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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 117  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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that it is the government that dictum mines and leads and conduct. policy of the nations so i think that. caller looked a little bit too much as a technocrat and not as a president in the sense of you could see that you know charles the goals of pompey do fosse who are meeting on and bloodied really the president of france chancellor is fair what do you make of that it was more of a minister's speech than than than a presidential one sixty three percent of the electorate still not convinced to what extent is all of this a little too late. too little too late for french voters. i tend to disagree with the previous panelists and perhaps a great degree of it. tell me why that it's evidently the case that the president spoke about sort of more technical measures and didn't look like a de golyer
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a mr on but in twenty nineteen i'm not sure if that's really the expectations the french have in fact macro at the beginning of his presidency spent an awful lot of time trying to come across as a jew putin and president a source of god like figure and it came across really it's rather in written rather strange strange fashion i'd say for such a young man to behave like a greek god or a roman god. so this is beyond as he's trying to open the second act of his presidency i think it is understandable that he's trying to talk a bit more concretely about what he can do for the french and i'd also say that police policy in france has accelerated since two thousand and two in that there's been. sort of the elections for presidents and for parliaments have been synchronized and therefore presidents have become more responsible for the actions of individual governments you don't have this kind of removed figure of a president the president is expected to be involved in day to day politics that may be incoherent with the original spirit of the fifth republic but that's the
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reality we have and so the reason i disagree i suppose is that tried a different tack which may or may not work time will tell but he came across as perhaps a bit less regal or divine his desk wasn't sort of gilded but actually white and quite sort of minimalist and he talked about real issues so time will tell whether it works what he make of that. yeah it will be charged too because actually east to himself yesterday that some of the measures he was indicating that he was proposing such as go to some that is a show do kind of. taxis which can be cut to the kind of public spending which can be cut will be decided by the gov and he gives directions as his role and it's up to the government as the constitution stipulates to enact disparate e.c. so is rolle yesterday if it was quite right to give some direction and effort he gave a sense of direction basically that yes and change direction every challenge he stopped
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and michael cannot be defiled of the nation like doug or was all a. given she and i could be at some point because of his age anyway and because of is approach is actually made to point that he's been on earning curve so it's a bit quieter the next iteration of that the nudists acceptation in the last two years are some really nice yet not quite fit because actually because of his life he was removed from many people and come on people's program is looked at in the last two years that maybe the measures he had who took his top down approach the drip don't approach charter say the idea is not suited to and friends want people who understand then the debate. for that to happen he wants to show that it's recent he's already made some consideration which should go towards the demands of
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the face of a do we do specific ever fix he wants to involve that but the government has a role to play but there are so more the citizens are still going to vote or mayors so he wants to promote a top down governance as it was before. and let's see where that can work changing tack slightly here what is it that the french want the people they say they want lower taxes employment opportunities reforms better public services fewer decisions made by the elite in paris but many are unwilling it seems to accept longer working hours or hire a time and age less social security is what the french want pretty much like briggs it is in the u.k. want i suppose undeliverable ultimately whoever is in power is that thing that you know it's how do you do politics in western democracy.
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there were cameron in england instead of barring a leadership and saying we are going to improve our position in the european union we are going to make this european union work cameron decided it's not up to me to decide but it's up to the people again and again to decide and i will do a referral and so mccall showed a really poor leadership. and he made a huge crisis which is not finished in britain you need leadership. did. show a lot of leadership yesterday i'm not so sure i'm not so sure that people listen to him to the end i don't think so the they were bored quite quickly he
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showed good competence is sure that he was a good technocrat i don't think he showed leadership and if you sure leadership you just say and make the people follow you in a policy and he started to. to to say that he was elected on the program that it would reform france because forms as he very costly welfare state that does not bring satisfaction satisfaction to its people in the huge well first aid no satisfaction for the people and the problem is that mccall said that it would reform it but actually it didn't take in the first hundred days all the measures that shewed as have reformed this wealth stayed and finally yesterday told us. that you know he had
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a promise of reducing. the size of the civil service in france which is. the biggest. the heaviest civil service in the whole europe and apparently it was it was all a bit blurred but apparently he will give up this this reform so actually. at the same time he did not reform the system he will be still criticized by by germany for instance because of huge french dificid and at the same time he didn't bring satisfaction to the most poor people of france and the yellow vest population so i don't think that for the time being he is a really beginning act to or if you think that is beginning an act number two i don't really read the scenario ok a chance to show a white why couldn't
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a court of introduce the measures that he's introducing now earlier in his term. is there any alternatives in terms of leadership in france right now to president mccraw and how will his party or marsh fare in in the forthcoming european elections. so to take those three questions one by one the reason why some of these policies wasn't well presented before is simply because we've had a great debate recently and it was important to show that this great debate served some purpose and that it inspired some kind of change of cap in macro leadership although some my fellow panelists seem to think he isn't showing much of that quality so that's why the policies came up now some of them follow through on what he announced in the summer some are a much more specific response to i think frustrations with which macro felt to be fair to him he did take part in his own debates he actually turned up as a sort of surprise guest at some of them and usually did quite well and you know
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yesterday's exercise of banging on for three hours about various measures is an exercise he's very good at and while it can be quite tedious to watch it on television people who attend usually get quite drawn in and so using the great debate he did speired some policies to respond to various frustrations one very key one was sort of simplifying administrative tasks and bringing them all into one place which may be maybe sort of called service france or something ok simplifying access to public service is your second question was on a lot of political terms or to macro for the moment there isn't really one i mean he's decimated the the traditional parties of government and so the alternatives are really extremes which for the moment don't seem ready to win in a two round race and your third question how well we do in the european parliament elections in a month and his list is sort of neck and neck with the far right the far right i believe is ahead this week but it really varies from week to week and that's the big challenge for him as a pro european president i think it's very important for him to come first in the european elections occasion we haven't got to the bottom of this question of what
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the french want do they want macro or national do they want the far right. who would do the french when there's a big question and every president was tempted to reform france and met with a bruise or to try is be sort of a good brew. on soc was it before it was ship before it's time that they want to make structural reforms a stronger position it was even the case for my quote earlier all in one it changes the change liberalized station and a reform or a work you had to face. right was used to privatizing a way to a party to competition yet to face huge demonstrations but you know given ok and that's it's always been you should undergo just to say do you want to can you governor country with for under the sixty five different types of cheese and he'd
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seen in there of an indication when you look at the what comes out of the debate two main things that the board of want is they less tax more public services how do you reconcile this two aims that is. very very difficult to square that circle and yesterday for example many many measures will displease is right wing supporters especially the fact that he decided not to implement hundred fifty five thousand job cuts into cities has yet to do it because there's a demand for public services maybe it would mean redeploying these people etc so. i don't think he has a sense of leadership it's very difficult in france to reform this time yes to changes. try to evolve more whole other bodies in there just in
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the making of a decision and some of the decisions he announced yesterday go towards death at first when he said he wanted to work more closely with the unions which early on in his mandate eeg note and yesterday it was very striking to see that the most positive reaction to his speech yesterday was that of the reformist union. and it was. loads of good fakes and we see that do you know quite reassured by the fact that he won't make seven cuts in public spending right he's or so proud he wants to define difference or should what we're just being under attack from many quarters in europe and within france in the us for years and that is something that we. that we stand and we good case and make chances for his government for his part is this do you buy that action to maybe come ahead of knotted up and because it's true he has no position i don't want conflict of the cigar we could take over the
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presidency for a final question i'll go off on you for a voice in the middle here charles which failed in london. charles i need you to be under a minute here if you can guess what time is is tight if there were a general election always and only half way through his term but if there were to be a general election in france tomorrow would he win. well there are different types of elections in france and they're all too round elections so you can't really read them through a british lens or a german one but in a presidential election i think he would win he still has the support of the twenty four percent of voted for him in the first round in twenty seventeen and then assuming he would be up against an extremely candid is of the far right or the far left mr middle of the far left is quite a. quite a strong figure in the opposition on the far left so whether he would he were to face mrs le pen or mr middleton he beat them not as convincingly as in twenty seventeen but he would so that's not saying that he'll win in twenty twenty two the next election is quite low quite a long way away you ask me what would happen in the immediate future and he would
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probably went just many thanks indeed gentlemen there we must end our discussion thank you all for being with us today when i was here out in paris charles this field in london and jack role in san paolo and if we get you can see the program again at any time just by going to our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page or facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter my handle is at a.j. inside story for me adrian figure the whole team here and thanks for watching i'll see you again but for that i.
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an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. just lived ministration explains modern history has been forced to call a snap election on a full twenty eight with the polls suggesting a fragmented vote and the rise of the far right populist movement fox the socialist alliance hold on to power stay with al-jazeera for the latest on the spanish
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election. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i don't know there's only so much we can say before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. hello again peter will be here in doha with your top stories from al jazeera a curfew is in effect in a part of sort lanka where a police raid turned deadly overnight military commanders say that on the bodies of at least fifteen people following a shootout in connection with the easter sunday bomb attacks six children are among
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the dead in the eastern area of cullman i security remains tight across the country with warnings of further attacks as what has the story. the hunt for suspects after the easter sunday bombings what's really going security forces to this neighborhood and the town of common i on the east coast. shortly after they arrived they came under attack in the gun battle that followed children were caught in the crossfire. the argument that we believe at least three people died from a suicide bomb inside regarding the civilians who lived in that house there were probably family members a mother and daughter were taken to the nearest hospital i when soldiers raided what they identified as a safe house in another area in part district they found explosives bomb making materials a suicide vest and a nice little flag more raids are expected. i had the same
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anthony's shrine in colombo cleaning crews have replaced the emergency teams they were here just a few days ago they've begun to clear out the debris from the blast as soldiers guard the premises with fears of more attacks sunday services have been suspended indefinitely security remains tight especially around mosques and churches nearby businesses have closed their doors. to a mosque the ball was hit with i i i that these three days boarded the last go by god as the search continues for more of those behind the easter sunday attacks this surveillance video has been released it shows one of the bombers entering the kingsbury hotel in the capital colombo with a backpack on he checks in and goes to his room he would later walk back down and
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set off his explosives. the owner of another targeted hotel spoke with another man who would also detonate a bomb i do not think it will be very good to have that many women that are going to be in he came and asked for a room we gave one to him it was just for twenty four hours he gave his identity card and the passport and pretended to be visiting from abroad he had a big bag and a handbag. the government continues to face criticism for failing to prevent the attacks despite warnings weeks before the bloodshed it's feared more suspects with access to explosives are still on the loose. lopez so the young al jazeera. to sudan where several former government ministers have been released following their arrest during the overthrow of the president omar al bashir now that has angered the protestors that the three weeks sit in outside the military headquarters in the capital city khartoum they're demanding immediate civilian rule
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. the united nations is warning that mozambique is at risk of widespread flooding as hurricane force winds give way to tarantula rain despite winds from cycling kenneth starting to settle down the u.n. says the danger has not passed tens of thousands of homes were evacuated along the indian ocean coastline this is the first time in recent history that mozambique has seen to cyclons in one season. the chinese president xi jinping says more than sixty four billion dollars worth of deals have been signed during a summit promoting his country's belts and road initiatives mr she's plans to build infrastructure and trade routes through asia africa and into europe was front and center during a two day conference the russian president vladimir putin was there to show his support but want other countries against supporting trade wars. in southern afghanistan the security forces there have freed dozens of prisoners from a jail run by the taliban u.s. special forces joined the raid in zabul province the jail house mainly security
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forces personnel some are reported to be tortured during their detention those are your headlines the news continues after return of a president more news in twenty five minutes. this is a president of madagascar mark amen amen ana. the first time i met him was in south africa. he was in exile to post by a military coup so look really think this is it is good cheer to take a photo because all the hear me in the chest where would you like to say. i want to stay on welfare. born into
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a poor families family he worked his way up to become one of medicare because largest food producers. in two thousand and two he was elected president of madagascar. he was reelected with a larger majority in two thousand and six. during his presidency new schools health clinics and roads where step is to cross the country. in the middle of his second term the mayor of the capital and. organized a military coup against him.
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in. the democratically elected avodah men and i sat in south africa while the coup leader had to in this in charge of medicare ska. rumor has it that france the former colonial power back the coup you can see and if you're right you know what and then what is the whole point for me about it but. it's a. process it's. ok. the women but it's a day. in the business to go to sudden access of yes how are you going to go the
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president did book a ticket yet if you're going to look at to get ok because the media did lots of media going to work together was a useful thing was that to get a little girls the nice things and yes some of them they foresee keeping. this book this sequence of with the with the senate intelligence said oh it's all subject to discuss it to be to have somebody to look for both the possibility for someone so the obvious first post back always do we do that because it shows us is this is be yourself us isn't bait i respond to the two kids. yeah that's obedient policy and it's easier to solve so that might that something might yes or that you have to dissent to the guys who was telling you what to do. to somebody. and. i did my best to do in the period of play dancing.
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they results. the school. i or cookbook i was crazy within the muslim community in the. finals of the institutions like. the world bank the i.m.f. they helped me clean up all the depth of my desk. my priority was for the infrastructure of educational reform rebel development. i did them for. the period from. the need to be. saved we did now the need for the other guys because in their island saw it's not normal. spans. thirty to forty percent of our
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budget. four of the four sure made it out. that oppose it real. good and gentle. just sort of showed in situ make you feel good to the three hundred i was really cool sure. enough it did you do feel a chill come on no i was a hell of a lot. of fun to be on but your little self body these are all pro butterfish if you look. from what you have video.
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i think it would be very interesting to see to it you didn't. because. it is i think this oblique of all the events that influenced it seems to be from someone feeling fit to house. the truth of the message from the left. to make to appear as a single because it's a bit. preachy fulfil release your former prime minister. the first in the cannot so sometimes to pay cuckoo to hands confession. and prepare restrain missing was interviewed carrying out operation black monday was held in two thousand and nine fun and decisions were made to
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recruit. because it's from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and truck spots throughout the country. something that he could government. is this necessary human sacrifice for the success of to create. what a silly you know this is fish and. i don't want to the pigeon began in the book because for a very bad that this was to frighten. me in the west it's way from me they were out. of. all this and then come up in my room and be a point. made for saying if you will go. we should you. know i don't want to get you to jam.


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