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the answer to your question the second part is yes they have extremely good equipment but if you're not motivated and if you're not. really serious about going after isis which i think was the case in sri lanka because of many factors bit because of the fact also that they thought that the best tix civil war ended in two thousand and nine and that you know they won and that this sad to lose a bit on their laurels so i think there was a lot of complacency and also they didn't really look at monitoring the return is from syria and iraq and libya thank you very much. turning our attention to sudan her delegation representing protestors has met with the military to discuss the transition of power to civilian rule the session included the ruling military council and a twelve member delegation from the coalition for freedom which represents the main organizing body of the protestors following the overthrow of president omar al
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bashir the military has been under pressure to loosen its grip on the power transition that should be taking place when mohamed el joins us live now from khartoum mohammed they put out a short statement what are they saying. will. be to i can't tell you very well but i think you're asking about this meeting that up there has just been concluded in the presidential palace the fest meeting between the members of the joint committee between the military council and the protest as we have seen those positive statements from the two sides from the spokesman of the military council and also a member of the just a side both where the positive statements they talked about transparency and talked about putting the nation affairs they talked about in their will to dissolve all the problems between the two sides and also the continuation of talks this evening in order to give some speed it is all to do that it is also the people who are here
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in this scorching sun thousands of people here have been here for two weeks or even more blunt looking for results of this problem looking for solutions to sudan thirty years of problems that years of corruption thirty years of mismanagement of track down on on the freedoms and so on so these protesters are here waiting for those results and they said they will not move from this base on till they see a smooth and complete transition to civilian rule however we know that the sticking points the points being discussed between the two sides are not easy because that is on both sides the military is cyst but they keep. the suffered seat in any kind of transitional council told the country while the protesters are adamant but that the council should be as simple even one by majority and with only a limited military representation there are also other points differences on how many years the transition should take the protesters want four years because they
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think that's the only amount of time that they need to make sure that. justice has been served but that evidence of the former regime have been cleared away and also for the preparations for edison to unfair election is done in four years the military say two years are enough. and then put observers talking about this and analysts trying to analyze why the people who are marching for democracy they want four years transition for an election is held while the military want to stay in power only for two years before they give power to civilians but that's something for analysts to talk about but we also know that this is a difficult discussion and it is going to take some time before any solutions are reached raman thank you. most of all ground still to cover here on the news including atlanta jam. but the exact. down.
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newly released videos of alleged unnecessary force by u.s. police increasing tension between the african-american community and the law enforcement community plus. we look at one region in spain that is pinning its hopes for independence on the outcome of sunday's election. and in the sports the hurricanes blow away the islanders in the n.h.l. playoffs details with santa in about thirty minutes. south africans are celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the end of apartheid the president several says the day of freedom won't be forgotten the great tragedy of the tate was done to liaise with great deliberation. so the victims of different races. was it. of the scale of human
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endeavor and even. more than. the greek tragedy of property it was the deep division. amongst us. well a protest broke out in the same time where the freedom day celebrations were taking place a small crowd clashed with the police and set fires in the street claiming there's no such thing as freedom day and demonstrators argue they're poor lacking basic living standards and for them a heartache never ending. well much progress has been made since nelson mandela's revolution to end white rule botts not nearly enough according to critics of the governing african national congress. has more now from johannesburg. marked them uneasy remembers a feeling of euphoria in one thousand nine hundred four when apartheid ended and nelson mandela became south africa's first black president she believed ending
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a white minority rule would mean a better life for the poor black majority decades of oppression since then she's been waiting for the government to provide her with a decent home and she hasn't managed to find work in years. and open up my cupboards and see i have nothing no food i have to go outside and house in order to eat something before going to beit so why should i take my id book and go out there to vote when i'm suffering. in soweto township we meet. he was a member of the football club founded in the one nine hundred eighty s. by nelson mandela's wife winnie a group that was politically active during apartheid twenty five years after the end of racial segregation he says he's angry and disappointed with the african national congress led government. jobs. we are hungary is because of those guys not the. only. thing for the
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people to protest over poverty poor public services and unemployment happen almost daily there's a general election on may eighth and the a.n.c. is facing mounting public anger over its failure to improve the lives of millions of black people. even no real knowledge of well the successes not just of challenges. and all over the road to accuse us. but everything must be done within the law the legacy of apartheid where black people were considered inferior to whites and not given the same opportunities is partly why africa remains one of the most equal societies in the world since one thousand nine hundred ninety four more people do have access to clean running water education and healthcare even though many say those services are poor these are some of the houses the bills by the government for the poor are provided for free others are subsidised millions i've been built since one thousand nine hundred
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ninety four but the housing shortages blamed many on corruption and millions of south africans continue to live in abject poverty they won the right to vote twenty five years ago today the struggle is with economic freedom which many say still feels a long way off. al-jazeera janice burg. ok let's stay with us are joining us here on the news is the political analyst roll in johannesburg. has the a and c. failed the people. well you know the cases the performance of the a.n.c. in the last twenty five years it's a perfect mixed bag a lot has been achieved nor dollar when it comes to housing when it comes to lifting that we do have their political free dog people do vote don't participate in elections so politically and generally the condition of the poor is centrally improved but the reality is that did the gap between the poor and the richest why
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didn't that is the inequality that is of concern in south africa and also all of great concern in south africa here is the level of corruption within government where government is just simply losing legitimacy to even implement policy so could have only did the biggest threat to a point where it didn't have the potential to undermine that progress that was done by the n.c.a.a. led government in the in the in the in the last twenty five years are you saying that the politicians because this isn't a new thing we're talking about it because today is a very significant anniversary but it's not a new thing are you saying however that the politicians didn't realize there was so much anger on the streets and this still is or are we saying they're choosing not to see the anger on the streets. i think that our politicians understood made to go on the street and i think particularly within the a.n.c. i mean no didn't that this is the party that was very embedded within communities
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this is the party that had a very direct relationship with the communities in south africa have the strongest organization within the country or in the or just as well so if you look at the manner in which it relates to the people the n.c.a. the does got complacent they were no longer dividing in government and i think they were showing an element of our against what their core voters even if the voters are going to door because as we speak now we've got social tensions you do have a service delivered a protest and so forth even if the voters are angry there is still not sense of indication that they will vote in march against the a.n.c. there is still affinity to the n c despite all the disappointment is not part of the problem not part of the solution heading towards the general election i mean how do you think that will go. you know the main question that people are asking here is what are this elections for are this evictions to indorse
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the a.n.c. but is it about indorsing recent performance of the n.c. quite option in government or the public service that has been performing so well just the decline of integrity of the institutions but again when you look at what message the lection could send it could be about the opposition unfortunately the opposition parties here in south africa are not strong enough to challenge the a n c it might be because south africans maybe they don't see any other alternative i don't know but certainly the opposition is not able to cultivate the end against the n.c. that is why the elections just might be a a simple illustration on the margins the a.n.c. retaining its in the cold with a little bit of a marginal decline and not because motion when it comes to voter movement within the opposition that is of concern ok. thank you very much. an american policeman has been jailed for twenty five years for the murder of a black motorists the officers trial again focused attention on police brutality
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and tensions with the black american community and a guy like the reports now from miami. this was the day the family of cory jones had been waiting for him twenty sixteen to thirty one year old broke down on the side of the road when police officer newman rodger drove the wrong way up and off from for stopping just meters from him the court was told roger didn't identify himself to corey jones and drew his weapon prosecutors say jones who was legally armed thought he was being carjacked and drew his own legally held firearm and run away raja fired six shots killing the musician and used mentor roger has never. apologized. but the existence giant. yeah. he has not utter a word a week before roger was sentenced video emerged of two white officers pepper spraying punching and slamming the head of fifteen year old deluca roll into the
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ground police accuse the teenager of taking an aggressive stance but both officers have since been placed on paid administrative assignments and charges against the fifteen year old have been dropped his mother says it should never have happened in the first place. but he. is. that with me my. it wouldn't give me a time or day or a lot every police problem but a big door and people i think the plaza protect my children heard. on thursday yet another video emerged showing a police officer slamming a teenage girl to the ground earlier benjamin crump says the conviction of newman rodger is a start but doesn't happen often enough it is a milestone. for many black americans not only of florida but all across the united states so we thank the prosecutor's office we think the court for
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equal justice in recent years the shooting of unarmed black man has sparked outrage across the u.s. and videos like the one of the local role emerge on a regular basis trials and convictions of police officers a few and far between but there's a growing call for accountability and justice names of victims like michael brown twelve year olds who may arise and eric garner often cited and civil rights activists don't want to see that lest grow and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. security force personnel defected from venezuela into neighboring colombia two months ago and they remain still waiting the call to join the fight against venezuela's president. ports from the border city of kuta. is they abandoned their posts and crossed into colombia they were greeted as heroes . when in one thousand members of the security forces defected two months ago
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they promised loyalty to. the leader of venezuela's opposition in self appointed the interim president they expected it would soon help president nicolas maduro. we're doing the right thing in my message to military families is the time is now. that's not proven to be the case remains in office and the defectors feel they've been abandoned left to worry about their fate in that of their families back home. william can seem as the only member of in this way less feared special forces known to have deserted see them and want to have this hope that in a few days we were going to act and begin what they call operation freedom to topple the door on his criminal posse instead it was his family members who felt they had to flee after reportedly receiving death. it's. kills me having to stay here standing idly by you knowing what's happening inside the country but this is the situation we're here with nothing to do we can't work and can't send money back
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home i'm thankful for the food and shelter but we want to do what we came here to do. most of the venezuelan defectors are reluctant to speak to journalists some are being sheltered by the united nations others financially supported by position the day we have arrived fifty were at risk of being on the streets since the opposition had not paid their bills. we don't understand how they are being so responsible after we answer the call leaving our country and our career the result is that we are increasingly divided and many have already left representatives of the venezuelan opposition tell us that they were surprised by the number of in this way the military forces that the fact that back in february and they're trying to come up with a plan to deal with them in the long term especially if the political situation in venezuela doesn't change. however why does so-called ambassador to colombia refused
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to comment the colombian government says they're doing what they can to assist they clearly have large expectations which the common government is not responsible for we try to take care of them as we do with the other one point two million venezuelan migrants in colombia within its way less political seal meat dragging on those who risk all to support change wait and wonder if their gamble will pay off listen to them and just you know. let's check the weather starts looking at north america this time peter where it's getting warmer which is not necessarily a bad thing because in the northeastern parts of canada when it gets warm very quickly in spring time you have a lot of snow that will suddenly turn to water and cause us a few problems and that's exactly what we're seeing in new brunswick these pictures from st john and you can see the water that's on the ground there than these ones are from again a lot of water around a big problem with flooding and unfortunately it's raining pretty heavily there at the moment so here's the satellite picture then you can see all that cloud
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stretching up the eastern parts of the u.s. i'm an op into canada and it has given some of us some very heavy rains and that's now moving its way northward so all of that rain on top of the melting snow has caused us a problem with flooding for some of us here but still further south at least it's getting a little bit warmer but it's no warm for everyone across north america this area of cloud here it's actually got a fair amount of snow and it's more than age and that is fairly unusual quite so you. late in the year we normally expect this to be rain at this time of year but it's still giving us a bit of wintery weather and that will slowly work its way eastwards again as we head through into sunday on its southern edge here just where you see the cloud is the risk that we could see some severe thunderstorms at times so that could give us the or tornado more likely that we'll see some damaging gusts of wind or maybe some hail though now system moves away and look for you to that yet more snow is falling if this summer what's going on one of the great questions about time stuff thanks very much still to come here on the news hour for. some places we've been one even
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let us use the toilets and my kids have been denied water how could you deny a child water. for migrants or outstaying their welcome in mexico plus. nothing to do and i feel bored feels the vacuum games are fun to see in libya which look a lot like real life outside. in the sports news rafa nadal takes one step closer to get another title in barcelona sandusky without one thing about a quarter of an hour. people have to weigh your own record on this trial in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution the official story isn't there and i'm sure we will see you are you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media. not the world isn't black and white there's lots of
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graves in here join me mad the sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. english.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour live from h.q. here in doha headlining story as the police have arrested the deputy mayor of no gun. a raid in a predominantly muslim neighborhood a curfew is in effect and a part of store lanka where a police raid turned deadly overnight military commanders say they found the bodies of these fifteen people following a shootout in connection with the easter sunday bombings. at the legation representing protesters in sudan has met with military leaders to discuss transferring power to civilian rule meeting comes as military needs his face pressure to loosen their grip on power following the former president obama she is i was sitting. and marking the twenty fifth anniversary of the end of apartheid to south african presidents several roma poster has called it one of the country's great tragedies critics but not enough has changed improve living conditions under the government from opposers african national congress.
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just a day to go before spain holds a general election and one of the suse's the independence movement for catalonia many in that region hope sunday's results will help their cause so independence leaders have been rallying support some of them from prison we have two teams looking ahead to the vote to march on the holes in barcelona where he will examine how much support there is today for catalan independence first let's go to madrid and our correspondent sonia sonia there have been elections in spain clearly before lots of them how does this one feel different. what's very interesting peter because this is something that has not been seen in decades for decades spain was in fact a two horse race you had the socialist party and the conservative people's party but recent years of steroids he plus high unemployment and political corruption of course people voters to become very much disaffected and dissatisfied with the
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status quo so all the parties have come in to fill in that gap on the left of the socialists you have you just call them was emerged as an antidote to sarah to voice that and center right you have the citizens policy which came out of catalonia as a centrist movement but also against catalonian independence what people are really paying attention to is the new explainer in town which is the far right box hard to see now this is a potential spoiler its leader is santiago. he carries a pistol and storm probably why. achieve a reconquest of spain which carries very obvious nativist rights overtones there is what he has managed to do he has managed to splinter and take away some mortars from the people's party and to his party over the cats a lot of people who love feel very dissatisfied with the way the government has
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doubts with the issue of catalonia and the subsequent constitutional crisis which has emerged from that so they are the potential to make this more spoilers that will last until this election's over leading up to election day on sunday in the polls the socialists have been ahead what it's almost certain is that the socialist even if they do gain the most votes they will have to go into a coalition and they will have to do that with the left wing but they must party and also with the regional parties what is absolute certain is that this is the end of majority politics and majorities in the spanish parliament and this is something that frankly spain has not been good at controlling there has been. minority governments in place twenty fifteen election and all that's resulted in has been stuck nation and really freezing of things such as the inability to be able to pass budgets in the country was also interesting as a final note peter is that forty percent of the voters up until election day are
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undecided so there has been obvious rallying from all parties trying to get them to the voters know that whatever they will vote for it is not certain idol to be in a majority government sonia thank you so much live to my colleague john how the election influenced the region. well this election i think peter has the potential to be decisive for the politics of this region and for the fifty percent or so of cattle answers support the independence drive but don't forget that the politics of this region have already had an enormous impact on the national political debate as well it was pro independence and peace in the parliament who largely triggered this snap election by withdrawing their support from the socialist government earlier this year the independence issue has been a massive catalyst in the emergence of the vox party as sanju was saying that this far right party the first far right presence in politics in spain since the death
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of franco forty years ago and it is likely this election to have an enormous impact on the direction the future direction of the independence debate either resulting in a right wing alliance bent on stamping out separatism for good or potentially those pro independence m.p.'s again lending their support to a socialist left wing alliance that might just might offer the faintest hope of a glimmer of a chance of a negotiated settlement in future take a look at my report. the letters of support arrived regularly after eighteen months in prison and on trial in madrid catalans haven't forgotten pro independence former interior minister drew hakim porn and his wife laura and their daughters know the two hakim hasn't forgotten them. he doesn't identify with us. he's saying it because next year we don't celebrate together and he's missing his arm under the trial of twelve catalan independence leaders on charges of rebellion
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sedition and misuse of public funds follows the region's referendum and unilateral declaration of independence which was met by police violence in two thousand and seventeen it's taken on heavy significance for a movement struggling to reassert itself last in search of a way to achieve its goal. i see very clearly that people don't feel like compromising in this ends up giving up of recognizing a mistake or renouncing it i don't see that it is possible that some people may think that we need more time that it doesn't have to be an immediate but i don't see any reason nation at all if not now then what is to happen in the interim at the national level spain's socialist government may pay a heavy price in this weekend's election for its attempts to negotiate over catalonia a surge in support for the far right nationalist brock's party risks dragging the
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entire political landscape to the right making a compromise over cattle and separatist aspirations seem less likely than ever if there is to the right and the radical right in spain everything is going to be more difficult because these parties in the right have the explicit proposal of imposing self rule on that alone yet again so it's not going to be only a matter off of. in the pendants project but they're very. very core of the government and the old don i mean that was recovered during their off of the market and so perhaps inevitably there's a quiet shift towards a more pragmatic approach this is this is our see the republican unless the main political party of the roughly fifty percent of catalonia since support independence some of its leaders as you can see are in prison addressing the crowd here by live video link the message increasingly is that unilateral action didn't
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work the way forward now is through dialogue and political legitimacy. that means winning as many seats as possible in the national parliament and influencing change from within the dream of independence isn't getting any closer but it does remain very much alive. journal those hopes for independence clearly they are still very much in the wings but that way forward looks anything but a certainty. yes in search of a way forward certainly but make no mistake from independence supporters are galvanized and possibly far greater numbers than that around another issue board immediate more present than the goal of independence itself and that is of course that trial of the twelve pro independence leaders in madrid people here in great numbers see them as political prisoners they see them as symbolic of the repression of central government in madrid a verdict is expected in the next couple of months if there is a positive
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a guilty verdict in that trial that could well be the spa that again ignites the simmering tensions anger and frustrations of many people here in catalonia and again and drawing with it possibly far greater numbers to the cause of independence journal thank you an army officer in cyprus has admitted murdering seven women in the killings of shocks the small country a vigil was held in the capital nicosia the thirty five year old suspected serial killer confessed after the police found the bodies of two missing from the peano women at an abandoned mine shaft another body was found as an army firing range nearby. human rights activists not happy about a visit to china by the head of the un and tony good terrorists is being accused of ignoring what many say is the persecution of the weak a muslim minority is not diplomatic editor james bays. the u.n. secretary general in beijing for a summit marking china's belt and road initiative an ambitious global network of
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infrastructure and trading projects all linked to china something that in itself is far from uncontroversial and tonio good terrorists did make a public speech in china but there was no mention of the we go community inching zhang a glaring omission according to human rights groups who claim as many as one million we get as could be being held in detention in an article for the washington post the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth detects a pattern he writes could terrorists should show that he can fulfill the full scope of his responsibilities as u.n. secretary general he's excessively quad diplomacy is selling short his position and the promise of the united nations the secretary general has only once publicly spoken about the we get issue this year and that was to decline to answer a question i know that there is a dialogue between the office of their commission human rights under the people's republic of china in that regard i am not in
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a position to give any details at the present moment probably fate would be talking about it i would make it more difficult for him to succeed china has considerable clout at the un as one of the five permanent members of the un security council is that why the secretary general is pulling his punches the secretary general has been anything but quiet on his defense of human rights globally i would refer you to a number of speeches he's delivered of the human rights. council in the way also that he has really mainstream the role of human rights in all of the un's work does he make a different calculation on speaking out on human rights issues that involve human rights abuses by permanent members no i don't think there is that calculation his goal is to. promote human rights he will do it differently at different times the u.n. says the secretary general brought up all the relevant issues when he was in beijing
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they say they'll give more details in the coming days i can tell you no one here is expecting that to include a full some denunciation of china's human rights record james zero at the united nations mexicans are having to cope with unprecedented numbers of foreign migrants seeking a new life over the border in the united states many thousands of migrants have walked all the way from guatemala honduras and other countries despite warnings from the u.s. president on the trunk that they aren't welcome some mexicans are running out of patience with the new arrivals to. outside a small church in mexico several dozen central american migrants are taking a break from the exhausting heat.


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