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tv   Recovering From Rehab  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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miami. this was the day the family of cory jones had been waiting for him twenty sixteen to thirty one year old broke down on the side of the road when police officer newman rodger drove the wrong way up an off ramp stop and just meet his from him the quote was told roger didn't identify himself to corey jones and drew his weapon prosecutors say jones who was legally owned thought he was being carjacked and drew his own legally held firearm and run away raja fired six shots killing a musician and used mentor you know roger has never. apologized. for the existence donta asked sun yeah. he has not utter a word a week before roger was sentenced video emerged of two what officers pepper spraying punching and slamming the head of fifteen year old deluca roll into the ground police accuse the teenager of taking an aggressive stance but both officers
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have since been placed on paid administrative assignments and charges against the fifteen year old have been dropped his mother says it should never have happened in the first place. but he. is. if that was me i might. it wouldn't give me a time what they owe a lot to every police and probably would have been my door and the people who i think the plaza protect my children heard. on thursday yet another video emerged showing a police officer slamming a teenage girl to the ground earlier benjamin crump says the conviction of newman rodger is a start but doesn't happen often enough it is a mouse stone for many black americans not only of florida but all across the united states so we think the prosecutor's office we think the court for giving equal justice. in recent years the shooting of unarmed black man has sparked
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outrage across the u.s. and videos like the one of the local role emerge on a regular basis trials and convictions of police officers a few and far between but there's a growing call for accountability and justice names of victims like michael brown twelve year old to may arise and eric garner often cited and civil rights activists don't want to see that less grow and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. students and staff are too well known u.s. universities are being caught up in the worst outbreak of measles for twenty years koren teen orders are being enforced at the university of california in los angeles stay at home orders have also been a suit at california state university doctors in twenty two states are treating at least seven hundred cases of measles outbreaks being blamed on parents refusing to vaccinate their children. venezuela's foreign minister is the latest target of the u.s. campaign to get rid of the president nicolas maduro and the socialist government
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shortly is having all his american assets frozen by the u.s. treasury department similar sanctions are being imposed on the venezuelan judge who approved the jailing of an opposition politician last year. mexico is having to cope with unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking a new life over the border in the u.s. many thousands of migrants have walked all the way from guatemala honduras and other countries despite warnings from president trump that they are not welcome and now some mexicans are running out of patience with the new arrivals as well as. outside a small church and mexico several dozen central american migrants are taking a break from the exhausting heat for most of these people faith centers like this church are among the few places left where they still feel welcome. to notice it all in is from us and is here with eight members of her family she says she was
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recently chased down by mexican immigration agents and hasn't found much sympathy from the mexican people but a symbol that when this they think we're criminals but we're not it's true there are all kinds of people in the caravans but we're being cursed for the sins of others some places we've been one even let us use the toilets and my kids have been denied water how could you deny a child water we're all human beings. over the past few months in mexico there's been a shift in public opinion toward migrants many business leaders in the state of chiapas have closed their doors to central americans publishing videos online for training migrants is disease ridden criminals people in chiapas no longer come out to donate food and water like they once did it would appear the migrant caravans have worn out their welcome. but really leave into also from onto to us says that without support from local communities migrant shelters are a last resort but the shelters can't provide for everyone no one was saying is that
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coming up we're going to say like i know you were not on this journey because we want to hurt anyone and we're here because we want to better lives for our families we would never hurt anyone here in mexico they are brothers and we respect them but at the same time we wish they would step. by us because i do feel there is a lot of discrimination against us migrants and that is not fair. several hundred migrants have gathered along the train tracks their goal is to head as far north as possible we're standing atop a train car in the town of out in southern mexico many migrants who are worried about being detained while walking on the side of the road will opt for hopping on one of these freight trains this one's called la or the beast but hopping on top of one of these trains carries its own risks and over the years many migrants have died falling off the sides of these train cars right. just before sunset migrants began to rush the train many of them women with young children. no longer feeling
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safe traveling in caravans it appears migrants are resorting to the back roads and train routes of the past even if it means a whole new set of risks. when measured up and disease mexico. still to come here on the news so wrong so was the stage one of the most anticipated deputies in baseball history tell us how it went in the sports. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told will shout out the old radio with exclusive interviews very dangerous for journalists to editors publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are
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real big fake important there when jazeera has teams on the ground and are not my world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news. times your sports news your son thank you very much bus cable on reigning and be a champ is golden state warriors have advanced to the second round of the playoffs and they closed out this is four two over the l.a. clippers thanks to stand out the film is by kevin durant's so how magic has all the action. if this is kevin durant's final season a golden state he looks intent on delivering a number talking to coach steve kerr it's been rumored heavily that he leave off
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that this campaign but on friday his focus was purely on p.t.v. l.a. clippers. and helping golden state close out this series the ten time all-star back thirty eight points in the first half alone helping the warriors take a nineteen point lead into the break for. the clippers who overturned a thirty one point deficit in game two did manage to close the gap. so well with katie in this on stoppable form history would not repeat itself. he would end with fifty points with golden state winning it one twenty nine to one ten i'm booking this spot in the second round with this kind of the. it's hard to see anyone stopping the warriors from being champions again to hell malik al-jazeera. a liverpool has once again put the pressure back on man just the city of the red just a thrashed at huddersfield five nil friday to go top of the english premier league they scored a after just ten seconds following
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a mistake in the huddersfield defense he would fill the nabby cave with the goal it proved to be an all africans course senegal's aside your mind got to as did egypt's mohamed salah or your club side are now two points clear of man city with two games remaining liverpool chasing the first league title since nine hundred ninety we said we want to create our own history that's what we tried it's what the boys did it with a lot to do night again and it was there with a point with a point so we will be ordered stuff these boys are standing that is the reason why we are where we are now let's carry on and then we will see where it ends the montenegro football association has been ordered to play its next competitive match behind closed doors following racist abuse by fans against england players or tottenham said danny rose and manchester city's write him sterling were among the england players targeted by the abuse during a european championships qualifier last month has also ordered wantin to go to pay
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a fine of twenty two thousand dollars and display a banner with the hash tag equal game when they next play at home. one of mostly highly anticipated to use in major league baseball history happened on friday vladimir guerrero jr played his first game for toronto he made a leadoff double helping the blue jays beat oakland four two. down a lack has been finding out just why there's been so much hype over the twenty one year old. like father like son or so toronto fans are hoping known as the pride of the dominican republic. sr was exciting canadian baseball fans between one nine hundred ninety three and two thousand and three playing for the now defunct montreal expos vlad jr as he's known as also a heavy hitter setting records in the minors since signing for the toronto blue
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jays five years ago he'll wear his father's number twenty seven. it's all to honor my father time in montreal it feels good to be back in canada to be playing here for toronto in the country where i was born no rookie blue jays ever born such high expectations junior was smacking home runs for his junior team buffalo bisons earlier this week even as the hype built about his arrival in toronto and the team needs the boost they hope he'll provide after winning two world series in the early one nine hundred ninety s. the blue jays of only rarely contended for the title since then the team and the league want to new superstar there is a lot at stake for him there that the jays have never had a player they've never developed a player as good as this guy internally and they've never had a player who literally holds i would argue the fate of the franchise in his hands statisticians the talent spotting scouts coaches literally everyone in baseball who's looked at vladimir guerrero jr says he could become one of the hottest
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hitters the game has ever seen and that means an immense amount of pressure on a young man who's just turned twenty even then those who have watched him improve his game skills over the past five years say he takes after his father here too common poised off the field and on baseball fans in this city long starved of a shot at the world series couldn't be happier to see vlad jr daniel lak al jazeera toronto. now the carline a hurricane yet another impressive win in the n.h.l. playoffs it comes just days. in the last season's champions the washington kaput. well the canes were taking on the new york islanders in the opener of the weston eastern conference semifinals and after three goals fears the hurricanes pulled off a one to nothing victory and over time jordan staal with the window.
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and the san jose sharks have won the open of the second round series against the colorado avalanche joe thornton sparked a three go outburst in the second period to lead the sharks to a five to win. is a step closer to his red call twelve the barcelona title as he booked his face into the semifinals but the spaniel struggled against germans. but the first set seven five. this is the first time these two have ever played together and it proved to be a memorable day the dollar taking a second as well by the same school to set up the semifinal against dominique tim. and that's it for me pizza santa thanks very much we'll talk to
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a little later i'm sure a lot more news on if you want to of course is that twenty four seven the web address as i'll just zero don't call or show i'll be with you on the other side of the break i'm back in the seat from twelve g. i will see you very soon. overthrown and exiled their point again saying if you all all dismiss me to give you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that
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the true is true but and believe me it is nothing to do you think it is all the along with nutrition this return of a president on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us bank of the us the ability to identify the people. at the side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. sweat is and sometimes blah but for them it's what their dreams are made of. jersey or world tells the story of young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds to training for the wives
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of the law. and a former champion who gives his old six casablanca by cop to zero. zero. zero zero. zero zero zero fifteen people dead following an overnight gun battle in sherlock as police launch raids to find suspects linked to the easter sunday bombings. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a look at one region in spain that's putting its hopes for independence on the
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outcome of sunday's elections. marking twenty five years since the end of apartheid that is south africans head to the polls next month the a.n.c. is accused of ignoring corruption and chronic poverty. some places we've been one even let us use the toilets and my kids have been denied water how could you deny a child water and how some foreign migrants are outstaying their welcome in mexico . a curfew is in effect in a part of sri lanka where police a police raid turned deadly overnight military commanders say they found the bodies of at least. fifteen people following a shootout in connection with the easter sunday bombings six children among the dead in the eastern area. security remains tight throughout the country with warnings of a further attack the tale of a saudi on has a story. the hunt for suspects after the easter sunday bombings what's really going
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security forces to this neighborhood and the town of common i on the east coast. shortly after they arrived they came under attack in the gun battle that followed children were caught in the crossfire. the argument that we believe at least three people died from a suicide bomb inside regarding the civilians who lived in the times they were probably family members a mother and daughter were taken to the nearest hospital i when soldiers raided what they identified as a safe house in another area up on her district they found explosives bomb making materials a suicide vest and a nice little flag more raids are expected. at the same anthony's shrine in colombo cleaning crews have replaced the emergency teams there were here just a few days ago they've begun to clear out the debris from the blast as soldiers
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guard the premises with fears of more attacks sunday services have been suspended indefinitely security remains tight especially around mosques and churches nearby businesses have closed their doors. to a mob that will see what is on this very real. i. that these three days four days they would just go by god as the search continues for more of those behind the easter sunday attacks this surveillance video has been released it shows one of the bombers entering the kingsbury hotel in the capital colombo. with a backpack on he checks in and goes to his room he would later walk back down and set off his explosives the owner of another targeted hotel spoke with another man who had also had a nato bomb. very good of them had
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a woman that in that he came and asked for a room we gave one to him it was just for twenty four hours he gave his identity card and the passport and pretended to be visiting from abroad he had a big bag and a handbag. the government continues to face criticism for failing to prevent the attacks despite warnings weeks before the bloodshed it's feared more suspects with access to explosives are still on the loose katia lopez so the young al jazeera. joins us live from colombo florence this is a lot for people and sharia law to process this the stepped up security these raids are people still dying in the investigation is really just getting started what is the latest. well it really sounds like police are making progress but at same time security situation is a lot more fragile and escalating according to police they've made more than one hundred arrests now one of the most recent took place in the town of trincomalee on
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the east coast a man was also found to have explosives on him as well as detonators now in the eastern province is also where a security operation is under way police have to leave their homes so they can conduct house to house raids this is where a gun battle had erupted on friday night there were also several explosions which. believe was caused by people detonated explosions now fifteen bodies have been recovered from that operation it's not known how many of them died as a result of gunfire and how many of them died as a result of the explosions in a separate raid as well police found bomb making materials. and then in colombo there also about the developments the navy they arrested three people who were found to have one kilogram of c four explosives on that near a railway station in colombo we're also getting reports that a suspicious vehicle parked outside
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a hotel and the bomb disposal squad may be called in to carry out a controlled explosion so that's the security situation across at the moment. florence how are people dealing going about their day to day lives when it seems clear that the that the security presence is right in their face. while. a lot more. twenty six years of civil war and it's only ten years ago that the fighting has stopped and they've been able to experience a moment of peace but that peace is now being shattered and of course there are worries that this fighting will go on for a long much longer time the. the increase in security presence and that is so evident so. soldiers on street corners the guarding religious buildings and you can even get into a hotel without a confirmed reservation our van were stopped five times along
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a two kilometer stretch police have come by to offer our identification papers the streets which are normally so busy are quiet many shops are closed with people choosing to stay home even the u.s. state department has ordered its employees to send children off school going out of the country and the u.s. has raised its level of travel warning that's the reality that's the security situation the people of sri lanka are just learning to cope i mean finding that they have to cope with this but it's not something they want to return to after ten years of peace ok lawrence laurie live for us in colombo thank you. and sudan several former government ministers arrested during the overthrow of president omar al bashir have been released and that is anger thousands of protesters have been on the sit in for three weeks now outside military headquarters in khartoum say they won't go home until military leaders immediately hand over power to civilian role
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as our ports in the capital. under the scorching sun. outside the sudanese army headquarters in ca to look for friday prayers. the someone is haven laden with political messages condemning the of deposed former president bush messages to the demonstrations continue until the protesters achieve their goal at a time to civilian rule in sudan. soon as the prius the now from the a chance feel the road it will not then we need a civilian government to set up a foundation for a modern sudan followed by elections that have integrity and represent the will of the people. and there's a lot of sadness has a lot of the full regime devoted to people through segregation and racism and today we are united as one nation without trying to create all color we are ready to
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develop a progressive suit on the protest us walk comped outside the military poultice even before bush it was removed from office although the transitional military council has given in to some of them to be amongst the protest of us still digging in for a fight and refusing to discuss the feeling here is that the consul is simply bite i'm hoping the protesters won't be disappointed and then go home despite international support for the protest as the ten member council has so far resisted calls for a transition to a civilian administration they argue any small vacuum could propel saddam into a civil war. three council members submit to that is. ignitions on wednesday under pressure from protest leaders who say they have presented the interest of all bushie to aldridge and the three good jubilation among the protesters who mosque in their tens of thousands for what organizers hoped would be a million strong march in the past few days their numbers have been bolstered with
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many people arriving from other parts of sudan to join the sit in how about the well just how tom sudan and mohamed valas been among the protestors and sent this update from khartoum. as you can see behind me the number of protesters hasa started to grow and that's what happens every day during the hours of the often but today is an important day for the protesters because it's the first time the joint committee between the military council and the leadership of the protest meets to discuss ways to take the country into a transition and that transition should lead to handing over power to civilians but there is a number of sticking points being discussed today just as one four years transition in which they can be able as they say to smooth the path and make the necessary preparations to go through the former regime to implement transitional justice and also to prepare the ground for a real and decent election in this country the military say they need only two
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years transition plus a sticking point but also the other important point is who leads the supreme presidential sovereign council in this period the military have already said that they would like to be the leaders of that council the civilians the protesters say they need a council a civilian council majority civilian members with only a limited military representation these are just some of the points that they are going to discuss today and the expectation is that it's not going to be just one day for solving those problems the protesters here say they have the necessary to solve to continue in this heat until all the demands of the revolution are met damage is being assessed after the most powerful ever cyclon in northern mozambique cycling can and has dispersed in the indian ocean after ripping off roofs and drowning power lines in rural areas the u.n. has warned of a flooding risk along the coast sign another cycle and devastated more populated
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areas in southern mozambique just two months ago it's the first time in recent history to cyclons of hit mozambique and one season. there will be an urgent need for shelter clean water sanitation and hygiene kits food. and non-food items power generation until communication equipment. so i can kenneth may require a major new humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing cycle each diet responds targeting three million people in three countries remain critically on the funded chinese president xi jinping says more than sixty four billion dollars worth of deals have been signed during a summit promoting his country's belton road initiative she's planned to build infrastructure and trade routes through asia africa and into europe was front and center during the two day conference russian president vladimir putin was there to show his support but warned other countries against supporting a trade wars.


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