it is still borrowing it owes money to everyone from china to libya and for the people living there it has die of consequences not to mention the terrible devastation and loss
6:38 pm
of life brought by site clone i recently which again require. foreign cash to help recover from well surging clifton's joining us now from london she is the director of the jubilee debt campaign it's a u.k. charity working to end poverty caused by just dead it's nice to see sarah jane i am going to play devil's advocate here i'm going to play the part of a modern day capitalist who simply says this is how it works the country or the institution which has the money loans to the one that doesn't it's the way the world goes round present the other side of the argument for me well i suppose to some extent we wouldn't necessarily argue with you we're not opposed to that we think it can be useful for both people and countries and businesses to spread the cost of payments for large purchases of countries things like infrastructure. the issue is if it's commission responsibility and spend it responsibly for countries whether it's invested productively so if it's invested in things which can
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regenerate generate or generate sufficient cash to repay that that unfortunate in the case of mozambique this isn't what we saw. secret you were talking about a two billion dollars u.s. as he sat they went to mozambique's parliament they were publicly disclosed to the people of mozambique and what we found out is the large amount of the money is believed to have gone missing various of the bank officials involved and it's important to note that these loans were issued by two london based banks so some of the bank officials involved on the government in question fish was involved are now under investigation by u.s. authorities say so authorities and mozambique close are ities let's go back to the point you made about responsibility is it a case of there just being more transparency so we can see and everyone can see exactly which money is going where or is it actually the practices which need to change or actually the books so this is a quite unique case we think hidden relation to mozambique we're worried that there
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are other cases like this but they just have. and come to light yet because of the secrecy that there is around a lot of lending and borrowing we think there are two issues here really the transparency accountability but there's also the wider structural issues which are pushing a lot of countries like my sam big into that crisis in the first place so we live in a world which is still very unequal whereas large amounts of resources concentrated in some countries and not in other countries we've seen countries in the west not really deliver so far and the commitment to either mobilize enough finance for development to poor countries to help their mates just as they will development goes well mobilize enough climate finance symmetry that has been a base of progress on tax dodging but not really enough by any means so that's still a lot of illicit finance out of poor countries developing countries so there's still a very strong need for the countries to do that based development because there are
6:41 pm
no other sources of funding available so she tackling that crises and the situation that countries like mozambique find themselves in a quiet progress and it's much bigger structural issues we believe but then we also do need to look at every sponsible and corrupt lending and borrowing that's happening i mean i think transparency has to be the starting point so that. at the moment there is no obligation on banks to actually disclose the money that they're lending to governments pushing for action at the international level but also in the major global financial centers in the u.k. and u.s. and spending you're probably this is the point you made as well before about the infrastructure of the things actually making sure that the money gets used properly and i believe your research is showing that it's not in many cases that that's true we are seeing. a lot of the borrowing not translate into gains in terms of poverty levy a share in investment in public services. but we do think that the big issue here is the finance gap it's the lack of development finance available for countries to
6:42 pm
actually spend in. sustainable development and the fact that they are having to to borrow as a result and then how there is that debt crises which. pairing how that being that way by the end fashion situations certain clips in a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us thank you very much finally this week iraq where musicians at the national symphony orchestra are locked in a pay dispute the government i haven't seen a paycheck so far this year some of left but those who haven't so they will continue to perform despite the odds and times i can name has their story now from baghdad. ballet studio with peeling floors of the player of dust and ramshackle chairs is the rehearsal space for the iraqi national symphony orchestra some how the musicians maintain their focus seemingly oblivious to the inevitable power cuts that have become common in iraq since last year the
6:43 pm
orchestra has been involved in what the conductor calls a war with the ministry of culture the staff hasn't been paid so far this year and spent most of twenty eighteen without a paycheck until they were eventually paid in what weapons at the staff of the ministry of culture acts as if they are living in another world they are disregarding the fact that the musicians haven't been paid we have suffered and we are still suffering there are one hundred ten musicians and support staff with the iraqi national symphony orchestra their average salary is eight hundred dollars a month since the pay dispute began last year ten members have left. for years the conductor says the government has attempted to slash the annual one point four million dollars budget of the orchestra then in two thousand and eighteen an anti-corruption law was implemented it banned staff from working
6:44 pm
a state job and also getting paid to work with the orchestra since the one nine hundred seventy s. members had been granted a waiver i mean the government should be you know supporting us like because we are to be the you know cultural you know front of the whole country i mean we're the only symphony orchestra in the country and we were one of the first symphony orchestras that were established in the middle east still but you know of course they wouldn't consider it that which is really devastating. the ministry of culture says it's at the bottom when it comes to federal funding and is struggling to pay for its entire portfolio. about reaching an accurate oval agreement with the musicians. novela the ministry of culture needs to have an inclusive vision for the future of their i.q. symphony orchestra need to overcome their outstanding issue in order to rise up with a new talent to generation that embraces art and music by all their archy's. the
6:45 pm
orchestra has continued to perform this year. to be completely honest with you were defined were playing against all. the musicians say their passion is fueling them but they know they can't live on that alone natasha getting al-jazeera back. and that is our show for this week to get in touch with us though if you got a comment or a story idea you can tweet me directly on. the hash tag a.j. c.t.c. or you can email the team directly counting the cost of al-jazeera dot net and a special mention to our editor maria daily up to three years with us and five at al-jazeera she is on to pastures new in the area we wish you all the best with your next venture you can also check us out online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to our pages individual ports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on when if you'd like but that is it for this edition of
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counting the cost on canal santa maria from the whole team thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next. overthrown and exiled they appoint again say through all of this race let me tell you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truth was forged by and. nothing to do you think is that all the along with nutrition change this return of a president on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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where every. time the family of the first of navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish are scared to the fish and i'm dicing with death. from afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing my family needed the men who go to the extreme just to make a living god not you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region . the thirteenth al-jazeera fall. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race loosely. where is the gulf headed with the rainy an influence on the rise
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saudi influence on the decline. and the crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty if in doubt. this is al-jazeera. alone welcoming peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes another fifteen people are dead following an overnight gun battle in sri lanka as the police launched raids to find suspects linked to the easter sunday bombings cut cut cut cut. we look at one region in spain that's pinning its
6:49 pm
hopes for independence on the outcome of sunday's elections. also ahead marking twenty five years since the end of apostates but the south africans head to the polls next month the d.n.c. is accused of ignoring corruption and chronic poverty. penance for the golden state warriors take a step closer to retaining their n.b.a. championship fifty point game from kevin durant's says then let's go to the second round of the play offs. i know that. a curfew is in effect in a region in sri lanka where military commanders say the bodies of at least fifteen people were found after a gun battle overnight it happened during raids connected to the easter sunday bombings six children are among the dead in the eastern area of calm when i
6:50 pm
security remains tight across the country with warnings of further attacks catch all of what he has the story. the hunt for suspects after the easter sunday bombings what's really going security forces to this neighborhood and the town of common eye on the east coast. shortly after they arrived they came under attack in the gun battle that followed children were caught in the crossfire. when soldiers raided what they identified as a safe house in another area on her a district they found a large cache of explosives bomb making materials a suicide vest and and i saw flak more raids are expected. at the same anthony's shrine in colombo cleaning crews have replaced the emergency teams they were here just a few days ago they've begun to clear out the debris from the blast as soldiers guard the premises with fears of more attacks sunday services have been suspended
6:51 pm
indefinitely security remains tight especially around mosques and churches nearby businesses have closed their doors. a mom that was it was i was when we were it was just three days but what is it would be just. as the search continues for more of those behind the easter sunday attacks this surveillance video has been released it shows one of the bombers entering the kingsbury hotel in the capital colombo with a backpack on he checks in and goes to his room he would later walk back down and set off his explosives. the owner of another targeted hotel spoke with another man who would also add a nato bomb. he's very good three of them are women that are going to be in he came and asked for a room we gave one to him it was just for twenty four hours he gave his identity
6:52 pm
card and the passport and pretended to be visiting from abroad he had a big bag and a handbag. the government continues to face criticism for failing to prevent the attacks despite warnings weeks before the bloodshed it's feared more suspects with access to explosives are still on the loose. al-jazeera. correspondent florence who is so florence is the suspicion clearly the authorities that these fifteen dead people were somehow connected to the east to bomb attacks. right now and this is also the place where the gun battle erupt erupted on friday night between security forces and a group of people now police also saying that the fifteen bodies they've recovered this was also a site where suicide bombers are suspected of having detonated the explosives they had in the house so it's not immediately clear how many of those fifteen who died
6:53 pm
six children died as a result of gunfire or as a result of the bomb that was in sight the house now he's also conducted raids in another area in the eastern province and it was that they found bomb making materials including one hundred fifty sticks of explosives one hundred thousand ball bearings and myself like as well as a uniform very similar to what one of the to what the suspected bombers were wearing in a video this is happening in the eastern province where we're also hearing that one man has been arrested with more explosives on him this took place in the town of trincomalee also in the eastern province now in some parts of the eastern province the muslim dominated parts of the eastern province have been placed. under curfew a twenty four hour curfew which started on friday night at nine thirty at seven thirty now but in colombo as well there have been a few worrying developments navy personnel said they are arrested three people who
6:54 pm
had on them one kilogram of c four explosives and they were taken into custody near a railway station in the capital but we're also hearing that there is a suspicious vehicle near one of the hotels in the city and that a bomb disposal squad will be carrying out a controlled explosion so these developments taking place in the last twenty four hours across sri lanka and naturally they show that the security situation here can just change any minute and also how they are it's deteriorating and escalating you know a couple of days ago police were making arrests the bomb disposal squads were carrying out controlled explosions now with security forces engaged in gun battle and it shows on the one hand that security forces are closing in on people who may have had may have links with those who carried out the attacks or have knowledge of further attacks but it also shows that you know what authorities have been warning about the possibility of further attacks. a real possibility lawrence thanks very
6:55 pm
much. he's a correspondent for the daily gift to us from lincoln news website he joins us on skype from colombo ashwin and i want to go how well connected do you think these people are to. well actually our national power gen model as far as we know also nor now nationally more knowledge. organization well it's locked up or very recently until the easter bombings this particular organization rock was and there were hard all and according to the investigator to t.j. is believed to have said brought in from an. organized ition which is also a hard line his honest organization operating straight back and that is called strain on couple in germany so this is a breakaway group and b.'s guys of course. have had the opportunity to organize
6:56 pm
themselves are for a considerable period of time running its own belief i made a big l.t.d. eat big for the thirty two year war against us for it duncan forces are trying to break the nation of course but it took them to thirteen years to bring in a sleaze side attempt so that it is quite alarming because these guys are well they have ever heard but not before and all of the battles they have all made something very. sad quite sure reading of certain aspects of reality the aftermath of the easter sunday bombings we had a correspondent there reporting on and i must stress they are reports that they have phoned c. four explosives combined that with the the lead up to what happened on easter sunday this was not a spur of the moment thing this this was well resourced well planned well financed
6:57 pm
what's the hinterland behind the people who can do this and who can get c four into the country in the first place. well after the war ended almost ten years a ago our forces and the police of them managed to clear up ever. so country most say of tourism are doing well but are fortunately due to the lapses in security all these ball bearings and sudden explode devised and material that could be fathered by beloved into explored the sea of devices was important it seems so now the current current situation is quite crucial because even in colombo you find sea full normal small amount but when kilo that was last night now apart from that . during the rage that book carried out yesterday and today police and the forces were able to look at naive and shot up objects such as a soldiers and hazards so. big contadina. adding more to eat
6:58 pm
certain uniforms which beaches are similar to sri lankan military so this is quite alarming and it seems these guys are these guys have had time to organize well and to bring what is required to the sri lankan soil do you think in perhaps six months or a year if we were to revisit this conversation the framing of our conversation will then have become the i saw war in sri lanka. well it's a very difficult tricky question john but yes if we are unable to handle it for only finish it off with him extra but in the next few days because the emergency regulations are prevailing in sri lanka for a period of one month which was passed in the parliament so. the police is given the opportunity to eradicate these new threat. oh really no short period of
6:59 pm
time we believe that they are very capable of doing that from the past experience because we fought a war we dragged for thirty two years where we lost so many lives but ultimately the managed any doubt in sri lanka so yes it is possible ok we will leave you there ashwin hematoma thank you very much. to sudan where several former government ministers arrested during the overthrow of the president omar bashir have now been released and that angered thousands of protesters have been on a sit in for three weeks now outside the military headquarters in khartoum they say they won't go home until military leaders immediately hand over power to civilian rule of the reports now from the capital. under the scorching sun falzon support outside the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum for friday prayers. the someone
7:00 pm
is heavily laden with political messages condemning that of deports to former president omar bashir messages to the demonstrations continue until the protesters achieve their goal a return to civilian rule in sudan. as soon as the prayers are over the now familiar chance feel that it will help or not then we need a civilian government to set up a foundation for a modern sudan followed by elections that have integrity and represent the will of the people. and there's not a third one hundred of the former regime to find the people through segregation and racism and today we are united as one nation without tribe creed or color.


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